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neversfeldeThere is a kdeui/widgets/:wq vi accident in kde4libs_4.2.96-0ubuntu2. Someone around who can fix this?00:35
neversfelde"kde4libs source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff kdeui/widgets/:wq  "00:36
neversfeldeI reported a bug #39859600:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398596 in kde4libs "patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff kdeui/widgets/:wq" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39859600:42
ScottKneversfelde: nixternal uploaded that one, perhaps he should have a look.01:09
neversfeldeScottK: I will ask him, next time he's around01:10
ScottKWe may have already.01:10
ScottKneversfelde: Is it breaking anything or just not the best way to do it?01:10
neversfeldeScottK: it does not break anything as far as I know, only an accidental add of a new file, I suppose01:12
ScottKneversfelde: OK, so not urgent so nixternal can fix it when he's here.01:13
ScottKNew qt-creator in Debian if someone wants to look into a merge.03:00
ScottKRiddell: The sematic linker in http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/akademy/akademy-2009-group-photo.html is very cool.04:23
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ScottKryanakca: I'd appreciate it if you'd apply some of your wikifoo to this page: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook05:46
ScottKI can't understand why the hardware testing heading doesn't work.05:46
ScottKFeel free to make any other changes you'd think would make it better.05:46
SputScottK / Daskreech: with KDE integration enabled, Quassel is a proper KApplication that makes use of knotify07:08
DaskreechSput: ok07:09
Sputif someone wants us to react to an external event properly, make sure that an appropriate signal is sent by the KNotification07:09
SputI think we connect to activated()07:09
kb9vqfScottK: I fixed your heading...07:09
DaskreechSput: Yeah we covered that :) I was trying to figure out now if Kwin could duplicate that07:09
Sputcurrent systray notification implementation fails to send a signal when clicked though :/07:09
* kb9vqf thinks he did anyway07:10
SputDaskreech: if there's anything we can do app-side, let me know.07:10
DaskreechSput: File a bug on that :)07:10
* Daskreech pokes Sput into putting in shortcuts to switch channels07:23
SputDaskreech: ah yeah. on the agenda.07:23
Sputcurrently I have a hard time making KToolBars work though. they never seem to reload their settings :/07:24
DaskreechWhen do you want them to reload?07:24
Sputon app restart07:24
Daskreechah yeah that might be a problem07:24
Sputso I use the context menu to e.g. change the text-under-icons thing, and it should save that and restore next time I start the app07:24
Sputeven reading KDE source hasn't helped me so far :) it's stored, but not loaded again07:25
Daskreechwhat happens if you force it to save?07:25
DaskreechAh it's the reading that's the problem07:25
SputI seem to be able to save just fine, but can't restore... maybe I have trouble working with KConfigGroups though07:25
Sputso more source reading required. nice task for the day, I reckon. :)07:26
Sputhint for API developers: "silently failing" doing something and providing no way to check for errors or current state is bad07:26
Sputin this particular case, it's KConfigGroup silently failing to write stuff if it's in read-only mode, and not providing a way to check if it's in read-only mode07:27
Sputah well. first finish the upgrade to 4.3.60, then try to figure out how to cope with the jetlag, then care about KToolBar again :)07:28
Daskreechhi mgraesslin08:18
mgraesslinmorning Daskreech08:18
DaskreechHow are you?08:19
DaskreechWE got our Kwin ranter in the kwin Chann08:20
mgraesslinsomething useful?08:20
* Daskreech shrugs08:21
Daskreech los of snide comments on how Kwin developers like kitchen sinks without understanding plumbing08:22
DaskreechAnd the idiocy of having a bug that was seen but not reported since before KDE 4.0 shipped still be in here08:22
DaskreechTHen emerged val grind and cache grind08:22
