kklimondahmm.. Ademan: you could ask doko (Matthias Klose) about status of Eclipse in Debian/Ubuntu. I can see that he has done some work 2 weeks ago in package's repository00:00
billybigrigger_if the package is in debian unstable you can file a merge request00:01
kklimondait isn't00:01
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Protector1981anyone has this problem? http://protector.pastebin.com/m746e009300:28
veckany wat to configure ubuntu specificly for my machinr?02:26
veckcannot remeber what its called but it is done through terminal?02:27
syn-ackGood evening04:15
syn-ackquestion... which kernel version has been decided upon for the freeze?04:17
RAOFWe currently have 2.6.31.  I believe that is the version we plan to ship.04:19
rwwYeah, I've heard 2.6.31 too.04:19
RAOFThere's a page on the Ubuntu wiki about it if you want something official.04:20
syn-ackah, ok, the last I had heard they wernt sure if it was going to .31 or .32 so I figured I would ask04:20
* DanaG wonders when 2.3.31-rc3 will be.04:26
DanaGI need this fixed.  =þ04:27
syn-ackDana, I rather prefer and miss the Old Kernel Release Schedule04:27
DanaGWhat's that?04:29
syn-ackOdds and evens.04:29
syn-ackTwo seperate branches, not developing off the current stable branch, you know smart shit like that04:30
DanaGCan't say I'd noticed much of a change.04:30
syn-ackDanaG: heh04:31
syn-ackI havce04:31
syn-ackhave, too04:31
syn-ack2.6.6 is one prime example04:31
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 13659 in network-wireless "iwlagn (4965): no wireless due to RFKILL problem" [Normal,Resolved: patch_already_available]04:31
syn-ackDanaG: Of course, thats just my two cents04:32
DanaGhah, gotta' love the ignorant bashing of PulseAudio... which happens to be one way to fix exactly the problem the person gripes about.04:48
syn-ackDanaG: I personally dont see the need for Pulse04:54
DanaGIt's awesome for multi-audio-device stuff.04:54
DanaGAnd for remixing M streams to N speakers.04:54
syn-ackyeah, I dont do any of that, so yeah...04:54
RAOFOr for streaming across the network.04:54
DanaGWhere M != N.04:54
syn-ackSomeone wanna tell me if I'm blind or if there really is no config menu entry for gdm in Karmic...04:56
DanaGOh yeah, I tried the AirPort Express support, and it had rather horrid (1.5 second!) lag.04:56
syn-ackDanaG: on a brighter note, the ath5k driver is sooooo much nicer than in mainline. :P04:57
* DanaG has an Intel 5300.04:59
syn-ackSo, am I just blind or can one not configure the GDM login screen or even customise it...05:02
DanaGYou can, but it's not obvious how.05:02
syn-ackSo how would I go about it?05:03
syn-ackI dont seem to have the extension installed for gnome control center05:07
DanaGTry xterm instead of gnome-control-center05:08
DanaGthen you can run gnome-appearance-preferences or gconf-editor from there.05:08
syn-ackDana I did fire up from commandline as per that wiki entry05:12
syn-ackthis is the error I got: http://meskes.pastebin.com/d53365b3805:12
DanaGIs your desktop AT the login screen?05:14
DanaGIt has to actually be sitting at the login screen for it to work.05:14
syn-ackugh, ok05:15
syn-ackyeah, no dice...05:15
syn-ackAll Im trying to do is reset my autologin05:16
DanaGOh, that's a bit different.05:17
DanaGThat needs the gdm custom.conf file.05:17
syn-ackaha, great. Thanks.05:18
syn-ackNot quite as gracefull as I was hoping05:25
* DanaG likes his funky compiz profile.05:34
DanaGActually, quick way to get a sense of how it's set: open it as a text file.05:35
syn-ackthis kinda irritating, actually05:40
DanaGoh, and it's a good idea to export your own profile for safekeeping, just for the heck of it.05:42
syn-ackJust trying to get gdm to work like it did before I upgraded05:43
DanaGOr for in case you ever accidentally choose one of the options in Appearance Properties window.05:43
syn-ackDanaG: I do that on all my systems at first install05:43
DanaGAh.  Yeah, GDM has changed a lot.05:43
DanaGI find my profile has a nifty mix of "shinyness" and not-insanity.05:43
syn-ackI get an error regarding simple-window something or another as well, and I'm trying to figure that one out05:44
syn-ackand its a gdm error too... quite irritating05:44
DanaGyeah, that one is from metacity.05:44
syn-ackIm not even using metacity though05:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 395324 in gdm "'These windows do not support "save current setup"....' metacity warning when logging in with gdm 2.26" [Medium,In progress]05:45
syn-ackIm using compiz/fusion05:45
DanaGGDM is, though.05:45
syn-ackI had it set up to use compiz05:45
syn-ackso, either way it was doing it05:45
DanaGCheckbox for gdm using compiz... didn't actually work.05:45
syn-ackNo wonder I couldnt find that metacity error looking at this...05:46
syn-ackwow, ok, cool. Fixed enough for gov't work05:51
syn-ackThanks for the help DanaG05:51
DanaGOr alternately:05:52
DanaGsymlink that metacity.desktop to the compiz.desktop05:52
DanaGwherever that may be.05:52
syn-acknah, this works well enough05:52
syn-ackThat right there, is more or less the EXACT same way I have mine set up05:57
DanaGoh yeah, the globe thingy with question-mark is service-discovery-applet.06:01
DanaGoh, and for some reason, the full battery is showing the "empty" icon.06:01
DanaGI like having a non-glossy theme.  Much easier on the eyes.06:17
DanaGOh, and high-dpi display for-the-win.06:17
