MarcoPausince a recent upgrade I haven't had emacs command any more. that used to link to /etc/alternatives/emacs, which is also not there. I installed emacs22 and can launch it with emacs22-x, but that emacs won't read my bbdb and .Xresources. any hint?00:08
XetHello anyone using livestation?00:10
Xet I get this message from the Terminal every time I try to launch it (Livestation) :S : Aborted00:10
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zeelothey guys quick problem I installed java sdk 6 and downloaded the netbeans 6.7 installer but it has no borders and I cant see any content of the installer, abyone know a fix?00:52
zeeloti am on netbook remix 9.0400:52
aru_sHmm, have you tried turning compositing off?00:52
zeelothow i do that?00:52
PingJocky_i didnt think Kubuntu netbook remix was out for 9.0400:52
zeelotno its ubuntu I think...sorry00:53
aru_sare you using Gnome or KDE, zee00:53
zeelotyea =/00:53
aru_sthere should be an option in the gnome control center00:53
zeelotnot sure where that os00:55
aru_sterminal: gnome-control-center00:55
PingJocky_zeelot: you could also turn off maximus in the startup and log out and log back in00:55
zeelotPingJocky_: did tht brb00:57
* PingJocky_ keeps fingers crossed for the liitle guy...00:58
mothas anybody installed the new nvidia release?00:59
pelle_khey people. I'm trying out kde 4.3 RC2, and i want to disable the "preview directory on hover" feature of the "desktop view", how can i do that?01:00
PingJocky_mot: version 180?01:00
moti installed the 185.18.14 release (x86-64) and the previous release was 180.6001:00
PingJocky_not yet...01:00
motif i install it and reconfig X, it complains that the modules it's trying to load is 180.6001:01
motbrb let me get an error log01:01
PingJocky_pelle_k: if you right click on the panel then open up task manager settings -> unclick show tooltips01:01
PingJocky_then hit apply01:02
pelle_kPingJocky_:  Oh! that easy? :) Thanks.01:02
aru_shmm, I think that would disable more than he'd like01:02
PingJocky_no problem..01:02
PingJocky_aru_s: like what else?01:02
Zopiacin smb4k I cannot see my shared folder on my other computer01:03
Zopiacon that other computer, however, i can see it in smb4k o.O01:03
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aru_sPingJocky_: I may be confused as to which plasmoid he's referring to01:04
aru_sso ignore me :-)01:04
PingJocky_aru_s: i think he meant all of them...01:04
PingJocky_aru_s: but i see what your saying...01:05
PingJocky_i think it is a cool feature but i hate it...01:05
aru_sif he's just referring to the folder view plasmoid, I don't think there's something that granular01:05
motperhaps somebody can help me with this, let me get these pastes up01:05
pelle_kPingJocky_:  i think i didn't explain myself too well. it was about the "desktop" and how when i hover say my "home" it show the contents in an "overlay window/tooltip"01:05
aru_spelle_k: I don't think there's a place to disable that01:06
mot(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the01:06
mot(EE) NVIDIA(0):     system's kernel log for additional error messages and01:06
FloodBotK1mot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
mot(EE) NVIDIA(0):     consult the NVIDIA README for details.01:06
pelle_kPingJocky_: ok then! thanks for tryin though :)01:07
mot(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the #(EE) NVIDIA(0):     system's kernel log for additional error messages and (EE) NVIDIA(0):     consult the NVIDIA README for details.01:07
veckhow can i get my kde destop back i tried to install AWN and now it looks like gnome destop?01:07
motaghh still not the whole message01:07
aru_suse paste.ubuntu.com, mot01:08
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PingJocky_pelle_k: there is a place for that too under folder view config01:08
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PingJocky_there is a place to turn off folder view preview01:08
aru_sreally? I think that's for actually displaying icons01:08
pelle_ki'm inclined too agree with aru_s :/ cause that didn't work..01:09
aru_syou could edit the plasmoid to remove it, or file a feature request in plasma upstream01:09
motbrb wrong error message01:10
PingJocky_pelle_k: mine worked on 4.2... i dont have 4.3 KKK on yet01:11
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pelle_kPingJocky_: yeah, i dont remember the folder view in kde 4.2 previewing any files as well. it's only a minor annoyance though.01:12
PingJocky_ok... late all01:13
welltbhello...anyone available for a quick question?01:15
welltbcool...quick newbie question:01:15
welltbi have a bunch of music in separate folders.  is there a way to extract each file from each folder with out doing it individually?01:16
aru_swhat do you mean by "extract"?01:16
welltbi mean move from their own directory to one big music folder...01:17
aru_sdo you want to keep the folder structure?01:17
welltbsorry for the wording...01:17
aru_sor do you want to dump all of them into the main directory?01:17
welltbactually, dump all in main directory..01:18
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aru_syou'll want to use the command line (using Konsole)01:18
aru_slet me just make sure I don't give you the wrong command...01:20
welltbno prob...what would the command be: mv "file1" "directory1" "maindirectory" "file2" "dirctory2" "maindirectory", etc?01:21
aru_swell, I'd use cp01:21
aru_suntil you can verify that all your music transferred ok01:21
welltbcp...ok...same wording as above?01:21
aru_scp -r Music-source/ Music-target/ is the general format01:21
aru_sbut if you want it flat, I think using a find command would be better01:22
welltbwhat do you mean?01:22
aru_sif you have a Music directory that has folders within it01:22
aru_sand you want to pull of the the mp3 files and put it in one large one01:22
aru_swell, that second arrangement is a 'flat' layout01:23
aru_sits not heirarchical01:23
aru_sso Music/Nine Inch Nails/song.mp3 would become NewMusicFolder/song.mp301:23
welltbokay...i think i get it...01:24
welltbsooo...it would be:01:24
welltbcp -r Music/Dir/song.mp3 Music/song.mp3?01:25
aru_sif you just want to copy one file, you wouldnt use the -r01:26
aru_s-r tells it to go into every subdirectory and do the same action01:26
aru_sdon't apologize, Im just stalling until I can give you the exact command, my test isn't working01:26
welltbbe right back, bud...01:27
welltbhave to step out...be back in 15-20...01:29
aru_sfind Music/ -iname "*.mp3" -exec cp {} /tmp/ \;01:29
aru_sthat should do it01:29
aru_sreplace Music with your source folder01:29
welltbsweet... i'll try it out...thanks much...01:29
aru_sand /tmp/ to the path of the target01:29
aru_sgood luck01:29
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welltbby the way, what does "\" do...?01:30
aru_sit escapes the semicolon01:32
aru_swithout it, the script would think that there's more input01:32
aru_sand not run01:32
aru_s(the script does the 'flat' copy)01:33
welltbgotcha...make sense from some shell scripts i've perused...i'll try it...and thanks again...01:34
kub1is keyserver.ubuntu.com down??? Will you please check right now? Thx. I haven´t been able to access it ever - meaning for the past 18 hours.  I´d greatly appreciate data if it is working, so i´d know if the problem is with it, or at my end. Thanks, & awaiting your confirmation...01:34
aru_sI dont think so, I just updated some ppa keys today01:35
kub1aru_s: I´m getting the following error, any suggestions? :01:36
kub1Hi:  Trying to Telling Ubuntu how to authenticate the PPA , via launchpad.net instructions, when I do the ¨sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A¨ I get ¨gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host¨ - is this a know error with a fix? Is the host down for everyone? Could it be my ISP firewall (I have to add an ISP proxy for /etc/apt) - do i need to put in proxy info to get the keyserver 01:36
aru_sI was able to execute your command successfully, kub01:38
aru_sso its on your end01:39
aru_scan you ping the keyserver?01:39
kub1aru_s: thanks - I´m behind my isp´s firewall, which basically mostly only lets http through, I even have to ssh over a non standard port - any idea what port that keyserver operates on? any idea how i might get around some firewall? thx01:40
aru_sif you run wireshark you should be able to see the outgoing request01:41
aru_sbut off the top of my head I don't know the port01:41
n8whow do i mouth all my windows drives automaticaly?01:42
kub1aru_s: is there any way i can get the key through https?, and manually add it to the appropriate apt control file?01:42
rgarciaHi all, could anybody tell me what's the best p2p program to download musics?01:46
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information01:46
attickidhello I installed ubuntu and then installed kde01:47
attickidIm getting an error when trying to download and install widgets01:47
n8whmm ok if u cant asnwer me directly, do u know where i could find the equivalent of "Disk &01:47
n8wFilesystem" under System Settings01:47
n8wcoz its missin in 9.0401:48
attickidwhen installing widgets I get this error: "installation of /tmp/kde-attickid///108198-lastfm-0.4zop" failed" the filename change according to the widget01:48
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BauldrickI have a strange problem (iptables?) no firewall installed, can't 'see' samba shares in computer>network (but can type ip i.e - smb 192.xx..xx.xx and will show machine) Install firestarter and still can't see them. Turn firestarter off (disable) and they appear. Uninstall firestarter and can't see them...02:01
BauldrickBasically I suppose I have to have Firestarter installed and turned off to see my other samba shares on network02:04
darthanubisI forgot the string to add my external usb drive rw for samba share02:09