DaskreechSo we should probably be seeing more from hom08:23
mgraesslinhmm I will need an ignore mode ;-)08:25
* jussi01 waves08:32
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ryanakcaScottK: Sure, I'll get it done during a quiet time at work today...11:11
ryanakcaCould somebody provide some input on bug 389245 please? I'm not sure what I should do with it, just display the last part of the title (/a/b/c -> c, in which case, if both Ubuntu/FAQ and Kubuntu/FAQ exist, it isn't glaringly obvious which one you're at... use the a/b/c format instead of abc... what else? I'm thinking of keeping the breadcrumbs since they provide an easy way to go one/two/three/... up from the current page.11:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389245 in kubuntu-website "[wiki] top title doesn't have separators and is redundant" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38924511:18
ScottKneversfelde: What kind of wifi did the NM widget not work with on your eee?11:25
ScottKneversfelde: If it was any kind of WEP/WPA then it's known breakage and not eeepc specific.11:26
neversfeldeScottK: it's an atheros chip and WPA11:26
neversfeldeScottK: ok, I will change it11:26
ScottKneversfelde: Does it work on an unencrypted network?11:29
neversfeldeScottK: I am using the jaunty package, so I have not tested, but I am going to search something unencrypted here11:30
ScottKneversfelde: That or setup wpa through /etc/network/interfaces and ifup.11:33
ScottKIn Karmic Firefox actually knows about Okular and PDFs.  That's progress.12:13
jussi01ScottK: o.O wow!!12:23
ScottKYes, I was quite suprised.12:23
ScottKRiddell: (this is a re-ping from when you were at GCDS): When you updated https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/DependencyGraph last month you updated the image, but didn't update the textfile, if you'd please upload that, I have some additional changes to make.12:38
ryanakcaScottK: Hardware header appears to work fine in the old kubuntu and the kubuntu-new themes...  what should it be like?13:00
ScottKryanakca: It should be like other Kubuntu stuff.  kb9vqf did a bit of fixing on it already (thanks).  I'm not much of a web person, so feel free to make it wonderful.13:06
ryanakcaScottK: OK13:07
Quintasan|Szeloh god13:52
Quintasan|SzelI borked my system with RC 213:53
Quintasan|Szelanyone got problems with truncated libs?13:53
Quintasan|Szel/sbin/ldconfig.real: file /usr/lib/libkdeinit4_kwin.so is truncated13:54
Quintasan|Szelsame goes to libkdeinit4_plasm-desktop.so13:54
ScottKQuintasan|Szel: Nope.13:55
ScottKFine here.13:55
a|wenQuintasan|Szel: does all the borken libs seem to be from the same package?13:56
Quintasan|Szelwait, I'm reinstalling kdebase-workspace-bin and kde-window-manager, that should help13:57
Quintasan|Szelphew, looks like it worked13:57
Quintasanlooks like reboot hurt the libs14:01
a|wendisk full?14:01
Quintasanyup :D14:01
a|wenthat might explain things ;)14:01
QuintasanI moved some err.. video files and it worked ;D14:02
a|wenas long as "we" have no part in the error, we are happy :P14:03
Quintasanoh god, I just discovered folder with three karmic images14:03
* Quintasan must get a bigger HD14:05
a|wenhe, it is never big enough14:06
Quintasanwell I have only two disks: 250GB and 80GB14:06
* a|wen has one 80GB ... and no more14:06
DaskreechQuintasan: Or les ...errr videos ?14:06
Daskreechmgraesslin: Oh I have the nick of the profiling participant if you like14:07
QuintasanDaskreech: er, not even CD of those :P14:07
QuintasanDaskreech: Anime dir == OVER900014:07
Quintasanhumm, external 150 GB full of anime14:08
Quintasanmain disk 45GB of anime14:08
Quintasanand hurr durr only 20 on Kubuntu partition14:09
* Quintasan notices a big spider on his wall14:09
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ScottKryanakca: It might be nice if the Kubuntu wiki page header mentioned #kubuntu-netbook.14:27
Daskreechhi rickspencer315:26
rickspencer3hi Daskreech15:27
DaskreechHow did your presentation go?15:27
rickspencer3it was "ok" I suppose15:28
DaskreechHa ha What would be your definition of "ok" ?15:29