DanaGDesktop font is set to 9 pt, 147 DPI.  Real display is... 147 DPI.06:18
DanaGJust as it should be.06:18
andresmhI had set up synchronization on Tomboy using a local folder. I reinstalled Ubuntu and I pointed Tomboy to the same folder and it fails synching. Error message is empty. ANy ideas?06:38
Ademankklimonda: hrm yeah, I don't actually even use eclipse, i was just going to play around with pydev for fun, but day to day i use vim... it seems like *someone* has got to need eclipse though, I can't believe no one's stepped up...08:12
kklimondaAdeman: afair it's a hard package to build from source and maintain08:14
kklimondaAdeman: it's easier to unpack it to ~/eclipse/08:14
LLStarksthis bug needs to die: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=760747508:17
RAOFAlso, eclipse _also_ builds libswt-gtk, so it needs special care in order to not break lots of other software.08:20
Alocadoi'm using karmic and have a problem booting the 2.6.31-* kernels, i get an error message like "ata1: illegal qc_active transition".. anybody who knows about this error?08:52
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eagles0513875Alocado: ask in ubuntu-kernel09:04
Alocadothird try ;)09:08
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Lademordwoohoo, I'11:29
Lademordve just had system sound for the first time in THREE YEARS!11:29
LademordAlso, every time I boot up karmic I get some kind of warning about gdm-simple-greeter not supporting session-something and having to be restarted..11:31
|ns|nR8thats normal Lademord11:32
LademordAh okay11:32
LademordI assume it'll be fixed before rc though :)11:32
|ns|nR8windows 7 and 9.10 will be official within a week of each other11:33
|ns|nR8sounds like a good time to reformat the drive and start again11:33
|ns|nR83 months away11:34
LademordI'm running beta of both here :)11:40
eagles0513875nice i cant wait till win 7 comes out so i can get off vista and use my ram more efficiently11:42
eagles0513875i have 8gb in this desktop lol running vista 64bit atm11:42
eagles0513875guys has anyone tested out lmms on karmic yet11:43
|ns|nR8i got 4 gig ram..im still runnin 32 bit os's11:45
|ns|nR8ill make the switch in october11:45
LademordI don't find Win7 as fantastic as everybody claims.. I've got several issues with stuff from XP which doesn't work anymore (or perhaps that's because I'm running 64bit now...)11:46
|ns|nR87 has better battery life on laptop...and loads faster, looks nicer11:47
|ns|nR8thats enough to convince me11:47
|ns|nR8more than 4 gig ram would be overkill for everyday use ?11:48
|ns|nR8only so much windows will cache in ram11:49
LademordYou can never have too much RAM11:49
eagles0513875Lademord: you run with compatibility enabled11:55
eagles0513875Lademord: when using vista it uses 2gb outa the box11:55
eagles0513875for me at least11:55
eagles0513875then i have a tendency to multitask and i end up using 70% of the 8gb11:55
LademordOkay that's just plain stupid.. An OS shouldn't use that much RAM on its own!11:55
LademordI love Ubuntu for being relatively low on the requirements11:56
amortvigildoes 9.10 may break my system of certanly break it?11:58
|ns|nR8vista will easy use 2 gig for pre caching data...when its only really needs 400MB11:58
Lademordamortvigil, It may break it. Alpha2 is still unstable as hell.11:58
|ns|nR8the alpha is certainly messed up11:58
amortvigilto bad11:59
Lademord..but I upgraded anyway because after three years of waiting ALSA now finally supports my sound card!11:59
amortvigilbecause 9.04 is still unusable to me11:59
amortvigilsome network errors11:59
|ns|nR8latest kernel version supports some features in my hardware for the first time aswell11:59
amortvigilwich cause my system to break11:59
yofelamortvigil: you should try it out in a virtual machine first to check if you can use it11:59
yofelthen you might want to think about upgrading12:00
amortvigilyofel: smart idea12:00
yofelMy Thinkpad can finally suspend without errors after 2 years of using ubuntu12:00
amortvigilis there a new artwork?12:01
yofelit got better with jaunty, but karmic really fixed it.12:01
amortvigilwhat kind of errors are the worst at the moment?12:01
yofelamortvigil: not that much, the only big change is that GDM can't be configured by GUI12:01
amortvigiland does the new boot method work?12:02
eagles0513875there is also the big annoyance at least on kde the plasma-widget-network-manager wont connecto to wpa encrypted wifi connections12:02
yofelhm, then there's the transition from hal to devicekit that's messing with drive mounting...12:03
yofelok, g-p-m seems to be finally fixed here with todays update and doesn't crash anymore12:04
|ns|nR8prolly be a hug mess till beta12:04
LademordWhen's the beta planned for?12:07
|ns|nR8start of oct12:07
Lademordthat's a very long time12:11
yofelLademord: see the karmic release schedule in the topic12:12
eagles0513875anyone else trying out the google chrome daily builds12:29
yofeleagles0513875: the chromium ones yes12:30
eagles0513875yofel: is the reaload button working and other stuff like that for ya12:30
eagles0513875cuz for me they arent working for some reason12:30
yofeleagles0513875: the build from yesterday works fine here12:32
eagles0513875strange the one in the ppa then is broken12:32
eagles0513875or incomplete cuz refresh isnt working for me either that or the ia32libs are bugged12:32