veckis there any way to get better performance or globalconfig for kubuntu?02:12
vecklike to setup specificly for my machine02:12
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nick01hi, where can I get a 2.6.30 kernel ? I have a crippling bug that apparently is fixed in 2.6.3002:57
aru_sI don't know if that repo is maintained or not, so approach it with caution03:01
aru_sahh, they have .31 rc's up as well03:01
aru_syou'd probable be better off with those03:01
veckI am running the rc .31 right now with great succes03:02
aru_sI was going to upgrade to fix the various intel gfx issues, but I heard it had some bad bugs with intel wireless chipsets03:03
aru_sis that still the casE?03:03
veckaru_s: I believe so but not sure as I an using nvidia03:06
veckaru_s: sorry didnt see the wireless part03:06
veckaru_s: legally blind03:07
aru_shahaha :-)03:07
aru_sso I should be asking you about screenreader stuff, then03:07
veckaru_s: Yeah I could use some03:08
nick01dkms fails to build nvidia drivers for the new kernel :(03:08
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vecknick01: got my nvidea drivers working03:10
nick01I assume it'll stil fail even if I reboot ?03:10
nick01veck: with 2.6.30 drivers =?03:10
aru_snick: try 2.6.3103:11
vecknick01: yeah im using 3103:11
nick01aru_s: k03:11
nick01veck: aru_s now how do I remove the 2.6.30 debs ? dpkg insists they're not installed03:13
vecknick01: think i did sudo aptitude update , then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade03:13
nick01veck: u added a repository ?03:13
vecknick01: yes03:13
nick01veck: link ?03:14
veckhmm let me see03:14
ubuntuhi i have a problem...03:14
ubuntuwhen i start my computer the gnome loader says error 17 and it stays there i cant enter windows or linux can any one help me?03:15
vecknick01: http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu03:15
vecknick01: I believe thats what I used03:16
aru_subuntu: you might want to try asking on the forums03:16
aru_sor searching there03:16
nick01veck: and the line in sources.list ?03:18
nick01veck: you added karmic ?03:19
vecknick01: to third party software03:19
vecknick01: I am using karmic 203:20
nick01veck: I'm on jaunty03:20
vecknick01: oh I am sry not using that version03:21
nick01veck: what version of nvidia drivers you have ? it still fails here03:21
vecknick01: 18003:21
vecknick01: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18003:22
nick01veck: 180.44 ? doesnt work here03:22
nick01dkms attempts to install the module and fails03:22
nick01nvidia (180.44): Installing module.03:22
nick01..........(bad exit status: 10)03:22
nick01  Build failed.  Installation skipped.03:22
nick01                                                                         [fail]03:22
FloodBotK1nick01: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
vecknick01: what gfx card do you have03:22
nick01veck: 8800GT03:23
vecknick01: did you do the update and upgrade03:24
nick01veck: I'm updated but using jaunty not karmic03:24
wirechiefkarmick is sick atm03:24
vecknick01: applications/sytem/hardware drivers?03:25
nick01I need a recent kernel for jaunty cause the realtek 8169 drivers in these ones are seriously broken03:25
wirechiefnick01 have you tried the ppa releases ?03:26
nick01veck: what of it ? will it work better than dkms ?03:26
aru_shave you tried building your own drivers?03:26
aru_sor is dkms the best out there?03:26
nick01wirechief: yes, dkms tries to build nvidia module and fails03:26
nick01aru_s: I'll try that too03:27
vecknick01: realtech thats not video drivers?03:27
nick01veck: network drivers03:27
vecknick01: thought we were talking bout your grfx03:27
wirechief http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.30-rc6/linux-source-2.6.30_2.6.30-020630rc6_all.deb  look around there03:28
nick01veck: I want to update the kernel cause theres a serious bug related to the network drivers in the current one03:28
wirechiefthats just one page, there are other newer release03:28
wirechiefhas sources too there.03:28
wirechiefjust edit the url down to mainline and it should show the tree03:29
wirechiefi think .31rc2 is the latest03:29
nick01wirechief: I tried 2.6.30 already, nvidia didnt build on that one either, I'll see what I can do about nvidia on 2.6.31 now03:31
wirechiefthats better03:31
wirechiefwell make sure to get all 4 .debs03:31
wirechiefso you have the sources too.03:31
dennisterone of my users who just took his kubuntu box home is having a problem connecting with a cable broadband connection, am looking for some general information?03:32
aru_sis he using a router, dennister?03:32
dennisteraru_s: no, at first there was an ethernet card problem, got jiggled out of pci slot during transport, but putting it back revealed it was probably damaged...so user swapped the card03:33
dennisternow new card is being detected, but still no ip address from cable modem, and it's eth2, not eth0...former bad card was eth103:34
aru_shave you tried a liveCD boot to make sure that there are still no more hardware issues?03:35
dennisterany ideas? it's been a long time since i was a rogers cable customer...no, we haven't tried that yet03:35
dennisteri'm going to call him tomorrow morning with some more ideas, that's why I'm here now, getting those ideas :)03:36
dennisterdoes a cable modem have to have its firmware configured with username and password from the computer? in order for linux box to communicate with modem and get an ip adddress?03:38
dennisterthey do have a winblows computer that was surfing net this morning with same modem03:38
aru_she might be using PPPOE03:39
DragnslcrIf the cable modem isn't completely worthless, it should give an IP address to anything that asks over DHCP03:39
aru_sthat's a pretty lofty assumption when dealing with Rogers, Dragnslcr ;-)03:39
aru_syou can also edit bindings for network devices at /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules03:40
DragnslcrActually, that would only be if it's a combination cable modem/router03:40
dennisterso u guys r familiar with our lovely cable monopoly, eh?03:40
DragnslcrWhich I think most are these days03:40
DragnslcrIf it isn't, though, you may need a separate router between the computers and the cable modem03:40
aru_sI've heard horror stories about them... I'm to the south so I don't have firsthand knowledge03:41
aru_sdid the Kubuntu box ever work with their setup?03:41
dennisterthey aren't using the winblows computer, which is why they wanted a new pc03:41
dennisteraru_s: no, they just picked up the pc I gave them this afternoon03:41
aru_sah, pppoe is dsl only. Nevermind.03:41
dennisteryeah :-)03:42
DragnslcrYeah, usually03:42
DragnslcrMight be possible to do PPPoE through a cable modem, but I don't know of any cable ISP's that do03:42
nick01found out why nvidia didnt work, I tried the nvidia installer- complains that the gcc used for the kernel is a different version than the current one03:43
aru_sa random google turns this up: http://osdir.com/ml/user-groups.linux.ottawa.linux-novice/2005-04/msg00003.html03:43
DragnslcrBut yeah, the first thing you have to know is if the cable modem also functions as a router03:43
nick01anyone knows of some kernel deb made with gcc 4.3 ?*03:43
dennisterand rogers tech support will be useless 'we only support..."03:43
nick01of kernel 2.6.30 or 31 that is03:44
dennisterDragnslcr: i doubt it, 3 years ago when i was with rogers there were no combo devices, and i did ask the user if there was another device between the modem and the pc, he said no03:44
wirechiefwell i would try doing a update and see if you can pull in whats needed03:44
dennisterwirechief: u talking to me?03:45
wirechiefno nick0103:45
DragnslcrEasy way to tell is to look at the cable modem. If there's more than one Ethernet port, it's probably also a router03:45
DragnslcrOr if it has an antenna or two03:46
aru_sheh, they could have plugged it into a router uplink port :-)03:46
aru_sdennister: you may want to try that power cycling trick described in the newsgroup post03:46
aru_sor maybe have them spoof the MAC address of their windows machine03:46
dennisterrogers doesn't like users having routers, and certainly doesn't issue combo modem/routers...and these users are too poor to have routers and lots of other stuff going on03:47
dennisteraru_s: I will suggest that to them tomorrow mornig03:47
DragnslcrDoesn't like users having routers? What the...03:47
DragnslcrThey don't expect anyone to have more than one computer at home?03:48
aru_sI had to fight Comcast to have them issue me a modem instead of a combo modem/router.03:48
dennisterwhat about this eth2 business? there's only one card in the pc now, but here this afternoon it was eth0, when they got it home it had become eht1 with no eth0 in existence, and now second card that seems to be recognized is eth203:48
DragnslcrI just have a separate router connected to the cable modem03:49
dennisterall the US isps are more reasonable than the canadian ones...there's virtually no isp competition here, and an FCC-equivalent that's too cosy with the dominant telco and caleco duopoly03:49
DragnslcrThe combo devices are just as expensive as separate devices03:49
aru_sno competition here either03:49
dennisteryou guys have cheaper prices because there is more competition03:50
dennisteri know comcast is eveil, but they've got nothing on rogers and bell03:50
aru_snow there is competition with FiOS entering the market03:50
p_quarlesthere's competition in some instances, but don't overestimate it03:50
aru_sbut my 3 previous apartments could only get Comcast03:50
p_quarleslots of places, really only one ISP is available03:50
dennisteryeah, they all start implementing the same policies anyway...like price fixing03:51
p_quarlesand it's more likely to be the cable co03:51
