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cyberixaepackages.ubuntu.com is down02:48
cyberixaeShould someone be notified to kick the server?02:48
ScottKcyberixae: It's hosted in the Canonical data center, so probably #canonical-sysadmin02:50
cyberixaeThe admins are working on it02:59
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fabrice_spGood morning! A small question: is it still possible to request a sync for a main package? Or main is frozen?06:15
StevenKfabrice_sp: Sure it is06:17
StevenKDebian Import Freeze just means we aren't doing it automatically06:18
fabrice_spStevenK, so FeatureFreeze is when main is also frozen?06:18
fabrice_spI thought main was frozen before universe...06:19
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StevenKfabrice_sp: We aren't past Feature Freeze yet?06:32
fabrice_spStevenK, according to the Release Schedule (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule), Feature Freeze is suppose to happen on the 27th of August. Or there is something I understand wrongly?06:34
StevenKfabrice_sp: And you were asking about syncing a package in main now?06:34
* StevenK is evidently missing something06:34
fabrice_spStevenK, I thought that Feature Freeze was only for Universe and that main was frozen before (at DIF time)06:36
StevenKfabrice_sp: No, that isn't right06:37
fabrice_spthat's why I was asking if it still possible to ask for a sync in main06:37
fabrice_spnow, I know ;-)06:37
fabrice_spthanks for your answer06:37
dholbachgood morning07:06
fabrice_spgood morning dholbach :-)07:18
dholbachhey fabrice_sp07:18
micahghi \sh07:37
quadrisprojdstrand: hi Jamie!08:24
quadrisprojdstrand: I'm reading your email about h264enc, I used debhelper 7 and the .PHONY line is unnecessary :) (what lintian version are you using? lintian didn't give me any error message)08:26
POXScottK: FTR: DH_PYCENTRAL=nomove should be used in very rare cases and adding it after merging a package is very bad idea08:28
slytherinLaney: You worked on backporting the yahoo protocol change to pidgin, right?08:45
sn9well, that won't be in dapper now...08:47
sn9or hardy08:47
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siretartrevu is going down for maintenance!09:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:17
slytherinsn9: Why not hardy? Hardy is the last LTS, what the are users running hardy supposed to do?09:20
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siretartrevu back on-line09:31
slytherinmr_spot_: ping09:34
mr_spot_slytherin, have you got more advice on my package in revu?09:38
slytherinmr_spot_: I was wondering how it is different than the official mixer applet. I didn't see any screenshots on home page.09:39
slytherinmr_spot_: looks similar (to me) to the official one. Does it have any advantages over official gnome mixer applet?09:42
DavieyHi, Does someone fancy sponsering an SRU upload to -proposed for Hardy for me? :)09:43
Daviey(You know you want to, go-an)09:43
Davieybug #39469609:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 394696 in apache2-mpm-itk "Please rebuild apache2-mpm-itk [Hardy] to handle updated apache source" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39469609:43
mr_spot_slytherin, you mean the one named "Volume Control" in the add to panel dialog?09:43
mr_spot_slytherin, or is there another gnome volume applet that i don't know about?09:44
slytherinmr_spot_: in jaunty - gnome-volume-control-pulse09:45
slytherinThat is the package name09:45
mr_spot_slytherin, just to confirm, the one that puts a speaker icon in the notification area? that one simply shows me a single volume slider09:47
slytherinmr_spot_: Yes, you are talking about the one installed by default. The package I mentioned is in universe, not installed by default. That package contains another volume control applet which uses pulseaudio. Try it yourself and you will know.09:48
slytherinmr_spot_: And you have to right click on it and then 'Open Volume COntrol'.09:49
Laneyslytherin: I gave up on hardy09:51
Laneyi was going to -backports it but didn't get round to it yet09:52
mr_spot_slytherin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/216773/ is what i just had a look at, the gnome-volume-control-applet binary in the package is the one i ran that gave me the notification icon.09:53
slytherinLaney: Putting my users hat, In my opinion the fix should get backported to hardy.09:54
slytherinmr_spot_: did you logout and login after you installed the package? :-)09:54
mr_spot_it was already installed09:54
Laneyslytherin: Yes, it should. But I couldn't get it to work09:55