Q-FUNKapw: please let me know if you need any more info to solve bug #396286 :)12:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396286 in linux "kernel 2.6.31-generic oops after loading initramfs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39628612:46
eagles0513875hey yofel you running 32bit or 64bit12:48
yofeleagles0513875: 6412:51
eagles0513875cuz im having issues and i am on 20090712r20470-0ubuntu1-ucd1 version of it12:52
gnomefreakQ-FUNK: the kernenl guys will let you know on the bug report what info is needed12:54
Q-FUNKgnomefreak: yes and that would be apw, who has responded to both of my kernel bug reports.12:54
eagles0513875yofel: when you installed karmic was it an upgrade from jaunty or clean install12:55
yofeleagles0513875: I first upgraded to karmic from jaunty short after alpha1, then did a clean install of alpha2 a few days ago because some things were broken beyond repair.13:16
eagles0513875ya seems like chomium is broken cuz i upgraded from jaunty to karmic13:16
eagles0513875does this warrent a bug report13:16
Lademordyofel I'm considering doing a clean install of alpha2 as well in order to get rid of any redundant code (including OSS) that has been left behind from jaunty13:55
eagles0513875hey BluesKaj13:56
eagles0513875last i heard though the cd wasnt working for alpha 213:56
* maxb notes that it's less than 2 weeks until alpha 313:56
BluesKajhi folks13:57
BluesKajhi eagles13:57
yofelthe cd for alpha 2 works fine (at least from usb, thats all i tested). The dialy images are broken all the time14:02
yofelhi BluesKaj14:02
BluesKajhi yofel14:03
BluesKajhmm, I just upgrade everyday , every thing seems ok , except plasma still crashes , but recovers on it own14:04
yofelhi cbr14:15
cbrthe "Starting kernel event manager" stage of the boot returns [fail] 70% of times14:15
cbrwhich makes stuff not work obviously14:15
cbrwhat could be the problem?14:15
cbralso, logrotate doesn't work14:24
cbrmy logs are 200MB+ in size14:24
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eagles0513875what version of qt is in karmic14:34
ubottuQt is the Qt (pronounced "cute") toolkit, which forms the base of KDE and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI. Install the libqt3-mt-dev package to compile Qt 3 applications or libqt4-dev for Qt 4 applications. Qt 4.4 is available from hardy-backports14:34
eagles0513875!info qt14:35
ubottuPackage qt does not exist in karmic14:35
maxbeagles0513875: Use packages.ubuntu.com or rmadison14:35
eagles0513875maxb: i know bout those sites but there are quite a few qt packages available in regards to qt414:37
BluesKajhey oldude67 , welcome !15:07
BluesKajnice to see other older ppl with an interest in Linux15:08
eagles0513875heheh BluesKaj :)15:15
eagles0513875what ya working on today BluesKaj15:15
BluesKajactually I'm waiting for the rain to stop , so I can go out to fix some window trim that's come loose :)15:17
BluesKajother than that I'm enjoying some coffee15:20
eagles0513875coffee is always good15:24
eagles0513875have you given chromium-browsers a spin yet15:24
JonDoe297eagles0513875: I heard that it has a flash support now15:25
eagles0513875ya but im having some issues with it im starting to think its related to the upgrade from jaunty to karmic i did15:25
eagles0513875here is the link to the ppa for it https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa15:26
JonDoe297I know about it, but thanks :)15:26
eagles0513875no prob15:26
JonDoe297I tried Chrome a few days ago, but dropped it15:26
eagles0513875are you on a clean install of karmic or upgraded version15:26
JonDoe297upgraded from jaunty15:26
eagles0513875did you have issues with  some of the buttons cuz i am havin gsome issues with the refresh button not working15:27
eagles0513875hey BluesKaj welcome back15:27
JonDoe297I have some strange issues with my keyboard and mouse, but it's not Ubuntu-related methink :)15:28
maxbclean installs are massively overrated15:28
JonDoe297so, about Chromium15:28
JonDoe297I dropped it because of horrible font rendering :(15:28
maxbExcept for one point where I *had* to reinstall to switch from i386 to amd64, I've gone step-by-step all the way from dapper->karmic15:29
eagles0513875nice but you try out chromium-browser15:29
JonDoe297I think that I will try it tommorow15:29
eagles0513875how can i run chromium-browser through gdb it was saying something about not being an executable15:30
JonDoe297maxb: and how are you with amd64? :)15:32
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yofeleagles0513875: you could try to attach gdb to the process after starting chromium15:32
JonDoe297I mean, overall experience :) Faster than i386, etc?15:32
eagles0513875i was trying to do gdb chromium-browser and then use r to run it15:33
eagles0513875JonDoe297: 64bit = nice but there some things still missing which are now getting fixed like flash being one15:33
JonDoe297oh, flash15:33
eagles0513875they now have 64bit for it though15:33
eagles0513875ok thats messed up now it seems to work15:36
eagles0513875so no issue here then15:36
JonDoe297eagles0513875: have you tried Namoroka?15:37
JonDoe297I'm using it now :)15:37
eagles0513875wtf is that15:38
JonDoe297"Firefox 3.6"15:38
JonDoe297but for now, it's branded as Minefield :)15:38
arand_I'm getting some errors updating update-motd: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/216980/15:39
eagles0513875im on 3.5 i believe15:39
JonDoe297I still have old Firefox (3.0.11) for backup :)15:40
