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* MacSlow -> lunch12:26
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SiDihad a nice meal MacSlow ? :D14:11
SiDi(more seriously, is it ok if i replace all the gconf keys by xfconf keys in the xfce version of notify-osd ?)14:13
macvrdjsiegel_: i think this should be looked into for karmic > https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/38886614:47
djsiegel_macvr: too big to be a paper cut14:47
macvrdjsiegel_: ah... maybe ayatana then?14:48
djsiegel_macvr: well...14:48
djsiegel_macvr: I would assign to the "applets" that open twice14:48
djsiegel_and they aren't applets14:48
macvryeah not applets14:48
macvrdjsiegel_: what about the rewording of the update window?14:52
djsiegel_macvr: haven't had time to check it out because of GUADEC14:52
djsiegel_I will blog about round-2 today14:52
macvroh... you are still there... ok14:52
djsiegel_and tie up loose ends, and get the design team to check our round-314:53
djsiegel_no, got back this weekend14:53
djsiegel_macvr: for some paper cut relief, http://davidsiegel.org/karmic-backgrounds-contest/14:53
macvrdjsiegel_: i'm in the art section, i know about that ;p14:54
djsiegel_the art section? 14:54
macvrartwork discussions mailing list14:55
macvrdjsiegel_: i told you about adding to the wiki , the hardware issues are not papercuts.> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/250211 ,got hounded here14:57
macvrfinally i added a note to the wiki, ;p14:58
DBOping njpatel 15:28
kholerabbi1will karmic autologin by default? (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/398720)16:57
lamalexi doubt it16:58
macvrkholerabbi1: actually i think you got it mixed up with the auto login of grub18:14
kholerabbi1night :)18:17
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macvrdjsiegel: nothing was actually fixed here > https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/39364520:04
macvrwhatever changed, was not done by the papercuts task, it already existed... 20:06
djsiegelmacvr: that's fine20:20
djsiegelmacvr: what counts is that the paper cut was fixed20:20
djsiegelit doesn't matter who fixed it, how, or when, as long as the paper cut is healed20:20
macvrnot fair... ;p20:21
macvrhow can something be fixed when the problem didnt exist when we got there?20:21
djsiegelthe problem existed in Jaunty20:21
djsiegelit is gone in Karmic20:22
djsiegeltherefore, a paper cut was fixed20:22
ScottKIt would be prudent not to take too much credit for it, however.20:22
djsiegelWho is taking credit for it?20:22
macvrit like a plumber claiming to have fixed a leaking pipe,  because the water supply was turned off before he got there ;p20:23
ScottKHopefully not the papercuts project.20:23
djsiegelMy concern is that we have a list of 100 usability problems that should be problems no more in Karmic20:23
djsiegelIf a genie fixes them magically overnight, great20:24
djsiegelif they get fixed upstream, wonderful20:24
djsiegelI will be sure to mention the multiple sources of fixes in the final report20:24
ScottKAs long as it's "Yeah, look what got done" and not "Yeah, look what we did" it's fine.20:24
djsiegelyeah, I agree20:25
djsiegel"look at what got done" is always the best route when many people are working on the same set of problems, I've found20:25
macvryeah as long as credit goes to the person who fixed it , its nice :)20:25
djsiegelWith my upstream work, if a blogger or journalist singles me out and gives me credit for something that came out of my project, I usually email them and ask them to attribute the team and all contributors instead of me as maintainer20:26
djsiegeleven if I wrote and committed the fix in question20:26
djsiegeljust keeps everyone equally motivated20:27
djsiegeland at the end of the day, there is no credit because the sun will swallow the earth and all minds, records, digital information will burn up :)20:27
ScottKYes, but it'll be on youtube.20:29
djsiegelah, and the radio waves that leak out into space20:30
djsiegelforgot about those buggers20:30
djsiegeland airplane black boxes20:30
djsiegelpretty sure they are sun-proof20:30
macvrdjsiegel: IMO , i think it would be much better , when all task are done because they where first identified in papercuts, we could take more pride in that20:30
djsiegelmacvr: ok, that can be a goal for the next cycle20:31
djsiegelbut for these first few milestones, we're just getting the papercutters team together20:31
danrabbitdjsiegel: I was just reading the "Home Folder" debate. I agree with your proposal. It makes the most sense in translation and it makes the most sense to be consistent with the filesystem20:33
djsiegelNice to see you.20:34
danrabbitI've been lurking :D20:34
djsiegelDid you see jono's blog on notification areas for dark themes?20:34
djsiegeldanrabbit: and please email Ken back.20:35
danrabbitno, can you link me?20:35
danrabbitYea, no problem. I actually haven't checked my email this morning :D20:35
djsiegeldanrabbit: http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/07/12/icon-theme-hacking-progress/20:37
SiDiScottK: ping20:38
ScottKSiDi: Pong20:39
danrabbitdjsiegel: did you read Ulisse's response?20:40
SiDiScottK: do you mind reexplaining me whats going on about dontzap please ? :)20:41
ScottKSiDi: dontzap no longer works due to changes in X, but at least Gnome and KDE use the libxklavier (or whatever it was) to control it via a normal keyboard setting.20:43
ScottKSo from a Ubuntu/Kubuntu perspective, dontzap can go away (we've already dropped the GUI for it in Kubuntu).20:43
SiDii had a look at xklavier and i didnt even understand what it was20:43
* ScottK neither.20:43
SiDiif dontzap no longer works then it should go anyway20:43
SiDibut there should be  a documented CLI way to revert the dontzap setting20:44
* ScottK was parroting what others said.20:44
ScottKIf there's no GUI, sure.20:44
SiDido you know who are these others by chance ? :)20:44
ScottKMy suggestion is to chat with tseliot in #ubuntu-x about it.20:44
SiDi(xu/lu/flubuntu wont have a GUI indeed. same for openbox and such)20:44
SiDihm i'll try to catch him there later then20:45
SiDihe seems offline20:45
ScottKRight, well since Kubuntu often gets left out, I wanted to make sure you guys knew and the same didn't happen to you.20:45
SiDithanks for letting us know though, its nice from you20:46

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