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LLStarksyou there?04:27
micahgLLStarks: most probably sleeping04:37
micahgsomthing I can help you with?04:38
LLStarksflash is wonky in 3.604:40
micahgI think they were working on that this morning04:40
ubottuMozilla bug 503819 in General "Flash websites like Youtube occasionally prevent clicking and typing in text boxes" [Normal,Unconfirmed]04:40
micahgLLStarks: which version of flash do you have installeD?04:41
micahgfrom Ubuntu  or Adobe?04:42
LLStarksubuntu uses the adobe binaries04:42
micahgI just wanted to make sure you installed them through the installer from ubuntu though04:43
LLStarksyeah, i did04:43
LLStarks3.5 and 3.0 are fine04:43
LLStarks3.6 exhibits the behavior04:43
LLStarksare we thinking about the same bug?04:44
* micahg isn't thinking about anything in particular04:44
micahgHere's today's log: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/12/%23ubuntu-mozillateam.txt04:44
micahgI know they mentioned flash, but I don't have time to read it04:45
micahgsorry, I'd help more, but I'm working right now, asac and co should be on in about 6-8 hours04:50
LLStarkscan you confirm the bug?04:59
micahgI don't have that permission in bugzilla05:04
micahgand I don't have time right now05:04
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bluekujaasac, hello10:43
bluekujaasac, had a good weekend?10:43
asacstarted good, ended bad with a hang-over and a light cold10:44
bluekujaaww : /10:44
bluekujaasac, did you have time to setup your debian system?10:44
bluekujaasac, the package is ready10:44
bluekujaasac, added a patch system instead of modifying stuff manually10:45
asacthought you have more than one10:45
asaccan you send me the complete list of branches that are ready?10:45
bluekujaasac, yep10:45
bluekujaon pm?10:45
asacpm gets lost10:46
bluekujaasac, done10:47
bluekujaasac, next package I'll work on is cgmail10:47
bluekujawhich is the third on my list10:47
bluekujathen I have the latest10:48
asacis any of those packages NEW?10:48
asacbluekuja: you sent a mail with just one package10:49
bluekujaasac, yes, other one is already in10:50
bluekujaasac, and cgmail is not yet ready10:50
bluekujaasac, had to make a new patch system for ctorrent yesterday night so I didnt work on cgmail yet10:50
asacbluekuja: so you found a sponsor for the other?10:52
bluekujaasac, yep10:52
bluekujaasac, but don't worry, you'll have to sponsor me some good stuff too10:53
ftaasac, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=9643 :(11:01
ftaasac, i thought gnash was dead.. !?11:02
asacthey were never dead11:03
asacjust not funded11:03
asacbut i think they raised some money11:03
asacis that chrome bug because they wait for the new ia32libs?11:03
asacdid we ever manage to not break flash?11:03
ftaobviously, even with an update, the ime thing will not be solved11:04
ftaand no, still no idea why flash breaks11:05
ftai will refresh the debs later today11:06
ftaasac, http://identi.ca/notice/637925711:08
asacwho will file the bugs upstream then ;)?11:09
asacbug 39812111:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398121 in firefox-3.5 "firefox-3.5-gnome-support failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39812111:18
bluekujaasac, let me know if everything went ok11:19
bluekujaasac, you can make it for this evening/night, right?11:24
bluekujaso I can move to another package11:25
asacbluekuja: there is no hurry on this on my side11:27
asaci have three uploads on my own list that needs to get done11:27
asaci will do them in the same batch11:28
asacno ETA11:28
bluekujaasac, problem is that some of my packages got an NMU11:28
bluekujaasac, so it would be nice to have everything fixed asp11:28
bluekuja* asap11:28
asacyeah. but since you already did one upload you are not MIA anyymore11:30
bluekujaoh ok11:31
gnomefreakasac: IIRC i have to work on sunbird's rules file for some reason whatever changes you made to it to better handle the nobinonly script it fails to produce a tarball using ./debian/rules. i thought i had carried over the changes when i looked at this a while ago but it looks like i didnt, not feeling really good today yet so maybe later this week. seamonkey is still ready and working good here. if all goes well i will have sunbir12:09
gnomefreakdamn thats long12:09
asacgnomefreak: its ok. i am overloaded atm anyway ;)12:10
asacgnomefreak: so rest and get better12:10
gnomefreakasac: thanks i will12:14
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:15
* asac has sound12:15
gnomefreaki havent and i think since it iwll be a short day i will atleast see what i can get done12:16
gnomefreakthere that was easy12:24
gnomefreakwrong sound card was being used12:25
eagles0513875how goes it guys12:27
gnomefreakeagles0513875: other than tired and running a small fever im ok12:27
eagles0513875sry to hear bro get well soon12:27
eagles0513875refresh button doesnt work in chrome O_O12:28
gnomefreakyou mnean chormuim browser?12:29
gnomefreakchromuim even12:30
mahfouzchromium :)12:30
gnomefreakthat too :)12:30
eagles0513875anyone else trying it the nightly stuff out for it12:31
gnomefreakeagles0513875: i have it i just havent played with it in a while ive been trying to get system to a good state so i can make another backup12:33
eagles0513875back to firefox for the time being will try again with it tomorrow12:33
gnomefreakeagles0513875: giveme a few and i will finish this gwibber thing and test refresh12:33
eagles0513875thanks gnomefreak if you havent updated it might need an update to it cuz i installed the build form im guessing last night12:33
gnomefreaki ran updates about 30 minuts ag and it wasnt needed so i should be on latest12:34
asaceagles0513875: check with fta ... bugabundo also runs the nightlies afaik12:35
