PincyHey, ive got a problem with acx, wicd on connecting to an wpa secured wlan00:08
Pincycan u help me?00:08
forcesdo you have wpa-supplicant installed?00:09
Pincyim trying to get into with wext, whats standard in wicd. Should i try another one?00:10
Pincydoes the acx-driver support wpa nowadays, cause all old threads says it doesnt00:13
Pincybut they are at least one and half a year old...00:15
Pincynow im letting him try with the atmel instead of wext and go 2 sleep ill see it tomorow00:28
Pincyhmm.... Atmel didnt crash my system, but didnt connect. Trying more with log tomorow00:40
mikubuntuomg.  trying to get this toshiba satellite to boot from cd, and it kept booting back to windows, that page that offers you safe mode, etc... of course i've been powering on and off and on and off trying different paths to a bios.  now, it wont power up at all.04:28
firestarter1hi. is there a way to automatically delete older files than one week in myFolder ? I know it can be obtained with a simple script, but I wonder if is there a GUI program (or a configuration menu) for that08:03
Ou42does xubuntu 9.04 have an ssh server installed and running by default?08:10
* Ou42 noobie08:13
Ou42how can i check to see if an ssh server is installed and running?08:13
Ou42putty is returning "Network error: Connection refused"08:13
durtOu42, 'ps -A | grep ssh' on the server08:18
Ou42not to be silly, but for clarity08:19
Ou42server is the xubuntu box not the vista box running xming and putty, yes?08:20
Ou42( because the whole X w08:20
Ou42... X Window server / client backwards thing isn't helping the noodle too much )08:20
durtOu42, sshd is not installed by default, 'sudo apt-get install ssh'.08:22
Ou42is that the *similar* or *different* than, 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server' ?08:28
ocsivanHow to change Firefox settings that it does not use "Swfdec SWF player" but the already installed Adobe player?08:31
Ou42durt - thanks for the help. gonna give it a shot.08:42
SiDiWhy do people leave this channel when I begin typing an answer to them ?08:43
confusioushmmmmmmmm 53 people in this room & nobody sayin shit errrrrrrr I mean stuff10:12
confusiouserrrrrrrrr sorry everybody10:12
confusioushmmmmm anybody really here ??10:12
knomeconfusious, why talk if there is nothing to say?10:13
knomeif you have a question, just *ask* it10:13
knome!ask | confusious10:13
ubottuconfusious: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:13
confusiousso there IS somebody alive here heh heh10:13
knomeno, actually i'm a zombie10:13
ablomenbrains... hungry for brains...10:13
confusiousjust checkin ta see if I've got this thing sett up properly10:14
confusiouseverything seems to look okay fer now so fer now everybody I'ma just gonna say goodnight.gotta goto work in the morn10:15
knomeokay, good night10:15
confusiousthanks fer all yer help  heh heh heh10:15
MaxFramessome days ago the "weather update" applet on my panel started reporting "no data" instead of the weather report10:27
MaxFramesmy internet connection is working fine.10:27
MaxFrameswhat can be the problem?10:27
ramrodmaybe the server is down from where you fetch the weather data?10:37
ramrodhmm i just added the applet and i get also no data10:39
MaxFramesI too think the server is down10:39
MaxFramesbut I cannot find confirmation on the web10:40
ramrodAttention: The folks at weather.com have upgraded their platform in July 2009 to make the API key mandatory. It wasn’t required previously (apart in writing), and the Weather plugin didn’t implement that before 0.6.3. You’ll need version 0.6.3 or more recent to make the Weather plugin work again.10:44
ramrodwhat version is in jaunty?10:44
MaxFramesdunno, how do I find out?10:45
MaxFramesok, found. it's 0.6.210:47
MaxFramesbut sudo apt-get install xfce4-weather-plugin says it's already the latest version10:47
MaxFrameshow do I update the applet to the latest version?10:54
ramrodim trying to install the newest version from http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-plugin10:55
ramrodok its working11:00
MaxFrames:) OK I will try to do it myself, if I fail can I ask you directions about how to install it?11:01