seelerickspencer3: i'm sorry i missed it, i had to chair a session that afternoon15:37
rickspencer3seele: it15:38
rickspencer3s kind of a weird concept for people, to do user-centered design for developers15:39
seelemmm.. i guess so15:40
seelemaybe it's just new to the gnomies, i've been preaching to kde about ucd for 5 years now ;)15:41
seelethey might not get it yet, but theyre familiar with it i think15:41
rickspencer3seele, what I mean is, treating developers as users15:41
rickspencer3going user-centered design when developers are the users15:41
seeleah, interesting15:42
seelewhat did you talk about? development processes?15:43
rickspencer3I talked about what an "opportunistic" programmer is ... how important they are to the success of a platform, and what their expectations are15:44
Daskreechrickspencer3: Slides?15:53
macoseele, i cant find a sponsor :(15:53
ScottKmaco: I'd suggest those changes should go upstream first.  I'd be glad to sponsor them for our 4.3 if they are in KDE trunk.15:59
ScottKDaskreech: Likely there will be a video.15:59
macoScottK, they need to go into both, but Nightrose was telling me upstream had a string freeze at the time16:00
ScottKmaco: They don't now.16:00
DaskreechScottK: I know but I'm intrigued NOW16:00
macook, will send my svn diffs16:01
ScottKmaco: It also occurs to me we might want to wait and see if the KDE translations importing is going to work this time or not.16:01
ScottKAll these strings will need to be retranslated.16:02
macofun fun16:05
ScottKYes.  So let's make sure we'll have the ability to do that before we upload the changes.16:05
DaskreechWhy do I get a disabling trackerd when I startup from a CD? Why does the CD have tracker?16:09
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rgreeningkde microblog seems broken since last update.16:23
rgreeningonly shows my tweets from identi.ca16:23
rgreeningand the configure button isn't going away... weird16:23
macooh oh you see the configure button too????16:24
rgreeningdents, ya...16:24
maconot just me!!!16:24
jjessedoes the kde mircoblog suffer from the sam problem choqok used to w/ twitter?16:24
rgreeningworked perfect in last release16:24
neversfeldeI had to delete the plasmarcs16:24
jjessechoqok broke in the twitterapolocypse16:24
macorgreening, does the comic widget show the configure button? that one did that to me too16:24
rgreeninghmmm... never used it.16:24
neversfeldeat least that fixed a similar problem with the comic plasmoid16:24
macojjesse, when twitter started rate-limiting?16:24
rgreeningI'll try removing the plasmarc and restarting kde...16:24
macooh....i just installed last night16:25
jjessethere was a problem when twitter broke the api or something, choqok had to be reved to work again16:25
rgreeninghave to go for lunch first though...16:25
macothis is my first login, so my plasmarc ought to be pretty clean16:25
neversfeldemaco: mhh, comic plasmoid is allright here again16:26
macoi havent tried comic one since new install. that was at ds16:26
macobut this install has been around for about 12 hours now, and the microblog one isn't happy16:26
neversfeldeI do not use the microblog thing, but will test it16:28
neversfeldebtw choqok rocks :)16:28
neversfeldemaco: yes, same problem here, microblog seems to be broken16:30
macoim looking at that other social widget.  opendesktop.org?16:30
macowhat is that?16:30
macoum, arora is really slow16:31
Daskreech\sh: Opendesktop is interesting16:31
Daskreech It lets you know about other people in say the same city that use KDE16:32
macooh. it says "opendesktop.org websites" ...there's no relation to the kde-look/gnome-look stuff right? it says my usual nick is already in use, and im not sure if it's me16:32
\shDaskreech: hmmm? I don't know anything about opendesktop ;)16:33
maco(that'd be "maco" if you couldn't guess)16:33
DaskreechErrant tab16:33
Daskreechmaco: It is kde-look/gnome-look/kde-apps etc16:33
Daskreech they are the main site of the opendesktop network16:33
macothen it is me16:34
ScottKYou should speak to yourself about that.16:42
