Sarvatt_doh! x11-server-utils 7.4+2 is already in karmic, was just those silly goobers using jaunty that had the problem.. no wonder i couldnt reproduce it :)00:09
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ScottKtseliot: I looked at your 112_add_movement_bottom_edge.patch and it doesn't apply cleanly to the Karmic package due to other code changes.  I was wondering if you'd be willing to update it for Karmic?11:32
tseliotScottK: I'm discussing upstream inclusion and I had to change that patch: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2161311:33
ubottuFreedesktop bug 21613 in Input/synaptics "Property to make part of the touchpad insensitive to movements" [Enhancement,Assigned]11:33
tseliotwhen the discussion is over, I'll port the patch to Karmic11:34
ScottKtseliot: Great.  I'm very interested in seeing the 111 patch (made hardware specific) in Karmic too.11:38
tseliotScottK: I'll have to change that patch a bit but it shouldn't take long11:40
ScottKtseliot: Thank you.  I think we are close to having very good in archive support for 10v in Karmic.11:41
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jbarnesbryce: do you file bugs upstream at fdo with a script?17:25
brycejbarnes, no17:25
jbarnesoh well... was hoping it would be easy for you to change it to attach logs as text/plain17:26
jcristaubugzilla should be smarter about this..17:27
jbarnesyeah wish it was17:27
jbarnesright now I get logs as text/x-log17:27
jbarneswhich makes ff open a new app17:27
bryceyeah I could probably do better things if I had this scripted or something, but just havent figured out a good angle to do it17:29
brycelaunchpad often isn't too smart about attachment file types either17:29
jcristauscripting bug forwarding sounds like a hard problem, given the amount of work needed to turn the average bug into something useful :/17:31
jbarnesjust need an AI17:31
brycejcristau, and then after doing all that work, upstream just marks it a dupe ;-)17:33
jcristauyeah, that happens :)17:33
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Sarvattugggh got all this new stuff just to find out VDPAU sucks and cant handle subtitles (4TB of subtitled stuff on my HTPC), i should have gotten the 790GX motherboard instead of this 8200 one in that case23:40
brycethat sucks23:41
Sarvattthen again it seems nvidia is a little quicker about supporting newer kernels than fglrx :D23:41
RAOFCould someone give the nouveau-kernel-source package in xorg-edgers/nouveau a bit of a review?  I'd like to push it to Universe, and there are a lot of packaging changes there; it'd be nice to have a second pair of eyes.23:56

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