Keybukoh, I see00:17
Keybukit looks like we get the STOP of the child before the FORK of the parent00:18
Keybukactually, that can't happen, we'd hit an assert00:20
Keybukoh, no, we wouldn't00:20
ion-DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL="$(sed -n -e "/^id:[0-9]*:initdefault:/{s/^id://;s/:.*//;p}" /etc/inittab || true)"00:50
ion+eval "$(sed -nre 's/^id:([0-9sS])[0-9sS]*:initdefault:.*/DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL="\1";/p' /etc/inittab || true)"00:50
ionDidn’t test that on a live system yet, though.00:51
Keybukwhat's the difference?00:51
ionOriginally, it would do DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL="" if inittab exists but id:... wasn’t set. Also, if there’s a broken inittab with multiple initdefault lines, or even multiple runlevels on a single line, DEFAULT_RUNLEVEL would get them all.00:52
Keybukwell, sysvinit would have failed to boot then ;)00:52
Keybukyours would fail if inittab had a " in it ;)00:53
ionHeh, true00:53
ionOh, wait. It wouldn’t.00:53
Keybukand fail at "eval"00:53
Keybukrather than in the || true00:53
ionThe expression would print nothing if there was a line id:":initdefault:00:54
Keybukok true00:54
ionOh, btw, set -e; eval "$(false)"; echo foo prints foo at least with dash, zsh and bash. Didn’t bother to read what POSIX says. The getopt(1) documentation explicitly tells you to do temp="$(getopt ...)"; eval "$temp" so that getopt interacts with set -e as expected.01:07
ioneval set -- "$temp" even01:08
rjbell4Sorry to join and pounce, but I just had a question I was wondering about: is there any support in upstart for monitoring multiple child processes?  I've found "expect fork" and "expect daemon", which seem to monitor a single child or grandchild, but what if there are several child processes, and if any of them fail then I want to take action?19:05
ionWhat’s wrong with joining and pouncing?19:32
ion0.10 should have better support for following child processes, but that’s about as much as i know, Keybuk should be able to elaborate.19:32

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