Barhinethis is a chennel00:24
Barhineso how far along is ubuntu on arm?00:24
BitWraithdoes anybody know where I can find a version of kexecboot that supports ext4? or am I going to have to install all over again because I used such a new filesystem? :-/05:04
dpbThat's the reason why people have usually made a separate /boot partitions with an older filesystem.05:55
BitWraithdpb, you ca't do that with kexecboot, it passes its own root= option to he kernel forcing it to use the same partition the kernel image was found on07:20
BitWraithsupposedly they are fixing that in the latest version, but there aren't any ready-to-flash images of it yet, and I haven't figured out how t compile it myself yet07:22
dpbI see.07:24
loologra: Hmm we should be here11:19
ograheh, yeah11:19
ograhmm, identical version in debian11:21
ograthats intresting11:21
loologra: What about the PR 10288 change?11:43
loologra: I couldn't fetch anything newer than 3rd of July as CVS seems down for m11:44
ograi'm just building with that one disabled :)11:44
loolAre you bisecting?11:44
ograno, i just commented out http://paste.ubuntu.com/216821/11:44
ogras/commented out/reverted11:44
ograits at the ld tests ... i'll know in 5 mins11:45
loolI doubt it's that change; I'd rather suspect the testsuite11:45
ogranot being brought up to date with the code you mean ?11:45
ograwell, ten it should still survive this test now11:46
loolThe testsuite was completely rewritten11:46
ograbetween 20090704 and 20090622 ?11:47
ograi only see two changelog entries11:49
ogra+* binutils-all/objcopy.exp: Move XFAIL from objcopy_test to11:49
ograand another unrealted one pointing to cygwin11:49
loolThere are multiple ChangeLog file11:49
loologra: Did you file a bug already?11:50
ograyeah, i just see that11:50
loologra: You might want to start there11:50
ograi was hoping to be able to attach some info11:50
loolStart by filing the bug, then collect more info?11:50
ograwell, the build is near the point of failure ... i'll file after it failed or passed that11:51
ograok, failed11:59
* ogra files ...11:59
* ogra looks at http://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2009-06/msg00289.html12:02
ogralool, bug 39873212:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 398732 in binutils "binutils on armel fails to build due to regression test failure on 64 Bytes alignment test for gas/arm/arm.exp" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39873212:10
ografeel free to mark it critical if you think its worth it12:11
loologra: I was thinking of filing it upstream though12:12
ograi want to have it at dokos attention first, i'll file an upstream one as well12:13
ograsigh, indeed upstream bugzilla needs a new account12:16
* ogra hates that12:16
neureanyone got kernel config for qemu?12:40
ograthe linux-image for versatile package contains the qemu config we use12:44
ogralool, wow, upstream is quick :) already confirmed12:47
loologra: Where is that confirmed?12:48
ograin the LP bugwatch12:48
loolThat seems broken, I see no activity in the upstream bug12:50
ograyeah, weird12:51
ogralool, btw, are you using the packaged kernel in your cloud builder or a self rolled one (and did your chnages get included in our tree already) ?12:56
loologra: You mean the qemu kernel?12:57
ograi'd like to switch rootstock to using the packaged version and new qemu12:57
ograso i have a VM matching the HW we support12:57
loolI will probably use a custom kernel and qemu, but the Ubuntu ones are good enough for now12:57
ograwell, i dont want to have to change twice if we switch to v612:58
loologra: We don't have a versatile flavour in karmic anymore12:58
loolThe problem is that the upstream linux doesn't support arm > v5 versatile by default12:59
ograi thought that was carried over12:59
loolIt was dropped along the "drop all the v5 stuff" commit12:59
ograwe could really have kept that12:59
loolI don't have time to fix the kernel build to allow both v5 and v6/v7; if you'd like to chase it, I think it's a good idea13:00
ogragiven that we need it back anyway13:00
ogralets see ... if we really skip A3 i migh have time for it13:00
lool../../ld/ldlang.c:1399: error: no previous prototype for ‘next_matching_output_section_statement’13:01
ografor now there are still binutils, banshee, tomboy and a bunch of specs i have to attack :)13:01
ogranot to forget the ftbfs list :)13:01
neureogra, where is that image?13:02
ograin the archive13:02
neuresorry looks like i dont know how to use that13:04
neurepackage architecture (armel) does not match system (i386)13:10
neurei wonder how can i get that open just to the the config file?)13:11
ograopen it with file roller :)13:11
neuregot config-2.6.28-14-versatile13:13
neureis that the one you use with qemu?13:13
neurecan i simply use it with 2.6.30 as well?13:13
ograyou probably need to make changes13:13
ograbut its a good base13:13
neureim having trouble getting anything into the qemu console on boot13:15
neurei managed to build the kernel13:27
neureand i get to login13:27
neurebut my question is: why i dont see kernel boot messages?13:28
ograyou likely dont use the right console= bootoption13:28
neurei've tried many13:29
ograconsole=ttyAMA0,115200n8 should be the right one looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/project-rootstock/trunk/annotate/head%3A/rootstock13:30
neureive tried console=ttyAMA013:31
neurei wonder if ,115200n8 is important, but I can try13:31
neurefirst im enabling preempting in the kernel..13:31
