OttifantSirashbringer: I just thought an automatic install would be a custom install, installing a custom set of applications to an Ubuntu install, therefore it might bear some resemblance to your problem00:00
rootlinuxusrDoes firestarter have an IRC channel?00:00
Ergo^is there something like big dvd iso for ubuntu like debian has ?00:01
mobi-sheepErgo^: Ubuntu DVD contains all languages.00:01
bazhang!ppagpg > kub100:01
ubottukub1, please see my private message00:01
fantazamto have bluetooth icon you have to install gnome-bluetoot00:01
mannycan i get some help please00:02
Ergo^mobi-sheep: im looking for dvd that would have a lot more packages than cd has00:02
fantazamyes manny..00:02
kawunomanny: post your problem00:02
mannyim running Jaunty and i want to install Adobe Air00:02
OttifantSirrootlinuxusr: Not an official one anyway.00:02
mobi-sheepErgo^: Use minimal disc and you can get all packages you desire from Intenret.00:03
fantazamwhat is adobe air? :)00:03
berkoughwhat up people?00:03
Ergo^mobi-sheep: the point is those computers are cut off from network completly00:03
manny<fantazma> im running Jaunty and i want to install Adobe Air00:03
fantazamadobe air is some win or linux program?00:04
mobi-sheepmanny: http://tinyurl.com/mut7n200:04
olimoneshelp hp dv7-2185 laptop with no sound.00:04
Ergo^fantazam: its cross OS actiually00:04
mobi-sheep!aptoncd | Ergo^00:04
ubottuErgo^: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline00:04
mobi-sheep!offline | Ergo^00:04
ubottuErgo^: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD00:04
fantazamadobe air packages is not on offical ubuntu repositroy available?00:05
mobi-sheepErgo^: This answer your question?00:05
fantazamor on medibuntu repo00:05
mobi-sheepfantazam: No.00:05
Ergo^mobi-sheep: yeah00:05
gogetatwig11_: you connected00:06
Ergo^mobi-sheep: ill be developing a titanium application to ease the process of downloading the debs to hdd and to solve dependency problems00:06
gogetatwig11_: i was afk00:06
twig11_gogeta: does this tell you anything? http://pastebin.com/m262ba0a900:06
fantazamhere is adobeair .deb package: ?00:06
fantazamtry maybe whit that00:06
mobi-sheepErgo^: Ahh, interesting. :)00:07
fantazamif you are running 32bit system00:07
gogetatwig11_: yes you didnt enter your ssid00:07
Kamokowgogeta: thanks, the site worked, and my internet seems to be running better now =D00:07
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mobi-sheepfantazam: "Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application."00:07
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twig11_gogeta: but I *DID*00:07
gogetaKamokow: i did both the blacklist and that and fixed my issue00:07
gogetatwig11_: its iwconfig wlan0 essid "your ssid"00:08
Kamokowok, well thanks ;)00:08
XetHello, anyone using Livestation?00:08
manny<fantazma>thank you00:08
jribIn my custom keyboard layout, can I have a key press correspond to the same as alt+SOMEKEY?  Or is there some way to have altGr act as alt when a 3rd level does not exist?00:08
NemesisDwas hoping someone could help me with some audio problems ive been trying to solve for 3 days now. i uninstalled pulse, now I get /dev/dsp busy, "no available audio device", under sound settings even the tests produce errors00:09
fantazammobi-sheep: did you downloaded adobe air now is it working all fine?00:09
gogetatwig11_: sudo of course00:09
XetI get this message from the Terminal every time I try to launch it (Livestation) :S : Aborted00:09
mobi-sheepfantazam: I tested it before, yes. I have no use for AIR.00:09
midlandsbasslinecan i get some help of a pro ubuntu user please ?00:10
twig11_gogeta: plus key (my key) since its a WEP encrypted network, right?00:10
gogetatwig11_: yep00:10
fantazammobi-sheep you are deweloper? :)00:10
gogetatwig11_: you can do iwscan wlan0 if you forgot the name00:10
twig11_gogeta: and now sudo dhclient...00:10
gogetatwig11_: sudo dhclient wlan000:10
pmhcvnAny one know how to make the panels not sticky?  I would like to make them unique to each work space.  using compiz on ubuntu 9.0400:10
olimonesNemesisD: If you have a HP dvx you shoul try this. It didn't work for my dv7 but it might work for yours00:11
midlandsbasslinesimple issue: need to install flash on 64 ? cant find how to do it... im new to ubunto00:11
fantazami have solution for flash on 64 bit00:11
mobi-sheepfantazam: No. I did develop a little there and there but not really.00:11
NemesisDolimones: not even sure what an hp dvx is but im pretty sure i don't have it00:11
gogetatwig11_: its "mykey"00:11
gogetanot (00:11
Ergo^mobi-sheep: http://apt.alturl.com/ - this should have been taken off the bot, try searching for python-all00:11
Ergo^it seems to give wrong results00:11
fantazammidland sec.00:11
NemesisDthis is on a custom built desktop, sound was working fine under pulseaudio then abruptly stopped00:12
Pirate_Hunterive installed myysql but dont remember the name of myql server, how do i find out?00:12
twig11_gogeta: yep that's what I did, but it's still not working.00:12
gogetaiwconfigs still not showing the ssid00:12
MaT-dgmidlandsbassline: open a terminal and type    sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree00:12
fantazammidlan  http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-
fantazamdownload thhat00:12
fantazamand extract00:12
jribErgo^: why do you say it gives wrong results?00:13
olimonesNemesisD: hp laptop model dv4, dv5, dv6 or dv700:13
mobi-sheepErgo^: What results do you get?  I get three debs.00:13
fantazamand create folder plugins00:13
fantazamand copy extraced files to plugins00:13
NemesisDolimones: oh, yeah not me00:13
berkoughanyone know how to launch nautilus from command line without it taking control of the background? running Fluxbox, but don't want to use MC for file management00:13
fantazamand copy plugins folder to home mozilla00:13
fantazamand voila flash will work00:13
midlandsbasslinei knew it was a plugin00:13
jribberkough: --no-desktop (as in the --help output)00:13
midlandsbasslinejust most of tuts on www are shit tbf00:13
gogetatwig11_: i would run iwscan wlan0 make shure the ssid is correct00:13
Pirate_Hunterive installed mysql but dont remember the name of myql server, how do i find out?00:14
mobi-sheepErgo^: I see what you mean.00:14
jrib!lamp > Pirate_Hunter00:14
ubottuPirate_Hunter, please see my private message00:14
twig11_gogeta: for your information: http://pastebin.com/m46948e7a00:14
fantazamcopy folder plugins to home-mozilla or home-firefox not sure00:14
berkoughfor sure thanks jrib!00:14
fantazamit is hidden folder00:15
Pirate_Hunterjrib, i already installed lamp im setting up ISPConfig and it asks for the name of mysql server which i dont know, how would i go finding it out?00:15
jribPirate_Hunter: I don't know what that means00:15
fantazamso you have to: view-show hidden files00:15
twig11_gogeta: command not found00:15
L3dPlatedLinuxwas wondering is there a way to make the wifi on my wifes lappy autostart with out having to push the button to start it first it a atheros wifi?00:15
gogetatwig11_: unless you hit the disconnect bug then just reoot the machine and try again00:15
Pirate_Hunterjrib, neither do i00:15
rwwPirate_Hunter: if you installed mysql on the same computer, the mysql server hostname would be "localhost"00:16
midlandsbasslineso after extraction should be an SO file00:16
fantazam.so file00:16
Jordan_UL3dPlatedLinux: What button?00:16
fantazamdont rename it00:16
gogetatwig11_: iwlist wlan000:16
twig11_gogeta: what do you mean hit the disconnect bug?00:16
mobi-sheepPirate_Hunter: #ubuntu-server ? :(00:16
fantazamjust make new folder called plugins00:16
L3dPlatedLinuxthe wifi button on the lappy next to the power button00:16
gogetatwig11_: wireless in ubuntu 9.04 is flaky00:16
fantazamand coppy that file to that folder00:16
fantazamand copy that folder plugins to home-mozilla00:16
Pirate_Hunterrww, will try that00:16
fantazamand that it00:17
Pirate_Huntermobi-sheep, i think rww is right00:17
L3dPlatedLinuxtakes a couple of min for it to connect00:17
twig11_gogeta: it says iwlist unknown command00:17
midlandsbassline@fantazam: wheres the foler for f00:18
fantazamfolder mozilla is in home00:18
midlandsbasslinehmm :(00:18
fantazamyou have to : view-show hidden files00:18
fantazamare you in home folder?00:18
NemesisDi hate pulse, i just want it to go awayy00:18
fantazamup you will see view00:19
fantazamdo you see it00:19
twig11_gogeta: is there a way I could clear out all the wireless settings without disturbing ndiswrapper and start over?00:19
fantazamat the top00:19
midlandsbasslinei showed huiddens00:19
fantazamyou find mozilla00:19
fantazamand copy plugins to mozilla00:19
regaliaim an ubuntu newbie, can someone help me with a question ?00:19
midlandsbasslineno mozilla00:20
fantazamdo you use firefox ?00:20
MaT-dgmidlandsbassline: it's actually .mozilla00:20
midlandsbasslinenothing really related to firefox00:20
fantazamyea mozilla or . mozilla sam thing00:20
midlandsbasslinesweat :)00:20
midlandsbasslinefound it00:20
fantazamfinaly :)00:20
gogetatwig11_: iwlist wlan0 scan00:20
VCoolio!ask | regalia00:21
ubotturegalia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:21
twig11_gogeta: I'm rebooting while I wait00:21
midlandsbasslinei am a php programmer so not sumbody proper daft lol00:21
fantazamso does your flash works? :)00:21
twig11_you never know:-)00:21
Pirate_Hunterhow do i find out my domain?00:21
midlandsbasslinerestart ffx nw00:21
gogetatwig11_: heh00:21
midlandsbasslinenope fantazam00:22
fantazamhuh very strange00:22
midlandsbasslineis it "pluginS" with an s00:22
fantazammybe you didnt copy it right or something00:22
fantazamgo to home mozilla again00:22
Epidemicanyone know why #ubuntu-fl is invite only?00:23
fantazamand tell me what you have inside that folder00:23
fantazamthat it where should be00:24
fantazamopen firefox and go to00:24
midlandsbasslineNIOT SHOWING IN  [PLUGINS IN FFX ASWELL :(00:24
Jordan_UL3dPlatedLinux: Can you pastebin ( or just paste if it's only one line ) the output of "lsmod | grep ath" ?00:24
SocahHello. I'm using Jaunty amd64 on laptop. My problem is: CPU frequency manager applet in GNOME is not working anymore - I can't change frequency. I tried to do fallowing things (as result of google search): - sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets and checking to run frequency manager to run as suid of root, also reinstalling gnome-applets, purging cpufreqd, cpufrequtils and reinstalling them. None of there helpt. Anyone could help me00:24
twig11_gogeta: http://pastebin.com/m7ef8f46600:24
fantazamin firefox it should plugins-libflashplayer00:24
fantazambut it is not?00:24
Pirate_Hunterhow do i find out my domain, settingup ISPConfig?00:25
midlandsbasslineahhh  1 sec00:25
hipitihopIm running Jaunty  with MS bluetooth keyboard/mouse which stops working after period of inactivity. Used to work fine so feels liek some recent bluez or related update has started the problem any suggestions ?00:25
Drekiwhen i used to use windows i used true crypt to encrypt the system partition, is that at all possible with ubuntu?00:26
SocahDreki: http://www.google.pl/search?hl=pl&rlz=1G1GGLQ_PLPL295&q=ubuntu+encrypt+partition&btnG=Szukaj&lr=00:27
twig11_gogeta: did you see the results of my scan?00:27
danlI have a fresh install of 9.04 server, what would cause CPAN to throw back a "Couldn't untar" error?00:28
Klownyawww man hiatus isn't here00:28
Socahdanl: http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=773490 check this out, maybe it will help you00:29
coz_is there a way to automatically remove recent documents without having to go through the clear recent documents dialog?00:30
Jordan_UL3dPlatedLinux: Are you still there?00:30
gogetatwig11_: any luck00:30
Klownyhow do i switch to kde visual look?00:30
twig11_gogeta: no. did you see the results of my scan at http://pastebin.com/m7ef8f466?00:31
SocahKlowny: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:31
Socahcoz_: maybe you would like to disable it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6682100:31
KeranuCan someone tell me where Grub should be installed when installing Ubuntu?00:31
Klownyty socah00:31
L3dPlatedLinuxJordan_U,  sure am00:31
coz_Socah,  no  I found a few issues with disabling it  I was just wanting to disable the  Clear recent documents   dislog00:31
Klownysays it couldn't find that package socah00:32
SocahKlowny: sec...00:32
matt098Hay hows everyone doing today??00:32
Klownyi just want the look like i wanna keep ubuntu on here00:32
gogetatwig11_: its cap sentiv if your using all lower case00:32
Klownyyou know00:32
SocahKlowny: go into synaptic and write Kubuntu, there must be kubuntu-desktop package00:32
Klownyi am sure gnome can look pretty too00:33
Jordan_U_Keranu: Unless you have an exotic configuration the default ( the MBR of the first drive ) should work.00:33
KeranuCan someone tell me where Grub should be installed when installing Ubuntu?00:33
Socahyes, I know :)00:33
SocahKeranu: on MBR partition00:33
KeranuJust the drive or on the same directory as the WinXP partition?00:33
twig11_gogeta: no it's not a caps or lowercase problem.00:33
twig11_gogeta: I have to go for supper.00:33
coz_Keranu,  no not ont the winxp parition unless you direct it to do that00:33
twig11_thanks for your help.00:33
SocahHello. I'm using Jaunty amd64 on laptop. My problem is: CPU frequency manager applet in GNOME is not working anymore - I can't change frequency. I tried to do fallowing things (as result of google search): - sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets and checking to run frequency manager to run as suid of root, also reinstalling gnome-applets, purging cpufreqd, cpufrequtils and reinstalling them. None of there helpt. Anyone could help me00:34
r3l1cwhat is proxyscan.freenode.net?00:34
Klownyok it says i need 579mb just for that, no thanks lol00:34
gogetatwig11_: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "Elmendorf Hof" key "yourkey"00:34
KeranuHmm, I've been having problems getting WinXP to dual boot with Ubuntu. I've tried installing it to the MBR drive before too00:34
KeranuI think when I install it to the MBR, my computer still boots straight up into WinXP00:34
VCoolioKlowny: it's a desktop environment, so it comes with a lot of extra apps00:34
buckytwig11 try a sudo dhclient wlan000:34
KeranuBut if I install it in other spots, it boots up Grub, but doesn't let me boot WinXP from there (error 21)00:35
SocahKeranu: how many hdd drivers you got?00:35
gogetabucky: his iwconfig seems to not add the essid00:35
buckygogeta: ESSID:"Elmendorf Hof"00:35
quentusrexAnyone able to help figure out an openssl issue?00:36
Klownyhttp://www.gnome-look.org/ i'm at that place and frankly it is mind boggling00:36
Klownyi dunno what to look for exactly lol00:36
quentusrexI need to check to see if a certificate is signed or not.00:36
KeranuI have two hard drives. At first I was trying to install Ubuntu on the same hard drive as WinXP, but just now I tried installing Ubuntu on my seperate SATA hard drive (which I installed Grub to the Ubuntu directory and PC still boots up just XP)00:36
gogetabucky: essid isnt cap00:36
matt098hay, any one here messed with raid arrays before??? and that i could possibly get some advice from ???00:36
SocahKeranu: the problem is that00:36
KeranuI've tried every directory when installing on the same hard drive as WinXP00:36
VCoolioKlowny: gtk2 for buttons and controls etc; metacity for window borders; gdm for login windows etc00:36
Klownyoh wow vc there isn't any in one big package lol?00:37
SocahKeranu: you got 2 hdd's, each one got his own MBR, and propalby GRUB is installed on second's disk MBR00:37
brummbaer /join #orlug00:37
Socahso you still got windows loader00:37
coz_Socah,   try here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7136069&posted=1#post713606900:38
y7deluxehow do i mount an hdd in ubuntu that isn't showing up anywhere?00:38
VCoolioKlowny: lot of gtk2 also have window borders with metacity and some of the themes have everything; also check this: http://francois.vogelweith.com/?lang=en00:38
KeranuI was thinking the problem lied somewhere with that because when I go to install Ubuntu, it lists my SATA drive (not primary) first00:38
matt098is the hdd formatted?00:38
Klownyty sir00:38
Jordan_Uy7deluxe: Does it show up in "sudo fdisk -l" ?00:38
Klownyholy cow those are beautiful00:38
Klownysimply beautiful00:38
KeranuSocah, should I install Ubuntu on my SATA drive and install Grub on hd0 or wherever my WinXP is on?00:39
y7deluxeJordan_U, i don't know what to look for there00:39
y7deluxeJordan_U, it doesn't appear to00:39
Xetanyone using livestation?00:39
SocahKeranu: I think yes, you need to install GRUB on first's disk MBR00:40
Klownyok lol yeah that is not for the average computer user to use haha00:40
Socahand if it will work, but windows will give grub error00:40
Socahit's only matter of changing menu.lst00:40
Socahto get windows work too00:40
Socahit's a bit complitated with 2 hdd's.... I had same problem 2 years ago00:41
KeranuI think I'll try installing Grub on hd1 next00:41
KeranuBut as I've said, I have got Grub and Ubuntu to install on the same drive as WinXP00:42
Socahyou should have a possibility to install grub on for example hda00:42
KeranuThe problem is that even though Grub lists XP, it won't boot it and says Error 21: Can't Find Selected Disk (or something like that)00:42
Socahhda, not hda1 or hda200:42
VCoolioin firefox, what app should i associate with apt:// protocol?00:42
Socahjust drive without letters00:42
buckyKeranu: which drive is your bios set to boot?00:43
Socahbrb, reboot00:43
KeranuWell I thought it was set to boot off my IDE drive that WinXP is installed on, but I'm going to try installing it on my SATA drive next00:44
buckyKeranu: set your bios set to the drive that has grub00:44
KeranuHow can I do that?00:44
Reitzdoes anyone here know how to compress a 1.3GB file to fit on a 708mb disc?00:44
matt098in the bios00:44
koshariKeranu some bios will cascade through the haed drives untill they find one with a boot record,00:45
Jordan_UReitz: tar.gz will probably do it, depending on the type of file00:45
Reitzwell its a copy of xp pro00:45
Reitzhow do i do that then?00:45
KeranuI'll do some more messing around now. Thanks for the help.00:46
gogetakoshari: dont all bios do that00:46
Jordan_UReitz: Right click it and choose "create archive".00:46
Socahinstalling powernowd fixed everything :)00:46
CyberGlitch2Hello all, need help with a dhcp issue00:46
kosharigogeta some sata implimentations are a little odd, with regard to raiding ect00:46
CyberGlitch2My parents are using 9.04, the did an update and now eth0 is not accepting a valid dhcp offer00:46
gogetaJordan_U -1 for telling him the easy way00:46
Reitzit doesnt say creat archive anywhere00:46
CyberGlitch2at least thats what it sounds like00:47
Klownythere we go installing themes now00:47
coz_CyberGlitch2,  did they reboot after the updates?  or was a reboot reqquired?00:47
user01hi i have 8.04lts and i cant watch videos on the daily show site:  Error loading stylesheet. RSL http://media.mtvnservices.com/global/flex/rsl/framework_3.2.0.3958.swz failed to load. Error #204600:47
matt098hay cyberglicher2 try setting your ip address as static ?00:47
CyberGlitch2dhclient is seeing an offer, they have a vista box that is working00:47
Reitzhow do i compress a file?00:47
Barridusis there an actual firefox branded ff 3.5 on the repos?  all i see are shiretoko and abrowser00:47
CyberGlitch2coz_: it seems to be working until they rebooted00:48
gogetaReitz: compres into what00:48
Barridusor will that not occur until karmic00:48
coz_Reitz,   right click the file    creat e  archive00:48
CyberGlitch2they are in GA so kinda hard to see00:48
coz_CyberGlitch2,  mmm00:48
Reitzit doesnt say that anywhere00:48
SocahReitz: lol00:48
SocahReitz: you talk about compressing into archive?00:48
coz_CyberGlitch2,  i am not the one to talk to about this but if no one can answer in this channel try  #linux  channel :)00:48
Socahas .rar .zip .tar.gz?00:48
Reitzits a boot disc for xp pro00:49
Reitzi want to get it onto a cd00:49
coz_Reitz,  is it in ISO format?00:49
SocahReitz: you got .iso file and want to burn it or extract?00:49
CyberGlitch2matt098: i tried to do a static ip but i could not get route to work00:49
SocahReitz: then, what do you know...00:49
buckyCyberGlitch2: try a sudo dhclient eth000:49
Reitzit is a .iso00:49
gogetaReitz: you wanna make a iso00:50
Reitzit already is one00:50
coz_Reitz,  then you need to burn an "image"00:50
SocahThen burn this with brasero/k3b00:50
gogetaReitz: you burn it00:50
Reitzwell, can i compress it?00:50
Reitzwill it work that way?00:50
coz_Reitz,   open  applications/ sound and video and open brasero00:50
CyberGlitch2bucky: i did and i see an offer from the dhcp server but it never picks it up00:50
SocahReitz: no it won't, it's already disc image00:50
gogetaReitz: xp boot cds dont support cso00:50
AndorinI installed xbindkeys to test, then removed it... now Ctrl+F brings up a terminal window, instead of using the Find function. How do I change it back?00:50
buckyCyberGlitch2: is this wireless?00:50
Socahyou need to "burn disk image"00:50
coz_Reitz,  click the "Burn Image" button00:50
CyberGlitch2bucky: wired00:50
CyberGlitch2and i do have a link00:51
coz_Reitz,   then locate the iso image and then click burn :)00:51
gogetaReitz: as long as its just a bit over 700mb it will burn fine00:51
zeelothey guys quick problem I installed java sdk 6 and downloaded the netbeans 6.7 installer but it has no borders and I cant see any content of the installer, abyone know a fix?00:51
Reitzit wont fit00:51
buckyCyberGlitch2: no nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf ?00:51
fireshroomhow fast is the ubuntu market share in desktop environment increasing? you guys think?00:51
gogetaReitz: a dvd iso?00:51
CyberGlitch2i can look00:51
Reitzits 1.3Gb and wont let me burn it00:51
Reitzthat might be why00:51
SocahReitz: it's for dvd then00:51
gogetaReitz: insert a dvd -r00:51
coz_Reitz,  do you have a dvd burner?00:51
Reitzi dont have one00:51
Reitzjust a cd00:51
FloodBot2Reitz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:51
coz_Reitz,  then you are out of luck00:51
gogetaReitz: you need to find a cd iso00:52
coz_Reitz,  you need a dvd to burn to00:52
twisted_hey all, i need to figure out how to set up a adhoc so i can share my existing wifi connection any ideas?00:52
gogetajack lol00:52
=== jack is now known as Guest43125
gogetatwisted_: iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc00:53
twisted_basically i have the internet connection on this computer i want to share it by making a adhoc connection00:53
AndorinI installed xbindkeys to test, then removed it... now Ctrl+F brings up a terminal window, instead of using the Find function. How do I change it back?00:53
gogetatwisted_: or you can change it from the gui00:53
twisted_gogeta will it share my existing wireless connection?00:53
y7deluxei've got an hdd that i formated in ubuntu, loaded in windows to put data on and then reloaded in ubuntu to pull data off of and the hdd won't pull up.... any ideas?00:53
ChazWhen I connect to a server using sftp to transfer files with the GUI tool "Connect to Server..." it places a folder on my desktop which I can then access like any other local folder. The problem is this mount on the drive so I can specify it in other places for use?00:53
gogetatwisted_: in network settings go to the card and set the mode to ad-hoc00:53
Jordan_Uy7deluxe: USB ?00:54
y7deluxeJordan_U, firewire00:54
twisted_gogeta im in network connections00:54
gogetatwisted_: i beleve it will look for connections auto even in ad-hoc00:54
gogetatwisted_: slect add00:55
twisted_gogeta done00:55
gogetatwisted_: from there you should see wireless and modes00:55
pauka newbie to ubuntu here00:56
AndorinI installed xbindkeys to test, then removed it... now Ctrl+F brings up a terminal window, instead of using the Find function. How do I change it back?00:56
paukcan some 1 help?00:56
twisted_gogettai selected adhoc and then security added a wep pass00:56
twisted_gogetta i selected adhoc and then security added a wep pass00:56
paukfirefow keep prompting me to restart00:56
gogetatwisted_: do you use wep in ad-hoc00:56
paukit say FF has been updated and prompt to restart00:56
paukafter restart still prompt the same thing00:56
paukany help is greatly appreciated00:57
gogetatwisted_: never did a ad-hoc in linux soo i just  knoe how to change the mode00:57
SuspectZerocrap i just rmed a file i shouldnt have. how can i recover the said file?00:57
twisted_so ssid is wireless shared mode adhoc bssid? mac adress? mtu auto wireless security wep 111111111100:57
Jordan_Upauk: Did you go to file > quit, or just close all of the windows?00:58
beggineeri need a help. How can i copy and paste a folder. i dont have access to copy and paste the folder.00:58
matt098hay pauk are you talking about firefox?00:58
pauk(04:52:15  SGT) Jordan_U:00:58
pauktheres a restart button so i just press that00:58
tbergeronHi! I would like to be able to use my smtp server from everywhere, not just from localhost. What do I need to do?00:58
Socahpauk: I was able to kick-start firefox into updating everything involved by moving ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/extensions.rdf and restarting Firefox.00:58
paukyup matt09800:58
y7deluxeJordan_U, crappy fireware, i got a new fireware cord and it worked...00:58
Andorinbeggineer: You have to change the permissions for who can do what to the folder.00:58
twisted_gogetta, yeah im trying to share a wireless connection with the existing one on my pc. example im connected right now, so i want to create a adhoc that will bridge my existing wireless connection00:58
matt098lol how do u whisper again ?00:59
y7deluxe./notice user?00:59
Socahpauk: All is caused by incompatible addons00:59
hypoonhey guys, I have a question about the directory structure of the Ubuntu LiveCD, is this the right place to ask?00:59
ctmjrSuspectZero, how did you delete it?00:59
SuspectZerorm file00:59
Andorinbeggineer: In a terminal type: sudo chmod 644 [path to folder]00:59
gogetatwisted_: from what i find just make a ssid and key and mode ad-hoc and it should work00:59
Socahhypoon: you can always try :)01:00
paukSocah how do i do that01:00
Socahpauk go into dir I told you, and remove this file01:00
gogetatwisted_: and on the other pc use the same info01:00
twisted_sounds good ill try it :)01:00
hypoonAlright then. I want to move almost all of the contents into an "Ubuntu" folder on the cd, all of them except for the "isolinux" folder01:00
paukSocah so what should i do now01:00
hypoonI did so, and I edited isolinux.cfg to reflect the changes01:00
beggineerAndorin: i KNOW that but i dont know how to do it. i have install phpmyadmin. and by default it is installed on /etc/ folder i want that forlder to be on www folder. im trying to copy paste on www folder but i cant do it.01:00
hypoonbut it doesn't boot01:01
tbergeronCould someone help me please?01:01
paukwhats the directory again?Socah01:01
beggineeri need some help abou this01:01
SocahOpen home folder, click ctr+h to see hidden folders, go into .mozilla/firefox/<profile>/extensions.rdf and restarting Firefox.01:01
hypoonInstead of booting, it hangs while trying to mount the root filesystem01:01
=== bogie_ is now known as bogie
hypoonkernel and initrd load fine.01:01
gogetatwisted_: i mean the other pc should see it01:02
twisted_i hope so im going to try now01:03
nsahooIs there a repo that has postgresql 8.4?01:03
ctmjrSuspectZero, you ran it terminal then it is gone for ever unless you install a recovery program and try to recover it the terminal is non forgiving when it comes to file deletion01:03
karmaDoes 8.10 fall under LTS updates like in 8.0401:04
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
pauk(04:55:38  SGT) Socah: Open home folder, click ctr+h to see hidden folders, go into .mozilla/firefox/<profile>/extensions.rdf and restarting Firefox.: i only see profiles.ini, cant find <profile>/extension.rdf01:04
SuspectZeroctmjr, ok thts cool. i can get it again i was just wondering if there was an easier way01:04
karmaI know 8.10 is not technically LTS but does it at least benefit from LTS security fixes?01:04
Socahpauk: <profile> is your number01:04
Socahpauk: this is mine profile .mozilla/firefox/fuo2nxbv.default01:05
Socahyour will be named with other numbers or characters01:05
pauki try01:05
Madpilotkarma, sure, except that the LTS releases get sec updates for longer01:05
Socahjust go inside folder with strange name01:05
hypoonhow do I tell the livecd where to look for the squashfs file?01:05
paukdelete that file?01:05
karmaMadpilot, how longer01:05
Socahpauk: delete extensions.rdf01:05
paukok done so start ff now01:06
Madpilotkarma, non-LTS Ubuntu releases have 18 months of security support; LTS get 3 years for desktop, 5yrs for the server releases01:06
Socahhypoon: there was a... grub option01:06
Socahas far as I remember01:06
karmaMadpilot,  icould have sworn 8.10 was just an update from 8.0401:06
paukSocah it still prompt me to restart ff01:07
paukafter i restarted it01:07
Madpilotkarma, it's a seperate release, so it doesn't have LTS status like 8.04 does01:07
hypoonSocah: it's not using grub anymore, now it's using isolinux01:07
linuxman410has anyone heard if 8.04 lt3 is going to be released01:07
hypoonSocah: which takes the same things as syslinux and all, but still01:07
Socahhypoon: then I'm totally green at this01:07
welltbhello...i have a quick newbie question...01:08
gogetaSocah: lol01:08
kit2k9has anyone successfully used bfilter? i can't get it to start automatically when I boot ubuntu.01:08
Reitzhow do i change something from a .rar file to .iso?01:08
Madpilotwelltb, just ask, someone will help if they can01:08
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pauksocah still the same FF stillprompt me to restart01:08
gogetaReitz: LOL01:08
Socahpauk: try this " mv ~/.mozilla mozilla"01:08
Reitzwell how do i?01:08
hypoonSocah: when you say grub option, do you mean kernel parameter (that's independent of the bootloader)01:08
gogetaReitz: sudo apt-get install unrar01:09
welltbthanks...i have a bunch of music files in separate directories.  is there a way to extract all the files out without doing it for each individual directory?01:09
paukdo i open terminal?01:09
Socahand run firefox, this will create new firefox settings01:09
gogetaReitz: then just right click and extract01:09
lstarnespauk: applications > accessories > terminal01:09
gogetaReitz: open a termel01:09
Reitza termel?01:09
pauksocah u mean open termainal and type mv ~/.mozilla mozilla01:09
Fzanghi, I thought something was wrong with my hicolor icon theme and I think I was right. If I enter gtk-update-icon-cache -q -t -f usr/share/icons/hicolor it returns "blabla/hicolor/.icon-theme.c not found". What can I do about this? I've already tried reinstalling hicolor many times01:09
buckypauk: let me guess.. this is some crap you installed with the FF installer instead of with apt-get or synaptic01:09
bonobohi there, i need to activate javascript on links2, but i do not know how to do that!?01:09
gogetaReitz: issue the command sudo apt-get install unrar01:09
Socahhypoon: as far as I remember, I edited grub kernel option and added something that was poiting to squashfs01:09
lstarnesReitz: he means a terminal01:10
gogetaReitz: its in the menu in acresserys01:10
paukbucky i nv install anything with FF yet01:10
Socahhypoon: but this can be just my fake retrospection lol01:10
Reitzwhat? how do i get it?01:10
buckypauk: how did you install ff ?01:10
HestonHey, im ubuntu 8.10 and I've got this usb drive that df -h claims has 532 megs used however all the files totalled equals 252 megs (including hidden files). The filesystem is fat32. Any ideas as to what's going on here?01:10
Socahpauk: yes I did01:10
r3l1cis there a gnome applet for firestarter?01:10
gogetaReitz: applications > accessories > terminal01:10
twig11What am I doing wrong here? http://pastebin.com/m47b59cb601:10
paukbucky ff come with ubuntu 9.0401:10
hypoonSocah: that seems like what I need, I just need to figure out what that is. I'm still searching around, but was hoping someone in here might know for sure.01:10
Reitzthen what?01:11
pixlboxim trying to install joomla, but when i go to the install page it says missing defines.php file01:11
gogetatwig11: your keys not x is it lol01:11
pixlboxit should be their ive tried different versions, unpacked them so i dont know why its missing this file01:11
buckytwig11: according to that you have no dhcp server on the network01:11
gogetaReitz: issue the command sudo apt-get install unrar01:11
twig11gogeta: no :-)01:12
gogetaReitz: type the command01:12
pauksocah i have done that and it default my home page to the default page but it still prompt me to restart01:12
gogetaReitz: your password is the same as your login password01:12
Socahpauk: then I have no damn idea, if removing old  configuration doesn't help, then it's too hard to solve for me01:13
Reitzshould i wait until i actually have the file downloaded? lol01:13
twig11gogeta: there is a dhcp server, because I'm using the same network on the laptop I'm typing on now, AND I had the ubuntu machine working earlier.01:13
paukok thx socah01:13
SocahReitz: lol01:13
gogetaReitz: its asking to install it push y and wait for it to finish01:13
paukany1 knows y ff keep prompting me to restart?01:13
pixlboxjoomla anyone ?01:13
paukusing ubuntu 9.0401:13
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twig11bangs head against wall again and again01:14
Kamokowwho was it having a problem with their wireless router?01:14
gogetaReitz: when its done it probly now you can extract .rar files with right click01:14
twig11doesn't wonder why ubuntu hasn't caught on with the masses yet01:14
Socahpauk: try to do this: sudo apt-get purge firefox and sudo apt-get install firefox01:14
Socahin terminal01:14
paukok socah01:14
twig11Kamokow: I'm having a problem with my wireless. I don't think it's the router though. Wanna help?01:15
buckytwig11: you're right we need another 1500 people in this channle01:15
Kamokowi do lots of work with wireless routers and the like...01:15
gogetatwig11: i dunno whats up with it now it was fine yesterday01:15
buckyKamokow twig11 you guys go get a room01:15
=== Switch10 is now known as switch10_
gogetatwig11: lol i see the problem01:16
Kamokowtwig11: what is the problem you are having?01:16
twig11gogeta: do you? do you?01:16
gogetatwig11: sudo killall dhclient then sudo dhclient wlan001:17
twig11Kamakow: I accepted your chat invitation, but now colloquy says "waiting for connection"01:17
gogetayep its aruldy rnning01:17
pauksocah i give up01:17
Kamokowtwig11: really... umm, thats weird D:01:17
paukstill get the prompt01:17
Socahpauk: never seen something like this01:18
ctmjrpauk, run it in terminal see if you get any error msg's01:18
paukctmjr how do i do that01:18
Socahopen terminal and type firefox01:18
Socahnot so hard thing to do pauk01:18
matt098pauk did u use apt-get to purge firefox or aptitude?01:18
ctmjropen terminal type firefox01:18
paukyup still the same01:19
Socahmatt098: he moved config folder and purged too01:19
paukyup matt09801:19
Socahpauk: copy this all things from console01:19
Socahto me by priv01:19
pauksorry newbie to this01:19
gogetatwig11: you dead lol01:19
Socahthat showed after you typed firefox01:19
Socahfrom terminal*01:20
twig11I'm with Kamakow01:20
paukafter i type firefox theres nothing it just start ff01:20
gogetatwig11: try sudo dhclient3 wlan001:21
pauksocah thanks for the help gotta go work now01:21
Socahpauk: have a nice day01:22
SocahI hope you will solve ur problem soon01:22
pauku have a nice day too01:22
xiofireHey all, Im trying to install a webserver with Ubuntu Server Edition, OpenSSH (I will be installing LAMP later) and after I select OpenSSH Server, I hit continue and get an error at 85% completion. Can anyone help me?01:22
paukyup thanks01:22
hypoonSocah: I think it might be in fstab01:22
twig11gogeta: no go. now I'm going to see if Kamakow can save me. Thanks for all your help so far.01:23
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ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:23
gogetatwig11: why isnt it holding the ssid01:23
gogetatwig11: i sware your pc just hates wireless01:24
Madpilotxiofire, did you run the 'check this CD' util on the install CD? one of the menu options early in the install process01:24
twig11gogeta: that's comforting.01:24
