garyvdmigc: I would like to recommend that you reuse the error handling infrastructure from qbzr in bzr-explorer.00:18
garyvdmI'll put the details in a mail.00:19
igcgaryvdm: do you mean something more than the try/except at the app level?00:19
igcgaryvdm: thanks00:19
garyvdmYes - you need a sys.excepthook to catch everything.00:20
jmllalala, releasing bazaar00:20
garyvdmigc: No mailing list for bzr-explorer :-(00:28
garyvdmCan I create one?00:28
igcgaryvdm: sure. Another option is the bzr-desktop mailing list I proposed a few weeks back (but I don't recall getting feedback on)00:30
garyvdmigc: is it ok to import from qbzr in bzr-explorer?00:40
igcgaryvdm: absolutely. explorer reuses lots of stuff from qbzr including i18n support00:42
garyvdmigc: cool00:42
garyvdmigc: Did you go on vacation? How was it?00:50
igcgaryvdm: restful thanks00:51
garyvdmThats good!00:51
igcgaryvdm: being the middle of Winter here, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves :-)00:51
jmlInstalled Bazaar version 1.16.1 is too old to be used with plugin00:51
jmlI guess I'd better get releasing00:52
jmligc, welcome back!00:52
igchi jml - thanks!00:52
fullermdSeems like everybody makes that mistake on their vacation...   it's all going so well, and then they end it.00:55
igcfullermd: indeed01:03
jmlI don't see anything in the NEWS file about fixing 2a bugs.01:04
jmlthere are quite a few nice performance things though.01:04
fullermdigc: Quick!  Uncommit leaving the beach before you get more revs on top of it!01:04
jmlHPSS calls: 45 (17 vfs) SmartSSHClientMedium(connected=False, username=u'jml', host='bazaar.launchpad.net', port=None)01:14
jml :\01:14
spivjml: which operation?01:14
jmlspiv, pushing a new, stacked 2a branch01:14
spivAh ok.01:15
lifelesswith tags?01:15
jmlyeah, one tag.01:16
jmlwithout (new) tags is HPSS calls: 43 (17 vfs) SmartSSHClientMedium(connected=False, username=u'jml', host='bazaar.launchpad.net', port=None)01:16
lifelesswhats the backtrace of the vfs trigger?01:17
lifelessor, have we landed the patch that disables that :(01:17
jmlthere are two of them.01:18
lifeless(I really think folk should either not care about hpss calls, or care about vfs triggers)01:18
igchi lifeless, spiv01:18
spivigc: good morning!01:18
spivYeah.  tags causing vfs calls is pretty high on my hit list.01:19
lifelessspiv: are you open to being convinced to keep vfs triggers tied to -Dhpss?01:19
spivlifeless: no, not really01:20
spivlifeless: they irritate *me* :)01:20
spivlifeless: but more importantly, it means that other people have started turning off -Dhpss01:20
jmlwhy are they displayed, rather than logged?01:20
RenatoSilvahow to list the remebered locations?01:21
spivSo if someone on the launchpad-dev team gets unexpected bad performance, and I ask for the -Dhpss log, they'll have to re-run the slow, painful operation before they can give me an answer.01:21
spivWhich is I think is a net loss compared to making the vfs triggers in-your-face.01:22
lifelessspiv: are they still logged to ~/.bzr.log with the patch that stopped showing them?01:22
lifelessspiv: because I think its still a net loss if we don't get the trigger01:23
spivlifeless: I'm not sure, poolie did that patch.  I'm fine with them still being logged.01:23
spiv(even though that makes debugging test failures more irritating, that only really affects me)01:23
jmlRenatoSilva, 'bzr info'01:27
RenatoSilvajml: thanks01:27
ircleuserHi I just installed Bazaar and in the $HOME/.bazaar directory the only file is "ignore"01:27
lifelessjml:  please file two bugs01:27
jmlspiv, lifeless: anyway, I only mention it because it's something of a regression from the glory days of 8 or 9 hpss calls & no vfs ops.01:27
lifelessjml: a) your scenario writes tags twice01:28
lifelessjml: b) writing tags causes _ensure_real01:28
spivjml: yeah.  life was better when bzr.dev had no tags ;)01:28
jmllifeless, the pasted stack traces were from pushing a branch that has no new tags.01:28
ircleuserI was expecting bazaar.conf - any ideas what causes this?01:28
spivjml: no new tags != no tags, unfortunately.01:28
jml(and the branch was launchpad)01:29
=== ircleuser is now known as Ebro
garyvdmircleuser: If you do bzr whoami "User Name <user@tld.com>" it will create it.01:29
jmlspiv, wow, that sucks.01:30
garyvdmEbro ^^^01:30
mwhudsonjml: pushing a new launchpad branch has never had no vfs ops01:30
jmlmwhudson, really? maybe it was only 1 or 2 then01:30
Ebrosweet! Thanks!01:30
mwhudsonjml: pushes between existing branches are still 0 vfs01:30
mwhudson(i think, anyway)01:31
jmlmwhudson, nope01:31
jml$ bzr push lp:~jml/launchpad/test-branch-47-201:31
jmlNo new revisions to push.01:31
jmlHPSS calls: 14 (2 vfs) SmartSSHClientMedium(connected=False, username=u'jml', host='bazaar.launchpad.net', port=None)01:31
lifelessjml: please file the bugs ;)01:31
jmllifeless, yeah, that's what I'm doing.01:32
jmlalthough they'll probably be crappy bugs.01:32
mwhudsonjml: pull is 0 vfs at least, it seems01:33
mwhudsonanyway, i'm not here right now01:33
spivjml: there's a cheap optimisation in push atm where if you have 0 local tags it doesn't even need to read the remote tags, let alone write any tags.  But as soon as there are any tags that obviously doesn't work...01:36
jmlspiv, makes sense01:40
pooliekarmic is booting again, yay :)02:00
lifelesspoolie: your patch to mute -Dhpss on vfs events02:10
lifelesspoolie: does it make the trace get logged to ~/.bzr.log?02:10
poolieit moves the existing code to a different debug flag02:11
poolieso if it was not unconditionally logging them before, it's not doing it now02:11
lifelesspoolie: I would like, and I think spiv would do, if someone has -Dhpss, those events should get captured *somewhere*02:11
pooliewhy not just set the other flag?02:12
lifelesspoolie: because otherwise they have to reproduce the event02:12
lifelessthe person reporting02:12
lifelessthe reason we added that flag was to get more data in bug reports02:12
poolieso we're talking about people who do have hpss set in their config options?02:12
pooliebut they can't be told to set the other flag?02:12
pooliewell, ok02:13
lifelesssetting the other flag means they have to reproduce it again02:13