dennisterbut anyway, here are the suggestions so far: try livecd boot, the cable cycling, any others?03:51
aru_sno clue with the numbering issue, like I said earlier, you might want to start looking in the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules03:52
aru_sit replaces ifstab03:52
dennisteryeah....but this user isn't exactly a dummy, but he's still a newbie with bad spelling :-) doing telephone tech support is painfaul, so I hate giving him long paths :)03:53
dennisterI certainly have NO time tomorrow to go to east end and do a housecall...not till tues afternoon03:54
aru_syeah, I've never had an issue with that before.  If you're convinced that the card hardware is working, I can't think of anything else.03:55
dennisterok, well 3 thinks to check so far, that's a good start :-)03:56
dennisterthanks guys :)03:57
aru_snp, good luck03:57
dennisteraru_s: yes, i have a feeling the url link you gave me could be the answer, eth0 being my dsl modem, eth1 being bad card, and eth2 being the new card03:59
dennistergood night03:59
venky80what is the default kde voip client in kubuntu..gnome has empathy...kopete doesnt cut it04:03
aru_sTry twinkle04:04
aru_sgranted, that's more SIP04:05
aru_sif it helps, Skype uses QT4...04:05
venky80well what about voice and video with gmail /yahoo/msn04:05
venky80yes i know..iam asking interms of a complete DE04:06
aru_sI thought Kopete had msn and yahoo video support?04:06
venky80well that is prehistoric doesnt work04:06
aru_svenky80: sorry, I dont know much about that... you might want to try asking in #kde04:07
zeelothey guys, ubuntu netbook remix here and I plugged in a 24inch monitor which worked with the display settings but I can't set it to 1900x1200 anyone know why? running dpkg-reconfigure doesnt even give display options04:49
zeelotnevermind it shows now o_o gnite all04:50
LSD|Ninjaif I'm dual booting Ubuntu and Kubuntu, what do I need to have set uo so that Kubuntu can not only update its kernel (they're blocked atm which I'm thinking may be related to this) but update grub the way Ubuntu does with each screwing up the others entries?04:54
aru_sLSD|Ninja: afaik, Kubuntu does the whole multiple kernel thing04:59
DragnslcrLSD|Ninja- why would you want two different kernels? Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the same base system, just with different desktop environments installed by default05:11
aru_sindeed, you can change the DE via the sessions menu at the GDM or KDM login screen05:12
DragnslcrLSD|Ninja- all you need is to install Ubuntu, then install the kubuntu-desktop package (or Kubuntu and the ubuntu-desktop package), then pick with desktop environment you want before you log in05:12
XDS200008can someone help me with some cd issues05:15
LSD|NinjaDragnslcr: I know I can do that but I installed kubuntu seperately on purpose so I don't pollute my normal system with KDE rubbish05:15
XDS200008I need to re-initialize a player05:16
aru_syou want to create a separate partition, then05:16
XDS200008mount isn't working05:16
aru_sreinitialize? as in erase a cd-rw?05:16
XDS200008no , my dvd drive will not mount05:16
aru_show are you mounting it?05:17
XDS200008I don't want to have to restart everytime i need it to mount readable media05:17
LSD|Ninjaaru_s: It's already created and installed, but I elected not to install the bootloader (I didn't want it overwriting what I had) and had to manually add the entries to grub myself. I'm looking now for how to automate it all like Ubuntu does without each writing over the others stuff05:17
XDS200008 mount /dev/hdc   or   mount /dev/dvd05:17
XDS200008mount: can't find /dev/dvd in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab05:17
XDS200008their is also no icon available for the drive05:17
XDS200008like my drive doesn't exist05:18
zeelothey if I have the ubuntu netbook remix but I want the regular gnome interface is it easy to swap?05:18
aru_sXDS200008:  I think you need to specify the fs type05:19
XDS200008im all for that , how do i do that ?05:20
XDS200008if it entails going into the fstab file and changing something there then thats fine05:20
XDS200008but i am on somewhat unfamiliar ground05:20
aru_smount -t udf /dev/dvd /media/dvd05:21
aru_sI think05:21
aru_sthe t switch specifies the fs type05:22
aru_syou'll need to create the /media/dvd/ directory05:22
XDS200008mount: mount point /media/dvd does not exist05:22
aru_slike I said, you'll need to create the directory05:23
XDS200008same with mount: mount point /media/hdc does not exist05:23
XDS200008mount: /dev/dvd is not a block device05:24
XDS200008i get that after trying   mount -t udf /dev/dvd /media/dvd05:25
aru_stry using iso9660 instead of udg05:26
XDS200008same error05:26
aru_sstupid question, are you using this with sudo?05:27
XDS200008i can try with sudo05:27
aru_stry with udf?05:28
XDS200008ok hold on05:28
XDS200008same error with udf on sudo and without05:28
XDS200008their is no record of the device in fstab05:29
XDS200008just an FYI05:29
aru_syeah, there shouldn't be05:30
aru_syou can't mount this via a gui?05:30
XDS200008no icon exists05:31
aru_sI'm stumped.05:32
aru_sI'd call shenanigans on the drive or the dvd, but I don't know05:33
chris__could someone please tell me how to install themes in 9.0405:40
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:42
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes05:42
venky80what is the default kde voip client in kubuntu..gnome has empathy...kopete doesnt cut it05:43
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venky80please vore on my idea http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/20653/05:44
davidjheinrichhi all...does anyone know of a simple program for quickly designing protype website layout ideas? (i.e., just to bang out some ideas)05:55
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todsnyderhey all06:09
fg56lxHow can I get konqueror to display a preview when i hover over an image?06:10
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=== queazel is now known as thinkinghead
khaije|amaltanyone know off-hand when 4.3 final is expected to be ready?06:27
londonryanbooting from the livecd, what's a command i could use to see where devices are located?06:50
londonryancommand in the terminal that is06:51
lapfourI am facing problem with my sound driver06:56
Nameless_auis it possible to boot from the kubuntu dvd to install?06:57
barbapaI can share a directory with Dolphin for Samba07:01
barbapacan not07:02
barbapakded4 --version KDE: 4.2.407:02
fg56lxHow can I get konqueror to display a preview when i hover over an image?07:02
barbapais it a bug?07:02
barbapafg56lx: like dolphin?07:03
fg56lxbarbapa: Not dolphin. Konqueror.07:03
barbapafg56lx: in menu display07:04
fg56lxWhat is menu display?07:05
barbapafg56lx: install mplayerthumbs for video thumbs07:05
fg56lxI dont want videothumbs, just pictures.07:05
barbapafg56lx: in Konqueror, go in "Display" menu, on top the windows07:05
fg56lxI see nothing that says display07:06
barbapaFile | Edition | then "display" ?07:06
barbapafor me is "Affichage", sorry :)07:07
fg56lxStill dont see it.,07:07
barbapathe 3th menu item...07:08
fg56lxIn what menu.07:08
barbapain Konqueror07:09
barbapactrl + m to display the menu in konqueror07:09
barbapaif you don't have it07:10
fg56lxWhich menu?07:11
barbapaok, ok fg56lx you killed me :)07:11
fg56lxAnd select what in view?07:12
barbapaI don't know in english, but there is a little "picture" left07:12
fg56lxIt is already selected.07:15
barbapayou know, you can toggle the options without care07:15
barbapapress F507:16
fg56lxToggling it just disables the icon previews.07:16
fg56lxWhich is not what I'm trying to do.07:16
Beemshow do I format a second hard drive on my computer07:16
barbapaBeems: you can use qtparted for example07:17
barbapafg56lx: the files you want to preview, what is the filetype?07:18
barbapano souci with jpg...07:19
barbapawhen you toggle the option "preview" you should have the thumbs07:19
davidjheinrichhi all, does anyone here know a room where I could ask questions relating to CSS / XHTML?07:19
fg56lxbarbapa: Im not trying to get thumbs.07:20
barbapadavidjheinrich: go in openweb07:20
barbapago to...07:20
davidjheinrichbarbapa, thanks07:22
vbgunzi've asked this question many times here but never got an answer. I *think* something about my Kubuntu may be encrypted. I remember seeing this option on install *but* I could have sworn I unchecked it. anyhow, when I log into tty 1 -6, I keep seeing this message -> cannot examine encrypted directory... why?07:26
khaije|amaltremember when you used to be able to resize your display using lt+ctrl+{+||-} ?07:40
lupo96Ecco a voi un nuovo linuxiano!07:54
lupo96Buongiorno a tutti!07:55
Captain_Haddock!it | lupo9607:55
ubottulupo96: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)07:55
firestarter1hi. is there a way to automatically delete older files than one week in myFolder ? I know it can be obtained with a simple script, but I wonder if is there a GUI program (or a kde configuration menu) for that07:56
lupo96OK, sorry and thankyou.07:56
Captain_Haddockfirestarter1: maybe backup programs / rsync will have options for it07:58
Captain_Haddockor you could back up older files to /dev/null07:58
brmassaguys... i opened several programs that was needed to use Swap memory. But now i closed almost all but there is still things on Swap (even with free ram), slowing the pc. is there a way to force the migration?08:00
ct529when I issue apt-get build-dep grass, I get E: Build-dependencies for grass could not be satisfied.08:10
ct529I do not understand how is that posssible .... it is the first time that it happens to me .... :(08:10
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=== club is now known as Guest54108
elm3rhi peeps08:59