LademordI still have old firefox for backup because I don't dare delete it out of fear that my computer explodes or something15:44
eagles0513875heheh Lademord chromium is working now refresh wise15:52
LademordI know it has probably been discussed a thousand times before, but why is there both Chromium and Chrome? Which is best?16:07
JMFTheVCIJust updated with the latest set of fixes. When I perform an administrative task (eg synaptic) via the menus I am prompted for my password which it then says is incorrect. Yet if I do the same with sudo synaptic in a terminal it accepts my password. Anyone seen this?16:08
mvoJMFTheVCI: karmic? what does the terminal print if you run "gksu id" ?16:09
JonDoe297Lademord: Chromium is for "daily testing", Chrome is more "stable"16:09
JonDoe297or I'm wrong?16:09
JMFTheVCImvo: If I start a new terminal it prompts me for my password which it believes is wrong. If I do sudo gksu id then it works (but obviously responds uid=0)16:11
JMFTheVCIThe sudo accepts my password.16:11
mvoJMFTheVCI: no output from gksu id when the password is (said to be) wrong?16:12
mvoJMFTheVCI: what version libgksu2-0 do you use?16:12
JMFTheVCImvs: libgksu2-0-1ubuntu16:14
JMFTheVCI(karmic alpha 2 + fixes to date)16:14
arand_JMFTheVCI: I'm having the exact same issue here16:14
JMFTheVCIAha! not alone!16:14
JMFTheVCImvo: the last two attempts at gksu id with a clean (closed & re-opened) terminal have been returning uid=016:16
JMFTheVCIalso I am getting a crash report about something but I cannot report it because my password is not being accepted!16:18
mvoJMFTheVCI: libgksu2-0-1ubuntu <- which ubuntu revision is that, its most likely got cut off from dpkg, dpkg -l libgksu2-0 |more should display all of it16:18
mvoJMFTheVCI: do you get the prompt back when you run "sudo -k" ?16:18
arand_mvo: JMFTheVCI: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/217001/ << output from gksu -d id16:18
JMFTheVCImvo 2.0.12-1ubuntu216:19
mvoarand_: thanks - hm, so this is what it prints and it does display a dialog?16:20
mvoJMFTheVCI: thanks - this problem smelled a lot like a bug that got fixed in the -1ubuntu2 version. but it appears that this is no tthe case (at least for you)16:21
mvoanything uncommon in your sudo config?16:21
JMFTheVCInot changed from default installation16:21
arand_arand_: That is the output of one failed attmept and then cancel... but I actually think that that is the standard output from it...16:21
* arand_ wonders why he is speaking to himself16:22
eagles0513875hahah arand16:23
JMFTheVCImvo: when I enter "sudo -k" I am returned to my standard "$" prompt.16:24
eagles0513875JMFTheVCI: same issue with sudo -i16:24
arand_mvo: http://pastebin.com/f55bf56b816:24
JMFTheVCIeagles...: "sudo -i" prompts for password, and accepts it, then tells me about ubuntu software being free.16:25
eagles0513875but are you in root JMFTheVCI16:25
arand_mvo: nothing strange as far as I can tell...16:25
eagles0513875and i can confirum that sudo -k takes ya back ot the standard prompt16:25
mvoarand_, JMFTheVCI: I do a fresh test install (automatic, will take ~30min or so) and check out if I can reproduce it, thanks16:26
JMFTheVCIeagles: no I am just me (uid=500)16:27
JMFTheVCIsorry uid=100016:27
eagles0513875anyway i have to go for now :( but ill bbl16:28
arand_already three bugs on lp about it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gksu/+bug/398849 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gksu/+bug/39880016:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 398849 in gksu "Can't elevate privledges on administrative tasks" [Undecided,New]16:28
JMFTheVCIarand_: tried a search but not with the right words. Those are most certainly matching.16:30
JMFTheVCI"gksudo gedit" fails. "sudo gedit" works.16:31
JMFTheVCImvo: when running "gksudo gedit" in terminal, "GNOME_SUDO_PASS" is seen followed by "sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts"16:32
arand_gonna mark as confirmed for now.16:33
yofelcool, my wifi firmware locked up o.O  1690 root      15  -5     0    0    0 R  100  0.0  16:33.92 iwlagn16:34
Supersaiyan_IVyofel, that happens quite a lot with iwlagn16:34
yofelSupersaiyan_IV: first time for me that it gets 100%16:34
yofelor maybe I just got lucky till now ^^16:35
Supersaiyan_IVyofel, look at bug #27535916:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275359 in linux "kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.27/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-tx.c:1198 and subsequent panic" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27535916:35
yofelSupersaiyan_IV: thx16:35
robin0800JMFTheVCI: gksu gedit works16:43
charlie-tcarobin0800: with today's updates?16:44
* arand_ marks another dupe16:45
charlie-tcabroken here, bug 39884916:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398849 in gksu "Can't elevate privledges on administrative tasks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39884916:45
JMFTheVCIrobin0800: gksu gedit does not work. sodo gedit does work16:46
JMFTheVCIThe problem appears to be in gksu as bug 398849 indicates.16:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398849 in gksu "Can't elevate privledges on administrative tasks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39884916:46
robin0800JMFTheVCI: I updated this morning but just checked now and there is a lot more will update and try again16:48