xiofireMadpilot: no, Im rather new to this.01:24
hypoonSocah: no luck. "# UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM"01:25
Madpilotxiofire, run that, it does an integrity check on the install CD.01:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about raid001:25
Shivamhow can i network share with a windows, i'm using ubuntu01:25
meoblast001hi.. i'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this question.. but does Usplash support animated gifs?01:25
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:25
Shivami tried samba and have no clue on how to setup01:26
Socahhypoon: I had same problems as you, when I tried to make liveusb with... yoper, or zenwalk01:26
xiofireMadpilot: where do I find this? Im deep into installation01:26
Socahin fact, never made it properly work01:26
Madpilotxiofire, I think it's in the very first menu you see after the install CD starts up.01:27
xiofireMadpilot: reboot?01:27
Madpilotxiofire, if the install is failing anyway, you might as well.01:27
gogetatwig11: i wonder if you need to reset the chaneel01:28
twig11gogeta: Gotta be it! uhh...what is that?01:28
savanny1976xpserHi, can someone help me to figure the correct user name & password that I can log to my Squirrel web mail for my ISPconfig on my ubuntu server 9.04? I can't figure the correct user name & password..01:29
darthanubisAnyone have a link to how to make an external drive rw upon mount so I can share it via samba?01:29
hypoonSocah: I'm reading over a bunch of howtos for booting to squashfs roots01:29
gogetatwig11: someone did it like this and got around it01:30
gogetatwig11: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48644401:30
Shivamhow can i see windows network share folders on my ubuntu!?01:30
jakeruehey if my panel freezes how can I get it back without a restart?01:30
jvogelkill panel01:30
gogetatwig11: looks like he turns off the connection compleatly01:30
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:31
Socahjakerue: propably "killall gnome-panel"01:31
gogetatwig11: its at the bottom01:31
Socahjakerue: and type gnome-panel again01:31
jakerueyeah but I can't get to terminal because panel is frozen01:31
* philiptaylor13 is away: Gone away for now01:31
MadpilotSocah, gnome-panel will auto-restart, actually01:31
mneptokjakerue: alt-f201:31
* philiptaylor13 is back.01:31
SocahMadpilot: nice to know :)01:31
twig11gogeta: thanks I have that link open now. At the moment I'm waiting for Kamakow to get back from reading my pastebin (i hope)01:31
kub1is keyserver.ubuntu.com down??? Will you please check right now? Thx. I haven´t been able to access it ever - meaning for the past 18 hours.  I´d greatly appreciate data if it is working, so i´d know if the problem is with it, or at my end. Thanks, & awaiting your confirmation...01:32
Reitzi still need help01:32
gogetatwig11: looks like he deletes the olf info01:32
Reitzi just downoaded a copy of and xp boot disc01:32
Reitzhow do i change it from a .rar to a .iso?01:32
jvogelmaybe iso is in rar?01:32
gogetatwig11: so lets try sudo iwconfig essid "bla' key "off"01:33
Paddy_NI!piracy | Reitz01:33
ubottuReitz: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o01:33
jvogelPaddy_NI: It's legal to download an image if you own the license01:33
gogetatwig11: and see if it saves be running iwconfig01:33
Paddy_NIjvogel: no.. its not01:33
mneptokPaddy_NI: he downloaded a boot disc. those are not by definition illegal.01:33
Reitzyes.  i have the license01:33
Paddy_NIjvogel: read the eula01:33
jvogelPaddy_NI: from microsoft, yes, he didn't specify wher eh got it01:33
Reitzi just needed the disc01:33
jvogelPaddy_NI: i.e. volume license01:33
Paddy_NImneptok: they are unless he downloaded it from MS01:33
Reitzno they are not.  because it came with my computer and i lost it so i need it01:34
switch10_Ya unrar it01:34
Reitzit is the dell one01:34
Paddy_NIdid you download it from MS ?01:34
airheadI need help01:34
jvogelReitz: theres a way you can get a copy from Dell01:34
mneptokPaddy_NI: he got it from Dell. that's legit.01:34
Reitzbut for some reason it is in rar01:34
jvogelReitz: theres a form you fill out01:34
Paddy_NIthen it would not be a rat Reitz01:34
jvogellol nothing from MS or Dell would be rar'01:34
Socahgood shot Paddy_NI :P01:34
Shivamhow can i see windows network share folders on my ubuntu!?01:34
Paddy_NImneptok: it would also not be a rar01:34
Hestonwhen you buy Windows, you buy a license not the software01:34
J-_Are there any other better scanning utilities other than xsane?01:34
Reitzwhatever.  how do i change it from a rar to a iso01:34
Paddy_NIas we said01:35
switch10_Reitz: unrar it01:35
Paddy_NIpiracy aint welcome here01:35
SocahJ-_: Propably not01:35
Reitzhow do i do that01:35
jvogelReitz: http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/dellcare/en/backupcd_form?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&redirect=101:35
jvogeldo that01:35
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switch10_Reitz: google01:35
airheadi need help getting my wireless card to work01:35
twig11gogeta: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "mynetwork" key "off" ?01:35
gogetaPaddy_NI: its not pircy to download a iso if you have a legit key01:35
Paddy_NIReitz: simply telephone dell then01:35
Reitzwell i still have another file that i need to convert to an iso.  how do i do that01:35
Paddy_NIgogeta: yes.. it is01:35
gogetatwig11: anything for the ssid01:35
jvogelgogeta: technically speaking it is01:36
Paddy_NIgogeta: read the eula instead of making up your own rules01:36
switch10_Reitz: u don't.  An ISO is a cd image01:36
mneptokthe piracy discussion is veering into ot territory01:36
Paddy_NIit is01:36
Paddy_NIand it should stop01:36
gogetayou key grants you the right to the softwhere01:36
Reitzwhat do you mean?01:36
twig11gogeta: do I have the syntax right above?01:36
Paddy_NIgogeta: not to pirate it though01:36
gogetatwig11: shurre01:36
Diegobarsadisculpen pero alguien sabe Backtracking?01:36
Paddy_NIgogeta: your morals are very loose01:37
Reitzwait a sec01:37
gogetaPaddy_NI: downloading a iso is not pirate unless you dont own it01:37
jvogelgogeta: it's not a legit copy of windows tho, even if it's 1-1 ... that's kinda like buying a US version of a bluray disc then downloading a european version01:37
Madpilotmneptok, it started there, really. Windows support is OT for this channel.01:37
Paddy_NIgogeta: and he does not.01:37
mneptokgogeta Paddy_NI: drop it, please01:37
Reitzisnt linux founded on the idea of being free.  not that i did anything ilegal or anything01:37
AndorinI agree. Off-topic.01:37
gogetajvogel: only not legit if its been modded in any way01:38
SocahReitz: Linux is, but Windows is not01:38
Madpilotgogeta, Paddy_NI, Reitz, whoever else - #ubuntu-offtopic or ##windows, please. Not here.01:38
Paddy_NIReitz: what does linux have to do with pirating windows?01:38
mneptokgogeta: DROP it.01:38
Reitzi didnt pirate it01:38
matt098who cares if u did or didnt mone of our business01:38
Supersaiyan_IVthis discussion is irrelevant01:38
Paddy_NIReitz: telephone dell and I *guarantee* that you will not get a rar file ;)01:38
matt098ne how back to ubuntu01:39
jvogelReitz: use link igot you for discs01:39
J-_!info scantwain01:39
ubottuPackage scantwain does not exist in jaunty01:39
Ziwlmao at telephone dell01:39
Paddy_NImneptok: Are you an op?01:39
airheaddoes anyone know how to get wireless drivers working?01:39
Reitzbut still.  can you i get a rar file to an iso to burn onto a cd?01:39
Reitzthats all that i want to know01:39
mneptokPaddy_NI: does that matter?01:39
Socahairhead: what's ur wirless card?01:39
jvogelReitz: iso is probably INSIDE rar01:39
Paddy_NImneptok: then do your job?01:39
switch10_Reitz: no01:39
jvogelReitz: extract rar (unrar)01:39
jvogelsudo apt-get install unrar01:39
gogetaReitz: i gave you unrar for god sakes right click on it01:39
mneptokPaddy_NI: my "job" pays a salary. this does not.01:40
Paddy_NImneptok: logged and I am on #ubuntu-ops01:40
Reitzgogeta_give it to me again please01:40
gogetatwig11: ok did the info save in iwconfig01:40
twig11gogeta: it looks like it did.01:41
patriconwaywhat is the package name for avant window navigator01:41
gogetatwig11: kinda got tossed offtopic01:41
mattgyveri think its avn01:41
jvogelReitz: ... you need to unrar the file d00d01:41
r3l1cavant-window-manager i think01:41
twig11gogeta: i noticed01:41
jvogelReitz: terminal --> unrar file.rar01:41
gogetatwig11: the essid is still in iwconfig when you type it01:41
mattgyverr3l1c, just do a sudo aptitude search avant01:41
twig11gogeta: ESSID is now off/any01:41
jvogelReitz: then iso should be in there assuming that's what you wanted to install01:41
r3l1cpatriconway:  there is a way to search01:41
jvogeli mean download01:41
gogetatwig11: crys01:41
gogetatwig11:  iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed01:42
r3l1chas anyone had any luck installing ophcrack to a usb drive?01:42
gogetasudo of course01:42
r3l1cisn't working01:42
buckyis there a #ubuntu-wireless /01:42
r3l1cusing unetbootin01:42
twig11gogeta: it's already in managed mode01:42
jvogeltwig11: whats wrong with wireless01:42
gogetalets do this01:42
Reitzoh well. it wont work01:43
Reitzi dont need it01:43
twig11jvogel: it's a long story01:43
gogetajvogel: it refuses to store the essid01:43
bucky#wireless is good01:43
SocahReitz: lol?01:43
jvogelReitz: do you have unrarA?01:43
ctmjrpatriconway, awn is the name01:43
jvogelReitz: sudo apt-get install unrar01:43
Reitzno. it doesnt matter. i dont need it01:43
twig11jvogel: gogeta could tell you better than I if you need to know. I've hardly got a clue what I'm doing.01:43
naliothlet us stay on topic, folks01:43
SocahReitz: you ask how to do this sience 40 minutes, and now you don't need it?01:44
jvogellol @ Reitz01:44
twig11gogeta: let's do WHAT?01:44
gogetatwig11:  sudo iwconfig wlan0 key off01:44
Paddy_NItypical pirate01:44
gogetatwig11: and sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc01:44
twig11gogeta: just like you wrote it?01:45
castroViva ubuntu01:45
gogetano and01:45
AndorinCan someone tell me how I can change Ctrl+F back to Find? Something changed that makes it open a terminal window now and I don't see an entry for it in Keyboard Shortcuts under Preferences.01:45
Reitzwho thinks that there should be linux support for iPod?01:45
mneptok!ot > Reitz01:45
ubottuReitz, please see my private message01:45
SocahReitz: as far as I know, there is?01:45
AndorinReitz: Rockbox.01:45
twig11gogeta: okay I did those two.01:46
mattgyverhow can i monitor the network traffic to my machine?  someone was trying to bruteforce my ftp however logins failed, i want to see if they are still trying to hit my machine for anything else01:46
gogetatwig11: ok sudo iwconfig essid "your ssid"01:46
wolf23Anyone here use Deluge Bittorrent coz i have something wrong on configuration?01:46
switch10_Rhythmbox works great too01:46
switch10_wolf23: I do01:46
fwaokdais there a program that will rename a bunch of files for me? I want to add a prefix to a bunch of files... ???01:46
laegman adobe's download servers suck01:46
ReitzSocah and Andorin: there is?01:46
Socahfwaokda: yes there is01:46
wolf23switch10_,  thanx01:46
gogetatwig11: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "your ssid"01:46
mattgyverfwaokda, i think its called batch rename01:46
AndorinReitz: Yes, Rockbox and iPodLinux, for starters.01:47
SocahReitz: rockbox is alternate firmware as far as I know01:47
AndorinReitz: But Apple is a collective jerk and some iPods are unsupported01:47
twig11gogeta: done01:47
fwaokdamattgyver, thats the name of a program or is that like something built into ubuntu and I just do a command?01:47
gogetatwig11: now just iwconfig does the ssid show01:47
switch10_Iphone's are unsupported01:47
Reitzya. but it prolly isnt no itunes.  i have a touch so i doubt id be able to do the whole app thing and stuff01:47
mattgyverfwaokda, i dont think its installed by default.  search the repos, aptitude search rename01:47
switch10_And iPod touch01:48
matt098hay guys is there a way to make vlc media player keep its equalizer settings stay the same instead of going back to default every time u open it01:48
twig11gogeta: it does not01:48
gogetatwig11: wtf01:48
AndorinAnd iPod Nano 2nd gen and above.01:48
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:48
kub1I am unable to access keyserver.ubuntu.com through my isp, & someone just checked & told me it is working cause they can access it.  My isp blocks most ports except for http.  Is there any way i can get the key through https?, and manually add it to the appropriate apt control file?01:48
myk_robinsonwhat is the preferred driver for Atheros AR2425? Seems the madwifi limits me to 1MB rate, and ath5k works for a time, then acts silly.. Is there a proper driver that just works right?01:48
jakeruesoooo panel is back after a reboot....didn't know how to get out of tty...got it now01:48
gogetatwig11: sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed01:48
jakerueanyway my main issue is firewalls01:48
gogetai dont knoe man01:49
jakeruehaving issues with bittorrent.....can't get the ports opened01:49
mattgyverkub1, just try accessing it via a proxy site01:49
attickidwhen installing widgets I get this error: "installation of /tmp/kde-attickid///108198-lastfm-0.4zop" failed" the filename change according to the widget01:49
mneptokfwaokda: Metamorphose01:49
twig11gogeta: done01:49
AndorinCan someone tell me how I can change Ctrl+F back to Find? Something changed that makes it open a terminal window now and I don't see an entry for it in Keyboard Shortcuts under Preferences.01:49
xiofireMadpilot: You still here?01:49
ReitzAndorin: apple is my favorite computer maker01:49
xorsoI have a question about the live cd. I have a bad hard drive and it tries to read the sectors and takes forever to boot. can I skip this or boot straight to a command prompt?01:49
Madpilotxiofire, ya - what's up?01:49
twig11gogeta: Well I was all excited about Kamokow but Kamokow disappeared just like that.01:49
Paddy_NIxorso: unplug the HDD01:49
switch10_I hate apple01:49
jakerueI check the ports, open them using01:50
jakerueiptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 5900 -j ACCEPT01:50
jakeruethen netstat for LISTEN and it's not open01:50
Paddy_NIswitch10_: me too01:50
kub1mattgyver: How do i access it via a proxy site?  which proxy site?01:50
th0rxorso: you should be able to tell the computer to look first at the cd drive....in the Setup at first boot...usually F2 or some such01:50
AndorinReitz: Well, they heavily encrypted the firmware on their Nanos, making it basically impossible to run alternate firmware, which means you have to use the handful of file formats that Apple's firmware supports. Can't use FLAC or ogg or anything free.01:50
Paddy_NIth0r: that is not what he meant01:50
fwaokdamneptok, not in the repos?01:50
yakudoes anybody has a  driver for the lovely sim card reader ?01:50
xorsoit starts to boot the live cd and this is on a notebook01:51
gogetatwig11: iwpriv wlan0 authmode 201:51
mneptok!info metamorphose01:51
ubottuPackage metamorphose does not exist in jaunty01:51
ReitzAndorin: oh well.  i still love ipod01:51
Reitzand apple and macs01:51
mneptokfwaokda: grim. it was available for previous releases01:51
Andorinmatt098: Are you PMing me? If so, xchat is showing it weirdly... hang on.01:51
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:51
mattgyverkub1, see pm01:52
twig11gogeta: Invalid command01:52
switch10_Although I do own an iPhone01:52
xiofireMadpilot: It told me my disk was perfect, so I began the installation process and now its asking me "Please insert the dis labeled: 'Ubuntu -Server 8.04.2 _Hardy Heron_ - Release i386 (20090121.1)' in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter"01:52
hypoonSocah: duh, fstab can't have anything to do with it; fstab is in the filesystem, if it can't find the filesystem, then it can't find fstab01:52
gogetatwig11: sudo iwpriv wlan0 authmode 201:52
Madpilotxiofire, assuming that's the CD you've already got in there, what happens when you hit Enter?01:52
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
yakuhelp with the sim card reader anyone??01:53
mattgyverwhats the best way for me to monitor my network traffic?01:53
Andorinmatt098: Alright, as I said earlier, there's no section for Ctrl+F or Find in Keyboard Shortcuts.01:53
Socahhypoon: yes, it's logical01:53
twig11gogeta: same thing01:53
xiofireMadpilot: takes me back to the same screen01:53
Socahhypoon: maybe you could ask at knoppix channel, they are quiet specialized in livecds01:53
xorsoPaddy_NI:  this is on a notebook.01:53
Madpilotxiofire, odd. not sure what to suggest, aside from "try a cold reboot & restart the whole install", which is the brute-force option...01:54
edbianxiofire: Sorry to interrupt but what is the issue?01:54
Paddy_NIxorso: are you still able to boot the previous OS?01:54
twig11gogeta: you out of options?01:54
Paddy_NIxorso: sounds like if its windows you should run a chkdsk01:54
xorsoPaddy_NI: unfortunately no01:54
J-_I wish xsane cropped my photos as well. :(01:54
xiofireedbrian: Im trying to install an openssh server and its not working out01:55
mneptokxiofire: sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:55
edbianxiofire: So you installed the server package on the server and opened the necessary ports?01:55
xorsoPaddy_NI:  I have tried several windows solutions and to no avail. that is why I was trying to use a live cd.01:55
edbianxiofire: Can you ping the server from the client?01:55
xiofireedbrian: im converting a computer01:56
Paddy_NIxorso: it just indefinitely hangs?01:56
switch10_Do u guys use. Fspot?  Just curious, it has always been slow for me. Picass 3 runs great01:56
gogetatwig11: wep might be the problem01:56
switch10_I hear some people love it01:56
edbianxiofire: (my name is edbian)  You're converting a computer?  What does that mean?  Converting from what to what?01:56
Madpilotswitch10_, gthumb > f-splat01:56
twig11gogeta: how would a guy know?01:56
switch10_Gthumb huh01:57
Paddy_NIxiofire: converting it into a gorilla?01:57
th0rxorso: if you changed the boot order the computer would read the cd first and not hang on the hd, but the net nazi doesn't like that idea01:57
xorsoPiddy_NI: it takes about 15 minutes. I just want to get to the cli01:57
xiofireedbian: Converting from windows XP to a web server01:57
twig11Kamokow: are you still around?01:57
Paddy_NIth0r: whom is the net nazi?01:57
edbianxiofire: An ubuntu based web server?  (You don't need ssh to have a web server BTW)01:58
xorsoth0r:  I can successfully start booting the live cd. it is the live cd that checks the HD.01:58
adam7xorso: th0r left01:58
xiofireedbian: yeah, ubuntu. I want OpenSSH and LAMP01:58
matt098xorso thor left01:58
mneptokPaddy_NI: please do not feed the troll. and please acknowledge that you have read my request.01:58
gogetatwig11: try sudo iwconfig  wlan0 mode Auto01:58
adam7xiofire: does sudo apt-get install openssh-server not work?01:58
gogetathers a post saying some cards have issues with essid in managed01:59
matt098you should be using aptitude not apt-get01:59
xiofireadam7: I'm not even off the install yet.01:59
edbianxiofire: So you installed the openssh-server package correct?01:59
twig11gogeta: okay done01:59
OttifantSirIs there a way/program of getting information on the XY-placement of windows on the screen? There are a few screenlets that won't stay in place on the the sidebar after a reboot, and I thought I could use Compiz to stick them in place. Or would that not work with a cylindrical cube?01:59
gogetatwig11: well you knoe the command to do next lol01:59
adam7xiofire: so when the install finishes, install the openssh-server package and you're all set02:00
twig11gogeta: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "myessid" key mykey?02:00
gogetatwig11: yep02:00
xiofireI can't finish the install - errors02:00
kaljtggdoes anyone know why the ubuntu branded firefox doesn't update to 3.5?02:00
twig11gogeta: makin sure02:00
edbianxiofire: What are the errors?02:00
gogetatwig11: key "mykey"02:01
Madpilotkaljtgg, Ubuntu only does security updates after release - ff3.5 will be in 9.1002:01
gogetaplease dont say youv been mis doin g the key all this tome02:01
xiofireedbian: I can't recall, im trying again.02:01
fiber_cutIs there any way to tell the x&y  on the monitor so I can put an transparent xterm in the one spot I want02:01
twig11gogeta: no I've done it both ways.02:01
edbianxiofire: pastebin them?02:01
xiofireedbian: I will02:02
gogetatwig11: any luck02:02
WindowsUserfiber_cut: xrandr is off the top of my head02:02
adam7xiofire: how much ram does that machine have?02:02
OttifantSirkaljtgg: I always removes ubufox, since it doesn't play nice with some addons I like to have. I have Firefox3.5, and no 3.0.1 anywhere in sight. Maybe that's why?02:02
fiber_cutok thanx02:02
twig11gogeta: no. "ESSID: off/any"02:02
matrixblueDVD burn fine with no problem but CDs fail to burn in any application I use..please help02:02
WindowsUsergtg afk tho :)02:02
Ethan /msg NickServ identify google102:02
xiofireadam7: 128MB02:03
FlannelEthan: You'll want to change that password02:03
MadpilotEthan, time for a new pw... :)02:03
gogetatwig11: iwlist wlan0 does it say  what channel its on02:03
hypoonSocah: that's a good idea, I'll head over there02:03
adam7xiofire: you need 160MB to run the livecd, IIRc, that'll be your problem02:03
gogetatwig11: maybe we have to switch the channel manuly02:03
adam7xiofire: look at the alternate CD02:03
Xubuntnoobhi, is there a way to control individual application sound levels? (outside of the program) similar to windoze's volume control.02:03
twig11gogeta: I don't see anything about a channel.02:04
gogetatwig11: iwlist wlan0 scan02:04
lowlycoderwhat's the "right way" for installing cuda on ubuntu 9.04 ?02:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cuda02:04
OttifantSirXubuntnoob: I haven't tried it, since it isn't a problem for me, but apparently earcandy is something you might be looking for.02:04
hypoonSocah: although, there's not much going on in that channel02:05
matrixblueneone has any ideas?02:05
dabukalami accidentally installed nvidia drivers on a laptop with intel graphics. how do i get it back to how it was?02:05
XubuntnoobOTTI: can i just apt-get it? or is there a repository to add02:05
gogetatwig11: then sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "your" key "yours" channel yournumber02:05
ctmjrmatt098, if your talking about cuda for nvidia you should check their site02:05
matt098sudo aptitude purge (nvidia graphiddrivers)02:05
twig11gogeta: oops. it's channel 602:06
gogetathen channel 602:06
ipburbankif I have a folder of text files what is the best way to search for text inside all of the files?02:06
dabukalami already removed the drivers, but i can't enable compiz any more...02:07
Socahdabukalam: as far as I know you need to change /etc/X11/xorg.conf in line "driver" change nvidia to intel02:07
OttifantSirXubuntnoob: It isn't the repos, and I don't remember where I found the info on it at the moment. Wait while I look, will you?02:07
twig11gogeta: okay I did that.02:08
Socahdabukalam: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:08
Socahand later, check if you got direct rendering02:08
OttifantSirXubuntnoob: Here's the Launchpad-page: https://launchpad.net/earcandy02:08
Xubuntnoobthanks you sir.02:08
dabukalamsocah, wait should i try your first thing or second thing?02:09
Socahdabukalam: with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"02:09
Socahsec dabukalam02:09
Socahdabukalam: try this first: glxinfo | grep rendering02:09
darthanubisI forgot the string to add my external usb drive rw for samba share02:09
Socahfrom terminal02:09
AndorinCan someone tell me how I can change Ctrl+F back to Find? Something changed that makes it open a terminal window now and I don't see an entry for it in Keyboard Shortcuts under Preferences.02:10
twig11gogeta: still not working02:10
gogetatwig11: arg]]02:10
lowlycoderhow do I test to see if my ubuntu installation is 64 or 32 bit?02:10
tsrkWhat configuration files do I need to restore for evolution to not go through the setup wizard again?02:10
coleystsrk: .evolution folder.02:10
nerdy_kidanyone know how to make the logout sound work on GNOME?02:11
gogetatwig11: i dunno try resetting the roughter02:11
tsrkcoleys, I copied that but it still wants to go through the wizard02:11
Socahlowlycoder: uname -a02:12
lowlycoderSocah: Linux x 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:57:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux02:12
nerdy_kidlogout sound on GNOME wont work, HELP PLEASE02:12
Socahthen it's 32 bit (i686 arch)02:12
lowlycoderSocah: gah; no!02:12
lowlycoderthanks though :-)02:12
OttifantSirXubuntnoob: And here's a page promising to deliver .deb-packages in a PPA: http://www.stefanoforenza.com/ear-candy-deb-and-ppa-available/ (Be aware that PPA is not supported software, and adding them and using the software within is at your own risk. If you are unsure, don't do it. Wait for it to come to the official repos, or ask for help on compiling the source from the original developers)02:12
xiofireMadpilot: Im now at the stage "software selection" if I do not choose any software, can I download it at a later date?02:13
Socahdabukalam: still there?02:13
nerdy_kidno logout sound on GNOME how to fix?02:13
Madpilotxiofire, of course.02:13
Ziwxiofire: yea ofc02:13
Socahnerdy_kid: give me a sec02:13
nerdy_kidSocah thanks02:14
dabukalamsocah: yup, one sec though02:14
kattollikisdsomeone here knows how to install ubuntu on a Macbook?02:14
Socahnerdy_kid: check this - go to preferences, sound, and in second tab there are defined sound to actions, there should be "logout" action02:14
Socahyou should be able to toggle on/off or change02:14
Xubuntnoobthanks otti, that should work nicely02:14
ndfi'm having trouble with the live installer for 9.04; i put it on a usb stick and it worked the first time, but now it won't start the live distro or the install at all - i can't tell what's happening because usplash or whatever it is hides everything - the only signal i get that something is wrong is the progress bar stops 'night rider'ing and my caps lock light flashes - any ideas what this02:14
nerdy_kidSocah yup, it plays when i click the play button, the login sound works fine02:15
OttifantSirSocah: Beat me to it. You must type like an old 40's war-secretary.02:15
twig11HELP! I need an Ubuntu Wireless Troubleshooting Guru to tell me why my iwconfig won't save my essid information so I can get online. I'm going crazy in 30...29...28...02:15
xiofireMadpilot: error again.  "An installation step failed. You can try to run the failing item again from the menu, or skip it and choose something else. The failing step is: Select and install software."02:15
xiofirethis is the second time ive gotten the error02:15
Ziwkattollikisd: insert the disc into your comp, start the mac while you hold down the alt key. and you can choose the disk. and voila install ubuntu02:15
gogetatwig11: ok another methed02:15
Madpilotxiofire, odd. I've never used the server install, but that doesn't sound right02:15
twig11gogeta: okay02:15
nerdy_kidSocah,  is PulseAudio getting killed to soon?02:15
gogetatwig11: sudo iwconfign wlan0 key open02:16
Socahnerdy_kid: no idea, but I don't use it02:16
Xubuntnoobalso, i'd like to learn about compiling from source, is there a good guide i should check out? i tried installing wine from source using the guide on their site, but it didn't work out so well. maybe i could try a more simple program?02:16
gogetatwig11: sudo iwconfig key open02:16
kattollikisdZiw, i tried that, but mac do not use BIOS, so the cd wont boot02:16
gogetatwig11: sudo iwconfig wlan0 key open02:16
Madpilotubottu, compile | Xubuntnoob02:16
ubottuXubuntnoob: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:16
Ziwkattollikisd: it should work, can you select it? ..02:16
gogetatwig11: you use a open style wep key right02:17
SocahOttifantSir: my english is not such good, to understand what you wanted to say by this02:17
edbianndf: When you are looking at the menu you can hit F6 (I think) to get to alternative options.  Remove the word "quite" and the word "splash" to see what is going on behind the scenes :)02:17
kattollikisdhold, i gonna turn it on02:17
nerdy_kidno logout sound in GNOME02:17
ndfok thanks02:17
twig11gogeta: I think so. That's what I set in Network Manager but it didn't work there either.02:17
kattollikisdhold, i gonna turn it on Ziw02:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:18
hypoonSocah: I think is found it02:18
OttifantSirSocah: A compliment on your speed of writing. Secretaries during the war in the 40's could typically type about 200-260 words a minute on the old typewriters.02:18
twig11gogeta: no I remember I changed it to shared in network manager. Before I uninstalled the whole shibang02:18
hypoonSocah:*I think I found it02:18
Socahhypoon: Great pal!02:18
gogetatwig11: open shared?02:18
Xubuntnoobthat' is an interesting fact02:18
gogetatwig11: lol we might have found the issue02:18
Xubuntnooband impressive02:18
Ziwnerdy_kid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/22924502:18
hypoonSocah: it looks like the casper directory is hardcoded to be in the root of the cd02:18
twig11gogeta: I think it was either open or shared.02:18
nerdy_kidZiw thanks02:19
youseenothing_hey guys02:19
solexiousWould any one recommend a graphics card that has 3d support and can do dual dvi monitors?02:19
solexiouss/a/a specific02:19
twig11gogeta: when I typed your last command I got an error SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument02:19
Ziwnerdy_kid: im not sure exactly but it seems that installing esound helps02:19
gogetatwig11: ok try sudo iwconfig wlan0 key open yourkey02:19
matt098im using an radeon x700 and ti worksgreat02:19
kattollikisdZiw, i turn on ubuntu and i press alt, and i see Macintosh and windows02:20
SocahOttifantSir: Then, thank you. I can get every single word, but when there comes to interpretation  I often makes mistakes, so I prefer to make thing clear, it's a way safer this way.02:20
kattollikisdZiw, and then?\02:20
twig11gogeta: yourkey quotes or no quotes?02:20
ndfdidn't do anything02:20
nerdy_kidZiw that bug is to old, they redid the sound server (from what i understand) in Jaunty02:20
youseenothing_twig11: no quotes02:20
vvpalinquestion if i set up a vpn, how do i make sure all my traffic goes over my tap rather than my ethernet?02:20
Socahhypoon: in fact, you do simple livecd of ubuntu with your apps of choose?02:20
Ziwkattollikisd: the disc will be shown as windows since the mac bios is funky.. just select it. or do you have windows installed via bootcamp?02:20
twig11gogeta: done and no feedback02:21
youseenothing_gogeta: another wireless prob?  seems to be the going thing now...ha02:21
=== galant14b|afk is now known as galant14b
Ziwnerdy_kid: ye ok i just googled :p02:21
nerdy_kidZiw thanks anyway02:21
OttifantSirSocah: Of course. It's just my style of giving compliments that doesn't always go well with distance...02:21
gogetatwig11: ok sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "yourssid"02:21
twig11youseenothing_: an unsolvable wireless problem by the looks of it.02:21
gogetatwig11: and see if it takes02:22
kattollikisdZiw, i dont have windows on bootcamp, i just have mac, i selected windows cd02:22
youseenothing_twig11: no such thing02:22
youseenothing_twig11: ha!02:22
=== Socah is now known as Socah|Away
hypoonSocah: no, that's not what I'm doing at all. I'm creating a liveDVD containing several livecds. I've already recoded the bootloader and all, ubuntu's just throwing a fit not finding the casper directory in the root02:22
twig11youseenothing_: I know.02:22
youseenothing_twig11: what seems to be the prob?  not associating with your ap?02:22
kattollikisdand i see the ubuntu live now on the screen asking to install o try withoue make change on the computer Ziw02:22
gogetayouseenothing iw not accepting his essid02:23
Ziwkattollikisd: then ubuntu should start, even after you install ubuntu and have no disc inserted . during boot and holding alt it will still be called windows02:23
twig11gogeta: didn't take02:23
AndorinDeluge freezes when I start it, even after removing and reinstalling it. Please help.02:23
youseenothing_twig11: what is your essid suppose to be?02:23
kattollikisdand i see the ubuntu live now on the screen asking to install o try withoue make change on the computer Ziw02:23
youseenothing_twig11: and is it broadcasting or no?02:23
twig11youseenothing_: Elmendorf Hof02:23
gogetatwig11: ok sudo iwconfig wlan0 key restricted yourkey02:23
youseenothing_twig11: do this, iwlist wlan0 scan02:23
Dr_WillisAndorin:  remove/reinstallijg is 'windows thinking' making a new user and running it - see if it fails to work on a brand new user.  if SO.. then its some user setting that may be to blame02:23
youseenothing_twig11: see if that shows in the list02:24
gogetayouseenothing we knoe the ap essid aruldy02:24
twig11youseenothing_: it does.02:24
ibbieanyone here a licensing guru?02:24
youseenothing_oh...is it not associating because of the key?02:24
youseenothing_twig11: you running wep or wpa?02:24
=== jay is now known as Guest34961
AndorinDr_Willis: I don't know how to create a brand new user. The GUI method apparently won't let me.02:24
youseenothing_ibbie: licensing guru for what?02:25
OttifantSiribbie: Ask your question. Guru or not, if someone knows the answer, they will get back to you.02:25
twig11gogeta: okay did that02:25
twig11youseenothing_: wep02:25
failersmeta questions ftl02:25
gogetatwig11: ok sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "your"02:25
gogetatwig11: and see if it takes that02:25
youseenothing_Andorin: sudo adduser <username>02:26
ibbieyouseenothing_, OttifantSir: thank you. I have software that wants to be free, but am not part of any organization. I wanted to release it under BSD license, but the template has a section for organizations.02:26
BitWraithdo the current ubuntu kernels support ext4?02:26
failersBitWraith yes02:26
twig11gogeta: I'm sorry to say it does not.02:26
BitWraithdoes that include arm ubuntu?02:26
matt__Any idea how to install libSDL-1.3.so.0 ? It says it is not found when i apt-get install it.02:26
gogetatwig11: arg go into the roughter make it open ha02:27
youseenothing_twig11: so try this, sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep Hof02:27
ndfmy live install usb key used to launch into a menu with more options along the bottom (f1 - f6); if you press escape there it would go to a simplified menu without those options, now for some reason it loads straight into the simplified one? also since then i haven't been able to start the live setup or the install - it stops and the caps lock flashes - removing 'quiet splash --' from boot option02:27
ndfdoes nothing02:27
youseenothing_twig11: just for the sake of making sure it sees the ap02:27
gogetatwig11: qwicd might have changed the auth modes for keys messing things up02:27
twig11youseenothing_: just Hof?02:27
adam7gogeta: if you uninstalled wicd and rebooted, anything it did is gone02:28
=== Guest34961 is now known as jayb
youseenothing_twig11: yeah...that will show the line with the name of your essid02:28
dabukalamsocah: thanks a lot, it worked like a dream02:28
youseenothing_adam7 is correct02:28
ibbieFrankly, I have a lot of software I'd like to release, just haven't gotten around to it, and figured I'd shoot for as permissive a license as possible. :D02:28
gogetaadam7: this didnt happon untill hee did uninstall it02:28
gogetaadam7: i had it conencted yesterday02:28
Guest21310how do I get a name and not a number i.e. Secret Agent Man?02:28
gogetaadam7: via term02:28
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode02:28
adam7!register > Guest2131002:29
ubottuGuest21310, please see my private message02:29
youseenothing_twig11: does that command return it?02:29
twig11youseenothing_: the ESSID shows up.02:29
adam7gogeta: so can't you just run that command now?02:29
youseenothing_twig11: ok, do this:  iwlist wlan0 scan02:29
gogetaadam7: nope it will not accept the ssid02:29
adam7gogeta: what do you mean?02:29
youseenothing_twig11: look to make sure that the encryption shows as on and check the channel as well02:29
adam7exact errors are good02:29
gogetaadam7: iwconfig wlan0 essid "ssid"02:29
gogetaadam7: it will still show as off/any02:30
adam7gogeta: and what's the error?02:30