eagles0513875will do asac12:35
gnomefreakgnomefreak: ping12:40
gnomefreaksomeone highlight me please i need to know if system beep is now working12:40
eagles0513875gnomefreak: ping12:41
* asac lunch12:41
eagles0513875gnomefreak: ping whats up12:41
mahfouzgnomefreak: like this?12:41
gnomefreakok thats just not what i wanted to hear  :( the system beep doesnt work but speakers are bumping me12:41
gnomefreakeagles0513875: this version of c-b
eagles0513875? of chromium-browser12:43
eagles0513875let me check12:43
eagles0513875ya thats it12:43
gnomefreakok what heappens when you click reload/refresh?12:46
gnomefreakdoes the icon in top left spin? do you get progress bar at the bottom the the browser?12:46
gnomefreakthis build seems to work fine for me in LP12:46
eagles0513875strange you on 32 bit or 64bhit12:46
gnomefreakbe back in a few12:47
eagles0513875ok then this is most likely a bug in the ia32libs12:48
bluekujaasac, thanks a lot m812:51
bluekujaasac, you're the best12:51
bluekujaasac, fixing what you told me on the mail12:51
bluekujaasac, ah damn versioning12:52
bluekujaasac, just seen mail12:52
bluekujaasac, how can I fix that then?12:52
* gnomefreak will look at it tomorrow most likely13:05
asacbluekuja: you dpkg --compare-versions to verify that your new version is higher than the last one13:13
bluekujaasac, this way13:13
bluekujadpkg --compare-versions ctorrent_1.3.4+dnh3.3.2-1 lt-nl ctorrent_1.3.4-dnh3.2-1.113:13
asacbluekuja: man dpkg13:14
asacdpkg --compare-versions 1 lt 2 && echo yes13:15
asacdpkg --compare-versions 2 lt 1 && echo yes13:15
bluekujaasac, says yes to me13:15
bluekujaasac, dpkg --compare-versions ctorrent_1.3.4+dnh3.3.2-1 lt ctorrent_1.3.4-dnh3.2-1.1 && echo yes13:16
asacbluekuja: VERSION13:16
asacit probably works that way too13:16
asacbut ctorrent is definitly not part of the version ;)13:17
bluekujaasac, true, but it won't change the final result13:17
asac14:14 < asac> dpkg --compare-versions 1 lt 2 && echo yes13:17
asac14:15 < asac> dpkg --compare-versions 2 lt 1 && echo yes13:17
asaccompare what happens for those13:17
asaclook in manpage what lt13:17
asacits smaller13:17
asac1 < 2 -> yes13:17
asac2 < 1 -> nothing13:17
asac1.3.4+dnh3.3.2-1 < 1.3.4-dnh3.2-1.1 -> yes -> thats wrong13:18
asace.g. we need something greater than 1.3.4-dnh3.2-1.113:18
asacuse the .13:18
bluekujaasac, exactly13:18
asaclets move the rest to -motu please ;)13:18
asacfta2:   * Fixes ugly CPU spikes caused by broken expiring mechanism13:29
asacin liferea13:29
asacwas that an ubuntu change?13:29
asacok ;)13:30
asacin next merge it was kept in "remaining ubuntu changes" section13:30
bluekujaasac, it worked out?14:04
asacno time yet14:05
asacplease send a mail and i will do wheni get to it14:05
bluekujaasac, mail with branches url?14:06
bluekujaasac, sent14:08
bluekujaasac, how can I uncommit stuff I already pushed?14:09
bluekujaasac, is there a new command or I use overwrite?14:09
fta2asac, can't update ia32libs, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libselinux/2.0.82-1ubuntu1 failed14:17
asacjdstrand: do you feel responsible for libselinux? do you know bhavi?14:18
jdstrandthat's a loaded question if I ever heard one14:19
asacsorry if that stabbed in a wound ;)14:19
jdstrandlet's say "marginally and no"14:19
jdstrandie, we want it to work, but we don't actively work on it14:19
asaclets see if he fixes the build failures then14:19
asacfta2: cant you pick the previous version?14:20
jdstrandtbh, I very much want it to work, but we (ie the security team) don't have the resources to maintain two MAC systems at the same time14:21
jdstrandwe'll fix stuff as we can, and help the community as needed14:21
asacjdstrand: yeah. just wanted to know if you wanted to fix the build failure; guess not then. thx14:23
jdstrandasac: is there a bug on it?14:23
asac(or if those uploads are coordinated)14:23
fta2asac, i can, but it means hacking the fetch-and-build heavily, or doing it manually, with a change to miss some deps14:23
asacjdstrand: no. it failed only today: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libselinux/2.0.82-1ubuntu114:24
asacjdstrand: if you didnt know about the upload, lets just wait. i guess he will work on it14:24
asacfta2: ok. lets wait if he fixes it today then14:24
asacfta2: but i386 build14:24
asacisnt that what we need?14:25
asacoh it failed too14:25
asacnevermind then14:25
jdstrandasac: I'll mention it in the security team meeting today14:25
jdstrandasac: thanks for pointing it out14:25
asacjdstrand: hey, no need to escalate. i was just wondering if those packages are something that is usually coordinated with the security team14:25
asacjdstrand: the package awas uploaded 4 hours ago ;)14:25
bluekujaasac, lol, I overwritten debian.source with using upstream.source revisions14:26
bluekujaasac, now it's ok again14:26
jdstrandasac: sometimes they are, sometimes not14:26
jdstrandasac: we only get involved when we are asked to be14:26
asacjdstrand: ok. thanks14:26
jdstrandI'll still mention it-- there might be something obvious to the others on the team14:27
asacjdstrand: yeah. personally i would think that you as the security team should encourage folks that work on security packages to coordinate with you ;)14:27
asaclike i prefer if folks doing mozilla related stuff come to our channel and talk to us ;)14:28
jdstrandheh, or at the very least, in #ubuntu-security14:28
asacjdstrand: thats what i mean14:28
jdstrandwe have the Tresys folks in there14:28
* jdstrand nods14:28
bluekujaasac, as regarding LP14:34
bluekujais this right14:34
bluekujaexport-upstream = lp:~bluekuja/ctorrent-enhanced/debian.source14:34
bluekujaasac, is that the right path for LP?14:34
asacdude, please think ;) ... why would a debian only branch be upstream?14:35
