rxMokkahowdy fellows05:35
rxMokkahappen to know if there is any offsite mirror for packages.ubuntu.com?05:35
rxMokkaI'm trying to research some hardy packages05:35
rxMokkaand it seems the new release has packages.ubuntu all but unusable05:35
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MT-newz2000: ping22:22
MT-newz2000: I finished the module. It's working 100% and just needs a pointer22:24
MT-newz2000: My first thought (if you still like the idea of course) would be to have http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/udcountdown -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-countdown/banners/jaunty22:28
MT-newz2000: What happens is that it downloads rv. If rv changed, then it pulls the banners.tgz. I wrote a wiki about updating it as well.22:30
MT-Whenever you have a moment, feel free to ping me22:30
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MT-SiDi_: how's it going?23:10
SiDi_MT-: fine, and you ?23:10
MT-doing ok23:10
SiDi_still on that plugin for countdown banners ? :)23:11
MT-it's done - just needs a little pointer23:11
MT-and then I'm going to make it work for Drupal 5.x :)23:12
MT-SiDi_: want to check it out? :)23:13
SiDi_i dont have a drupal website :p23:13
MT-I can just give you a screenshot23:13
SiDi_go ahead23:13
MT-had to install a screenshot util23:17
MT-SiDi_: http://imagebin.org/5583623:17
SiDi_couldnt you echo your VRAM to some raw file and then compress it by hand to PNG ? :D23:20
MT-I chopped out a lot of options and made it much more user friendly. Install it and set it up. Then when cron runs it checks to see when the last version of the countdowns were released. If it changed, it pulls the tarball of the options. That Option 1, Option 2... stuff is built from the downloaded files.23:20
SiDi_Great :)23:20
SiDi_i suppose you can add a description for each option ? ^.^23:20
MT-not really.. The module counts the number of options. That's why I added a link to http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown that opens in a new window23:21
MT-As long as nobody screws up, the options and their numbers will line up exactly23:22
MT-SiDi_: take a peak at the tarball for the options - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-countdown/+milestone/jaunty23:22
MT-I could change it so it's not built as dynamically.. It would require a csv sheet..23:25
SiDi_that's gonna haunt your nightmares for a few more release cycles :)23:25
MT-why's that?23:25
SiDi_Cause each time i chat with you you say its finished and then you go think about new things you could add to it :p23:32
MT-I almost have it working with csv23:33
MT-SiDi_: done23:48
MT-SiDi_: is that fast enough?23:49
SiDi_MT-: not bad :D23:49
MT-SiDi_: I just uploaded the new package to launchpad too - so.. how about that pointer :D23:53
SiDi_you didnt upload it in universe yet for karmic23:54
SiDi_ffs :P23:54
MT-You think I have that capability?23:54
SiDi_you're a member23:54
SiDi_you could be a MOTU :P23:54
MT-I do inteand to have a repo for it at some point. I also do hope to become motu someday23:55
MT-SiDi_: Once I have D5 ports, I'll be making a repo for them, but probably not in the universe23:59

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