twig11youseenothing_: iwconfig?02:30
adam7gogeta: using encryption?02:30
youseenothing_twig11: no the command itself02:30
gogetaadam7: wep yes it worked untillk he removed wicd02:30
youseenothing_twig11: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan02:30
matt__Any idea how to install libSDL-1.3.so.0 ? It says it is not found when i apt-get install it. can anyone find out anything about it?02:30
onats1how do i setup openvpn on ubuntu so that it automatically connects upon boot up, and retries connections when it gets disconnected?02:30
adam7gogeta: so why did you remove wicd then?02:30
AndorinDr_Willis: Nope.02:30
youseenothing_twig11: look at your ap's information and you should see something for encryption: on/off and channel02:31
gogetaadam7: i didnt twig did02:31
gogetaadam7: it froze his pc i guess02:31
adam7gogeta: so did twig11 start wpa_supplicant?02:31
twig11youseenothing_: encryption is on and channel is 602:31
gogetatwig11: goo into your roughter turn off the key for now i think the auths messed up02:31
youseenothing_adam7: he doesn't need wpa_supplicant...he is using wep02:31
adam7can I see your wpa_supplicant.conf?02:32
adam7ok, I guess you don't02:32
adam7you can use it though if you want02:32
Socah|Awayhypoon: In fact I made something similar, but using USB thumb drive02:32
=== Socah|Away is now known as Socah
Socahhypoon: It was Fedora + Ubuntu (both amd64) + Arch i68602:32
twig11gogeta: is that possible when I'm connected over the same network to the same router with the computer I'm chatting on now?02:32
youseenothing_twig11: do this then:  sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "name" && sudo iwconfig wlan0 channel 6 && sudo iwconfig wlan0 key <yourKey>02:32
adam7gogeta/ twig11: did you read teh iwconfig man page about the key command?02:33
gogetatwig11: you will have to reconnect to it as open02:33
adam7gogeta/ twig11: also, you should use WPA2, as WEP is very easy to break02:33
gogetaadam7: i knoe the keey command thats not the problem i tryed every key methed02:33
adam7I'd suggest you try using wpa_supplicant02:33
gogetaadam7: for now hes going to have to use none02:33
twig11gogeta: what do you mean connect to it as open?02:34
Socahhypoon: It's very nice, if you want to introduce GNU/Linux to someone. Or have system with persistent home on your pendrive. Pendrives are much better than cd's for live pruposes02:34
ibbieholy cow, nevermind. I just downloaded libevent and saw how they handled it. Doh, I feel silly now. (:02:34
youseenothing_twig11: did you try that command line i gave you?02:34
gogetatwig11: if you remove the key you will have to reconnect02:34
twig11youseenothing_: not yet02:34
youseenothing_twig11: go ahead and try that02:34
gogetayouseenothing same command i gave him02:35
=== VanDyke_ is now known as VanDyke
gogetaa ton of times02:35
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen02:36
youseenothing_and it just won't associate?02:36
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:36
gogetayouseenothing now you get it02:36
AndorinWill someone please help? Deluge freezes when I start it.02:36
tsrkcan I install a 32-bit package on 64-bit ubuntu?02:36
adam7tsrk: possibly, which package?02:36
adilvalentim43hello room02:36
gogetayouseenothing <yourkey>  isnt it "k"02:37
tsrkadam7, it's a canon printer driver that i downloaded from the canon website02:37
hypoonSocah: do you remember how you resolved my issue?02:37
tsrkadam7, there's only 32-bit deb packages02:37
adam7tsrk: your printer doesn't work when you just plug it in?02:37
ahuron hi02:37
youseenothing_gogeta: doesn't have to be...only if it has spaces in it02:37
tsrkadam7, no, i need these packages02:37
gogetano <i hope02:37
adam7tsrk: hm, that's irritating02:38
twig11gogeta: youseenothing_ : it still didn't associate.02:38
tsrkadam7, i thought there was a way to run 32-bit packages?02:38
youseenothing_twig11: what kind of card do you have?02:38
ahuronhellon adivalentim02:38
twig11gogeta: what were you saying about connecting aas open?02:38
adam7tsrk: there is, sometimes02:38
ahuronhow are you02:38
youseenothing_twig11: he is talking about taking the encryption off02:38
adam7tsrk: it really depends02:38
AndorinWill someone please help? Deluge freezes when I start it.02:39
tsrkadam7, ok, on what?02:39
twig11youseenothing_: Linksys WUSB11v4 usb network adapter02:39
AndorinALL I did was remove files from my Downloads folder and suddenly it doesn't work. I don't get it!02:39
adam7tsrk: on the package. I'm just guessing, but it's unlikely that will work02:39
youseenothing_twig11: what module does that one use?02:39
gogetatwig11: can you rrun a wire to it02:39
adam7tsrk: you can give a try by running sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture nameofpackage.deb02:39
twig11youseenothing_: gogeta: and to take the encryption off I would need access to the router which I don't have.02:40
Socahhypoon: I had no such problem with liveUSB. In fact, it was quite simple - using unetbootin for each distro I wanted to add. When unetbootin made his job, I moved each distribution installed from pendrive, to other folder on my hard disk. After I installed, and moved all distributions I wanted, I splitted all folders to root of pendrive (except syslinux, and this other one for bootin), and then splitted content of syslinux, to hav02:40
adam7Socah: your message got cut off after to hav02:40
youseenothing_gogeta: have we checked to make sure his ieee80211 lib was not messed up with something in wicd's removal?02:40
twig11youseenothing_: you mean what driver module?02:40
twig11gogeta: no02:40
youseenothing_gogeta: we can check in dmesg if we remove the kernel module with modprobe and then re-enable it02:40
youseenothing_twig11: yes02:40
adam7youseenothing_, gogeta: if you really uninstalled wicd and rebooted, there is nothing from that that is messing it up02:41
hypoonSocah: you got cut off at "and then splitted content of syslinux, to hav"02:41
youseenothing_adam7: it is possible that the ieee80211 lib was corrupted...02:41
tsrkadam7, ok, i'll try that, thanks02:41
adam7youseenothing_: not from wicd, wicd doesn't touch that stuff02:41
Socahhypoon: ve option to boot each distro from loader. That's all - no problems02:42
AndorinWill someone please help? Deluge freezes when I start it.02:42
tsrkadam7, there's 64-bit RPMs, is there a clean way to install those on ubuntu?02:42
youseenothing_adam7: you check everything involved regardless since the typical things are not working02:42
adam7tsrk: alien02:42
SocahAndorin: Have you any started tasks in Deluge?02:42
youseenothing_adam7: or at least that is what i do sometimes and this might be one of those times02:42
adam7youseenothing_: feel free, but I'm telling you that Wicd did not corrupt your wireless stack02:42
AndorinSocah: I believe so, why?02:42
tsrkadam7, ok02:42
ndfsomeone please help? i'm allways the one who gets ignored =(02:43
SocahAndorin: they can freez Deluge02:43
AndorinSocah: Okay, so how do I deal with this?02:43
hypoonSocah: interesting. I'm going to have to check that out02:43
hypoonSocah: I've got to go afk for a moment02:43
adam7ndf: it works better if you tell us the problem :P02:43
thansom_my sound sometimes just goes away... with sound all the way up on the control and speakers, its mute. the speakers are fine02:43
thansom_if I reboot it works02:43
thansom_any idea how to fix this without a reboot???02:43
SocahAndorin: let me think02:43
Socahhypoon: Maybye I will find complete tutorial to this02:44
Socahmy words can be not precise02:44
thansom_any ideas?02:44
thansom_any process I could reset???02:44
wnstnndf what is your question again?02:44
ndfadam7: i put 9.04 live on a usb stick. the first time i booted it was fine. now the boot menu is different, more simplified, and i can't boot live or install now, it stops and the caps lock flashes, i can't see whats going on either because removing 'quiet splash' from the boot option actually doesn't do anything02:45
Scunizithansom_: are you running anything like skype, gizmo or other 3rd party program that grabs the audio when you launch it?02:45
adam7ndf: flashing caps lock light is a kernel panic02:45
ndfi've tried using it on other compuuters, same thing happens. i've also tried re-imaging with unetbootin02:45
SocahAndorin: hypoon: I'm sorry, I need to leave now.02:45
wnstnndf have you checked the syslogs?02:45
ndfhow can i?02:45
SocahTake care guys, see you later02:45
Socahbye #ubuntu02:45
hypoonSocah: thanks for your help02:45
ndfwnstn how can i?02:45
adam7ndf: I don't know the asnwer, I was just asking you to repeat your question isntead of just telling us you're being ignored :)02:46
wnstndmesg i believe02:46
thansom_Scunizi, nope... its random. no programs are running02:46
ndfwnstn it won't boot lol02:46
thansom_surely there's something I can do to just reset it02:46
wnstneven off live cd?02:46
thansom_otherwise, I guess I'll jyust reboot02:46
ndfthis is the case02:46
ndfthat's what i'm saying02:46
twig11adam7: youseenothing_ : gogeta : When I downloaded wicd with aptitude it had to uninstall network manager first and I remember seeing an error at the end fo the process. but I don't remember what it was. Later I removed wicd and reinstalled network manager. I had set up the connection manually with the CLI, that's how I could reinstall network manager. using the command line, I installed the network manager applet on the tray, b02:46
switch10_Andorin: cancel your dls and restart deluge02:47
adam7twig11: your message got cut off at the tray, b02:47
wnstnndf have you a way to try a memtest02:47
Andorinswitch10_: I can't. It freezes when I try to start it.02:47
gogetatwig11: hear02:47
ndfyea memtest is one of the options02:47
ndfit's fine02:47
twig11but it didn't show up so I rebooted. When I rebooted, Network Manager applet asked for access to my key or something like that and I gave permission. Network Manager couldn't connect, and I've had the current problem ever since.02:47
youseenothing_he was calling us b like from half-baked02:47
FrozenFire[work]Whenever my wireless goes down, Gnome hangs.02:47
Scunizithansom_: weird.. sorry I don't have any suggestions. skype use to grab audio from everything else and leave alsa inoperable after closing.. alsa had to be restarted to regain audio..02:47
switch10_Andorin: delete the physical files. Or move them02:47
cyberixaepackages.ubuntu.com is down02:47
FrozenFire[work]I can still utilise opened windows, but my panels freeze up02:47
wnstnndf so you can get to the gdm screen?02:47
gogetatwig11: just install that on your pc02:48
adam7cyberixae: yeah, I noticed that too02:48
ndfwnstn no it doesn't go any further than selecting boot options then going to usplash02:48
parasiteking-Can Ubuntu NBR be installed on non Atom cpu platforms?02:48
Andorinswitch10_: Never mind. The deluged process was screwing with it. Killing it fixed it.02:48
wnstnndf so usplash is what freezes?02:48
twig11gogeta: I accepted the file but it doesn't seem to be downloading for some reason.02:48
shaunoWhat package do I need to enable syntax hilighting in vim? I've added vim-runtime, but I'm avoiding vim-full as this is a fairly compact headless/nogui install, so I don't want to pull in gnome libs02:49
ndfeverything does02:49
twig11gogeta: can I have a url?02:49
ndfit just stops half way, caps lock flashing02:49
gogetatwig11: i grabbed it off apt02:49
switch10_ndf: that could b a bios code02:49
ndfswitch10_ it worked before, but now the boot option menu thing isn't even the same02:49
switch10_Bad memory or something02:49
ndfit's like02:50
gogetatwig11: ill upload it02:50
edbianndf: When you are at the menu you can press F6 to set kernel options.  Do you know what I'm talking about?02:50
ndflike when you press esc02:50
twig11gogeta: kind of you02:50
ndfedbian no02:50
ndfthat menu has gone02:50
ndfit wont load that graphical boot menu02:50
edbianndf: Is this off a CD or usb?02:50
ndfit loaded it the first time02:50
ndfbut now it won't02:50
switch10_Try in a different comp02:50
ndfi just get the simplified textmod menu02:50
ndfsame thing02:51
FloodBot2ndf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:51
Drekii need to reinstall my windows partition, which im sure is gonna wipe grub, how do i reinstall grub after that happens?02:51
parasiteking-Will Netbook Remix work on AMD platforms?02:51
switch10_Same thing?02:51
rainwalkeris there a reason there are only a few photo viewers that can display animated gifs? what's the point in displaying .gif if they can't show the animated version too?02:51
gogetathere just put that on the pc02:51
wnstnndf check this thread https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4171002:51
edbianSo you can boot from the usb stick but you get stuck before even the ubuntu menu launches?  (The one that asks if you want to install or run ubuntu or run memtest+86 etc etc) ??02:51
ndfedbian; no that menu has changed to the simplified one now02:51
ahuronhi people02:51
switch10_ndf: you might need to make a new bootable USB. Sounds like something got corupted02:51
ahuronedbiam how are you02:52
ndfno i've done the integrity check it says it's fine02:52
ndfand also i have redone unetbootin image02:52
racarterhow can I use find to find all folders in a particular directory? i can't find the flag to specify just directories02:52
edbianndf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Install2StartUp.png  not like this anymore?  See the F4 option?02:52
ndfedbian: if you press escape at that menu; it loads a simplified one. that's all i get now.02:53
edbianndf: So you do see the menu I screen-shotted?02:53
ndfno not anymore02:54
diegoviolahi, does fglrx works on latest ubuntu? fedora 11 has some problems with the latest 2.6.29 kernel and fglrx02:54
ndfjust the simplified one02:54
switch10_diegoviola: nope02:54
ndfthe one you screenshotted only worked once02:54
switch10_diegoviola: some ati cards will work. A lot don't including mine02:54
gogetatwig11: hope wifi radar fixes you up02:55
diegoviolahow much will ati take to release that update02:55
edbianndf: Can you get a screen-shot of the simplified one?  Maybe google image search it?02:55
edbianndf: I don't think I've ever seen it02:55
twig11gogeta: I'm finding out right now, thanks.02:55
ndfif you can load the live on a vm just get to that and press esc02:56
ndfi don't think i'll find a screenshot of it02:56
twig11gogeta: should I set it to open or restricted?02:56
switch10_diegoviola: I don't think ati plans on releasing any updated drivers for their older cards. There was a post on the ubuntu forums about it.02:57
edbianndf: I don't have a live CD.  Is there anyway to set kernel options in this menu?  Have you scoward the whole thing?  What you need to do is turn off the splash and quiet options so that you can see the errors during your boot.02:57
switch10_Last ati card I buy thTs for sure02:57
mehdihow can I change risulision?02:57
twig11gogeta: mode Managed?02:57
gordonban_I think one of the HD died in my RAID array --> http://pastebin.com/m5ada089502:58
gordonban_How can I tell?02:58
ndfedbiani've allready said loads of times, removing quiet splash does nothing02:58
edbianndf: I'm sorry I didn't see that *sheepish*02:58
switch10_diegoviola: u can use fedora 10 or ubuntu 8.10 without any probs02:58
ndfsorry :P02:58
mulambo187try gentoo if your not happy with ubuntu02:59
ndflol what02:59
cyberixaeadam7: The admins are working on it02:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about graphics02:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:59
edbianndf: Then I suggest you check the filesystem of the usb stick.  Do you have a working ubuntu install or a live CD ?02:59
Ins|dehello, i'm having a little problem, i stay without sound without no reason, it seems the device becomes locked by another app, can anyone help me finding what and why it is becoming locked ?02:59
gogetatwig11: yea should be fine03:00
mehdihow can I change normal risulitioan in monitor?03:00
uqshow do I install Pidgin Screenlets? Screenlets is already isntalled.03:00
gogetamulambo187: you shoulda said slackware heh03:00
ndfedbian: this worked the first time, and i've re-imaged and integrity checked the live on the usb stick a couple of times to make sure it's fine03:00
edbianndf: That is strange.  Do you have faulty hardware somewhere in your machine?  i know that live CD's won't boot if you have a fried network card or something.03:01
ndfedbian: no it does this on every machine i put the stick in03:01
Ins|dedoing an "lsof | grep pcm" i get 3 pulseaudio processes03:01
mehdihow can I change normal risulitioan in monitor?03:01
mehdihow can I change normal risulitioan in monitor?03:01
mehdihow can I change normal risulitioan in monitor?03:01
matt098dude dont spam03:02
ahuronsomeone can help?03:02
edbianndf: I have no idea.  Perhaps the stick is physically damaged?03:02
edbianndf: Sorry I'm not more help :(03:02
gogetatwig11: any luck03:02
ndfedbian: surely the integrity check (md5 on each file) suggests there's no damage?03:03
mulambo187k im goin out, brb word of advice : install gentoo03:03
switch10_mehdi: system>prefs>screen res03:03
edbianndf: It was just a shot in the dark.  a good md5 checksum does seem to mean the disk is fine.  Like I said. I don't know what the issue could be :(03:03
ahuronsomeone help me03:04
ndf=((((( this is so frustrating prely because it worked once =(03:04
ndfi don't understanddddddddd03:04
twig11gogeta: I was away for a little. No luck. Could not get ip address03:05
switch10_ndf: that is weird. Even tho the integrity test said all was good I would still try to make a new bootable USB. Maybe a different stick?03:05
solexiousDoI need the 64 bit edition if I want to have more than 3gigs of memory?03:05
switch10_solexious: no03:06
gogetatwig11: i say just format the entire dam thing03:06
switch10_solexious: more than 4 gig03:06
ndfswitch10_ i'm redoing unetbootin now03:06
nickrudmore than 3.2gb actually03:06
gogetatwig11: lol its annoyed me that mutch03:06
twig11gogeta: me too03:06
switch10_nickrud: thanks 3.203:06
gogetatwig11: and dont remove the defult manager this time03:07
zenwrylyFor a server, is there a way to know when an upgrade requires a restart?03:07
=== Guest21310 is now known as IndicamGuy
solexiousswitch10_ will I run in to problems running the 64 bit edition if need it for over 3.2 gigs? I hear pople complain about 64 bit editions03:08
matt09864 bit work fine03:08
nickrudsolexious, mostly with closed source stuff like flash.03:08
Drekii need to reinstall my windows partition, which im sure is gonna wipe grub, how do i reinstall grub after that happens?03:09
nickrudsolexious, switch10 got disconnected03:09
nickrud!grub > Dreki03:09
ubottuDreki, please see my private message03:09
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:09
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto03:09
solexiousnickrud, but I take it I can dual boot with a 32 bit edition if I need it03:09
switch10_I'm back stupid shotty iPhone connection03:10
Skaperenndf: what OS are you using to record the USB flash drive with?03:10
nickrudsolexious, mostly people would install a 32bit firefox alongside the 64bit; but I'm not sure that's even necessary any more03:10
solexiousnickrud, know if I would run into problems sharing a /home directory on a partition with a 32 and 64 os sharing it03:10
switch10_I've had a lot of headaches with 64 bit. Mainly with bluez and my printers drivers03:11
nickrudsolexious, now that I can tell you won't be a problem. I share /home between all my ubuntu versions03:11
ndfedbian: lol after re-imaging again this time i didn't even see a boot menu at all, it was entirely replaced by unetbootin's own implementation, and it booted right away! what the fffffffff?03:11
nickrudsolexious, never had a problem with it03:12
solexiousnickrud, great :) was thinking of having another partition with ubuntu studio on it03:12
edbianndf: Maybe a bug in unetbootin?  I have no clue03:12
nickrudsolexious, I'd be cautious between distros03:12
switch10_Ya prolly a bug03:12
Skaperenunetbootin: has a few bugs ... but there are also issues with what it leaves behind can be corrupted on windows03:12
solexiousnickrud, ah,ok03:13
Skaperenndf: what OS are you using to record the USB flash drive with?03:13
switch10_ndf: no cd drive?03:13
charlie458hello, i meant to change the password for my account, but did sudo passwd instead, does doing sudo passwd -l root restore everything to how it was before?03:13
twig11gogeta: I got cut off. did you get my question? Is there a way to reinstall Ubuntu and still keep my data without having to bring it all in from a backup?03:14
ndfSkaperen: the first time it worked normally with the proper ubuntu boot menu i did it with unetbootin on intrepid 8.10, then since it didn't work again i'd allready erased intrepid so i been using unetbootin on xp on another laptop, same .iso though (external hdd)03:14
Skaperenndf: but what OS?  Windows?03:14
switch10_Skaperen: ya he said xp03:15
nickrudtwig11, you can move all your stuff from /home to a /data directory, delete all other directories by hand, then when you install don't reformat the disk.03:15
nickrudmove anything back from /data that you wanted.03:15
twig11Can Ubuntu be reinstalled without losing the contents of the home folder?03:15
Skaperenndf: it seems a USB drive created with unetbootin, and then touched by certain windows machines, becomes corrupted even if unetbootin worked03:15
ufo_hello i have a little question... :) I need to add ".tor_aliases" to the bashrc file, but i find 2 one is /etc/bash.bashrc  and the other is /usr/share/base-file/dot.bashrc, what is the file i should add the line ".tor_aliases"  ??? thx in advance03:15
Skaperenndf: I don't know if a virus does this, or windows itself03:16
nickrudtwig11, I've never trusted it that much :)03:16
nickrudufo_, either /etc/bash.bashrc or ~/.bashrc03:16
switch10_nickrud: I don't trust it at all03:16
nickrudswitch10_, I've done the move data to /data and reinstall many times though03:17
Skaperenndf: I think the issue is that the USB drive is in FAT format, and Windows can access that03:17
ufo_but can not find the ~/.bashrc03:17
nickrudufo_, it would be in your home directory. you need to show hidden files03:17
ndfSkaperen: i just did a little more testing; it seems to be something to do with the way you unmount on windows - if you 'eject' the usb drive, i get the same problem., but if i just pull it out it's fine lol, a bit contradictory to ideal practice to say the least03:17
switch10_nickrud: I've def lost data. I reinstall quite a bit tho03:17
switch10_ndf: oh yea that's right03:18
Skaperenndf: actually not contradictory ... by just yanking it, you deprive it of the opportunity to flush out the viral infections03:18
ufo_ok i find it :) thx you guy's03:18
Skaperenflush out -> to the USB drive ... that is03:18
bonez46how can I keep fairly up to date with applications.. and yet not run a risky system.. I don't want to run experimental stuff.. but I hate being far behind with many packages.. Suggestions?03:19
twig11_Can Ubuntu be reinstalled without losing the contents of /home?03:19
Skaperenndf: so I recommend using flashnul or other raw sector writer and just put a straight image on the USB drive03:19
nickrudbonez46, run ubuntu for 3-9 months old; you'd need another distro to keep up any better. Like gentoo03:20
switch10_twig11_: just back up to ext hard drive03:20
Skaperenndf: Windows won't mount it, and viruses won't know it's worth infecting03:20
tsrki have restored my ~/.evolution directory from a backup, but evolution wants me to go through the setup wizard again. why is that happening? where does it store the information about whether it needs to run the setup wizard?03:20
nickrudtsrk, it keeps some config info in ~/.gconf03:21
ndfSkaperen: stop lying03:21
tsrknickrud, oh yeah, i also got ~/.gconf/apps/evolution03:21
Skaperenndf: eh?03:21
ndfwindows does mount it, and viruses have no need to 'infect' files in a linux system - because they are not designed for linux03:22
bonez46nickrud do you run any back stuff or just play it safe?03:22
Skaperenndf: if it's in some other format, Windows won't mount it ... if it's a hard drive (USB flash drives are) then Windows won't mount an ISO on it03:22
ndfthey won't be looking to 'infect' those files03:22
ndfyou are talking crap03:22
ndfjust shut up03:22
Skaperenndf: sure windows does mount it ... I'm saying *IF* windows cannot or won't mount it ...03:23
Dr_Willisive seen virusis thta just 'trash' files.. :)03:23
nickrudbonez46, I used to run a mx of debian's unstable/experimental. I switched to ubuntu as soon as it came out because it was a stable unstable :)03:23
ndfno you aren't03:23
ndfyou're just talking03:23
bonez46nickrud I need to run Mailman.. if I just compile from source.. and run that .. I assume that doesn't pose much risk, right?03:23
Skaperenndf: it's in FAT format ... viruses have no idea it's for Linux ... to them it's just some new disk to infect03:23
nickrudno. running from source is the safest way in general03:23
ndfthat doesn't matter03:24
switch10_Skaperen: exactly03:24
ndfthe point is03:24
ndfa virus will be looking for a certain file to 'infect'03:24
Skaperenndf: read up on how unetbootin works ... it installs a boot loader onto a FAT drive and copies all the files from the source ISO03:24
ndfgenerally, it's not going to look for something like vmlinuz or whatever03:24
ndfi know, dick03:24
Skaperenndf: depends on the virus ... many viruses see a new filesystem mounted and will add what they want to it to make it be infected whether it was bootable before or not03:25
ndfwhat? that doesn't even mean anything03:25
ndfstop talking03:25
Skaperenndf: they do things like add autorun and boot sectors03:25
nickrudtsrk, not sure, been looking03:25
Skaperenndf: you need to learn how booting works, and how viruses do their nasty deeds, how unetbooting works, and about some alternatives that work better03:26
ndfno i don't03:26
ndfi understand03:26
ndfyou're just telling me everything i allready know03:26
ndfand patronising me telling me i need to learn something03:26
tsrknickrud, ok, thanks, I found something that says it store passwords in ~/.gnome2_private/evolution, but my .gnome2_private is empty (I assume it mounts it from somewhere and it didn't get copied with the rest of my backup). Is that what I need?03:26
ndfjust shut up03:26
Skaperenndf: then fix it yourself and do it right now without whining or asking for any help03:26
nickrudbonez46, especially for something like mailman that's pretty discrete03:26
ctmjr!attitude | ndf03:26
ubottundf: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:26
ndfnothing needs fixing, i'm not asking for help. you're just spouting crap at me03:26
Skaperenndf: you xp box is infected, and you can't get your USB to boot always03:27
ndfwhat made you think that03:27
nickrudtsrk, interesting. I have nothing in .gnome_private either03:27
Skaperenndf: and you are in denial03:27
ndflol you don't even know03:27
tsrknickrud, ok03:28
ndfi'm not 'in denial'; i'm telling you the problem is fixed and you just keep going on about how you know my xp box is infected and some virus is doing something. just shut up! nothing is wrong, infected or anything03:28
Skaperenndf: windows infections are the cause of failure of the vast majority of boot failures when unetbootin itself actually works right (which does not always happen)03:28
ndfwhoopdy doo!03:29
ndfi don't care03:29
Aarchonndf: xp is a virus03:29
ndfAarchon don't you start as well03:29
AarchonI will too03:29
ndfwhy do you all insist on winding me up and then warning me for attitude03:29
switch10_This is rediculous03:29
Skaperenndf: then quit telling us it won't boot ... if it's fixed it boots every time and you don't have trouble03:29
ndfjust fuck off!03:29
ndfi'm not!03:29
ndfyou are going on03:29
ndfi'm telling you the problem is FIXED03:29
FloodBot2ndf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:29
AarchonSee, not the inevitable but how it really is03:30
nickrudmildness is generally better :)03:30
Aarchonsit back and relax... we are making new systems03:30
noricI'm using ubuntu 8.04 on dell mini 9. I would like to upgrade to OpenGL 2.0. How can I do this?03:30
ufo_well actually i want to tority evolution any one know where i can find the howto ?03:31
switch10_noric: copy the home folder including hidden folders to an external hard drive and install then copy over the files you want from your home folder03:32
Aarchonndf: why did you feel a bit upset earlier if i may ask ?03:33
noricswitch10_: but what do I install?? I don't understand what "intsallinig opengl 2.0" is03:33
nickrudufo_, you don't really need a howto; just fill in the questions in the wizard and it'll hook you up. Using it is almost too close to outlook03:34
phase_shift314so google is coming up with an os? why?03:35
rainwalker1phase_shift314: because they can, and they're confident they can do it right03:36
Skaperenphase_shift314: everyone else does ... I'm surprised they hadn't sooner03:36
Dr_Willisand its very likely they can do it right.03:36
AarchonI for one, like it03:36
switch10_Android is google03:36
moymoyphase_shift314: Skaperen: and competition is good :)03:36
ndfAarchon: i was telling Skaperen that i had fixed the problem and he insisted on repeating useless information about irrelevant and incorrect information about how windows mounts usb sticks. then he went on about how a virus has infected my stick and is now taking over the files on the live install, which is complete rubbish, nothing is wrong, i fixed the problem and it most certainly wasn't03:36
ndfcaused by a virus03:36
Skaperenmoymoy: of course03:36
ndfso i told him to shut up03:36
ndfand i got warned for abusing people03:37
phase_shift314i'm sticking with ubuntu03:37
Dr_Willisphase_shift314:  this is linux.. use wht you like.. :)03:37
Dr_Willis'linux: Your OS, Your Way!'03:37
moymoyanyone know if NFS works outside of your own LAN (assuming your exports settings support connections from any hostname)03:38
MadpilotFolks, chat about Google's new OS elsewhere, pls. #ubuntu-offtopic or PM.03:38
Dr_Willismoymoy:  using nfs over the wild and dangerous Internet.. is not a good idea.03:38
shazbotmcnastyhey there guys, I reinstalled 8.10 because ATI dropped my video card - and now the restricted device manager isn't working properly03:38
Aarchonndf: Well, windows is crap on mounting usb stuff because if, say E: exists itll not even try to mount the drive as F: because it felt! like not doing it or something (garbage)03:38
Dr_Willismoymoy:  now ssh and the 'sshfs' are  proberly a better idea.03:38
shazbotmcnastyI try to activate the driver - and it just gives me a big red X03:39
crgrewhen using vim -f http://somesite.com/ vim invokes elinks and loads the formatted page instead of the HTML source. is there a way to prevent this?03:39
Aarchonndf: do you like windows at all ?03:39
moymoyDr_Willis: just wondering xD .. i was reading that old school ways of computing had every computer linked to the same server with an identical home folder (NFS mounted)03:39
crgrejoin #archlinux03:39
SkaperenAarchon: I was about to offer him an alternative that has been more reliable ... just not quite as easy to do03:40
nickrudand never come back crgre :)03:40
Dr_Willismoymoy:  thats rather easy to setup. :)03:40
ctmjrshazbotmcnasty, what graphic card do you have?03:40
shazbotmcnastyradeon x80003:40
Aarchonndf: Place a document file on your right side of the desktop. Rightclick on it and then edit it, save it and see where it ends up.03:40
Dr_Willismoymoy:  i tend to export the /home to some location like /NFS/homes  for accessing other machines on the lan via nfs.03:40
shazbotmcnastyit's worked fantastically before on 8.10 and I've never before had problems with interpid.03:40
ndf<Aarchon> ndf: Well, windows is crap on mounting usb stuff because if, say E: exists itll not even try to mount the drive as F: because it felt! like not doing it or something (garbage)03:40
shazbotmcnastybut for some reason it's not working :<03:40
ndfnow you're doing it too03:40
phase_shift314if only there were free hardware03:40
ndfjust shut up03:40
AarchonSkaperen: In the end itll be as good.03:40
tsrkIs there a way to make thunderbird only load a limited number of messages? I keep all my messages in my inbox and there are 8000 of them now which it isn't liking.03:41
moymoyDr_Willis: just wondering what the limitations were =p and sftp is my prefered way of filetransfer over the internet.. and much easier than FTP..03:41
Dr_Willismoymoy:  in the past some programs had issues with nfs mounted homes.    not noticed or heard of any issues with it lately03:41
Dr_Willismoymoy:  if nfs server goes down... you are stuck.. :)03:41
Aarchonndf: No, listen please.03:41
SkaperenAarchon: he doesn't like to have his infinite wisdom challenged03:41
nickrudAarchon, Skaperen please drop the issue, ndf seems happy03:41
Dr_Willismoymoy:  and nfs is perhaps not as 'secure' as it could be.03:41
ndfnickrud: i am, i have no problem but those two insist on telling me stuff that isn't true03:42
bonez46how can I create a link on my desktop to a network folder on another machine?03:42
AarchonSkaperen: My girlfriend is like this too, "Oh noo... no matter how crappy windows is ill still use it". Is it because its called "Microsoft windows" - Yes03:42
shazbotmcnastythis is a brand new install, I just installed like 10 mins ago03:42
nickrudbonez46, places -> connect to server03:42
shazbotmcnastymaybe I should reboot, I haven't done so yet.03:42
shazbotmcnastyI think I'll try that...03:42
shazbotmcnastyI'll be back if it doesn't work.03:42
SkaperenAarchon: well at least she's honest about it03:43
AarchonSkaperen: Drones03:43
moymoyDr_Willis: even so, i still prefer it over SAMBA .. mounting smbfs makes nautilus hang when the server's down.. and horrible shutdown hangtime03:43
nellmathewhey guys, is there a way to enable syntax highlighting (c/c++) for gedit?03:43
AarchonSkaperen: They do as they are told essentially03:43
phase_shift314whats a good html editor, like wysiwyg03:43
AarchonI dont like that03:43
nickrudAarchon, Skaperen please stay on topic03:43
Dr_Willismoymoy:  ive noticed the shutdown issues.. of course  nautilus is a littl brain dead about samba at times......03:44
jmigelbonez46 have you tried finding your folder on the network, then doing the old right click make link03:44
nickrudnellmathew, should be there already views->highlight mode03:45
ctmjrnellmathew, open gedit then view highlite mode then sources03:45
ndfnickrud: would you suggest ext3 for / and xfs for /home ?03:45
nellmathewnickrud: ah! i was looking around for a plugin or something, didn't even realize that, thanks!03:45
nickrudndf, no opinion really. I blindly use ext303:46
ndfhm ok03:46
Aarchonnickrud: For the next run youll please be not saying anything at the end ?03:46
moymoyDr_Willis: is it possible to use more than one ssh private key? .. i have one with the name id_rsa .. but i want to add more keys to access different servers.. i tried putting a renamed key in my .ssh folder, but it doesn't seem to work that way...03:46
nickrudstay on topic, and don't talk about other users here and sure03:46
Skaperenmoymoy: you can use multiple ... just list them in the config file03:47
Dr_Willismoymoy:  proberly is.. but ive never had to mes with ssh that much. id have to say check some of the many ssh books.03:47
ndf? i didn't say anything03:47
ndfi just asked you about filesystems :/03:47
nickrudnot you ndf :)03:47
ndfoh, k03:47
meoblast001how do i fix this from startupmanager update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative `/usr/lib/usplash/gnucube-theme.so'03:47
Skaperenmoymoy: be aware they all get tried and servers will drop connections after so many failures, so too many keys is bad03:47
Dr_Willisi figured im leet enoguh because i figured out how to get logins to the one ssh server with no password prompt. :)03:47
Skaperenmoymoy: err, too many ids03:47
shazbotmcnastyokay, I'm back, I rebooted with no avail.03:47
nickrud!find gnucube-theme.so03:47
shazbotmcnastythe restrcited device manager still isn't working.03:47
ubottuPackage/file gnucube-theme.so does not exist in jaunty03:48
meoblast001nickrud: i made that file03:48
meoblast001am i supposed to make a deb out of it?03:48
nickrudmeoblast001, ah :) is that a link to the actual file?03:48
bonez46jmigel: I'll give that a try03:49
meoblast001nickrud: no.. gnucube-theme.so is the actual file03:49
meoblast001it's at /usr/lib/usplash03:49