lifelessrather than grabbing their log and attaching02:13
pooliei can see a lot of lp people probably do have Dhpss set, and it would be annoying to do it all over again02:13
pooliei don't really object, please yourself02:13
poolieit's just that spewing it to stderr was way too much02:14
lifelessI did that on the basis that noone would have Dhpss set unless they were working on the network stack02:14
lifelesshowever it seems we have a bunch of voyuers ;)02:14
pooliea reasonable assumption but not actually true :)02:14
pooliei like having it on for background awareness02:14
poolie'care about networking' is not precisely 'working on networking right now'02:15
lifelessits kind of like the big display in  windows defrag programs02:15
spivPerhaps we have voyuers, but also we frequently ask bug reporters and psuedo beta testers (like people on the lp team) to use it.02:16
pooliemaybe a bit more useful than that02:16
poolielike i did actually use the trace while testing stacking against launchpad to see what it was doing02:16
lifelessspiv: sure, the point is that if they have it set by default rather than on-request.02:17
pooliebut that's not the same as looking for new things to fix02:17
lifelessspiv: I'm not arguing against the change thats been made; I'm arguing for capturing sufficient data in a reasonable place.02:17
spivlifeless: right.02:17
poolieactually maybe that's the difference, are you looking for trouble in the sense of open to being told about new things to improve02:17
poolieanyhow by all means capture it02:17
poolieeven capture it unconditionally if you like02:17
poolietwo other ideas re bug reporting:02:18
poolieone is, maybe we should record the reason why plugins failed to load and show it from 'bzr plugins'02:18
poolieat least the actual error message02:18
pooliei think at the moment failed ones are not shown at all02:18
lifelessI think of the VFS trace as being the same as the HPSS trace; they are both showing whats going on. I appreciate that the noise was too much02:18
poolieand as a further step maybe don't show anything to stderr, just put it in there02:19
poolieand the second was, maybe have a global weak dict of open repositories etc02:19
poolieand show it in the error reporting tb02:19
poolieso we don't need to go back and ask for bzr info02:19
pooliepossibly that could be subsumed by just getting a full traceback through something like apport02:19
lifelessI'm not keen on the word global there02:20
lifelessI like the idea about plugins02:21
pooliei guess rather than being global we could look for things on the relevant stack02:22
pooliei might file a bug for that at least then02:24
pooliespiv, how's your stuff today?02:24
pooliethanks for the knockon errors review02:47
RenatoSilvawhat was that prefix you put in bzr selftest <?>:plugin ?02:47
RenatoSilvabzr selftest -s <prefix>:plugin02:47
jelmermwhudson: hi03:04
mwhudsonjelmer: hi03:04
mwhudsonjelmer: i was going to ask about the python2.4 subvertpy bug03:04
pooliehello jelmer03:11
igchi poolie, jelmer03:13
=== jml changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | 1.17rc1 released 13th July, 2009 -- please test it! | 1.16.1 released 26th June, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
jelmer'moin mwhudson, poolie, igc03:16
jmlg'day jelmer03:16
jelmerhey jml03:17
lifelesshi jelmer03:17
jelmerlifeless: hi03:17
jelmermwhudson: Not much news yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll have it fixed before the end of the week03:17
jmlI've made this diff after merging the 1.17 branch into trunk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/216582/03:19
jmlcan someone quickly sanity check that for me03:19
lifelesslooks good to me03:20
* jml pqm-submits03:20
spivpoolie: good, I have literally only two issues left on my todo list for the inventory-deltas streaming branch.03:21
spivpoolie: 1) two tests failing with pack already exists error when an autopack happens on a 2a repo (maybe bug 382463 ?), 2) making a new get_stream verb so that old clients won't receive inventory-delta records they can't handle (and arrange for deltas not to be streamed via the old verb, of course).03:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382463 in bzr "'bzr pack' of an already packed dev6 or 2a repo fails with Pack exists" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38246303:23
spivOh, and I'd like to do a bunch of manual testing, but that can happen concurrently with the code being reviewed.  Once I fix 2) I'll make the merge proposal.03:24
* igc lunch03:25
lifelessspiv: 382463 occurs on fully packed repos03:50
lifelessspiv: it shouldn't ever happen on autopack03:50
lifelessspiv: do you perhaps have an empty pack?03:51
lifelessthats unlikely as we have guards for it03:51
lifelessspiv: also we want to push verbs03:51
lifelessspiv: sorry rephrasing. Could you add 3) a new insert_stream verb, please.03:52
spivI don't think the pack is empty, as the name changes from test run to test run, which implies content.03:53
spivIt's triggered by the self.target_repo.pack call in _locked_insert_stream03:53
lifelessI bet I know03:53
lifelessyou've one stream right?03:54
lifelessand a new repo?03:54
spivIf you grab lp:~spiv/bzr/inventory-delta and selftest test_fetch_parent_inventories_at_stacking_boundary_smart you'll see it.03:54
lifelessspiv: I'll give you a couple of hints now. If they don't help ping me later and I'll push stack and look at it with you03:54
lifelessI suspect the following conditions are occuring:03:55
lifeless - you upload a single pack03:55
spivOff the top of my head, I think one stream + new repo is true.03:55
lifeless - the pack is sufficiently simple that the sort order for its contents are the same as the upload order happened to generate03:55
lifeless - the group splitting heuristics happen to line up at the same boundaries03:56
spivIt's also likely that this is a code path that wasn't being hit before (because InterDifferingSerializer was covering this case).03:56
lifeless-> collision, with the same content.03:56
lifelessso this is natural.03:56
lifelesssome possibilities to avoid id:03:56
spivFWIW, if I replace the raise with a return the offending tests are happy.03:56
