* owen1 rebooting with new xubuntu on usb drive. see u soon!00:02
charlie-tcaigsen: go to /usr/share/applications and read the file "volume control" to see what the exec file is.00:04
igsencharlie-tca: Exec=gnome-volume-control00:11
charlie-tca__did you install Ubuntu and then Xubuntu-desktop?00:11
owen1FAIL - after reboot i still see black screen, frozen, with blinking cursur.00:11
owen1maybe it's the way i formated the partition on my usb drive?00:12
owen1/dev/sdf2   *       19197       19457     2096482+   b  W95 FAT3200:12
owen1boot * means it's bootable.00:12
igsencharlie-tca, I installed Xubuntu from live cd and then installed ubuntu-core.00:12
charlie-tca__You have xfce4-mixer and gnome-volume control. They should be different items00:12
charlie-tca__ubuntu-core installed gnome-volume control00:13
charlie-tca__You could remove that, but I don't think you will be able to without removing a lot of other stuff with it00:13
igsenAre you saying that I cannot remove Volume Control w/out removing ubuntu-core too?00:14
charlie-tca__I think that is correct00:14
charlie-tca__I don't how much it will remove, but I don't believe you can just remove gnome-volume-control00:15
owen1is there a way to troubleshoot my usb-install issue?00:15
igsenthen, at the very least how can I hide it, or it is even possible?00:15
anom01yhi, I have two computers with ubuntu installed to both, I need to transfer files from one to the other, how do I set up file sharing ?00:16
charlie-tca__owen1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingRemovableDevices00:16
charlie-tca__igsen: I can't think of any way to hide it. Maybe someone will have an idea.00:17
charlie-tca__anom01y: what version of Xubuntu?00:17
SiDihide what ?00:18
charlie-tca__Have you tried Applications -> System -> Remote Filesystems?00:18
charlie-tca__I personally use sshfs for it, here is the docs on that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS00:19
charlie-tca__SiDi: igsen has both Xubuntu and ubuntu-core installed. It gives him Applications -> Multimedia -> mixer and Volume control.00:20
owen1charlie-tca__: i don't have issue with the removable usb. i can access the files there and it's mounted ok. i can't boot from this drive.00:20
charlie-tca__Volume control is gnome-volume-control. How do you hide it?00:20
igsencharlie-tca is a lot faster than me, I affirm that.00:21
charlie-tca__I'm on a roll00:22
charlie-tca__so, owen1, it is not the drive, but grub maybe. Did you allow the grub to be written to the usb drive or to the primary hard drive?00:23
charlie-tca__owen1: it detected the drive, right?00:25
charlie-tca__owen1: and the menus come up? or they don't?00:26
charlie-tca__owen1: did SiDi come back?00:27
charlie-tca__no, not owen1, igsen00:27
igsencharlie-tca, not yet.00:27
charlie-tca__SiDi: ping00:27
owen1charlie-tca__: first of all i have a question - i am confused with the terminology. i want to insert this usb drive to any machine and install xubuntu. i am not interested in running xubuntu from usb. when i read on the forum persistent usb install, are they taking about the running it from the usb?00:30
SiDicharlie-tca__: pong00:30
igsencharlie-tca & SiDi, I have the option of delete "Volume Control" in "Main Menu" but I don't want to gamble:)00:30
SiDiif you want to hide menu entries00:31
charlie-tca__owen1: They are talking about thumbdrives, not usb hard drives00:31
SiDiSee this00:31
charlie-tca__SiDi: I think he has gnome menus00:32
igsenSiDi, thanks, I'll definitely will!00:32
owen1charlie-tca__: ok. now to your questions. i opened the bios and saw my usb drive name there. i raised it to the top and hit F10 (save and exit). after 10 seconds i saw a black screen with blinking cursur. i didn't see the grub.00:32
charlie-tca__You are trying to boot the live cd from the hard disk drive. I don't think it will work00:33
owen1charlie-tca__: ok. my options are: buying flash usb or?00:33
charlie-tca__It can't find anything to boot.00:33
charlie-tca__burn cd or flash usb drive.00:33
owen1charlie-tca__: got it. thanks. i'll ask it in ubuntu, just in case.00:34
charlie-tca__owen1: in the USA, 2 gig flash drive is about 10 dollars00:34
owen1charlie-tca__: i know.00:34
charlie-tca__Biggest one I have seen is only 32gb00:34
owen1and than i'll be able to use unetbootin or usb-creator.00:36
charlie-tca__I would go for the 400:37
charlie-tca__GB size, usually only a dollar or two more, but got room for when Xubuntu grows00:37
PsynoKhi0I've installed ntfs-config to access an ntfs partition, however I don't get any shortcut icon on the desktop... how comes?00:38
PsynoKhi0mount shows:00:38
PsynoKhi0/dev/sda5 on /media/NTFS type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)00:38
PsynoKhi0and in fstab:00:38
poopuserIs there a way to make panel transparent?00:38
PsynoKhi0/dev/sda5 /media/NTFS ntfs-3g defaults,locale=sv_SE.UTF-8 0 000:39
charlie-tca__PsynoKhi0: I think you have to create a desktop launcher for it00:39
PsynoKhi0poopuser: turn Composite Effects on in the advanced tab under Xfce settings, Window Manager00:39