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
nickrudno, a deb is not needed. you have a link to that file in /etc/alternatives? (I'm slowly remembering alternative systems here)03:50
rwwmeoblast001: it's complaining about an incorrect update-alternatives command, not about the file missing03:50
Grant-Ahas anyone had any luck with RuneScape HD, FireFox 3.5, and Ubuntu 9.04?03:50
meoblast001rww: so do i just run update-alternatives?03:50
bonez46jmigel: I try that make link and it reports this >> the target doesn't support symbolic links03:50
Naateri have been trying to get savage working03:50
moymoySkaperen: config file meaning the one for sshd? but i thought that one was for the ssh server .. though i'm not sure03:51
rwwmeoblast001: I don't know, I don't use usplash03:51
moymoySkaperen: there IS an entry on there "HostKey"03:51
Skaperenmoymoy: for the ssh client03:51
Naateri switched to linux cuz my windows was attacked03:51
Skaperenmoymoy: you were referring to IDs, right?03:51
moymoySkaperen: yup03:51
Naaterim still new and getting settled03:51
ubuntuyGood Night03:53
moymoyif you need any help, just ask ;)03:53
meoblast001if i start usplash from my console.. how do i close it?03:53
ctmjrshazbotmcnasty, your card is no longer supported by ati in linux see here http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/News/AMD-Provides-Legacy-Driver-for-Old-ATI-Cards/%28kategorie%29/0  you can install the open-source drivers or an older one from ati's website i think03:53
meoblast001would i have to control+alt+f1?03:53
ubuntuyi need help for card sound ATI Technologies Inc RS780 Azalia controller03:53
Naaterdoes any one know any good linux games?03:53
shazbotmcnastybut it says there's a driver to be installed.03:53
jmigelbonez46 weird, try right clicking on your desktop, and say 'create launcher', then for a command put 'nautilus pathtonetworkshare'03:53
Paul1eh yo03:54
shazbotmcnastyand that was for 9.04, the Xorg version is to new -but this has an older Xorg, and it gives me a driver to install, it just won't install it.03:54
IzinucsNaater: sure.. take a look at www.getdeb.net or www.playdeb.net for a good look03:54
meoblast001Naater: Applications > Add/Remove.... switch to All OpenSource (free)03:54
moymoyNaater: Nexuiz is pretty good03:54
Paul1nelimathew, did you check synaptic for a plugin?03:54
meoblast001Naater: then click Games in the side03:54
b4cchusI'm trying to upgrade an ubuntu server from 7.10 to 9.04, an apt-get update gives me a bunch of 404 errors.  I downloade a new sources.list file from the web, same errors... anybody got any ideas?03:56
AndorinDoes anyone here use Exaile?03:56
Izinucsb4cchus: 7.1 is depreciated and the repos are deactivated.. best to reinstall03:57
shazbotmcnastyokay - I got an error now from restriced-device-manager, here it is:  Failed to lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock03:57
Madpilotb4cchus, skipping releases in upgrades is not supported (exception is LTS->LTS, but 9.04 isn't an LTS...)03:57
b4cchusI'm trying to upgrade an ubuntu server from 7.10 to 9.04, an apt-get update gives me a bunch of 404 errors.  I downloade a new sources.list file from the web, same errors... anybody got any ideas?03:57
ubottuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.03:57
b4cchusso does that mean that I can only do a cd upgrade?03:58
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading03:58
Madpilotb4cchus, there is no supported way to go straight from 7.10 to 9.0403:58
nickrudshazbotmcnasty, are you certain you don't have any other apt program running? synaptic, aptitude, etc?03:58
shazbotmcnastynow I do, I noticed that03:58
b4cchusk thnx all03:59
Izinucsb4cchus: I think you're going to find that to upgrade you'll need to reinstall.. for server it's best to always stick with LTS03:59
phase_shift314can i install xp on ubuntu with virtualbox?03:59
shazbotmcnastyI didn't before though03:59
nickrudshazbotmcnasty, only one app can access the package management system at a time, that's what the lock file is fore03:59
meoblast001my usplash didn't change03:59
nickrudphase_shift314, yes03:59
shazbotmcnastyyes - that was an accident, I forgot I was installing the ubuntu-restriced-extras03:59
phase_shift314no ship03:59
shazbotmcnastybut last reboot I could not get it, and I wasn't installing anything03:59
Madpilotubottu, vm | phase_shift31404:00
ubottuphase_shift314: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:00
meoblast001deos anyone understand: update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative `/usr/lib/usplash/gnucube-theme.so'.04:00
Madpilotubottu, virtualbox | phase_shift31404:00
ubottuphase_shift314: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:00
nickrudshazbotmcnasty, ok, make sure no other package manager is running04:00
phase_shift314i've used wine, and it works pretty well for about 70% of what i've tried04:00
crgrehow can I prevent vim from invoking elinks when opening http://something/?04:00
shazbotmcnastyrestriced-device-manager has frozen04:00
jwulfjmorgan: https://engineering.redhat.com/trac/ContentServices/wiki/InterviewSchedule04:01
usr13crgre: vim is an editor, not a browser.04:01
jwulfsorry, wrong channel04:01
shazbotmcnastyone sec lemme restart the device manager04:01
usr13crgre: Did you mean something besides vim04:01
shazbotmcnastyI'm running it from terminal to get a output04:02
RocketLauncherI got the WMP54G card.. I tried installing windows drivers with ndiswrapper, I used the Ubuntu disc as a repo and tried hardware devices (just gives me the same thing)..  i tried this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx (it's under "No Alternate Internet Access".. I don't want to have to resort to ethernet and install restricted drivers.. Network Manager doesn't list any connections as of ye.. Help.04:02
StrangeCharminstalling 9.04 server, i'm making a software selection. iif my webserver aspirations extend to a couple of static pages, should i pick the LAMP option, or should just install a lightweight webserver down the road?04:02
nickrudStrangeCharm, lamp won't waste anything but space, but you're right it's not necessary04:03
shazbotmcnasty /j #crunchbang #wreck_room04:03
crgreusr13: I know that vim is not browser, thanks. I want to open the HTML source, not the formatted text04:03
shazbotmcnastyjust wanna see if they have any ideas - I like 'dem04:03
steve_bakerfirst time trying to install virtualmin, working on ubuntu 8.0404:03
steve_bakergot stuck at installing apache2-suexec-custom04:03
StrangeCharmnickrud-  except that it's another net-facing service that cout develop a vulnerability04:04
usr13crgre: Ok, well vim is very good for editing html documents.  Not sure what the problem is you are having.04:04
steve_bakerdoesn't seem to be in the repositories?04:04
Jordan_URocketLauncher: Were there any errors when you used fwcutter?04:04
MadpilotStrangeCharm, it's fairly easy to lock Apache down so that it doesn't know the actual web exists, actually. I had a 'locked' LAMP install on this desktop machine for ages.04:04
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:04
RocketLauncherJordan_U Nope04:04
crgreusr13: try it then you see: vim -f http://somesthing/04:05
Jordan_URocketLauncher: Are there any errors if you run "sudo modprobe b43" ?04:05
shazbotmcnastyit work now04:05
RocketLauncherJordan_U never tried that yet..04:05
RocketLauncherJordan_U and i'll have to switch to ubuntu if i want to04:05
RocketLauncheri tried modprobe with ndis though04:06
StrangeCharmMadpilot-  more work for me, and more things to get/go wrong. besides, i'm trying to put together a vm to runn on several machines, and having spare software lying around is just messey04:06
usr13crgre: vim is not an internet browser.04:06
Jordan_URocketLauncher: Did you try fwcutter before using ndis, the steps to use ndis generally disable / conflict with the b43 driver04:06
usr13crgre: vim is a text editor04:07
RocketLauncherJordan_U I don't think so..04:07
RocketLauncherJordan_U, I could try.. it all again but I don't know the exact steps..04:08
meoblast001still not working04:08
crgreusr13: have you actually tired what i suggested, or just keep repeating yourself04:08
usr13crgre: You need to first download the file and then open it with the vi editor.  vim index.html04:08
crgreusr13: no, what I need to know how to get vim to use wget instead of elinks and that what I am asking about04:09
Madpilotcrgre, start with wget in terminal, and pipe it's output straight into vim?04:10
meoblast001how does one change the target of a symlink?04:11
usr13crgre: wget www.host.name/index.html ; vim index.html04:11
crgreMadpilot: yeah I can think of a few workarounds but I want it work properly04:12
rwwmeoblast001: ln -s /new/target/here /symlink/location/here04:12
crgreMadpilot: if I don't have elinks around that it works as expected loading the HTML04:13
rwwmeoblast001: might need to rm the old symlink before doing that. i forget ln's obscurities.04:13
meoblast001rww: symlink vs hardlink... which would i want for /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so04:13
rwwmeoblast001: symlink, hence the -s04:13
crgreso the question is where is this action defined04:14
meoblast001ok.. time to reboot i guess :X04:14
meoblast001wish me luck04:14
rwwmeoblast001: in general, if you don't know which you need, you need a symlink04:14
roger_Hey guys, I need some help, I am trying to get a USB headset working in Ubuntu, its made by creative.04:14
=== mlazos is now known as Mike_LaMar
kiaasI'm currently on ubunutu 8.10, got nothing against upgrading to 9.04 real soon. I also have a CRT monitor,and the max Ubuntu is letting me set the resolution to is 640x480.this is MUCH too low.04:14
kiaashow do I set it higher?04:15
roger_Ive tried setting all defaults and everything I could find on the net, But wasn't able to fix anything.04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
Madpilotkiaas, try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:15
demonabloody x2x keeps stops working, starts great then just stops afer some random (always different) amount of time, cursor wont move off to the other screen anymore. it does this whether im using the ssh -X method or invoking x2x directly on the primary04:16
kiaasMadpilot, thanks04:16
crgreusr13: see me reply to madpilot. by the way I am no really using command line, vim is invoked from a browser on a URL04:16
=== pepito_ is now known as metal1369
meoblast001didn't work04:16
roger_Does anyone know how to get a Creative USB headset working on 9.04? Ive tried just about everything I could think off, and did everything people recomended on the net.04:17
metal1369how to use windows based aps on ubuntu?04:18
stronzei have an interesting problem.had to reboot to fix it.i got bored and started paying runescape again.my audio dies after awhile(mplayer & firefox videos).04:18
meoblast001metal1369: wine but i don't recommend it04:18
metal1369which better to use wine or play in linux?04:18
meoblast001metal1369: most windows apps don't respect your freedoms04:18
_Apple_or a virtual windows machine04:18
metal1369its just the games im after04:19
_Apple_hey I need some help with my dual monitors....any takers?04:19
Raphi974Hi everyone04:19
usr13crgre: I've never invoked vim from a browser.  I just download the file edit it and upload it again.04:19
demonax2x hates my dual monitors04:19
Raphi974I need some help : With lspci, my WiFi is listed, but it's not in Network Manager. Why ? :(04:20
usr13Raphi974: Probably because the driver software is not loaded or does not exist.04:20
coleysRaphi974: what chipset?04:20
Raphi974coleys, Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Controller (rev 22)04:21
crgreusr13: some times you just want to see the source code of the current page in your browser, but not in the browser but in a proper editor04:21
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい04:21
ezyangWhat is the name of the daemon that handles automatically mounting stuff in /media?04:21
Raphi974ezyang, hal04:21
usr13crgre: Ctrl-U04:21
Raphi974coleys, any idea ?04:22
crgreusr13: by an external editor not inside the browser04:23
ezyangOk. I manually umount'ed something in my /media directory, and running '/etc/init.d/hal restart' didn't seem to bring it back04:24
ezyangHow can I make it bring it back?04:24
usr13crgre: Well, you have to make sure the url points to the actual file.04:24
_Apple_help with dual monitor resolution and colour04:24
moymoy  ezyang: try a `sudo mount -a`04:26
bonez46how does one create a link or mapping to a folder on a networked xp folder, when in the link there are folder names with spaces in them?04:27
ezyangmoymoy: no change04:27
ezyangSince it doesn't exist in fstab04:27
moymoybonez46: escape the spaces with a backslash .. so if the folder name is "what happened" then you should have /what\ happened04:27
crgreusr13: try this command in a terminal:  vim -f http://www.vim.org/04:27
moymoyezyang: hmm .. have any idea what you umounted?04:28
bonez46moymoy: thanks04:28
ezyangmoymoy: umount /media/VERBATIM04:28
moymoybonez46: no problem04:28
usr13crgre: It says " Illegal file name "04:28
moymoyezyang: is there an entry for that in your fstab?04:29
crgreusr13: what is you shell, vim version, system?04:29
ezyangBecause HAL did something magical to cause it to exist04:29
ezyangI know how to deal with normal mounts04:29
usr13crgre: And rightfully so, because there is not even a file name designated.04:29
ubottuHal is in the process of being depreciated.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer for more info.04:29
bonez46moymoy: so this link >>    smb://lytecproclaim/proclaimc/My%20Images/filescan/scott   would be listed as //lytecproclaims/proclaimc/My\ Images/filescan/scott   is that correct?04:29
ezyangI thought they swapped out much of X.org configuration for HAL...04:30
snejkrunning tcpdump in ubuntu 9.04, tcpdump -w foo.log, I get tcpdump: foo.log: Permission denied04:30
snejkas ROOT04:30
RocketLauncherI got my internet working. Now I want to know how to fix my cursor. It's all stuck and messed up.. I think it's a video problem. I can move it but it's just all strange....... My card's an ATI HD4670.04:30
snejkcan anyone else try that?04:30
moymoybonez46: it depends what you're using that link for... that link will work in the nautilus browser, but it won't work in the terminal or in scripts04:30
FrozenFire[work]snejk: What is the working directory?04:30
bonez46moymoy: a nautilus link is fine..04:30
RocketLauncheroh i found drivers i'll try em out04:31
snejkFrozenFire, anywhere04:31
crgreusr13: what shell are you using?04:31
snejkopen("foo.log", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC, 0666) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)04:31
FrozenFire[work]snejk: What I mean is, have you tried executing it in a different directory?04:31
snejkFrozenFire, yes I did04:31
snejkmust be a bug04:31
usr13crgre: If you have a question, I'll answer it, but as I said before, vim is a text editor, if  you download the file you want to edit, and open it with the vi editor, you will accomplish what you are wanting to do.  Otherwise, I just don't know what to tell you.04:31
snejkor apparmor?04:31
RandalSchwartzjono bacon talks about jaunty jackalope - http://twit.tv/floss7704:31
moymoybonez46: are you trying to put that entry into your fstab by any chance?04:32
FrozenFire[work]snejk: Works fine for me on 9.04 in root04:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lustre04:32
=== |Zippo|_ is now known as |Zippo|
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hpc04:33
usr13crgre: I'm usgin bash.  What about you?04:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cloud04:33
bonez46moymoy: no, not in fstab.. I scan documents frequently on my xp machine and store in a folder there. and then I want to be able to easily link to that folder from my ubuntu box. to paste those documents into emails, etc..04:33
snejkFrozenFire, that is weird04:33
rww!msgthebot > axisys (Please see the private message from the bot)04:33
levanderI just got a new monitor.  I know there is software under Windows to test it for things like dead pixels.  Is there this software for Linux?04:33
snejk /dev/sdb1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)04:33
usr13crgre: If you just want to look at the source code from your browser, try Ctrl-u04:34
snejkuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)04:34
axisysrww: i dont see one ..04:34
snejkcan anyone else try tcpdump -w foo.log  as root in 9.04 ?04:34
rwwgeh, really? did i mess my aliases up again?04:34
rww!msgthebot | axisys04:34
ubottuaxisys: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".04:34
axisysrww: thanks04:35
evilDCC SEND C:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\04:35
crgreusr13: looks I could not get through my problem. that is fine, thanks.  I use zsh, there might be some magic involved ...04:35
moymoybonez46: tell me how it goes04:35
bonez46moymoy: still not quite sure how to get this done04:35
bonez46samba share? is that best?04:35
usr13crgre: but you have to designate the actual file, not just a domanin name. e.g. firefox http://www.vim.org/index.html  and then do, Ctrl-u04:36
karatekickzim unable to open a tar.gz file in the archive manager04:36
bonez46how do I set  up shares.. with ubuntu?04:37
knihtbonez46: what kind of shares?04:37
usr13crgre: If I want to use the vi editor to look at it, I'll simply do:  wget http://www.vim.org/index.html ; vim index.html04:37
karatekickzsamba shares?04:37
usr13crgre: Is that not acceptable?04:37
usr13karatekickz: You may need to decompress it first, (if it IS in fact a compressed file).04:38
bonez46kniht: I am looking for Samba but I don't see it . or network shares configuration.. how does ubuntu handle network share setup.. either to share folders on ubuntu or to establish shares on other networked machines?04:39
endo42what program would you recommend to convert audio files?04:39
knihtbonez46: 'places' menu, connect to server for outgoing04:40
crgreusr13: as I said before no. in my browser I want to open the source of the current page in an external editor (vim). It works if elinks is not installed.04:40
knihtbonez46: had found a nice program for managing local shares, but now I can't remember it04:40
[R]endo42: waht kind of audio files... what is it and what do you want to convert it to?04:41
endo42i want to convert it to flac04:41
[R]endo42: from...04:42
karatekickzapplications>system>shared folders04:42
karatekickzfor you local samba share04:42
karatekickzin xfce at least04:42
endo42what do you mean from04:42
endo42i downloaded them04:42
ghindoendo42, What kind of files to you want to convert into FLAC?04:42
endo42and i need to convert them to .flac04:42
crgrecurl or wget is used and piped to vim. but when elinks  is around it formats it and pipes the result. I want to know where is this behaviour is set up04:42
moymoyendo42: the "audio converter" app in the repos should work fine.. but why do you want to convert to flac? there's no increase in quality *converting* to FLAC04:42
bonez46kniht: ok, my xp machine is named 'LYTECPROCLAIM' .. but I click connect to server. in place and it errors, says it can't connect04:43
endo42no reason, just reading and i saw it suggested flac04:43
endo42should i convert it to something else?04:43
[R]endo42: why do you want to convert?04:43
ghindoendo42, Unless the files you downloaded are lossless, then you shouldn't convert to FLAC04:43
knihtbonez46: can you ping that computer?04:44
moymoyusually mp3 or ogg is fine.. good compression for the audio..04:44
rameshworare the libraries for gtk C++     included by defalt in ubuntu ? how can i check if it is there or not ??04:44
moymoyendo42: flac is lossless, that means people usually encode to flac to preserve quality.. but converting TO flac doesn't help you gain any quality04:44
[R]rameshwor: which libraries are you talking about?04:44
=== pvl1 is now known as pvl
rameshwor[R]: for gtk+   gui development....to use within C/C++04:45
moymoybonez46: make sure you have the samba (smb) packages installed from the repos04:45
[R]rameshwor: C or C++... make up your mind04:45
rameshwor[R]: C++ .04:45
L3dPlatedLinuxhey whats with ultimatrix never connecting its like it cant see my internet connection?04:45
=== pvl is now known as pvl1
axisyslooking for some reference on lustre for ubuntu .. anyone know of one?04:46
[R]rameshwor: ok... so which library are you tlaking about04:46
bonez46moymoy: I see both 'samba' and also 'samba4' .. do I want both?04:46
rameshwor[R]: i'm not an expert but i want  like API  for gui04:47
moymoybonez46: usually, ubuntu will automatically select one to install when you try to "share" one of your own folders04:47
[R]rameshwor: huh?04:47
bonez46it showed samba already installed04:47
moymoybonez46: okay04:47
rameshwor[R]; doesn't my question make sense ??04:47
PhrogzSetting up a mail server on ubuntu server. This dovecot page[1] has two conflicting values for "mail_location". Anyone know which is correct? [1] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot04:47
[R]rameshwor: you gotta know what you want before we can tell you if its in ubuntu04:48
moymoybonez46: mind if i pm you?04:48
PhrogzIt says both "mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir" and "mail_location = maildir:/home/%u/Maildir"04:48
fade__Hey all - quick q that's trying my patience.  I've mounted a drive (owned by guy:group) with perms 774.  Why, then, can a non-"guy" user in the group "group" not write to it?04:48
rameshwor[R]: i want to develop programs with GUI ..C++04:48
bonez46moymoy: please do04:49
[R]Phrogz: that really means the same thing04:49
[R]fade__: ls -l /mnt/point04:49
Phrogz[R]: Well then, no conflict I suppose. Thanks :) [sheepish grin]04:49
[R]rameshwor: develop with gui c++? huh?04:49
rameshwor[R]: developt GUI  using C++04:50
Phrogz[R]: Is the former more correct/flexible, or is there pretty much zero chance that a home location won't be under /home?04:50
fade__[R] -- Ok, everything is rwsrwsr-x04:50
[R]rameshwor: ok... well you still need to tell me what you want to know if its in ubuntu04:50
sergiuanyone know, it is possible to install ubuntu without any DE?04:50
[R]Phrogz: home dir can be anywhere you want... but by default its in /home04:50
[R]fade__: huh?04:51
Phrogz[R]: Thanks again.04:51
[R]sergiu: of course04:51
sergiu[R]: by ubuntu server?)04:51
levanderI've got wallpaper on my GNOME desktop.  But, I want no wallpaper so I can just have a solid color back there.  Anybody know how to set it to "No Wallpaper".  I'm in the 'Appearance Settings' dialog, but don't see an option to do that.04:51
fade__[R] I ls'd and it came back with the directory list of the root of that drive, and everything was "rwsrwsr-x" in the permissions04:51
[R]sergiu: huh?04:51
sergiu[R]: how?04:52
[R]fade__: i dindt ask you to tell me what 1 random thing in the output was04:52
levanderOh no, it's 'Appearance Perferences'.04:52
jriblevander: in gnome nautilus handles the desktop, so tell it not to and use something like xsetroot to get the solid background04:52
[R]sergiu: you can do a text mode install andd select whatever yo uwant04:52
sergiu [R]: you mean ubuntu alternate version04:52
sergiuok, i'll try04:52
karatekickzwhat is the x11 support channel my xchat list is not displaying any results04:52
jribkaratekickz: those aren't really related...04:53
karatekickz:jrib what isnt related?04:53
jribkaratekickz: x11 and xchat04:53
levanderjrib: Do you have to do it like that?  I'd be so much easier just to say, 'No Wallpaper'.04:53
karatekickzI know04:53
[R]fade__: and your problem is...04:53
karatekickzwhat is the x11 support channel because the /list feature in my xchat is not working04:54
jriblevander: the easy way to do that then is probably to just create a solid black wallpaper04:54
karatekickztwo different problems ;)04:54
jribkaratekickz: "because" implies relation04:54
fade__[R] A user in the "users" group can't write into these directories -- I can't see what I've missed04:54
rwwkaratekickz: #xorg, though you should likely ask in #ubuntu before going upstream.04:54
levanderjrib: I need several colors to check for dead pixels.  How do I tell nautilus not to handle the desktop background...04:54
karatekickzthey are related bro...  i have to ask because /list is broken04:54
jriblevander: gconf setting04:54
karatekickzso what is it?04:54
jrib!icons | levander04:54
ubottulevander: Want to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)04:54
[R]fade__: why are they +s? they should be 75504:55
jribkaratekickz: ok, but this isn't the information channel04:55
fade__Ok, I'll set that04:55
karatekickzchirst man.... u cant tell me then?04:55
jribkaratekickz: no04:55
karatekickzcan you tell me why xchat wont give me a proper /list?04:55
jribkaratekickz: if you have an actual ubuntu issue, I'd be happy to try to help04:55
levanderjrib: 'gconf: command not found', apt-cache search doesn't find a package for it either04:56
karatekickzx11 isnt a ubuntu issue?04:56
jriblevander: gconf-editor04:56
jribkaratekickz: you haven't actually stated any issue.04:56
karatekickzjesus christ dude04:56
fade__[R] -- setting them 755 made them "drwsr-sr-x" ...?04:56
jribkaratekickz: please stop with that04:56
fade__I don't know where that s is coming from04:56
[R]fade__: i actually meant 77504:56
jribfade__: it's setuid04:56
levanderjrib: in gconf-edit, setting picture_filename to nothing does the trick, thanks04:57
[R]fade__: but what kind of crazy settings do you have on that filesstysem that its putting the +s04:57
karatekickzxchat is not giving me a proper /list ... I am getting zero results04:57
fade__That's what I'm wondering...  it's mounted with "LABEL=UNIXSHARE         /media/unixshare        ext4    defaults,gid=100        0 0"04:57
[R]karatekickz: you right click then select "server" and "list of channels" then you have to type a serach and hit the button04:58
[R]fade__: well for one, there is no gid option for ext404:58
rwwkaratekickz: as I've said already, #xorg is the discussion channel for the X11 implementation Ubuntu (and most other distros) use04:59
fade__Ok, so I can can that option.  Still won't let me write (after removing setuid)04:59
karatekickzty rww04:59
=== sergiu is now known as [S]
RocketLauncherWhen I go to Display Settings.. everything's all sluggish and crap.. It happened after I installed ATI drivers in Hardware Devices, which I needed. I have two screens, and rigbht now my second one is just mirroring. I want to have my desktop extend to my second screen.. but display settings stops responding......05:00
[R]fade__: ok so are you sure you are in the groups group?05:00
[R]fade__: the users*05:00
SuperMiguel is there anything similar to gnump3 that doesnt have as many bugs?05:00
marks256anyone know how to get sound working on an LTSP client?05:00
fade__"usermod -a -G users fade", and /etc/group shows me in the list05:01
levanderjrib: or, maybe not, try something else now05:01
[R]fade__: and what does the 'groups' command say05:01
jriblevander: xsetroot -solid black05:01
fade__Ahh... odd, it's not in there.  Do I have to relog?05:01
[R]fade__: yes05:01
fade__Works now, LOL.  Thanks for being patient with me05:02
fade__And for fixing it :)05:02
marks256all the tutorials i have found are pretty much worthless and out of date. there seem to be no LTSP support for ubuntu05:03
lowlycoderi just install ubuntu 9.04 amd64; how do I get nvidia drivers?05:04
jrib!nvidia | lowlycoder05:04
ubottulowlycoder: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:04
marks256lowlycoder, system > administration > device drivers05:05
slimjimflimhi i just installed xubuntu 8.04 does anybody know the package etc. i need for firefox+flash?05:05
marks256lowlycoder, hardware drivers rather05:05
lowlycodermarks256: i only see the wireless crap, not nvidia drivers05:05
jrib!flash | slimjimflim05:05
ubottuslimjimflim: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:05
=== soreau is now known as coz_
jribslimjimflim: firefox is installed by default05:05
=== coz_ is now known as soreau
lowlycodermarks256: i only see the wireless crap, not nvidia drivers; which is weird since i used to see it when i installed ubuntu 9.04 32bit y accident05:05
slimjimflimjrib, ty05:05
RocketLauncherscroll up and answer my question when i return :D05:05
marks256lowlycoder, i'm not sure then. that's how i've always done it05:05
marks256lowlycoder, have you done updates?05:05
=== [S] is now known as root
=== root is now known as sergiu
LLStarksguys, why is disabling the system beep such a cryptic process?05:06
LLStarksheck, it shouldn't even be enabled by default.05:06
lowlycodermarks256: yes; but not reboot05:06
marks256LLStarks, just black list it05:06
marks256lowlycoder, does it say it needs to reboot?05:06
lowlycodermarks256: yes; but it's for stuff that was updated05:06
pullus313hello world, im a complete noob, is this the right place to ask random questions about problems with display im having.05:07
lowlycoderah, what the heck, i'll reboot05:07
marks256lowlycoder, i'd restart05:07
marks256anyone know how to get sound working on an ltsp client?05:07
sergiuwhat is ltsp05:08
marks256sergiu, Linux Terminal Server Project05:09
yxz97I need a cool xml editor05:09
yxz97I'm suing gedit, but gedit looks like lacks formatting the xml, I need look easier to modify xml files05:09
yxz97any recomendation ?05:09
sergiumarks256, maybe #ltsp ?05:10
pullus313_changed my resolution-- cursor wont go beyond certain part of screen, anyone know what is going on????05:10
marks256sergiu, that channel is dead. i can never get any help there05:10
yxz97Hello ?05:10
marks256yxz97 have you googled ubuntu xml editor?05:11
marks256pullus313_, restart x?05:12
slimjimflimeverytime i try to do anything in firefox, it goes to offline mode05:12
r696On 9.04 (Jaunty), when I move any file to my Trash (I put a Trash icon on my desktop via gconf-editor) the file (any file) is *not* showing up in my Trash. Why is this? I like to verify what I am deleted from my Trash sometimes...early versions had this.05:12
marks256yxz97, try conglomerate. it is in your add/remove applications05:13
pullus313_complete noob, how do i do that05:13
=== Kyon0 is now known as Kyon`Away
marks256pullus313_, what version of ubuntu are you running?05:13
RocketLauncherPhew, just got Xchat. :D Brb05:13
pullus313_9.04, Downloaded from super OS05:14
codenameAnyone have the Super OS / Ubuntu wallpaper05:14
sergiu[R] sorry, a little precisation, how to select whatever i want to install in a text mode installation ?05:14
=== Kyon`Away is now known as Kyon0`Away
unopr696, i don't use gnome anymore but i do recall a gconf option to skip moving the file to trash when it is 'deleted' - maybe it is enabled for you?05:15
marks256pullus313_, you're going to have to restart the computer then. control alt backspace it the normal way to do it, but it was disabled in 905:15
RocketLauncherDisplay Settings slugs and.. freezes? when I start it. I want to extend my screen onto my second monitor rather than mirror it... Any other way to do this?05:16
r696unop: let me try that. I am suprised it would do that by default but might be the issue, didn't think of that. thanks.05:16
bastidrazorpullus313_, alt sysrq k will restart now05:16
wapkou can restart x with right alt+sysrq+k now05:16
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.05:16
unopr696, it's not a default05:16
unop!trash | r69605:16
ubottur696: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash05:16
marks256ubottu, i'm not sure he will be restarting x more than once. he will have to restar the machine anyway05:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:17
charlotte_aux_frhello world05:17
pullus313_col, i will try and let you know05:17
cattellarcan ubuntu cause a laptop to emit a high pitch sound?05:17
TwerplingHey, can anyone help me? I can't seem to get Ustream.tv to work in linux.05:18
pullus313_dontzap: command not found05:18
nsadmincharlotte_aux_fr: () {}05:18
switch10_cattellar: a beep?05:18
Dr_Willisinstall the "dontzap" package05:18
cattellarswitch10_, more like the sound you get in your head after a loud concert05:18
zeelothey if I have the ubuntu netbook remix but I want the regular gnome interface is it easy to swap?05:18
donavanbeen a while since I did this ... so whats the best route for getting flash videos to work in firefox05:18
RocketLauncherDisplay Settings stops responding when I start it. What's another way to extend onto my secondary monitor?05:18
switch10_donavan: install flash05:19
cattellarim thinking ubuntu 64 just messe my computer05:19
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:19
RocketLaunchercattellar, In Soveit Russia, computer mess you05:19
switch10_cattellar: ya the 64 bit is weird sometimes05:19
donavanthanks all05:19
switch10_cattellar: when are you getting this noise?05:20
StrangeCharm__in an install with an encrypted lvm, can the disk passphrase be changed?05:20
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  i get no video here.. i did get audio on one stream05:20
TwerplingOh? Does it not work for everyone?05:21
cattellarswitch10_, sometimes even at grub ... i think it starts when it stops loading stuff from the hard drive05:21
TwerplingFlash seems to work since youtube seems to work fine05:21
r696unop: ...still looking...*but* what I did was simply enable gconf-editor to show a Trash bin on my desktop. It should show my deleted files regardless if the Trash is located I would think...still looking to see if it's bypassing the Trash bin. This is a new install, maybe a week old...05:21
cattellaralso my power jack got stepped by someone so it got deformed, and I had to push harder to insert it, could that have messed my computer and be the source of the sound?05:22
sterilegeniequick question... running 9.04 and have a ATI radeon xpress 200 video card, do the fglrx drivers work?05:22
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  ive seen videos sites break stuff on their own. :)05:22
AndorinDoes anyone here use Exaile?05:22
TwerplingHow annoying05:22
pullus313IT WORKED05:23
pullus313THANK U ALL05:23
switch10_sterilegenie: try them but I have a xpress 600 and they only work up to 8.1005:23
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  ive seen cbs (i think) have working vidoes of startrek.. then the next day they added comercials.. and broke the thing working in firefox. (even under windows it broke) but Opera under windows and liux worked.05:23
sterilegenieahh. I was afraid of that05:23
slimjimflimhi, i keep getting 'firefox is in offline mode' except for my homepage: http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/05:24
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  in some other channels. the guys say that site has worked in the past with linux.05:24
slimjimflimcan anyone help?05:24
pullus313icons in panel are messed up but i can move em back05:24
pullus313thank you05:24
damn_headacheHi. Is it possible to create some sort of link or reference to a file (e.g. ~/pointer -> ~/target) in such a way that when an unsuspecting person or program tries to delete ~/pointer, ~/target gets deleted? Ideally, the ~/pointer file would thereafter be hidden (truly hidden, not just prefixed with a dot) until some person or program tries to create it again. The ~/target file would then be...05:24
damn_headache...created again, and the ~/pointer file shown.05:24
switch10_cattellar: that could be. Try a live cd05:25
sterilegenieoff to newegg to find a Nvidia card I guess05:25
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  aha - if i tell it to 'pop out the video' out of the browser.. one DID work....05:25
Dr_WillisTwerpling: http://www.ustream.tv/channel-popup/liz-draws-stuff05:25
jribIn my custom keyboard layout, can I have a key press correspond to the same as alt+SOMEKEY?  Or is there some way to have altGr act as alt when a 3rd level does not exist?05:25
RocketLauncherDisplay Settings stops responding when I start it.. since I installed ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver in Hardware Drivers, which I needed..05:25
RocketLauncherWhat's another way to extend onto my secondary monitor? Or how do I fix display settings? It just slugs and then stops responding.05:25
switch10_RocketLauncher: you're on 9.04?05:26
gabe_hello, I'd like to get help with krfb and tightvnc. My mother lives about 20 miles away and I've open the appropriate ports to accept inbound connection but she's never able to share her desktop with me... why is that?05:26
RocketLauncherswitch10_ yes05:26