lifeless - deliberately send in a slightly different order, to force the pack to do it in a different order03:57
lifeless  (ugh)03:57
spivYeah, I don't like the sound of that one.03:57
lifeless - fix the long standing 'genuine collisions error rather than checking the content is the same' bug03:57
lifeless   (note that this needs to also check the indices are the same, I *think* the bug notes that)03:58
spivThat sounds like the right fix, but I'd be happy for someone else to do it ;)03:58
lifeless - make the pack(hints...) method pass a flag down that means the repo can recognise that it just repacked pack FOO and got FOO and back it out rather than actually replacing at all.03:59
lifelessI think the third will perform best03:59
spivCan you elaborate on that third option?04:00
spivI'm not really sure what the hint does (I haven't dug very deeply into this yet).04:00
lifelessthe hint says 'repack these specific packs'04:00
spivI think it's just a "hey I just added this new data, so just focus on packing that bit" arg?04:01
lifelessits allowed to be ignored if the repo can't do partial packs or whatever.04:01
spivOk, thanks.04:02
lifelessDoing that pack-with-hints is what stops a delta inserted into a 2a repo from being GB's in size ;)04:03
spivlifeless: btw, the branch already adds a new insert_stream verb.04:15
lifelessspiv: cool04:15
lifelessspiv: scratch 3) then :P04:15
pooliehey spiv04:29
pooliethanks for the update04:29
mwhudsonjelmer: cool04:31
mwhudsonjelmer: it looks like launchpad on 2.5 is going to take a little longer than we would like, so fixing the bug would be really nice :)04:32
lifeless\o/ 24/27 inventories fail to error when the path is mismatched with the parent id04:32
GungaDin1How can I check what revision I'm on in a branch?04:56
lifelessbzr revno04:57
igcjml: when adding the empty sections to NEWS at the start of a release, ...05:45
igcI think "Internals" belongs later, e.g. after "API Changes"05:45
jmligc, I think you're right.05:46
igcjml: I'm about to tweak and land the Upgrade Guide05:46
igcjml: so I'll tweak that while I'm at it05:46
jmligc, thanks.05:46
jmlthe 'releasing' guide should be updated to say 'add empty sections to the NEWS file' and probably should include a template for doing so.05:46
jmlI'll file a bug for that.05:46
pooliehello igc, welcome back!06:14
pooliewell done on the release jono06:14
poolieand welcome back too06:14
igchi poolie!06:14
poolielifeless: intercepting http proxies are not the answer, 'no' is the answer :)06:15
jmllifeless, where's your whitepaper on interface testing?06:20
jmlpoolie, thanks.06:20
jmlpygi, g'day06:27
pygigood morning jml :)06:28
lifelessjml: I should update. Its on people.ubuntu.com.06:34
lifelesspoolie: they may be the cause though :P06:34
jmllifeless, I find myself having to describe the concept increasingly often. An updated version would be nice.06:35
lifelessjml: its time has come!06:36
lifelessI want to add prose about balancing costs and fragility06:36
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lifelessok, EOD for me, a bit late (don't ask when I started :P)07:09
lifelesscurrently fixing tree.apply_inventory_delta to not corrupt dirstate with duplicate file ids.07:10
vilahi all07:18
pooliehello vila07:23
pooliewriting a post about 2.0 and beyond07:23
* igc dinner08:39
anywhois it possible to do a diff against the previous revision without knowing the revision number? like something like bzr diff -r -1 ?09:21
mwhudsonbut -r -1 means the most recent revision09:22
mwhudsonanywho: you probably want diff -r -209:22
mwhudson(that'll be the difference between the most recent but 1 commit and the tree as it is now)09:22
anywhothat works but so what is the purpose of -1 in this case? it would never work, right?09:24
vilaanywho: It will show you the difference between the last committed revision and your working tree, i.e. the changes that are not yet committed09:36
Kinnisonanywho: Basically -1 == HEAD09:38
anywhogot it09:38
pooliegood night all09:48
sabdflnight poolie10:21
awmcclainAnyone know why branch we create on our remote repository are created without group write? I have umask 022 in my /etc/profile, am I missing something?13:27
AfCawmcclain: 1) maybe you meant umask 0002 and 2) you probably want sticky group bit on the remote repo directory?13:32
awmcclainAfC: Yeah, I _just_ realize that about the umask, and the sticky bit is set.13:32
awmcclainThank you.l13:33
awmcclainUg, one of those typing days.13:33
awmcclainHrm... do I need to restart a daemon for that /etc/profile change to happen?13:34
awmcclainHrm... no, i have umask set to 0002 now, and I'm still getting the same permissions problems.13:38
awmcclainDoes bzr not use /etc/profile?13:46
maxbawmcclain: It is not bzr's job to use or not use /etc/profile. That is up to the shell13:58
awmcclainmaxb: Ubiquitous!13:59
awmcclainmaxb: So, PAM is...what, a kernal module? My linux-fu is quite poor, I'm unfamiliar.14:00
Kamping_Kaiserpam came from solaris ;)14:01
awmcclainmaxb: So, if I'm reading the man page correctly, I'm going to add a line to my /etc/pam.d/login to alter the umask?14:04
maxbawmcclain: Doubtful that "login" has anything to do with ssh-based connections14:27
LeoNerdlogin  is for the 'login' binary.. which is used by getty et.al. for virtual consoles14:35
KinnisonIf you're using ssh+bzr or bzr+ssh or whatever it's called, then surely it's up to your shell's non-interactive startup to set umask?14:38
jammorning all14:50
homyHi! With which bzr command can I find out which files in the Working tree are version-controlled?14:57
Takhomy: bzr ls --versioned ‽15:02
maxbwow, it's not often you see an interrobang used in conversation :-)15:05
homyTalk: thanks.I didn't find that in the Bazaar User Guide http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html.15:06
Takmaxb: it is when I'm around :-P15:07
abeaumont_i want to create a branch from a repo that includes all but some intermediate revisions, e.g., r1..100 and r105..200, which is the best way to do it?15:10
Takabeaumont_: branch in the normal way, then merge out those revisions?15:51
Takor maybe branch the first revision group, then merge in each successive group15:51