bluekujaasac, yeah, sorry, I did a copy of the wrong branch14:36
bluekujaquestion was if that url works14:36
asacyou will figure ;)14:38
asacits just a matter of trying, isnt it?14:38
bluekujagonna use the export-upstream thing14:38
bluekujaon bzr bd14:38
bluekujaasac, seems to work14:40
bluekujaasac, export-upstream thing is really nice to use14:41
bluekujait gets the branch and makes the tarball for you14:42
fta2asac, seems selinux is the only missing bit14:42
bluekujaasac, anyway all ready, mail sent to you with changes I made and branches url14:43
asacfta2: ok. i think we should give him 12 hours time ;)14:47
asaci guess you and I dont have time to fix that anyway ;)14:47
asac(the experience for that package most likely)14:47
asaccc -Wall -g -O2 -I../include -I/usr/include -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64  -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions -s -s -shared -o libselinux.so.1 avc.lo avc_internal.lo avc_sidtab.lo booleans.lo callbacks.lo canonicalize_context.lo checkAccess.lo check_context.lo compute_av.lo compute_create.lo compute_member.lo compute_relabel.lo compute_user.lo context.lo deny_unknown.lo disable.lo enabled.lo fgetfilecon.lo freecon.lo freeconary.lo fsetfilecon.lo14:48
asac../src/libselinux.so: file not recognized: File truncated14:48
asaccollect2: ld returned 1 exit status14:48
fta2i need to restart my desktop, it's all rotten.14:50
fta2brb (hopefully)14:50
asacfta2: still unhappy with gwibber ;)?14:50
fta2it's not started here :P14:51
fta2it died so often that now, i don't miss it when it's gone14:51
asacfta2: yeah. but it really doesnt die anymore ;)14:51
fta2i'm not crazy like bugabundo14:51
asaci had the same problem. now that i fixed the crashes i use it again14:52
asacbefore it was always gone when i looked ;)14:52
fta2join #launchpad14:58
fta2asac, evolution crashes & freezes too, wanna fix it? ;)15:31
asacdeath to evolution ;)15:33
asacfta2: started today?15:33
fta2difficult to say, 2 crashes & 1 freeze today15:34
fta2it usually crashes once or twice a week15:34
eagles0513875fta2: why not run it through gdb see if u get any info and a back trace on them15:36
fta2i did, i filed several bugs already, went nowhere15:36
fta2such as, there's nothing ubuntu can do, go upstream, and upstream seems to ignore all bugs15:37
bluekujaasac, bbl15:41
asacfta2: debian/tmp/usr/lib/firefox-*/extensions/\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd\} usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/extensions15:46
asacwhy do we install that to xulrunner?15:47
asachmm guess its the dom inspector15:47
fta2i think it's the default theme15:48
asacoh yeah. thats a pity15:55
asaci guess upstream should split that up somewhat15:55
asacis xulrunner broken without that?15:55
asaclet me check what they ship in upstream xul binary15:55
fta2it should be in ff for sure, not sure if it breaks xul though16:04
seangarnerHi, #mozillateam, I'm trying to find an xpi of lightning compatible with the nightly builds on the ppa16:20
seangarnerI've tried http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/ but can't find one that works with the amd64 build16:21
asacseangarner: yeah. someone needs to work on that16:25
asaci am not sure if gnomefreak fixed that yet, but i would think no16:25
asaccheckout his latest lighthing-sunbird branches16:25
asacif there are no hints that he fixed tbird 3, come back;)16:25
seangarnerthanks asac, I'll take a look16:25
seangarnerNope, they are all for tb2 builds16:40
=== seangarner is now known as seangarner_afk
asacseangarner_afk: so next thing would be to find out what needs to be done to build it against tbird 3 ... e.g. where is the code for that hosted at all?17:31
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asacbug 36379818:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 363798 in ubufox "ubufox can't install adobe flash plugin on 64-bit jaunty live-cd" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36379818:11
asacbug 34797218:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 347972 in ubufox "Does not work with Shiretoko Web Browser (Firefox 3.5)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34797218:13
ftaasac, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28975448/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-lpia.xulrunner-1.9.1_1.9.1.1~hg20090713r26052%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:21
asacfta: is that a recent commit?18:22
ftayesterday was all green18:23
asacis gtk changed18:23
asacprobably got more picky recently18:23
ftayes, new gtk today18:23
asacfta: which version do we ship now? .4?18:23
asac.3 or .4?18:24
fta  Installed: 2.17.3-0ubuntu118:24
fta  Candidate: 2.17.4-0ubuntu118:24
asacso .4 broke it18:25
asacfta: ok seb is on it18:42
ftaread that, cool19:00
ftait also breaks songbird19:06
micahg1asac: bad instructions on the answer tracker blew up someone19:09
micahg1s sources file19:09
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
micahgI made a note in the answer that was the culprit to look at the help.ubuntu page that we helped with and converted the bug to a Q19:09
ftaasac, strangely enough, xul 1.9.2 is fine19:13
asacmicahg: huh?19:13
asacfta: yeah. its kind of depreacted to include the gtk headers directly19:13
asacfta: for gtk 3 they will forbid this19:13
asacbut this was accidentially landed19:14
asacand is already backed out upstream19:14
asaci guess that trunk already only includes gtk/gtk.h19:14
micahgasac: bug 39866219:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398662 in ubuntu "I can't get download manager to work, error message???" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39866219:16
asacyeah ok19:17
