facundobatistaHola a todos13:03
thisfredmorning facundobatista!13:07
verterokfacundobatista: hola!13:07
facundobatistaHola thisfred, verterok13:07
thisfredvery interesting (physical) buttons designs13:13
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CardinalFangHi all.  I have a desktopcouch branch that needs review.  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/kill-asyncore-use-twisted/+merge/859714:59
jblountMEETING BEGINS15:00
jblountHello, welcome to the Ubuntu One desktop(+) developers meeting. If you are here for the meeting please say, "me". The format for this meeting is TODO/DONE/BLCKED:15:00
dobeyCardinalFang: me too, but i think aquarius is on holiday :)15:00
jan____CardinalFang: twsted FTW :_15:00
urbanapeCardinalFang, dobey: I'll take a look15:00
jan____meh :D15:01
dobeymeh pretty well describe smy enthusiasm toward twisted :)15:01
jblountrodrigo_ ? statik ? vds ?15:01
urbanapeDONE: Not a whole lot, getting reacquainted with the new files UI javascript code. Tried to tame it into some structure.15:02
urbanapeTODO: Keep at it, maybe start by writing up a design doc for just what the heck is going on.15:02
urbanapeBLOCK: Nada15:02
urbanapejblount: your turn15:02
jblountDONE: javascript hacking with urbanape, code reviews15:02
jblountTODO: Get branches for upgrade process and fixing the purchase process15:02
jblountBLCKED: Kind of waiting for urbanape (who is refactoring the js stuff for /files/new/ but not blocked15:02
jblountdobey: tag!15:02
dobeyDONE: Tarmac mini-sprint, Made HACKING files for client and protocol, moved u1fsfsm build from setup.py to make, fixed one last lint issue in protocol15:02
dobeyTODO: Get rid of setup.py usage in ubuntuone-client, Look at gnome^H^Hxdg-keyring spec and such15:02
dobeyBLCK: None.15:02
dobeyCardinalFang: rock n roll15:02
CardinalFangDONE: pushed twistedification of desktopcouch pairing15:03
CardinalFangTODO: stop trying to type "desktopcouth". Help with 'paste' replacement or fixin15:03
CardinalFangBLOCKING: nil15:03
CardinalFangteknico: tag15:03
teknicoDONE: finished configuring the old notebook for developing (the new one broke down :-/), landed the two web views testing branches15:03
teknicoTODO: refactor the createCouchContacts.py script, add more contacts web tests15:03
teknicoBLOCKED: nothing15:03
teknicoNEXT: rodrigo_15:03
rodrigo_DONE: attended GCDS, lots of discussions about couchdb integration into the desktop15:03
rodrigo_TODO: lots :) like finish up the become-tomboy-friend branch (tomboy syncing), more evo-couchdb work15:04
rodrigo_BLOCKED: exhausted by last week15:04
rodrigo_vds: your turn15:04
vdsDONE: Code review, code review, code review, started a branch with mark to add the funambol ds-server to the sourcedeps of our code base, started one more branch to add the configuration bits to run the ds server in a working env.15:04
vdsTODO: I've suspended the previous branch I was working on (db contact snapshot) and I will resume it once I'm done with the funambol server15:04
vdsBLOCKED: no15:04
vdsI haven't seen any other "me"15:04
statikDONE: tarmac sprint15:05
statikTODO: fix the wsgi servers with chad and pfibiger15:05
statikBLCK: none15:05
jblountThanks everyone!15:05
jblountMEETING ENDS15:05
statikthisfred, teknico, vds: i'm desperate to understand what additional python libraries need to be released and packaged for karmic besides desktopcouch.15:06
statikfor the contacts stuff15:06
jan____wow, that was a tight meeting15:07
statikjan____, nice to see you! the daily standup is status only, then we follow up on any issues raised separately so everyone else can get back to work15:08
jan____statik: hi :) I might wanna steal that concept15:08
vdsthisfred teknico statik: what about a quick skype call? we should involve aquarius but I don't see him15:09
statikvds: aquarius is not working this week15:11
thisfredvds aquarius is on holiday15:11
statikand it's ok to say that in a public channel because he's already announced it on twitter :)15:11
thisfredthe piranha pit *is* activated ;)15:11
thisfredanyhow: python libraries: contacts (perhaps renamed to desktopcouch-contacts) and that's it AFAIK.15:12
thisfredstatik: vds ^^15:13
* thisfred is thinking if he's missing anything15:13