MaxFramesjust a question for now: did you have to compile it, right?11:01
MaxFramesok, never did it before, let's try :)11:02
ramrod./configure then make then make install11:02
ramrodtheres is an INSTALL file11:02
ramrodwith an instruction11:02
ramrodand i had to install the package xfce4-panel-dev11:02
ramrodand intltool11:03
MaxFramesmm :(11:09
MaxFramesI typed "./configure" and it said I needed to install intltool; which I then did11:10
MaxFramesthen I typed "./configure" again and apparently this step went well11:10
MaxFramesnow I typed "make" and it says "no objective specified and no makefile found."11:10
ramrodhmmm, sure configure went well? what did it say in the last lines11:11
MaxFrameslet me review it11:11
MaxFramesmaybe I missed something11:11
MaxFramesright, I was lacking pkg-config :P11:14
MaxFramesnow it says I'm lacking gtk+-2.011:16
ramrodah yes11:16
ramrodshould solve that11:17
ramrodhad the same11:17
MaxFrameswow, massive package that11:17
ramrodi allways google stuff like that, found it here11:19
MaxFramesnow it cant find libxfce4util-1.011:19
ramrodi had the same11:20
ramrodthis should be the last11:20
ramrodsmall one11:20
MaxFramesthanks, the problem is that the names of the lib and the package dont match!11:20
MaxFramesso if not for you I wouldnt have a clue11:20
ramrodright, then you have to google11:20
ramrodi found it in a german forum, here http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/xfce4-places-plugin-installationsprobleme/11:21
MaxFrameslinux can really scare inexperienced people off11:21
ramrodbut in the end, you have an awesome weather plugin! \o/ lol11:22
ramrodi think i'll use that too ^^11:22
* MaxFrames make'ing11:22
* MaxFrames sudo make install'ing11:23
* MaxFrames sudo make clean'ing11:25
ramrodoh, i forgot that11:25
* MaxFrames is now happy owner of working applet :))11:25
ramrodso hows the weather at yours? *g*11:26
MaxFramessunny with light cover11:26
MaxFramesthanks for the help :)11:28
ramrodnp :)11:28
MaxFramesso now I have the tools and the knowledge to build packages :)11:28
MaxFrames28°C and 48% humidity here11:29
PincyCan u help me, wext is crashing my pc and atmel cant connect to my network. Im using acx drivers on actual xubuntu12:51
Pincycould the problem for the wpa-supplicant be, that the wlan is hidden?12:57
Pincycan someone help me connecting with my hidden wpa secured wlan?13:29
TheSheepthey might be able to help you on #ubuntu13:31
Pincykk, then ill try it there13:32
Pincy.... Dont even get recogniced in the channel there.13:55
ToStItOsI have a dial up connection and I wanted to know if there is a faster way to download updates15:21
ToStItOsI have a dialup connection and I wanted to know if there is a faster stable way to download updates15:26
ToStItOsI am trying to download updates but my connection during evening hours is unstable so is a alternative way to download Xubuntu updates15:32
poopuserGood morning. I've got one question : synaptic says that i have one 'broken' package. I would like to fix it however using cli not the synaptic itself. How can i do so?15:32
charlie-tcapoopuser: try running 'sudo apt-get update' and then 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' in the terminal and see what messages it gives you15:36
poopusercharlie-tca, Thank you charlie.15:37
charlie-tcalet's see what it does15:37
poopuserIt does not show anything suspicious.15:38
charlie-tcanothing to autoremove; nothing to fix?15:39
poopuserNo nothing. Maybe the problem fixed itself. Strange. However thank you for your input.15:40
charlie-tcano problem15:41
hhh2which is the latest version of vlx for xubuntu hardy ?? 0.9.9 ?16:31
hhh2vlc *16:31
th0rhhh2: vlc 1.0 has just been released, but you have to get it from their homepage as ubuntu doesn't have it  in the repos.16:33
th0rhhh2: 9.9.9 is the latest in the repos16:33
hhh2deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu hardy main16:34
hhh2i use this repo16:34
SiDi_!info vlc16:40
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.9a-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1652 kB, installed size 3660 kB16:40
