billybigrigger_Sarvatt, i don't know which webcam module you use...but things might be looking up for me, as i use the sonixj module....take a look here01:56
billybigrigger_hmmm seems even after a git pull those modules aren't touched02:06
billybigrigger_-rw-r--r--  1 billybigrigger billybigrigger  71386 2009-07-11 15:45 sonixj.c02:06
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Alocadoi'm using karmic and have a problem booting the 2.6.31-* kernels, i get an error message like "ata1: illegal qc_active transition".. anybody who knows about this error?09:08
smbAlocado, Not really much beyond the obvious (that it is from the disk subsystem) that it complains about some command ending in an unexpected way (probably should be active but is already inactive). I cannot say this helps, but it might be worth playing around with the libata options (e.g. libata.force=noncq). But if the problem persists, you should open a bug.09:34
Alocadosmb, ok, thank you09:35
Keybukjust so you're aware, I don't think we've had any bug reports yet, but there's an inotify regression in 2.6.3111:00
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rtg_Keybuk, since an upgrade to Karmic my firewire disk mounts with the volume ID instead of /media/disk which it used to use. Is this expected?15:39
Keybukrtg_: /media/volume_id ?15:52
rtg_Keybuk, /media/3fc0df0b-cf77-4f73-9b3f-fffd10f06147 (which looks like a volume ID)15:54
smbrtg_, rather a uuid15:55
smb...if we say uuid to the numeric thingy and label to the textual one15:56
Keybukrtg_: that's a pitti bug15:56
macowhere do the CoD live?15:56
macoi cant figure out where to click on kernel.u.c to navigate there15:57
macosmb, thanks15:57
smbmaco, np 15:58
macoi386 fail to build today?15:58
smbHah, it even looks like the raw divide bug fix has made it upstream now. :)15:58
smbmaco, To me it looks like it has been build again16:00
macoi only see amd64 builds16:01
rtg_cjwatson, the bug that annoys me the most is when sshd hangs at the end of a transfer. Is that a known problem?16:01
JonDoe297maco: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/2009-07-13/ there?16:02
JonDoe297oh, "current" one16:02
JonDoe297sorry :)16:02
smbHm,though 13-07 should be current in my eyes...16:03
cjwatsonrtg_: I've never seen anything like that16:03
macooh...hmm that is a problem, isn't it?16:03
rtg_cjwatson, it appears to be related to Karmic sshd. How would I debug it?16:04
smbrtg_, The only thing close to it is ssh need much more time to complete. You think it is done but it isn't16:04
rtg_smb, it appears that it never completes16:04
smbmaco, I try to look at it. It is16:04
cjwatsonrtg_: start sshd on a separate port with -ddd (will run it in the foreground, single instance, maximum verbosity); connect to it with ssh -vvv16:05
cjwatson-p on both sides, obviously16:05
rtg_cjwatson, ok. gimme a bit16:06
smbrtg_, Do you know what usually links current in the mainline builds to the latest daily build? At least for today it is broken as it links to 2009-06-17 (one month in the past)16:09
rtg_smb, dunno, I've not looked at it recently16:09
rtg_cjwatson, Karmic '/usr/sbin/sshd -ddd -p 1027', Jaunty 'ssh -p 1027 -vvv', bails with an error message on the server 'No supported key exchange algorithms'.16:11
smbmaco, Ok, current fixed (at least for today)16:12
rtg_cjwatson, nm, needed to start sshd as root16:14
cjwatsonI was just going to say that :-)16:14
rtg_cjwatson, drat, it would work with debug enabled. I'll try starting the port 22 instance of sshd with -ddd enabled.16:16
rtg_cjwatson, how annoying. I can't seem to get it to happen now. I'll continue to pursue it since it causes me a lot of problems with git updating and such.16:27
cjwatsonrtg_: wouldn't that be the sshd on kernel.ubuntu.com?16:28
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cjwatsonor do you use git among local machines?16:29
rtg_cjwatson, no, that works OK, I have an internal network of build machines that clone from a local repo16:29
cjwatsonI don't suppose any controlmaster stuff is going on?16:29
bjfisn't there a wiki page for debugging sound problems?16:30
rtg_nope, straightforward stuff. Used to work until I upgraded the git server to Karmic16:30
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bjfanyone up for helping me debug a sound problem (lack of all sound is the problem, same on two systems)17:18
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billybigriggerafter a git pull does make-kpkg clean up whatever i just pulled?20:53
billybigriggeror can i run git pull && CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 time fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd -append-to-version=-billybigrigger-07.12 kernel_image kernel_headers kernel_source > make.log 2>&120:53
rtg_billybigrigger, you should be doing 'git fetch origin;git rebase origin' instead. 'git pull' does a merge and may do things you don't want20:54
billybigriggerrtg_: ok thanks20:54
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@cabo:~/linux-2.6$ git fetch origin20:55
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@cabo:~/linux-2.6$ git rebase origin20:55
billybigriggerdrivers/char/vr41xx_giu.c: needs update20:55
billybigriggercannot rebase: you have unstaged changes20:55
rtg_git checkout -f20:55
rtg_git clean -f -d20:56
billybigriggerfetch or rebase?20:56
billybigriggerafterwards i mean20:57
rtg_after checkout and clean, you can just rebase. you've already fetched.20:57
billybigriggerCurrent branch master is up to date.20:57
billybigriggerthats after rebase20:57
billybigriggerso there's no changes?20:57
rtg_billybigrigger, do a 'git log' and compare against the base repo.20:57
rtg_or origin repo20:58
macoare crack of the day built without kms support? and have any of you seen iwlagn go crazy on today's crack?21:01
Sarvatthe has no local changes (outside of .config thats in .gitignore) and is just updating, why shouldnt he just pull?21:01
rtg_maco, some of the wireless devs are complaining that iwl isn't working too well (across all models)21:02
macohm ok. ive got "cannot allocate SKB buffers" spamming in all my ttys from iwlagn21:02
macoits also in top using quite a LOT of cpu21:03
rtg_maco, dunno what the exact errors were. Perhaps you ought to drop a note to the wireless mailing list with a snippet from your log21:04
macowireless mailing list? link?21:04
rtg_maco, linux-wireless@vger.kernel.org21:06
rtg_maco, fyi, MAINTAINERS in the kernel tree generally has all that stuff21:06
macook thank you21:08
xantianHello. my problem is Kernel 2.6.31* and compiling ... an know this ist devel staging .. who can help me?21:20
xantiani can not compile nvidia latest driver and ralink rt2870sta from sources .. ah and xfi but xfi and ralink 'll support out of the box with blacklist 7 modules21:24
xantianbut i need nvidia driver21:24
xantiangoogle don't like me anymore21:26
xantianthx i found solution21:36
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shtylmananyone willing to help me out with bug #39805923:09
ubot3Malone bug 398059 in linux "system does not boot due to device-mapper error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39805923:09

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