leifkindalasac, I got a couple questions about libmozjs and xulrunner-dev. Is there any reason why libmozjs.so.0d isn't symlinked to libmozjs.so?19:19
leifkindalMaybe I misunderstand what that library is.19:19
asacleifkindal: that library is dead19:21
asacremove libmozjs*19:21
asacthose are going to die19:21
asacand are only there for legacy support19:22
asacxulrunner ships libmozjs.so ... but only in the pkglibdir19:22
=== leifkindal is now known as rleeds
asacwe have to do some evangelization upstream to get it properly as a syslib19:22
asacrleeds: what do you need it for?19:22
asac(and why do you change your nick completely ;))19:22
rleedsasac, this is my normal nick...I had some booting/reconnecting and the other was my backup.19:23
rleedsI'm trying to compile mongodb19:23
asachah ... https://twitter.com/asacasa/statuses/261805891019:23
asachmm. why didnt gwibber retweakt to identi.ca as well?19:24
asacrleeds: yes. dont install libmozjs* stuff for sure19:24
asacmost likely you need to fix the build system to make it work with xulrunner-dev19:24
rleedsasac, is it a problem that xulrunner and libxul0d are depending on it?19:24
asacbut first try. maybe upstream was smart enough19:24
rleedsor are those obsolete too?19:24
asacrleeds: no. thats all the rotten old 1.8 xulrunner cruft19:24
rleedsasac, thought so19:25
asacits best to remove everything forever ,)19:25
asacbug 35296819:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352968 in pcmanx-gtk2 "remove xulrunner 1.8 and all left over rdepend binaries from karmic archive." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35296819:25
rleedsasac, what would be the standard way for a build to discover the location of the xulrunner-dev packages?19:27
rleedsto make upstream compile without modification19:28
asacrleeds: 1st) mozjs isnt really ment to be used by anyone ;) ... thats why its in pkglibdir19:28
rleeds(sorry if this is answered somewhere...)19:28
asac2nd) now lets be pragmatic19:28
asacpkg-config mozilla-js gives you the right linker and include flags19:28
asacbut for runtime you also need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH like:19:29
asacexport /usr/lib/xulrunner-`xulrunner --gre-version`/19:29
asacwhich is to be determined at runtime19:29
asacalternatively you could use the xpcom standalone glue to get the GRE path19:29
asacbut that would require using a glue for js (like google gadgets are doing it)19:30
rleedsasac, Any reason why xulrunner-1.9-dev doesn't satisfy xulrunner-dev?19:30
asacwhy should it?19:30
asacxulrunner-dev is the meta package that is supposed to pull in whatever -dev is the current default19:30
rleedsso I guess my question is why isn't 1.9.1 the default. But I'll trust that whoever is making that choice knows what they're talking about. So forget that question.19:31
asacrleeds: 1.9.1 will be the default soon in karmic19:31
asacif you want to try you can upgrade to the PPA19:32
rleedsasac, good enough for me.19:32
asacthats where we prepare the transition19:32
asacand xulrunner-dev is 1.9.1 there19:32
BUGabundobom fim de tarde :)19:46
BUGabundoasac: when will a new NM be out?19:46
BUGabundowith the merge of both trunks?19:46
asacthe merge of both trunks?19:47
asacBUGabundo: ?19:47
asaci cannot parse that ;)19:47
BUGabundowhat we had on .7.1 and .819:48
BUGabundoI miss the signal strenth19:48
asacah you say the 0.7.1 feature of showing signal strength?19:48
BUGabundothis one still has the antena and doesn't allow me to connect without a session19:48
BUGabundoasac: yes19:48
asacBUGabundo: so on 0.7.1 you had signal strength?19:48
asaci really thought that signal strength was on trunk already19:48
BUGabundoone I hope doesn't get ported is the one of terminating 3G with the wireless toogle19:49
asaconly the technology thing (e.g. edge, umts, H, etc.) is missing19:49
BUGabundoasac: on 0.8 I still have the atena19:49
asacBUGabundo: yeah. but didn the signal strength actually change for you or was always full?19:49
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.8~a~git.20090702t164632.9c8e600-0ubuntu1~nmt119:49
BUGabundoit used to change a bit19:50
BUGabundonot at first but then (after some updates) started to work19:50
asacok so you definitly saw changes; that means that the signal strength patch isnt in trunk applet yet. yes.19:50
asaci mean, some modems dont support signal strenght19:50
asacyou had huawei?19:50
asacwith option driver?19:50
BUGabundoasac: how can I check?19:52
asacBUGabundo: better check this: if you run modemmanager --debug on the console, do you regularly get g_debug ("Signal quality: %d", quality);19:52
asace.g. such output19:52
asac"Signal quality: xxx"19:52
BUGabundoI won't kill my connection now :)19:52
BUGabundoyeah the applet does not recognise signal or security19:53
asacfor now you should always run modemmanager manually ;)19:53
BUGabundoerr s/signal/speed/19:53
asacright. i just want to figure out if thats  modemanager bug or a missing applet feature19:53
asacspeed means "technology, like edge, gms, umts, hdspa, etc."19:54
BUGabundoasac: on another subject19:54
asacsignal means the quality of the signal19:54
asace.g. what you see when you are on wifi19:54
BUGabundoanyting on NM that would use a LOT of CPU ?19:54
BUGabundomy CPU is always at max freq even without load19:54
asacno that shouldnt be NM19:54
asacdo you seee it in top?19:54
BUGabundoand I just noticed that being off line its OK, as soon as I connect to 3G, wifi, wired it goes off the chart19:55
BUGabundoalso if I losse connection I get load avg of 20019:55
asacwhile connecting it might be19:55
asacyeah. that sounds like an app misbehaving19:55
BUGabundono.. all the time19:55
asaccheck out top19:55
BUGabundoI do19:55
asacand see whats going mad if you experience it19:55
BUGabundoI have to lock my cpu to 1,2GHz19:55
BUGabundoor it will burn down19:56