pullus313last Question, Promise. when i enable the NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver my resolution does not go up to its maximum, if its enabled then the desktop effects can't be turned on. why05:26
TwerplingDr_Willis, it just flashes some widgets05:27
rxKaffeeis there a mirror for packages.ubuntu.com?05:27
RocketLauncherrxKaffee I want to know this too.. the damn site is down05:27
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  been trying other videos.. gotten 2 working now...05:27
pullus313 last Question, Promise. when i enable the NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver my resolution does not go up to its maximum, if its NOT enabled then the desktop effects can't be turned on. why**05:27
switch10_RocketLauncher: try 8.10 or earlier.  Ati won't give you drivers for even slightly older ceres05:28
Dr_WillisTwerpling:  this one works also --> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dpr-ball-pythons  (just not a lot to see)05:28
ShaunLI have a quick question: I'm running latest version of ubuntu (amd64) with ext4 filesystem, I downloaded the latest version of Limewire, everything works fine except that every time I close LimeWire the whole program freezes. Can anyone help me fix this, or point me to an article that would be able to help me?05:28
testing_xyzoh no the graphics question again05:28
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: I'm guessing their entire network is lagged from the mad rush to get 9.1005:29
gabe_ShaunL: try using Frostwire instead, it has the same features05:29
pullus313<testing_xyz> oh no the graphics question again???05:29
switch10_gabe_: I agree frostwire is better05:29
slimjimflimnoooooz. how do i fix it?!?! ^^^05:29
ShaunLgabe_: Does it have the same amount of results as LimeWire would?05:30
ctmjrRocketLauncher, try aticonfig | less it will show the options to do what you want but like switch10_ says it would be much better on 8.1005:30
TwerplingOh hey05:30
TwerplingI got it working05:30
gabe_anybody that knows how to configure krfb and tightvnc to work on two different networks?05:30
Twerplingswfdec apparently doesn't like ustream05:30
RocketLauncherctmjr I dont want to resort to that though :(05:30
switch10_slimjimflim: you guys are gonna have to downgrade to 8.10. I have it and it's fine.05:31
gabe_ShaunL: absolutely, besides Frostwire is the open source version of Limewire (sort of) you can get it all through it05:31
RocketLauncherctmjr in aticonfig, what do I have to do to make it so I'm dual screenin instead of mirroring?05:31
RocketLauncherIt's pretty long05:31
=== fairy is now known as Guest19009
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: aticonfig has an optional switch for big-desktop05:32
slimjimflimswitch10_, i'm using 8.04.3 ...i was thinking about upgrading05:32
switch10_Ati cards suck. Do not buy in the future05:32
damn_headacheHi. Is it possible to create some sort of link or reference to a file (e.g. ~/pointer -> ~/target) in such a way that when an unsuspecting person or program tries to delete ~/pointer, ~/target gets deleted? Ideally, the ~/pointer file would thereafter be hidden (truly hidden, not just prefixed with a dot) until some person or program tries to create it again. The ~/target file would then be...05:32
damn_headache...created again, and the ~/pointer file shown.05:32
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: you can also use xinerama05:32
rxKaffeeswitch10_: the cards are awesome. the support/drivers is a nightmare05:32
switch10_slimjimflim: do not. The ati drivers should work with your kernel05:32
Guest19009yeah what he said05:32
switch10_rxKaffee: yes05:32
rxKaffeethe nvidia drivers lack just as much feature in linux, they just have a nicer config tool :)05:33
slimjimflimswitch10_, how do i *downgrade* from 8.0x to 8.1.x?05:33
switch10_rxKaffee: their drivers are great for windows05:33
r696hmm, well, 'gconf-editor > apps > nautilus > preferences > enable_delete' is *not* checked which means my deleted files are suppose to stay in Trash. For a temporary workaround I'll just enable it so all files will bypass the Trash bin. I wonder if that bypasses 'root trash' as well.05:33
RocketLauncherrxKaffee is that for gnome?05:33
AzMooHey guys, I had an NTP Server up and running, but the machine was rebooted over the weekend and now it's not working. The server is started, syslog tells me it's listening on the right interfaces and ports and netstat -a tells me the box is listening on the ntp ports, but when it's queried it doesn't reply. I did a scan using nmap and it didn't show up in the ports list either. Any ideas where I can look from here?05:34
switch10_slimjimflim: you can upgrade to 8.10?05:34
RocketLauncherrxkaffee oh nope ........hm05:34
Flannelslimjimflim, switch10_: it's 8.04 (eight point oh four) and 8.10 (eight point ten), but yes, 8.04 to 8.10 is an upgrade.05:34
slimjimflimbut yea that's what i thouht05:34
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: xinerama is a featureset of xorg, it should work with most desktop environments. I've personally used it with openbox and lxde05:34
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: *personally used it with openbox(via lxde) and KDE05:35
RocketLauncherrxkaffee mind if i show you a pastebin? I'm having solme problems now05:35
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
switch10_slimjimflim: do not upgrade to 9.04 if you have a slightly older ati video card05:35
=== karma is now known as ayahuasca
RocketLauncherrxkaffee john@john-desktop:~$ aticonfig --xinerama=on05:35
RocketLauncherNo layout section was found in the file: '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'.05:35
RocketLauncherPlease run 'aticonfig --initial' first or modify your configurationfile manually and run aticonfig again.05:35
RocketLauncheraticonfig: parsing the command-line failed.05:35
RocketLauncherjohn@john-desktop:~$ aticonfig --initial05:35
FloodBot1RocketLauncher: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
RocketLauncherFound fglrx primary device section05:35
slimjimflimswitch10_, i never said anything about video cards05:35
slimjimflimi'm upgrading to 8.10 atm05:36
RocketLauncherpasted the wrong thing05:36
RocketLauncherrxkaffee http://pastebin.com/d439f114405:36
pullus313i dont have AIT, i have Nvidia. when i enable the NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver my resolution does not go up to its maximum, if its NOT enabled then the desktop effects can't be turned on. why05:36
switch10_slimjimflim: sorry. Nevermind05:36
donavanslimjimflim ... I just upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 with a HD 4350  ... not that old of a card and it completely killed my x-windows and finally had to reinstall from scratch05:36
HossI have VMware installed with a couple other OSs, can someone help me create a script to start and stop the vmware deamon?05:37
switch10_Its the new kernel. All distros are affected. This is why i will never buy another ati card again05:38
Dr_WillisHoss:  if its a normal service/deamon - 'sudo service WHATEVERITSCALLED stop' should stop it.05:38
donavancan anyone give me help with my sound ... working from a fresh install of 9.0405:38
binMonkeyhi, guys.  swiftfox3.5 won't play sound on youtube but shiretoko will.  why the difference and how can i fix it?05:38
Beemscant get my linksys wireless card to work on 9.0405:38
HossDr_Willis: is there a command to list running services?05:38
RocketLauncherBeems what card :D05:38
Dr_WillisHoss:  proberly is.. ive never noticed..05:38
Dr_Willis!upstart | Hoss05:39
ubottuHoss: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:39
BeemsRocketLauncher: wmp54g with speedboost05:39
damn_headacheanyone? pls?05:39
rxKaffeeswitch10_: which kernel? we've been seeing patches (for catalyst) in archlinux for each new kernel, even up to 2.6.3005:39
ctmjrRocketLauncher, try this sudo aticonfig --initial -f05:40
RocketLauncherBeems I have the same thing. are you on ethernet right now05:40
RocketLauncherctmjr ok05:40
HossDr_Willis:  ubottu's discription was a bit vauge, can you explain to me what Upstart is?05:40
BeemsRocketLauncher: yup05:40
RocketLauncherctmjr aticonfig: Writing to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' failed. Bad file descriptor.05:40
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: and also, checkout #ati might get a slightly less-distracted audience for aticonfig help05:40
Dr_WillisHoss:  ubuntu no longer uses the sysv init system.. it uses upstart..  follow the url the bot gave for more info.05:40
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: that sounds like some filesystem type error though, did you run out of disk space?05:40
neil_dwith nautilus, can I control what image is used for an icon in a window?05:40
gabe_anybody that knows how to configure krfb and tightvnc to work on two different networks?05:41
Dr_Willisneil_d:  for an icon for what exactly?  a prgram/files icon? thats changeable..05:41
jahc_laptophi guys .. ubuntu newbie here. Ive got my own cross platform allegro game compiling on ubuntu, but it has no sound. according to forums, building statically will fix it. however, I dont know if I have l liballegro4.2.2 installed, or in the right place... as I getthis error: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lalleg-4.2.2  ..where do I search for gcc linker libs? I dont understand the lnux filesystem structure yet.. Im mainly an xp user05:41
Dr_Willisneil_d:  properties -> click on the icon in the properteris dialog. and select a different icon05:41
rxKaffeegabe_: are you having some error? do you have control of both networks? do you really mean on two different "subnets"? do you have a router to route between those two subnets?05:41
binMonkeyhow can i get swiftfox to play sound?  sound works fine for other browsers and applications.05:42
BeemsRocketLauncher: yes im connected through auto etho05:42
neil_dDr_Willis: thanks!05:42
Dr_Willisneil_d:  people overlook that the icon IS a button :)05:42
switch10_binMonkey:  check in your preferences05:42
gabe_well I'm talking about two different subnets. I'm 15 miles away from the pc I'm trying to connect to05:43
switch10_binMonkey: in swiftfox05:43
r696strange, seems like the Trash icon on the Desktop is useless. Only way to truly empty trash is through 'gksudo dbus-launch nautilus' and navigate to .local and Trash folders to get rid of useless files. Regardless, looks like a temporary fix. Thanks again for the info.05:43
gabe_I've turned of the router's firewall and the pc's firewall and still doesn't work05:43
Beemscant get my linksys wireless card to work on 9.04 any help appreciated05:43
jahc_laptopoops its in usr/libs/05:43
neil_dDr_Willis: I did, maybe something should be done to make it more obvious.05:43
jahc_laptop/usr/lib/  .. I need to point at it somehow05:44
hdon_hi, how can i change my display resolution? "detect monitors" in the display resolution dialog doesn't work, and the only options it gives me is 800x600 and 640x480. i just wiped the previous owner's installation of jaunty, but before that i could definitely get the real resolution of my display05:44
=== daarthtuvok is now known as darthtuvok
Jordan_UBeems: Can you pastebin the output from "lspci" or tell us the exact chipset of the card?05:44
HossDr_Willis:  It looks like I have Upstart installed, but issuing Upstart does nothing.  Is this not how the prg works?05:44
Dr_WillisHoss:  - err.. you did follow/read the docs the bots url pointed to?05:44
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:44
rxKaffeedamn_headache: no, the filesystem does not provide anything to do that. some applications resolve a symlink to its target first, and then will act on the target instead of the symlink05:44
rogstAnyone here got a Intel 4500 integrated graphics card ?05:45
HossDr_Willis:  Yes, the page doesnt yeild any documentation on how to use it, just release notes, and links to other distros.05:45
Jordan_Uhdon_: Have you checked System > Adminsitration > Hardware Drivers to see if there are proprietary drivers your GFX card might need?05:45
[R]rogst: i have a mobile 450005:45
binMonkeyswitch10_: thanks.  i've tried that and they're the same as shiretoko settings.  shiretoko plays sound, though.05:45
Dr_WillisHoss:  hmm.. used tobe a link to some tutorials also.. most of the sysv tools do work with upstart. but i havent messed with them in ages05:45
rogst[R]: have you tried connecting an external monitor ?05:45
[R]rogst: no05:45
BeemsJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m5ca6076805:46
hdon_Jordan_U: ugh... i hadn't thought about that :(05:46
* hdon_ hates nvidia05:46
rogst[R]: ok, I cant choose any higher resolution then 1280x1024 on the external monitor which supports 1600x1200 :(05:46
damn_headacherxKaffee: thx05:47
Dr_WillisHoss:  a quick google for 'upstart tutorial' finds this one thta looks good --> http://fosswire.com/post/2008/2/managing-upstart/05:47
RocketLauncherrxkaffee i did.. not.. add.. sudo.. to.. it..05:47
switch10_hdon_: dont switch to ati05:47
[R]rogst: well everythign i have that has a vga input is only 1280x1024, so can't help you there05:47
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: well that explains why you got a filesystem related error ;)05:47
Bogus8I'm following this guide on setting up a mail server http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-squirrelmail-ubuntu8.04-p4 and I'm at the top of this page and my telnet test here is just not working.05:47
rogst[R]: ok thanks anyway :D05:47
Jordan_U!anyone | rogst05:48
ubotturogst: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:48
RocketLauncherrxkaffee so what exactly and how exactgly does xinerame work/do05:48
Bogus8I don't get the welcome 220 message and of course the server doesn't respond to the ehlo command05:48
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: big-desktop is preferable... there's a few odd gui applications that do not play nice with xinerama... I'm not sure how/what it does, but its just another alternative to big-desktop, twinview, and randr12 for setting up dual-monitors with the ability to move windows between the two monitors05:49
RocketLauncherrxkaffee so how do i use big-desktop05:49
Dr_Willis!info big-desktop05:49
ubottuPackage big-desktop does not exist in jaunty05:50
Jordan_Udamn_headache: You could setup a program to delete it using inotify as a trigger05:50
=== MakX is now known as Mak\iPhone
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: look for options in amdcccle/aticonfig that have to do with "left of" or "right of" (describing the relationship of one monitor to the other)05:50
=== Mak\iPhone is now known as MakX
rxKaffeeRocketLauncher: if you get a basic clone-display setup with aticonfig, you can use the GUI amdcccle application to setup big-desktop more easily05:50
Beemscant get my linksys wireless wmp54g  to work on 9.04 any help appreciated05:50
MontelEdwardswhat is the package for 32 bit libs>05:50
PytlaskHey all! This is more of a grub related than Ubuntu related question, so feel free to redirect me if there is a better place to ask it, but...: I recently installed Ubuntu to a computer which already had Vista on it. I used the GUI installer on the live disk. When Grub comes up, both Ubuntu and Vista appear on the list. Ubuntu works just fine, but when I try to boot to Vista, the computer starts booting again from the beginning. Any ideas?05:51
darthtuvokBeems: which ver. is it?05:51
Jordan_UBeems: What is the exact chipset ( sorry if you already answered, I'm on a flakey connection )05:51
BeemsJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m5ca6076805:51
RocketLauncherrxkaffee 1. Setting up fglrx for the first time. Single head:aticonfig --initial --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf Dual head:aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=above This command will generate a dual head configuration file with the second screen located above the first screen.05:51
darthtuvokBeems: http://linux-wless.passys.nl/05:51
damn_headacheJordan_U: i'll look into that, thanks05:52
RocketLauncherI should've used pastebin for that, but it doesn't look long05:52
CleanLaundryhow can I check what swap partition I am using?05:52
Jordan_UBeems: Have you tried System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?05:52
Dr_WillisCleanLaundry:  try swapon -s05:52
switch10_Pytlask: no error before it reboots?05:53
CleanLaundryDr_Willis, k thanks05:53
=== MakX is now known as MakX\iPhone
Dr_WillisCleanLaundry:  i did a swapon --help to discover thatg. :P05:53
BeemsJordan_U: yes the driver is installed and in use but still no connection?05:53
=== MakX\iPhone is now known as MakX
Pytlaskswitch10_: Not that I can see. The screen goes blank for a moment, and it reboots. Is there a way to delay the reboot process so that I may see errors appearing?05:53
CleanLaundryDr_Willis, :) I know, I need to use man's more, but wasn't sure exactly what commnd05:53
Jordan_UBeems: Do you see any wireless networks? Is the light on the card on?05:54
Jordan_UCleanLaundry: apropos is a nice command "apropos foo" will tell you any commands with "foo" in their man page05:54
RocketLauncheris this good for my needs? sudo aticonfig --desktop-setup=horizontal --sync-vsync=on --add-pairmode=Width0xHeight0+Width1xHeight105:54
RocketLauncherI found it in this thread; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30194105:54
switch10_Pytlask: no you would see the errors. Do u still have your windows recovery disk?05:55
CleanLaundryJordan_U, nice, thanks05:55
Jordan_UCleanLaundry: np05:55
Pytlaskswitch10_: Yup05:55
Pytlaskswitch10_ I tried running bootrec.exe /fixmbr, but that just put the Vista loader over Grub. I also tried /fixboot, but that didn't help05:55
switch10_Pytlask: i would try that. There is an option on there to fix you master boot record05:56
BeemsJordan_U: boy i must be tired i didnt have my antenna hooked up thnks its workinh now DUH HUH!05:56
switch10_Pytlask: hm05:56
Jordan_UBeems: :)05:56
nsgnquick frustration: i need to install the nvidia cuda driver. to do so i must be at a command prompt without X running. when i stop x via /etc/init.d/gdm stop the computer hangs on a black screen. what am i missing?05:56
Dr_Willisnsgn:  could be the framebuffer or X is some how messing the console up. Try booting straight to the consoel, or use the 'nofb' option to disable the framebuffer05:57
Jordan_Unsgn: Go to a tty you can login with with ctrl+alt+F105:57
CleanLaundryWell the distro I use right now is on /dev/sda6. the swap I am using is on /dev/sda7. but I want to delete /dev/sda5 which is a unused swap, but it says I cant because I have to unmout logical partitions higher then /dev/sda5. what can I do? and is it right to use a livecd in this case ?05:57
Dr_Willisnsgn:  yea see if alt-ctrlf1 throgu f6 give a useable terminal .. they should05:57
nsgnJordan_U: i'll give that a shot. i'll be back if it doesnt work, as i'm gonna loose this IRC session when i kill X05:57
switch10_Pytlask: i have no idea what would cause that05:58
Nis2khello, is there a way that i can reset my modem via terminal or software? Thanks!05:58
Dr_WillisCleanLaundry:  delete? you could use fdisk and 'delete' it -   but what are you going to put in its place?05:58
Dr_WillisNis2k:  dialup modem?05:58
Pytlaskswitch10_: Alright. Thanks for your help anyway :) I found another possible avenue, so hopefully I can get this working05:58
Nis2kDr_Willis: no a router05:58
Skipperi need help with my os :(05:59
billeniumWhat is the package for libxml2 ?05:59
CleanLaundryDr_Willis, lol why not? just to make allocated space, and eventually add it to this partition. I am using gparted which isnt letting me05:59
Nis2kDr_Willis: so i get a new ip05:59
moymoyarrghhhh ... gnome-panel's autohide is so retarde05:59
Jordan_UCleanLaundry: You shouldn't change extended partitions if any of the other extended partitions are mounted. Using a LiveCD would be ideal05:59
buttons840I have an ATI HD4850, a recent ubuntu update caused my system's display to be corrupted.  Anyone know if a bug has been filed about this issue?05:59
Skipperwhen i dual boot my uburtu it says some things, then <GLID> then i can type here.05:59
Skipperit says something like <GLID>06:00
Dr_WillisCleanLaundry:  fdisk can delete it.. but resizing other partiions to use it.. would be a job for gparted.    some layouts can be tricky to resize due to how  the things get laid out. I tend touse all primaries.06:00
buttons840What is the name of the open source ati driver?06:00
rxKaffeebuttons840: if you're using any advanced fglrx features, and xorg got updated... you're most likely having a conflict from the new randr12 features that are enabled by default06:00
Dr_WillisCleanLaundry:  try using fdisk to delete it.. reboot.. see if gparted likes it better that way..  perhaps06:00
Jordan_Ubuttons840: "ati"06:00
rxKaffeebuttons840: there's also radeonhd06:00
CleanLaundryDr_Willis, Jordan_U now that I realize it, I DIDNT realize I had an extended partition, shoot06:00
Bogus8I'm following this guide on setting up a mail server http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-squirrelmail-ubuntu8.04-p4 and I'm at the top of this page and my telnet test here is just not working.06:01
Bogus8I don't get the welcome 220 message and of course the server doesn't respond to the ehlo command06:01
FloodBot1Bogus8: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
CleanLaundryDr_Willis, Jordan_U is there a way to make in not extended anymore?06:01
buttons840rxKaffee, how can i resolve these conflics?06:01
Skipperi tryed re-installing uburtu and it doesnt help :(06:01
arrrghhhanyone use mencoder?06:02
Jordan_UCleanLaundry: If you want more than 4 partitions, and you aren't on a mac ( or want to be really weird and have a PC with GPT ) you need to use an extended partition06:02
Nis2kDr_Willis: any help?06:02
CleanLaundryJordan_U, i see06:02
Skipperdamn a lot of people are on :O06:03
rxKaffeebuttons840: check your xorg logs to see if its saying anything about randr12, if so google's saying something like "aticonfig --set-pcs-str=DDX,EnableRandR12,FALSE"06:03
arrrghhhso mencoder... tryin to set it up to do multiple files in one run?  like a batch?06:03
rxKaffeebuttons840: there's also an xorg.conf option that does the same as the aticonfig line06:03
darthtuvokSkipper: this is nothing, there usually are 1400+ ppl on06:03
=== darthtuvok is now known as darthanubis
arrrghhhls -lah06:04
rxKaffeebuttons840: I'm not sure if the xorg in ubuntu is recent enough to be doing the randr12 stuff though, so verify it in your logfile first06:04
blkdghas anyone here done simple video editing with linux?06:04
arrrghhhoop sorry06:04
buttons840rxKaffee, i'm on a fresh install, so i don't know how much information the log file will provide06:04
rxKaffeebuttons840: http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Q_24343429.html06:04
Dr_WillisNis2k:  no idea on routers doing that trick. sorry06:04
switch10_Skipper: try re asking your question06:04
rxKaffeebuttons840: the xorg logfile is overwritten with new data each time xorg starts up, so age of installation is no matter06:05
MaT-dgblkdg: what kind of operations?06:05
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  the menucoder docs have examples.. then you could use the find, or xargs commands to 'automate' things..06:05
Nis2kDr_Willis: you just have to manually reset it to get a new ip, i was just wondering if there was a way i could do it with a software..06:05
Dr_WillisNis2k:  ive never had to get a new ip that often..06:05
rxKaffeebuttons840: last comment on that experts-exchange links to another site that describes disabling randr12 in xorg.conf06:06
buttons840rxKaffee, the radeonhd open source driver wont help with the hd4850 will it?06:06
SkipperWhen i boot up my uburtu after installing on windows... i boot it up with dual boot, and then some text about press TAB for commands and ESC for other things and then under all of that theres text, i think its "<glid>" and then after i can type after it and uburtu dont boot at all06:06
arrrghhhDr_Willis, hrm... i read thru the man page, but and i think i figured out conversion (although i'd like to figure out how to convert videos and keep the same file size/quality)06:06
blkdgMaT-dg, i am adding subtitles to .mov files using subtitleeditor (gtk app), they're visable in mplayer and in the app. how do i embedde the subtitles in the .mov? do i email my intended viewers (family members) the .mov and the subtitle file?06:06
rxKaffeebuttons840: not sure if that specific card is in the radeonhd driver or not. my hd3300 onboard is and several other of the newer HD06:07
Jordan_USkipper: Could it be "GRUB" ?06:07
Skipperyes i think thats it06:07
arrrghhhi just don't get how to have it troll thru a folder.  i tried passing *.avi *.ogm, and that seemed to work but always pumped out *.avi as the file name :S06:07
switch10_Skipper: the GUI doesn't boot? Do u have a command line?06:07
Skipperyea i think it is a cmd line06:07
MaT-dgblkdg: sec, I'll do some research on the .mov06:07
Jordan_USkipper: Has this install ever booted properly?06:08
FrozenFireIs there a panel applet that shows you the space usage of different partitions?06:08
blkdgMaT-dg, btw, i'm using .mov because that's the format the camera produces.06:08
Skipperit installed properly on my other computer.06:08
lostxionWas wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how to go abouts getting my computer to read dvd disks, cant get it to work on my ubuntu os, new to ubuntu06:08
switch10_Skipper: this is an install with wubi?06:08
Skipperwhats wubi?06:08
blkdglostxion, does your machine boot from dvd?06:08
arrrghhhFrozenFire, i think gparted would do what you're asking...06:08
FrozenFirearrrghhh: I'm looking for something to put on my panel that will monitor disk usage.06:09
switch10_Skipper: nevermind. Try typing startx06:09
lostxionsays i dont have to proper plugins06:09
blkdglostxion, i mean does it have a dvd reader which is bootable?06:09
Skipperwhen i get to the cmd line?06:09
arrrghhhFrozenFire, have you seen conky?06:09
FrozenFireI don't want to have to open a tool to check. I could just as easily df -h06:09
switch10_Skipper: yup06:09
arrrghhhvery customizable.  you can even see disk usage06:09
FrozenFirearrrghhh: Can't say I have06:09
Skipperok let me go try that06:09
blkdgarrrghhh, try gkrellem, it's like conky06:10
FrozenFirearrrghhh: If it's a major desktop modification, that wouldn't do.06:10
Jordan_U_Skipper: Has it ever booted properly on the machine you are now having problems with?06:10
MaT-dgblkdg: do you want to hardsub them or use softsubs?06:10
FrozenFireI just need a simple indicator on my panel06:10
=== iceblock is now known as reqon
blkdglostxion, in the bios of the machine, is the dvd drive set to the first priority?06:10
arrrghhhFrozenFire, it's not.  i've never heard of gkrellem, blkdg - you could look into that as well FrozenFire ?  i found conky to be very easy to use, extremely customizable, and had no footprint.06:10
lostxionyeah once i put a disk in it trys to read it06:11
blkdgi don't know the terms MaT-dg06:11
arrrghhhit's not part of gnome - or kde for that matter, it's in the repo's.06:11
lostxionit works on my windows os06:11
lostxionwant to get rid of windows though06:11
reqonparadoxx - cause im your nightmare <----rocks!06:11
blkdglostxion, what happens after it reads?06:12
blkdglostxion, did you verify that the disk was downloaded properly. check the checksum....06:12
lostxionmy ubuntu disk?06:13
blkdgMaT-dg, google to the rescue i want hardsub06:13
MaT-dgblkdg: with hardsub the subtitles are part of the video, with softsub they are overlayed on top of the video by the player06:14
Jordan_U!dvd | lostxion06:14
ubottulostxion: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:14
lostxionk sounds good, ill be right back06:14
davidguardCan someone tell me why my asus eee pc 700 would not be booting from a usb drive that has been set up to boot eeebuntu (which does work on another machine)?06:15
Bogus8I'm following this guide on setting up a mail server http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-squirrelmail-ubuntu8.04-p4 and I'm at the top of this page and my telnet test here is just not working.06:15
Bogus8I don't get the welcome 220 message and of course the server doesn't respond to the ehlo command06:15
blkdgMaT-dg, i would like to hard sub this.06:15
MaT-dgblkdg: well the method of using a seperate file (.srt .ssa .sub ...) is softsub, but u can also embed 1 or more subtitle files in the video-container itself06:15
switch10_davidguard: make sure your bios supports booting from USB06:16
WIGGMPkwhy do i have 2.6.28-13-server in /lib/modules when I am running the Desktop of Jaunty?06:16
MaT-dgblkdg: then u have 1 video file, and can select wich subs u want to display or no subs at all06:16
switch10_davidguard: also make sure it's before your hard disk in your boot order in bios06:16
MaT-dgblkdg: sure u still want hardsub?06:16
blkdgok, how do i embed my subtitle file with my mov file so that the folks on the other side can 'just double click'06:18
akhil_I put my system packages for update and now each my terminal gets a wall message after each minute. I'm using Ubuntu 9.0406:18
davidguardswitch10_: I have done this already. I made the usb pen the first boot choice, but it keeps booting to the default os. I have even tried removing the HD from the list altogether but then a get an error saying something about an error with the drive06:18
=== inovsky is now known as [aslema]
MaT-dgblkdg: well, hardsub is the easiest for the viewer: no config att all and no possibility of subs not showing up because of codec problems06:19
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: Not sure why you would, but check if linux-image-2.6.28-13-server is installed ( with synaptic or "apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.28-13-server" )06:19
davidguardswitch10_:  "Error loading operating system"06:19
blkdgMaT-dg, ok, so how do i softsub in one file?06:19
Jordan_Udavidguard: How did you create the flash drive?06:20
davidguardswitch10_: Using the tool that comes with Ubuntu06:20
switch10_davidguard: is there an option in your bios to enable or disable legacy devices?06:20
davidguardswitch10_: and it works when I try booting from a different laptop06:21
switch10_davidguard: ya the USB drive is fine I'd bet06:21
MaT-dgblkdg: install mkvtoolnix06:21
Jordan_Udavidguard: Have you been able to boot from other USB devices successfully with that machine?06:21
blkdgi'll look06:21
bdelin88hello, can someone tell me how I could enter more than one command on one line in the command line?  For instance: sudo chmod 770 -R file AND chgrp www-data -R file06:21
MaT-dgblkdg: and mkvtoolnix-gui06:21
davidguardswitch10_: Not that I can see06:21
davidguardJordan_U: never tried06:22
Jordan_Ubdelin88: use ";" so "sudo chmod 770 -R file ; chgrp www-data -R file"06:22
bdelin88Jordan_U: thanks!06:22
Beemshow con I test my graphics card to see if its working properly?06:23
Jordan_Ubdelin88: np :)06:23
blkdgMaT-dg, why do i want a matroska file ?06:23
Skipperdidnt work :(06:23
Skipperit aid uknown cmd06:23
[R]Beems: do you see something on the screen? it's working06:23
davidguardswitch10_: problem is the standard os that the eeepc comes with seems to be corrupted somehow... it loads up to x but doesn't display the desktop properly and doesn't respond when I click on any of the icons in the system tray06:23
MaT-dgblkdg: because it is a recent and very flexible video container wich allows soft subtitles06:23
Jordan_UBeems: One test ( not complete ) would be to run "glxinfo | grep direct" and if it returns "direct rendering: yes" it's working06:23
Skipperi typed startx in grub> thing06:23
Skipperand it said:06:23
blkdgbut what format will i be emailing people MaT-dg ?06:24
=== [aslema] is now known as [Proxy-sfary]
Skipperit says unrecognized cmd06:24
Equsdavidguard,  have you tryed hitting esc. at boot and selecting temp. boot to USB06:24
reqonwolfram alpha <----prolly the best serach engine out there "for the g33k"06:24
MaT-dgblkdg: .mkv06:24
BeemsJordan_U: thnx06:24
Jordan_UBeems: np06:24
davidguardEqus: I've tried hitting Esc but it doesn't seem to do anything06:24
Skipperany other ideas?06:25
Jordan_USkipper: Is Ubuntu installed on the first partition of the first drive?06:25
Skipperits on the 2nd06:25
davidguardEqus: just tried then... I got to choose what to boot from but I still get "Error loading operating system"06:25
blkdgMaT-dg, ok i see where you're going with this.  how would you hardsub them ?06:25
MaT-dgblkdg: with avidemux06:26
jazzyyim using ubuntu 8.10 and dualbooting XP with it06:26
arrrghhhdavidguard, is there a button like "F12" that forces your computer to a 'boot-menu' that lets you pick which device (hdd, optical, usb, etc)?06:26
jazzyybut when my PC starts up i cant choose which OS to boot as my keyboard wont work on my bios06:26
jazzyyso how do i make it choose XP by default06:26
blkdgdoes avidemux create subtitles from scratch?06:26
Jordan_USkipper: Second partition or second driver? ( respond with the partition number and drive number)06:26
WIGGMPkJordan_U: it shows this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d379cbe3006:26
blkdgMaT-dg, does avidmeux create subtitles from scratch the way subtitle editor does?06:26
BeemsJordan_U: ok I have dirst  rendering but it will not let me turn on destop effects?06:27
[R]jazzyy: in /boot/grub/menu.lst you can select what the default should be06:27
Equsdavidguard,  that's strange  personaly I always use Unetbootin to create live USB and works fine on my eee70006:27
blkdgMaT-dg, i thought that avidemux was an editor.06:27
davidguardarrrghhh: Esc does that. But when I pick the USB drive it gives me the same error "Error loading operating system"06:27
BeemsJordan_U: direct rendering came back yes06:27
Skipperuhhhhhhh. idk, its a laptop, vista, 2 partions "i guess if thats what u call it" (C:\ and D:\) 1 dvd drive.06:27
Jordan_UBeems: If it's an intel chip try updating your machine then trying again, an intel bug fix was recently released06:27
MaT-dgblkdg: avidemus doesn't create subtitles. It hardsubs them from a separate subtitle file into the video06:27
arrrghhhdavidguard, sorry if i missed it, but how did you create the usb key?06:28
BeemsJordan_U: no its nvidea 620006:28
MaT-dgblkdg: you said you already had the subtitle file?06:28
jazzyyawesome thanks [R]06:28
davidguardEqus: Like I said above the drive works fine on another computer. Also I've done an install like this before on another eeepc700 which worked fine too06:28
BeemsJordan_U: running 180 proprietary drivers06:28
blkdgok, so i take the .ass file that subtitle editor made and then avidemus will hard sub it for me.06:28
arrrghhhdavidguard, the fact that your usb drive shows up is promising.06:28
Skipperany one else can help me?06:28
blkdgMaT-dg,  so i take the .ass file that subtitle editor made and then avidemus will hard sub it for me. right?06:29
davidguardarrrghhh: I used the tool that comes with Ubuntu06:29
MaT-dgblkdg: that's correct06:29
Jordan_Ujazzyy: Move the lines pertaining to windows so that they are before the section that says "automagic kenel list"06:29
Reitzanyone there?06:29
blkdgumm, MaT-dg will avidemus help in a softsub?06:29
arrrghhhdavidguard, hrm.  did you create the usb key from the installer?  hrm.  has this laptop ever booted a usb device?  have you tried another method?06:30
nomad77 /cl06:30
MaT-dgblkdg: as far as I know it can;t do softsubs06:30
Reitzdoes anyone know how to convert an image in openoffice draw to a more common format such a .jpeg?06:30
Equsdavidguard,  does the main SSD still boot06:30
Jordan_UBeems, not sure then. Can you try "dpkg -S /lib/modules/2.6.28-13" ?06:30
_Apple_any one know how I can fix the colour on my secondary display?06:30
WIGGMPkJordan_U: does that mean its installed?06:30
Skippercan someone help meh?06:30
blkdgok thanks for your help MaT-dg06:31
blkdggood night folks06:31
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: No, that means it's not installed06:31
davidguardarrrghhh: no I don't think the eeepc I'm working on now has ever been booted from a usb.06:31
WIGGMPkJordan_U: hmmm, than is it alright to get rid of the /lib/modules than?06:31
arrrghhhdavidguard, does it not have an optical drive?06:31
switch10_Skipper: you're dual booting06:31
Reitzcan someone help me?06:31
MaT-dgblkdg: wait, are u sure it's ok? can u work with avidemux?06:31