ct529when I try to fetch the packages to build grass with apt-get build-rep grass, I get the error E: Build-dependencies for grass could not be satisfied.09:21
ct529it never happened before .... what is wrong with me?09:21
ct529or my process .... :D09:21
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=== ulysses__ is now known as Guest79416
bigbrovarhi guys am running kubuntu 9.04 and using the KDE 4.3 ppa backport .. i got a notification this morning that there was updates available so i tried installed them with aptitude full-upgrade .. however doing that got me this error http://pastebin.com/m47e087f810:32
bigbrovaram not sure what am doing wrong10:32
MurchadhHi, anyone know how to change the wiki font in Amarok 2.1.1. (I asked in #amarok, but I think they'rw still in bed.)10:36
noaXesshi all10:37
noaXessin systemsettings / advanced / login manager, how can i change to admin mode to change some settings in login manager? i have kde 4.3 rc210:37
bigbrovarok i removed the offending package .. edited /vim /var/lib/dpkg/status10:42
bigbrovarand reinstalled the kubuntu-desktop which fixed the problem for me ..10:42
=== oobe_ is now known as oobe
KlavKalashjWhat's the deal with konqueror and facebook?10:54
bigbrovarone more problem am having is with kmenu ..its not displaying the list of my applications11:00
linux1 hiya ppl ,ive just installed kubuntu-desktop meta package and when i log in a get a short splash screen then when i click there the whole screen goes blank apart from mouse cursor and if i wait a bit it restart back to gdm11:00
jussi01KlavKalashj: It works fine here, what are you experiuenceing problems with?11:00
bigbrovarthis was after i installed the lastest kde 4.3RC11:01
jussi01bigbrovar: what does it display?11:01
KlavKalashjjussi01: Almost every link. You know, like "poke", "like", "add to friends" and so on, nothing happends11:01
jussi01KlavKalashj: hrm, not exactly sure. I use firefox myself...11:01
KlavKalashjjussi01: ok =/ I don't wanna use gtk-apps when I don't have to, but this sucks :P11:02
jussi01KlavKalashj: IMHO, konqui is one of the deficiencies of KDE, they are working on a replacement/upgrade, but at the moment, Firefox is nicer.11:03
bigbrovarjussi01: nothing11:04
jussi01KlavKalashj: of course you could try arora, and see if thats any better.11:04
dwidmannjussi01: one person's deficiency is another persons former killer feature ...11:04
bigbrovarand i think file association is broken .. when i click on a folder .. it brings up the dialog box that asks what i want to use in opening it .. and it even the dialog box doesnt display anything ..11:05
* jussi01 hugs dwidmann11:05
KlavKalashjjussi01: agreed. But konq works so cool on my old laplop, with smooth scrolling and so on. Facebook and flashblock really is the only things I miss. I hope it will come :)11:05
KlavKalashjjussi01: aurora, is that also gtk?11:05
jussi01KlavKalashj: I hope so too, but at the moment, all I cn suggest are workaround via other browsers. sorry.11:05
dwidmannKlavKalashj: no, arora is qt11:05
jussi01!info arora11:06
ubottuarora (source: arora): simple cross platform web browser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 559 kB, installed size 1736 kB11:06
bigbrovarbigbrovar i had to start dolphin from terminal11:06
KlavKalashjjussi01: thanks anyway, will try aurora :)11:06
dwidmannjussi01: konqueror 3.x was hands down the best file manager I've ever used several important features went AWOL on the move to 4.0 though :(11:07
bigbrovari guess i would have to do a clean install :-( upgrading to kde 4.3 completely broke my system :-( (backing up data now)11:09
jussi01bigbrovar: when you installed 4.3 were there any issues?11:10
jussi01what happens if you run sudo apt-get install -f11:10
=== Bauldrick_ is now known as Bauldrick
KlavKalashjjussi01: so arora works like a charm with FB. I guess it'll be my backup browser :)11:11
jussi01KlavKalashj: good :)11:12
bigbrovarjussi01: for the first couple of days nope .. then updates came in this morning .. i installed them .. and now the whole desktop is broken11:13
jussi01bigbrovar: did that command do anything?11:14
bigbrovarjussi01: for e.g nothing is displayed in the application tab of the kicker panel, and when i click a folder .. a dialog box ask which program i want to use in opening the folder, using search bar to look for applications doesnt work .. if i type kate .. nothing comes up11:16
jussi01bigbrovar: no, the command I gave you, did you run it?11:16
Unhackmeehey, can someone guide me on installing KDE in a gnome environment - using the Kubuntu CD?11:16
bigbrovarjussi01: yeah .. nothing happened11:17
bigbrovarjussi01: the output looks normal like no package is broken11:17
jussi01Unhackmee: you are not wanting to do it via the internet?11:18
bigbrovarjussi0: i dont have a problem reinstall (clean install) i just scared the same can happen again ..11:18
jussi01Unhackmee: usually "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" will do what you want11:18
bigbrovarjussi01: are u running kde 4.3 on jaunty?11:18
Unhackmeejussi01:I already downloaded it, so that would be the last resort[15:18]11:18
jussi01bigbrovar: dont install the RC...11:18
jussi01Unhackmee: did you get the alternate cd or live cd?11:19
KlavKalashjhm I am also using the RC, works very fine here11:19
Unhackmeejussi01: sorry, but how could i tell?11:19
bigbrovarjussi01: oh :-( its soo nice .. cant see myself going back to kde 4.2 now .. am a recent gnome convert and kde 4.3 totally won me over .. :-(11:20
bigbrovarjussi01: are the packages in the kde backport for jaunty broken11:20
KlavKalashjbigbrovar: same for me :P KDE and I have never gotten along, but 4.3 is really nice... Are you on jaunty or karmic?11:20
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: jaunty11:22
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: am using the ppa backport for kde 4.311:22
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: you?11:22
KlavKalashjbigbrovar: hm strange... I am using same stuff as you and it works. Perhaps there is updates not yet available on swedish server, so my system will break :(11:23
bigbrovarwell i doubt that .. actaully my system frooze duing the update process .. and when i recovered .. aptitude spilt out some errors .. i had to purge the broken packages and reinstall them and fix /var/lib/dpkg/status to remove packages that had "half-configured" in them .. then i installed the kubuntu-desktop11:25
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: am sure somewhere along the line the system got pist .. and something got broken11:26
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: have u installed anyupdate today?11:26
KlavKalashjbigbrovar: no11:26
bigbrovaroh then i would advice you dont .. because my problems started with the new updates .. (guess u looky to have a ginuea pig)11:28
KlavKalashjman, newest kernel in repo is 2.6.28... rofl11:28
KlavKalashjbigbrovar: I see...11:28
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: just wait till the dust settles down and if someone encounters the problem ..11:29
KlavKalashjI am tired of systems failing11:29
bigbrovarKlavKalashj: that blood and pain of living on the edge11:30
KlavKalashjI was on Ubuntu karmic until yesterday... for starters it worked very nice, but then came new kernel and kms and stuff and everything got messed11:30
KlavKalashjI just wanna use stable software :)11:30
DavieyKlavKalashj: Well why would you even consider karmic!?11:31
KlavKalashjDaviey: becouse I am an adventurer! :>11:32
pc_help me11:53
pc_i cant install plugin flash in konqueror11:53
pc_Who can help me...11:53
pc_plz... help me!11:53
noaXessin systemsettings / advanced / login manager, how can i change to admin mode to change some settings in login manager? i have kde 4.3 rc211:53
jussi01noaXess: mine asks for the password when starting. though this mahine is still on 4.212:03
jussi01noaXess: ie. it asks when i click login manager12:03
noaXessjussi01: mine not.. hm.. bug in 4.3 rc2..ok.. will search launchpad and kde..12:04
steven_Hi, im trying to decide weather to use kde3 or kde4 for my production enviornment ... some one please help :)12:18
bazhangsteven_, what version of kubuntu? kde4 is standard on 9.0412:19
bazhang!kde3 | steven_12:19
ubottusteven_: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page12:19
steven_so i guess i use kde3 for production ?12:20
steven_bazhang: i use kubuntu 9.04 i have both kde4 and kde3 installed12:22
=== __lumm is now known as _lumm
n8whow do i mouth all my windows ntfs drives automaticaly?13:23
tarzanhi. kde 4.3 rc3 crashes, segmentation fault in kdeinit4, stacktrace: http://pastebin.com/m1fae6240 . and ideas?13:23
kyle__Hi guys, does any one know the command to tell what physical hardrive i have in my machine? Make, model etc13:36
bazhangsudo lshw13:37
buzardj'arrive pas à installer tor13:40
bazhang!fr | buzard13:40
ubottubuzard: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr13:40
=== amit is now known as Guest23226
n8wwhat do i do in order to mount all NTFS drives without needs for enterin user password?13:41
BluesKajhi folks13:57
bazhang!br | motorz614:12
ubottumotorz6: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:12
tarzanafter updating to kde 4.2 rc2 my session crashes, i get a black screen, and gdm starts again. are there any known issues about this?14:27
=== alberto is now known as Guest17259
tarzan4.3 rc214:28
BluesKajtarzan, i have the same effect ,that's plasma crashing and recovering or so i've been told14:37
CAZ_auDoes Kubuntu come with KDE 4.2?14:39
CAZ_audo you know how long the free cd will take to get to Australia?14:39
bazhangfrom shipit.com?14:40
CAZ_auwell shipit.kubuntu.org but same thing i think14:41
bazhangwhy not just contact a loco near you and get some free ones that way? you can ask in the -au channel14:41