psycho_oreospoopuser, you have to enable compositor, under window manager tweaks00:39
charlie-tca__PsynoKhi0: I don't think Xubuntu creates that for you anymore.00:40
owen1charlie-tca__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick  someone told me it's possible and send me this link.00:40
PsynoKhi0charlie-tca__: ok00:40
poopuserIs composite a resource whore or will i be ok on my pretty old hardware (every mb of ram counts)?00:40
charlie-tca__owen1: Note the "FromUSBStick" , not from USB Hard Disk Drive00:40
charlie-tca__poopuser: whore00:40
poopuser; (00:40
charlie-tca__You are welcome00:41
PsynoKhi0also, I've read that ntfs-3g doesn't handle file ownership and access rights... that might sound silly but, does that affect disk defragmenting?00:41
charlie-tca__Ohhh, I gotta go after that one00:41
owen1charlie-tca__: ok00:42
charlie-tca__Good luck00:42
psycho_oreosany of you played with cdemu?00:42
owen1 coleys > owen1: It works for harddrives, it specifically has an option for harddrives. =o00:42
owen1ChanServ: the guy told me unetbootin should be fine with hard drives. i am trying it now.00:50
MindVirusI'm running straight Ubuntu right now and I'm thinking about installing xubuntu-desktop and removing ubuntu-desktop. Is this safe? How much work will I have to do to reorganize my panels?01:05
th0rMindVirus: almost all of the menu will port, but you will have to set up the panels again if you have customized them01:06
MindVirusth0r, the menu?01:06
th0rMindVirus: the applications and system menus....01:07
MindVirusth0r, will all applets for the panels be the same?01:08
th0rMindVirus: no, but there is a way to use gnome applets if you like. Course, if you remove gnome you won't be able to do that. I would suggest installing xubuntu-desktop first and taking a look...you can have both installed at the same time and run whichever you like01:09
MindVirusth0r, oh?01:09
MindVirusRight, through GDM.01:09
MindVirusDo you recommend I make a new user account?01:09
th0rMindVirus: right, through gdm01:09
MindVirusWhat's nautilus' replacement?01:10
th0rMindVirus: no...you can use the same user account with no problem, just choose a new Session in the gdm before logging in. You will b eprompted if you want to make the change the default or just try it one time01:10
MindVirusth0r, right, but it'll save crap in hidden folders that I don't want.01:10
th0rnautilus is replaced with thunar....which I like a whole lot more01:10
MindVirusth0r, why?01:10
th0rMindVirus: it doesn't save that much....the config files don't amount to anything worth worrying about.01:10
MindVirusth0r, they really irritate me. I'm OCD.01:11
MindVirusMy ~ is pristine.01:11
th0rMindVirus: as for thunar...I really like being able to define custom actions01:11
MindVirusAnd as soon as I figure out a way to see top-level packages (those that are not dependencies), I'm going on a cleaning streak.01:11
MindVirusth0r, like what?01:11
th0rMindVirus: for instance, for an iso file in my right click menu is a choice to mount it. It will mount it to ~/iso01:12
MindVirusI see.01:12
MindVirusHmm. Is there anything like Xfce except using Qt?01:18
th0rMindVirus: you're kidding, right?01:18
MindVirusNo, why would I be kidding? Qt is much more efficient than GTK.01:19
th0ryeah, right01:19
MindVirusth0r, I wouldn't be surprised if GNOME had a Qt port.01:19
MindVirusth0r, well, convince me otherwise.01:19
th0rnope...I don't play troll01:19
MindVirusI am not trolling -- I really want to know why GTK is better.01:20
MindVirusI've done GTK dev and it's a pain.01:20
MindVirusFurthermore every place I go I hear Qt is leagues ahead.01:20
MindVirusBut I want some balance to this debate.01:20
forcesdont food the troll01:20
MindVirusWhat the hell.01:20
jbk`not food01:20
th0rMindVirus: install kde....take a good look at qt01:20
MindVirusth0r, it's ugly.01:21
MindVirusBut that is changeable.01:21
th0rand it is SO much faster01:21
MindVirusPlease, don't treat me as a troll. I am not here to incite rage.01:21
MindVirusth0r, I assume it's slower because it's KDE, not because it's Qt.01:21
MindVirusKDE is an obese monolithic structure.01:22
th0rMindVirus: well...if QT was lightning fast it would still be meaningless, so long as the only implementation is an obese monolithic structure01:23
MindVirusAhh, so KDE's the only implementation.01:24
MindVirusWhat a sad thought.01:24
MindVirusth0r, are you sure KDE's the only one?01:24
th0rMindVirus: do you know of another?01:24
MindVirusNo -- I asked two or three times; obviously I don't.01:25
PsynoKhi0dunno which of Qt or GTK is more efficient but xfce's menu sure is getting on my nerves showing whatever it f*cking feels like01:26
th0rMindVirus: when kde and gnome first started out they were on an equal footing, and quickly kde took the lead. There has to be a reason all that development moved to gnome01:26
MindVirusth0r, I don't much much history behind either.01:26
MindVirusOther than K stood for Kool at one point.01:27
MindVirusWhich is one of the reasons I refuse to touch KDE.01:27
