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eeejayhowdy folks16:14
eeejaycr3, how is your new office?16:14
eeejayhey fader16:17
fader_eeejay: howdy16:18
fader_eeejay: So where in the world are you now? :)16:18
eeejayfader_, do you have preseed files for the synaptic autoinstall?16:18
eeejayfader_: and possibly, a dhcpd.conf?16:18
fader_eeejay: Ah, man I totally forgot to get those to you!  Sorry :(  What email address should I send them to?16:19
eeejayfader_: no probs16:20
eeejayfader_: eitani at gnome org16:20
fader_eeejay: On their way.16:22
eeejayfader_: thanks, sir!16:23
fader_eeejay: No problem, just several days late :P16:23
arahey eeejay :)16:29
araeeejay, nice trip back?16:29
eeejayhey ara. wasn't bad, slept a lot :)16:29
araeeejay, nice :)16:30
cr3eeejay: hey dude, the office is pretty cool. still lots of problems to iron out, but nothing I can't handle16:53
eeejaycr3, i am sure you could!16:58
* eeejay forgot his power cable at home. need to head back to get it soon. ugh16:59
eeejayuntil then, no virtualbox16:59
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