Laneythey completely rewrote the authentication method09:55
mr_spot_slytherin, mtime on the .deb in my apt archive dir is jul 1, and i have logged in and out many times since then :)09:56
mr_spot_slytherin, can you show me a screenshot of what you think i should be seeing?09:57
slytherinmr_spot_: I don't have access to a jaunty system right now. :-(10:00
mr_spot_slytherin, well the main point is that with my applet, adjusting application volume, moving applications to different devices, etc can all be done with a single click on the applet, without launching a separate mixer10:02
mr_spot_slytherin, it was a result of getting annoyed by having to launch pavucontrol just for a simple adjustment so frequently10:02
mr_spot_slytherin, it also has recording similarly accessible from a single click on the panel10:03
slytherinmr_spot_: I can understand. But as I said, it does not offer any advantage over the official applet which can also use pulseaudio to do all the things you mentioned.10:03
LaneyDaviey: you need motu-sru ack. Ping me when youi get it and I'll upload if you like10:09
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DavieyLaney: You know motu-sru is *three* people?10:20
Laneywell you could hassle an ubuntu-sru person if you dare ;)10:23
DavieyLaney: Well i can never say no to a dare!10:23
thermsomeone out there likes reviewing my packages? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/h2database http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhnutil http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhndatasource http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/swtcalendar (advocated on time)10:26
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pochuouch, 2MB email on the list :/11:09
dholbachpochu: sorry, I didn't realise when I was moderating it through11:50
pochudholbach: it's ok for me, I didn't have to pay for the extra bandwith :)12:24
pochuit's just that I seem to hit a thunderbird bug or something that makes loading big emails take a lot of time12:24
pochuasac: ^ have you heard about such a problem with tb?12:24
asacpochu: a regression? otherwise i wouldnt be shocked12:27
asacpochu: you could verify whether its still a problem with tbird 3 dailies: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa ... its safe to use them because it copies your profile (e.g. no data loss ;))12:28
asacanyone has seen norsetto?12:28
ScottKHe seems rarely on IRC anymore.12:28
asacyeah ok. i will write him a mail then.12:28
asacjust wondered if anyone knows anything12:29
pochuasac: he's blogged something recently, but haven't seen here around12:31
pochuasac: no regression, it's happening for a really long time :) I'll try with TB3, thanks12:31
asacpochu: let me know. if its still a problem with tb3 we should file a bug (at least i can make upstream look at tb3 bugs)12:34
pochuasac: btw I don't know if I'll do the liferea merge... don't have a karmic system around and am somewhat busy these days12:35
pochushould be easy though if you drop the hildon patch12:35
asacpochu: is that merge a "webkit" merge?12:35
asacpochu: is webkit alternative or only rendering engine in thereƟ12:36
pochuas in, 1.4 still uses xulrunner, and 1.6 (to be merged) uses webkit12:36
asacpochu: is there anything we want to keep?12:36
pochuthe only one12:36
asac(besides hildon)12:36
pochuasac: the ubuntu_feedlists patch, I guess :)12:36
asacah right12:36
asacok cool. i will check that out then12:36
pochuthanks :)12:37
asacthanks for the heads up12:37
pochuI think there was one patch about focus or something12:37
pochuif you switch to another workspace and click on the tray icon, liferea doesn't show up12:37
pochuthat's not integrated upstream, I should look into that12:37
asacoh shit12:37
pochuit was a one liner IIRC12:38
asacpochu: so this package doesnt have a patch system? i have bunch of merge conflicts in normal files12:38
pochuasac: it uses quilt12:38
pochuhuh, looks weird?12:38
pochuthose files are touched by the xulrunner patch I think12:39
asacwell.  there wont be conflicts if changes would have been in the patches12:39
pochu(autogenerated files after running autoreconf)12:39
asacyeah. but that should go to a patch too :)12:39
pochuit should be using a patch system for sure12:39
ScottKasac: I see those every now and then.  IME it generally means merge-o-matic has gone insane.12:39
pochuyeah indeed :/12:39
asaceven a conflict in AUTHORS ;)12:40
pochuthat is *not* autogenerated =)12:40
asaci guess this means i am going to lunch now ;)12:41
hhbhi all12:52