macohey apparently i used a different email address than usual when i registered too, leading to"where's that password reset email?" confusion16:47
nixternaloi oi16:52
jjesseyou turn jewish?16:53
ScottKAnd a poor speller?16:53
ScottKI think that'd be oy.16:53
ScottKnixternal: You see in the scrollback about kde4libs cleanup needed?16:53
nixternalI see I need to fix that kubuntu_51 patch again as I s/P/p/ when it was changed to PID and not package, so I have to revert that :/16:54
nixternalya, going to do that now16:54
ScottKnixternal: Great.  Also something about inline changes sneaking into the package.16:54
macouh, i was assuming he was oi-ing like he was in an Oi Band16:54
macooooh that makes me wanna listen to Oi to the World16:55
neversfeldenixternal: are you a communication ninja?16:56
nixternalI have to head out for a bit, family un-emergency I guess...I will finish up kdelibs when I get back17:03
nixternalneversfelde: communication ninja?17:03
neversfeldenixternal: people who read backlogs, see Nightrose last blog post17:04
nixternalno I haven't yet...had a super busy weekend, just fired up my computer for the first time since friday :)17:05
neversfeldenixternal: bug #398596 probably happened during your last upload17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398596 in kde4libs "patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff kdeui/widgets/:wq" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39859617:06
Daskreechneversfelde: You mean about contentless pings ?17:07
nixternalheh, neversfelde I am not a communication ninja...I do read my backlog and respond only to those that I feel like responding to17:08
nixternalyou and ScottK didn't deserve a response as I read it, and knew what had to be done ;p17:08
macooh did you report that one?17:09
nixternalya, thanks for linking me that bug :)17:13
nixternal:wq - interesting...I wasn't using emacs obviously :p17:13
nixternaluploaded and fixed17:14
nixternalnow I can leave feeling good about myself :p17:14
DaskreechWho owns identi/ca/kubuntu ?17:15
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apacheloggerNightrose: CMake Error at /opt/amarok-nightly/share/apps/cmake/modules/MacroLogFeature.cmake:141 (MESSAGE):17:36
apachelogger  Exiting: Missing Requirements17:36
apacheloggerCall Stack (most recent call first):17:36
apachelogger  CMakeLists.txt:131 (macro_display_feature_log)17:36
apacheloggerNightrose: I suppose you should have reverted to what eean reverted ;-)17:36
Nightroseapachelogger: can you post that in the other channel for lfranchi please?17:36
Nightrosei am on the eepc17:37
Nightrosepasting is a pain17:37
Nightrosethanks :)17:37
NightroseDaskreech: me why?17:37
Nightroseoh you mean the user?17:37
Nightroseno idea17:37
Nightrosethe group is mine17:37
DaskreechNightrose: What?17:37
DaskreechOh the Kubunu account?17:38
ScottKNightrose: Please keep in mind https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook/HardwareTesting for the eeepc.17:38
NightroseScottK: i have a running jaunty system on an eeepc700 installed from cd - anything you need me to do?17:39
Nightrose(besides installing a new system)17:39
ScottKNightrose: I mostly want to know what works and what packages you need to add for drivers so we can fix bugs and make sure we have all the right stuff seeded for KNE.17:40
ScottKNightrose: Checking out the multimedia keys in karmic is also important since that stuff is all being redone.17:40
NightroseScottK: stock jaunty works just fine - the only thing that does not work is Fn+F2 to toggle wifi17:41
ScottKKarmic will likely be different.17:41
Nightrosei see - ok then i should probably test to make sure i am happy with karmik :D17:41
DaskreechNightrose: are there plans to use it?17:42
Nightroseworking wifi toggle would be the awesome to save me some battery power17:42
ScottKSooner the better your chances of ending up happy17:42
Nightrosehehe yea17:42
Nightrosethought so17:42
NightroseDaskreech: the user kubuntu is not mine so no idea - the group is mine and it is being used just fine imho17:42
DaskreechAh yeah the group rocks17:43
NightroseScottK: what do i need for testing? I amnot too keen on whiping my harddisk tbh17:44