charlie-tcaI just ran those updates here. gksu stays broken, can't use Synaptic Package Manager either16:48
robin0800I have to reboot16:51
Sarvatthmm shutdown and restart are broken here too16:52
Sarvatt(via gnome menus)16:52
JonDoe297Sarvatt: yeah, I've just tried to restart a few minutes ago, and no luck :)16:53
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michaelfaviaupdate-manager and synaptic keep attempting ot perform upgrades to the koala alpha im runing that remve system meta packages like "system-services", etc. i realize this might be a sideeffect of not having the deps inline yet. whould i allow it to happen or wait till it isnt required anymore?17:25
michaelfaviajust wanted to know what the normal workflow was.17:26
charlie-tcamichaelfavia: I run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade once or twice a day, and just let karmic update what it wants to17:31
charlie-tcaAs packages are changed, some of those will not be used anymore17:32
michaelfaviacharlie-tca, understood. just wanted to make sure that certain deps werent temporarily ditched by the reconciliation tools.17:32
michaelfaviawill do then17:32
charlie-tcaCan't be sure of anything in alpha17:33
michaelfaviaof course. but i wanted to knwo how everyone else tracked it17:33
michaelfaviameaning what the most desirable/supported fashion was17:33
Sarvattkarmic-changes mailing list is how i check if its intended or not17:33
michaelfaviaSarvatt, should subscribe then... good call17:34
charlie-tcaChanges come is so fast at times, you just update and hope it works. Todays updates broke gksu17:34
michaelfaviabrb restart now :)17:42
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ubottuUbuntu bug 374250 in ubuntu "svgalib_helper is not working" [Undecided,New]18:22
rskireported this way back18:22
charlie-tcarski: Maybe you could expain more in the report what the actual problem is. All I see is a couple of questions18:27
rskii can't use svgalib-apps18:29
kholerabbi1rski: you could include simple steps to reproduce the issue18:34
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Zorael^2Should all packages that are supposed to be present in Karmic have hit the repos already? I.e, is a package present in Jaunty and mising in Karmic just saying that "it's not done yet", or is it worthy of a bug/wishlist report?18:38
arand_I'm failing to  update update-motd: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/216980/18:50
Zorael^2arand: 'sudo service update-motd stop', then 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'19:04
RegelSo, how stable is 9.10 atm? Im considering installing it as a primary system on my laptop19:11
rskiexpect it to brake19:11
Regeli still got my desktop, though, so no worries19:11
yofelRegel: I use it as my primary desktop, but stable: no19:12
billybigrigger_its pretty stable for an alpha imo19:12
Regelmore stable than 9.04 at the same point?19:12
billybigrigger_i haven't had any showstopper problems here........yet19:12
yofelbillybigrigger_: well, if you don't count gdm and devkit - yes :P19:12
SeveredCrossGDM is pretty unstable.19:13
billybigrigger_how so? no problems here with it19:13
billybigrigger_except for the gdm-greeter bug19:13
SeveredCrossActually, it might be X.19:14
SeveredCrossBut I often get dropped back to GDM randomly.19:14
charlie-tcagtk is breaking a lot of things, too19:14
yofelcharlie-tca: wasn't most of that fixed already?19:14
protector1981gdm doesnt work on my laptop :(19:14
protector1981intel graphics19:14
protector1981but have karmic notebook not here ;)19:15
billybigrigger_SeveredCross, is that an ati only thing? nvidia here, and i have once been dropped back to gdm19:15
charlie-tcablank cd's don't get recognized, I think the fix for gksu is out now19:15
SeveredCrossbillybigrigger_: Might be.19:15
yofelwell, on my eeePC, intel graphics got much better with karmic19:15
charlie-tcaAlso, gnumeric is broken because of gtk19:15
yofelUXA is much more stable and works fine together with KMS here19:15
billybigrigger_SeveredCross, i read that again, i meant, i have yet once been dropped back, meaning never19:15
billybigrigger_SeveredCross, too early :P19:16
billybigrigger_gdm updates are coming19:17
Sarvatttheres some major backend changes being done (devicekit transition, moving things from hal to udev, policykit-1), i'd say its a little less unstable than jaunty at the same time personally but there arent any really major things that make it unusable on any of my systems19:17
billybigrigger_seems quite a few bug fixes19:17
Sarvattoh yeah and gdm getting upgraded from the 1.5 year old version in jaunty of course :)19:18
Sarvattless less stable, sorry19:19
LademordIs there any guarantee that alpha3 is more stable than alpha2? (i.e. if I wait until alpha3 to do a clean install, will I risk breaking something that worked with alpha2?)19:20
billybigrigger_should technically have less problems19:21
billybigrigger_but...who knows19:21
hggdhbut nothing is guaranteed19:21
Sarvattno real reason to wait, its just a snapshot in time that you could have by upgrading along the way :D19:21
LademordNah, I know. It is, after all, just alpha19:21
charlie-tcabut the risk is always there if running alpha. If it worked yesterday, it might break today19:22
=== leifkindal is now known as rleeds
LademordSarvatt, I want to do a clean install to get rid of redundant code (and OSS) from jaunty19:22
