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nhandlerWas the "NOTE: Please let ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com know too about the new meeting!" comment on the CommunityCouncilAgenda wiki page added at our request? If so, is there a reason for it?14:38
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tychenhandler: I don't see the comment you are referring to.14:47
nhandlertyche: It is a MoinMoin comment. Here is the diff https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda?action=diff&rev2=1397&rev1=1396 or you can use ?action=raw14:49
tycheThat was added back a while, before they regularized the CC meetings.14:50
nhandlertyche: 2009-07-13 05:23:4414:51
nhandlerThat is the date of that change14:51
tycheThe reason it was added was because they were complaining that we weren't adding it to the Fridge calendar, and the Upcoming Meetings and Events.  And the reason we weren't adding it was because we were not mind readers.14:51
nhandlertyche: Well, it was just added (or re-added). Instead of that, (I'll talk to Daniel first) I think a reminder to update the Fridge and a link to the howto wiki page would be more beneficial14:52
nhandlerAny objections?14:52
tycheCheck with Daniel or someone on the CC before you add/change it.  It's their page.14:53
nhandlerI will, but would the News Team be fine without an email to the mailing list about the meetings if they are added to the Fridge?14:54
tycheThey're already on automatic in the Fridge/Google calendar.14:54
tycheThey're set for every 2 weeks.  So the only notification we would need is if they change the schedule  or time, or something.14:55
nhandlertyche: I think the whole reason for this comment being added was that they rescheduled the meeting due to vacations. In cases like this, I think updating the fridge would be best14:55
tycheOr if they specifically want us to show that a particular meeting has been deleted for some reason.14:56
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