ograyes, it is13:32
neurenope, that didnt help13:32
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neureoh wait13:49
neurenow i do gte the boot messages if i switch to ctrl-alt-313:49
neurei wonder - can I get that to the default, ctrl alt 1 console?13:49
loolRebuilding latest binutils under jaunty gives a passing testsuite, so it builds with gcc 4.313:52
ogralool, well, given it finishes fine in debian i wouldnt have doubted that13:53
ografsvo fine :) there are tons of error messages from gcc in their log13:55
loologra: http://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2009-07/msg00038.html14:42
lool(thanks to doko)14:42
ograi dont see the patch anywhere though14:44
ografound it14:45
loolThat's the one you mentionned earlier14:46
loolJust Matthias reported the issue already14:46
ograok, but didnt open any bugs14:46
loolFor some reason I can't build that very well from tip15:08
loolHey doko15:17
loolI reproduce the failure after adding the patch15:19
looldoko: So you spotted the right patch, thanks115:19
dokolool: yes, but Daniel Gutson wasn't able to reproduce it15:24
ogradoko, do you think its not gcc version related at all ? i dont see him building with 4.415:38
* ogra had the impression its the combo of patch and gcc version15:38
looldoko: Could you bounce me his message so that I can reply to it not breaking the thread?15:38
looldoko: I'm sub-ing to the list15:38
dokolool: how do you bounce from thunderbird?15:39
* ogra thinks TB needs a special plugin15:40
ogramail redirect plugin it seems15:41
looldoko: I don't know :)15:45
looldoko: forward as an attach?15:45
looldoko: So shall we just push a binutils without that patch?15:54
looldoko: I confirmed that this single patch is causing the regression by building tip + that patch15:54
dokolool: which regression exactly do you mean?15:54
looldoko: The one from the testsuite15:55
dokothe newly added test?15:55
loolOr do you think we should fix the test ourselves?15:55
ograwould be good to have a working ld :)15:55
ograone way or the other15:55
dokowell, that patch is a patch for as, so why is ld broken?15:55
looldoko: I'm just fixing the binutils build so that we have latest binutils15:56
ograprobably the ld issue i see in the upstart build is just a fallout15:56
dokolool: please let my build finish15:56
looldoko: Sure, so you're building a binutils without that patch?15:57
dokoI'm currently checking current trunk with this patch, and trying to find out why it's not seen by Daniel. plus building on Debian as well15:59
dokoand we did turn on ssp recently on arm as well ...16:00
dokolool, ogra: please could you check if you see the ld failure with the 20090620 binutils? This one doesn't fail the test16:20
dokonow building the debian binutils with the align patch on unstable. it's a slow machine ...16:22
ograwill doo, but it will take a while, SD filesystem on my build machine here16:22
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looldoko: Isn't that the one we have now?  we have 2009062216:30
ogradoko, 20090620 ? 20090622 doesnt fail it either i think16:30
ograheh, snap16:30
looldoko: I see you did upload a 20090620; I guess I could try that16:31
ograthough 22 did build fine ...16:31
ogra(but breaks in ld for the upstart build)16:31
ograso 22 either didnt have the test or passed it16:32
dokolool: got it, changed objdump output, which breaks the comparision with the expected output16:42
looldoko: aha16:47
looldoko: But I only see it with the patch16:48
dokolool: the testcase is added with the patch16:54
looldoko: So I guess we should close the upstream bug and send an updated patch to Daniel Gutson?17:01
looldoko: I need to reboot my B2; the upstart build hung it; I guess OOM17:02
dokoouch, ok, not sure if I had something building on it17:04
ogralool, your B2 ?17:05
ograwhere did you get a B2 from ?17:05
* ogra thought we only had one left17:05
loologra: Just like you did?!17:05
ograoh, you didnt send yours to the kernel team17:05
* ogra forgot17:05
lool 3954 lool      20   0  135m 126m 6216 R 92.9 26.8   0:38.71 cc117:06
ograyou were hiding for so long on that spanish island that i actually forgot about yours :)17:06
ograit hangs in cc ? not in ld ?17:06
ograwow, thats weird17:06
lool16750 nih-dbus-tool/tests/test_node.c17:09
loolIt's just a stupidly large file17:10
ograit builds in less than 5min on x8617:10
ograthe whole of upstart17:10
loolBut it might be using a huge amount of memory17:10
ograhmm, i didnt check that17:11
ograi think Keybuk said something about 16000 LOC17:11
loologra: Did you sub ubuntu-armel on that upstart bug?17:34
* ogra thought he did17:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 398403 in gcc-4.4 "gcc-4.4 fails to build upstart 0.6 on armel due to an internal compiler error" [High,New]17:34
loolOh good thqnks17:35
ograhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.4/+bug/398403/comments/1 is on a lange btw and errors out at the same point the buildd does ...17:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 398403 in gcc-4.4 "gcc-4.4 fails to build upstart 0.6 on armel due to an internal compiler error" [High,New]17:36
ograthe confusing part was the testbuild on the other board17:36
ograwhich failed at totally random places17:36
looldoko: Is there a bug requesting the merge of the patch which broke our binutils bug?17:52
dokolool: no, binutils doesn't use issues for bug tracking. lets wait for Daniel's reply now17:54
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