macvrmichote: you can remove your attachments from the submissions wiki09:33
macvrfor icons which have been replaced09:34
michotemacvr: ok09:34
macvroops! s/replaced/uploaded09:34
michotemacvr: I deleted all my xdg submissions and smiley left in the attachments, thx for removing thme from the wikipage09:40
macvrmichote: np... BTW do you know of any scripts which extract 128px *PNG* from the source svg?09:42
michotemacvr: no, but isn't it possible to change the Breathe-Python-skript to do this?09:44
macvri'v been trying to , but didnt get it right :(09:45
macvrmichote: are you doing any more smileys?09:46
michotemacvr: No, I didn't have much time last week ;) . Is there anything left to do?09:47
macvrthere are 3 left09:48
macvrmichote: worried , uncertain, laugh09:50
michotemacvr: laugh? what's the difference to smile/smile-big?09:51
macvrmichote: check this > /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/emotes/face-laugh09:52
macvrmichote: i guess  mouth  wider than surprise should do09:53
michotemacvr: for me It looks very similar to your smile-big, what about labeling this as laugh an creating something like the gnome-smile-big (similar to the devil-grin mouth)?09:56
macvrmichote: actually i didnt like the gnome big smile , hence i did it this way, the laugh can be done similar to devil-grin09:59
michotemacvr: BTW do you know any workaroud get a svg displayed correctly in gnome? monkey, angel, sad, etc looks distorted in nautilus and eog09:59
macvrAFAIK there is no workaround, let me know if you find some way09:59
macvrmichote: laugh, just with the eyes of devil-grin and same mouth should do it10:00
michotemacvr: same mouth as smile-big?10:01
macvrno... just the same as devil-grin, just change the color , remove the horns and straighten the teeth, you get laugh10:02
macvri mean , no vampire teeth10:03
michotemacvr: ok10:04
michotemacvr: like this? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/laugh.png10:19
macvrmichote: yeah thats it... just make sure the colors of the mouth match the rest of the smileys10:21
michotemacvr: I took the outline-color from wink which is darker then surprise, should I use a gradient inside the mouth like surprise?10:24
macvrmichote: the outline from surprise would be better , be the thicker stroke too fro the 128px, just to minimize the pixelation , . but not sure about the gradient inside the mouth, you can just put up both the version with & without the gradient and we could choose10:27
macvrmay be the thicker stroke too for the 128px10:27
michotemacvr: I'd prefer the gradient http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/laugh2.png10:32
macvrmichote: looks good, but reduce the opacity of the stroke10:33
michotemacvr: the outine of the mouth?10:36
macvrmichote: yeah, reduce either the opacity or the size of the outline10:37
michotemacvr: than I'll use 1px stroke, because with less opacity the mouth would shine through for the half of the stroke :(10:40
macvrmichote: 1px should do it i guess10:40
michotemacvr: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/laugh2.png10:41
macvrmichote: looks good, :D   the shadow inside the mouth on the teeth can be reduced10:42
michotemacvr: shadow from above or on the sides?10:44
michotemacvr: better? Its a gradient of 23 stops :P http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/laugh.png10:56
macvrmichote: yup.looks good.10:57
macvrits just ths shadow from devil , didnt suit this smiley ;p10:57
michotemacvr: yup, do you want me to do the other 2 smileys as well?10:59
macvrmichote: i think it needs to be done sometime... so you can do it when you can11:00
michotemacvr: ok, I'll take a look this week11:01
JonDoe297macvr: hi :)11:04
macvrJonDoe297: where is jane? ;p11:04
JonDoe297macvr: dunno :)11:05
macvrJonDoe297: well i guess , if you are a JonDoe yourself , it would be hard to find Jane ;p11:06
SiDikwwii: you might have to remind the flickr contributors about the resolution of their photos :)15:26
SiDilots of 800x600 / 1024x768 submissions15:26
JonDoe297I wish it had larger resolution :)15:52
SiDi_im not sure but i think you can upload very high resolutions only if you have a pro account15:52
SiDi_cause some photos are labeled 1600x1050 and are at 1024x768 too15:52
kwwiiSiDi_: ouch16:19
kwwiithanks for the info16:19
SiDi_(what i said is a mere hypothesis though kwwii)16:26
SiDi_you may want to contact the photographs and ask them about the resolutions :P16:26
SiDi_im anyway astounded by the quality of some photos16:26
kwwiiwell, the first pic is always the smallest version16:26
kwwiiso many do have larger sizes16:27
kwwiibut I will need to contact anyone with something less than 1600x1200 I guess16:27
kwwiiit seems that others have emailed for larger sizes and received them16:27
SiDi_do you know if there is a size restriction depending on the type of flickr accounts ?16:30
SiDi_Also some guy put the photos with a CC by sa NC license16:31
kwwiiyes, there is a file size limit per login with free accounts I think16:35
=== SiDi_ is now known as SiDi
kwwiitime for bed, night all23:41
SiDi_night kwwii23:45

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