thisfredstatik:  couchdb-python itself obviously, but that's done I think?15:13
thisfredskype call is also fine btw15:13
teknicostatik, none that I know of, off the top of my head15:14
statikthisfred, so lib/ubuntuone/contacts needs to be released as a separate project and packaged?15:14
teknicovds, I'm available for a call15:14
vdslet's statik decide if a call is needed15:15
statiki can't do skype right now unfortunately :(15:15
vdsdecided :)15:15
teknicovds, oh, sorry, I hadn't got that it was about statik's question :-)15:16
statikso if it's just lib/ubuntuone/contacts, then i need someone to do a branch adding a proper setup.py to it, and then i can help with setting up the project and getting the license approved15:16
thisfredstatik: yes, although it's pitfully empty yet. teknico is adding something right now I believe15:16
statikand i'd really like to get it published to the world this week15:16
thisfredstatik: does it need to have the distutils.extra stuff, or is a plain distutils setup.py ok?15:17
thisfredstatik: vds, teknico markgsaye_: I'd like for the initial release to also include the first version of the contact schema, in text. We can just take what Stuart wrote and dump it in a text file in there.15:18
vdsthisfred: +115:19
statikthisfred, plain distutils is ok15:19
thisfredstatik: I can do those things today15:20
statikthisfred, awesome!15:20
thisfredstatik vds teknico markgsaye_ what do we think of naming it desktopcouch-contacts?15:20
mattgriffinany tips on how to get the menu icon to stop spinning? it says it's still 'working'.15:20
statikthisfred, fine with me15:21
teknicothisfred, if it manages contacts-specific records in desktopcouch, it seems an appropriate name :-)15:21
statikpython-desktopcouch-contacts will be the package name in debian then15:21
thisfredok, will do that then15:22
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CardinalFangmattgriffin:  "kill -TSTP ...", har har.  What does the  .cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log  file say?15:25
rmcbridemattgriffin: the end of syncdaemon.log would help (as CardinalFang mentioned) We do seem to have occasional status issues with the applet15:30
mattgriffincool. i'll check it out.15:30
dpmhey rodrigo_, thanks for the review on the enable-translations branch!15:30
* CardinalFang looks for a bug about status in the UI.15:30
rodrigo_dpm: you're welcome, and sorry for the delay, I was flying back from Gran Canaria15:31
rmcbrideCardinalFang: they're definitely there. We should add the status thing to the "frequently reported bugs" master list for linking dupes to (someone mentioned doing this last week)15:31
dpmrodrigo_: np15:31
CardinalFangAh yeah, bug 33076915:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330769 in ubuntuone-client "Upload/Download Status Information" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33076915:35
CardinalFangjblount, pfibiger: I'm about to ask shipit for a bunch of 9.04 CDs, unless you have some already.15:38
jblountCardinalFang: No la tengo, all I have left is Kubuntu CDs (which are still valuable and worthwhile)15:42
dobeyi guess we need to create a "faq" about the keyring too15:42
* jblount notices his bad spanish influnced by pfibiger 's taste in music.15:43
CardinalFang(says you!)15:43
jblountjdobrien: Jacob Kaplan-Moss just posted this on his blog about authentication / session / other stuff in Django http://jacobian.org/writing/django-internals-authen/15:46
jdobrienjblount: uh? ok15:46
jblountjdobrien: Sorry, I just thought it might be interesting considering how much you seem to think about account related stuff :)15:48
thisfredstatik: dobey: the tests in desktopcouch depend on testtools, which is probably not a good idea. Should I rewrite them to use plain unittest.TestCase? I think they don't use much of testtools anyway.16:02
statikthisfred, testtools is packaged for karmic already16:05
statiki believe it is in universe already, let me check16:05
statikthisfred, yep python-testtools is in karmic universe so it's fine to build-depend on it (so the tests can use it). http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python-testtools16:06
dobeystatik, thisfred: we should get it backported to jaunty and hardy16:08
statiki think there is even a backports team16:09