asacerr top19:56
BUGabundonothing using CPU other then xorg (at 20%)19:56
asacrun that on a console19:56
asacBUGabundo: yeah. thats Xorg then19:56
BUGabundoasac: I do run top and atop19:56
BUGabundoalll the time19:56
BUGabundoasac: with 20% ?19:56
asacwell, but if you dont see anything else, then why would it be NM?19:56
asacBUGabundo: can you reproduce even with all applications closed?19:57
asacjust pure desktop: connected vs. not connected19:57
BUGabundoI'll try19:57
asac(maybe a terminal to look at top)19:57
BUGabundo 3085   3m16s   3m00s 383.9M 40416K   884K   132K  N-   - R  19% Xorg19:57
BUGabundo 3612  49.38s   2m15s 47516K  7412K  5592K 144.7M  N-   - S   9% gconfd-219:57
BUGabundo 4055  15.70s   1m41s 239.7M 54640K  5296K     8K  N-   - S   6% compiz.real19:57
bluekujaasac, any news?19:57
BUGabundoright now its at 2.4Ghz19:57
BUGabundoCPU | sys     65% | user     94% | irq       1% | idle     40% | wait      0% |19:57
BUGabundocpu | sys     33% | user     48% | irq       0% | idle     18% | cpu000 w  0% |19:57
BUGabundocpu | sys     33% | user     46% | irq       0% | idle     21% | cpu001 w  0% |19:57
BUGabundoCPL | avg1   0.69 | avg5    1.01 | avg15   0.97 | csw   132828 | intr   20320 |19:57
asacsys is going mad19:58
asaci have 0.4%19:58
BUGabundoasac: nvm its metacity19:59
sebnerasac: ff3.6 is also being killed when flash -> fullscreen. might that be the cause -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7094387  <--- I did that to get the fonts fixed in FF3.519:59
BUGabundohey sebner bluekuja19:59
sebnerhoi BUGabundo19:59
bluekujaheya BUGabundo19:59
asacsebner: i dont think so.20:00
asacsebner: what graphics driver/chipset? maybe thats the reason?20:00
asacsebner: with or without nspluginwrapper?20:00
asacsebner: does it go aways if you install nspluginwrapper?20:00
sebnerasac: nvidia Gefoce 8400GS with nvidia and no. also happening with nspluginwrapper20:00
asacsebner: try nv20:01
sebnerasac: nah. 3D ftw! :P20:01
asacsebner: try anyway20:01
sebnerasac: heh. kk.20:01
asacwe had various crashes with nvidia in the past with flash involved etc.20:02
asacbut thats karmic, right?20:02
sebnerasac: karmic yes. but with ff3.0 its working without problems bt20:02
bluekujaasac, is firefox-gp still alive?20:03
asacwhat is gp?20:03
bluekujait was great when I tried it20:03
asacgranparadiso is firefox-3.0 now20:04
asacshiretoko is 3.520:04
bluekujadidnt know^^20:04
asace.g. its the code name of those branches20:04
bluekujaasac, next package is quite ready20:05
bluekujafinishing some little things20:05
asackeep on going20:05
asacdont block on me. i am busy man and have to manage my workqueue20:05
bluekujaI know20:05
bluekujajust hope u can upload ctorrent, quite nothing has changed since the other one u pushed before20:06
bluekujajust versioning20:06
bluekujaso you need to bzr bd it and that's all20:06
leftyfbstill no ETA on FF 3.5 branding?20:06
micahgleftyfb: for Karmic or Jaunty?20:07
asacleftyfb: after alpha3 we start transitioning to ffox 3.5 by default. thats when things will happen20:08
leftyfbjaunty or even hardy. I'm using the mozilla-team ppa on hardy at the moment. But if I know 3.5 will be branded on jaunty soon, i'll push up my upgrade plans for it :)20:08
asacleftyfb: you can help preparing it so we can roll it out swiftly20:08
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY20:08
asacthere are a bunch of packages that need some porting love to 1.9.120:08
micahgasac: did the plan change regarding Jaunty?20:09
leftyfbmicahg: I know how to install it. I have it running. Was only asking about the branding which isn't implemented in hardy or jaunty in the official repo's or ppa.20:09
micahgleftyfb: the link should be why it's not branded on Jaunty20:09
sebnerasac: nah, not working either20:09
leftyfbso anything older than karmic will never get branding?20:10
micahgfor 3.520:11
leftyfb"11:11 < asac> we only use official branding for our default browser"20:11
leftyfbwhy is that?20:11
leftyfbwhy can't they both be branded so people can do a proper upgrade?20:11
micahgleftyfb: it's not an upgrade in that sense20:12
leftyfbI know with Virtualbox, when a new version comes up (2.2 -> 3.0), it shows up as an upgrade and doing sudo apt-get install virtualbox or virtualbox-3.0 will upgrade the main install to 3.0. I don't understand why We can't do this with Firefox.20:13
micahgleftyfb: that's only with VirtualBox from sun20:14
micahgleftyfb: the virtualbox in ubuntu does not work like that20:14
leftyfbok. I take it guys have no interest in making a PPA with a branded 3.5 firefox that will upgrade 3.0 in < karmic either? Is this something someone else might be able to do if not?20:17
BUGabundoasac: any progress on the ff3.5 X crash?20:17
BUGabundoits the worse bug I have right now20:17
micahgleftyfb: that type of upgrade doesn't happen with FF in Ubuntu20:17
micahgisntalling ff3.5 will bring in your old profile20:18
micahgbut it's not an upgrade in that sense20:18
BUGabundoohhh one other bug: I can't install FF 3.5 from archive fta asac. it will complain about xul20:18
micahgleftyfb: we also can't randomly brand whatever we want20:18
micahgthere are licensing concerns20:18
leftyfbAre there technical reasons why it's not possible to upgrade FF 3.0 to FF3.5 properly?20:19
micahgleftyfb: you can uninstall ff3.0 and install ff3.520:19
leftyfbI guess i'm confused as to what the big deal is with licensing. It's firefox either way. Mozilla gave ubuntu the permission to include it in it's distro. What does it matter?20:19
micahgthat will pull  in your 3.0 profile and effectively upgrade you20:19
leftyfbso much red tape and painful details for 2 products which are both OSS20:21
micahgleftyfb: the code is oss, the branding is not20:22