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AdysHi all. Is there a mailing list where I can post a feature proposal (and possibly work on it)?17:29
Milo-Any launchpad staff here at the moment? I have a question that regards launchpad ignoring my mail address during registration17:32
amanica_Adys: there is just the main development mailinglist: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/bazaar17:39
Adysamanica_: is it better to write a blueprint about it, or an email first?17:40
amanica_Adys: maybe mail first17:40
amanica_Adys: sometimes feature requests are submitted as wishlist bugs, but blueprints sounds better17:41
amanica_Adays: btw. put [RFC] as the start of your mail17:41
AdysOk, thanks a lot :) Ill send it tonight17:41
SamBjelmer: you have an interesting definition of "four"17:50
jelmerSamB: hmm?18:00
=== kiko-fud is now known as kiko
SamBjelmer: bzr-svn also adds four new commands to Bazaar:18:09
SamB - bzr svn-import18:09
SamB - bzr svn-layout18:09
SamBFor more information about bzr-svn, see the bzr-svn FAQ.18:09
jelmeroh, right18:09
jelmertwo were integrated into bzr18:09
jelmerSamB: fixed, thanks18:10
SamBhmm, you might want to mention those on that page because they're probably particularly useful for SVN repositories?18:11
LarstiQjelmer: I'm trying to narrow an exception down in bzr-svn that occurs on our repo if you start without a cache18:12
LarstiQjelmer: I think it is because layout.get_tags(self, from_revnum, project) returns []18:13
* LarstiQ files bug with traceback18:13
Adysamanica_: Ok. sent the mail. I gotta run for a couple of hours now. thanks again :)18:15
LarstiQjelmer: bug 39890818:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398908 in bzr-svn "branching results in: ValueError: need more than 3 values to unpack" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39890818:17
* LarstiQ prepares to go home18:19
jelmerLarstiQ: is this also with current bzr-svn ?18:20
jelmerLarstiQ: since I fixed an issue like that recently18:21
jelmerLarstiQ: yeah, I'm pretty sure this one is fixed18:21
* LarstiQ checks18:22
kfogelWhat's ETA for 1.17, or is that an annoying FAQ that does not have an answer?18:22
jelmerkfogel: Usually the release manager posts a timeline for the release cycle before it starts, not sure if that happened for 1.1718:23
LarstiQjelmer: timemachien yay :)18:23
jelmerkfogel: I can't find anything, but usually it's about a week or so after the rc18:23
jelmerkfogel: barring any release critical bugs that would require a new rc18:24
jelmerSamB: They just happened to be commands that were hard to integrate into Bazaar, I don't think that's a valid reason for listing them there.18:24
kfogeljelmer: right18:25
jelmerSamB: for the record, these two commands were svn-push and svn-set-revprops (now: push and reconcile)18:25
SamBjelmer: ah.18:25
SamBsvn push doesn't really need listing there, true18:26
LarstiQjelmer: was that revno 3097?18:26
SamBand I guess reconcile neither18:26
SamBthough I'd never have guessed that it altered revprops in the SVN repository -- you do have that in the FAQ somewhere?18:27
SamBand I'm also not sure how svn push works when you've a complicated tangle of Bzr revisions to push -- what branches do they all get pushed on?18:27
LarstiQjelmer: applying 3097 to 0.6.2 fixes it for me, cheers!18:30
jelmerSamB: it does a similar thing to what reconcile does in bazaar repositories - fix revision metadata; in this case that revision metadata happens to be stored in revisin properties18:55
hsn_why bzr st sometimes reports file names with '*' at end? it breaks my scripts18:57
verterokhsn_: * means a change in the executable bit19:08
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SkoorbulousHi all. I am new to bzr and have a basic question: I have a branch that I have run the "bind" command on to convert to a checkout, but when I got to try to edit a file it is locked.19:27
SkoorbulousWhat is the correct process to follow so my branch is unlocked and editable?19:28
LarstiQSkoorbulous: could you provide a bit more information?19:28
SkoorbulousIt is a website and I am trying to starty with a simple bzr model whereby I simpy bind a branch to convert to checkout, make edits, unbind, commit19:29
Skoorbulousnot sure if that makes sense but I do not want to create a whole local copy of it to make changes19:30
LarstiQSkoorbulous: what specifically do you mean with 'it is locked'?19:31
Skoorbulousit is locked by root so when I try to edit it with a text editor it tells me I do not have write priveleges19:32
SkoorbulousI thought that bzr probably locked everything up19:32
LarstiQSkoorbulous: could you please pastebin a transcript of the command you run and it's output? (http://pastebin.com)19:33
SkoorbulousI am trying to edit with a text editor on my mac - so there is not really a command that I can paste19:34
LarstiQSkoorbulous: as is you are leaving out the information from which to determine what is going on19:34
LarstiQSkoorbulous: and this text editor has bzr integration?19:34
LarstiQSkoorbulous: or what is the message it comes up with?19:34
Skoorbulousno its just a standard text editor. Can I not use standard software to edit my files if I use bzr?19:34
SamBjelmer: wow, SVN uses a dumb protocol ...19:34
LarstiQSkoorbulous: are you just having regular unix permission problems?19:34
LarstiQSkoorbulous: yes you can, but now I think your issue has nothing to do with bzr19:35
SkoorbulousIt says "Are you sure you want to unlock entry.php that doucment is owned by "root""19:36
jelmerSamB: ?19:36
SkoorbulousI did not have permission problems until just now when I added bzr19:36
SamBjelmer: oh, maybe it's not quite as dumb as it looks ... but this server is being silly, at least:19:36
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SamBTransfer-Encoding: chunked19:37
SamBContent-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"19:37
LarstiQSkoorbulous: well, why is entry.php owned by root?19:38
SkoorbulousI guess I must have been in root when I added the directory to bzr - would that have done it?19:39
SamBhmm, I wonder why the SVN client doesn't send an Accept-Content-Type header?19:40
LarstiQSkoorbulous: I wouldn't think so19:41