hhbis there an easy way to make a custom version of an ubuntu package?12:53
hhbi don't have any packaging background, but i'd like to set up my own ppa with a nautilus binary based on my own branch12:54
hhbi read through the packaging guide, but that's mostly creating own packages, which seems to be a cumbersome process12:55
pochuapt-get source $package; add a patch in debian/patches; dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa; dput to launchpad12:55
pochubriefly that's it :)12:55
hhbhow does one "add a patch in debian/patches" ?12:56
hhbjust copy the diff in there?12:56
pochuyou may need to edit debian/patches/00list or debian/patches/series though12:56
pochuand that's if there already is a patch system for that package12:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about patches12:57
hhbah, okay12:57
hhbthat doesn't sound too hard :-)12:57
pochuhhb: if you get into trouble, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems12:58
VK7HSEme-tv-0.9.6+rev529.tar.gz     watch file uses https://launchpad.net/me-tv/+download http.*me-tv-(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\+rev\d*)\.tar\.gz   is this correct ???12:58
VK7HSEmy question is to to format the watch file is using...12:59
hhbpochu: awesome, thanks. that'll hopefully get me started :-)12:59
pochuhhb: yeah, if you still have problems, feel free to ask here :)12:59
pochuVK7HSE: can you rephrase the question?12:59
VK7HSEright the source tar.gz is in the following format   me-tv-0.9.6+rev529.tar.gz13:00
VK7HSEand the watch file has been set (by me) to use  https://launchpad.net/me-tv/+download http.*me-tv-(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\+rev\d*)\.tar\.gz13:00
VK7HSEit reports back saying...13:00
VK7HSEuupdate: new version number not recognized from given filename13:01
VK7HSEPlease run uupdate with the -v option13:01
pochuso run it with -v and check what's going on :)13:01
VK7HSEwell to over ride the watch file I would issue... uupdate -v 0.9.6+rev529 me-tv_0.9.6+rev529.tar.gz   now that works... but there's still an issue with the watch file (this is what I'm trying to sort out!)13:04
slytherinVK7HSE: what is that http.* in the watch file?13:05
pochuslytherin: it needs to find a link in that page13:05
VK7HSEthe source is hosted on launchpad..13:05
pochuso that's "http(some url)/filename.tar.gz"13:05
VK7HSEI've not uploaded this just yet as I want to sort this watch file issue!13:06
pochuI get this13:07
pochu   https://launchpad.net/me-tv/+download http.*me-tv-(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\+rev\d*)\.tar\.gz13:07
pochuuscan warning: In debian/watch,13:07
slytherinahh, didn't know launchpad needed special handling13:07
VK7HSEeven if I shorten it to just ...   https://launchpad.net/me-tv/+download http.*me-tv-(.*)\.tar\.gz  it sill doesn't like it :(13:07
pochu  no matching hrefs for watch line13:07
slytherinasac: When is xulrunner-dev likely to depend on xulrunner-1.9.1-dev? Accordingly I will have to change build-deps/deps while merging swt-gtk.13:08
VK7HSEI altered the watch file in the last beta I built... but this is the first source code to use that format!  (+revxxx)13:08
pochuVK7HSE: this one works:13:09
pochuhttps://launchpad.net/me-tv/+download http://launchpad.net/me-tv/.*/\+download/me-tv-(.+)\.tar\.gz13:09
pochuVK7HSE: there's no "rev" tarball there, it's normal it doesn't work...13:10
VK7HSErealise the lack of source tarball! I was testing it locally!13:11
VK7HSEbut you say that the above is what it "should" resolve to?13:12
VK7HSEhang on I'll upload the source... and test again... if I still have any issues I'll come bak :)13:12
thermsomeone out there likes reviewing my packages? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/h2database http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhnutil http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhndatasource http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/swtcalendar (advocated on time)13:13
asacslytherin: why do you want to change the build-depends when merging?13:13
asacslytherin: i am preparing the porting stuff here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ffox3513:14
asacslytherin: it already has -dev package there13:14
slytherinasac: the build depends currently is xulrunner-dev which pulls in xulrunner-1.9-dev.13:14
asacslytherin: yes, thats good.13:15
asacslytherin: keep it that way13:15
asacas soon as xulrunner-dev is in we can just reupload13:16
asacslytherin: the respin worked in the ppa, so i dont expect any problems13:16
slytherinasac: Ok. I will do merge as it is then and will only do a rebuild later.13:17