th0rPsynoKhi0 you need to figure out how to make the menu what you want....it wasn't that hard01:27
th0rMindVirus: that pretty well hits it on the head....all the kiddie developers dominated kde...thus the cartoonish interfaces01:27
th0rMindVirus: I moved to xfce when enlightenment moved all its efforts to 17, and figure there is a reason xfce went with gtk (they used to have their own libs)01:28
MindVirusth0r, why GTK?01:28
th0rMindVirus: don't know...I don't do development any more. But I have used xfce long enoough to trust that team...so I assume there is a good reason01:29
th0rPsynoKhi0: have you figured out the menus yet?01:38
owen1knome: if you see charles tell him unetbootin works with external hard drives.01:39
PsynoKhi0th0r: nope01:41
knomeowen1, i'll forward to him.01:42
knomeowen1, charlie, btw ;)01:42
PsynoKhi0th0r: I kept /home after moving from gnome, I expected some bumps but it's getting ridiculous01:42
th0rPsynoKhi0: all menu entries require a *.desktop file. The defaults are stored in /usr/share/applications. You can add your own in ~/.local/applications01:42
PsynoKhi0Wine won't create a submenu01:43
th0rPsynoKhi0: if you want to turn one off (hide it) add the line NoDisplay=true in the .desktop file01:43
th0rPsynoKhi0: right...you need to create your own for wine entries.01:43
th0rPsynoKhi0: and stay away from alacarte...it will just confuse the issue....it doesn't work very well01:43
PsynoKhi0they are there somehow, in a mish mash aptly called "Others"01:44
knomeowen1, sent him mail, he can't miss it now ;)01:44
th0rPsynoKhi0: you can control which submenu they are in with the Categories line in the .desktop file01:44
PsynoKhi0heh I don't have any .local/applications01:45
PsynoKhi0either .local/share01:45
th0rPsynoKhi0: not unless you create it.01:45
th0rPsynoKhi0: it is .local/share/applications01:46
th0rPsynoKhi0: and note that .local is a hidden directory in your home directory, so you need to turn on view hidden files01:46
PsynoKhi0eeee no .config/menus either01:46
PsynoKhi0hmm .local/share/applications is there and looks ok01:47
th0rPsynoKhi0: the .config/menus files are just pointers to the directories that hold the .desktop files01:48
th0rPsynoKhi0: I have done all my menu work in the .desktop files, didn't need to touch the menus files01:48
PsynoKhi0just checking, under Properties for the xubuntu menu button, Menu file should point to /etc/xdg/xubuntu/xfce-applications.menu, right?01:50
th0rPsynoKhi0: I use a custom file01:52
knomenight everybody.01:52
th0rPsynoKhi0: mine points to ~/.config/menus01:53
PsynoKhi0knome: cya01:53
PsynoKhi0th0r: there are a bunch of .desktop files under .local/share/desktop-directories01:54
PsynoKhi0under .local/share/applications everything follows the structure I was expecting to get01:56
th0rPsynoKhi0: I have .desktop files in desktop-directories also, but they don't show up in my menu. But remember...I am using a custom menu file01:57
PsynoKhi0that will be for another day, good night02:05
PsynoKhi0thanks for the ideas02:05
KittyKattWhat do you guys recommend for DVD ripping?02:37
owen1i use awesome and not xfce. what app in xfce will do automount for me?04:15
Ertanhi everyone04:49
Ertanid like to ask for some help if anyone online04:51
Ertanhi owen104:52
Ertani cant update package manager04:53
Ertando u know why?04:53
owen1what error do u get05:04
Ertanlink is not found05:07
owen1r u in terminal or synaptic?05:07
owen1let's try it from terminal, so it will be easier to figure it out. open your terminal05:08
Ertanyep did it05:08
owen1type: sudo aptitude update05:09
owen1and tell me if u don't understand what i am saying05:09
Ertan404 not found05:10
Ertani think the links r changed05:10
owen1maybe something in your sources.list is weird. let's open this file. do u know where it is?05:10
Ertani just begin linux, im very noob for linux05:11
Ertanno idea about where it is :]05:11
owen1it will be a fun ride for you.05:12
Ertanthx a lot for helping05:12
owen1there is a file on ubuntu/debian/xubuntu that specify where get updates about the applications that installed on your machine (packages).05:13
owen1everything in linux (almost) is simple text files.05:13
owen1cd /etc/apt05:13
owen1cd = change directory05:13
Ertanyep did it05:13
owen1great. type ls05:14
owen1(list files)05:14
owen1do u see sources.list?05:14
Ertanand source.list d05:14
owen1i'll show u the most important application in the world - vim05:14
owen1vim is a text editor05:15
owen1but some using it also as development environment.05:15
Ertan:] great05:15
owen1(like me)05:15
owen1let's open our sources.list with vim.05:15
owen1sudo vim sources.list05:15
owen1sudo=super user05:15
Ertanthe terminal is cleared now05:16
owen1everything u are editing outside of your home folder should be done by super user.05:16
owen1do u see the file?05:16
Ertanas a root?05:16
Ertani see something like05:16
Ertanand right corner 0.0-105:17
owen1let's close it the file. maybe u opened the wrong file. type:05:17