billybigrigger_Lademord, what Sarvatt said, a clean install of an A2 disk upgraded will be the EXACT same system as a clean install of A319:22
Sarvattyou could download a daily livecd and install from there19:22
charlie-tcaThe new libgksu update is out. It fixes the gksu issue19:23
Sarvatti would wait until tomorrows image though19:24
LademordCool. I'll try that19:24
LademordSarvatt, why is that?19:24
Sarvattunless you want to upgrade right after installing :D19:24
billybigrigger_Sarvatt, hey, how often is linus's tree updated? http://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/35294/ has a patch for my camera module and some more gspca stuff....but i haven't seen it anywhere else, i guess i could patch the files myself and recompile yes?19:24
Lademordah, in that way19:24
Sarvattthat gksu problem people were talking about19:24
Sarvattthere were a _ton_ of upgrades today since that image19:25
billybigrigger_60+mb for me19:25
hggdhbillybigrigger_: it depends on the kernel maintainers; here we will usually wait for a RC; if a kernel fix is critical enough, it may be cherry picked, thou19:26
billybigrigger_meh, ill wait for rc319:26
LademordSarvatt, when is the image updated?19:27
Sarvattevery morning19:28
Sarvattsame time thats listed there19:28
yofelhm, any reason why the mainline builds of 2.6.31-rc1/2 are amd64 only?19:29
Sarvattbecause i915 wasnt building against the gcc version they used to build them, its fixed now19:29
yofelah ok :)19:29
Sarvatttheres a rc1-fixed on there19:29
Sarvattyou're in a karmic channel though, why are you using those on karmic? :D19:30
yofelSarvatt: was just curious why there's no x86 build, I use them on my jaunty machine which is amd64 thankfully ;)19:32
Sarvattthey're made for jaunty and use the old jaunty configs19:32
Sarvattah, yeah you can get the mainline daily kernels for i386 if you need, rc3 will work when its released too19:32
arandZorael^2: Cheers I'll try that (update-motd) when I get the can online again.19:33
SwedeMikeanyone know anything about if karmic will include support for dhcpv6 so one can get dns-server etc using ipv6 only?19:38
SwedeMike9.04 isn't really that good when it comes to v6 support19:38
BUGabundobom fim de tarde :)19:45
BUGabundosou gksu bitten us in the behind :(19:46
BUGabundois it fixed yet?19:46
Zorael^2Is the OpenJDK 64-bit IcedTea java browser plugin working for anyone?19:47
SeveredCrossBleh. Anyone else experiencing issues with that ear candy applet?19:49
SeveredCrossIt really messes with my volume.19:50
arandBUGabundo: dunno if it's hit mirrors yet.19:53
BUGabundoI use main19:53
BUGabundobut thanks arand19:53
BUGabundohaven't seen you around much19:53
BUGabundoyofel: eheh I got 200 load avg yesterday19:53
BUGabundosomething is REALLY BAD19:54
yofelBUGabundo: hehe, I left my notebook running and the load went down to ~1800...19:54
yofelhave to restart now though, my wifi firmware got stuck *-.-19:55
yofeli suspect the 'linux-firmware' update today at fault for that...19:55
BUGabundoI'm suspectign NM19:56
BUGabundoyofel: using 0.7, 0.7.1 or 0.8?19:57
SarvattBUGabundo, do you have metacity listed in ps aux | grep metacity ?19:57
BUGabundoCPU | sys     65% | user     94% | irq       1% | idle     40% | wait      0% |19:58
BUGabundocpu | sys     33% | user     48% | irq       0% | idle     18% | cpu000 w  0% |19:58
BUGabundocpu | sys     33% | user     46% | irq       0% | idle     21% | cpu001 w  0% |19:58
BUGabundoCPL | avg1   0.69 | avg5    1.01 | avg15   0.97 | csw   132828 | intr   20320 |19:58
BUGabundoSarvatt: let me check19:58
yofelBUGabundo: 0.7.119:58
Sarvattits running and causing 100% cpu usage (split between core)19:58
Sarvattwhen you have compiz enabled19:58
Sarvattsudo killall -9 metacity should fix it if so19:58
BUGabundo$ top | grep metaci19:58
BUGabundo 5363 bugabund 6448 4952 150m  20   0 R  1.9  0.2   0:00.02 metacity19:58
BUGabundoI noticed on my bootcharts I have both metacity and compiz19:58
BUGabundono idea why19:58
Sarvattkill it, watch the cpu usage drop dramatically :)19:58
Sarvattits a metacity bug19:58
Sarvattonly happens when metacity is the default WM and you start compiz after19:59
Sarvatttheres a fix but it hasnt hit karmic yet19:59
BUGabundobe like this for 2 weeks :(((19:59
BUGabundoSarvatt: I've been using compiz as default since JJ19:59
Sarvattits how you're starting it thats causing problems19:59
Sarvattif you just have it set in appearance preferences it works fine20:00
Sarvattbut if you use fusion icon or anything that calls compiz --replace it hits the bug20:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 398945 in gui-ufw "File "/usr/share/gufw/gufw.py", line 42, in <module>" [Undecided,New]20:00
BUGabundoanyone with gufw broken too?20:00
yofelBUGabundo: seems you were right, /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart got iwlagn working again :)20:00
BUGabundoSarvatt: prob fusionicon20:00
syn-ackSeems to be a lot of updates today20:00
syn-ackmass push, eh?20:00
BUGabundoSarvatt: bug id ?20:00
BUGabundoSarvatt: let me change on Appearences20:01
arandseems like the gksu update is downloadable now.20:01
BUGabundoaccidentily clicked on a theme on Apparence20:01
BUGabundoanyway to get my old theme?20:01
BUGabundokilling theme or something ?20:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 389686 in metacity "compiz --replace fails to kill metacity, resulting in cpu overload" [High,Triaged]20:02
arandBUGabundo: custom, unsaved theme?20:02