asacslytherin: yeah thats good13:18
asacslytherin: i will probably upload all after i uploaded xulrunner-dev13:19
bluekujaasac, gonna use the "." instead of "+"13:19
asacbluekuja: if that works ;)13:19
bluekujaasac, let me see13:19
asacbluekuja: verify with --compare-versions13:19
asacand yes, - in the upstream version is a mess. on next chance try to get rid of that13:19
asace.g. when upstream goes to 1.3.413:20
asacerr 1.3.5-...13:20
bluekujaasac, 1 lt 2 --> yes 2 lt 1 --> nothing13:20
asacyes. lt means less than13:20
bluekujaasac, so "." works13:20
bluekujaasac, updating branch13:21
asacbluekuja: good. please also do the .bzr-builddeb/default.conf while you are at it13:21
bluekujaasac, k13:21
asacbluekuja: and uncommit the stuff from the upstream branch ;)13:21
asacslytherin: is swt-gtk used by eclipse?13:22
asacor does eclipse package use its own in-source copy?13:22
bluekujaasac, yep13:22
slytherinasac: I am not sure. I haven't taken look at eclipse packaging.13:24
asacslytherin: ok. thought it was related enough that you might know something ;)13:24
asacwas worth a try13:25
slytherinasac: eclipse was recently updated by doko. You may want to ask him.13:25
asacit was updated?13:26
jdstrandquadrispro: hi, so I used an older version of lintian, and I realize that the package may build without it, but section 4.9 of the Debian Policy states "Both the binary-arch and binary-indep targets must exist. If one of them has nothing to do (which will always be the case if the source generates only a single binary package, whether architecture-dependent or not), it must still exist and must always succeed." http://www.debian.org/doc/debian13:26
asacbug 28548613:26
asac!info eclipse13:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285486 in liferea "righ-click "change reading status" doesnt show" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28548613:26
asacno bot in this channel?13:26
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 126 kB, installed size 420 kB13:26
asacheh it failed everywhere13:27
slytherinasac: right, it is FTBFS13:27
bluekujaasac, what was the command for revid?13:28
asacbluekuja: bzr log --show-ids13:28
VK7HSEback again!13:29
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VK7HSEhere is my source ... http://launchpad.net/me-tv/stable/0.9/+download/me-tv-0.9.6%2Brev529.tar.gz13:29
bluekujaasac, done13:30
bluekujaasac, have to leave, bbl, write me a mail when done13:30
bluekujaasac, as revid I used rev3 ID13:31
bluekujaasac, into upstream.source branch of course13:31
asacbluekuja: thats wrong13:31
asacthought you used "3"13:31
asacif its the long id its ok13:31
bluekujaasac, yes, used the long id of the rev313:31
bluekujathe one for upload13:32
bluekujaasac, write me a mail13:32
asacpochu: they added a bunch of debian rss feeds; i guess we want to replace them?13:39
pochuasac: Debian or upstream ones?13:40
asacpochu: debian example feeds13:41
quadrisprojdstrand: yes, but.. it uses DH7, you could find a template in /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.tiny13:41
pochuasac: I don't mind :)13:41
quadrisproand as you can see, there's no PHONY line :)13:42
asacpochu: i keep the "debian package a day"13:42
asacbut drop debian planet, debian times, etc.13:42
pochuasac: that's in planet ubuntu anyway13:42
pochuasac: so you could just disable it from series13:42
jdstrandquadrispro: I'm not arguing that it doesn't build. I'm saying that regardless of what dh does, it isn't policy compliant.13:44
DktrKranzjdstrand: dh7 runs binary-* itself in its sequences, so it should be fine even if build-{binary,arch}: is not mentioned13:48
maxbquadrispro: I was wondering about that.... should we still aim to use a .PHONY in dh7 packages for strict correctness?13:50
jdstrandI would argue yes, until policy is updated with an exception13:50
jdstrandotherwise it causes confusion, like this13:51
quadrispromaxb: IMHO we don't, newer lintian doesn't give any warning13:51
maxbI guess it's a sufficiently tiny corner case that it's really not worth the clutter13:51
jdstrandlintian is just a tool to help identify violations of policy and other errors13:52
jdstrandbut it is not policy13:52
DktrKranzit's not about policy, it's about lintian unability to parse dh7 internals. dh7 always executes binary-*, unless you manually override it13:53
quadrisprojdstrand: I've found this http://www.debian-administration.org/users/dkg/weblog/3113:53
DktrKranze.g. by declaring no-op binary-*: target13:54
jdstrandquadrispro: I'm familiar with dh7 and 'dh $@'13:54
jdstrandI also understand that it does build13:55
