doctormo_Hey Vantrax01:40
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Vantraxhi doctormo01:41
doctormoVantrax: I've been busy writing my first class lesson plan and everything, so I haven't had time to work on the theme01:41
Vantraxthats ok01:42
Vantraxi plan to work on it this weekend01:42
doctormoVantrax: you've got 6 hours of this weekend left on this time zone :-D01:44
doctormoVantrax: I just recorded the first video, it's horrid, I stammer all over it and I'm not very good at presentation yet.01:57
Vantraxmy suggestion is to read the script out loud at least two or three times01:57
Vantraxjust leave the camera on and read not worrying about it01:57
Vantraxthen you have the reading bit sorted and can act up for the camera:P01:58
pleia2cprofitt: feel free to put your students/teachers testimonial request on the ubuntu-us mailing list too :)02:07
cprofittthanks pleia202:07
doctormoVantrax: good advice, I'll have to try that next time02:12
pleia2yeah, that's what I do for lug presentations (and why a 1 hour presentation takes me about 6 hours to prepare, after writing)02:13
doctormoSo far I've been fairly one shot, I figured doing it that way for the blogs would force me to get better, so I wasn't leaning so much on practice.02:15
doctormoBut I guess we'll reshoot it tomorrow02:15
doctormopleia2: Got a greenscreen and everything :-D02:15
Vantraxyou will do fine doctormo02:18
doctormopleia2, Vantrax, cprofitt: Actually it would be good if you guys could review by lesson plan and speaking texts02:28
pleia2I'm back from camping and don't have any major things planned for the next few weeks, hooray02:29
* pleia2 is very much looking forward to at-home time02:29
doctormopleia2: was it good at camp?02:29
pleia2doctormo: it rained last night so we got a bit damp, but it was still lots of fun02:30
doctormopleia2, Vantrax, cprofitt: http://divajutta.com/doctormo/learning/ see the 3 files begining with 'cli'02:38
cprofittlooks good...02:39
Vantraxill take a look in a bit, rather busy atm with work02:42
doctormoVantrax: no problems, no rush, doing a reshoot tomorrow and the class is on wednesday02:43
cprofittpleia2, do you think anyone will respond to my thread? or the email?02:44
doctormocprofitt: The one I just forwarded to my LoCo mailing list?02:45
pleia2cprofitt: more likely to the email, I know there are some folks who work with schools on that list02:45
cprofittdoctormo, probably.02:45
cprofittawesome... thanks for suggesting that it was acceptable for me to do that on the list pleia202:45
cprofittI never want to violate ethics on things like that02:46
doctormoethics and politeness are two things, it's hard to break ethics on a mailing list without being delibrate in my view.02:47
cprofittwell... I mean more 'the rules of the list'03:08
cprofittusing the word 'ethics' was a bit strong03:08
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doctormoDid anyone watch the video I posted last night? I'm interested in input15:31
doctormoHello ILman15:56
ILmanwell i am installing the OS15:56
ILmani had some problems15:56
ILmanits my first linux OS15:56
doctormoILman: OK, did you check out #ubuntu-signpost first to see which channel you should be in?15:58
ILmani want to learn16:00
ILmanshell stuff16:01
ILmanis it the place ?16:01
ILmanand about the OS16:01
pleia2ILman: we're a project for developing course material for the Ubuntu community, for general support questions you want to check out #ubuntu :)16:02
ILmani got an error16:03
ILmanon isntalling16:03
doctormopleia2: Redirect to signpost, #ubuntu is too crowded16:06
* pleia2 has never heard of #ubuntu-signpost16:07
pleia2what is it?16:08
sadik123I have installed ubunut 9.04 in dell optiflex 360 desktop and tried to restart the pc...no use only i need to manually turn the power off and on...any soln...for this18:08
doctormopleia2: It's where people who are in the wrong channel should be redirected in order to be routed to the correct and more efficient place on irc18:19
doctormosadik123: please go to #ubuntu-signpost they will be able to redirect you to the correct room18:20
sadik123sorry !18:24
doctormosadik123: no problem, not everyone knows about signpost yet18:29
bodhi_zazenVantrax: poke :)20:40
bodhi_zazen'lo everyone, anything new in the last week or so ?20:40
doctormobodhi_zazen: Not much, seen any of the course stuff I've been doing?20:53
bodhi_zazenno, trying to get caught up @ work20:58
bodhi_zazenI saw the demo theme on the test server though =)20:58
doctormothere you go bodhi_zazen21:01
bodhi_zazenLOL doctormo, nice22:02
doctormobodhi_zazen: Any crit etc, pass it along, trying to make stuff better22:06
bodhi_zazenVantrax: poke23:39
bodhi_zazenI saw you theme23:40
cprofitthey -- no agenda again tonight...23:40
bodhi_zazenlooking good23:40
bodhi_zazenagenda for tonight ?23:40
cprofittbodhi_zazen, have you spoken to any lawyers yet?23:40
bodhi_zazenbirthday cake with Myah23:40
bodhi_zazenshe is 2 today23:40
bodhi_zazenyes cprofitt , but not about the server , lol23:41
cprofittthe meeting tomorrow23:41
cprofittwe still do not have an agenda23:41
cprofittso not about the liability of hosting and license terms?23:41
bodhi_zazenI have decided I will go with what you all feel is best23:41
cprofitt... you sure?23:42
bodhi_zazenSo long as it is open and free23:42
cprofittso you would be ok with CC:BY-SA?23:43
bodhi_zazenI am easy ;)23:44
bodhi_zazenI am more interested in getting this project going then the license23:46

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