ubottuThe Australian Local Community Team has channels here on Freenode. They are #ubuntu-au for technical discussion, and #ubuntu-au-chat for social chatter.14:41
CAZ_authey say mabey 10 weeks but  i heard people getting it in 214:41
bazhangalso /msg ubottu loco14:41
C4ptain_HaddockCAZ_au: in 2006 or so, it took about 3-4 weeks to make it to Melbourne14:41
=== C4ptain_Haddock is now known as Captain_Haddock
CAZ_auok thanks14:42
BluesKajDL and burn it , CAZ_au14:42
CAZ_aui dont have too many downloads left14:43
bazhangthe -au group could probably direct you to a LUG near you14:44
bazhangerr channel14:44
bazhangLinux User's Group, though in this case an Ubuntu User's Group (UUG ?)14:46
bazhangso /join #ubuntu-au and ask around there, probably the -chat channel would be better14:46
Tm_TUUG is Unix User Group (:)14:46
CAZ_auoh, its dead scilent in the AU channel14:46
bazhangCAZ_au, well they have to wake up sometime :) just be patient as it will save a lot of time for you.14:47
CAZ_auwell i guess i am up late :P14:47
CAZ_auit almost midnight14:47
CAZ_auso i dont blame them for being asleep :P14:47
=== tarzan_ is now known as tarzan
CAZ_aui was thinking of making my own Linux Distro, should i base it on Kubuntu or Ubuntu14:48
BluesKajCAZ_au, well it's 9:48 in the morning here and nobody's in the #ubuntu-ca chat either14:48
BluesKajmonday morning in Canada14:49
=== uqs is now known as UQs
CAZ_aulol, almost Tuesday Morning in Australia14:50
CAZ_auyour living in the past :P14:50
CAZ_aujust 10 more minutes14:50
BluesKaji have that album too :)14:50
BluesKajjethro tull14:51
CAZ_aushould i go with kubuntu or Ubuntu for thr base of my linux distro14:52
BluesKajerr living in the past14:52
BluesKajCAZ_au, that's a matter of taste ...most MS windows users will find the kde desktop (kubuntu) more familiar looking than the gnome desktop (ubuntu)14:54
CAZ_auya, i like KDE. The GNOME is ugly and who like BROWN :P14:55
christian86Hey, i got problems with my sony nwz-a828 player; i sticked with the following explantation http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=309659814:55
christian86now amarok shows the songs on it, but dolphin refuses so i just can read music files and cant use it like an usb drive to save docs etc.14:56
BluesKajchristian86, you might get more help in #amarok15:00
=== joe___ is now known as CyD_work
christian86hey, any1 knows the filesystem parametre for SSD usb devices?15:35
DragnslcrI would assume it can be formatted to whatever file system you want15:37
bazhangchristian86, ie ext2 or ext3? both work15:38
christian86bazhang: i dunno, my windows even doesnt tell me it :D15:38
christian86bazhang: per mtp8 my mp3 player works^^ with amarok15:39
bazhangchristian86, flash key?15:39
christian86bazhang, what you mean with flash key?15:39
bazhangchristian86, or internal solid state drive15:39
christian86bazhang external usb mp3 palyer15:39
bazhangchristian86, ie in a netbook there are SSD's15:40
christian86bazhang: i just was in windows to look after fs, but can't open the settings for it, and lsusb just finds the stick, but i need the fs type for mount ;o)15:41
bazhangchristian86, fat3215:41
christian86bazhang, okay merci now it tells me, the /dev/disk/by-uuid/"my uuid" folder doenst exist15:42
bazhangchristian86, fat32 will mount automatically, unless you have formatted it15:43
christian86bazhang, no it doesnt mount in dolphin or the widget in taskbar, i dont know, if i formattet, i just used windows to mount and it worked best^15:45
bazhangchristian86, that is odd, how big is the usb stick? more than 4GB?15:45
christian86bazhang: yes 8gb15:46
bazhangchristian86, the issue is that amarok won't find it, correct? did you set it to look for mtp15:46
christian86bazhang: NO amarok finds it, but i just can read the music files, Dolphin doesnt find15:47
bazhangchristian86, you can transfer music on and off it, but want to do something via dolphin? why not just add to amarok library and do that way15:48
christian86bazhang, no i just can read, i cant send files on in linux, and i dont wanna run windows15:49
bazhangchristian86, what is the make and model of mp3 player15:50
christian86bazhang, sony nwz-a82815:50
christian86bazhang: lsusb: ID 054c:035b Sony Corp15:51
bazhangchristian86, let me check the forums15:51
bazhanghttp://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3096598 christian86 this may help (though its for older versions of kubuntu)15:53
christian86bazhang: i just used the description but it didnt work15:54
christian86bazhang: i sticked with the installation and it worked all fine, but kubuntu doenst mount the drive15:54
legoeverytime I start Kubuntu I have to tell it I have a wored network.  Any way to fix that?15:55
legoAlso does it after updates.15:55
viable-tadessewhere do  find cached file for typical linux device?16:01
pucko-Hello. When I try to watch the trailers at apple.com I only get a "waiting for video" message, and then nothing happens. I'm using the vlc-mozilla plugin. does mozilla and vlc work for anyone?16:11
bazhangpucko-, got a link to them? or just the main page16:12
pucko-any video I try at apple.com/trailers.. I get this little black box where the video is supposed to be playing, but then just a message16:12
bazhanglet me try16:13
bazhangpucko-, works here; do you have all the codecs installed? as well as the plugins for mozilla? (ie mplayer) and are you trying the regular or the hd16:17
=== romullo1 is now known as romullo
pucko-I'm trying the regular videos... but I have installed the 1.0 release of vlc from some packages I found on vlc homepage. perhaps they don't work..16:19
bazhangah I see; I was just accessing via firefox3.5 with mplayer plugin for mozilla16:19
pucko-ok. I'm using the old firefox. I'll try the mplayer plugin though...16:20
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
estresbazhang: hi, how can you update to firefox 3.5?16:21
bazhangestres, sudo apt-get install firefox-3.516:22
estresI even add the repository to make update16:22
bazhangestres, no need its in ubuntu repos16:22
estresI already did that too but still with the old 3.0.116:22
bazhangestres, it is called shiretoko16:23
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY16:23
estresok thank you it seems I am the only with that problem I will see in google to check if someone had the same problem and solved16:23
bazhangestres, just check your applications for shiretoko16:23
estresbazhang: ok I will16:24
KjetilKI'm trying to set up my Kubuntu 9.04 laptop to use my Nokia N78 as modem16:28
KjetilKI've found a Mobile Broadband tab in Network Manager, and it detects my ttyACM0 device16:29
KjetilKwhen trying to connect, it just times out, and I found no further debug information16:30
KjetilKhow can I figure out how to do this?16:30
=== mushrOOm is now known as VerliHub
=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
n8win order to make my ntfs drives mountin automaticaly after the system starts,ive made the followin changes to my fstab: /dev/sda1   /media/win   ntfs   user,rw,auto   0   016:35
n8whowever, this doesnt work at all...16:36
n8wanyone knows whats wrong with it?16:36
Nameless_aun8w: have u installed ntfs or ntfs-3g?16:36
n8wNameless_au: hmmm no?well i dunno:))16:36
Nameless_aun8w: well i don't know either, hence the questionn16:37
compilerwriterLadies and Gents I am running 8.10 until I can get my video card upgraded to something that 9.04 will support.  I have, according to apt-get, the most recent version of nvidia-glx-96 installed.  That has allowed me to run kde fairly well in the past, but for some reason the computer is not utilizing the nvidia driver.  Anyone have any ideas for me?16:37
n8wNameless_au: i mean the only problem is that i always have to insert my password in order to access the drive16:37
n8wNameless_au: hang on,im gonan check it out16:37
n8wNameless_au: ye ive got it installed16:38
n8wNameless_au: ntfs-config, ntfs-3g,ibntfs-3g49 thats what ive got installed16:39
n8wNameless_au: did u get it?16:40
KjetilKcompilerwriter, just the basic question, has something happened to your xorg config?16:40
n8wNameless_au:  ntfs-config, ntfs-3g,ibntfs-3g49 thats what ive got installed16:40
Nameless_auget what16:40
KjetilKi.e. what does grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf say?16:40
n8wNameless_au: my answer16:40
Nameless_aun8w: i have now16:41
Nameless_auare you running jaunty?16:41
n8wNameless_au: yep16:41
compilerwriterKjetilK: not to my knowledge, but that does seem like a probable cause doesn16:42
compilerwriter't it?16:42
Nameless_aucan u pls paste what u have in fstab again pls16:42
n8wNameless_au: in 8.04 there is a module called disk and file system,where u can set the auto-mount...but this module is missin in 9.0416:42
n8wNameless_au: sure...hang on16:42
KjetilKcompilerwriter, yeah, first thing I would check, perhaps an upgrade did something to it, or something...16:42
Nameless_aun8w: just the one line will do16:42
n8wNameless_au:  /dev/sda1   /media/win   ntfs   user,rw,auto   0   016:43
Nameless_aun8w: ok stupid question, but does /media/win exist?16:43
n8wNameless_au: shit....maaan,i might know whats wrong now...16:44
compilerwriterKjetilK: Should I just delete the damned thing and let it regenerate.  With the nvidia driver installed it should just regenerate itself no?16:45
Nameless_aun8w: do share16:45
n8wNameless_au: my path was to the folder which is created after u mount the drive..therefore it doesnt exist before i do the mouth process16:45
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
n8wNameless_au: well at least thats my theory rite now:)))16:45
Nameless_aun8w: thought so :) thats why i mount to desktop or something16:45
compilerwriterOr should I just run nvidia-xconfig KjetilK16:46