Skipperi know...06:31
davidguardEqus: yes but when it gets to x the desktop doesn't load properly and it doesn't respond when I click on the icons in the system tray.06:31
switch10_I'm asking06:31
Skipperbut ubutru dont boot06:31
davidguardarrrghhh: no there is no optical drive06:32
Skipperit just shows a grub> cmd line06:32
Reitzhow do you convert images?06:32
jazzyyso like this? http://pastebin.com/m161ddebb06:32
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: The command I just gave you will check if there are any packages you have that install that directory. If none are found then I would say it's safe to rename the folder ( so it can't be found automatically ), reboot, then if nothing blows up delete it :)06:32
nomad77Reitz: try imagemagick06:32
casej?DCC SEND "ff???f?" 0 0 006:32
switch10_Reitz: search google for convert . File type to .file type06:33
Equsdavidguard,  sounds like it needs a complete  overhaul .....06:33
WIGGMPkJordan_U: which command?06:33
KazrikoDid anyone actually test the zope 2.10 package in Ubuntu 9.04?06:33
davidguardEqus: how would I do a complete overhaul? I was planning on installing eeebuntu on the machine but booting from the usb isn't working06:34
switch10_Skipper: sorry dude. I don't really understand your question06:34
switch10_Skipper: are u getting into GRUB. Or is it a command line?06:35
Equsdavidguard,  do you have access to any sd cards06:35
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: "dpkg -S /lib/modules/2.6.28-13-server" also check "uname -a" to be sure that you are currently booted into the -generic kernel06:35
Skipperswitch10_: my uburtu dont boot when i click uburutu in my dual boot screen, it just shows me a grub> (a cmd line)06:35
switch10_Equs: could you boot from an sd card?06:35
WIGGMPkJordan_U: why would virtualbox need it?06:35
Equsswitch10_,  the eee does06:36
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: It wouldn't. I am not sure why you are asking that.06:36
jazzyyhow do i give my permission to change menu.lst?06:36
davidguardEqus: is it necessary to format the drive with a particular FS? I mean it does work on the other machine06:36
switch10_Equs: Skipper: oh ok06:36
andresmhI had set up synchronization on Tomboy using a local folder. I reinstalled Ubuntu and I pointed Tomboy to the same folder and it fails synching. Error message is empty. ANy ideas?06:36
WIGGMPkJordan_U: cause it returns this: virtualbox-3.0: /lib/modules/2.6.28-13-server06:36
qe2eqeis there a way to display an app on a different x screen?06:36
switch10_Skipper: what does it say before the $?06:37
bsdnuxafter creating a lvm snapshot, is the new data stored in the snapshot or in the original volume?06:37
Jordan_Ujazzyy: "gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" Be carefull editing though, you probably want to back up the file with "sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst-bak" first06:37
Skipperswitch10_: there is $06:37
Equsdavidguard,  I use unetbootin and it is fat32 file system06:37
AzMooHey guys, I had an NTP Server up and running, but the machine was rebooted over the weekend and now it's not working. The server is started, syslog tells me it's listening on the right interfaces and ports and netstat -a tells me the box is listening on the ntp ports, but when it's queried it doesn't reply. I did a scan using nmap and it didn't show up in the ports list either. Any ideas where I can look from here?06:37
Skipperswitch10_: i mean no06:37
=== mordocai_ is now known as mordocai
Skipperswitch10_: there is no $06:38
frybyeHi - after re-installing a hp f4210 printer - mein fax-server/printer has dissapeared - i use efax-gtk but now there is not fax printer listed any more.  I have re-insalled efax-gtk with snaptic but the fax server has not showed up - what to do - urgent!?06:38
switch10_Skipper: grub is your dual boot screen. I don't understand.06:38
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: Ahh, virtualbox probably contains modules for any of the possible Ubuntu kernels so that you don't need a different package for desktop vs server06:38
buttons840I'm really frustrated because i used to have great perfromance from fglrx and my hd4850, but after a recent update i cannot use fglrx without having total video corruption (using jaunty)06:39
WIGGMPkJordan_U: hmmm so would it be safe to get rid of the server modules?06:39
switch10_buttons840: yup. And ati I hear won't be releasing any updated drivers for their older cards06:39
Jordan_Uswitch10_: Grub has failed to load the menu and has dropped him to its command line, I think I can help him from there if he tells me what partition number and drive number ubuntu is installed to06:39
Skipperswitch10_: NO no.... after i boot it from the dual boot...... ubrutu dont boot..... it just shows GRUB4DOS 0.4.4 thing, and after all this info text, it shows grub>06:40
eeejzahi I got a new server (ubuntu server) I need to have a raid5, it ask me if I want to have an LVM it would be nice to have an LVM BUT I am not sure if I should do an LVM and THEN a Raid506:40
Jordan_UWIGGMPk: Yes06:40
eeejzaor if I should just do the LVM per disc to enable raid506:40
=== Symphony is now known as optimus
WIGGMPkJordan_U: thanks much06:40
buttons840hd4800 is there most recent line switch10_ so will they not be supporting it?06:40
SkipperJordan_U: i think its 206:40
rTk_coolwhats the fastest way to get ubuntu to my computer06:41
rTk_cooldownload the iso and place it on a cd06:41
Skipperdownload i think06:41
switch10_buttons840: your best bet is to downgrade it to 8.1006:41
Jordan_USkipper: What drive and what partition ( second partition on the first drive? )06:41
rTk_coolhey im serious06:41
WIGGMPkJordan_U: shouldnt Virtualbox be attached to the generic modules as well? running the same command on that yeilds nothing06:41
SkipperJordan_U: the 2nd partition06:41
switch10_rTk_cool: ya put it on a cd and install it06:42
Jordan_USkipper: Ok try running these commands, if it works after the last command Ubuntu should boot...06:42
SkipperJordan_U: ok....06:42
Jordan_USkipper: root (hd0,1)06:43
buttons840switch10_, for ubuntu's sake i hope your wrong, downgrading is a poor solution06:43
rTk_coolthink i can get 64 bit on a 5900xt video card lol06:43
satishhi all i have stuck wit a problem06:43
Jordan_USkipper: Now type "kernel /boot/vmlinuz" and before hitting enter hit the tab key, hopefully it will complete the file name ( if it doesn't tell me and don't hit enter yet )06:44
switch10_buttons840: it's not ubuntu. It's the newer Linux kernel. Ati isn't going to help us out. Check the forums if you don't believe me06:44
frybye Hi - after re-installing a hp f4210 printer - mein fax-server/printer has dissapeared - i use efax-gtk but now there is not fax printer listed any more.  I have re-insalled efax-gtk with snaptic but the fax server has not showed up - what to do - urgent!?06:44
jpa--can anyone help me tether an iphone 3g in ubuntu 8.04 ?06:44
jpa--i dont have an internet connection besides potentially tethering06:45
satishmy problem is , i need to send mail for more than one person how can i send using this plone_utils.sendto( **variables )..please help me ...06:45
switch10_jpa--: u need a jailbroken iPhone I believe06:45
Jordan_USkipper: Still there?06:46
nomad77 /cl06:46
buttons840switch10_, i guess it could have something to do with the newer kernel, but using the older kernel fails as well, the older kernel used to work, but now does not, thanks to a update06:46
{SD}hi, i installed gtk-chtheme a few days back06:47
Skipperit says file not found06:47
rTk_coolonce installed how easy it is to get from ubuntu to xp06:47
{SD}now it has messed up the theme appearances06:47
SkipperJordan_U: it says file not found06:47
[R]rTk_cool: when you install ubuntu, it puts a boot menu that you can use to select if you want windows or ubuntu06:47
switch10_buttons840: that is weird. I have a slightly older ati card and I am all up to date (except for the new kernel) and mine works great06:47
Jordan_USkipper: Did anything happen when you pressed tab?06:47
SkipperJordan_U it says error 15: file not found06:48
rTk_coolhow much space do i need to run ubuntu, someone please guide me06:48
rTk_coolI really want to try this06:48
[R]rTk_cool: 5 or 6 gb is adequate06:48
switch10_rTk_cool: at least 10 gigs I'd say06:49
buttons840switch10_, i think i need to do as prescribed here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=692992606:49
eveanyone know how to get amorak to work?06:49
buttons840eve, that is a vague question06:49
evewont play music06:50
evewill stream radio06:50
evetends to cras06:50
switch10_buttons840: try it. Can't go wrong06:51
Exorhello all, i did read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#Using%20the%20Ubuntu%20Alternate/Install%20CD but i am still confusing06:51
d_rwinmy edubuntu 7.10 upgrade isnt working, how do I upgrade my repository sources list06:51
dialmanJust upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 and I've got everything working great EXCEPT how to get drivers for my ATI mobility X1400.06:51
dialmanI used EnvyNG on 8.04, but I've read that'll hose things on 9.0406:51
dialmanAnyone know what needs done here?06:51
SkipperJordan_U: you still there?06:51
Flanneld_rwin: 7.10 isn't supported anymore, you should upgrade to hardy.  You'll need to move (temporarily) to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ in order to do so06:51
Flannel!upgrade | d_rwin06:51
ubottud_rwin: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:51
jpa--i dont have an internet connection besides potentially tethering06:51
jpa--can anyone help me tether an iphone 3g in ubuntu 8.04 ?06:52
Jordan_USkipper: Yes06:52
Jordan_USkipper: Can you try running "kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic"06:52
SkipperJordan_U: it says file not found06:52
SkipperJordan_U: ok06:52
bullgard4What is meant by 'NET/ROM' in 'man netstat'?06:52
LopinOkay...  So, remastersys has apparently taken my 4.9 gigabyte system partition, and "compressed" it to 21 gigabytes for the iso...  And, of course, it doesn't work now...  Am i doing something wrong?06:52
switch10_Man graphics card questions like crazy. I'm really starting to hate ati06:53
SkipperJordan_U: still not found06:53
Jordan_USkipper: Is this an Ubuntu 9.04 install?06:53
Exori only want to restore boot loader after installing Windows but someone in here gave me a link which make me confusing because it wants me to go in boot using Live CD. I put in Live CD it takes me to Installation Menu, I am not able to get into Terminal, any help?06:54
Jordan_USkipper: Ahh, we might have the drive or partition wrong06:54
SkipperJordan_U: its a 8.10 cd06:55
buttons840Exor, select try ubuntu without changing my computer06:56
EqusExor be sure the live cd boots to default06:56
Jordan_USkipper: Just a second06:56
vileyAnyone know if the new release of Ubuntu supports Linksys Wireless-N usb600 ?06:56
_Apple_any one know how to fix a "blue tinted" screen06:57
EqusLopin  did you have about 16 gb of files06:57
Jordan_USkipper: Try "kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-7-generic"06:57
LopinEqus,  I used the dist option...  I've got two partitions, one mounted as / and another as /home/.06:58
dj_hi all,is this the right channel for a xubuntu question..fresh install and x chat came here06:58
Jordan_Udj_: Here or #xubuntu06:58
LopinEqus, The / partition only has 4.9 gigs of files on it...06:58
dj_thanks jordan06:58
LopinEqus, But for some reason, filesystem.squashfs is 21 gigs...06:58
Jordan_Udj_: np06:59
EqusLopin I ask cause I made that mistake06:59
dj_I have a simple Q .or should be06:59
SkipperJordan_U: still file not found06:59
LopinEqus, What mistake?06:59
dj_I am having problems finding my other hdd using thunar06:59
_Apple_help with Blue tinted screen06:59
chrishaum1Hi.  I recently reinstalled Ubuntu 9.04 on my HP TX2500Z Tablet PC.  I have no audio.  I followed the instructions at http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html and have rebooted twice, but no go.  Can anyone help?  Thanks,07:00
Exori am using the "try without change my computer" i went into terminal and i typed in "fdisk -l" nothing happen07:00
switch10_Jordan_U: Skipper:  maybe a reinstall?07:00
Sephy__How do I setupUbuntu to auto-connect to network of choice?07:00
EqusLopin  tryed to save all my / home     about 200 gb07:00
Skipperswitvh10: already tried07:00
Jordan_USkipper: Can you boot from a liveCD?07:00
LopinEqus, And it got it down to 16?!  It looks like it's inflating my data like 4 times over....07:01
SkipperJordon_U: yes.07:01
Nameless_auhi. is it possible to do an install with the ubuntu dvd on a usb stick?07:01
switch10_Sephy__: delete all of the other connections you made07:01
nsgngoodevening. i have installed the 185 series 64bit cuda 2.2 drivers for ubuntu only to discover they are incompatible with my specific needs. i need to obtain a 180.xx series cuda 2.2 driver but can't seem to find the older download. help?07:02
switch10_Sephy__: u can always get them back07:02
Sephy__Well, It doesn't auto-connect to the one I have always connected too either07:02
Jordan_USkipper: Please do, then pastebin the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst07:02
dj_only thing I do not like about ubuntu is that it will not read my phone's micro sd card while phone is hooked up using usb07:02
d_rwin@Flannel Upgrading Ubuntu to version 8.04 LTS : right07:02
Exori guess no help for me tonight then, later all07:02
Flanneld_rwin: correct07:03
Jordan_USkipper: (From your hard drive, not the CD)07:03
Skipperjordan_U: copy, then paste it where07:03
Jordan_USkipper: No07:03
_Apple_any one know how to fix a blue tinted screen?07:03
d_rwin@Flannel my apt sources is old 7.10 will it mater07:03
Jordan_U!paste | Skipper07:03
ubottuSkipper: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:03
EqusLopin no it said no can do07:03
LopinEqus, Yeah... Well, thanks for the help...07:04
d_rwin@Flannel: its fetching file 32 of 6507:04
EqusLopin you said you used the selection : make dist. to share ???07:05
nsgnbasically where can i find an nvidia driver version older than the current (ONLY) one nvidia offers?07:05
* D3f0 is away: Ausente por ahora07:05
Slartnsgn: there isn't a driver archive at their site?07:05
LopinEqus, Yeah, I just need a way to back up the system itself...  Ubuntu, and the packages I have downloaded.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with APT on CD, but I've yet to actually get that to work...07:05
Jordan_U!clone | Lopin07:06
ubottuLopin: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate07:06
nsgnSlart: i cant find it07:06
Skipperugh this is no help07:06
nsgnSlart: the site just seems to show the current one07:07
EqusLopin sorry I have no answer some of these programs are a bit flakey07:07
Slartnsgn: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_archive.html07:07
nsgnSlart: correction: i can't find CUDA drivers. i need CUDA07:07
LopinEqus, It's okay, I'll figure something out...07:07
nsgnwasnt clear07:07
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PrimoTurboI'm bored and have an old Pentium3, what are some cool projects to try with it. Already running web/file/torrent/music server and game emulation.07:07
disco_stuping lfaraone07:08
LopinJordan_U, Thanks for the info!  I think that might just be the same thing as backing up the selections though.  I'm going to have to go with something like APT on CD, so I won't have to download the packages again...07:08
EqusPrimoTurbo,  target shooting???07:08
=== viley is now known as vph
chrishaum1Is there a different channel I should go to for an audio question?07:10
Slartnsgn: Is there a separate CUDA driver? doesn't the regular linux display driver support CUDA?07:10
Jordan_UPrimoTurbo: Expirement with unstable projects, like btrfs07:10
nsgnSlart: i'm almost positive you have to have a CUDA specific driver07:12
_Apple_fix blue tint on LCD tv display07:12
nsgnSlart: http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_get.html07:12
Slartnsgn: because when you click on the download cuda driver link you're redirected to the regular display driver.. or that's what it looks like07:13
LopinEqus just figured it out...07:14
Geoffrey2is there an alternate address for ubuntu's keyserver?07:14
nsgnSlart: by god it looks like i am. why the f....07:14
nsgni guess i'll give that a shot. geez07:14
Cryptorchildis there any good media player for playing High Definition Movies?07:14
nsgnSlart: so cuda is just built in all the drivers?07:14
switch10_Cryptorchild: vlc?07:15
Cryptorchildswitch10_, which one? Ubuntu package or from VLC official website ?07:16
Slartnsgn: I would think so.. I have no idea when they started with CUDA though..might be a break off point at some time in history07:16
nsgnSlart: argh, my next issue is that the drivers on that page are x8607:16
switch10_Cryptorchild: sudo apt-get vlc07:16
chrishaum1What is the best math software for a college linear algebra course?  I am considering Sage Math.  Any other suggestions?07:16
_Apple_is there a way to manually take a print screen with out using the KeyBoard?07:16
Jordan_Unsgn: Anything wrong with Ubuntu's packaged drivers?07:16
sonismCryptorchild: i've played a lot of hd movies with mplayer smoothly....07:16
Jordan_U_Apple_: You can ssh in from another computer and run gnome-screenshot07:17
=== aaron__ is now known as TiMiDo
pupchrishaum1: have you tried octave, it does almost everything...07:17
Jordan_U_Apple_: Or just use gnome-screenshot's timer07:17
Slartnsgn: you choose that on the same page.. linux 32bit or linux 64bit.. just above the actual link07:17
_Apple_Jordan_U, ?07:17
nsgnSlart: from the driver archive? i'm not being offered choice07:17
chrishaum1#pup I haven't.  Does it have nice pretty formatting and a nice GUI?07:18
_Apple_Jordan_U, never heard of this07:18
Slartnsgn: http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_get.html07:18
vphIs there any wireless cards supported right off the install so you don't have to ndiswrapper or build a custom kernel?07:18
rTk_coolright now i have 3 gigs of ram with a 2.4 pentium 4 LOL with a 5900xt video card, im about to get a new harddrive..can anyone recommend a good one for runing ubuntu :)07:18
pupchrishaum1: yes, you'll find it under Add/Remove programs, there's a back end (command line) and a GUI also...07:18
pupchrishaum1: have you used MATLAB?07:19
nsgnSlart: ah, finally found a special 64 archive07:19
davidguardswitch10_: FYI... i used unetbootin to reinstall eeebuntu on the usb pen and now it works07:19
[R]rTk_cool: a good... hard drive?07:19
davidguardJordan_U: FYI... i used unetbootin to reinstall eeebuntu on the usb pen and now it works07:19
[R]vph: tons of stuff07:19
[R]vph: linuxwireless.org07:19
davidguardEqus: FYI... i used unetbootin to reinstall eeebuntu on the usb pen and now it works07:19
switch10_davidguard: right on man.07:19
[R]rTk_cool: anthing will work07:19
Jordan_U_Apple_: The default application for taking screenshots is called gnome-screenshot, if you go to Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot one of the options is to have it take the screenshot in X seconds07:19
rTk_coola cheaper one that is good07:19
vphR: Thanks07:19
rTk_coolwell i know there are some faster ones07:19
rTk_coolany recommendations?07:19
[R]rTk_cool: it make absolutely no difference07:20
[R]rTk_cool: i doubt you'll notice anything07:20
davidguardThanks for all your help guys07:20
pup@chrishaum1, are you there?07:20
=== redsoxking is now known as redsoxking|sleep
switch10_rTk_cool: just make sure your power supply can handle it07:22
switch10_I'm sure it will07:22
joejcwhats a good keyboard?07:22
switch10_Unless it's a notebook.07:22
switch10_joejc: they are all pretty good07:23
switch10_joejc: a USB one07:24
AndorinDoes anyone here use Exaile?07:24
joejci just decided programming with a wireless keyboard is a bad idea07:24
rTk_coolwhats the coolest interface for ubuntu07:24
rTk_coollike the rotating screens one or something07:24
switch10_rTk_cool:  compiz-fusion07:25
tarzeaujoejc: it's also bad for playing games07:25
rTk_cooldo i need a good computer to run it07:25
joejcworks fine07:25
joejcunless i need batteries07:25
knihtjoejc: why would it be bad for programming in particular?07:25
switch10_rTk_cool: sort of. U need 3d graphics07:25
tarzeaurTk_cool: one not older than 3-4 years, and 3d capabilities (nvidia) should be just fine07:26
knihtjoejc: my wireless uses rechargable 4xAAA and lasts for over almost two months :P07:26
joejcim using the ones from my remote after these r dead im stuck using the onscreen one07:26
arooni-mobile___how do i update ubuntu to latest version?07:27
knihts/over // # just realized it wasn't over07:27
puparooni-mobile__:use update manager!07:27
switch10_arooni-mobile___: update manager under system07:27
switch10_Prefs or admin07:28
puparooni: if you have turned on updates only for LTS, you won't see upgrade to Jaunty07:28
arooni-mobile___swiatOFF, do i need do anything to make this work?07:28
arooni-mobile___switch10_, i mean.  i have turned on some 3rd party sources07:28
vbgunzi've asked this question many times here but never got an answer. I *think* something about my Kubuntu may be encrypted. I remember seeing this option on install *but* I could have sworn I unchecked it. anyhow, when I log into tty 1 -6, I keep seeing this message -> cannot examine encrypted directory... why?07:28
rTk_coolare files like window's xp files or mac files07:29
Jordan_Uvbgunz: Do you have a directory ~/private ?07:29
vbgunzJordan_U: one sec07:29
_Apple_I need help with my secondary display07:29
knihtrTk_cool: what do you mean?07:30
vbgunzJordan_U: no. no ~/.private OR ~/private07:30
NeoTubNinjarTk_cool: awesome files07:30
switch10_arooni-mobile___: it will save all of that. I would back up your home folder and your sources.list to b sure tho07:30
Geoffrey2I'm trying to play a DVD through mplayer, it won't start playing, and I'm a lot of errors from libdvdread07:30
rTk_cooli don't know mac is just weird i don't like it07:30
Jordan_UGeoffrey2: Have you installed libdvdcss?07:31
[R]Geoffrey2: did you install libdvdcss?07:31
Geoffrey2yes, from medibuntu07:31
C-S-B_rTk_cool: mac is like unix/linux07:31
NeoTubNinjarTk_cool just worry about stuff in /home and youll be fine till you learn about everything else07:31
[R]Geoffrey2: and its a good dvd?07:31
rTk_coolthe only linux expierence i have is with my g107:32
Jordan_UrTk_cool: Files are pretty much the same on every OS. Macs used to be different with recource fork crayzyness but that went away with OSX07:32
switch10_Geoffrey2: try to play it with vlc07:32
rTk_coolahh alright07:32
rTk_coollast question07:32
rTk_coolif i resize a partition it wont format it automatically will it07:33
[R]rTk_cool: no07:33
rTk_cooltrue ok07:33
rTk_cooli just need a new hard drive so i can have a lot more space and i'll finally clean up my computer07:34
rTk_coolthere's files everywhere lol07:34
Geoffrey2vlc says it has no idea how to read a DVD07:34
vbgunzanybody get this encryption message when they log into terminals 1 - 6? what is it and why? I really dont want encryption anywhere on my drive, disk or partitions :/07:34
switch10_Geoffrey2: my vlc07:34
Jordan_Uvbgunz: Can you quote the exact error?07:34
switch10_Plays DVDs great07:35
disco_stusomeone with a dell notebook out here ?07:35
vbgunzJordan_U:  "Cannot examime encrypted directory" ... its the last message after log in :/07:35
Jordan_U!anyone | disco_stu07:35
ubottudisco_stu: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:35
rTk_coolext2 partition or ext307:35
disco_stuubottu, shut up =P07:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shut up =P07:36
rTk_coolto install ubuntu, ext2 right?07:36
NeoTubNinjaext3 imo07:36
vbgunzyeah man, the bot needs a leash. I quoted my exact error twice so far. it would be helpful if someone actually took a minute to help out. Im grateful07:36
disco_stuneed hel with hal and keycodes, but its late07:37
vbgunzthis message has been bugging me and double quote searching for it on google says absolutely nothing. I have no idea whats encrypted at this point :/07:37
yaris123456789when im making powerpoint slides, is it possible to embed a web page into the slide? kinda like using iframe07:37
rTk_coolext 2,3,4 used for ubuntu?07:38
NewFAQsEEE1000HEdbian: are you here07:38
rTk_coolgonna be running 9.0407:38
cattellaris there a way to control the fans?07:38
NeoTubNinjaext 3 because i forget what they added to 407:38
=== NewFAQsEEE1000H is now known as callum_
gleeb_does ubuntu 9.04 have mono 2+ installed?07:39
rTk_coolok thanks neo07:39
d_rwin@cattellar CPU fans?07:39
switch10_rTk_cool: ya ext4 is too new for me07:39
[R]gleeb_: i'm seeing 1.0 and 2.0 i think07:40
rTk_coolanything i should know before formatting to ext3 and installing ubuntu07:40
rTk_coolbesides im wasting time asking the question07:40
[R]rTk_cool: no07:40
rTk_coolhaha k07:41
rTk_coolbe back07:41
switch10_rTk_cool: ha good luck07:41
gleeb_[R]: theres no reason to keep bouth... i actualy had to compile the 2.4.2 from source on the 8.1 for development. but was just wondering07:42
cattellard_rwin, any fan possible07:42
d_rwincattellar: CPU fans control from BIOS07:43
gleeb_[R]: actualy if you could keep bouth that would be cool... i bet that would create massive imbigues (dont know how to spell it) functions07:43
cattellard_rwin, ok07:44
Jordan_Uvbgunz: Does "mount | grep ecryptfs" return anything?07:44
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
d_rwincattellar: change the boot menu settings07:44
=== pepito_ is now known as metal1369
vbgunzJordan_U: no. I just uninstalled ecryptfs-utils07:45
switch10_A little off topic, but I saw a new microsoft virus that shuts down CPU fan causing it to over heat and shut down. Popped in a livecd and all was well. The guy thought his computer was done for.07:45
metal1369any yahoo messenger clone aside from gyache?07:45
cattellarhi, Im experiencing an annoying sudden high pitch sound on my asus laptop , it started just after installing Ubuntu 64 bit version, but also during ubuntu's installation I had to insert the power adapter jack with extra force since it got a bit deformed, probably I stepped on it. So Im not sure which one could be the cause. The thing is I can still hear the sound while the bios is loading, I even installed ubuntu 32, which didnt give me this issue07:45
cattellar before, but the sound persists. I guess it's a fan, or something related to the hard drive because the sound starts as soon as the hd stops loading things. Any ideas of what can I do?07:45
pupmetal1369: are you unhappy with pidgin?07:46
metal1369i need to use webcam and voice07:46
metal1369pidgin doesnt support it07:46
switch10_metal1369: pidgin does both07:46
switch10_metal1369: yes07:46
SnaXdoes ubuntu support *.iso?07:46
SnaXnew to linux here07:47
switch10_SnaX: sure does07:47
Jordan_Uswitch10_: pidgin supports video now?07:47
pupswitch10_: it does? i thot that's the biggest downside to pidigin, no webcam/voice07:47
zeroplusI have a question about addition of new Hard Disk07:47
csabawhere can I set the distance between the icons on the desktop?07:47
pupSnaX: of course it does...07:47
mejobloggshow hard is it to install/setup ubuntu 9.04 to run a php server?07:47
d_rwincattellar: u hv any exp in hardware troubleshooting ?07:47
switch10_pup: sorry I guess I was using amsn07:47
pupSnaX: just right click on the .iso and mount it, or burn it...07:48
[R]mejobloggs: how hard is it for you to read instructions?07:48
[R]mejobloggs: cuz thats all it takes07:48
Jordan_Umejobloggs: Trivial07:48
switch10_Amsn is good tho07:48
[R]mejobloggs: and there is no such thing as a 'php server'07:48
supersashohi.. how can i mount ext4 partition in intrepid?07:48
zeroplusI've configured Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 on the first drive.07:48
cattellard_rwin, not really07:48
pupswitch10_: thanks for the clarification! i was shocked for a moment..07:48
csabaWhere can I set the distance between the icons on the desktop?07:48
Jordan_Umejobloggs: It's an option during install if you install with the server CD07:48
csabaI can't find it anywhere in the control panel...07:48
neil_dI was running several programs, I shut some of the down, now htop is reporting that 316/956MB swap used.... how do I reset the swap figures to represent what is currently being used?07:48
mejobloggsJordan_U: yeah ive already installed server, but i didnt choose it at the time. How do i select it now?07:49
newb2linuxdoes anyone know how I could get a minimal install of ubuntu to boot into XBMC on boot ?07:49
switch10_pup: I get those 2 mixed up all the time.07:49
[R]neil_d: that IS what is being used07:49
newb2linuxusing X ?07:49
zeroplusBut whenever I attach the second Hard drive (ntfs parted), It shows "missing OS"07:49
csabawhere can I set the distance between the icons on the desktop?07:49
d_rwincattellar: u can open the cabinet and check if something obstructing the fan07:49
neil_d[R]: so once used swap is never freed?07:49
d_rwincattellar: just rotate and check07:50
KoolDwhat should i chmod my music folder in my home directory to allow access to all users on my pc to the folder /music which is a symlink to the music folder on my home folder.(07:50
[R]neil_d: it'll be freed when it needs to be07:50
cattellard_rwin, hmm it's a laptop so I'm not too confident on doing that07:50
[R]neil_d: it doesnt hurt to have stuff in there07:50
csabawhere can I set the distance between the icons on the desktop?07:50
d_rwincattellar: u hv dell?07:50
cattellard_rwin, asus07:50
[R]csaba: are you just going to say the same thing over and over again every minuite?07:50
mneptok!repeat | csaba07:50
ubottucsaba: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:51
cattellard_rwin, do you think me inserting the power jack has something to do with it? I just had to push a bit harder07:51
csabaNOBODY knows how to set the distance between icons??07:51
vbgunzJordan_U: I hope I dont kill myself here but I got rid of the message. I renamed ~/.ecryptfs to ~/.ecryptfs__backup and then used apt-get to autoremove ecryptfs-utils. I logged back into terminal and didn't get the encrypted message07:51
switch10_csaba: I don't07:51
neil_d[R]: anway to flush it... the programs using have been terminated.07:51
[R]csaba: or you have just annoyed everyone that they dont want to answer07:51
[R]neil_d: and the point is?07:51
csabahow difficult can it be...07:52
switch10_csaba: google it07:52
[R]csaba: well... it could also be that no one knows what you are talking about07:52
neil_d[R]: I wan't a current figure on swap usage, not something hours old.07:52
d_rwincattellar: no,    u gonna hv to call the h/W engineer07:52
[R]neil_d: that IS the swap usage07:52
[R]neil_d: that is how much stuff is currently7 in it07:52
csabathis is all I found: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=751696107:52
csabaand nobody answered to that guy either07:52
romulohi there, are the mirrors down?07:52
cattellard_yeah probably07:52
Jordan_Umejobloggs: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/php5.html07:53
dj_I know how to change icon spacing07:53
newb2linuxAny idean on how to have a minimal install of ubuntu auto boot to a program using X ? ?                                                       ______07:53
mejobloggsJordan_U: thanks man07:53
d_rwincattellar: try limiting the fan speed if it helps!07:53
dj_hold the left mouse button and move them07:53
DreamgliderGood Morning07:53
Jordan_Umejobloggs: Np, the rest of the server guide documentation is pretty good as well :)07:53
csabadj_: yes but is there some overall settings that would change the entire grid?07:53
csabaso the distance would not be 50 pixels but less07:53
neil_d[R]: ok, to put it another way, can I move data from the swap back to main memory?07:54
[R]neil_d: if the kernel need something in ram... it'll put it there07:54
newb2linuxAny idean on how to have a minimal install of ubuntu AUTOBOOT to a program using X ? ?   ----______----______----______----______----______  :)07:55
mneptoknewb2linux: please don;t do that07:55
callum_hi everyone is it safe to remove evolution mail from ubuntu 9.0407:55
callum_i dont need it -07:55
newb2linuxk. .07:55
switch10_callum_: yes very safe07:55
[R]callum_: you can remvoe wahtever you want07:55
mneptokcallum_: just make sure it's not taking the ubuntu-desktop metapackage with it07:56
csabachanging the zoom level to less than 100% will also not reduce the spacing between icons07:56
callum_switch10_ i cant find it in the synaptics manager and when using add/remove it says to use syn07:56
switch10_callum_: I don't live evolution. Never have07:56
mneptok[R]: no. some apps are a dependency of ubuntu-desktop07:56
[R]mneptok: and?07:56
mneptok[R]: and that removes GNOME, all GTK apps, X11 ...07:56
Dulakmneptok: ubuntu-desktop is perfectly fine to remove, as long as you don't autoremove it you are fine07:56
switch10_callum_: it's in there. Search installed programs07:56
[R]mneptok: it most certainly does not07:57
Dulakmneptok: that's only an issue if you autoremove afaik07:57
mneptokDulak: if so, that's new as of Jaunty.07:57
Jordan_Ucsaba: I can't test right now as I'm not using gnome, but try apps > nautilus > icon view > default_use_tighter_layout07:57
newb2linuxWhat is 9.10 going to be called ?07:58
Jordan_Umneptok: No it's not07:58
Dulakmneptok: nope been like that at least since dapper, I always remove that package07:58
csabaJordan_U: that's already set (use compact layout) and still not good :(07:58
Jordan_U!ubuntu-desktop | mneptok07:58
ubottumneptok: k/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.07:58
supersashohi.. how can i mount ext4 partition in intrepid?07:58
csabafrom what I can see it's not possible to set the icon spacing07:58
mneptokJordan_U: the upgrade will cause issues, as ubottu says07:58
LLStarksnautilus has such wonky clicking behavior in list mode.07:59
callum_i search evolution mail and evolution and nothing... comes up under  evolution mail07:59
Jordan_Umneptok: I think update-manager re-installs it before upgrades automatically07:59
switch10_callum_: on the bottom left in synaptic there are filters. You will find evolution by only showing installed apps07:59
mneptokcallum_: and just search for evolution07:59
switch10_Or you should anyway07:59
callum_there is a evolution labelled mail and organizer app?08:00
callum_so do i click remove - or completely remove08:00
bkraptorhow can I make firefox 3.5 get all the branding in jaunty?08:01
switch10_callum_: I do completely remove.08:01
bkraptorcurrently it's called shiretoko08:01
LLStarkscan anyone confirm this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=760747508:01
brmassaguys... i opened several programs that was needed to use Swap memory. But now i closed almost all but there is still things on Swap (even with free ram), slowing the pc. is there a way to force the migration?08:02
=== Darnn is now known as Darn
callum_ok now that's done - i amm a noob at ubuntu 4x days now lol i can't get flash working in OPERA - I dont' like firefox08:03
em056what's the use of wine???08:03
Dulakbrmassa: turn off the swap with swapoff then you can turn it back on, it'll force it to page in08:03
[R]em056: to run windows programs08:04
csabaI've found gconf-editor which sets everything in gnome, except the icon spacing...08:04
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:04
em056where can i download it???08:04
[R]em056: its in apt...08:04
Pluxiigood morning good evening whatever the case may be =)08:04
levanderDoes anyone know how to test for dead pixels when you're using GNOME?08:04
callum_So does anyone know hot to get flash working in Opera -08:04
callum_And will there ever be a ShockWave ADOBE Player made for linux based systems?08:05
switch10_callum_: does it work in firefox?08:05
callum_switch10_ yeah it does -08:05
Pluxiii have an install question, feel free to pm me or respond on here, i will await a response and not bug you08:05
callum_em056: Go to applications add/remove and search for it -08:05
em056ah ok tnx08:06
brmassaDulak: thanks a lot. it seems to work nice08:06
switch10_callum_: good call. I always forget about add/remove08:06
switch10_Pluxii: callum_: what is your question08:07
SlartPluxii: just ask your question08:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xine08:07
callum_My question was does anyone know how to get flash working in opera, when i insstall firefox it seems to work, on that08:07