jdstrandand lintian can be made to detect dh7 type stuff. that is fine13:55
jdstrandhowever, to me, it is about policy, because policy atm clearly states it is required13:55
jdstrandif an exception clause can be made to policy stating that it isn't required (and it seems it should indeed do just this), then it would be ok, IMHO13:57
ScottKjdstrand: It's required, but not necessarily explicitly.  Lots of CDBS packages don't mention it in rules.  It's not clear to me this is different?13:57
jdstrandI don't think it is different. perhaps they are wrong too?13:58
ScottKMy view has been they need to exist and be called, not that they must exist in a file called debian/rules.13:59
jdstrandwell, they don't need to be called-- eg, binary-arch for _all packages13:59
DktrKranzjdstrand: it's not explicitly declared in rules, but dh expand "%:" to call it at runtime, that way policy is respected.13:59
DktrKranzand, if there are cases where one of binary-{arch,indep} must not be invoked, they can be bypassed easily14:00
jdstrandmy point is this: policy says one thing, dh is doing something else via magic. if I say "ok, fine, do it" it will only come up again some time in the future and this same conversation will come up. A bug should be made against policy to allow this14:02
* DktrKranz believes something has been filed already14:02
jdstrandthat said, I am not the judge and jury of this issue. While I feel strongly it needs a .PHONY line, another AA may not14:03
jdstrandbut just shoving this through will not help anyone done the line14:04
quadrisproehm... what I have to do with h264enc? can i re-upload it to the NEW queue without any change? or.. what??14:05
jdstrandhow is adding a .PHONY line wrong?14:05
jdstrandit is policy compliant, clear, and will build14:06
jdstrandI would happily process it with that line14:06
geserjdstrand: Hi, re the python-repoze.who-plugins rejection: debian/copyright has a stanza for repoze.who.plugins.ldap-1.0 being licenced as GPL-3+. And I assume the URL for the licence text of the other modules at the beginning of the other modules isn't sufficient, right?14:07
jdstrandgeser: the license text at the beginning of (all of?) the other modules states LICENSE is included in the source. there is no LICENSE file14:08
jdstrand(other than the aforementioned GPL3 one)14:08
geserjdstrand: http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/p/python-repoze.who-plugins/current/copyright The second paragraph has an url to http://www.repoze.org/LICENSE.txt which is later referenced as "BSD-repoze"14:09
geserso I should talk to the debian maintainer to get a copy of the file into the .orig.tar.gz?14:10
jdstrandgeser: yes. eg in friendlyform.py: "A copy of the license should accompany14:14
jdstrand# this distribution14:14
jdstrandgeser: this is likely going to come up when Debian reviews it as well14:14
asacpochu: ok i sync-merged picking the few changes we had manually. uploaded14:15
geserjdstrand: it's already in Debian experimental.14:15
ScottKgeser: It does have to include a full copy of the license in the tarball.14:16
jdstrandgeser: yeah, but does experimental go through the same review as the main archive? (I don't know)14:16
jdstrandregardless, you need the license14:16
geserjdstrand: what is missing for the ldap module? it looks correctly mentioned in the copyright file to me14:16
ScottKIn theory it does, in practice it seems not always.14:16
jdstrandgeser: iirc nothing14:16
jdstrandgeser: I was simply stating that there was only one license file included in the tarball, and it was gpl3 for ldap14:17
geserjdstrand: will mail the DD about the missing licence text then only. thanks14:17
geserjdstrand: ah, I misunderstood your mail then14:18
jdstrandgeser: sorry for the confusion14:18
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geserjdstrand: one copy of the license text in the .orig.tar.gz would be enough or better place it in every module directory?14:27
quadrisprojdstrand: http://home.alessiotreglia.com/karmic/pool/h264enc_8.9.3+dfsg-0ubuntu1/h264enc_8.9.3+dfsg-0ubuntu1.buildlog14:31
quadrisprothat's the PHONY line I use:14:31
quadrispro".PHONY: build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary install"14:31
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quadrisprodebian/rules -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/216934/14:32
quadrisproin this way, I can't use DH714:32
huatsiulian: ping14:35
huatsare you around ?14:35
sebnerquadrispro: you only need get-orig-source in the .PHONY line14:36
jdstrandbinary-arch should be there14:37