Nameless_aun8w: try creating a folder on desktop and mounting to that16:46
n8wNameless_au: hmm i was more thinkin like creatin a folder in the media folder called win or smth and point it to that16:47
KjetilKcompilerwriter, I'm not sure, but did you do16:47
KjetilKgrep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:47
Nameless_aun8w: i was suggesting as a test16:47
n8wNameless_au: sure....16:48
Nameless_aun8w: but whatever16:48
KjetilKcompilerwriter, it could be as simple as just putting Driver "nvidia" in there...16:48
n8wNameless_au: ok im gonna try that...ill hopefuly come bak n let u know:)))))))16:48
Nameless_aubtw n8w kde automounts my ntfs partitions in the file manager16:48
n8wNameless_au: ye?16:49
n8wNameless_au: hows that?16:49
Nameless_aun8w: yeah i dunno im a noob at kde myself lol16:49
n8wNameless_au: i always have to insert my password in order to access it16:49
Nameless_aucome from xfce16:49
compilerwriterok thank KjetilK16:49
Nameless_auoh i still have to type a password in kdesudo16:49
n8wNameless_au: ye thats what i wanna bypass16:50
* compilerwriter pours KjetilK a snifter of Napoleon to show his gratitude.16:50
Nameless_aun8w: gotcha16:50
Nameless_aun8w: lemme know how u go16:50
Nameless_auok i have a fresh dualboot install of kubuntu and vista. grub is in the mbr, vista loads, all is good. for this kubuntu install i have a primary partition 500MB for /boot, then a big LVM partition. in the LVM i have a swap part. and one for this filesystem. How do i install another distro, and let it use the same swap and /boot partition without fail? also, what do i do regarding grub? thanks16:54
KjetilKcompilerwriter, great! :-)16:54
robin0800Yes gksu is broken now and so is alt F2 here16:58
n8wNameless_au: its partly workin...16:59
n8wNameless_au: my first ntfs partiton is bein loaded without insertin my password, but the second one is not17:00
Nameless_aun8w: without seeing your partition structure i cant help soz17:01
n8wNameless_au: nothin difficult to understand...sda1-winsystem,sda2-windata n the rest is linux17:02
Nameless_ausame with me17:02
n8wNameless_au: my fstab: /dev/sda2   /media/winData   ntfs   user,rw,auto   0   017:03
n8w/dev/sda1   /media/winSystem   ntfs   user,rw,auto   0   017:03
BluesKajhmm, I'm begining to like the chrmium-browser for linux more and more now that flash and java seem to be working well on most sites17:06
n8wneed help with my fstab...17:07
ubuntuHi, i have an Sony VIO VGN-FZ31M. Problem is that when i plug in headphones the sound still comes out from speakers and there is no sound in headphone jack.17:09
=== ubuntu is now known as _CommandeR_
_CommandeR_Hi, i have an Sony VIO VGN-FZ31M. Problem is that when i plug in headphones the sound still comes out from speakers and there is no sound in headphone jack.17:10
n8w_CommandeR_: hmm i do get sound in both://17:11
_CommandeR_i dont get any sound in the headphone jack.17:11
aois here antbody knows to configure dns17:12
_CommandeR_amarok dont want to play any mp3 files als..17:12
_CommandeR_what was the download program for apps called again, (synaptic in ubuntu)17:13
=== ao is now known as scorpid
=== ubuntu is now known as itiknila_kde
legoHow do I set up Kubuntu to start as always wired network?17:42
legoI tried in system settings, but when I reboot I have to do it again.17:43
microtechEh?  As long as you have it wired... it should auto recognize the network upon boot17:43
microtechWhat do you mean, what is it loosing / resetting?17:43
legoWhen I start up it has an X on the network icon by the clock.17:43
microtechDo you have a manually configured network?17:43
microtechno DHCP I mean17:44
legoIt also did that when I did an update./17:44
microtechIt sounds like a potential driver issue17:44
legoI have another problem on another install.17:44
microtechDo you have to fill in the IP information?17:44
microtechwhats the other problem =)17:45
tarzanplasma-desktop segfaults on start on my installation. i have a ubuntu 9.04 installation and just installed the kde metapackage... did i miss something or should this be enough?17:45
legoI installed Kubuntu with wubi and I tried changing monitor and video resolution size and now all I get is text screen.17:45
microtechtarzan: to my knowledge that should be enough, whats the actual error17:46
legoI want to get into that Kubuntu to transfer files to this one.17:46
microtechlego: you are going to need to change your xorg.conf I believe it is17:46
microtechLet me see17:46
legoHow do I do that?17:46
Beemsdoes this mean that there are two different drivers installed  http://pastebin.com/m5193589d?17:47
tarzanmicrotech, http://pastebin.com/m7193ef0c ,  plasma-desktop[27775]: segfault at 14 ip b6ec5d19 sp bfddaa98 error 4 in libQtGui.so.4.5.0[b6706000+9c6000]17:47
microtechOne sec Beems, will check in a min17:47
microtechok tarzan one moment as well, thx17:47
microtechlego you are going to need to do vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the resolution in there17:47
legoSince I am running it here properly, can I copy files to the wubi install and fix the error?17:48
legoOkay, I will write that down and try it.  Thank you17:48
microtechBeems, yes two drivers installed17:48
Beemsmicrotech: would this couse my pc to be jumpy?17:48
microtechJumpy?  you mean like your mouse jumps?17:49
microtechtarzan: I am looking at yours now btw17:49
tarzanmicrotech,  this is 4.3 rc2 btw17:49
microtechI see17:50
Beemsmicrotech: i mean like desktop effects wont enable and when i move a window on my desktop its laggy17:50
microtechThe two drivers being installed will not cause that Beems, are you trying to use compiz fusion or something like that?17:51
microtechtarzan:  this is a fairly common problem, trying to find what causes it17:51
tarzanmicrotech, yes i have seen many reports about plasma-desktop crashing, but i did not find a bug report which seems to map to this issue17:52
microtechYa I know I've seen this before17:52
microtechtrying to remember what we did to fix it17:52
Beemsmicrotech: yes I would like to but I cannot even play youtube videos or anything17:53
tarzanmicrotech, do you remember if this is an upstream bug or ubuntu-specific?17:54
Beemsmicrotech: so no my main goal is not to use compiz17:54
microtechunderstood Beems, so you can see the youtube video for example in the freeze frame, but when you try to play it doesnt work?17:54
microtechIts all choppy?17:54
Beemsmicrotech: just to get my grpx to work properly17:54
Beemsmicrotech: it plays but very laggy17:55
Beemsmicrotech: appreciate the help17:55
microtechtarzan: not sure what you can do in this case, you may want to try and reinstall the package, but I don't see any known fix and can't remember if I ever did get around it17:55
microtechBeems: no worries, let me check something here17:55
tarzanmicrotech, thanks, the information that this seems to be an upstream bug is worth a lot :)17:56
microtechno worries =)17:56
microtechBeems: have you run17:59
microtechnvidia-xconfig --allow-glx-with-composite17:59
Beemsmicrotech: run what17:59
microtechThe command below my first line17:59
Beemsmicrotech: oh sry didnt see that17:59
microtechno problem18:00
Beemsmicrotech: http://pastebin.com/m1cfbf40218:01
microtechdo it as sudo18:02
Beemsmicrotech: http://pastebin.com/m7bc3f5d518:03
microtechOk that seems fine18:03
microtechYou will want to reboot and try it18:04
microtechIf that doesnt work, when you come back18:04
microtechCheck out http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-937653.html18:04
microtechnvidia cards have some strange issues like this =(, I have to run for a bit but will be back18:04
Beemssee ya round18:05
microtechfor sure18:05
KlavKalashjhow can I make apps autostart when I log into KDE?18:07
KlavKalashjLike in the sessions options in gnome18:07
ToreadorVampireKlavKalashj> Add them to ~/.kde/Autostart I think18:08
ToreadorVampireAlthough there are many ways to do it18:08
ToreadorVampireYou could also use Sessions18:08
microtechYa quite a few ways to do it18:08
ToreadorVampireAnd I have a feeling that there it a GUI to the Autostart system18:08
KlavKalashjI just found in system settings, "autostart" :P rofl :P18:10
microtechtry there!  :P18:10
ToreadorVampireYeah - that's the one :)18:10
KlavKalashjhehe :)18:10
ToreadorVampireI think that's just a GUI for symlinking into ~/.kde/Autostart though18:10
ToreadorVampireBut not 100% sure18:11
KlavKalashjI am so used to just add to .xinitrc.... I have been on arch too long :P18:11
* ToreadorVampire repeatedly stabs the same/xsane packages on Jaunty18:11
ToreadorVampireGah, it used to work no-questions-asked on Hardy18:12
skyhuntercan someone help me to install compizfusion o.o18:21
bazhangsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager skyhunter18:23
skyhunterok i try it :)18:23
skyhunterin this Alt+F2 thing?18:24
skyhunter(first time running linux xD)18:24
bazhangin the konsole skyhunter18:24
skyhunterwhere is the konsole18:24
bazhangskyhunter, it will then ask for your password (user pass) and won't show as you type it18:24
=== GhostOfToreadorP is now known as ToreadorVampire
bazhangalt f2 konsole should find it :)18:25
skyhunterhmm nothing happens18:26
ToreadorVampireUrgh, sometimes I really hate Jaunty ... every now and then I think "Wow, this KDE4 stuff is cool" but then at other times I am cursing it to hell and back18:26
skyhunteri entered it in the console18:26
bazhangskyhunter, what version of Kubuntu18:27
bazhangskyhunter, you got that into the Konsole and there was a password prompt? or you tried typing it into the run command (alt f2 )box18:28
skyhunteri tried typing it in the alt f2 box18:28
bazhangskyhunter, alt f2 konsole18:28
tarzanmicrotech, the bug we discussed seems to be a kubuntu bug, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19920718:28