dobeythere is16:09
thisfredstatik: dobey oh ok, that's even better, I can leave them in contacts as well then :)16:12
statikdobey, can you review the MIRs for ubuntuone-client for kenvandine? there are a couple of things that need to be tweaked on the wiki pages and then I think the packages can go into main16:15
kenvandinedobey, i will send them to you in a sec16:15
statikthisfred, dobey: just in case you haven't seen it yet, here is how you would request backports of python-testtools for hardy and jaunty https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports (of course it goes faster if we do the work, but this is the process to follow)16:33
dobeystatik: yep. i've already requested backports for python-oauth :)16:34
dobeywhich reminds me that i need to test james_w's changes to it, on hardy16:34
thisfredstatik: thanks16:37
thisfredmail sent to BenoƮt Chesnau, creator of couchdbkit to see if it makes sense to make that speak couchdesktop17:14
jan____thisfred: he's benoitc on freenode17:25
thisfredjan____: I know: see #couchdb a few minutes ago ;_17:26
thisfredstatik: I'm a little stuck between stations: I've created the setup.py and renamed contacts, but now of course the imports don't work, and I'm not sure how to fix them, should I go the distance, and bzr mv desktopcouch-contacts into packages, and symlink from lib into its package directory?17:26
jan____thisfred: hehe17:29
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jdobrien2009-07-13 12:46:15,754:754.17804718 UbuntuOne.Client.Applet Failed to execute program /usr/bin/ubuntuone-syncdaemon: Success17:48
jdobrienI got that error ^^^ .... but isn't it supposed to be /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon17:48
rmcbridejdobrien: hmm17:50
rmcbridejdobrien: you don't have some kind of frankensteined mixed-bag install again, do you?17:50
jdobrienrmcbride: 'again'?17:50
jdobrienrmcbride: how can I tell?17:51
rmcbridejdobrien: last week, when you were having similar issues, and it had to do with having some things pointing to old paths17:51
rmcbridejdobrien: first thing would be "which ubuntuone-client-applet"17:51
rmcbridejdobrien: it might be you have an old client in the old path and its being exec'd in place of the installed client17:52
jdobrien apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client-applet17:52
jdobrienW: Unable to locate package ubuntuone-client-applet17:52
rmcbrideit's not a package. We want to know which one is execing . 'which ubuntuone-client-applet' at a terminal17:52
rmcbridejdobrien: is what we need17:52
jdobrienrmcbride: tell me what to type and I can give you an answer17:53
rmcbridejdobrien: what I typed in ' quotes is exactly what you need to type17:53
jdobrienwhich ubuntuone-client-applet17:53
rmcbridejdobrien: that's what I needed. One sec.17:53
rmcbridejdobrien: that's the right path. Now do 'ls -l /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet'17:54
rmcbrideso we can look at the date on that file17:54
jdobrienls -l /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet17:54
jdobrien-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 23K 2009-07-09 10:25 /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet*17:54
rmcbridejdobrien: that's very strange17:55
rmcbridejdobrien: you're correct that it looks like it's going to the wrong path for the syncdaemon... but that does appear to be the right date stamp17:55
jdobrienrmcbride: this is why we keep getting people reporting that it is not starting17:55
rmcbridejdobrien: actually in those cases I think it's to do with the dep stuff.17:56
rmcbridejdobrien: I'm looking at a couple things on a test box to make sure we're headed down the right path. one sec (or so)17:56
verterokrmcbride, jdobrien: syndaemon is started via DBus, take a look to the dates in: /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.service17:58
rmcbrideverterok: you're a step ahead of me. I was almost there :)17:58
verterokrmcbride: :)17:58
jdobrien-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 99 2009-07-09 10:23 /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.service17:58
rmcbridejdobrien: that's it. cat that file17:59
jdobrien[D-BUS Service]17:59
rmcbrideOK that's just bizzare17:59
rmcbrideit should not be trying to start it from /usr/bin with that entry there17:59