SiDi_!info vlc karmic16:41
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1545 kB, installed size 3760 kB16:41
SiDi_You can try the karmic package ~16:41
hhh2latest xubuntu version requires more cpu and ram?17:03
hhh2Jaunty Jackalope17:03
charlie-tca9.04 actually uses less than hardy, I think17:04
hhh2is dangerous to update from hardy to jaunty?17:04
charlie-tcayou need to upgrade in series. 8.04(hardy) to 8.10(intrepid) to 9.04(jaunty) unless you want to break a lot of things17:05
hhh2karmic will be lts?17:09
forceskarmic is 9.1017:11
charlie-tcano, it will be either 10.04 or 10.10, depending on gnome17:11
forces10.04 will be LTS17:11
goldrakesomeone can help me for boot a pc with raid software?17:31
SiDi_hhh2: what GPU ?18:08
SiDi_If you have a Nvidia or a recent ATi you'll be safe18:08
SiDi_If you have an Intel or some SiS or ATi cards you might want to wait for Karmic before upgrading, because Jaunty will very likely not work well due to driver problems18:09
moodogevening :)18:35
AraneidaeHow can I stop xfce from automatically saving and restarting apps?18:38
AraneidaeI have "Automatically save session on logout" in "Session and Startup" unchecked, but it still does it.18:39
charlie-tcaMake sure "Save session for future logins" is unchecked when you hit the quit button18:39
AraneidaeYep, it's uncheckec18:39
charlie-tcaThen delete the ~/.cache/sessions files18:40
charlie-tcaNext time you login, it should not open anything then18:41
AraneidaeGetting a bit tired of doing that.  Seems I have to delete that every time I log out18:41
AraneidaeI've also got a problem where xfce has decided to start placing one of my application's windows, can't figure out why...18:41
charlie-tcaI don't understand that question18:43
AraneidaeWell, do you know where xfce stores the state for windows it decides to store positions for?18:44
AraneidaeNormally when I start a program the first launched window is placed on the  terminal where the mouse rests.18:45
charlie-tcalet me look18:45
AraneidaeThis particular program always ends up being launched in the (wrong) terminal18:45
Araneidaesorry, "terminal" isn't the right word, "screen" is possibly better18:45
charlie-tcaIt would most likly start in the screen with focus, which is normally where the mouse is18:46
AraneidaeYes, that's what I mean18:46
AraneidaeUnfortunately this one window always starts in screen 018:46
Araneidaestarted doing it a little while ago, I probably typed some key bound to an xfce function18:47
AraneidaeIs there any documentation for where xfce keeps its settings?  I've had poor luck in searching for it...18:48
charlie-tcaYes, I use the docs in /usr/share/xfce4/doc18:49
AraneidaeWell, there's nothing in there about where settings are stored18:49
charlie-tcaAlso, there is some good information in /usr/share/xfce4/tips18:49
AraneidaeOh, that's an interesting list of random factoids!18:50
charlie-tcaThis should be where everything is stored: file:///usr/share/xfce4/doc/C/xfce4-session.html#files-and-env-vars18:50
charlie-tcaFor Xubuntu, that is normally ~/.config18:50
AraneidaeAh, yes, found ~/.config/18:50
AraneidaeI guess the xfce4 directory is most relevant...18:51
charlie-tcaThe window information is stored in ~/.cache/sessions18:51
AraneidaeHuh.  I've just deleted that.  Let me try my program again...18:51
AraneidaeYep, starts in screen 0 even though the terminal I use to launch it and the mouse are in screen 1! Grr.18:52
AraneidaeAnd ~/.cache/sessions is gone18:52
charlie-tcaWhat program?18:52
AraneidaeIt's a program lauchned from Wine, a game18:53
charlie-tcaAre you using compiz?18:53
Araneidaeno, interacts horribly with wine!18:53
charlie-tcaIs wine already running?18:53
AraneidaeNo, I'm launching it afresh each time18:53
AraneidaeCuriously, if I run other apps from the same wine prefix they come up in the expected screen18:54
AraneidaeNot sure what to search for in the config files18:54
charlie-tcaI don't know either, maybe talk to the wine maintainer/developers. I know he is quite open for helping people18:57
charlie-tcaIt almost sounds like the app is misbehaving...18:58