owen1in vim there are two 'modes'. insert mode and command mode.05:18
owen1make sure u are in command mode before typing :w  (hit esc)05:18
Ertani did control z05:18
Ertancoz couldnt close it :]05:18
owen1what did ctrl+z did?05:19
owen1not :w05:19
owen1(quit) will close a file05:19
owen1:w will try to save it05:19
Ertanback to command prompt05:19
owen1now type sudo vim and wait.05:20
owen1start typing 'sour'05:20
owen1and hit tab05:20
Ertancommand not found05:20
Ertancommand not found for sudo wim05:20
owen1'sudo vim sour'  and tab05:20
owen1not wim05:21
owen1tab should complete the missing letters for you.05:21
owen1i want to make sure u open the correct file.05:21
owen1did u open the file?05:21
owen1is it empty?05:22
Ertanthere is some logs05:22
Ertanand information05:22
owen1it's probably deb ..............05:22
owen1a lot of lines start with deb?05:22
Ertani use ubuntu05:22
owen1me too05:22
Ertanthere is nothing about deb05:23
owen1u don't see lines like: deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty main restricted05:23
Ertanno i dont05:23
owen1ok, paste the content of this file to a website:05:24
Ertannow im in same place as text editor05:24
owen1and when u'r done, send me the link.05:25
owen1so i can take a look05:25
Ertani added the link in text editor05:26
owen1i want u to copy the content of the file to the website05:26
owen1and send me the link05:26
owen1so i'll take a look05:26
Ertanafter sudo vim source05:27
owen1sudo vim sources.list05:28
Ertani entered somewhere like root information05:28
Ertanand some more things05:28
owen1more things?05:28
owen1like what?05:28
Ertanand it says me press enter to continue05:28
owen1i want to see the content of this file05:28
owen1i want u to copy all of it (by marking with the mouste)05:29
owen1and pasting to the website (middle click will paste)05:29
owen1http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d501dbe71  i pasted mine05:30
Ertanyep just a sec05:30
owen1u should have similar file05:30
Ertanis mine05:32
owen1paste the whole url05:32
owen1try to make it easy for me..05:32
owen1so i can simply click05:33
Ertaniim using vmware on mac05:33
owen1i am making u a good citizen here05:33
Ertanso i cant copy paste lol05:33
Ertanthx a lot sir05:33
owen1ok. vim is backing up files you are working on. source.swp is a backup file.05:34
owen1when u see this question, u should have the option for delete.05:34
owen1hit d05:34
owen1and than it will show u sources.list05:35
owen1all u r doing is telling vim to delete this annoying file05:35
Ertani hit d05:35
owen1ok. and?05:36
Ertanand im in05:36
owen1do u see the file?05:36
Ertanterminal cleared05:36
maduserowen1: is he running a gui? a gui edditor might be easier05:36
Ertanno nothing05:36
owen1his sources.list is empty05:36
owen1and he get 404 when trying to update05:37
owen1maduser: i was thinking of telling him to add the correct repositories in this file.05:37
maduserhe can acess the web05:39
owen1Ertan: can u access the web from this machine?05:39
maduserare there defult sources.list files on the web, he can copy one of those and try to update05:39
owen1Ertan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99789005:41
owen1copy paste it to your file. hit 'esc' and :w05:42
owen1tell me if u see a message that the file was saved05:42
maduserdude let him use mouse pad05:42
owen1maduser: i thought it will great to teach him to use vim05:43
maduservim is not something to be learned over irc05:43
maduserah well nm05:44
phpfreaks_user65i think i got dc05:51
owen1switch to ruby!05:51
phpfreaks_user65sorry for that05:51
phpfreaks_user65im still in same text file05:52
owen1is there good support for 2 monitors in xubuntu?05:52
owen1did u see the link i sent - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99789005:53
owen1the first answer has a complete file. copy it from there.05:54
_Pete_owen1: at least if you use nvidia-card05:54
owen1great, i ho05:54
phpfreaks_user65owen1 i got dc05:55
=== phpfreaks_user65 is now known as ertan
owen1copy paste the content from the site to your file.05:56
ertanhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=997890 ???05:56
owen1the first answer there05:57
owen1copy it into your file05:57
owen1it tells ubuntu where to look for updates.05:57
owen1and whenever an update will be available, u'll be able to update your machine.05:58
owen1it's the ubuntu repositories.05:58
owen1there are 60,000 packages available for us.05:58
ertanok im doing now05:59
owen1when u'r done pasting. hit esc05:59
owen1and :w05:59
owen1and tell me if u see confirmation that it was saved05:59
ertanits written now06:01
ertannow ill try to update again06:01
ertanyep now it updates06:02
maduserhey it worked06:02
owen1linux is awesome06:02
ertani think u should see that06:02
owen1and u learned to use vim06:02
ertanim pasting it06:03
ertanit doesnt let me paste it again06:05
ertanspam filter06:05
ertanafter saving the changes i hit sudo aptitude update06:06
ertanand same 404 not found problem06:06
ertanshould i restart ubunttu?06:06