Skoorbulousthanks for your help - this is a stupid question, but how do I convert everything back to ownership by a different user?19:42
SamBjelmer: I don't suppose it would be possible for bzr-svn to pipeline it's requests?19:42
jelmerSamB: it is, see the bug report about replay in bzr-svn's bugtracker19:43
SamBthat's nicer than I somehow expected19:43
=== fbond_ is now known as fbond
SamBthough it's obviously feasible from the protocol POV, at least for the HTTP protocol19:44
SamB!bugs bzr-svn19:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bugs bzr-svn19:45
LarstiQSkoorbulous: chown user -R19:45
jelmerSamB: https://launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bugs19:45
SamBjelmer: ah, thanks19:45
SamBwould be nice to have a bot command for that or something though ;-)19:45
jelmerSamB: svn isn't "standard" http, it uses REPORT to fetch revision delta's19:45
SamBjelmer: I can see it does that19:46
SamBI just happened to catch some of it's requests in wireshark when I was looking for something else19:46
RenatoSilvaany bzrtools deveoper here?19:49
SamBjelmer: afaik, HTTP pipelining is possible iff you can make multiple requests on one connection, and that's sure what seems to be happening here19:49
jelmerSamB: sorry, I should rephrase. with replay pipelining should not be necessary afaik19:49
SamBjelmer: ah19:51
* SamB wishes he could profile bzr-svn's heap traversal ...19:53
* jelmer wishes he could, too19:53
SamBI would think it had a space leak if it didn't keep swapping that stuff back in19:54
* SamB wonders how impossible it would be to actually implement such a thing19:55
SamBI mean, it's not actually impossible19:55
SamB... you could do something with valgrind ...19:56
hsn_verterok: it breaks bzr-eclipse too19:56
SamB(in a new skin, of course)19:56
verterokhsn_: ?19:59
SamB... but you might need to hook Python's allocators in some fairly nasty ways to get memory objects sufficiently segregated to actually notice when one is used for the first time in a while19:59
amanica_Adys: cool, I saw. I like your idea and am also tempted to contribute.19:59
verterokhsn_: a change in the executable bit?19:59
jelmerSamB: yes19:59
SamBI guess whatever cachegrind's approach is would allow doing it without allocating each Python object on it's own 4k page, at least20:00
SamBof course, you'd also want to take snapshots of the arrangement of the heap like that tool that was introduced on the bzr list...20:02
SamBhmm. you might need to deactivate/delay deallocation due to refcounts reaching zero, too ...20:03
SamB(I assume Python still has refcounts?)20:03
jelmeryeah, ther'es refcounts20:04
SamB... otherwise, you'd not be able to get any sense out of accesses to objects that were both allocated and deallocated between one snapshot and the next ...20:05
SamB... I guess you'd probably want to deactivate the access logging while running the cycle collector, too20:08
LarstiQSamB: CPython does20:13
LarstiQSkoorbulous: did that help20:13
LarstiQSkoorbulous: ?20:13
SamBLarstiQ: yeah, I was talking about CPython20:14
SamBusing valgrind to profile a program running under Jython would probably be rather useless20:14
LarstiQSamB: there are way more Python implementations than those two :)20:14
SamBor PyPy, or IronPython, or ...20:15
* LarstiQ nods20:15
LarstiQpersonally I need/want to look at Stackless soonish20:15
SamBguess I should have used an 'e.g.'20:15
SamBI think Stackless doesn't really count as different from CPython for my purposes20:16
SamBI mean, about the profiling thing20:16
LarstiQfair enough20:16
LarstiQSamB: so how about that bzr memory profiler you mentioned earlier? That has worked for us20:17
SamBLarstiQ: I just want to see what bzr-svn is keeping so much stuff in RAM for20:18
SamBand, worse, apparantly using it20:19
LarstiQSamB: then I can recommend it20:19
jelmerSamB: which version of bzr-svn is this specifically?20:19
SamBjelmer: did you improve it recently wrt that?20:19
jelmerSamB: yeah20:20
SamBwhat was the issue caused by?20:21
jelmermultiple copies of a file kept in memory20:21
=== beaumonta is now known as abeaumont
SamBhow recently?20:23
SamBoh, and why did you remove the branching schemes help topic?20:23
SamBoh, apparantly I had the latest code before I told you about that incorrect use of "four" in the help20:25
SamB... no, wait20:25
jelmerSamB: it was fixed since 0.6.220:25
SamBconfusingly, bzr pull -v lists changes *in order*20:25
SamBnot reverse order as one would expect20:25
jelmerSamB: I removed the branching scheme help topic because it's only relevant for people who are doing interoperability with bzr-svn 0.4.x20:26
jelmerSamB: and there's no way to hide help topics in bzr atm20:26
SamBjelmer: eh?20:26
jelmerSamB: ?20:27
* SamB reads the patch ...20:27
SamBjelmer: oh, how do you find branches now?20:27
jelmerSamB: repository layouts20:28
SamBjelmer: oh!20:28
SamBmissed the part where there were too versions of the concept with different names20:29
jelmerwell, it's not exactly the same concept20:29
SamBwell, no20:29
SamBI did say "versions"20:29
jelmerright, sorry20:30
SamBer. and I should have said "two" rather than "too", shouldn't I have ;-)20:30
* SamB is relieved, considering that he had to put something in .bzr to get anything sensible for the repository that contains PuTTY 20:31
SamBjelmer: oh, speaking of which, it might be usefull if you would do full globbing of branch paths in ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf20:34
SamByou know, with ? and [abc] in addition to *20:34
* SamB wonders if the japanese have a wide copyright symbol ...20:39
SamB... nuts. they don't seem to :-(.20:40
SiDiHello people20:43
SiDiDoes anyone know if there are IRC commit bots for bzr branches hosted on LP, by chance ?20:43
SamBjelmer: hmm, bzr doesn't much like being killed mid-branch, does it?20:49
RenatoSilva_verterok: hi20:49
Adysamanica_: cool, glad to hear :) if you got any suggestion do tell on the mail20:50
verterokRenatoSilva_: hi!20:50
amanica_Adys: ok, hope I get round to it20:51