CIA-76Kubuntu: apachelogger * r10 kde-l10n-orphans-parser/list-processor/ (karmic-templates-kubuntu.log process.rb):17:44
CIA-76Kubuntu: * Update LP templates list17:44
CIA-76Kubuntu: * Make the list-processor take the last-upload-date into account...17:44
CIA-76Kubuntu:  + if the pot is unfindable and the last upload was >180 days ago => kill17:44
CIA-76Kubuntu:  + if the pot is unfindable but the last upload was <180 days ago => likelykill17:44
ScottKNightrose: Kubuntu Netbook ISO is Live, so use usb-creator to make a "Live CD" usb and test without installing.17:46
Nightrosesounds good - hope i have a big enough usb stick17:47
apacheloggertalking about that17:48
apacheloggerI need to find a stick that fits kubuntu17:48
apacheloggeroh dear17:48
neversfeldeNightrose: wifi button works on my 900 in karmic, I think for the first time17:49
neversfeldeso try it :)17:50
apacheloggerexplorer.exe keeps crashing17:51
ScottKSounds like time for a different operating system17:52
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* apachelogger is wondering how to stop that crash action17:56
ScottKDon't restart it is one way.17:56
apacheloggerit autorestarts17:57
TscheesyScottK : do you have me a KNE Download-Hint (or your Blog-Address)?18:00
apacheloggerScottK: why is the netbook iso bigger than the desktop one?18:01
ScottKTscheesy: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-netbook/daily-live/current/18:02
Tscheesyfine - thx.. live :)18:03
ScottKapachelogger: I put all the lang packs in.18:03
ScottKWe have a 1GB limit.18:04
ScottKSo plenty of room.18:04
apacheloggerthe smaller the faster downloaded the better18:04
ScottKapachelogger: Sure, but also supporting people in their language is good too.  If translations get better, it might actually be worthwhile.18:04
apacheloggernot sure, since it will download the lang-pack after installation anyway18:05
ScottKYes, but people complain about that and it sort of breaks the promise the installer makes.18:06
apacheloggerhm, ok18:06
apacheloggerare they compressed with lzma? ;-)18:06
ScottKapachelogger: Dunno.  You should take that up with dpm-afk.18:06
Tscheesythe less the better - you can customize a USB-Live later - improving this would be Great18:06
ScottKapachelogger: BTW, I'm test building KDE stuff against liblzma in my PPA so maybe we get lzma support in ark.18:07
ScottKOf course the needed library isn't actually in the archive yet ....18:08
ScottKLet alone in Main .....18:08
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=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
macowhen the quassel core drops offline momentarily and thus gets disconnected from the server and from the client... when i reconnect the client to the server, only like 1/2 the channels i was in still have buffers in the buffer list. they look like i parted, but i can right click and join. the other half just disappear. have to join those more manually. find it odd.19:16
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macoSput, any idea why?19:16
maco(idk if this is a quassel thing or a limitation of how irc servers behave)19:17
Sputdepends if you have more than 20 channels :)19:17
Sputin which case you'll hit a problem with quassel's autoidentify support, which will ident you only after joining (thus, you won't get your +u in time)19:17
Sputwhich you can workaround by setting your nickserv pass as server pass19:18
maconope, only like 619:19
ScottK6 total or 6 missing?19:20
maco6 total19:20
macoi wonder if its because of hide inactive buffer setting?19:21
maconone of them re join after the core reconnects19:21
macobut of the 6 i had 2 buffers just weren't in the buffer list at all anymore19:21
Zorael^2hm? kubuntu netbook iso? where?19:28
ScottKIt isn't particularly different than the regular one at the moment, but it will be.19:29
ScottKAlso todays seems somewhat borked.19:29
ScottKYou might go back a couple of days.19:29
apacheloggerRiddell: http://patches.ubuntu.com/k/kdebase-workspace/extracted/kubuntu_80_fix_includes.diff19:41
apacheloggernot documented in changelog19:41