leftyfbSo mozilla gives everyone on Windows no matter what version the license to install any version of Firefox they want. But on ubuntu, < 9.10 is only allowed to install Firefox 3.0 with it's logo and name on it but not 3.5?20:24
micahgleftyfb: mozilla packages the windows versions, not microsoft20:24
leftyfbsuch a PIA for a name and icon which people already know belong to the product anyway.  Not like ubuntu is going to create a mess of a package and put mozilla's name on it.20:27
leftyfbthanks for your time and answers20:29
micahgyou're welcome leftyfb20:30
leftyfbI think it should be more publicized that < karmic users will never get a proper 3.5 with branding installation. I was under the impression it was something somebody was working on.20:30
micahgI don't see what the big problem is anyways20:30
asacBUGabundo: about xul?20:31
asacleftyfb: to answer your question on the licensing ... its a trademark thing. we do regular review on the state of the packages and the patches; and we didnt do that review on the patches in our xul/ffox 3.520:31
leftyfbmicahg: well, a small little thing with me, I have some compiz settings that detect the window name (firefox/shiretoko) and having to change them across machines is a bit of a pain.20:32
asacleftyfb: i think that bit could be considered a bug20:32
BUGabundoasac: yea20:32
asacleftyfb: please paste the dump of the window properties20:32
BUGabundoasac: synaptic selects xul 1.9.1, deselects ff3.5 and fails to install it :(20:33
asacBUGabundo: i dont understand ... where does it complain?20:33
leftyfbnot a huge deal, but add that to having to change the icon, change my /etc/alternatives , change .mozilla/firefox* ,etc .. it adds up20:33
BUGabundoasac: can I force a version from apt-get/aptitud? that may be more verbose !20:33
sebnerasac: so no. nvidia issue. ff3.0 ftw! ^^20:34
asacBUGabundo: we had a build failure today for 1.9.120:34
asacmaybe thats causing the problewm20:34
asacBUGabundo: so dont force upgrade till thats fixed20:34
BUGabundo  Candidate:
BUGabundobut wait ... I want the archive one20:35
BUGabundonot daily20:35
BUGabundo1.9.1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://darkstar.ist.utl.pt karmic/universe Packages20:35
asacsebner: you say "no nvidia issue" or "no. its a nvidia issue" ?20:35
BUGabundoso it should be good20:35
asacBUGabundo: i guess firefox is already the newest version that requires a new xulrunner20:36
sebnerasac: [21:09] <sebner> asac: nah, not working either20:36
asacsebner: ok.20:36
BUGabundoI purge ALL firefoxs and XUL on Saturday to find a bug20:36
asacsebner: what you can do is aget a backtrace20:36
BUGabundoasac: found it on TMP20:36
asacsebner: did you do that yet?20:36
BUGabundobrb dinner20:36
asacsebner: and it happens with both, trunk and 1.9.1?20:36
sebnerasac: yep. what kind of backtrace. the output I get when I open it in the terminal or something different?20:39
asacsebner: no. enable core dumps20:39
asacor run firefox in debuggger20:39
asacwith -dbg packages installed20:40
sebnerasac: I installed the -dbg package. so how to use it? ^^20:41
asacsebner: run firefox-3.6 -g20:41
asacsebner: oh wait ;)20:41
asacrun firefox-3.6 -g 2>&1 | tee /tmp/ffox.log.txt20:41
asacthen type "run" when you are at the (gdb) prompt20:42
leftyfbasac: http://dropbox.leftyfb.com/Screenshot.png20:42
asacsebner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs?action=show&redirect=DebuggingFirefox#Run%20Firefox%20in%20a%20Debugger20:42
asacleftyfb: can you open a bug please and attach the output of xprop  | grep CLASS20:43
asacand then select the shiretoko window20:43
asacmaybe attach the complete output (wihtout the grep)20:43
sebnerasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/217219/20:45
asacsebner: you forgot to get the backtrace20:45
asacsee the wiki ;)20:45
asacalso its a xprop  | grep CLASS20:46
asacso thats a good sign (or bad sign maybe)20:46
leftyfbasac: where do I file the bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily has no bugs20:47
sebnerasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/217220/20:47
asacleftyfb: just ubuntu firefox-3.520:47
sebnerasac: usable now?20:49
asacsebner: hmm. mabye you need to run it like suggested in the wiki (not with -g)20:49
asacnot symbolized enough (e.g. all is ??)20:49
asacsebner: also be sure you have the right -dbg packages installed. there ar ea bunch more mentioned on the wiki too20:51
sebnerI saw20:51
sebnerasac: sebner@ubuntu:~$ gdb firefox-3.6 2>&1 | tee /tmp/gdb-firefox.txt20:55
sebner -> "/usr/bin/firefox-3.6": not in executable format: File format not recognised O_o20:55
asacsebner: no ... you have to use the ful l path to /usr/lib thing20:58
leftyfbasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5/+bug/398983   that good?21:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 398983 in firefox-3.5 "Firefox 3.5 window class reported as "Navigator", "Shiretoko"" [Undecided,New]21:00
sebnerasac: still a lot ?? though. http://paste.ubuntu.com/217236/21:04
asacleftyfb: yes. thanks21:05
asacleftyfb: er. your xprop is not on the right window21:06
asacupdate the description please21:06
BUGabundoasac: any progress on the ff3.5 X crash?21:06
BUGabundoerr 3.621:06
asacsebner: you need more -dbg packages wai a sec21:06
leftyfbasac: huh?21:07
asacsebner: get -dbg (or -dbgsym if there is no -dbg) for libgl1-mesa-glx:21:07
asacleftyfb: look at what you pasted. its most likely not the one from shiretoko window21:07
asacthere is no CLASS21:07
asachmm. guess its just not a complete paste21:08
sebnerasac: anything else?21:08
asacleftyfb: let me do it21:09
leftyfbsorry, you were right21:10
leftyfboops, i attached a proper one as well21:10
asacsebner: i think that should be good enough for now21:10
asacleftyfb: ok21:11