maduserso apt updated and now it won't?06:07
ertanit couldnt update06:07
owen1sudo aptitude update06:07
ertan404 not found http://archive.ubuntu.com edgy-updates/main sources06:08
ertanmany error like this06:08
owen1if u type ping www.google.com it's ok?06:10
ertanyep i got a connection06:10
ertanjust the update links r problem06:11
owen1try asking it in #ubuntu. there are 1500 people there. someone must know.06:11
owen1and u don't need to ask permission to ask.06:11
owen1simply ask your question06:11
owen1say u get 404 not found .... on 'sudo aptitude update'06:12
ertanalrite thx a lot owen1 and maduser06:13
ertanu guys very helpful persons..06:13
owen1and come back to tell us what solves it06:14
owen1we were novices too06:14
ertanthe problem with the site http://us.archive.ubuntu.com06:14
ertanit doesnt connect there06:14
n2diyanybody have backuppc working?06:14
ertanas i see in terminal06:15
owen1ertan: that's what they told u?06:15
ertannothing yet06:16
_Pete_ertan: but arent you using 9.04 ubuntu?06:16
ertanill check06:16
_Pete_oh right06:17
owen16.10 ??06:17
_Pete_Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was released on October 26, 2006 and is no longer supported. It is recommended to upgrade to the current version of Ubuntu.06:17
_Pete_no wonder why the repos are not working06:17
ertanthats all06:18
ertansorry owen106:18
owen1ertan: where did u get this old version?06:18
ertani bought a book for learning linux06:19
ertanit was with this cd06:19
owen1ertan: ok. go to xubuntu or ubuntu06:19
owen1and get the latest one - 9.0406:19
owen1(april 09)06:19
owen1xubuntu is faster06:19
owen1esp on laptops06:19
maduserbook google has more then you need and its free06:20
ertanim downloading now ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i38606:21
n2diywhy is xubuntu "esp. faster on laptops"?06:22
owen1n2diy: xubuntu uses lightweight apps, compare to ubuntu06:22
ertanim using mac os x and its laptop06:23
ertanbut im downloading desktop version06:23
n2diyowen1: yes, wouldn't that make it faster period, not just on laptops?06:23
ertanis that could be a problem?06:23
owen1n2diy: true06:23
_Pete_ertan: no06:24
ertanok great06:24
_Pete_ertan: I guess you have some dualcore mac? fast enough even with emulator06:24
ertanyea os x and linux can work together06:24
n2diyanybody have backuppc working?06:25
ertanwithout getting any slower06:25
maduseroh god, I wish it was still on06:25
ertananyone know about airmon-ng? i have a some questions.07:18
owen1is there a key that can switch to my second monitor? i used to do it with window+shift+right/left (with awesome).10:13
owen1i get "Failed to contact the GConf daemon; exiting." when running gnome-terminal11:27
owen1any clues?11:27
owen1(and i have gconf2)11:27
BesogonHas xfce gconf???11:30
BesogonThat is used only by gnome11:31
owen1Besogon: so i can't use gnome-terminal with xubuntu?11:35
BesogonOf couse you can.11:37
owen1i guess i didn't understand your previous reply: Has xfce gconf???11:38
BesogonDoesn't gnome-terminal work for you?11:38
BesogonHas xfce got gconf???11:38
BesogonIs that right?11:39
owen1i get "Failed to contact the GConf daemon; exiting." when i try to run it.11:39
owen1i don't know what u mean by gconf???11:39
owen1Besogon:ok, installing it11:40
owen1got the same error11:41
Besogonwhat? Dont install it. That is only for GNOME. Do you have Gnome anf Xfce on your computer?11:42
owen1Besogon: no. i have xfce.11:42
owen1no gnome.11:43
BesogonIt seems you cant work with gnome-terminal, at once if you have Gnome with Xfce you can use GNOME-TERMINAL. Because I can use that11:44
owen1ok. thanks11:45
poopuserGood morning. How can i enable 'usb' in 'virtual box'?11:51
Besogonpoopuser, I guess your quastion more fits to chanel about "virtual box"? Any way I dont know11:55
poopuserIn my opinion it fits the same in both channels but let's not discuss it. Thx for support.11:56
geremy_hi, why all pictures a set to be desktop background are black and white, no colors?13:13
BesogonWhat have you done with xfce?13:16
poopuserIs there a way to store output of 'top' command?13:21
geremy_I do nothing with xfce i just change theme but nothing special.13:29
geremy_Each color picture is at desktop background suddenly black and white.13:29
Besogonpoopuser, why are you so interesting in it?13:29
poopuserLarge ram usage.13:30
Besogonpoopuser, I know13:33
Besogonpoopuser, ps -ejH > file13:33
Besogongeremy_, Background pickture is joining background image and backgraund colour13:36
Besogongeremy_, Change background colour and (may be) desktop backgraund will change13:37
geremy_i try13:39
poopuserBesogon, 'ps -ejH' i don't see the memore usage part.13:40
geremy_Besogon, no change when i set background color or even set to transparent13:52
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LaibschAnybody here using Xubuntu Karmic?16:28
LaibschThe window manager does not start for me and I wonder if it is a general problem16:29
LaibschGnome runs fine16:29
