markie-Daviey: ?00:30
Davieymarkie-: ?00:44
markie-Daviey: Yes, you directed me here00:45
Davieymarkie-: That i did.00:46
markie-Daviey: concerning my ban in ubuntu-uk for my amazingly horrendous attitude in ubuntu-uk?00:46
markie-i do realise what's going on, but meh, amusement is cool00:46
Davieymarkie-: I don't believe that is what i said00:46
Davieymarkie-: Well have fun, i'm heading to bed.00:48
* markie- smiles00:48
naliothamusement is cool, so long as it's not at other's expense00:56
markie-nalioth: True enough, but some people shouldn't abuse their power, and interrupt their professionalism, especially not over me.01:00
nikoperhaps you could begin by read channel rules when you enter a channel ?01:01
* niko go bed.01:01
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Kangarooohello #ubuntu-loco is not logged.. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/13/10:48
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Kangarooo#ubuntu-locoteams I can't find in http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/13/ why?10:57
DJonesKangarooo: I think its logged in a different location, is this what you are looking for http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/07/13/11:04
Kangaroooomg.. yes.. but why its in there? it also should be in ussual logs place.. :)11:06
DJonesKangarooo: Looks like there's two different locations, the ubuntu-eu location for any loco channel logs, and the irclogs.ubuntu locations for the main channel logs11:07
Nafallodifferent bots running from different places, publishing logs to different places.11:07
Nafalloone being community hosted and one being Canonical hosted.11:08
Kangaroooyes here I found now info. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Cloaks       |         ubuntulog (Canonical) & LoCoBot (Ubuntu-EU)12:56
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/12:57
Kangarooobut also loco teams are in usa and they won't think that #ubuntu-locoteams irc log is in logs.ubuntu-eu.org12:58
PiciWell, thats why we have !logs13:08
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markie-Daviey:  m16:06
markie-Daviey Are you ready to discuss my banning now?16:08
Davieymarkie-: I was never not ready.16:11
Davieymarkie-: I would be *happier* to discuss the matter if you resolved your ban with #ubuntu-women first.16:13
markie-Daviey: I do intend to but the op is currently sleeping. different time zones etc16:15
popeyI would hope that your approach changes from the last time you spoke to the #ubuntu-women ops markie-16:17
popeycalling them "bitches" and then refusing to accept you've done wrong because "thats how I role" is totally unacceptable16:17
popeyI agree with Daviey that the ban on -uk stays until you sort yourself out with #ubuntu-women16:18
markie-I do understand and i do agree that it's not acceptable. But, what if i don't want to attend ubuntu-women, why does that prevent me from -uk. I just think that's a little unfair16:19
Davieymarkie-: I'm sorry you feel that way.16:19
markie-I don't mind resolving it with the op, it's just that, i really have no intentions of going back there, so the ban really isn't that important.16:20
popeyI personally don't want or need people with your attitude around.16:20
Davieymarkie-: It won't hurt to resolve the matter with #ubuntu-women first.. I'm sure that can be done this evening16:22
markie-Daviey: Yea sure, i have every intention of doing that, and will do. But, I'm not assumed by being banned from the -uk because of it.16:23
popeyGiven he was offered the option of going in and apologising and simply said "my heart breaks" when asked to apologise or leave, I don't think markie- has _any_ intention of resolving issues with #ubuntu-women16:23
* Daviey didn't realise this16:24
DavieyWell as it currently stands, i have no intention of lifting the ban in -uk16:24
markie-so unreasonable16:26
markie-popey: If you didn't want people with my attitude around, then why didn't you ban me?16:31
popeyDidn't realise you were in -uk tbh16:32
popeyAnyway, it's Davieys ban16:32
markie-yea it is better you don't get involved16:32
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m4vwhat's the policy in dealing with people that spams and ask people to join other irc channels (or other irc network)? In #ubuntu-es, as the support channel, is clearly offtopic. but if is done in the offtopic channel? there's a guy who's been pasting the link of his own irc network in #ubuntu-es-offtopic for days now21:38
tsimpsonm4v: it's generally down to channel ops, but we consider it spam and spam is always unwelcome21:47
markie-Daviey: \o/ the op from ubuntu-women unbanned me, after we resolved the issue. Now can we discuss my -uk ban, please.21:53
Davieymarkie-: I'm glad you resolved that.22:02
Davieymarkie-: Your ban has bee lifted, i don't think we really need to discuss it further22:02
markie-Daviey: ty22:03
m4vtsimpson: thanks22:24
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