RenatoSilva_verterok: hi, I've sent you a replacement for the log view fix. The fix was generalized to solve another problem, the one I thought it was related to JSDT. I also added another fix to iirc revno which was sending a non-ascii file:// URL to bzr which was causing an error in error view. These changes are in my branch bzr-java-lib/encoding-fixes. I also changed xmoutput's code to make xmlannotate work with non-ascii paths (this is20:56
RenatoSilva_verterok: This change is in bzr-xmlouptut/encoding-fixes (which was previously merged).20:56
verterokRenatoSilva_: oh, cool!20:56
verterokRenatoSilva_: I'll take a look to the merge proposal(s) tonight20:57
SkoorbulousLarstiQ: I tried the chmod -R * and it still reports that the files are owned by root21:05
RenatoSilva_verterok: I detected the xmlannotate issue while running bzr-eclipse tests. Now there are only 3 test failures, all regarding path comparison. The one expected is like a\b\c but it is returned a/b/c. As they're not literal values, I wasn't sure about which one was correct so that I could try fixing it. So I'm just telling you.21:05
LarstiQSkoorbulous: you did supply the correct user to chown to?21:06
verterokRenatoSilva_: bzr-eclipse or bzr-java-lib?21:06
RenatoSilva_verterok: sorry, bzr-java-lib21:06
LarstiQSkoorbulous: oh, and chown, not chmod21:06
LarstiQSkoorbulous: so, in my case: `chown larstiq -R .`21:06
verterokRenatoSilva_: oh, ok. I'll take a look to the while doing the review21:07
RenatoSilva_verterok: there are some test failures in xml-output too. One tries to find a python/executable entry in xmlversion, however in my case it is returned a python/dll (bzr built-in)21:08
verterokRenatoSilva_: oh, bzr.exe, right?21:08
verterokRenatoSilva_: I'll change the test to be bzr.exe friendly21:09
RenatoSilva_verterok: It was like assertEquals(1, count(pythn/executable)), then I tested a change...21:10
verterokRenatoSilva_: could you file a bug about this and the failing tests in bzr-java-lib? that will help us to keep track of this issues21:10
RenatoSilva_verterok: assertEquals(1, count(python/executable) + count(python/dll))21:10
RenatoSilva_verterok: the other failure is an XML parser error for a weird non-sense non-ascii char inside the output of some command (I can't recall which one)21:10
RenatoSilva_verterok: I couldn't find where that char came from, it didn't even make sense in the XML21:11
verterokRenatoSilva_: weird... if you can reproduce the error, please save the traceback21:12
RenatoSilva_verterok: let me see21:12
* SamB wonders if bzr branch shouldn't repack revisions every so often in mid-branch rather than waiting until the end21:13
RenatoSilva_how to avoid searching all plugins in selftest?21:16
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: -s bp.<pluginyouareinterestedin>21:17
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: oh dot, I was trying semi-colon21:18
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: bp. is actually a shorthand for bzrlib.plugins.21:18
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: what does bp stands for21:18
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: ah ok21:18
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: so it is the python identifier for the containing module21:18
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: some of those we use so frequently, they have shorthands, like bp for plugins or bt for tests21:19
LarstiQsorry, bzrlib.tests, to be complete21:19
RenatoSilva_FYI, bzrtools delivered with bzr 1.16-1 has a test failure, it tries to load a test module which does not exist21:21
hsn_verterok: if bzr st reports filename* then bzr-eclipse doesnt see it as changed21:25
* RenatoSilva_ tried right now run it at work, many more failures: http://pastie.org/544640.txt21:26
verterokhsn_: oh, good catch :)21:26
verterokhsn_: would you mind to file a about this?21:26
SkoorbulousLarstiQ: it worked! Thanks so much. Now my problem is when I run bzr annotate file it spits everything out apparently in one long string without crlf - it is so messy I can't make anything of it21:27
LarstiQSkoorbulous: does the file actually contain more than 1 line?21:28
Skoorbulousit is a php file and it apparently does when I open in a text editor21:29
SamBSkoorbulous: what does wc -l say ?21:29
RenatoSilva_verterok: http://pastie.org/544652.txt21:29
Skoorbulousit says "0 batch_production.php"21:29
jelmerSamB: patches to support more kinds of globbing are welcome as long as they come with sufficient tests21:30
SamBSkoorbulous: I guess you're hosed -- you seem to be depending on word wrap21:30
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: FAILED (failures=35, errors=1) is what I get for bzrtools21:31
Skoorbulousit definitely has multiple lines I guess there is an encoding compatibility problem or something21:31
RenatoSilva_verterok: the error if for the weird char, the failure is for the python dll instead of executable21:31
SamBSkoorbulous: ... it didn't originate on a Mac, did it?21:31
jelmerSamB: it's fairly independent of the rest of the code21:31
Skoorbulousyes it is on a mac21:31
SamBSkoorbulous: ah.21:31
Skoorbulousand probably originated from a mac21:31
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: you mean it's normal?21:31
hsn_verterok: you want output of bzr xmlstatus?21:32
jelmerSamB: bzr branch does indeed fail if you break it, see a recent discussion between lifleless and me on the mailing list for details21:32
SamBSkoorbulous: oh. it probably uses only CR as the line seperator...21:32
Skoorbulousso I should just find a way to convert all cr to crlf?21:32
verterokhsn_: no, not needed, just to keep track that the decorator isn't handled the change of the executable bit21:32
SamBjelmer: I'm talking about what it leaves behind21:32
gioelewhat is more correct: "ghost revision" or "revision ghost"? I'd say ghost revision21:32
verterokRenatoSilva_: ok, looking21:32
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: ideally, it wouldn't be. But I have no idea about bzrtools development21:33
SamBjelmer: oh, and breaking was insufficient21:33
SamBI had to ^Z and kill it21:33
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: it doesn't seem to be a problem specific to your computer if that is what you're asking21:33
verterokhsn_: that info is in xmlstatus, it's just bzr-eclipse not using it :/21:33