apacheloggeractually, not documented at all19:41
apacheloggernot even the commit messages is any useful19:41
apacheloggernot upstreamed19:41
CIA-76Kubuntu: apachelogger * r121 kdebase-workspace/debian/patches/kubuntu_73_ksysguard_search_box_fix.diff: Remove debian/patches/kubuntu_73_ksysguard_search_box_fix.diff for real from VCS19:44
apacheloggerrgreening: why did kubuntu_63_ksplash_fix.diff not get upstreamed?19:50
apacheloggerworkspace that is19:50
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neversfeldeapachelogger: is it possible to use an i386 plattform together with amd64 with icecc?19:51
apacheloggerneversfelde: as long as the i386 is the target, I suppose so19:52
apacheloggerneversfelde: better read up on the opensuse wiki page about icecream19:52
neversfeldemhh, it is an i386 chroot on a amd64 machine and the scheduler runs on an i386 machine, but jobs are not exported to the other machine, wehn running pbuilder in the chroot19:53
neversfeldealthough icemon shows both machines19:53
neversfeldeapachelogger: already did, but it is very confusing and way to short19:53
neversfeldebtw you can't use the icecc hook with the DIST=distro skript, probably worth to include a hint in the README19:54
apacheloggerDIST=distro skript?19:55
neversfeldeapachelogger: the one which is include in the pbuilderrc from the MOTU docs19:55
apacheloggermotu docs19:56
apacheloggeronly trust the ninjas and only follow certified ninja docs19:56
apacheloggerseriously most scripts out there are more than doubtable19:57
apacheloggerlike the one which is supposed to detect binary blob19:57
apacheloggerwhile indeed it's output is mostly crap19:57
apacheloggerof course my reimplementation is superior in any possible way19:58
neversfeldehehe :)20:00
Monika|KWhat's the difference between MOTU and Ninja?20:02
tsimpsonninja are shadows in the night, turning out kde packages like flashing Shuriken in the night20:06
tsimpsonmotu are just "normal" ;)20:06
ScottKSpeaking of MOTU: kdenlive, mlt, mlt++ could all stand some updating in Karmic.20:13
neversfeldeI can have a look at kdenlive20:15
neversfeldeapachelogger: I uploaded a new kodama package to revu20:17
neversfeldeand bug #398900 also needs a sponsor20:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398900 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] plasma-widget-lastfm" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39890020:17
ScottKneversfelde: Great.  In addition to mlt/mlt++ (update these first) there are some plugins too that we have the IIRC Debian doesn't that should also be checked.20:19
ScottKneversfelde: frei0r-plugins20:20
* ScottK looked it up and everything20:20
neversfeldeoho, that icecc thing is working20:53
Kehas anyone noted some colored rectangles on krfb21:14
Ke(where there shouldn't be colored rectangles)21:15
seelewow so i didnt know plasma review board rejected the kickoff avatar patch.. was this posted to the devel list?21:24
macokickoff avatar?21:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 389744 in kdebase-workspace "Fix avatar in KDE menu to be next to username" [Low,In progress]21:26
seeledave siegel said it got rejected for "breaking visual consistency"21:26
Quintasanwhat's up?21:26
Quintasanthey rejected it?!21:26
macohm that is knda weird that its next to search instead of my name21:27
macowhat's my picture have to do with searching?21:27
seeleyeah exactly21:27
Quintasanthat guy must have been drunk21:28
seelewhich both Jonathan's and the proposed 2 line option are fine21:28
seelethe existing solution makes no sense21:28
macosearch icon?21:29
macoi dont know what aaron's talking about. search is just text, no icon21:29
seelethe binoculars icon next to search21:31
seelesee the first screenshot linked in review board21:31
macouh...i dont see that in karmic21:31
seelenot Karmic21:32
macoah ok21:32
seelei think the second linked screenshot is what is acceptable but JJanz doesnt know how to implement it21:32
macoer...i only see 1 screenshot. it says "after" below it21:32
macoon reviewboard. or should i be looking at lp?21:33
seelereview board.. it is a link21:33
