sunnydrakemuch faster, but it take long run on fetching data progress and it hung 4 of 5 times actually(and sometimes iwhile uploading files) i have 2-3 succes upload atempt with u1sync00:00
sunnydrakeu1sync takes 2-4 mins before fetching data message00:01
sunnydrakerescan not finished yet but 1.8G/2.0G of mem gone 500mb swap.. what this little bastrad caching tho?00:21
sunnydrakehmm it's also compressing .zip files according to log...00:40
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sunnydraketcole: i where qite optimistic.. it's still scanning :)02:16
tcolewill you be here during the week?02:16
sunnydrakedon't scare me :)02:18
sunnydraketcole: system is AMD X2 2Ghz 2xSATA dmraid RAID02:20
* tcole nods02:20
tcoleobviously it shouldn't be taking that long02:20
tcoleon the other hand, I need to go get food and I probably won't be available until Monday or so02:20
tcolealso the rest of the team members should be around then as well02:21
sunnydraketcole: at least it could upload some data while parsing other...02:21
tcoleprobably yes02:21
tcoleu1sync doesn't because it was designed to be deliberately stupid and simple :)02:21
tcolebut syncdaemon should do better02:21
tcoleas it was the initial implementation decisions are still towards simplicity02:22
sunnydrakeim running syncdaemon now...02:22
tcoleanyway, I've gotta go02:22
sunnydrakebye :)02:22
jetienneq. i just installed ubuntuone, and read the https://ubuntuone.com/support/installation/ page, but i cant do the "add your computer" step, but i got the "open folder" working. how do i "add my computer"08:43
jetienneoh i think "add my computer" is close to "connect". as both fails to work08:48
jetiennethe lack of documentation is hard to tackle08:48
jetienneoh i found it. i had to subscribed to a plan08:50
jetienneit worked! i just had to quit + relaunch the local apps09:09
jetienneq. in the web ui, the "sharing" tab in https://ubuntuone.com/files/ is disabled. is this due to the beta state or more me misconfiguring it ?09:38
sunnydrake12h to scan files is just enought to shut down daemon and wait for fix....11:47
BUGabundoolá e bom dia12:05
dobeyjetienne: "Sharing" is only enabled for folders under "My Files". we don't do individual file sharing. only folders16:34
jetiennedobey: ok thanks.16:41
jetiennedobey: btw how come it is not possible to share a single file ?16:42
jetiennethis seems like a relevant feature. to force to create a directory and to put the file in it just to share it , seems uselessly cumbersome, no ?16:43
dobeyjetienne: there are many more ways to share single files with people that are widely available and used by everyone16:43
jetienne(not complaining here, just giving feedback)16:43
jetiennedobey: ok16:44
dobeyso we opted not to make individual files shareable, because it then gets quite unwieldy16:44
jetienneas a product designer, i disagree, but that's cool. i made my feedback and will use your service with pleasure :)16:47
dobeyif you've got thousands of users sharing individual files to multiple people, it gets unwieldy very quickly :)16:51
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ashiqhello. anyone here?20:39

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