skyhunterah i have to type konsole in the alt f2 box18:29
bazhangskyhunter, then when konsole is open: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager18:29
bazhangskyhunter, followed by your password18:29
compilerwriterFolks I think my xwindows just froze up on me.  The bad thing is adept is in the middle of stuff.  which process do I need to see if it is stuck?18:29
skyhunterit says unable to lock the administration directory18:30
motare there are repos that pack the *latest* nvidia-glx drivers besides avenard?18:30
bazhangskyhunter, do you have add/remove or adept or similar open? or are you installing something now?18:30
squid0hi there18:30
moti'm looking for a reliable install of the new 185.* driver18:30
squid0in kde3 there used to be a wonderful add printer wizard. it seems to be gone now. has it been ported to kde4?18:30
bazhangskyhunter, if so, close them once they are finished,as you can only install from one instance of apt-get at a time.18:31
skyhunterhmm i installed shockwave player packet a few mins ago18:31
squid0it scanned the networrk and everything18:31
rysiek|plsquid0: have you checked in the System Settings -> Printers?18:31
skyhunterand theres orange arrow which says restart your system o.o18:31
ToreadorVampiremot>  I had serious issues with the repository installations of the nvidia glx drivers.  I ended up just uninstalling those and picking up the latest stable release from nvidia's download location » download.nvidia.com IIRC18:31
squid0rysiek|pl: yeah. it just gives me options of types of printers to add, but not the wizard18:32
bazhangskyhunter, if you wish to restart I will still be around for a few18:32
rysiek|plsquid0: have you tried selecting one of the types?18:32
skyhunterok i restart mom18:32
squid0rysiek|pl: yes. but it hasn't worked properly18:32
skyhunterback in a min18:33
rysiek|plsquid0: no idea, then; worked here liuke a charm, both for local and network printers18:33
rysiek|plbazhang: "moment", I suppose18:33
ToreadorVampiremot> ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86 « Choose your architecture and you're away - those drivers are dead easy to install without using a package system18:33
bazhangrysiek|pl, I hope so :)18:33
moti found it18:33
rysiek|plbazhang: but if somebody wrote "moment" in full, the guy would probably go "tl;dr"18:34
ToreadorVampireBut the driver that Jaunty bundled had some serious lockup issues for me, kept hanging my xserver forcing a reboot18:34
ToreadorVampireAnyway, I'm gone18:34
squid0rysiek|pl: you got the wizard? the thing is, there's a network printer here but I'm not sure what it's address is18:35
rysiek|plsquid0: I don't remember, actually; I didn't notice anything that would put me off, and it worked18:36
squid0rysiek|pl: interesting18:36
bazhangskyhunter, sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager18:36
skyhunterit does something :D downloading18:37
bazhangskyhunter, once it is downloaded, you will need to be sure your 3D drivers are enabled and in use for your card18:37
skyhunterhow can i check whether my drivers are activated?18:38
squid0rysiek|pl: or is there a command-line tool to scan for a printer?18:38
rysiek|plsquid0: no idea18:38
skyhunteri think its finished18:39
squid0rysiek|pl: ok, thanks18:39
skyhunteris there a command to install the newest nvidia driver?18:41
bazhangskyhunter, check in hardware drivers18:41
skyhunterah ok i activated the recommended one18:43
skyhunternow i have to restart again *sigh*18:44
skyhunterhow can i start compiz after restart?18:44
bazhangwe'll discuss when you return :)18:44
bazhangtry alt f2 compiz --replace18:47
skyhunterhmm something happend18:48
bazhangskyhunter, now open the compiz settings manager and change (in general settings) desktop size virtual horizontal to 418:49
skyhunterhmm the comptizconfig window is empty18:50
bazhangskyhunter, additionally enable cube and cube rotate18:50
skyhunteri cant open the compiz settings manager18:51
skyhunternothing happen18:51
bazhangcan't open?18:51
skyhunteri type compiz settings manager in the alt+f2 box18:51
skyhunterand then there appears a button called compiz settings manger and when i click it nothing happens18:52
bazhangno, look for it in your settings or administration / preferences menu18:52
squid0rysiek|pl: I found that nmap does a network scan18:53
skyhunterwhere is administration menu?18:53
rysiek|plsquid0: yes, it's a general network scanner18:53
rysiek|plsquid0: not a "network printer scanner" though18:53
squid0rysiek|pl: no, but it helps me18:54
skyhuntermaybe it didnt install the compiz package18:54
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bazhangskyhunter, what about alt f2 ccsm18:55
skyhunterwhats ccsm?18:55
skyhunterah this is an empty window18:56
bazhangskyhunter you sure you got it installed?18:56
skyhunteri just type your command in the console18:57
bazhangsudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager18:57
skyhunterthen it stoped doing something18:57
bazhangskyhunter, try it again18:57
skyhunterit says compizconfig-settings-manager is the newest version18:58
=== edvaldo is now known as Ingrid
bazhangthen its installed, look around in your menus for it18:58
skyhunterhmm its there18:59
skyhunterwhen i open it the empty window come18:59
skyhunteropens again18:59
skyhunteris there a remote control programm for linux? xD19:00
skyhuntercant explain you how the window looks like :S19:00
bazhangskyhunter, try this: sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (in the konsole NOT alt f2)19:01
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skyhunterit installs something19:02
bazhangskyhunter, close the ccsm window19:02
skyhunterit works19:02
skyhunterthe window isnt empty anymore :D19:03
bazhanggood, now scroll up and follow the instructions I gave you19:03
bazhangskyhunter, now open the compiz settings manager and change (in general settings) desktop size virtual horizontal to 4  additionally enable cube and cube rotate19:04
bazhangskyhunter, then after that is done, shut the ccsm window and alt f2 compiz --replace19:05
skyhunterafter i entered compiz settings manger i cant move my windows19:05
skyhunterand cant open alt+f219:05
bazhangskyhunter, then check the move windows plugin19:07
skyhunterk found it19:07
skyhunteri cant found the desktop size19:08
skyhunteri just see the cube thing19:08
bazhangskyhunter, now it should be able to move windows and such, you will want to experiment with the various plugins etc; if you have problems with certain effects there is a channel just for that #compiz19:09
skyhunterbut why i cant open the alt f2 box?19:09
bazhangthe desktop size is in general19:09
bazhangat the very top skyhunter in ccsm19:09
skyhunterahh i have to click on it xD19:10
skyhuntergeneral -> general information19:10
skyhunterok and how can i activate my f2 window agian?19:11
bazhangalt f219:11
skyhunterit dont work19:11
skyhunterand the X button on windows is disappeared too19:11
bazhangskyhunter, do you have a newly installed theme, or using emerald?19:12
skyhunteri did nothing it disappeared after i wrote compiz settings manager into the altf2 box19:12
bazhangskyhunter, not sure about this; you have most everything installed, perhaps you should /join #compiz for clearer answers19:14
skyhunterokay :)19:14
skyhunterthx a lot19:14
bazhangnp :)19:14
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skyhunteri will restart now an then testing around^^ cu19:15
deitarionThe most recent updates my desktop received have lead Plasma to frequently die with SIGSEGV or SIGILL. How do I downgrade?19:18
deitarion(To whatever Plasma version was current a few weeks ago)19:18
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bdgrauehow can i record my desktop in kde4.3rc? can't find the option anywhere19:22
Serpardummy sudo mount is hanging19:23
Serpardumsudo mount -t cifs -o username=Jim,password=secret,ip= //JIM-VISTA/edrive /media/EDRive19:24
Serpardumit worked yesterday. now it's just.. hanging19:24
DexterFI need a screenshot tool that sends the screenshot directly to a certain email adress. saving ksnapshot and have someone mail it as an attachment is simply too much for certain folks. anyone know of such an app?19:24
Serpardumyesterday I had done sudo apt-get update.19:24
Serpardumtoday I got a newer version of virtualbox19:25
Serpardumit finally came back: Host is down19:25
DexterFSerpardum: server's IP still the same?19:25
Serpardumyes, I checked19:25
Serpardumlet me make sure my ip is correct19:25
DexterFSerpardum: upper/lower case ok?19:25
Serpardumoh wth, it's not giving an IP to my eth119:26
Serpardumokay, it's some virtualbox thing.  thanks19:26
DexterFSerpardum: as much as I like to encourage anyone to use open src stuff I regard vbox as a POS and favor VMware over it anytime. whiel VMware workstation is frigging expensive vmware server is free, so is vmware player for which you can make new VMs with a little trickster stunt, google.19:27
pcfreak_can someone help me with an apache url_rewrite question?19:28
firecrotchpcfreak_: Sure :)19:29
pcfreak_firecrotch: http://pastebin.com/m6aed00ee19:30
firecrotchpcfreak_: what's the problem ?19:31
pcfreak_firecrotch: I want to convert the entire url to lowercase if it contains any uppercase characters. map mylowercase is set in httpd.conf19:31
pcfreak_firecrotch:  eg http://yourDomAin/tesT.Jpg should convert to http://yourdomain/test.jpg19:31
firecrotchpcfreak_: and instead it does nothing at all?19:31
Serpardumrestarted vbox, it gave me IP now, now immmediately comes back with  Host is down.19:32
SerpardumI think it's some vbox thing19:32
pcfreak_firecrotch: it worked with a different condition RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^.*/.*\.jpg$ [NC] and only replacing the jpg extension to lowercase with RewriteRule (.*)\.jpg $1\.jpg [R=301,NC]19:33