jdstrandin .PHONY14:37
sebnerjdstrand: dunno, for cli not ^^14:38
jdstrandit is a shell script14:38
jdstrandthis is what I'm saying-- policy says one thing, debhelper is doing magical other things14:39
jdstrandquadrispro: '.PHONY: binary-indep' works. I fully realize that build, binary-arch, binary and install are not present, and according to policy should be. .PHONY seems to disable debhelper's special magic for any targets listed in .PHONY. as such, dh7 cannot be done in a policy-compliant was, afaict. this is unfortunate and clearly a bug in debhelper, debian-policy or both14:52
jdstrandquadrispro: I was not aware of this situation, which was frankly my point-- we (you, me, archive admins in Debian and Ubuntu) shouldn't have to know that there is an undocumented exception for debhelper14:54
james_wjdstrand: I think that it could just be in the reading of policy14:54
jdstrandjames_w: possibly14:55
james_w"required" probably means "known to make if you execute the file"14:55
mr_spot_can i get someone to review pulseaudio-mixer-applet again? i also have a question about copyright in a comment on my new upload. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pulseaudio-mixer-applet14:55
james_wwhich they definitely are14:55
james_wand "%:" means that every target will be present14:56
jdstrandjames_w: yes, pragmatically speaking14:56
james_wit's silly that lintian complains if that is the case14:56
jdstrandjames_w: it's silly we must infer 'known to make if you execute the file' from policy that simply says 'must' and 'required'14:57
james_wit's certainly not complained about cdbs packages, so it should probably be extended to not complain about dh 714:57
james_wit would be better to be explicit14:57
jdstrandjames_w: based on feedback here, newer lintian doesn't complain14:57
james_woh, good14:57
james_wwe should probably get lintian updated on that machine, it's bit me before14:58
jdstrandjames_w: while perhaps I am, I find it hard to believe I am the only one who is not aware of the latest debhelper features (or any other debian/rules symantics) that are not policy compliant on the surface14:59
james_wI'm sure you are not14:59
quadrisproehm... I've re-uploaded h264enc with some changes, but they are'nt correct, please reject it15:00
quadrisproaren't *15:00
jdstrandwhile I surely will remember this situation personally, as I'm sure quadrispro will also, debian policy is supposed to help prevent this frustration15:00
jdstrandquadrispro: rejected15:01
jdstrandI suppose since I'm the only one fired-up about it, I'll file a bug15:01
pochuasac: \o/15:01
quadrisprothanks jdstrand, can i re-upload it with DH7 support or... what? :)15:02
jdstrandquadrispro: yes15:02
jdstrandjust reupload15:02
* jdstrand is fairly miffed at the time wasted on this15:02
asacpochu: can you do the ifupdown merge for me now ;)? jk15:04
quadrisprojdstrand: done, thanks for your work :)15:04
jdstrandquadrispro: sorry for putting you through this15:05
pochuasac: lol15:05
jdstrandI'm determined to not have this happen to someone in the future15:05
quadrisprojdstrand: no prob, it was an interesting discussion15:06
pochuasac: I'll look at integrating the intltool-update in Debian, and the systray patch upstream though :)15:06
asacpochu: that would be awesome15:06
* quadrispro taking out for ice cream15:08
DktrKranzjdstrand: mind give me a link when you file it? TIA15:12
jdstrandDktrKranz: sure thing15:12
bddebianHeya gang15:34
geserHi bddebian15:51
bddebianHeya geser15:52
mr_spot_anybody able to review my package again? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/pulseaudio-mixer-applet16:02
* ScottK waves to bddebian.16:03
thermcould someone take a look at one of my packages? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/h2database http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhnutil http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/willuhndatasource http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/swtcalendar (advocated on time)16:03
bddebianHi ScottK16:09
sebnerbddebian: \o/16:15
gaspado someone run piuparts on ubuntu?16:17
slaytonis there a program that can create a document illustrating the dependency hierarchy of a series of packages?16:18
ScottKNot automatically, AFAIK.16:19
bddebianHi sebner16:19
* sebner heart bddebian is a debian ftp-trainee *cough* *cough*16:19
pochuall our packages belong to him ;)16:20
\shwhat? bddebian will be ftp-master in no time?16:21
* geser points to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BddebianIsAGod16:22
james_wslayton: apt-cache dotty?16:22
