neoteny_2ndanyone in here been asking about lircmd not working besides me?05:23
neoteny_2ndseems there's a bug of sorts.  where lircm gets disabled by xorg05:24
neoteny_2ndthe work around seems to work though.05:24
linux_trojanI am trying to watch TV on linux, but I keep getting "no device found", and I do have a Hauppauge 1250, so I feel I need to do some kind of "modprobe" but I am not sure how?10:27
ddettmanlinux_trojan:  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_HVR-125010:39
linux_trojanok lemme see10:40
ddettmanfrom your question you've got a bit of reading to do ;) well worth it though.10:41
linux_trojanyea I saw that, but that doesnt tell me why Ubuntu tells me NO DEVICE?10:41
linux_trojanI am running kernel 2.6.28-13-generic, it should work10:44
linux_trojanit keeps talking about Gentoo, I use Ubuntu, I dont think Gentoo is based on Debian10:49
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erhappHello, Is there somebody who can walk me through the LIRC configuration? Since I don't know the workings of Lirc it's quite hard to troubleshoot.17:16
superm1dpkg-reconfigure lirc should be able to do most the configuration for you17:22
superm1well "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc"17:22
superm1it presents a little more options than MCC does17:22
erhappsuperm1: thanks. Using dpkg-reconfigure I get: " * Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC                              [fail]17:27
superm1erhapp, after reconfiguring, reboot. depending on what options you picked, some kernel modules need to be unloaded17:27
superm1it's not always safe to unload them, so the reconfigure script won't do that part for you17:27
womboping, superm117:47
superm1ya what's up wombo17:48
womboWe are having a discussion on the #mythtv channel at the moment about the updates notification in ubuntu/mythbuntu17:48
wombofor some reason whenever we do a sudo apt-get update or similar remotely it opens up the updates screen ont he frontend17:48
womboDo you know a way of not having this popup?17:49
superm1wombo, it should be popping up behind myth17:49
superm1if it's not, that's a bug (and an annoying one to debug!)17:49
womboit sort of does17:49
womboI cant remember exactly17:49
superm1if you use mcc from the mythbuntu-testing PPA it has an option to change the behavior back to the old update-manager behavior17:49
superm1(or from karmic)17:50
wombobut I think it stays behind, but the top bar of the OS goes ontop17:50
womboyeah I am using trunk-PPA17:50
superm1dpkg-reconfigure mythbuntu-repos and add -testing too then17:50
superm1and you can get the mcc update17:50
womboYeah I normally update each friday17:51
superm1not enough people are on karmic, so it would be good to get more feedback on the mcc changes too17:52
superm1they are quite vast..17:52
wombokarmic = 9.10?17:52
womboyeah im not on it yet17:52
wombomaybe another month before I start trying17:53
wombothe next Myth should be out in about the same time frame I hope17:53
superm1yeahi hope so, otherwise it will be hard to squeeze it into karmic17:53
wombotheir focus has definately changed in recent weeks17:53
womboalot more triage is happening17:54
superm1good to hear17:54
wombohave you added the Graphite theme into Mythbuntu?17:55
womboI have added it manually at the moment17:55
superm1not yet17:55
superm1it's dependent on 0.2217:55
superm1so hasn't made sense to do so17:55
womboyeah sorry I meant for the trunk PPA17:55
superm1is it gonna get distributed in the main themes package?17:55
mesheundetermined at this point17:56
superm1if so, that will make it significantly easier to get in ubuntu/mythbuntu17:56
wombonot sure, but I expect so. It is definately utilising the MythUI better than any other theme17:56
superm1is someone making a list of themes that break with 0.22?17:57
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mesheit sounds like the author wants it to be17:57
womboIf it was up to me I would only put Graphite and the other theme in. Clear out the rest17:57
superm1yeah a lot of them are crap17:58
superm1just wasting CD and install space17:58
womboTerra thats the name of the other one17:58
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MythbuntuGuest59I installed myth on a pc, it is working, I want to use it as a media server elsewhere in the house, I have 2 windows machines and 1 ubuntu 9.04, what settings need applied and where are they?23:32

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