nixternalseele: don't know if I said it or not, but congrats btw :)21:34
macooh ok gotcha21:34
macooh yeah congrats on the boardship!21:34
nixternalI am fairly certain my vote went to you :)21:35
macoanyone wanna explain to me how this reviewboard thing works?21:35
macowhat's "base diff path"?21:35
macoand "change number"?21:35
maco(trying to submit patches. failing.)21:36
nixternalmaco: it doesn't work, that is the fun part about it :p21:36
macowell how's it *supposed* to work?21:36
seelenixternal: thanks21:36
nixternalbase diff path is where at in the dir structure you created the patch I believe21:36
seelemaco: thanks too21:36
nixternaland the change number is the revision of the checkout that you created the diff on21:37
nixternaliirc that is how it goes21:37
nixternalbut I haven't used it in quite some time21:37
macook. how do i get svn to tell me what revision i checked out?21:38
neversfeldebug #399001 needs a sponsor21:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399001 in mlt "Please sync libmlt1 from debian unstable (0.4.4-2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39900121:38
neversfeldehope I did it right21:38
nixternalsvn info will tell you the revision you are working on21:38
nixternalor you stop using bash, setup zsh with zsh-lovers and that way there you will always know what revision and branch you are working in :)21:38
macoso my path would be: trunk/KDE/kdebase ?21:39
maco(in the kdebase example)21:39
nixternalsounds right to me21:39
macook thank youi21:40
nixternalif you ran diff from there yes21:40
nixternalor it could be 'trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace'21:40
nixternaland such21:40
macoloks like js is needed21:40
macoi ran "svn diff" from there21:40
nixternalwhat is the purpose of having friends on opendesktop.org?21:45
nixternalI keep getting requests from you nutjobs :p21:45
neversfeldeuh, forget about mlt, it needs some more deps, can I unsubscribe the universe sponsors?21:46
nixternalneversfelde: you should be able to, I can do it if you can't though21:47
neversfeldenixternal: seems that I can't21:47
nixternalneversfelde: done :)21:47
neversfeldeplease unsubscribe21:48
nixternalI was already looking at it :)21:48
neversfeldethank you21:48
macocan you put> 1 diff on one reviewboard thing?21:48
nixternalhurry up, get your ducks in a row and become a MOTU already :p21:48
nixternalmaco: is this for the kde review board?21:48
nixternalI haven't even used that (yet)21:48
nixternalask that one in kde-devel --- someone should know that answer as I don't21:49
nixternalMonika|K: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/get+ducks+in+a+row21:49
macohey, do you need to file a bug in kde bugzilla before filing a reviewboard ticket?21:49
nixternalsilly american figure of speach21:49
nixternalmaco: you might have to do so now if you aren't a developer maybe21:50
nixternalthen again, I don't know 100% on that21:50
Monika|Kidioms involving ducks are cute :)21:50
Monika|Kmakes me think of http://xkcd.com/537/21:51
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
nixternalhahaha, that is great!21:53
ryanakcayuriy: ping21:55
yuriyryanakca: pong21:59
maconixternal, lemma says bug not necessary22:00
macooy. one patch submitted. only 10 more to go.22:10
RiddellScottK: sorry still not home, don't know where that dot file went22:17
shtylmanScottK: bug #39805923:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398059 in linux "system does not boot due to device-mapper error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39805923:04
shtylmanthis is a showstopper ... anyone we know in the proper channels that can take a closer look at it? I really have no clue where to start23:05
macoshtylman, -kernel?23:07
shtylmanmaco: will try :/23:08
=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
macoalright you folks that use the reviewboard.kde.org thingy. how do i get it to both show the "what revision?" box AND have a usable submit button, at the same time? the revision box is there only without js and the button works only with js.23:31

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