BUGabundoarand: errr yeah20:02
arandBUGabundo: in that case luck might be tough, as far as I know :(20:03
BUGabundowell then I guess its time I make a new one LOL20:03
arandBUGabundo: try clicking it back to "Ccustom" if it's still saved there...20:04
BUGabundonaa nothing there20:04
BUGabundodamn this is too bright20:04
BUGabundoand dark room is to dark20:05
maxbI have an entry in my System Tools menu labelled HPLJ10xx Replaced Paper20:06
maxbthat's not even grammatically correct20:06
arandmaxb: me too, I just assumed it was something that'd got there when I was fiddling with print-drivers (which is a canon no less...)20:07
Zorael^2ick, daily live doesn't boot20:10
Zorael^2oh, there we go.20:11
BUGabundocan some one confirm or deny https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gui-ufw/+bug/398945 ?20:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 398945 in gui-ufw "File "/usr/share/gufw/gufw.py", line 42, in <module>" [Undecided,New]20:13
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
charlie-tcaThat HPLJ10xx Replaced Paper comes in by default now. It is in /usr/share/applications as a .desktop file20:14
charlie-tcaI did file a bug to get rid of it20:15
charlie-tcaIt only applies if you have a HP LaserJet 1020 printer20:15
maxboh, I just filed bug 398958 too20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398958 in foo2zjs "Very poorly named menu item "HPLJ 10xx Replaced Paper"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39895820:16
maxbI don't see your bug open against foo2zjs20:16
maxbI don't think it being filed against ubuntu-meta makes much sense20:18
charlie-tcaI didn't open it against foo, I opened it as bug 396271 against ubuntu-meta20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396271 in ubuntu-meta "Karmic has menu item for HPLJ 10xx printer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39627120:18
charlie-tcaI think ubuntu-meta generates the .desktop files20:19
maxbno, it does not20:19
charlie-tcaI think it is definitely more than just a poor name, anyway.20:20
charlie-tcaWhat should it be under, then. It generates the menu item for all dirivatives20:20
BUGabundoanyone using kmail ? my won't open if foreground. it gets kicked to background process!20:22
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: you using kubuntu now?20:23
billybigrigger_hahaha rolf20:23
BUGabundocharlie-tca: gnome with KDE apps20:24
natewiebe13with karmic's new gdm.. how do you change the background?20:24
charlie-tcaWeeee! more fun than just one DE...20:24
charlie-tcanatewiebe13: Don't believe you can yet20:24
aranda HP LaserJet 1020 printer20:25
natewiebe13charlie-tca: that guy did20:25
charlie-tcaThat was back in alpha2, it has changed since then20:25
BUGabundonatewiebe13: I just hate to have another background image durign login !!!20:26
BUGabundoand I can't use autologin20:26
BUGabundowhere the heck is the equivelent to the old gdm setup ???20:26
yofelnatewiebe13: I found something for that in an freebsd thread, let me search for it20:26
natewiebe13BUGabundo: they havent made one20:26
Picibug 39529920:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395299 in gdm "gdm 2.26 has no graphical configuration tool" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39529920:27
PiciBUGabundo: Please calm down.20:27
BUGabundoPici: sorry.... my heart is beating fast20:27
BUGabundoI'm all over the place tonigh.... ill take a breath.....20:27
BUGabundooohh bug id... thanks Pici20:28
natewiebe13charlie-tca: it was after updating from alpha 2.. but it is the exact same gdm as current20:28
yofelnatewiebe13: http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=3814 -- open termina, login as root with 'sudo -i' and then do what it says in post #5 but exchange chpass with passwd20:30
yofeland replace the last line with 'passwd -d gdm'20:31
BUGabundohumm gconf key for GDM autologin. must find it20:32
natewiebe13yofel: thanks20:33
BUGabundobrb dinner20:36
billybigriggerBUGabundo: send some my way20:37
natewiebe13BUGabundo: here is this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7605209 i think you could just do the opposite of his solution20:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 284319 in linux "mute, brightness buttons on new HP 6930p laptop" [Undecided,New]20:45
billybigriggerSarvatt: after a git pull do i have to make-kpkg clean?20:51
billybigriggeror does that clean up whatever i just pulled?20:52
reto`use Mr. Clean? ;)20:54
Sarvattjust after you run make of any kind (make oldconfig or whatever)20:55
Sarvattyou need to make oldconfig again after the pulls and make-kpkg clean before you build again20:59
DanaGI wish somebody would fix my mute LED issues.  =þ21:03
natewiebe13BUGabundo: here is this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7605209 i think you could just do the opposite of his solution21:29
BUGabundonatewiebe13: ok21:29
natewiebe13BUGabundo: just an idea21:29
erisa__I installed karmic daily build on my asus 1005ha to get networking working.  Can I use synaptic update to stay current or will that mess up my system.  Most things work fine now.21:34
charlie-tcaerisa__: hard to say. Since it is still alpha, it changes pretty quickly.21:35
yofelerisa__: better than synaptic you should use 'sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade' in a terminal. That has the smallest risk of removing something important from your system.21:36