jdobrienrmcbride: it doesn't exist in usr/bin17:59
rmcbridejdobrien: I know18:00
rmcbridejdobrien: hence the error message you got18:00
rmcbridejdobrien: the question is WHY did client-applet think that's where it was? too strange.18:00
thisfredstatik: solved,  I think. Running tests now, then I will propose and assign a specific review to you.18:01
verterokrmcbride, jdobrien: locate com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.service18:02
jdobrienverterok: how?18:02
verterokjdobrien: execute: 'locate com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.service'18:02
rmcbridejdobrien: type exactly what he put there18:02
rmcbridejdobrien: and pastebin the result. SHould be a wall of text18:03
jdobrienrmcbride: it's 3 lines18:03
rmcbridejdobrien: OK it's a wall of text on my machine18:03
rmcbridejdobrien: probably because I have 16 tabs of bugs open18:03
rmcbridejdobrien: cat the copy in /usr/local/share18:04
rmcbridejdobrien: I'm betting that's the problem18:04
jdobrienrmcbride:  yes18:04
rmcbrideI have no idea how it would GET there, but that's almost certainly it18:04
jdobrienshould that exist...and where did it come from18:04
rmcbrideNo it should not exist.18:04
jdobrienrmcbride: how do i get rid of it without breaking something else18:05
rmcbridejdobrien: it won't break anything else if you just remove  /usr/local/share/dbus-1/services/com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.service18:05
rmcbrideVery very interesting. I wonder if that was the path we used at one point18:05
rmcbrideand somehow with the renaming and such it didn't get cleaned up durign upgrade. None of my upgrade machines are having that issue...18:06
jdobrienrmcbride: hard to tell18:06
rmcbridebut it could be something that was cleaned up by a build that didn't get installed on your machine for whatever reason18:06
jdobrienrmcbride: I wonder what I need to restart in order for that to change18:07
rmcbridejdobrien: and then subsiquent builds didn't work...18:07
rmcbridejdobrien: once you've removed that, it should work (if I understand dbus correctly)18:07
rmcbridejdobrien: otherwise a relog is probably necessary18:07
rmcbrideor at least a restart of the client18:07
jdobrienha! I had a renamed folder come back!18:08
rmcbridewow I really need to clean up my local branches, That's why I saw so many entries.18:08
rmcbridejdobrien: heh18:08
rmcbridewell now we know to check /usr/local/share in some of these "won't start" cases, should the current packages not resolve18:09
jdobrienWe should create some kind of clean up script or something18:10
jdobrienrmcbride: that seems to have corrected my problem18:11
rmcbridejdobrien: it should be handled when the package is upgrade if it moves. In all cases on my test machines it has been. Why it happened is a puzzle18:11
rmcbridejdobrien: cool. Once we saw teh copy in /usr/local it was clear what was happening.18:12
jdobrienCould I get some people to test this bug #375011? I can't reproduce this18:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375011 in ubunet "Email Newsletter AJAX requires you to click the "yes" box twice" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37501118:19
dobeywe have an e-mail newsletter?18:22
jdobriendobey: not yet, but I was told to add that to the site18:22
dobeyit works fine here18:22
rmcbridemeh, I had join/part turned off and missed that he left.18:24
rmcbridedobey: it worked fine here, or so I thought. Once I moused over the checked box, it cleared teh checkbox. Then selecting a second time seemed to work18:24
rmcbridecan't make it do it again though18:25
dobeyi made it turn red18:26
dobeybut it still enables/disables properly18:27
dobeyat least in the ui18:27
dobeythe rapid succession of clicking might have broken something else18:27
rmcbridedobey: I can reproduce it by deselecting it, clearing my cache, and going back to the page again. Same sequence of events. Adding that to the bug report and moving on :)18:28
thisfredrestatik: prepackaging branch proposed, and review specifically requested of you18:32
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statikthisfred, ok looking now18:40
thisfredstatik: no hurry, *unless* I did something wrong and have to fix it today ;)18:41