naftais there a way to install older packages in ubuntu?08:08
Pluxiii have previously only used ubuntu inside of my VMware, i decided i wanted to go ahead and actually install it, i went ahead and partitioned 50 gigs off my HDD, to be honest, i'm not sure how to install it to where i can dual boot my OS's08:08
naftaim trying to get to install mysql 4.0.1608:08
switch10_callum_: I meant just the other guy sorry08:08
naftabut i dont know where to start08:08
naftathe source wont compile08:09
linxing_get source code08:09
Slartnafta: if you can get hold of the deb you can install it using gdebi or similar.. from repositories... I'm not sure08:09
em056do i still need to install my drivers hardware in ubuntu???08:09
callum_why is my sound fuzzed?08:09
[R]Pluxii: its all automatic08:09
Pluxiias of now that partition is unallocated, shold i leave it that way?08:09
[R]Pluxii: when you install it i'll find your other operating system and automatically allow you to boot into it08:09
callum_Like when it makes a computer error or sound the speakers become blurred and make static noise08:09
[R]Pluxii: thats what it has to be08:09
naftaSlart: is there a way to access older repositories?08:10
naftasay jaunty?08:10
newb2linuxAny idean on how to have a minimal install of ubuntu auto boot to a program using X ? ?                                                       ______08:10
Pluxiilovely, thanks all! i'm in my first semester of my ISS degree so i'm trying to learn different OS's, but obviously i'm not terribly good at this yet08:10
em056why i cant play movies?08:10
[R]nafta: installing old package is only going to help you break your system08:10
naftaI need mysql 4.0.16...08:10
Slartnafta: I'm not sure if the older packages are still kept in the repos or if they are removed once they are replaced by a new version.. but you can always have a look in the old-releases.ubuntu.com repository08:10
[R]nafta: you NEED?08:11
Slartnafta: but I would suggest compiling it from source instead of using the older package.. they are updated for a reason.. might be a serious reason08:11
switch10_em056: type this into terminal:  sudo apt-get install vlc08:11
naftais that hard to understnad?08:11
em056how to activate my compiz?08:11
[R]nafta: so compile it08:11
naftaSlart: hrmm..i spose...thanks a lot man08:11
[R]em056: its under system -> prefs -> appearance08:11
naftabut the compiler is throwing an error....about Linuxthreads08:12
Pluxiithanks again, and hopefully all will go well, if not i'll be back08:12
naftanot been found08:12
Slartnafta: you're welcome.. hope you get it figured out08:12
[R]nafta: sounds like you're not comliing it properly08:12
newb2linuxAny idean on how to have a minimal install of ubuntu auto boot to a program using X ? ?                                                       ______08:12
Slartnewb2linux: use autologin, put the program in the session part in X08:12
Slart!session | newb2linux08:12
ubottunewb2linux: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot08:12
kizzaOK EVERYONE08:12
Slartkizza: caps.. please08:13
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Slartkizza: http://popcon.ubuntu.com/08:14
newb2linuxhas to be done from erminal ubottu08:14
CraigGBhi could anyone possibly tell me the latest kernel available in 'intrepid'?, its more compatible with my system and as im using another distro i would like to use that one :), much appreciated08:14
Slartnewb2linux: using ubuntu server?08:14
newb2linuxNot to sure.08:14
newb2linuxIts aXBMCLive08:14
em056how to install compiz fusion??? because its not yet installed08:15
newb2linuxI think its just a minimal jaunty install.08:15
kizzathat did not help'08:15
[R]em056: compiz is instlaled by default08:15
newb2linuxis there a way I can tell ?08:15
kizzai want to know all the good apps to install08:15
[R]kizza: whatever you want08:15
Apollo2366What would I want the mount point to be for a dvd-iso?08:16
Slartnewb2linux: you downloaded the iso from the xbmc site?08:16
newb2linuxyep .08:16
em056but wat will i do to have some effects like the cube?08:16
kizzawhat apps do u all use'08:16
AndorinDoes anyone here use Exaile?08:16
newb2linuxi recently compiled SVN of XBMC08:16
iceroot!anyone | Andorin08:16
ubottuAndorin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:16
newb2linuxsutoboot feature stoped working after that ?08:16
Slartkizza: the popularity contest makes statistics about what packages people have installed.. you won't find a better source of what the community thinks is "good software" than that08:16
icerootem056: install compiz08:16
newb2linuxI think that the autoboot is setu for XBMC-live and the SVN isnt live .08:17
Slartkizza: of course, you could ask a real sensible question08:17
bjorkintoshis there an ubuntu-annoyances page somewhere?08:17
AndorinI don't really have a technical problem; I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any good skins for Exaile, since there aren't many out there.08:17
bjorkintoshi can't seem to find one.08:17
kizzaslart: whats that question08:17
Slart!lol |  kizza08:18
ubottukizza: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.08:18
newb2linuxuse LULZ.08:18
Slartkizza: there is an offtopic channel for the kind of stuff you're asking.. try it08:19
rootlinuxusr /b/ is that way >>08:19
LLStarkshi. how do i unlink an accidental "open with"?08:19
rootlinuxusrAlso, how can I change the menu text color in 9.04?08:19
SlartLLStarks: right click on a file, select properties. I think there is something in there somewhere08:19
mralexandrois there a virtual pc software for ubuntu08:19
Slart!vm | mralexandro08:19
kizzahow do i use aircrack-ng08:19
ubottumralexandro: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications08:19
Andorinrootlinuxusr: Have you poked around Preferences --> Appearance, Customize button, Colors tab?08:19
em056what will i do when i use my virtual box my cd drive and usb are cannot be detected on my windows os on virtual box08:19
newb2linuxslart: do you have any understanding on how autoboot works ?08:19
Slartkizza: you read the documentation on their site.. this channel won't help you with it08:20
Slartnewb2linux: autoboot? can't say I do.. sorry08:20
mralexandroSlart, there must be one that is the most stable right? :P08:20
newb2linuxThanks .08:20
rootlinuxusrYeah I have, I've changed all of them - nothing seems to change them08:21
Slartmralexandro: I wouldn't really know.. I've only used virtualbox, which works nicely for me.. I run some MS systems on that.. and a couple of ubuntu systems08:21
Apollo2366Hey, guys. Say I have an .iso file of a DVD movie that I'd like to watch without burning said file to a dvd. I installed an image mounting program, but I still have a question. Is there any specific place that I need to mount the image to watch the movie? Thanks in advance.08:21
em056what is the best software to use for having another operating system like wine?08:21
[R]Apollo2366: any where you want08:21
[R]Apollo2366: but i know like mplayer supports playing an .iso directly08:22
switch10_Apollo2366: vlc will play it directly08:22
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
mralexandroSlart, ok i apreciate your help. do you remember if virtualbox let you add usb "slot" for the virtual machine, so that it would be excactly like having it in the virtual machine?08:22
em056but what is the easiest to use?08:22
Slartem056: wine isn't an emulator.. you might want to try virtualbox.. but it's a different beast compared to wine08:22
Apollo2366[R], switch10_, thanks guys08:22
tyochow do I delete an old kernel after an update to a new kernel?08:22
em056what is the use of wine?08:23
Slartmralexandro: if you download the install package from the virtualbox website it does... the one in the repos is the OSE version.. that means no usb and possibly some other small differences08:23
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:23
em056how about vmware?08:23
mralexandroalright Slart thanks:D08:23
Slartem056: to run windows binaries on a linux system.. there is no emulation or such08:23
poiuyI'm running jaunty (9.04) 64 bit version.  I'm compiling some c source files.  Is there anything I should know in regards to this?  For example, I do a 'printf("%lu", sizeof(int));' which returns 4...shouldn't it be 8?08:23
mralexandrosame with vmware too right?08:23
[R]em056: vmware is a virtualization environment08:23
rootlinuxusrDoes Awn have an IRC channel?08:23
Slartem056: vmware does the same thing as virtualbox.. neither is useful for running games, if that's the plan08:24
rootlinuxusrNeed some halp setting up the water ripple effect with awn.08:24
[R]poiuy: no08:24
rogstem056: In my opinion Virtualbox has better performance for running 1 or 2 machines on your desktop computer the vmware08:24
switch10_rootlinuxusr: isn't that a compiz effect?08:24
mralexandroSlart, not at all08:24
Dulakpoiuy: the memory space is doubled, not the size of a language type08:24
em056why doesnt virtual box cant be use in gaming?08:25
[R]poiuy: an int * would be 808:25
switch10_em056: to slow08:25
SnaXHow the F do i get to my desktop when in Terminal08:25
[R]em056: 3d isn't very good in virtualbox08:25
poiuy[r], dulak, shouldn't int's be size of the word length of the computer?08:25
[R]SnaX: huh?08:25
Slartem056: graphics performance.. they still emulate a graphics card, sound card etc.. that takes power08:25
switch10_SnaX: starts08:25
The_Warlockwhy is my xinitrc not read when my system boots? i am using jaunty08:25
[R]poiuy: they don't have to be08:25
csabaSnaX: ctrl+f&08:25
Slartmralexandro: huh?08:25
rogstem056: Well there is an option in virtualbox to enable 3D acceleration in the virutal machine, but I dont know how good it is yet08:25
switch10_SnaX: startx08:25
mralexandroSlart,  you said if gaming was the plan, i replied not at all:D08:25
Slartmralexandro: ahh =)08:26
mralexandrobut if your bios support hardware virtualisaton, shouldnt it then let you use your graphic card better?08:26
SnaXIm in ubuntu. i am in the graphic interface and all08:26
poiuy[r], dulak, thanks08:26
SnaXbut i open terminal from Accessories08:26
SnaXbut how do i navigate in terminal to the desktop.08:26
Slartrogst: not very good at all =/ but it's a start I guess08:26
mralexandrorogst, how do you think it is in vmware compared ?08:26
SnaXim switching over from windows. so its all basically new to me08:27
[R]SnaX: the desktop is in /home/blah/Desktop08:27
em056do i still install my nvidia driver? for my vcard?08:27
tyocdpkg -P is the same than in synaptic select "uninstall completely"?08:27
DulakSnax: ~/Desktop should work08:27
Slartmralexandro: i don't think so... I think the virtualbox people even says their implementation is faster than using the hardware supported extensions08:27
The_Warlockdoesnt jaunty need an xinitrc or xsession?08:27
TrijntjeSnax: cd Desktop is the exact command. You can type `man cd` to read the manual of the cd command08:27
rogstmralexandro: Vmware does not have 3D acceleration in hte virtual machines, expect in Vmware Fusion for Mac08:27
DulakThe_Warlock: it doesn't need it, it will let you use system default sessions, or you can force a session with xsession08:28
Slartem056: in virtualbox? no.. the virtual machine will have an  emulated graphics card.. of some other generic brand.. same thing with network cards, sound cards etc08:28
SnaXah worked. thanks large!08:28
mralexandroSlart, rogst so you guys are saying virtual pc softwares are more developed in mac and pc world?08:28
mralexandrofor now..08:28
DulakDidn't the new virtualbox make a big thing about 3d accelerated graphics?08:29
Slartmralexandro: I have no idea.. I haven't tried virtualbox or vmware on a windows/mac machine08:29
em056but when i try it it cant detect my usb and cd drive..... what maybe the problem08:29
Slartmralexandro: but I don't think there is much of a difference08:29
The_WarlockDulak: i am using some configs for my urxvt which i need to be loaded at startup08:30
mralexandroSlart,  ok:) guess i can check it out on all of them, it could be my new blog article. ill check it out guys08:30
Bilbo_BagginsI'm assuming Mr. Warlock....but Don't you have a Xsession running?  Gnome / KDE / etc... maybe this site will help.... http://fluxbox.sourceforge.net/docbook/en/html/a802.html08:30
mralexandrobut only two! vmware and virtualbox08:30
mralexandrothats it, unless there is one i should try as well08:30
rTk^coolok i f'd up bad08:30
Dulakmralexandro: on my mac I play wow under parallels and I get decent fps08:30
rTk^coolvery very bad, i need help im on my phone08:31
switch10_em056: u have to set it up in settings. There are 2 different versions of virtualbox. The one from their website supports USB08:31
EvelinaI have problem getting rtcwake work. When I run it like: sudo rtcwake -s 120 nothing happens.08:31
mralexandroDulak, well i have played age of mythology in wine so:) everything works i guess:)08:31
rogstmralexandro: They are not more developed, Vmware's enterprise product is still for pc, but their desktop product for Mac Vmware Fusion allows the virutal machine to use the graphics card for 3D08:31
em056it that the latest one?08:31
switch10_em056: sure08:31
EvelinaWhen I use sudo rtcwake -s 120 -m mem the computer suspend and then restart but without showing the desktop.08:31
rTk^cooli was partitioning my hard drive and i didnthave  a cd burner in for the ubuntu iso..and i tried to plug one in and it shrted the circuit lol08:31
switch10_em056: 3.0 is the latest08:32
naftaanyone know how can i force the dpkg -i to stop trying to meet the dependencies?08:32
Evelina...and sudo rtcwake -s 120 -m disk restart but stop at the progress bar where Ubuntu loads.08:32
rTk^coolnow i get interrupted operation insert recovery cd or other recovery media08:32
mralexandrorogst, so you are saying no point of even testing the 3d feature? after what dulak says i kind of get the feeling something is under development?08:32
rTk^cooli dont have a  windows cd  or a ubuntu cd  or  a recovery  cd..08:32
rTk^coolcan someone please  help me08:32
EvelinaWhy does rtcwake stop working?08:32
em056i think wine is very difficult to use because it have many commands to type to open windows app... what can you say08:32
Dulakmralexandro: the newest version of virtualbox claims 3d accelleration, I have not played with it at all yet08:32
rTk^coolanyone have an idea08:33
SnaXwhat.. i cant get this thing to install08:33
Slartmralexandro: the 3d feature is being developed.. last year it didn't even exist.. now it's an experimental feature in virtualbox, at least... who knows.. perhaps in a year or two we'll have full hardware acceleration =)08:33
mralexandrorTk^cool, what os are you in now?08:33
rTk^coolandroid lol08:33
rogstmralexandro: I have not tried how good the 3D acceleration is in virtualbox so that one could be worth a try, but since vmware's products for pc dont offer that functionallity (yet at least) its hard to try :D08:33
rTk^coolmy computer wont start08:33
switch10_rTk^cool: dude you might be sol. U r gonna need a live cd.08:34
moymoyrTk^cool: you're typing pretty fast on your phone08:34
rTk^cooli have a keyboard08:34
switch10_I'm on my phone08:34
Bilbo_BagginsIf your comp will not start...You may have burnt the board by trying to plug in a drive while it was running.08:34
mralexandroSlart, :D that would be cool, but i think it will take more time, first they will have to fix the feature so that it can be optimized be supported hardware, that is supported from the "root"(bios":D08:34
rTk^cooldont say that.08:34
rTk^coolit starts i just get an error08:35
Bilbo_BagginsKk, then there is something to work with.08:35
rTk^cooli was partitioning my hd08:35
mralexandrorTk^cool, only computer in house?08:35
rTk^coolthen i shrted the circuit08:35
rTk^coolnow i start up and  it  saysinterrupted operation08:35
switch10_rTk^cool: man I bet it's just the hard drive then08:36
Slartmralexandro: I'm not actually sure they are aiming for the full thing.. just having accelerated graphics would be a big advantage.. sound cards, network card and other stuff isn't so important... they might even just be aiming for ati and nvidia cards and ignoring the rest.. but even that would be a big thing08:36
rTk^coolwell my bitchass step mom has  a pw  on  hers08:36
rTk^coolit wont let me get into system recovery08:36
em056is there a block file in ubuntu???08:36
Slartmralexandro: but this is getting offtopic for #ubuntu  , go try the 3d acceleration stuff in virtualbox.. don't expect to much though08:36
rTk^cooli have  two hard drives in this  computer08:36
MadpilotrTk^cool, language, thanks. Also, trying to hotpllug a drive = not too clever...08:36
rTk^coolboth with  windowsxp08:36
mralexandroSlart, yup i guess.. but that is a feature i think needs to be supported form bios08:36
gamla_kossanhi people. anyone have a clue where I can find the logs for networkmanager?08:36
mralexandroSlart, ok i will stop that discussion:D08:36
rTk^coollol yeah i am  an idiot08:37
switch10_rTk^cool: try to boot from other drive08:37
rTk^cooli did08:37
Slartgamla_kossan: it might just log its stuff to the syslog.. if there is a log it's probably somewhere in /var/log/08:37
rTk^coolone says no boot foundor whatever08:37
mralexandrorogst, will try it in ubuntu first then,,,08:37
rTk^coolthe  othersaya interrupted operation08:37
rTk^coolthis sucks08:38
gamla_kossanSlart: thanks, but I've already checked messages and well whatever I can think is even half reasonable unde r/var/log/ :/08:38
rTk^cooli knew ubuntu was a  bad idea  tonight08:38
em056because when i install ubuntu then i try to format it to windows my PC is keep on restarting but when i try to install again ubuntu it stop restarting.... what may be the problem?08:38
gamla_kossanSlart: you wouldn't happen to have used the openvpn-plugin for netowrkmaanager?08:38
Slartgamla_kossan: there isn't a configuration option for logging in the network manager?08:39
switch10_rTk^cool: always have a few live CDs around in the future08:39
Slartgamla_kossan: nope.. never messed with vpn.. sorry08:39
mralexandroSlart, rogst not to be off topic, but the virtualbox has a driect line to download spesific package of latest version for the three latest ubuntu versions!:D08:39
mralexandrothats coool08:39
rTk^coolcan I get some from a computer store for free? or from best buy?08:39
moymoyrTk^cool: does your stepmom use the Administrator account? or does she use a separate account? (i'm assuming she uses windows)08:40
Slartmralexandro: yes.. I use them myself..works great08:40
nah-oI know this isn't the right channel to ask but I'm hardware illiterate and I couldn't find a proper channel so I'll go ahead, I've removed the left side case of my pc (pentium q6600) and the temps are like 10C lower even though the case has a fan attached to it, is there any use for that fan ? Also is it a good idea to leave the computer without the left side case attached ?08:40
rTk^coolonly one account which is the admin08:40
switch10_rTk^cool: ubuntu is a live cd08:40
Dulaknah-o: it won't hurt anything, one of my computers has always run hot and I've left the side off for over 2 years now without any problems, except a bit more dust inside there than normal.08:41
Slartnah-o: yes, offtopic.. #hardware might be better.. .. but if you count out pets, small children and so on, I don't think there is a problem with having the case open.. it might look ugly though and get a bit dusty in there.. but what computer doesn't get dusty08:41
rTk^coolI know can I get one from a store or only downloaded or offline08:41
switch10_rTk^cool: download ISO and burn to disk when you can08:41
rTk^coolthat's what I was. doing08:41
rTk^coollol until I tried. to hotplug my cd burner08:42
switch10_rTk^cool: you can buy them online. I've never seen them in a store08:42
rTk^coolalright, ill. wait until tomorrow08:42
nah-othanks guys08:43
nah-obut what about the fan attached to the case08:43
mralexandroSlart, i cant find the "exectuable" in the bin folder *embarrased*08:43
Slartmralexandro: for virtualbox?08:44
switch10_nah-o: ya the fan on the case helps cool it. What's the question?08:44
rootlinuxusrWhen I click on the ubuntu menu - is there a way to get that sub-menu transparent?08:44
Slartmralexandro: /usr/bin/VirtualBox on my machine08:45
Trijntjecan someone tell me how to get to #tor at irc.oftc.net using pidgin? I know its a dumb question but i dont know what to google on08:45
stealth-do all distros and systems use the same module for firewire? if so, whats it called?08:45
mralexandroSlart, mine too:) but not just /bin hehe:D08:45
moymoyrootlinuxusr: you mean with compiz?08:46
Slartmralexandro: =)08:46
switch10_Trijntje: click join chat on the top left menu and type in the name of the irc channel08:46
rootlinuxusr @moymoy with anything, but compiz would be cool.08:46
icerootstealth-: lsmod  there you will find something like ieee08:47
nsadminstealth-: there are too many distros, and wayyy alotta systems... so, I dunno :) but what if you describe the situation YOU are experiencing directly08:47
Machtinheyho.. how to get rid of an old module? (libpurple).. i installed it once manually, but now my messenger keeps using this old version, though i got a new one08:47
moymoyrootlinuxusr: you have the compiz settings manager installed right?08:47
icerootMachtin: sudo apt-get remove programname08:47
Machtiniceroot: hm, not really08:47
Machtinthe aptitude one is the correct version, but the messenger keeps using another one (in another directory)08:48
stealth-nsadmin: well I looking to explain to a general audience how to blacklist firewire08:48
rTk^coolfirst expierence with ubuntu was negative due to my own stupidity08:49
Symphony#join maths08:49
Alocadohello. i'm using karmic and have a problem booting the 2.6.31-* kernels, i get an error message like "ata1: illegal qc_active transition".. anybody who knows about this error?08:49
nsadminstealth-: ahh... so in addition to your other info sources, ##linux could help too08:49
Slart!karmic | Alocado08:49
ubottuAlocado: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:49
switch10_rTk^cool: you didn't even get it on a cd08:49
rTk^coolwhat i dont get  is why my c:/ isnt working when i was partitioning my d:/08:49
moymoyrootlinuxusr: alright open it up go to -> Opacity, Brightness and Saturation -> click new -> put in 'PopupMenu' without the quotes and it's case sensitive.. then use the slider to determine how transparent you want it08:49
stealth-nsadmin: thanks, ill ask them08:49
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
rTk^coolhaha thanks switch08:49
sgleo87anybody here who can help me with a gnome do problem? when I let gnome-do launch at startup the docky bar does not show up and I cannot summon it to enter commands (although the notification icon shows up and I can go into the preferences menu, etc.) But when I close it through the system monitor and then start it normally after boot it works just fine...anybody know what causes this?08:50
moymoyrootlinuxusr: also, if you want to make menus from the gnome-panels transparent, you'll have to set one for 'gnome-panel' also08:50
moymoyrootlinuxusr: Gnome-panel08:50
Trijntjeswitch10_: pidgin then says no such channel08:50
SlartSalut kaka, this channel is english only.. #ubuntu-fr for french speaking support08:52
switch10_Trijntje: how did you get here? Follow the same steps but replace #ubuntu with whatever channel you are trying to get to08:52
rootlinuxusr @moymoy the lower the number the less you can see right?08:53
moymoyrootlinuxusr: yup08:53
=== MadMax is now known as Guest28222
EvelinaAnyone knows why rtcwake wakes the computer immediately even when I write: sudo rtcwake -s 120?08:54
Trijntjeswitch10_:I've got it now, thanks a lot for your help08:55
EvelinaWhy does it then answer: rtcwake: wakeup from "standby" using /dev/rtc0 at Mon Jul 13 07:51:49 2009 directly?08:55
rootlinuxusr @moymoy Okay, I've set both to 5% - No effect still has the normal grey background.08:55
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switch10_Trijntje: no08:55
switch10_Trijntje: *np08:56
moymoyrootlinuxusr: you're trying to make your menus transparent right?08:56
localwhat programs could automatically udpate hosts.deny on their own?08:56
mralexandroSlart, where is a channel i can ask for virtual pc quesitons?08:56
moymoyrootlinuxusr: did you remember to check the box to enable "Opacity, Brightness and saturation" ?08:56
Slartmralexandro: #vbox08:57
mralexandroSlart, thanks:D08:57
Slartmralexandro: you're welcome08:57
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rootlinuxusr @moymoy yup, opacity, brightness and saturation is checked - should opacify be checked?08:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:58
switch10_Does anyone know if there is a ardour channel?08:58
moymoyrootlinuxusr: nope.. opacify doesn't need to be checked... okay. it's still not working?08:58
moymoyrootlinuxusr: by menus, you mean the right 'click' right?08:58
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
moymoyrootlinuxusr: the 'right click' *08:58
rootlinuxusrNope, those are opacified, I mean like applications - places - system08:59
petrolmanHi, is there an how-to for localizing ubuntu? I would like to change the charset utf-8 to iso-8859-1508:59
moymoyrootlinuxusr: okay, in addition, you add another entry for 'alacarte', see if that helps09:00
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
rootlinuxusrNope, neither alacarte or Alacarte does nothing.09:01
Slartpetrolman: I don't know if there is a howto.. but I'm pretty sure there is a localization irc channel.. #ubuntu-loco perhaps?09:01
Slart!irc | petrolman09:01
ubottupetrolman: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:01
vbgunzhow do you get a framebuffer resolution greater than that which vesa offers? I would really like the framebuffer to match my monitors native resolution of 1920x1080 *but* wow, I am overwhelmed by failure. anyone got some hints and clues about this?09:02
Kartagishow can I delete a directory named ~ ?09:04
[R]Kartagis: \~09:04
Kartagis[R], it goes back to ~09:05
SlartKartagis: rm ./~  doesn't work?09:05
[R]Kartagis: what are you doing?09:05
[R]what do yuou mean it "goes back"09:05
moymoyrootlinuxusr: hmm.. are you sure? try changing up the numbers... i only have 'Gnome-panel' , 'PopupMenu' entries... and my menus are transparent09:05
SlartKartagis: or simply use the full path.. that might work too09:05
Kartagis[R], when I type rm -rf \~ and hit Tab, it is completed to /home/username09:06
SlartKartagis: it seems rm '~' works too.. at least on my computer09:06
SlartKartagis: don't press tab09:06
[R]Kartagis: what does ls -d \~ say?09:06
KartagisSlart, I want to make sure I don't remove the wrong folder09:07
SlartKartagis: I just tried   rm /~   and it worked nicely09:08
SlartKartagis: my home folder is still there09:08
Kartagisdamn! rm ~ removed some of MY files09:08
moymoyKartagis: can you move it out of your home folder and then do a rm -rf ~/folder/path/\~ ?09:08
SlartKartagis: yes.. rm ~ will do that.. but not rm /~09:08
CQmorning... I'm missing the recording tab in teh mixer window, but I see microphones i nthe HDA Intel Tab... any ideas on whether a recording tab should be there?09:09
KeranuI'm having some serious boot problems with Ubuntu09:09
moymoyKartagis: ~ always points to your home directory... you have to escape it with the backslash!09:09
KeranuI think the problem lies with my BIOS and the way it's detecting my hard drives09:09
SlartKartagis: if you're worried about loosing files do a mv instead of rm ... that way you'll still have the files, even if something goes bad09:10
KeranuSo here's the problem:09:10
moymoyKartagis: i just used \~ to delete a folder named ~ ... it works09:10
zhoujingruiwhy in my streamtuner the live 365 no channels?09:11
KeranuI've tried installing Ubuntu with Windows XP many times and I end up either being able to boot up straight to XP with no sight of Ubuntu or I'll be able to boot up GRUB but when I click on XP, it gives me error 21 (selected disk does not exist, I think)09:11
rootlinuxusrinstall xp first then reinstall ubuntu?09:12
rootlinuxusr @moymoy http://rootlinuxusr.com/images/Screenshot.png09:13
moymoyKeranu: is that possible? if you can boot into GRUB, then GRUB should have already written over the MBR, but it seems like you have two loaders loaded in the MBR?09:13
KeranuI tried installing Grub from the Ubuntu installer on every possible path when I made partitions for Windows XP and Ubuntu on the same hard drive09:13
KeranuNow I am trying to install Ubuntu on my second hard drive instead09:13
KeranuWhen I tried this, I installed Grub to (hd1), but now when I try to boot my system, it says Grub Hard Disk Error09:13
CraigGBhi, if i downloaded the kernel source for a ubuntu kernel would it already be mostly preconfigured without copying a .config file across??09:13
rootlinuxusrSettings as they stand. maybe there's a different name for gnome-panel?09:13
[R]Keranu: you shoudl install grub to your first rrive09:14
CQKeranu look in /boot/grub/menu.lst and see if everything there is correct for XP. Google that, and you'll find a lot of help09:14
Pluxiihello, i seem to have a problem after installing, i created a 50gb partition for this to install to, and i let it select where it was installing, long story short somehow it missed it's mark and i only have 96mb of free space, how do i uninstall and try again?09:14
rootlinuxusrJust run through the install again?09:15
Pluxiiwill that uninstall this installation?09:15
kdubPluxii: it will. you can also use gparted to resize partitions09:16
Kartagisfortunately I removed it, and none of my crucial files were removed09:16
rootlinuxusrIf you set it to delete the partition.09:16
kdubPluxii: run gparted from a live cd though, if you need to change the size of the root partition09:16
KeranuAt this point I am running the live CD and reformatted the second hard drive that I installed Ubuntu on but I'm still getting the Grub Hard Disk Error09:16
KeranuLuckily I can still access my Windows files, so I'll have those backed up before I try anything else09:16
moymoyrootlinuxusr: hmm .. try changing 'Gnome-panel' to 'class=Gnome-panel'09:16
yaboocan anyone recommend me what is good webcam software to take images on ubuntu09:16
Pluxiiso pop in the live CD while the os is up?09:17
CQKeranu: playing with grub shouldn't kill anything09:17
[R]yaboo: cheese... i'm pretty sure its installed by default...09:17
Pluxiito run the gparted?09:17
rootlinuxusr=] that's better. Now just to perfect it09:17
moymoyPluxii: there's no such thing as uninstalling an OS .. all you have to do is delete the partition and start over =]09:17
Pluxiii see i see =) thanks much09:18
KeranuIt's causing me problems right now, nonetheless. So I'm gonna do fixmbr on my Windows CD after I back up my files.09:18
SyphonSilenthey guys09:18
SyphonSilenthow do I use my mic on linux?09:18
kdubPluxii: as far as i understand the problem, you just need to resize the partition09:18
SyphonSilentHow do I use a microphone on linux09:18
kdubSyphonSilent: repeating yourself is just annoying09:19
kdubif someone knows how, they will help you09:19
moymoykdub: use bots to dirty your hands09:19
CQSyphonSilent: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html09:20
kdubmoymoy: ?09:20
CraigGBhi, if i downloaded the kernel source for a ubuntu kernel would it already be mostly preconfigured without copying a .config file across when compiling?09:20
KeranuWhen installing Grub from the Ubuntu installer, should I only install it on the hard drive (hd0 or whatever hd used), or should I install it in a specific directory like the ones that say sda/windows?09:21
moymoykdub: this "!repeat"09:21
karamella<fantazam>  where r u  ?09:22
localanyone use denyhosts?  host do you purge teh list of hosts being denyed?09:22
kdubCraigGB: no, the configs live in debian/config/09:22
kdubcat together the ones that apply to you09:22
CraigGBkdub: thanks, where would i find the configs if i wasn't in ubuntu?, are they on the net anywhere?09:23
Machtinhow can i remove an old module? i installed it manually.. but now i want to use the one supplied by aptitude09:24
PupUserc0b147que ondas ca09:24
Machtinthat's the one i want to remove: /usr/local/lib/libpurple.so09:24
kdubCraigGB: no, you generally have to make them yourself. and yes, its a giant pain09:24
c0nfl|ct bom dia09:24
SyphonSilentcan someone help me detect my mic and get it working?09:24
moymoynfs-kernel isn't recognizing hostnames i put in my exports file.. using IP's work though... but i don't want to have to set static IP's for computers i wantto share with =[09:24
moymoyMachtin: how did you install it? tell me the method09:25
Machtin i think by compiling pidgin.09:25
CraigGBkdub: okay, thanks, been using the ubuntu kernel in debian and it works really well but i end up spending ages having to make them :(09:25
callum_Hi everyone - just wondering im trying to install  Ubuntu 7.10 I think PPC Version to my IMAC G4 and when i load disk it says a bunch of junk and press enter or type live video=off only09:25
CraigGBactually, would a a debian config work?09:26
callum_I press enter and it sits on a black screen, but first goes to a white screen and loads some graphic thing.09:26
moymoyMachtin: the installation was probably handled by the package management system... so using the system's package manager should remove it... just remove it in synaptic09:26
kdubCraigGB: if you arent developing, or getting some bleeding edge hardware to work, i'd stick with the distro's kernel09:26
Machtinuh.. hm.09:26
em056why my compiz fusion is not working09:26
moymoyem056: be specific. did it STOP working? or has it never worked before?09:27
em056never worked before... i already check some effects but nothing happens09:27
CraigGBkdub: the distros kernel doesn't work basically, wheras i been using the ubuntu one for some time and it works perfectly :)09:27
moymoyem056: what video card do you have?09:27
em056nvidia riva tnt209:28
moymoyem056: is that card capable of 3D? there might be a driver for you.. lemme send you the driver page09:28
Machtinmoymoy: i removed and reinstalled it via aptitude.. and the new version does exist, but is not used.. the old version is used instead09:28
Machtinand there is no old version to remove in my package manager.09:29
moymoyem056: nvidia.com/object/unix.html see if your card is supported by one of these drivers09:29
rob__Just let you all know that i found two fixes for Nvida Gforce 6 6200 series cards and Glx09:29
rob__on ubuntu 9.0409:29
kdubrob__: probably better to describe them in a bug report, or at least put them on ubuntu-forums09:30
moymoyMachtin: do you still have the source? have you tried 'make uninstasll'?09:30
Machtini dont :/09:30
rob__1st dont use Envy N , download 185 driver from Nvida09:30
rob__Ok K09:30
kdubrob__: yeah, the whole 'dont use envy' issue is already known ;)09:31
dreanI'm trying to configure lirc, and it works fine, until i reboot, then i have to unplug and replug my USB reciever to make it work (there is no /dev/lirc0 only /dev/lircd), anyone know how to make it work?09:31
moymoyMachtin: does pidgin show up as installed in synaptic?09:31
Machtinmoymoy: yup09:32
Machtinbut i installed pidgin via aptitude as well09:33
dagleesHey, how can I move a directory to another dir that is not empty?09:33
[R]daglees: mv09:33
rob__Also one other hint, is that i was useing a KVM switch , , remove the switch and insert the vga cable directly and all resolutions are available09:34
daglees[R], mv and what parameters?09:34
[R]daglees: if you don't know how to use a program, you should read it's man page09:34
=== VanDyke_ is now known as VanDyke
kennysatria fu150 ccc09:35
dagleesI did and I tried mv -f but that still didn't work09:35
em056there is so many drivers i dont know what will i pick.,. what will i download? my driver is nvidia riva tnt2 model64...09:35
kennychan how are u?09:35
kennyasu bajinfuxxx09:36
kdubwhoops, wrong window09:37
knoppixlu les gens09:38
moymoyMachtin: maybe you can download the source again, but this time do a 'checkinstall' so the package manager handles it... and it should overwrite all of the files during installation, then you can use the package manager to uninstall it again09:38
moymoyem056: is that an old card?09:39
EugenMayeris pulse and alternative to alsa?09:39
em056yes its only 32mb09:39
em056can that worked?09:39
moymoyem056: you might need one of the legacy ones.. but first, press ALT+F2 and run jockey-gtk09:40
callum_hey everyone09:40
knoppixhi people09:40
knoppixlu callum09:40
