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imgoofygooberyo teach, newbuntu here, Give me one good reason ubuntu is better than windows21:10
imgoofygooberjust one each21:10
shaniximgoofygoober: no virus ?21:16
imgoofygooberi never even got a virus on windows....21:55
imgoofygooberi've been using it since nt too21:55
imgoofygooberreason i got ubuntu was i thought it would run much more efficiently21:56
imgoofygooberbecause i loathe anything that takes up a lot of memory21:57
imgoofygooberso i guess in the sense of not having to run a memory intense antivirus, its better21:58
jarlenit's mighty nice22:00
jarlensafe you the headaches22:01
imgoofygooberi never had headaches though...22:10
nhandlerGuys, please move the discussion to a different channel since no classroom session is currently going on22:10
imgoofygooberum no classroom session?22:11
ikoniaimgoofygoober: not at the moment22:30
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MythbuntuGuest59I installed myth on a pc, it is working, I want to use it as a media server elsewhere in the house, I have 2 windows machines and 1 ubuntu 9.04, what settings need applied and where are they?23:43

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