charlie-tcaOther programs are working correctly, it is something to do with that one application18:58
AraneidaeIt's very odd.18:58
AraneidaeIt'd be nice to trace the communication with xfce.  There isn't some kind of useful logging option, is there?18:59
charlie-tcacheck in ~/.xsession-errors . That is the log of messages when using the desktop19:00
charlie-tcaIt won't all be errors, though19:00
AraneidaeIt's a bit short!19:00
charlie-tcawishing mine was19:01
AraneidaeLots of getBoolValue assertion errors, and that's about it19:01
AraneidaeThat's it: http://pastebin.com/d77ff68f19:01
charlie-tcaNothing jumps out at me exept the entry for kubuntu. Did you install Kubuntu and Xubuntu-desktop?19:03
AraneidaeOnce upon a time.19:03
charlie-tcaI wonder if it isn't storing the setting under kubuntu defaults for some reason?19:04
AraneidaeYes, I started with Ubunut, tried Kubuntu (kubuntu-desktop) briefly and hated, so then installed kubuntu-desktop finally.19:04
charlie-tcaI don't honestly know, though19:04
AraneidaeInteresting possibility...19:04
charlie-tcalook in ~/.gnome and .gnome2 also19:04
AraneidaeHm.. Definitely got both of those...19:05
charlie-tcaanything about wine or xfce in either one?19:05
AraneidaeThink the simplest thing is to move them to one side and see if anything breaks.19:06
AraneidaeThere's an astonishing amount of stuff in ~/.gnome219:07
charlie-tcaheh, that's gnome, alright19:07
pteague_worki'm having all sorts of fun today...  i plug my headphones in & the speakers work, not the headphones... unplug the headphones & speakers go off19:10
charlie-tcapteague: #ubuntu-audio-help is really good with audio issues19:17
=== SiDi_ is now known as SiDi
Brandon_X_Foxhello everyone I am having a problem, I am trying to get the photos off of my Canon Powershot a1000IS, it is recognized in lsusb, I just need to access it to obtain the photos. Thanks for the help.19:37
Brandon_X_Foxand the version I am using is xubuntu 9.04 just for additional information.19:39
* Brandon_X_Fox wonders if anyone is alive19:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.19:44
Brandon_X_Foxthanks for the reminder\19:45
charlie-tcaI don't know about the rest, but I am pretty sure I am not alive anymore19:45
knomecharlie-tca, ;)19:46
* charlie-tca can't vouch for anyone else19:46
knomeBrandon_X_Fox, do you see a media icon at the thunar side pane?19:46
zoredachePersonally, I have found that it is much easier to simply buy a media reader sd/cf/whatever instead of trying to connect a camera directly...19:47
Brandon_X_Foxno I do not, usually when you mount a camera it would appear on the desktop, this one does not. the cameras display stays on showing only one picture and does not say it is connected, yet it is recognized via lsusb.19:47
Brandon_X_Foxhow much do usb sd card readers cost?19:58
zoredachelast one I purchased was $7 at the local best buy19:58
zoredachei have seen them between 10-25 usually19:59
Brandon_X_FoxDo they work with older pcs?19:59
zoredachemy experience has been that they will work on anything with a usb port20:00
Brandon_X_FoxBecause I'm running a 933mhz cpu, 256mb ram, 40gb computer, so I am just curious20:00
pteague_workdoes the bot have a url for mapping keys for things like audio volume & such?20:01
crazygirI have a network interface used for vbox. To do some of the testing I am doing, I need to set this up as a bridged interface, although this ties up the device when the vm and bridge are running. Could I create virtual interfaces for this device, which then get their own ethernetr bridge/tap setup?20:12
crazygir..how would you go about doing this?20:13
pteague_workyou should be able to add another ethernet device to the vm & bridge that or are you needing it on the host?20:21
crazygirI have one device for the host, I have a seconde just for vms20:22
crazygirI thought one tap/br one vm?20:23
pteague_worki've not messed with virtualbox a whole lot, but i would think you could set it up to use any particular physical or virtual device on the host20:24
pteague_workin the virtual machine (at least what i saw on the mac), virtualbox let's you set up to 4 different ethernet devices20:25