callum_umm i accidently removed the pidgin mail icon near my  wifi bar that hides the window how do i get it back? please09:41
moymoyem056: does recommend any drivers for you to install?09:41
moymoyem056: or "activate"?09:41
callum_umm i accidently removed the pidgin mail icon near my  wifi bar that hides the window how do i get it back? please09:41
knoppixsa parle frenchie ici????**09:42
=== drean_ is now known as drean
em056does my vcard not compatible with this OS09:42
Slart!fr | knoppix09:42
ubottuknoppix: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:42
mejobloggshow do i find the version of an ap with apt-get?09:42
Slartmejobloggs: apt-cache policy <packagename>09:42
callum_anyone know how to restore the mail/envelope icon for pidgin messenger? that sits near wifi bar09:43
Slartcallum_: is piding still running?09:43
Slartcallum_: tried restarting it?09:44
em056hey moymoy? wat will i possibly do?09:44
callum_but when i minimized it used to sit on the mail envelope icon next to wifi bar,09:44
moymoyem056: it's compatible .. but jockey isn't recommending any drivers.. either you're already using an open source one in the kernel already or your vcard isn't capable of 3D effects (i think it's ulikely though)09:44
callum_run in background09:44
moymoyem056: let me see which one you should use09:44
moymoyem056: what card did you have again?09:45
em056nvidia riva tnt2 model 6409:45
mejobloggsSlart: thanks09:45
Slartmejobloggs: you're welcome09:45
Alocadohow can i send text to a unix socket file?09:46
confusioushello everybody.....am trying to register my nick & am on http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup looking at instructions for this & it tells me...../msg nickserv register <your-password> <your-email>......... where do I enter this info ?? in a terminal or here ??09:46
moymoyem056: aren't Riva and TNT two different things?09:46
moymoyem056: two different product series09:46
Slartconfusious: here09:46
confusiousthank you slart09:46
Slartconfusious: or even better.. in the channel window where the server stuff appears09:46
em056its in the information.... of my vcard09:46
Slartconfusious: that way it wont get sent to the entire channel if you forget the /09:47
em056i have a driver of it but compatible only in windows09:47
callum_NVM  I FIGURED IT OUT09:47
confusiousthank you very much everybody09:47
callum_In pidgin/preferences - always show and minimize to status bar -09:47
callum_i won09:47
moymoyem056: alright .. i'm gonna PM you the instructions.. kay?09:48
callum_i love my eee pc 1000h! and ubuntu09:48
callum_it's so sexy09:48
pupis it possible to set a remote desktop connection to a computer which on a different subnet and does not have a static ip?09:48
em056ok thank u very much........09:48
_Apple_so...any one here know how to fix a blue tinted scrreen?09:48
adhilhi there, am using ubuntu 9.04.. my wifi was working perfect. but now when i click the network manager aplet it is showing under wireless networks device not managed. can anyone know how to fix this problem?09:49
Slart_Apple_: blue tinted screen? can you explain?09:49
callum_apple replace the screen  or get a magnet?09:49
pupapple: are you using a CRT? try degaussing!09:49
_Apple_yeah, I'm running  my LCD as a secondary display09:50
_Apple_and finally got it to display at the proper resolution09:50
_Apple_(running separate X)09:50
kdubpup: it is possible, you just have to know its IP address. :P09:50
adhilhi there, am using ubuntu 9.04.. my wifi was working perfect. but now when i click the network manager aplet it is showing under wireless networks device not managed. can anyone know how to fix this problem?09:50
Slart!repeat | adhil09:51
ubottuadhil: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:51
pupkdub: but what if the other terminal is on dhcp? i'll never know it's global ip09:51
_Apple_Slart, every thing is in colour until Nvidia Loads then it goes to a tinted blue everything is blue and I just can't seem to get it to change09:51
adhilSlart, ubottu am sorry.. i have a fluctuating net connection.. i thought my msg doesnt reached09:52
_Apple_it's running off an S-vid to Component09:52
echosystmanyone here used UNetBootin09:52
Slartadhil: no worries09:52
EugenMayerafter installing pulse audio chooser to get working my to soundcards ( Headset and Onboard ) working properly, i can see a server or sink / source devices. Any idea?09:52
pupadhil: since when did this happen? did u change any settings?09:52
Slart_Apple_: hmm.. never heard of anyone with this problem.. let me google a bit.. I'll let you know if I find anything09:52
kdubpup: are you trying to ssh into a computer over the internet, or to one on a LAN09:53
pupthe internet...09:53
adhilpup i noticed that problem this morning.. i dont know what happened.. my brother used the machine09:53
pupkdub: the internet09:53
_Apple_good luck.. I've been googleing for hours lol, but I would be what you call a "noob" in the linux world :p09:53
pupadhil: so you are unable to detect the wireless network now...09:53
Slart_Apple_: is this the same problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-450734.html09:54
kdubpup: you can use a service called dyndns to associate the dynamic IP with a url.09:54
confusioushmmm am i still here ?09:54
kdubpup: your router must support it, most do09:54
confusioushmmmmmm guess i'm still here09:54
_Apple_Slart, YES it's so friggin annoying09:55
pupkdub: is it similar to what no-IP dot com gives me?09:55
confusioushowdy do everybody09:55
_Apple_it's a little brighter though09:55
adhilpup no. actually i use a ad hoc network to ssh to my iphone09:55
grawitypup: I think no-ip.com does almost the same as dyndns.com09:55
confusiouswell,at least I know this works for now09:55
_Apple_but essentially the same09:55
joejchow do i search a bunch of files for some text?09:55
kdubcat file.txt | grep 'searchterm'09:56
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
pupkdub: grawity: ok i did registered no-IP thing. now can i use ubuntu's remote desktop agent? how?09:56
popeyWhere is it set in gnome that /home/$USER/Desktop is where the Places -> Desktop links to? A friend of mine has managed to drag his desktop icon to /home/$USER/Music/Arctic Monkeys/Desktop, he has a /home/$USER/Desktop, but it doesn't link to the places thing. Any ideas?09:56
kdubjoejc: or, just use grep09:56
_Apple_Slart,  but it's just the LCD, I took a screen of the LCD and it shows up fine on the comp monitor09:56
Slartjoejc: or just grep 'searchterm' filename09:56
Shtlall my desktop icons and fonts are looking blurred, can any one help me to rectify???09:57
joejci want to search a bunch of files09:57
=== alicia is now known as Guest54903
Slart_Apple_: mm.. I'm guessing it's because you're using svideo output.. perhaps there are some configuration settings you can add in xorg.conf ?09:57
pupShtl: try autoset option on your Lcd09:57
kdubjoejc: grep PATTERN *09:57
Slartjoejc: man grep   will tell you about all the options you have09:57
pupShtl: or auto-image adjust09:57
Slartjoejc: but grep is the tool you want, definately09:57
_Apple_Slart, I've played with some stuff09:57
moymoyem056: you there?09:57
nyaaShtl try going into System > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts, and changing the rendering.. for lcd's using subpixil smoothing is generally the best09:58
_Apple_I don't know a whole lot about what Im doing int here ><09:58
iwobbleswhats a good app to play dvds ? whats the stuff about permissions, Ive read the faqs and all that but I cant work it out,,09:58
Slart_Apple_: I'm not sure anyone does =)09:58
koshariiwobbles tried VLC?09:58
moymoyShtl: what kind of monitor do you have?09:58
iwobblesce VLC koshri ?09:58
iwobblesno I havent09:58
confusiousgonna take my leave from this place for now. see you guys/gals when I have another problem.gotta get up & go ta work in the morn09:58
_Apple_Slart, I've picked that up...lol09:58
Slart_Apple_: there might be some stuff here http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ComponentOut09:58
Shtlmoymoy: its LCD AL1702W09:58
_Apple_anything specifically you might recomend?09:58
koshari iwobbles you should09:58
iwobblesvis synaptic ?09:58
iwobblesvia I mean09:59
koshariiwobbles *tick*09:59
iwobblesok ta09:59
Slart_Apple_: check the tv out options.. that's where I would start09:59
_Apple_done that09:59
moymoyShtl: do what nyaa suggested.. i was going to say the same thing09:59
Slart_Apple_: things like "TVStandard" and such09:59
adhilpup i tried to connect broadband net through wifi yesterday at my friends home..i run pppoeconf. whether that make any probs?09:59
_Apple_my bad I thought you ment the LCD's options ><09:59
Slart_Apple_: ah.. no.. in the xorg.conf file you can add options for the drivers, screens and such10:00
pupi never had to do the pppoeconf thing... mine just worked, plugged and played...10:00
pupadhil: i never had to do the pppoeconf thing... mine just worked, plugged and played...10:00
justfilHow can I add link to a program to be opened by entering its name (like firefox, vlc, etc..)10:00
Slart_Apple_: things like Option         "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"10:01
* _Apple_ finds no such option in xorg file10:01
pupjustfil: use "cp -s" or "cp -l"10:01
adhilpup oh i see10:01
Slart_Apple_: nope, it isn't there.. but you can add them yourself10:01
adaskohelo... how to use more than 4gb of ram on 32bit ubuntu system with nvidia drivers... my concerns is about this drivers... its availible for server kernel in ubuntu? i dont want to compile/install manualy nvidia drivers...10:01
pupjustfil: depending on whether u want a soft/hard link10:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about drm10:01
moymoyjustfil: you mean making a launcher?10:01
_Apple_Slart, I've been adding stuff for the past few days it's messy in there lol10:02
_Apple_where might I add this?10:02
Slart_Apple_: google for "xorg.conf nvidia options svideo" you'll find lots of examples.. perhaps one of them works10:02
justfilI'm not shure, moymoy, I mean i want it to open when i press alt+f2 and enter its name10:02
_Apple_wow that's sad of me lol10:02
_Apple_it's 2 am over here and I'm running off a few hours sleep as it10:02
pupadhil my password is stored in the router, so i don't worry about that too :)10:02
funganyone here know how I can make a service under /etc/init.d/ autostart?10:03
Slart_Apple_: there probably is some documentation on all of this somewhere.. perhaps on nvidia site.. but I haven't found anything so far10:03
pupjustfil: you might want to change the path variable then10:03
_Apple_neither have I10:03
fungI find it a hassle to have to manually start/stop things everytime I need to reboot10:03
moymoyjustfil: oh .. is it a script you wrote? ... binaries/scripts that are put into your PATH are executed when you type their name .. to find out what your PATHs are type in $PATH in the terminal, it should give you a couple of directories, separated by ":"10:04
pupmoymoy, i agree :)10:04
moymoypup: lol took me forever to type that10:04
moymoypup: nice of you to join in on the fun =]10:04
pupjustfil: or u may create a link in the /bin directory which is always there in the PATH10:05
EvelinaWhy does rtcwake -s 120 -m mem return a black screen when the computer wakes up?10:06
moymoypup: justfil, i like keeping all of my custom things in my home bin folder... located: ~/bin .. that way, it's separated from all of the system binaries and such, and is organized into one folder10:06
pupmoymoy: good idea...10:06
EvelinaAnd why does rtcwake -s 120 -m disk hang when Ubuntu shows the progress bar on startup?10:07
moymoynfs-kernel isn't recognizing hostnames i put in my exports file.. using IP's work though... but i don't want to have to set static IP's for computers i want to share with =[10:07
EvelinaI can't get my computer to wake up using rtcwake.10:07
EvelinaWhen I try nvram-wakeup then my mobo isn't supported.10:07
ubottuPunctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability:  Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences.  See also !enter10:08
justfilI'm trying to link Firefox 3.5, i copied the link in /bin, also tried /usr/local/bin but when i type firefox nothing happens10:08
pupEvelina: have you tried a different mode?10:08
Wolfie001i just had a quick question. any one here know about installing freeside?10:09
shaullxsomething is wrong..my mouse wheel is not scrolling very got on ubuntu that happend in the last few days10:09
pupjustfil: nothing happens? or do you see an error? try that in the terminal....10:09
shaullxi need to scroll alot more to scroll10:09
echosystmunetbootin doesnt seem to want to work :(10:09
echosystmi select ubuntu netinstall10:09
echosystmand the usb drive ends up empty10:10
shaullxanyone maybe know what the problem is?10:10
em056where can i download the latest vmware software???10:10
Evelinapup: I have tried: sudo rtcwake -s 120 -m mem and sudo rtcwake -s 120 -m standby and sudo rtcwake -s 120 -m disk and -m disk suspend and then startup my computer but Ubuntu hangs showing progress bar and -m mem doesn't show up my desktop at all, only a blank screen.10:10
pupmoymoy, isn't it possible to use an alias also? in case i don't want to change my PATH...10:10
em056hey moymoy10:10
Wolfie001shaullx mine as the option under system10:10
pupem056: search for a torrent :P10:11
Wolfie001i think10:11
Wolfie001let me look10:11
em056can i direct download it.... i mean im using ubuntu os now10:11
shaullxi use logitech G9 if that metters10:11
justfilit says Cannot find Firefox runtime directory. Exiting.10:11
pupem056: ubuntu supports torrents!10:11
EvelinaWhen I try nvram-wakeup instead then it says my mobo isn't supported.10:12
Wolfie001shaullx perhaps i was wrong sorry10:12
shaullxthats anoying i cant scroll like that10:12
em056please give me a site....10:12
pupjustfil: have u created a link in /home/bin/ ?10:12
moymoypup: nope.. an alias isn't a file in the PATH, so it's not interpreted by bash or sh ... so typing it in the ALT+F2 prompt won't work... the reason it works in the terminal is because people usually load their aliases into their .bashrc file10:12
em056what site can i download vmware??10:12
moymoyem056: hey back?10:12
pupem056: www.torrentz.com10:12
Wolfie001i just had a quick question. any one here know about installing freeside?10:13
EvelinaMaybe a graphic card issue? That the progress bar hangs on wakeup?10:13
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o10:13
callum_hey people im having trouble with my sound10:13
moymoyem056: you can download a virtualbox from the repos10:13
justfilyes, i guess. With cd /etc/firefox ; cp -l ./firefox /home/bin10:13
callum_when it makes a noise the speakers go all static and fuzzy10:13
em056moymoy do u know where can i download vmware....10:13
moymoyem056: you can download a virtualbox from the repos10:13
pupmoymoy: oh, ok. but for someone like me who always uses the terminal, it's fine... i never use alt f210:13
LollatingCan someone help me ??10:13
em056but i think vmware is more efficient to use10:13
pupjustfil: are u sure u copied it? are you root?10:14
Cryptorchildwhere is the application path ex:Program Files in Ubuntu?10:14
em056hey moymoy do you already know whats the problem of my vcard?10:14
SlartCryptorchild: there are several10:14
moymoyem056: oh yeah10:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lhs10:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lha10:15
justfilyes, i typed sudo before the commands10:15
LollatingHow can I script in G++ ?10:15
CryptorchildSlart, I'm listening10:15
_Apple_Slart, would it be "normal to have 2 Section "Device" listings in your xorg file?10:15
TurkRockubuntudan anlayan türkçe bile birisi??10:15
Slart!file | Cryptorchild10:15
ubottuCryptorchild: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview10:15
em056what will i do10:15
Slart_Apple_: I'm not sure.. perhaps you need one device for each output?10:16
justfilyes, now it works, thank you :)10:16
moymoyem056: i'm sending you a file.. press ALT+CTRL+F1 -> log in -> execute the file i'm sending you10:16
pupjustfil: what i have done is created an alias for "firefox3.5" as /etc/firefox/firefox in my bashrc file...10:16
LollatingHOW can I script in G++ is there any program for ??????10:16
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.10:16
pupso when i type firefox3.5 on the terminal, it's done10:16
justfilmy sh was wrong10:17
pupjustfil: so when i type firefox3.5 on the terminal, it's done10:17
_Apple_oooo my bad I've got 3...10:17
TurkRockiide orda kimse yardýmcý olmuyoki10:17
em056i already press alt ctrl f110:17
LollatingWhat a BULLSHIT in here10:17
moymoypup: you made an alias for that? .. i just made a sym link firefox-3.5 -> firefox10:17
SlartLollating: you're welcome to rant about it in #ubuntu-ops or #ubuntu-offtopic.. not here though10:17
kbpHow to display hour and minutes in bin/sh?10:17
pupmoymoy: when i type firefox, it opens the older 3.0 version10:17
CryptorchildSlart, thanks10:18
pupmoymoy: i wanted both :P10:18
kbpHow to display current time (hour:minutes) in bin/sh?10:18
Slartkbp: date might work.. with some options10:18
kbpthank you Slart10:18
moymoypup: ahh i see.. xD10:19
moymoypup: i just love sym links .. <310:19
pupmoymoy: :)10:20
linux_trojanI am trying to watch TV on linux, but I keep getting "no device found", and I do have a Hauppauge 1250, so I feel I need to do some kind of "modprobe" but I am not sure how?10:21
papulhi all. am back10:21
Aldushi. I have a folder ("myfolder") with php files. I created a ftp user (with useradd -d myfolder -G ftp myuser). If I set 755 permissions on myfolder/subfolder, seems like myuser can't change the "subfolder" directory name because of no permissions. If I set 777 I enable writing also for php that I don't want. What am I missing?10:21
_Apple_Slart, you are a freakin' genius.10:21
papulhow do i run midp games on ubuntu10:21
linux_trojanany suggestions?10:21
Slart_Apple_: huh? for suggesting google? go me! =)10:22
clankis there an easy way to have more than one version of a package installed?10:22
EvelinaI can't get rtcwake working. I get this message running sudo rtcwake -s 120: rtcwake: wakeup from "standby" using /dev/rtc0 at Mon Jul 13 09:24:06 200910:22
Slartclank: afaik, no10:22
_Apple_Slart, the combination of words is what did it lol10:22
papulhow do i run midp games on ubuntu???10:23
EvelinaIs rtcwake restarting immmediately or why do I get that message?10:23
Slart_Apple_: ah.. so what was it? NTSC/PAL? something else?10:23
Evelinawakeup from standby, I havenät even got into the standby mode yet?10:23
linux_trojanI remember once you could go modprobe* and that would work they seem to have changed modprobe10:23
_Apple_Slart, I realized I had 3 Section "Device" and I added 2 lines to the right one and I was in business lol10:24
linux_trojananyone know how to modprobe my tv tuner?10:24
Slart_Apple_: sweet10:24
icaru5hi everyone!!10:24
puphello icaru510:24
linux_trojanmy tvtuner is there, and it is compatible with Ubuntu, the OS just isnt detecting it10:24
_Apple_Slart, thank you lol10:25
Slart_Apple_: you're welcome10:25
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=== ara_ is now known as ara
doublemI have a screen resolution problem. I'm using an Envision monitor. the nvidia drivers are installed, and I can set the resolution to 1024x768 without any problem. However, when I reboot, the screen resolution goes back to 640x480. The resolution is correct on the login screen, but after I enter my username and password, I'm back to 640x480. I can run nvidia and reset it to 1234x768 ok, but again, after boot, it's back to 640x480.10:28
Slartdoublem: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?10:28
moymoydoublem: looks like the settings aren't writing to your Xorg.conf ... `sudo su nvidia-settings` (just using sudo won't work, you need to use su)10:29
doublemSlart: Not at the moment. I'm on my laptop which works fine. The problem is with my wife's computer.10:30
_Apple_stupid question...I need to add a lower resolution to my LCD how might I do this?10:30
doublemmoymoy: I'll try that. Thanks.10:30
Slartmoymoy, doublem: never use sudo with gui apps... gksudo10:30
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:30
* _Apple_ is exhausted from the day and googeling is being more and more difficult10:30
Slartdoublem: hmm, I've never of heard anyone else with the same problem so I don't really know what is wrong..sorry10:31
Slart_Apple_: you can add MODE lines to your xorg.conf..10:32
doublemSlart: Thanks for the help. googling was not enlightening.10:32
Slart_Apple_: or rather.. not modelines.. but resolution lines..10:32
_Apple_yeah I got lucky and remembered I had this problem back in 7.10 and had the page book marked lol10:33
Slart_Apple_: but go to bed.. fixing xorg problems isn't something you want to do when you're half-asleep =)10:33
_Apple_Slart, you'd be surprised what I do when I'm half asleep lol10:33
MaxFramesmy weather update panel applet is showing "no data", can you help me troubleshooting?10:34
justfilI'm trying to mount ntfs partition at startup, using ntfs-3g so i placed "ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /media/archive -o force" in Sessions but when i restart nothing happens.10:34
Slartjustfil: why not use /etc/fstab? or there are several users on the computer?10:34
justfilI tried fstab but the line that worked in Ubuntu doesnt seem to work in Debian10:35
Slartjustfil: and I would use "mount" instead of ntfs-3g... or that command works when you run it from a terminal?10:35
Slartjustfil: you're running debian?10:35
justfilyes but in #debian there i find less support10:35
ech0s7i have a file with this permission: drwxrwx--T, what T stay for ?10:36
Slartjustfil: not really an excuse.. the #debian people are usually very good at solving stuff.. but try the command in a terminal first.. if that works you can try putting it in the sessions stuff..10:36
TheShahFactorI am trying to send a file via bluetooth from Ubuntu to a windows machine10:37
MaxFramesare the weather update servers down?10:37
justfilit works in terminal but it didnt in Sessions, that's the point10:37
TheShahFactorI get the error device does not support Obex File Transfer10:37
ohirech0s7: sticky bit10:37
wbcI am having problems getting my built-in microphone on my web-camera to work under CrossOver Professional.10:37
wbcWhat I want to do is to use to the microphone under Ventrilo.10:37
wbcI don't care about soundsystem, as long as it works.10:37
Slartjustfil: hmm... put it in a script, add a pause command to the script at the end.. call it with "gnome-terminal bla bla bla" so you can see what it does.. or save the output to a log file and see if you get any error messages10:38
rootlinuxusr_How do I set it so that network shares and mounted devices do not get shown on my desktop?10:44
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: you can mount them in /mnt and they won't show on the desktop10:45
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)10:45
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: either mount them at /mnt or make directories in /mnt10:45
Slartrootlinuxusr_: or just click a checkbox in gconf-editor10:46
rootlinuxusr_Why does /mnt make the difference - It's an easy solution, just curious...10:46
UnhackmeeHey, how can i "install" KDE desktop in my ubuntu (gnome) if i have the Kubuntu CD?10:46
Slartrootlinuxusr_: because gnome only checks for mounted drives in /media .. I think it's hardcoded somewhere10:46
rootlinuxusr_But what if it's a networked drive - how do i mount drives in /mnt then?10:47
Slartrootlinuxusr_: not sure what the rationale behind it is though.. someone thought it was a good idea?10:47
rootlinuxusr_Eh, it's really not much of an issue, actually a few less keystrokes...was just curious. =]10:48
moymoyrootlinuxusr_:  you can still mount network drives in /mnt10:48
mejobloggssorry for asking an apache question, but I can't find anyone to help :(  Does anyone know where/what file i create a virtual dir/alias in?10:48
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: what kind of network drive is it? ... i'm going to make sure you get helped!10:48
Slartrootlinuxusr_: you can mount network drives whereever you want.. just put them in your fstab.. it's only the point'n'click way that puts them in /media10:48
rootlinuxusr_so i could edit /etc/fstab or is there a way to mount it via terminal smbmount?10:49
rootlinuxusr_external maxtor on an ubuntu server.10:49
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: you can mount via terminal... use /hostname/sharedfolder i believe10:49
[mu]keiserrbtw, with apt-get can i remove all dependancies related to a package when i remove an application installed from apt ???10:50
inpxfxis there a doctor linux in here10:50
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: your server's running ubuntu? Then why not use NFS instead of Samba?10:50
rootlinuxusr_Okay, well then how would I mount it via NFS?10:50
rootlinuxusr_I've only used samba.10:50
rootlinuxusr_same way I'd suppose.10:50
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: samba is horrible for nautilus.. (more like nautilus just acts up with samba)10:51
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: basically, you need to edit the /etc/exports file on your server and export the paths you want to share over the network10:51
rootlinuxusr_heh. Im all for easier solutions.10:51
=== oobe_ is now known as oobe
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: there are some great guides and examples if you look on google10:52
Slart[mu]keiserr: you can do a "sudo apt-get autoremove" after you've uninstalled the app10:52
rootlinuxusr_/etc/exports is a new file though >_>10:52
DekkoHello good people! :) How can I find out which version of Compiz is installed on my Jaunty Jackalope and if there is an update to be had?10:52
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: really? does your server have nfs installed?10:52
rootlinuxusr_that's what I was just about to check xD10:52
rootlinuxusr_It might not.10:53
SlartDekko: "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" should do it10:53
laegwhy do i have pidgin's regular 'system tray' icon and then an enbelope with a drop down menu containing pidgin?10:53
SlartDekko: apt-cache policy compiz-fusion    or whatever the package is called  to see the version10:53
moymoyrootlinuxusr_: sudo aptitude install nfs-server nfs-kernel-server10:53
nyaaDekko: what feature or thing are you looking for as far as upgrades for compiz?10:53
[mu]keiserrthanks slart10:53
DekkoThing is I can not get RealVNC server to update the screen if I use Compiz. If I switch it off then it works.10:54
rootlinuxusr_I've never got vnc to work on a server that had compiz running.10:54
SlartDekko: that sounds more like a realvnc problem than a compiz problem.. have you tried any other vnc servers?10:54
UnhackmeeHey, how can i "install" KDE desktop in my ubuntu (gnome) if i have the Kubuntu CD?10:55
moymoyDekko: age old compiz bug... VNC works by detecting breakage in the screen so that it doesn't send images that are redundant to save bandwidth, but compiz doesn't play nice with it10:55
DekkoSlart: Which ones are available?10:55
moymoyUnhackmee: go to your software sources and select your CD as a repository, and install kubuntu-desktop10:56
DekkoMoymoy: Is there a way to force it to update? Its a pain having to switch off the eyecandy just to remote the machine (as I am doing right now) :D10:56
mralexandroi got itunes in linux:D10:56
aurilliancemralexandro, what version?10:56
mralexandroaurilliance, virtualbox :D10:56
aurillianceevening all. q: What is the name of the windows drivers that allow you to see your linux partition?10:56
aurilliancemralexandro, lol that doesn't count XD10:56
moymoyDekko: nope, there isn't a way to do it i'm afraid... the only work around is to use another vnc client or disable breakage10:57
moymoyDekko: but i don't really use VNC .. i prefer to use ssh with X forwarding10:57
nyaaDekko you could try fiddling in the general options, maybe something like force indepentend output painting?  I know there are others10:57
Dekkomoymoy: I run RealVNC on Windows, OSX and now Linux box, so would like same system on all machines. :)10:58
DekkoHow can I disable breakage?10:58
nyaaDekko also maybe sync to vblank?10:58
SlartDekko: well.. there are realvnc, tightvnc, the old vnc and probably lots more10:58
Dekkonyaa: All suggestions are good, but I don't know how to go about doing that10:58
SlartDekko: I'm not sure which ones are available for both windows and linux though10:58
mralexandroaurilliance, http://www.fs-driver.org/   ????10:59
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_Apple_can some one assist me in getting a 1600x900 resolution mode to run in my xorg?10:59
nyaadekko open a terminal and type in ccsm      this should get you to the compiz options screen or tell you to install the options program11:00
aurilliancemralexandro, yep that looks like the one. thanks.11:00
JamesArthurhi all, any warnings about using Ubuntu 9.04 server for a LAN NFS server? am presently using PCLinuxos that works great for a few hours but then just dies11:00
SlartJamesArthur: I use a mini-itx board.. running xubuntu as a nfs server.. works nicely11:01
SlartJamesArthur: I haven't tried running ubuntu-server on it though11:01
mralexandroSlart, the 3d acceleration thing must be in beta:D11:02
_Apple_does anyone have a 1600x900 mode line I can "borrow"?11:02
Slartmralexandro: mm.. I think they call it "experimental".. but still11:02
mralexandroit even says experimental under guest operative system when install that addition11:02
mralexandroSlart,  hehe yeah11:02
moymoySlart: what do you run on your servers anyway? i never understood why people had their own home servers. please enlighten me =]11:02
* __d3f0__ is away: Ausente por ahora11:02
rootlinuxusr_Okay, NFS is installed how do I access the drives?11:03
Slart_Apple_: google might help you.. there are sites that can create modelines and such for you11:03
JamesArthur_Apple_: if i have any trouble with xorg i just remove all options except the one i want ( giving it no choice ), cheap maybe but it works   :-)11:03
Slartmoymoy: not a lot, really.. file server for me and my wifes personal files.. with backup... all of our mp3's.. so we can stream them about the house..11:03
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freeburnwhat should i do if a broken package reported during installation from synaptic?11:04
rootlinuxusr_Mine serves to mame arcade machines =]11:04
jony123can i mount a remote ftp server in my home folder?11:04
Alocadojony123, yes, with fuse11:04
=== Mud|brb is now known as Mud
moymoySlart: i see... i always thought my desktop was sufficient for that though.. then again, i don't have massive amounts of data and not a lot of things in my house are linux-enabled11:04
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XeNiXhow i can compile a file as 64 taget using gcc ?11:05
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct11:05
Slartmoymoy: if it was just me I wouldn't have a server.. but either I setup backups and stuff for both me and wife.. or I tell her to use the server for personal stuff and set things up at one place11:05
e-framehi, I got problem with pidgin-guifications. I have added new themes, but it's not listed in theme chooser. any sugestions ?11:05
rootlinuxusr_There a way to automate moving select file types to a backup server - (cron usage maybe?) from multiple desktops?11:08
Slart!backup | rootlinuxusr_11:08
ubotturootlinuxusr_: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:08
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deanyis there a way to start a program and have it start in virtual desktop #2 or 3 etc11:08
Slartrootlinuxusr_: but sure.. you can do it "find" or some other bash stuff as well11:08
deanyinstead of me dragging it there everytime I start it.11:09
e-framesorry. has anyone reply to my question about guification ?11:09
rootlinuxusr_well specifically like images on the desktop or music files in x location... mv *.mp3 //location and the such.11:09
rootlinuxusr_you could start it from desktop 2 or 3...but thats probably not what you want.11:10
dalianga good idea to start program in different desktop11:10
LantiziaDaft question... what on earth is this symbol called... ` and is there an escape sequence for it on bash?11:11
Superanyone there ?11:12
Superi need help on nubuntu ...11:12
dominiqueis there a possibility to assign a process to a specific core?11:12
dominiqueLantizia: It's the backtick11:12
rootlinuxusr_No idea on what it's called though.11:12
laegis ssh keys are necessary for real security is it okay to have things like transmission/ebox web interfaces accessible with a simple username and password?11:12
Lantiziadominique, wow... now I know it's name maybe I'll have it's power11:12
Slartdominique: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/setting-processor-affinity-certain-task-or-process.html11:13
cl0vvnhas anyone else had trouble compiling the libpng library from source?11:14
e-frameI got problem with pidgin-guifications. I have added new themes, but it's not listed in theme chooser. any sugestions ?11:14
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nyaadeany check out a program called devil's pie11:14
SlartLantizia: you can use it for stuff like  " sudo apt-get install `uname -r`-headers" ... it will then first run the command between the ticks and replace it with the output.. then do the rest of the command.. it can be quite handy11:14
=== papul__ is now known as papul
Superi need help on nubuntu ...11:15
=== pacman is now known as forchify
rootlinuxusr_what kinda help.11:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:15
=== Super is now known as SUPERKIWI
nyaadeany I found it in synaptic but it seems to work under "devilspie" so I bet you can apt-get install devilspie11:15
dominiquethx Slart11:16
apersoncan someone give me a copy of their /usr/include/linux/wireless.h ? I have a fully updated system if that helps11:17
Dekkookay so no other option than to use another VNC to get it to play nice with compiz.....11:17
LantiziaSlart, oh I know it's purpose.. just wanted to know it's name so I can google how to escape it11:17
=== Guest21953 is now known as yu
SlartLantizia: ahh.. ok.. nevermind then =)11:18
LantiziaSlart, want to make a bash script by using echo -e "blah `command`" > script.sh11:18
rootlinuxusr_create another desktop instance?11:18
Lantiziabut need to escape the `11:18
SUPERKIWIneed help farallon skyline on nubuntu11:18
SUPERKIWIplees help11:18
Slart!derivatives | SUPERKIWI11:18
ubottuSUPERKIWI: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)11:18
hamidhello dear ubuntus11:21
aurilliancehamid, hello11:22
laegif ssh keys are necessary for real security is it okay to have things like transmission/ebox web interfaces accessible with a simple username and password?11:22
Slartlaeg: I would say no11:22
qe2eqeIf I can use DISPLAY=:2 to start a new app on screen 2, how can I move an already running one to screen 2?11:22
laegSlart: do you have a work around?11:23
laxmiI am facing a problem11:23
Slartlaeg: nope.. I don't quite agree with your first statement.. but assuming the first one is true I would say no to the second oen11:23
ysisHi. I have a problem compiling a C program which was written on FreeBSD and compiles there with gcc 4.2.1, but on my Ubuntu (Hardy) with gcc 4.2.4 I get errors like "undefined reference to `__stderrp'". Any idea where to start with that?11:23
laxmiis someone listening me?11:24
wbcj #aircrack-ng11:24
grawitylaxmi: you haven't told your problem yet.11:24
qe2eqe!ask | laxmi11:24
ubottulaxmi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:24
laegSlart: you don't think ssh keys are necessary when running a ssh server?11:24
laxmiwhen I minimize any running program there is no shortcut in taskbar11:25
Chousukeysis: that looks like it's some freebsd-specific symbol11:25
Chousukeysis: or maybe not. hmm11:25
Trijntjelaxmi: it looks like Window list is missing. Right click on the panel and select "add to panel" Find window List there and add it11:26
laxmiI am using ubuntu 9.411:26
Slartlaeg: I don't think usernames and passwords are entirely hopeless.. so I don't agree with "ssh keys are necessary for real security"11:26
qe2eqelaeg, if the -only- way to reach that box is ssh, then absolutely any downstream passwords don't need complexity11:26
minimeclaxmi: right