charlie-tcaWhen you login, you select the user, then select the session down at the bottom of the gdm screen. If you don't select Xfce Session, it defaults to gnome everytime you login16:30
Laibschthat is not the problem16:32
LaibschI get no window manager in an XFCE session16:32
charlie-tcafresh install or upgrade?16:32
Laibschjaunty upgrade16:33
charlie-tcayou are probably running the 31-2 kernel then, and you are correct. GDM changes have screwed things up pretty bad.16:33
Laibschcharlie-tca: you're not affected, then?  That is the first thing I wanted to make sure.16:33
LaibschNo, the 31-2 kernel does not even boot for me16:34
LaibschI'm still running the Jaunty kernel16:34
charlie-tcaI had a couple of days of it. I did a fresh install and got it working.16:34
Laibschthe kernel would most likely not bring down the WM, either16:34
charlie-tcaI also had issues with nvidia 180 driver with karmic16:34
LaibschI'm not going to do a fresh install16:34
LaibschIf necessary, I'll use Gnome until XFCE becomes usable again16:34
charlie-tcaMine is running fine, but I have to use the 30-10 kernel16:35
charlie-tcaYeah, that is also an option16:35
charlie-tcaI keep hoping everyday. The devs are aware of, and might be tired of me pestering them about it16:35
Laibschare you reporting bugs?16:35
charlie-tcaof course16:35
Laibschdo you have VT?16:36
charlie-tcaAlso brought it up in the weekly karmic release team meeting16:36
Laibschvirtual terminals16:36
Laibschused to be on Ctrl+Alt+F116:36
Laibschto F616:36
LaibschX seems to be on F1 now16:36
Laibschnot F7 as previously16:37
LaibschI have no VT at all, at least not for login16:37
charlie-tcayes, I have them. Under the latest kernel and xorg, what used to be on F7 is supposed to move to F116:37
LaibschIs that something Ubuntu specific?16:37
charlie-tcaSomething to do with the new login and boot applications16:38
LaibschWill be Ubuntu specific?16:38
charlie-tcaI think it is, since we are the ones switching from grub menu and GDM16:38
LaibschWill it be Ubuntu specific?16:38
charlie-tcaI think so16:38
charlie-tcaAt least to start off16:38
LaibschUbuntu will be ahead of Debian in that regard?16:38
* Laibsch doesn't like the new GDM login16:39
charlie-tcaI saw something that said they are now fully out of gdm in Ubuntu, and upstart is now being used ( I think it is upstart)16:39
charlie-tcaI suspect we will be ahead or behind, depending on how it works out16:39
charlie-tcaThat new login is a pain when you have to select xfce session every time16:40
LaibschI don't have to16:41
LaibschThe default WE is saved per user, I think16:42
charlie-tcaHasn't been on the latest images. I installed them, and have to pick the session each time16:43
charlie-tcaand to top it off, the alternate image installation won't give me xfce on the first login.16:43
charlie-tcaIt will only use it the second time and later16:44
LaibschFF3.5 will be default for the released karmic?16:44
charlie-tcaI believe that is the goal right now16:45
charlie-tcaOh, is totem working for you?16:45
charlie-tcaI show gnumeric, screensaver, totem, gdm, and the login window options broken16:45
LaibschWell, as far as login is concerned, karmic is my main system.  I don't have Jaunty anymore.  And XFCE is selected for my main user.  It could be that I set XFCE to be the default WE for my whole computer somewhere, don't remember.16:46
poopuserAnybody knows how to setup microphone ? The problem is i heare16:46
charlie-tcaIf you used autologin before the new gdm was pushed out, you are stuck with it. If you did not have it set up, you can't do it now.16:46
LaibschI don't use either gnumeric or totem16:46
LaibschI don't use autologin16:46
poopusermyself all the time yest i don't knew how to record.16:46
charlie-tcapoopuser: I don't use one, myself.16:47
poopuserOk i am going to use something more intuitive for me - shower. Be back in 30 min.16:49
charlie-tcaLaibsch: also, I can not get the new kernel (.31.2-generic) to recognize a blank cd16:51
LaibschMy Thinkpad does not even have CD16:52
Laibschso, I don't bother ;-)16:52
charlie-tcalucky you16:52
Laibschcharlie-tca: give me bug numbers and I can gladly confirm them for yo16:53
LaibschI do have totem installed, btw16:53
LaibschI just never really use it16:53
charlie-tcabug 39789216:53
LaibschThis plus icon on FF3.5 looks butt-ugly16:54
LaibschI don't really use a screensaver16:54
charlie-tcaIt never activates, so that is a good thing for you16:55
LaibschThis is under Gnome, right?16:55
charlie-tcaXubuntu with Xfce16:55
LaibschWell, I can only test under Gnome for the moment16:55
charlie-tcabut it uses the gnome-screensaver16:55
LaibschSingle-tasking isn't really so modern anymore ;-)16:56
charlie-tcaTest it and see if it activates in gnome16:56
charlie-tcaYou just need a time greater than 2 minutes16:56
Laibschis there a command to explicitly activated it?16:56
charlie-tcaI don't it if there is one16:56
Laibsch"gnome-screensaver-command -a"16:57
Laibschtry that16:57
Laibschworks fine here16:57
charlie-tcathat works. But the timed activation doesn't work16:58
LaibschI'll try to keep an eye on it16:59