pteague_workyou'll have to stop the vm, go into the configuration section for the vm, networking tab & add or enable them20:25
n2diyis there a special command for opening Thunar as root? With Gnome it is gksudo.21:05
knomen2diy, the same.21:06
n2diyknome: thanks21:06
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts21:14
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts21:14
planetaryneed some help, should be quick21:16
charlie-tca!hi | planetary21:17
ubottuplanetary: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!21:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:17
planetarysounds good21:17
planetaryok, so i am having trouble installing the alsa update. i am not good with .tar files.21:18
planetaryi am in root and the cd ~desktop says it doesnt exist and the other 2 steps dont work21:19
charlie-tcaif you are in root, you need to use /home/planetary/Desktop/FILE21:22
charlie-tcaYour desktop and root desktop are different areas21:23
planetaryi see. does it make any difference that the home is on a seperate partition21:25
planetaryi still get21:28
planetaryroot@Tualatin:~# cd /home/alex/desktop/AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.tar21:28
planetary-bash: cd: /home/alex/desktop/AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.tar: No such file or directory21:28
charlie-tcaBecause you can not cd into the tar file. Try cd /home/alex/Desktop21:28
charlie-tcaThen do ls21:29
planetaryoh ok, whats cd21:29
charlie-tcachange directory21:29
planetaryand does the capital D matter21:29
charlie-tcalinux is very aware of the case21:30
charlie-tcado 'ls' and see if the .tar file is there21:30
charlie-tcaThen go to step 321:31
planetaryok i did it. dit step 421:32
charlie-tcaGreat! You are welcome21:32
planetarycool. this chat thing is a great idea21:43
planetarythanks again i may be back21:45
compilerwriterDoes xubuntu have the same upgrade problems with my nvidia MX 420 as Kubuntu does?22:52
compilerwriternot many people here I see.22:54
charlie-tcaNot many people can answer your question. What drivers does the video card use?22:54
compilerwriterin kubuntu I am using nvidia-glx-96 for Ibex.  They seem to have dropped support for the card in Jaunty which uses glx-18022:55
charlie-tcaIt is probably not kubuntu dropping support. It is most likely nvidia dropping it22:56
charlie-tcaI have two nvidia cards here, and they both work fine22:56
compilerwriterwhat cards are you using?22:56
charlie-tcaBut, mine use the 180 latest drivers22:56
charlie-tcaI don't know off the top of my head, but I suspect if the driver is no longer supported, it is not going to be in any distribution22:57
compilerwriterWell unfortunately 180 doesn't support the 420 though.22:58
charlie-tcaWill it work with the nv driver22:58
compilerwriterJaunty doesn't work with nvidia 96 well at all.22:58
charlie-tcaThat then becomes a problem. Although, Kubuntu is more resource intensive that Xubuntu.22:59
compilerwriterI have found a 6200 for sale at a price of $89.00 that should be supported by 180, but I'm not sure the card is worth that much.23:00
charlie-tcaHave you tried the envyng driver?23:00
compilerwriterAs I understood envy just selected the right driver for you.  It is not a package so much as a software that identifies your card and gets you the latest driver for it.  Am I mistaken?23:01
charlie-tcaCould be you are right, I am not that familiar with the stuff23:01
compilerwriterI think I tried nvidia-envy though as well.23:01
compilerwriterDo you happen to know what the highest card that will fit agp is?23:02
jbk` the best23:03
charlie-tcano idea23:03
jbk`is prolly23:03
compilerwriterjbk`: was that your input to my graphics card question?23:05
charlie-tcaYes, it was23:07
goldrakegood night23:08
capletonHello, I hope this is working...   I'm new to Xubuntu and have a question...23:22
capletonI'm trying to figure out how to change the size of Task List entries23:23
capletoni use a netbook and right now if I only have one thing open, it looks disproportionately large :-(   Any ideas?23:24

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