asacsebner: if i need more i will see in next backtrace21:11
sebnerasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/217249/21:12
asacsebner: too bad ... no libGL symbols21:13
asacsebner: do you hav /usr/lib/debug/libGL.so* ?21:13
asacoh i mean21:14
asacsebner: do you hav /usr/lib/debug/lib/libGL.so* ?21:14
sebnerasac: nope21:14
asacsebner: did you install the mesa dbg package at all?21:14
asacor dbgsym?21:14
asacdpkg -L lib...-dbg21:15
asac(or whatever you have installed)21:15
sebnerasac: I installed libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg21:15
asacso dpkg -L libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg please21:15
sebnerasac: /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/libGL.so.1.221:15
sebner  ;)21:15
asacsebner: maybe explictly add that dir to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH21:16
asacexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/21:16
asacthough that should work oob21:16
sebnerasac: now re-run gdb?21:16
sebnerasac: still no symbols for libGL.so http://paste.ubuntu.com/217254/21:17
asacsounds bad21:18
asacpreviously you got an ABRT21:18
asacnow SEGFAULT21:18
asacmeans that the process is pretty much broken21:19
asace.g. the stacktrace is meaningless21:19
asaccorrupted process21:19
asacsebner: so you tried nspluginwrapper, right?21:19
asaccould you verify that a npviewer process is running?21:20
sebnerasac: nope21:21
asaci think that would make sense to do21:22
asactry nspluginwrapper21:22
sebnerasac: howto?21:25
asacsebner: apt-get install nspluginwrapper should do afaik21:26
sebnerasac: ehm I told you hours ago that I tried it with and without nspluginwrapper ^^21:27
asacsebner: yes, but you said you didnt when i asked if you verified that you actually had npviewer processes running21:33
asac(e.g. nspluginwrapper worked)21:34
asacsebner: do you have something special for your dns setup?21:34
asacbecause your traces are always in HostLookup or something21:34
sebnerasac: I use DNS giving from ISP (trying to speed up connection)21:35
asacsebner: you mean through dhcp/ppp? or did you install a special package for that?21:38
sebnerasac: nope. dhcp21:39
asacsebner: so please file a bug with all the information we got and a couple of backtraces21:43
asacsebner: also you could run firefox in valgrind21:43
asacthat might reveal some memory corruptions21:43
asacsorry if its already filed21:44
sebnerasac: IIRC I showed you already this bug on LP21:45
asacsebner: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46943921:46
asacthats the upstream one21:46
ubottuMozilla bug 469439 in Plug-ins "Crash when enabling fullscreen flash video [@ @0x110430 ]" [Critical,Assigned]21:46
asacsebner: could you apt-get source xulrunner-1.9.2 and then put that file in debian/patches21:47
asacand add the file name in debian/patches/series21:47
asacand run debuild -b ;)21:47
asacthen install xulrunner and see if its gone21:47
asacmicahg: ^^21:48
asacso if flash crashes happen on nvidia stuff thats probably the bug ;)21:48
sebnerasac: buh, kk ^^21:50
sebnerasac: E: Unable to find a source package for xulrunner-1.9.2 lool21:50
asacsebner: add the dailies to your sources21:51
asacsebner: didnt you say you had this on 3.6?21:51
sebnerasac: oh wait. fta repo!21:51
BUGabundoohh I forgot: asac my FF lost all known apps to open downloaded files :(21:51
asacBUGabundo: version? when did this start?21:52
asacBUGabundo: tried with all extensions disabled?21:52
asacfresh profile ;)?21:52
BUGabundoasac: either today  or yesterday21:52
asacBUGabundo: what updates did you get besides xulrunner?21:53
BUGabundomay be related with me purging all apps ff related21:53
BUGabundomaybe a package missing21:53
BUGabundoasac: its karmic... its more what _didn't_ I do!21:53
asacBUGabundo: you need to install firefox-3.6-gnome-support21:53
BUGabundoshouldn't that be a dep?21:54
fta~fta is old21:54
BUGabundohappy bday then !21:55
* BUGabundo hopes fta denies that in the next 3 secs or it will be all over the intertubes...21:57
* BUGabundo 321:57
* BUGabundo 221:57
* BUGabundo 121:57
* BUGabundo 021:57
micahgasac: do you remember that you wanted me to see?21:58
asacrumours ;)21:58
asacmicahg: yes. the flash bugs21:58
asaci posted a few lines above21:58
micahgah, thanks21:58
* BUGabundo -121:58
BUGabundotoo late21:58
micahgshould I subscribe21:59
micahgasac: ^^22:01
micahgalso asac, regarding teh window name bug, should I just propose a workaround to chagne the name of the window in about:config?22:02
BUGabundoI told you fta!22:03
ftaxul in ~fta/ppa is old22:03
BUGabundono complaining now :x22:04
ftai don't read everything here, you guys speak too much22:04
asacmicahg: you can change the window name you get in xprop in about:config?22:06
sebnerasac: gnah, I bet building epiphany would be faster *cough* :P22:06
BUGabundofta: i agree this # is becoming more noisy22:07
BUGabundofta: and you say more devs are needed here ahah22:07
ftamore code, less talk ;)22:08
BUGabundofta: but I did mention your nick. don't you highlight?22:08
ftaxchat is broken, no more notification / blinking tray22:09
asacsebner: well. epiphany doesnt build the rendering engine ;)22:09
asacsebner: builf firefox-3.022:09
asacthat takes like 2-3 minutes22:09
asaci think ephy takes longer ;)22:09
sebnerasac: s/epiphany/webkit :P22:09
micahgasac: not sure, I guess it depends on how xprop gets the name22:15
sebnerasac: I think I'm building since 20 minutes? O_o22:16
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
asacsebner: what spec has your system?22:23
asacsebner: have you built webkit?22:24
sebnerasac: 1gb ram, core2 2ghz22:24
asacmicahg: i dont think so. the name is really something thats not configurable. its compiled in hard afaik22:24
sebnernah 2gb ram22:24
asacyeah so probably 30 minutes22:24