statikhttps://launchpad.net/people/+me/+activereviews is handy when dealing with reviews across a bunch of projects18:42
statikthisfred, we normally don't put any code under bzr control in sourcecode18:42
thisfredstatik: oh nice. That doesn't show the reviews you *could* do because of groups you're in though, right?18:42
statikthat directory is for external branches18:42
statikthisfred: yeah, +activereviews needs to also show reviews I could do18:43
thisfredstatik: yeah I realize, it was a temporary hack to get the fixed imports working ahead of packaging...18:43
thisfredstatik: if it's too dirty,  I'll undo it18:43
statikthisfred: i think it will bite us when people try to update to the next version. could you just move the stuff from sourcecode to packages/, then once it's published separately we can move the symlink to point into sourcecode/ at the external branch?18:44
statikthisfred: also, do you think this needs to be a totally separate project, or should we just stick it into the desktopcouch project as a separate module somehow?18:45
statikso python-desktopcouch-contacts would still be a separate package, and still have a separate setup.py...18:46
thisfredstatik: sure, and yes, that sounds like a good suggestion18:46
statiki guess the module namespace would be desktopcouch.contacts ?18:47
thisfredstatik: yeah, that would be an improvement even: I though plain 'contacts' was a little presumtuous18:47
statikcool. i'll write all this on the code review. thanks for working on it!18:48
thisfredstatik: ok, I'll start with moving it to packages18:48
thisfredstatik: done18:49
statikthisfred, if you feel like adding the LGPLv3 headers (you can copy from desktopcouch) that would make things even easier at the next step :)18:50
thisfredstatik: sure18:51
thisfredstatik: that's just those files with all caps names, right?18:51
statikthisfred: no, it's just looking at the comments at the top of any of the python source files in desktopcouch and putting the same header/copyright on the stuff in desktopcouch.contacts18:51
thisfredstatik: ah ok18:52
thisfredstatik: also pushed18:55
thisfredstatik: for the moving into desktop couch is there anything I can do?18:56
statikthisfred, awesome! can you resubmit the merge proposal to get a new diff generated?18:56
thisfredstatik: will do18:56
thisfredstatik: 'request another review' will do that, right?18:57
statikthisfred: i think it's changing the top-level merge proposal status to 'resubmit'18:58
statikthisfred: don't let me talk you into working too late tonight. i think the next steps for getting this into desktopcouch is simply to propose a branch adding the contacts dir and code to the desktopcouch project18:58
statikthisfred: since desktopcouch is already a sourcedep...the only other thing to do would be change the imports in ubunet as you have already18:59
thisfredstatik: nah, my wife's away, so I have time ;) (although if you have no further need of me, I'll switch to desktopcouchification of my autoqueue plugin)19:00
thisfredstatik: resubmitted19:00
statikthisfred, contacts-prepackaging is approved if you want to land it19:14
thisfredstatik: cool, pqm submitting now!19:14
thisfredstatik: and re-submitting: trunk was conflicting19:31
statikthisfred: you don't need a re-review just for fixing conflicts unless you feel like you want a review to be sure you solved the conflicts the right way19:35
thisfredstatik: ah, no, I meant re-pqm submitted ;)19:36
thisfredI have confidence in me :)19:36
BUGabundobom fim de tarde :)19:45
rmcbridehiya BUGabundo19:50
BUGabundohey rmcbride19:50
thisfredI have *too much* confidence in me. The tests in contacts itself still imported from the wrong place... :( re-re-pqm-submitted20:36
sheepeatingtazGood evening all21:16
sheepeatingtazis there a way of seeing how a sync is prgressing?21:17
sheepeatingtazI can see the applet-icon spinning, but would like to know how it is getting on :)21:17
jblountsheepeatingtaz:  u1sdtool --current-transfers21:18
jblountsheepeatingtaz: If you throw that into a terminal, it'll give you a bit of data on what's transferring :)21:19
sheepeatingtazjblount: that'll do for now, cheers!21:19
thisfredstatik: it finally landed21:23
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