erisa__does safe upgrade do anything between alpha releases?21:38
yofelerisa__: in this case upgrade means installing updates ;)21:38
BUGabundoerisa__: yeah you can. but better use update-manager since synaptic may force some updates and break your system21:38
BUGabundoerisa__: we get updates hourly eheh21:39
BUGabundoyofel: better not scare a new devel user with CLI instrucions21:39
BUGabundo*even* if they are running a version that requires some knolage to get out of trouble21:39
=== RonaldH is now known as Ronald
erisa__I run gentoo on my desktop and don't have much experience with aptitude21:41
natewiebe13erisa__: this is an alpha version.. i think that is enough to mess up your system21:41
yofelwell, if you say so. But aptitude is something every alpha user should at least know about ;)21:41
natewiebe13erisa__: as a precaution, i would have both jaunty and karmic installed so if karmic breaks, you have jaunty as backup21:42
BUGabundoor have a live cd ehehe21:42
yofelfor an eeePC more like an live usb drive :P21:42
erisa__so what do you guys do once you install a daily build?  Do you just reinstall periodically?21:43
natewiebe13update manager21:43
natewiebe13yofel: have a live harddisk21:43
aranderisa__: I normally install/upgrade once during devel cycle and then reinstall upon final release...21:44
yofelerisa__: just install updates with your preferred app every day21:44
BUGabundomy touchpad bug as been marked dupe of another from 2006 :(( https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/5986721:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 59867 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Synaptics touchpad ceases functioning after suspend and resume." [Low,Won't fix]21:45
yofelwon't fix?21:45
yofelah, wrong package ^^21:46
BUGabundosee my prob?21:46
BUGabundolet me nag leann about it21:46
yofelBUGabundo: does it help to add psmouse to MODULES in /etc/default/acpi-support?21:49
BUGabundono idea21:49
BUGabundoit does fix to unload and reload21:49
BUGabundoand Sarvatt said it would be fix on rc321:50
BUGabundoso I can wait21:50
BUGabundoI just wish it also fixes my suspend crash21:50
yofelnvm then :P21:50
BUGabundohey billybigrigger22:07
billybigriggeranyone alive?22:07
yofelbillybigrigger: pong22:07
ikoniabillybigrigger: many people22:08
billybigrigstupid chatzilla22:08
billybigrigSarvatt: i didn't know x2's were phenom based22:10
Sarvattthey arent, but yours is22:10
billybigrigjust the 7750's and 7780's?22:11
BUGabundosome guys have such a nerd https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/39894522:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 398945 in gui-ufw "File "/usr/share/gufw/gufw.py", line 42, in <module>" [Undecided,New]22:11
billybigrigAMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor22:11
BUGabundolook at that guys sugestion, for me to test an hidden download deb!22:12
billybigrigBUGabundo: a little fishy22:13
billybigrigmight just be a tinyurl22:14
billybigrigwho knows though22:14
BUGabundobillybigrig: I'll try it *if* I see the source :!22:15
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
BUGabundodid something change on gnome for karmic, not allowing apples to be dragged with mouse middle click?22:23
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
arandBUGabundo: Marcos is a gufw dev, but precaution are never wrong though..22:25
BUGabundodid something change on gnome for karmic, not allowing apples to be dragged with mouse middle click? (I hate repeating my self)22:27
BUGabundokklimonda: do you have your karmic with you ?22:29
BUGabundocome one guys ! some one drag an applet and let me know if it works!22:29
BUGabundoremember to unlock first22:29
arandBUGabundo: icon dragging works for me, but then again I have not pushed in latest gnome-panel update...22:33
BUGabundoI can't do it for any applet for one week22:34
charlie-tcaI have the latest updates in Xubuntu and can drag things22:38
maxboh, applets?22:39
* charlie-tca is not sure what apples are22:39
maxboh, neat, I didn't know you could drag applets with middlebutton22:39
maxbthanks BUGabundo! :-)22:39
* maxb updates .....22:40
BUGabundoarand: I got this on identica: "jacob: @bugabundo Working only on icons and the notification area. Everything else is stuck, even though unlocked. "22:40
BUGabundomaxb: I only learned that like last year or so22:40
arandBUGabundo: hmm,can drg icons fish and clock, but not eyes, sysmon-applet...22:51
BUGabundoI'm filling a bug and uptreaming it22:52
BUGabundo$ apport-cli -fp gnome-panel22:52
arandYay! categories in game menu.22:57
arandat least a "logic" submenu, looks neat.22:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 399031 in gnome-panel "some applets are not draggble with mouse middle click" [Undecided,New]22:59
BUGabundoarand: maxb ^^^^^23:09
charlie-tcamaxb: Thanks for the help on the printer bug23:10
arandBUGabundo: huh more than 5h ago?23:18
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
BUGabundoarand: ??23:31
BUGabundoarand: what? I reboot just to ask you what you mean23:34
* BUGabundo $ sleep; echo you don't have super sheep powers!23:38
yofelok... now thats odd. Here I have an external 2.5" hdd from Transcend that won't mount in karmic with usb -71 errors, but mounts fine in jaunty. All other external drives I have mount fine in karmic. -> wtf?23:53

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