sebnerasac: next time you tell me ealier so I compile on family pc. Quadcore, 4GB ram :P22:25
asacheh. thought it was well known tha txul is a bi of a build beast ;)22:25
sebnerdepending on "a bit" :P22:26
sebnerasac: but debhelper is already running :D22:29
asacyeah ;)22:29
asacthat makes waiting more comfortable ;)22:29
sebnerdh_builddeb -pxulrunner-1.9.222:30
asachopefully you added/enabled the patch properly ;)22:30
asacif not you can do an incremental build22:30
sebnerI love quilt and quilt loves me :P22:31
asacso no need to do a full rebuild22:31
asaceven better22:31
BUGabundoasac: do you run gnome ?22:31
BUGabundoI need some one to test dragging an applet22:31
sebnerasac: btw, ever tried to silence lintian?  ^ ^22:32
asaci usually ignore lintian22:32
asacunless i feel its a severe ;)22:32
sebnerasac: hehe22:33
sebnerasac: *not* working btw22:33
asacif you have a few in mind you wnt to fix let me know which ;)22:34
asacsebner: check that your patch is really applied22:34
asacsebner: also you might want to copy the stub to firefox22:34
sebnerasac: grr22:35
asaccp xulrunner-stub /path/to/firefox-3.6/firefox22:35
asacwait ;)22:35
asacif firefox is the binary at least ;)22:35
asacyes it is22:35
asacso copy that way22:36
asacotherwise you wont get the jemalloc fixes everywhere i guess22:36
sebnerasac: it'S /usr/lib/firefox-3.6a1pre/firefox-3.6 :P22:36
sebnerasac: doesn't seem to work. Let's investigate tomorrow. I suppose it's also short before midnight in germany :P22:41
sebnergn8 folks!22:43
micahgasac: we don't support randon ff ext from amo, right?22:46
asacmicahg: ack22:47
asac'night sebner22:47
micahgasac: I started sitting in bugs-announce22:50
asacmicahg: bugs-announce?22:50
asacwhats that?22:50
asacjust new bugs?22:50
asacor all bugs?22:50
micahgnew bugs as they come in22:51
micahgThe topic for #ubuntu-bugs-announce is: New Ubuntu bug reports announced by EeeBotu! | Status and info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MikeRooney/EeeBotu22:51
asacdont do that if it takes too much time to read everything22:51
asacat least filter out only the packages you care abuot ;)(22:51
micahgthere aren't too many22:51
micahgwell, I look at the package name to see if I care about the bug22:51
asacah its a channel22:52
micahgso it's like any other channel22:52
micahgif I likes, what's on the screen ,I read it :)22:52
asaci think in the past that was in ubuntu-bugs22:52
asacbut that became too much and stopped discussion22:52
micahgyeah, but hte channel probably got flooded22:53
micahgthat's how I caught that issue with the ff instal instructions22:53
micahgit didn't have a package22:53
micahgbut I saw the tile22:53
asaclots of packages get filed wihtout packages. but i think there are folks looking for those already regularly22:58
asacso they should -in theory - become firefox bugs at some point ;)22:58
micahgbut I had someone jsut throw something in the firefox metapackage22:59
micahgor rather the old ff2 package22:59
micahginstead of ff322:59
asacmicahg: right. correct them. new triages should usually know that23:02
asacnot sure how to better communicate it ;)23:02
micahgasac: I was going to add a note to teh choose the right package wiki page23:22
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
* BUGabundo $ sleep; echo you don't have super sheep powers!23:38
bluekujaasac, cgmail ready23:40
bluekujaasac, it's a really important package23:40
bluekujaasac, users wait it since an year now23:40
bluekujaasac, and someone tried to steal it to me23:41
bluekujaasac, lol23:41
asacbluekuja: why do you complain? you disappeared for a year, so its your fault23:42
bluekujaasac, I know23:42
bluekujaasac, that's why it's so important23:42
asacdo you feel at least a little abad about going MIA for a year ?23:42
bluekujayep, I am really really sorry for that23:42
asaci didnt get that feeling so far ;)23:43
asacwill you drop out in a few month for another year?23:43
bluekujanope, I'm back to stay23:43
asaci mean i remember that i vouched for you in the debian maintainer process even - what happened to it?23:44
bluekujahappened that I gonna restart it23:44
bluekujawith the objective to finish it23:44
asacyeah. but you cause work on all sides23:44
asacanyway, just do it better this time :)23:44
asacsend a mail for cgmail ... i will check if i can do that tomorrow23:44
asacboth uploads23:45
bluekujawhat do you mean with work on all side?23:45
asacwell, folks probably ping you, ask around23:45
bluekujaasac, well, I'm sorry that I left for an year23:46
asac_00:45 < bluekuja> what do you mean with work on all side?23:46
asac_00:45 < asac> well, folks probably ping you, ask around23:46
asac_00:45 < asac> etc.23:46
bluekujayeah, I'm sorry for that, moreover on this year I left my packages unmantained23:47
asac_and you take a slot for a application maintainer that otherwise could hav been assigned to some other NM applicant and so on23:47
bluekujaand ppl asked for new releases23:47
bluekujaand so on23:47
bluekujabut hey, I'm back, and I'm catching everything back working day and night23:47
asac_thats good.23:48
asac_just wanted to emphasize that MIA is really bad23:48
bluekujaI know23:48
asac_you can say: hey guys, i am going on 1 year holiday23:48
asac_etc. but just dropping out ... :)23:48
asac_then lets look forward23:48
bluekujayeah, but this time I'll end the NM23:49
bluekujathat's a promise23:49
bluekujaasac, mail sent with all informations you may need23:51
micahgasac: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Firefox%20Bugs23:52
asac_bluekuja: thanks23:53
bluekujaasac_, np, thanks to you23:54
bluekujaasac_, going to sleep, my gf is waiting me23:54
bluekujaty :)23:55
bluekujahave a good night too23:55

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