* SamB looks, however21:33
LarstiQSamB: that, shouldn't be needed21:33
SamBit wouldn't have been if the first ^C didn't start it trying to repack21:34
jelmerSamB: ^C always works for me21:34
SamBwhich was thrashing awfully21:34
SamBI only have ~512 MiB of RAM21:34
jelmerSamB: but yeah, the recent mailing list thread should explain most of the reasoning21:35
jelmerSamB: it should probably just remove the directory,21:35
SamBjelmer: yeah21:35
SamBat least when there isn't a repository in it21:35
SamBdunno about if there is21:36
RenatoSilva_s/if for/is for21:37
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: at home when I try just selftest it stops in bzrtools while loading a non-existing test module21:37
SamBjelmer: so what's the subject of this thread?21:38
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: that I don't get21:38
verterokRenatoSilva_: I need to debug this, so I'll push it for later, still at work21:38
LarstiQRenatoSilva_: do you know which one?21:38
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: I don't think 'ideally'21:38
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: which module? I can't recall21:38
SkoorbulousLartiQ: so I should just find a way to convert all cr to crlf?21:38
LarstiQSkoorbulous: that would be a workaround21:39
LarstiQSkoorbulous: (and something I'd personally do anyway)21:39
RenatoSilva_LarstiQ: I guess it's test_fetch_ghosts21:40
jskulskiI have a module I am working on that I keep in a bzr repos that I branched into a svn project and I wanted to push back some changes21:40
jskulskibut when I do bzr segfaults saying the svn repo is locked (which it is). however after i svn cleanup, and try to push again bzr is doing the locking21:41
RenatoSilva_verterok: bug 398997, bug 39900021:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398997 in bzr-xmloutput "Test failures and errors on Windows" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39899721:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399000 in bzr-java-lib "Test failures on Windows" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39900021:41
jskulskii dont want bzr to do anything with .svn besides ignore it21:44
RenatoSilva_verterok: with all these changes in bzr-xmloutput, bzr-java-lib and redstone xmlrpc, I could run bzr-eclipse pretty fine in Galileo :)21:44
RenatoSilva_verterok: I mean, with non-ascii paths21:45
jelmerjskulski: uninstall bzr-svn21:45
jskulskijelmer:: anything less drastic?21:45
jskulskii need bzr-svn for other projects21:45
jelmerjskulski: you can specify --no-plugins, which will disable all plugins including bzr-svn21:46
jskulskijelmer:: thank you21:47
Skoorbulousis there simple version control software I can use? I feel like bzr is a little complex and hard to use for simple mortal beings like myself21:47
dashSkoorbulous: !21:47
dashSkoorbulous: bzr is the easiet vcs i've ever used :)21:48
dashSkoorbulous: what difficulties have you had?21:48
Skoorbulouswell shoot I am an idiot then21:48
dashSkoorbulous: or maybe i'm just too used to svn21:48
Skoorbulouswell for example now I'm going to have to find a way to convert all the cr in all my files to crlf21:48
SkoorbulousI'd prefer not to have to learn unix just to control the versions of my website21:48
RenatoSilva_verterok: BTW, https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=28222621:49
ubottubugs.eclipse.org bug 282226 in CVS "CVS feature abstraction" [Enhancement,New]21:49
dashSkoorbulous: not sure what that has to do with version control?21:49
SamBjelmer: so ... what was the subject line on this email thread ?21:49
jelmerSamB: I'm not sure exactly21:49
SamBjelmer: date?21:49
Skoorbulousexactly - it has nothing to do with version control so it would be nice not to have to do all these things just to be compatible with bzr21:49
jelmerI think it was in a thread about being able to resume bzr-svn branches21:49
jelmerSamB: it was in the last 30 days21:50
Skoorbulousmy website doesnt seem to mind that I have cr in my docs21:50
SamBgee that helps a lot :-(21:50
lifelessSkoorbulous: you don't need to convert your files to use bzr on them21:50
Skoorbulouswell for example I can't use annotate because it sees everything in the file as one line21:51
dashwhat version of bzr are you using?21:51
Skoorbulousme? I'm using the latest version. Just installed yestereday21:51
verterokRenatoSilva_: thanks for the bugs :)21:53
verterokRenatoSilva_: that's great! you did most of the work ;)21:53
verterokRenatoSilva_: oh, that would be excelent (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=282226)21:54
ubottubugs.eclipse.org bug 282226 in CVS "CVS feature abstraction" [Enhancement,New]21:54
lifelessSkoorbulous: that is true. However we're currently working on annotate to improve it; when thats been done it will be able to annotate files with other End-Of-Line formats.21:54
RenatoSilva_verterok: I can't wait for new releases of bzr-java-lib and xmloutput :)21:55
verterokRenatoSilva_: as soon all this fixes land in trunk, new version..maybe a big jump to 0.921:56
SkoorbulousLifelss: can you suggest a way that I can convert my docs to an end of line symbol that will work with bzr and continue to fuction on my mac web server?21:56
RenatoSilva_verterok: the only problem is xmlrpc, I will still need a patch to make it work21:56
verterokRenatoSilva_: why?21:56
RenatoSilva_verterok: because it was the ExPat error, do you remember? It is caused by redstone client declaring utf-8 in XML to send, but sending platform default bytes. Then I did that patch, but they need to release it right?21:57
verterokRenatoSilva_: oh, I completely missed that \o/21:58
verterokRenatoSilva_: I can bundle whatever version of redston xmlrpc we need21:58
verterokin bzr-eclipse21:58
RenatoSilva_verterok: what do you mean21:59
verterokRenatoSilva_: your patch to the redstone xmlrpc guys, I missed that21:59
RenatoSilva_verterok: it is being watched in the xmloutput bug22:00
RenatoSilva_verterok: I can bundle whatever version of redston xmlrpc we need --> what do you mean?22:00
lifelessSkoorbulous: for each file do 'cat file | tr \\r \\r\\n > file.fixed'22:00
RenatoSilva_verterok: however redstone guys didn't give any feedback yet22:00