slaytonjames_w, oh great thanks!16:23
\shgeser: yeah I know that page ;) I myself said he is "God" long ago ;) http://www.sourcecode.de/node/12316:23
james_walso debtree16:23
james_walso http://www.gnowledge.org/debmap_view?objid=python16:23
pochugeser: that page offends my beliefs. Please remove it16:25
sebnergeser: uhh, /me considers to add himself if bddebian cleans out the packages with @ubuntu adress from debian new :P :P :P16:25
sebner\sh: \o/16:25
sebnerpochu: bddebian is the one and only *hehe*16:25
* nhandler goes to check on his NEW packages16:26
bddebian\sh: Not yet, just an assistant16:26
Laney\sh: bah, the links are broken16:27
LaneyI want to read your inspirational post!16:27
\shLaney: http://www.sourcecode.de/node/122 <- this one16:28
james_wRainCT: around?16:28
\shLaney: I'll blame drupal for not converting old entries to new pathauto fame16:28
Laneythe link goes to 12316:28
james_wRainCT: I'm reviewing zeitgeist, it's not all LGPL, but I'm guessing you know this, as debian/copyright also points to common-licences/GPL-316:29
\shLaney: 122 is the right one..16:29
Laneyjust telling you, as 123 is 40416:29
james_wRainCT: but I don't think the situation is expressed clearly there, which makes me think I will reject16:29
james_wRainCT: what do you think?16:30
\shLaney: the link on 123 is 404...right...but that's one problem of drupal...need to fix it soon16:30
RainCTHey james_w16:35
james_whi RainCT, how you doing?16:35
RainCTjames_w: I'm fine, thanks. I mentioned GPL-3 in debian/copyright because the LGPL build upon the GPL.16:36
james_wI'll reject it then, with a clearer statement on what I feel is missing16:36
james_wsorry to disturb you16:36
RainCTUhm, and what's missing?16:37
james_wI'm not sure it's missing, as much as incorrect headers, but I can't make that call16:41
james_wmail sent now16:41
RainCTjames_w: Oh right, the headers are incorrect.16:42
james_wgood :-)16:42
cyberixaeWhat is the plan for hurd package?16:46
cyberixaeI suppose it's not installable alongsided Linux, and Ubuntu is probably not going to switch kernel in near future, so what's the catch?16:47
ScottKWhat makes you think there is any plan at all?16:47
cyberixaeThe package being included in Universe16:48
cyberixaeIs its inclusion just a mere theoretical effort?16:48
gaspacyberixae: which package??16:48
ScottKIt was probably autosync'ed from Debian.16:48
cyberixaeI understood that autosynced packages are still manually selected.16:49
RainCTjames_w: OK, I've fixed debian/copyright and updated the files upstream. Given that the release hasn't been announced yet we'll probably issue a new tarball including some new stuff16:49
ScottKRainCT: Please don't reuse the same version number.16:50
james_wRainCT: cool, feel free to ping me for fast-tracking through NEW16:50
james_wassuming you addressed all my issues :-)16:50
RainCTjames_w: Great, thanks :)16:50
gesercyberixae: at the beginning of every development cycle, every package which is not blacklisted or has any Ubuntu changes will get imported automatically from Debian unstable16:50
RainCTScottK: For any particular reason? I don't know of any distro including it yet16:50
cyberixaeSo I should really ask Debian what their plan is.16:51
ScottKRainCT: It's just bad practice.  Has anyone downloaded it?16:51
macoDebian Hurd has existed for a while16:51
cyberixaeI know they've provided a Hurd distro for some time16:51
RainCTScottK: LP shows 10 downloads.16:51
macothere's also Debian BSD, isn't there?16:51
cyberixaeBut they didn't use the have hurd kernel in their Linux repos16:51
ScottKRainCT: So I think that's enough reason.16:51
macoenough reason to what?16:54
Laneyto bump the version number16:55
ScottKReissuing tarballs with the same version number is just really wrong.16:55
jdstrandDktrKranz, james_w: fyi: debian bug #53679017:06
ubottuDebian bug 536790 in debian-policy "debian-policy: please clarify 'required target' in section 4.9" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/53679017:06
* DktrKranz subscribes to it17:08
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dduckdo you know if the major bugs in ext4 are fixed in ubuntu jaunty?17:43
dducki had an electrical cut yesterday and wanted to know if this could kill my filesystem when ext4 is used17:43
dduckor even kill the hard drive17:43
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RainCTScottK: You cna be happy, we've just decided we'll add some more features and label the new tarball as 0.2 ;)17:48
=== WelshDragon is now known as YDdraigGoch
ScottKRainCT: Excellent.17:50
ScottKIt's good engineering practice.17:50