pcfreak_firecrotch: but need the entire url to convert lower19:34
firecrotchpcfreak_:  What does the error log say is happenign?19:34
pcfreak_firecrotch: ahh nice idea to look in the log (I am testing this on xampp for linux)19:35
firecrotchpcfreak_: last time I had checked on anything having to do with apache on windows, mod_rewrite completely sucked on windows19:36
pcfreak_firecrotch: I am on linux19:36
firecrotchpcfreak_: oh, you had mentioned xampp... I should pay better attention lol19:37
firecrotchnormally when someone mentions xampp they're talking about the windows version19:37
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noaXessmy update manager won't check for updates automatically but it is setup to check automatically.. ?19:57
=== scott_ is now known as scott_Noodle
scott_NoodleI need help with Virtual Hosting help.. Apache Conf Files have no effect am getting Not Found URL's20:22
scott_NoodleI can ping the URL's from an external server20:23
scott_NoodleThey resolve that way, But Apache does not seem to obey any of the conf file instructions. I get the same results whether I have the directives in the file or completely remove them. Same result online. Not Found.20:25
Piciscott_Noodle: Perhaps #apache would be a better place to ask?20:25
scott_NoodleI thought someone at ubuntu since I installed the new 9.04 server20:26
tarzanusing kde 4.3 rc2 the widget dashboard takes about 5 seconds to display, the K menu has a delay of approx. 1 secong on a c2d 8400, is this normal?20:27
firecrotchscott_Noodle: Perhaps the error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log) will shed some light on the problem?20:29
strife25hi, ive just gotten the error that "Compositiing was too slow and has been suspended" in KDE window manager. this is fine because when i get this error, i am able to have my videos maximize to full screen. how can i alway have compositing utrned off?20:32
Serpardumanyone do sudo apt-get update lately and have a cifs share break on them?20:32
dwarder__every time i reboot, i have to dial up  PCM in alsamixer, can i somehow save it?20:33
llutzdwarder__: sudo alsactl store20:33
dwarder__llutz: E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/dwarder not ours.20:34
toby_"Switch User" isn't working, causing krunner to crash. There is no krunner-dbg. What do I need to do to make a useful bug report?20:34
dwarder__llutz: this is the output20:34
dwarder__llutz: is it saved now?20:35
llutzdwarder__: i doubt that. never seen that error before, sry20:35
dwarder__llutz: i have a widget on my desctop, that minimizes all windows, i have to set shortcut every time i reboot too, do you know how can i fix that?20:36
toby_HEre is the crash information : http://pastebin.com/f5e723c620:37
toby_krunner is a pretty core part of kde, right? How come there are no debug symbols?20:42
toby_Does anyone know of another way to switch users? (i.e. without going K/leave/switch user)20:48
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Diegofthere`s someone from Chile?20:49
szuwaksgreetings from Polnad!20:58
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=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
vbgunzI have a papercut that is very close to the veins on my wrist. where do I post about this papercut for kubuntu? or is the whole papercut far lower level?21:16
Captain_Haddockit sounds more superficial than low level21:17
firecrotchvbgunz: I think they can help you in #emo21:17
BluesKajvbgunz, how about #firstaid21:25
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n8whave any of u experienced that ff3 doesnt start maximized?21:58
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steve__hi all, i had a bad crash with my kubuntu 8.04 system and now i could need some help. I can boot, but x doesnt start and the network is down. startx says 'failed to load module "type1"', and the same for "freetype". any hints where to start fixing it?21:58
steve__thats 9.04, sorry22:00
BluesKajsteve__, are you at a TTY prompt ?22:00
BluesKajsteve__, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg then after going thru the setup , startx22:01
steve__ok, i'll try22:01
steve__well, it says "whiptail: error while loading shared librarries: libnewt.so.0.52: cannot open shared object file: no such file or dir"22:02
steve__directly from the dpkg-reconfigure command22:02
BluesKajsteve__, have you updated lately?22:03
steve__yes, yesterday22:03
steve__thats when it crashed ;-)22:03
BluesKajtry the upgrade command22:03
steve__network is down22:03
Hexchhi, I have an apache2 where I configured an virtual host hexch.dk but I get an premission denied22:04
Hexchcan somebody help me ?22:04
steve__so maybe i should start trying to fix the network?22:04
BluesKajif you can22:05
steve__hm no idea what to do22:05
steve__i tried sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart22:05
steve__it says OK, but still its down22:05
steve__can i somehow check which packages are broken on my system?22:06
BluesKajsteve__, how are you talking to us ?22:06
steve__with my laptop22:06
steve__that one is fine :-)22:06
steve__if i knew which packages are broken i could download with my laptop and then transfer to the other computer, but how do i determine the broken things?22:08
toniiSo, anyone good with Xorg awake? ^_^22:09
toniiXorg starts on CRT-0 but I only have one monitor and it's connected to CRT-1 (vga)22:09
compilerwriterCould one use apt-get to update in the same way one uses adept from console?22:10
compilerwriterAlso can one get Ibex to run kde 4.2.4 easily?22:11
compilerwritersteve__: was that a yes to my question or a yes to your conversation?22:12
steve__for you, compiler, apt-get works nicely from the console22:12
compilerwriterso if the adept thing says there are a bunch of udates one just apt-get update ?22:13
steve__sudo apt-get update looks for updates, sudo apt-get upgrade installs22:14
steve__or write sudo apt-get install xyz to upgrade package xyz22:15
BluesKajsteve__, have you tried wicd as network manager , it's much better than the widget.22:15
steve__hm, iwcd i dont know, its not on the broken system, so i cannot try right now22:17
steve__it used to work fine before22:17
BluesKajcan you dl wicd to your laptop and transfer to your other system ?22:19
steve__i think i could do that, but i have only text mode on the other computer at the moment22:21
steve__would it be easier to get the network running again with this wicd22:21
steve__does it require x?22:21
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MoshMagehey, where can i get libtag-extras0 ? ;O23:16
MoshMagei have 9.0423:16
MoshMageerm.. tho it's ubuntu not kubuntu; any trouble there? no? sweet.23:17
rysiek|plMoshMage: have you search the repository?23:22
MoshMagecant find it23:23
MoshMagewhen im installing amarok2 it says that dependenci is unistallable23:24
dwarder__what should i press to scroll with tachpad23:27
MoshMagerysiek|pl ?23:27
MoshMageany idea23:28
dwarder__i did it several times ocationaly23:28
rysiek|plMoshMage: no idea then. google?23:28
shadeslayerdwarder__: uh..the right side of the touchpad??23:28
dwarder__shadeslayer: yeah, that cool23:29
dwarder__what else tauchpad hides from me? :)23:29
shadeslayerdwarder__: hair....dust..bugs..you never know23:30
MoshMagedwarder__ you can scroll horizontal too23:30
shadeslayerMoshMage: not in kubuntu though...or is it just me??23:30
dwarder__not many pages allow you to scroll horizontaly23:31
MoshMageidk, i think your touchpad has to be capable of it23:31
dwarder__well i found one23:31
shadeslayerMoshMage: works in vista..23:31
MoshMagedont know then ;o23:31
SerpardumProblem: with newest version of virtualbox (not positive if before or not) I'm being shown as jim@Jim-Vista  should be jim@Jim-Kubuntu23:31
Serpardumhow/where is the name set?23:31
dwarder__how to scroll horizontally?23:31
Serpardumdwarder_ You don't normally23:32
rysiek|plshadeslayer, dwarder__: you would need to add some stuff to xorg.conf, but you can scroll horizontally, emulate middle-button by two-finger tap and scroll "continually" (as in: start scrolling as normal, but instead of ending at the bottom, start making circles)23:32
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Serpardumunless there is a scroll bar at the bottom of a window23:32
dwarder__bottom side of the touchpad?23:32
dwarder__right doesn't work23:32
shadeslayerrysiek|pl: cool!!23:32
shadeslayerrysiek|pl: but i dont wanna messup xorg :P23:32
rysiek|plnot as useful as it sounds, but yeah23:32
rysiek|plshadeslayer: you add it in input device's section, so don't worry23:33
rysiek|plshadeslayer: besides, X.org now takes 90% of config directly from HAL, so even if you mess something up, you just delete xorg.conf and let it recreate itself :)23:33
MoshMagerysiek|pl, any idea on how to grab that runaway lib?23:33
dwarder__rysiek|pl: i wish i had multytouch touchpad like on apple mca23:33
* rysiek|pl assumes shadeslayer sits on something newer than 8.0423:33
rysiek|plMoshMage: no idea, google for it23:34
MoshMageok, ill keep doing that23:34
shadeslayerrysiek|pl: yeah..i can sit on 9.10..but itll probably break..so im on 9.0423:34
Serpardumhow do I change my machine name?23:34
MoshMageargh. and all because they wont help @ amarok if im not using 2.1.1 ;|||23:34
MoshMageanyone knows a nice nowPlaying2html for amarok1.4?23:34
MoshMagebecause, all i want to do; is that.23:35
dwarder__rysiek|pl: thanks23:35
rysiek|pldwarder__: cheers23:35
rysiek|plSerpardum: kdesu kate /etc/hostname23:35
rysiek|plSerpardum: there might be a nice graphical way in System Settings though23:35
* rysiek|pl prefers to do such things manually23:36
Serpardumthanks, restarting23:36
Serpardumdidn't fix my problem :(23:43
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