Ahmuck_ah, an easy determination.  edubuntu is for hojme users only01:15
HedgeMageHow so?01:17
Ahmuck_any practical installation in a school system is going to have some type of server/client installation and utilities01:24
* HedgeMage nods01:26
HedgeMageWell, get involved, give feedback, and pitch in and help fill in any gaps you've found.01:27
Ahmuck_localapps don't work01:27
Ahmuck_i've been in ltsp all night, and they don't show up on the menu01:27
Ahmuck_anywho, that is ltsp01:27
Ahmuck_anywho, it dawned on me, that any administrator of any school is going to want centralized management of apps.  edubuntu is really for home users.01:29
Ahmuck_HedgeMage: how would you suggest i get involved?01:29
Ahmuck_actually, i have a lot of "insight" to contribute, on how machines, users, etc. are managed, but i'm from the old unix world and then to windows then back to linux.  however outside of filing bug reports i'm not sure where i should be01:31
Ahmuck_having edubuntu seperated into "primary, k-3, 4-6, etc." was a real step.01:33
HedgeMageAhmuck_: Well, for starters, what is your skill set, and what areas are you interested in enough to stick with?01:43
Ahmuck_i'm a tech, a publisher, with networking experience01:55
Ahmuck_i do managment, organization of people/things and connections01:55
Ahmuck_i've done scripting, and have started to file bug reports, out of sheer frustration01:55
HedgeMageA great thing to start with then, is to spec out tools thoroughly -- a lot of time the coders, when we have them, aren't sure what to code, or how to make it work most intuitively for schools.01:59
HedgeMageIf you can do a little scripting, it wouldn't take too much to get you coding, either.01:59
HedgeMageYou'll want to get pointers from someone more up-to-date than myself, too.  I've been nothing but a user the past couple of years, and that won't change until work and home calm down.02:00
Ahmuck_HedgeMage: i do screenies for tutorials, and do some teaching.  i'm also involved in a lot of volunteer work outside of the whole computer scope.  i'm also long suffering, i've been working with this for about 9 months now :/02:04
* HedgeMage nods02:10
HedgeMageI'm sorry I'm not more useful, I've just been out of the thick of things for too long.02:10
sbalneavEvening all02:58
sbalneavAhmuck_: All the rest of Ubuntu's documentation is in docbook.02:59
sbalneavAhmuck_: And besides, if someone sends me something in OO.o, I've got no problem docbookifying it.03:01
Ahmuck_HedgeMage: i'm good at doing diagrams, if i have a clue what connects to what04:07
southpawHello, is there anybody who might be able to help me with a camera issue?05:37
southpawI have a Canon G10 that is recognized by Edubuntu, will show the thumbnails of pictures when I open up the camera folders, but will not open the pictures themselves.05:38
HedgeMagesouthpaw: What format are the images in?05:38
HedgeMageThat's odd.  What application are you trying to open them with?05:38
southpawF-spot and normal Image Viewer.05:39
southpawAlso, Firefox won't open them either.05:39
southpawThey won't save to the desktop... :/05:39
southpawI was thinking there might be some sort of driver that I was needing, though that didn't make much sense to me.05:40
HedgeMageHow are you getting the images, by plugging in the camera to a USB port, or by reading the card directly?05:40
southpawUSB port.05:40
HedgeMageDoes the camera have a card in it that you have a reader for?  That would tell us whether the problem is with the files or the camera.05:41
southpawIt has a 4GB SD card, which it's currently reading from.05:41
HedgeMagesouthpaw: do you have an SD card reader?05:42
southpawwell, this is odd. I was able to add a picture other than the one I wanted.05:42
southpawI'm not sure what you mean, HedgeMage. An SD card reader for Ubuntu?05:43
southpawOddly enough, the pictures seem to be loading just fine now...05:44
HedgeMagesouthpaw: No, a piece of hardware you stick the card into05:44
southpawOh, no. But the pictures seem to be loading fine now.05:44
HedgeMageAhh, if it just takes a long time that usually means you have a ton of pics it has to generate thumbnails for.05:44
southpawah, I see. Yeah, over 1300 pictures!05:45
HedgeMagethat would do it05:45
southpawThanks for taking the time to help me out though.05:45
southpawMuch appreciated.05:45
Ahmuck_SD card reader, a small device that plugs in usb to the computer and allows you to put your SD card into so that it can be read outside of your camera05:47
d_rwinmy edubuntu 7.10 upgrade isnt working, how do I upgrade my repository sources list06:49
sbalneavMorning all15:50
humboltIf I need network authentication, which is the most simple way to achieve that?19:02
sbalneavhumbolt: Probably LDAP19:21

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