ScottKEven if it hurts sometimes.17:50
VK7HSEIf there are any ubuntu sponsors that wouldn't mind having a look Bug #39888817:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398888 in me-tv "Update Me TV 0.9.6 for Karmic" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39888817:58
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aboudreaultHi. How could I be a maintainer of a few ubuntu packages ?18:35
neversfeldeif someone from the MOTU SRU team is present, it would be great if you could have a look at bug #22153118:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221531 in kopete-plugin-thinklight "Thinklight doesn't blink because /proc/acpi/ibm/thinklight has wrong permissions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22153118:35
aboudreaultCan I upload a more recent version of a package X, if it is curently synchronized with Debian unstable ?18:36
neversfeldeaboudreault: I think the MOTU docs are a good point to start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU18:36
aboudreaultall right. thanks18:36
fabrice_spHi. Do somebody know why the sponsored sync are using my gmail account (for example this one: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-July/004008.html), but all the other sponsored upload are changed-by my ubuntu email? Can I do something with my kaunchpad account to fix that and use only my ubuntu.com address?18:50
maxbfabrice_sp: I'd take a guess that it's because your gmail address seems to be the primary one on your launchpad account18:56
maxbOr at least I'm assuming the fact that it's the first listed on https://launchpad.net/~fabricesp means it's primary18:56
fabrice_spmaxb, I think you're right. I'll check18:56
macoyou cannot set your ubuntu one as primary18:56
macobaaaad idea18:56
macothen when you get emails to the ubuntu one, theyll be forwarded...to the ubuntu one18:57
macoand not reach you18:57
macoi mean, lp allows it, but itll break your mail forwarding18:57
pochuI have had my ubuntu one by default for years18:58
fabrice_spbut you can set it as preferred. Is it the same?18:58
pochufabrice_sp: yes18:58
fabrice_spI had my gmail.com as preferred, and I've just changed to ubuntu18:58
fabrice_spI'll test to send an email to the ubuntu.com one, just to check what happen! :-)19:00
fabrice_spmail forwarding is still working. Let's see what happen on next sponsored sync request. Thanks maxb and pochu !19:07
maxbfabrice_sp: I seem to recall reading somewhere that the updating of @ubuntu.com forwarding is a cronjob - you'd better test if it's still working in a day's time, and again a few days later.19:08
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maxb"If you change your Launchpad ID or primary email address, there will also be up to 48 hour delay until this takes effect. " -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail19:09
maxbfabrice_sp: ^19:09
maxb"As the alias forwards email to your primary address on LP - please do not set your primary email address for Launchpad to your Ubuntu email address. If you do, this will either result in a loop or your email alias will simply not be created. This is a known problem, please see bug #5292 for more information. "19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 5292 in launchpad-foundations "People setting preferred contact address to @ubuntu.com" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/529219:10
* pochu feels lucky ;)19:11
* fabrice_sp is looking at the bug report19:12
* fabrice_sp is changing back his preferred email address...19:17
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or4n9eI have a question about casper19:50
or4n9eubuntu is capable of persistent liveusb utilizing an ext2/3 partition for persistent storage and a fat32 for the system19:51
or4n9ecould one create an img file of a ready liveusb stick utilizing dd if=/dev/sdb of=image.img19:51
or4n9eAND, and that's the tricky part, is casper capable to create the ext2/3 partition "expandable" depending on the actual size of the stick the is copied to?19:52
or4n9ethe image19:52
or4n9eI know that openSUSE's kiwi system is capable to do this but I'm unable to find appropraite infos about casper on the web19:53
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gaspageser: ftbfs states "Last update: 2009-07-10 00:19:26 +0000"21:01
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
gesergaspa: I know. edge is still not updated, so the API bug still exists22:03
gaspageser: ah, right.22:03
gaspaI tried to convince myself that it was already fixed. :p22:04
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