LaibschDo you have any other bugs that don't mean I can't use the computer for a couple of minutes?17:00
charlie-tcaThanks. The rest are things you don't use/have and will be harder to confirm17:00
LaibschI can try totem17:00
charlie-tcanot that I have handy17:00
Laibschwhat's wrong witht that?17:00
charlie-tcago to /usr/share/sounds/purple and double-click a .wav file.17:01
Laibschthat won't necessarily bring up totem17:01
Laibschwhich is not my default player17:01
LaibschBut I understood you17:01
charlie-tcamaybe right click and pick totem, then. But don't let it set it as default if you aren't using it17:02
charlie-tcatotem should be "movie player", right/17:02
Laibsch"totem /usr/share/sounds/purple/login.wav" works just fine17:02
LaibschLet's stick to the command-line when possible17:03
Laibschthat way we both know what is being tested17:03
charlie-tcawell, crap. Then it is something in Xubuntu again17:03
LaibschTry that for yourself, please17:03
Laibschfrom the command line17:03
LaibschThat is valuable information if it works in some circumstances and not in others17:03
charlie-tcaInternal GStreamer error: pad problem.  Please file a bug at http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GStreamer17:03
charlie-tcasame error every time17:04
LaibschMake a note of that in your bug report17:04
Laibschbtw, what number?17:04
charlie-tcaI don't have the number. The person filing it never came back17:04
Laibschbut you were able to confirm it?17:05
charlie-tcaYes, I confirmed for him, and he was going file the report17:05
charlie-tcaThat isn't it. I don't use pulse audio at all17:05
LaibschI'll close that bug report17:06
charlie-tcaPlease do. I seem to be behind on those17:06
LaibschWhat I do to keep track is to set to incomplete (which you did) and assign to myself for the time being.17:07
LaibschI also assign to myself when closing17:07
charlie-tcaShould not be assigning yourself according to the bug triage procedures. That should only be used by the individual coding the changes.17:08
LaibschThat used to be the recommended procedure17:09
LaibschMaybe it changed17:09
LaibschIf it did, I think that is stupid17:09
Laibschand I don't do stupid things ;-)17:09
LaibschWhen I'm the one triaging the bug, I'm in charge17:09
charlie-tcaYeah, changed in the last 6 months. I understand that one ;-)17:09
LaibschThus, it's correct that the bug is assigned to me17:09
charlie-tcaBut I have over 300 new/incomplete at any given time17:10
LaibschAssignments change17:10
LaibschIMHO, that is too much17:10
LaibschI close out mine in a month's time17:10
charlie-tcaThe new procedure is to just subscribe to it. Then it will appear when you look at your launchpad page17:10
LaibschIf you amass that many in a month, kudos17:10
LaibschBut I guess, they just linger, which is bad17:10
LaibschI'll stick to the old routine17:11
Laibschwhich makes much more sense17:11
charlie-tcaNot necessarily in a month, but over time. Do 10 a day, it builds up fast17:11
LaibschThe question is, do you keep track of closing the ones you're working on?17:11
charlie-tcaAs much as possible17:12
LaibschSystematic or erratic?17:12
charlie-tcaI get an email every time one is touched by anyone, so it is pretty systematic17:12
LaibschSorry, I disagree17:12
LaibschThe ones you don't get an email are interesting17:13
Laibschto close as invalid17:13
Laibschthe other ones, you receive a mail anyway17:13
charlie-tcaYes, that's why we review all of our subscribed bugs monthly, right17:13
LaibschJust MHO17:13
LaibschI'd go insane if I did17:13
LaibschI review the bugs I'm assigned to17:13
LaibschBugs I report and that I have an interest in (cc) get infrequent and unsystematic review and that is OK17:14
LaibschI'm not the the one fixing them, no need to regularly touch them17:14
Laibschif nobody else did17:14
charlie-tcaCorrect. Once they are confirmed or triaged, I am no longer in the loop to do anything with them17:15
Laibschwell, what I'm saying is that your process does not distinguish between stuff you have an interest in and those you touched purely for triaging purpose17:16
LaibschIf I did not have that, I'd go insane17:16
LaibschYou have 500 bugs, I have 300.  both is too much really, but I make an effort to keep that number down as low as possible.17:17
charlie-tcaThe ones I reported I also get an email for if anyone else touches it. I also keep track manually of them17:17
Laibschwell, I guess there are different ways to skin the cat ;-)17:17
LaibschI'd just go insane subscribing to stuff I don't really care about17:17
charlie-tcaMy 500 are not all things I need to watch. Launchpad will subscribe you automatically if you change the status of the bug.17:18
Laibschwell, then how do you distinguish?17:18
Laibschbtw, it doesn't do that for me17:18
LaibschAnd I'd be loudly complaining if it did17:18
charlie-tcaI don't distinguish other than the ones I manually track17:19
Laibschthe reason I don't have VT seems to be that I don't run the karmic kernel17:27
charlie-tcaHuh? Shouldn't matter which kernel it is, should it?17:28