verterokRenatoSilva_: if bzr-eclipse needs a patched redstone-xmlprc, I can make the build with the "fixed" redstone-xmlrpc22:01
RenatoSilva_verterok: ok, nice22:02
verterokRenatoSilva_: as it's just a dependency in bzr-java-lib pom.xml, and I already provides a maven repository with all the depdendencies, I cound push a new jar to the maven repo ;)22:02
Skoorbulouslifeless, can I do cat * | tr \\r \\r\\n ?22:04
RenatoSilva_verterok: you could just add the patch file with the bug number somewhere, then _during the buid_ you patch the diff, so that you can use updated versions of redstone library...22:04
Skoorbulousi.e., can I just use a wildcard?22:04
verterokRenatoSilva_: I'm not building redstone-xmlrpc during the build of bzr-eclipse, just using the jar available in the maven repository.22:05
RenatoSilva_verterok: ah ok22:06
RenatoSilva_verterok: but that maven repo, it is self-made right?22:07
verterokRenatoSilva_: right, I can use a patched version from the maven repo ;)22:07
RenatoSilva_verterok: and you put the lib there right, so you'd get the source and patch the fix and build the custom lib and put int the repo right?22:08
verterokRenatoSilva_: yes22:08
verterokRenatoSilva_: but I don't know if I can call it redstone-xmlrpc...you know licenses, etc22:09
RenatoSilva_verterok: ok I just mean to keep the source of the custom lib as {source + patch}, and the resulting build as {compile source + apply patch }, instead of {pacthed source} -> {compile patched source}. I think it's a better approach, just a suggestion.22:09
verterokRenatoSilva_: I agree, just that including that in the build of bzr-eclipse is overkill22:11
RenatoSilva_verterok: ok22:11
RenatoSilva_verterok: the patch is pretty simple. There is an encoding in some .properties file. It is used in XML header, but not in the actual bytes (new String(bytes)). I just changed the content to new String(bytes, readEncodingFromProperties).22:14
RenatoSilva_verterok: note: the patch in sf itself is out-dated (can't be updated), because it uses hard-coded "UTF-8". Then one attached in launchpad is ok, it gets from preferences.22:16
verterokRenatoSilva_: do you remember the bug number?22:16
lifelessSkoorbulous: no - tr outputs to std out22:16
lifelessso you need to translate each file to a temp name and then mv the output back over the original file22:16
lifelessSkoorbulous: there are probably scripts on the web that will do groups of files for you22:17
RenatoSilva_verterok: bug 300300, in SF: http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=281656322:17
RenatoSilva_verterok: sorry, bug 38830022:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 300300 in expect-tcl8.3 "multixterm doesn't work, expectk missing and cannot be installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30030022:18
ubottuError: <Bugtracker.plugin.Sourceforge instance at 0x574cc20> bug 2816563 not found22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388300 in bzr-xmloutput "Encoding problems in xmloutput: non-ascii URLs and ascii decoding of non-ascii strings" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38830022:18
verterokRenatoSilva_: thanks!22:18
RenatoSilva_verterok: the up-to-date patch is attached in lp (If you're going to create the custom lib): http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28683665/xmlrpc_fix.diff22:19
verterokRenatoSilva_: great!22:20
verterokRenatoSilva_: we can use the patched xmlrpc, but I'll try to contact the redtone devs22:20
RenatoSilva_verterok: ok22:20
RenatoSilva_RenatoSilva_: what do you mean with 0.9, xmoutput?22:23
RenatoSilva_verterok: ^22:23
verterokRenatoSilva_: the version number, currently it's 0.8.4 and trunk is 0.8.522:24
RenatoSilva_verterok: ah ok, I tought for a moment it was 0.9.4 or so22:24
RenatoSilva_verterok: trunk 0.8.5? so the commit comment on that means its development is starting? I thought it means it was actually released...22:27
verterokRenatoSilva_: I was this >< close to release 0.8.5, and then you came and filed a lot of bugs, so I just ignored 0.8.5, and targeted all this fixes to 0.8.6 ;)22:28
verterokRenatoSilva_: btw, thanks a lot!!22:28
RenatoSilva_verterok:hehehe, sorry for interrupting 0.8.5 :)22:29
verterokRenatoSilva_: at all, great work! :)22:30
RenatoSilva_verterok: thank you, thanks for helping22:30
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* RenatoSilva_ is away22:31
verterokRenatoSilva_: seeya later!22:32
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jmlgood morning Bazaar!22:59
jkakarGood morning jml. :)23:02
* RenatoSilva_ is gmt -3, 7pm23:03
pooliegood morning23:09
RenatoSilva_good night23:10
RenatoSilva_ctcp verterok TIME23:12
lifelesshi p obst23:25
lifelesshi poolie23:25
lifelesssorry obst, mistyped23:25
gioelewill a property set with propset -R be inherited by new directories?23:47
SamBlifeless: I don't understand your excuses about interrupted "branch"es23:49
gioele(sorry, wrong VCS :))23:50
SamBgioele: I didn't think bzr supported those (yet?)23:50
lifelessSamB: what don't you understand?23:55
SamBlifeless: well, it might have to do with the fact that I'm trying to branch from a multi-thousand-rev SVN branch23:55
lifelessSamB: Thats a very different use case than interrupted branches of bzr to bzr23:56
lifelessSamB: bzr-svn does everything incremental anyway23:56
SamBit doesn't update the branch heads during a "bzr branch" incrementally23:57
lifelessthats true23:57
SamBon a slightly different note, I'm wondering why "bzr branch" is waiting until all revisions are pulled to start repacking any of them23:57
lifelessgenerally we don't repack any23:58
SamBoh. maybe I need to ask jelmer about that ?23:58
lifelessits only when data conversion is needed that any repacking will occur (or an autopack, but thats orthogonal to fetching data - its db maintenance)23:59
SamBstill, it doesn't seem like it would kill you to do a checkpoint every thousand revisions or so?23:59
SamBhmm, I switched back, didn't I?23:59
* SamB can't seem to hold just one conversation at a time lately23:59
lifelessSamB: bzr fetching doesn't move data topologically or chronologically23:59

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