Laibschthat is what I would think17:32
Laibschbut apparently, the virtual terminals are now provided by some kernel code17:32
LaibschI'm still reading up on it17:32
Laibsch"taking advantage of kernel mode setting to make the boot process and virtual terminals shinier and snappier"17:32
charlie-tcaBut if you use Jaunty, you still have a kernel and should still have VT's17:34
LaibschLook a few lines above were I said I don't have Jaunty anymore17:35
charlie-tcaAny version of karmic has to have a kernel or it won't run at all17:35
Laibschexcept for a few left-over packages17:35
Laibschincluding two kernels (jaunty and hardy)17:35
LaibschNow where did I say I don't have any kernel at all?17:36
LaibschHow would I boot?17:36
charlie-tcaMust have misunderstood something here.17:37
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spasticteapotDoes anyone know of a program that would let me resize images from Thunar?18:27
spasticteapotOr even a good image resizing program that wouldn't require me to download half of GNOME?18:27
charlie-tcaimagemagik works well18:29
charlie-tcaoh, but works from the command line18:30
charlie-tcaIt will also convert images to other formats18:31
spasticteapotI'd prefer something that works from a GUI.18:34
spasticteapotOh, well.18:34
spasticteapotNew question: How do I set a file executable?18:35
charlie-tcaFrom the terminal, chmod18:36
spasticteapotNo way to do it through the GUI?18:36
spasticteapotOh, well.18:37
charlie-tcaI don't know of any18:37
spasticteapotI should probably just get used to using the command line anyway.18:37
charlie-tcaLooking in thunar, I only see ability to set it read and write18:37
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spasticteapotchmod 777 is the command for allowing all users to execute a file, right?18:46
th0rspasticteapot: no....755 will allow all users to execute without giving them permission to write over the file18:47
spasticteapotShould have worked anyway....18:48
th0rspasticteapot: 777 should have worked, but would not be the safe way to do it.18:49
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SiDi!info empathy21:20
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.26.1-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 280 kB, installed size 1092 kB21:20
SiDi!info empathy karmic21:20
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version 2.27.3-2ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 302 kB, installed size 1212 kB21:21
Kangarooohello what you think about implementing guest button in shutdown menu? https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop/+bug/20692422:15
SiDiKangarooo: i think that i am disappointed that the Ubuntu devs dont wanna hear of it in GDM as it would be much much more simple22:19
SiDiKangarooo: its possible but it requires someone to do it22:21
Kangarooook so ill write that also and what knowledge is needed to do that? maybe also xfce project needs to be put in this bug report as affected to get xfce developers attention and more information on how and who could do that?22:24
Kangaroooits session manager that shutdown menu window witch pops up on clicking top right button Quit yes?22:27
SiDiThe XFCE devs will not do thi for you22:29
SiDiIt's an Ubuntu specific feature as far as i know22:29
Kangarooook SiDi ill fill this bug with this info from my account and add more affected groups.. maybe some coders group? as I know there is bash scripters group.. what group could do this?22:36
SiDiKangarooo: dont do this please22:36
Kangarooowith my name22:37
SiDiEither you fill a feature request and leave it as it is for now, or you implement it22:37
SiDibut dont add arbitrary groups to ask them to implement it instead of you or the xubuntu developers22:37
Kangaroooyes :) I just don't know how to code but I could find someone who could code this feature. actually if correct group would be added then they could implement it. If this guest button won't be implemented this could be a reason for linux newbie to switch from xubuntu to ubuntu couse in ubuntu there is this guest button. well else could be then done now? maybe developer in one if already affected groups right now sleeps and tomorrow will give answer.. the22:43
SiDiKangarooo: its not only about coding22:53
SiDiyou also have to maintain it22:53
SiDithat's why you need a proper developer22:53
SiDiKangarooo: why did you link it to GDM and gnome-shutdown ?23:00
SiDi1) i told you the GDM developers dont want it to be in GDM, since i was told 'No' when i asked so.  2) we dont use gnome-shutdown at all in Xubuntu and gnome-shutdown has nothing to do with this.23:01
Kangaroooso GDM developers could be changing their mind and when I searched GDM in Also Affect project searchbox it showed shutdown and shutdown menu in ubuntu has guest button.. and as sometimes launchpad this search box give too much wrong results this one was close to what has to do something with guest button. shutdown menu..23:05

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