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mac_vmpt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/+bug/388633/comments/810:20
mac_vmaybe you could comment there itself10:20
mptmac_v, done10:48
mac_vah... 10:52
SiDiMacSlow: woot, nice blur :)10:58
MacSlowSiDi, brought to you with a lot of pain :)10:59
SiDihehe i can imagine it's not been easy10:59
SiDicongratulations :D10:59
SiDibtw i think i saw a sync notification with text in the test schemes10:59
SiDidoes that mean i could use the sync notification's progress bar for a media player notification where the progress bar would be the advancement of the song ? :P10:59
MacSlowargl no! 11:00
SiDinow i can harras my family with math formulas via ssh, its great11:00
mac_vMacSlow: there have been users complaining that the notify-osd bubble is not obvious on a dark background , how about having a dim grey 1px border? wouldnt that solve the visibility a bit?11:06
SiDimac_v: no :P11:07
SiDiI think a border wouldnt look sexy at all11:07
SiDiif its not readable for them they-should-be-able-to-change-the-colour11:07
mac_v1px is not a border!11:07
SiDiyes it is11:07
mac_vits just to differentiate the bubble from a dark background11:08
SiDianyway other users complain they cant read white text on black without massive visual effort, and this has to be fixed :)11:08
mac_vSiDi: baby steps ;p11:08
SiDithat'd be a fairly old baby then11:08
MacSlowmac_v, SiDi: There will probably be some gconf-keys for background-, text- and text-dropshadow-color11:09
SiDii hope you remove this probably word :D11:09
SiDiMacSlow: i'll begin my xfconf port soon so i might in the same time add code for this, ill tell you if i managed to do it11:10
MacSlowthe nasty thing about this will be the schema/autotools mayhem11:10
* MacSlow is not looking forward to this11:10
* MacSlow -> lunch12:35
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mac_vmpt: haha another dup of the same issue, ;p > https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/391404 , http://launchpadlibrarian.net/28266448/Captura_de_tela-Abrir.png ,  IMO this does not look pretty!13:06
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mac_vmpt : i'v done a mockup , "you can scroll this!" visual hint mockup> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29043629/Mockup.png still not convinced?13:54
SiDiisnt it possible in gtk to differentiate the prelight one and the active one ?13:55
mac_vSiDi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/388633/comments/613:57
mac_vits not the decision about the prelight, but the present option needs to be the centre13:57
SiDimac_v: if you can have prelight and selected differently13:58
SiDiyou can put the "current" value at the top13:58
SiDiit'll have the "selected" color and be recognisable13:58
mac_vSiDi: i suggested that also , finally we have similar thoughts , ;p13:58
* SiDi hides13:58
mac_vSiDi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/388633/comments/713:59
SiDithat was a bit rude :p14:02
mac_vmy comment?14:03
SiDiBut i'm nonely better than you for that :p14:03
mptmac_v, sorry, I don't understand what that mockup is showing14:04
mptpartly because I can't see where the menu started, perhaps14:05
mac_vthe scroll arrows14:05
mptThose scroll pseudobuttons that GTK uses inside the menu are really quite ugly14:05
mptThey don't behave like buttons, so they really shouldn't look like buttons14:05
mac_vmpt: but we have to do with what we have :(14:06
mptWell, no, if you're proposing a change in appearance, you can do that for any part of the menu :-)14:06
mac_vSiDi: i wasnt trying to be rude :(14:07
SiDimac_v: i didnt say you tried to14:09
SiDiwhat happens is that often when you report a bug you believe you are right (im the first in that case and sometimes i AM rude, but i notice later)14:10
SiDiso you explain why things _have to_ change instead of stating that they _could_ change14:10
SiDii dont know if im very clear :P14:10
mac_vmpt: a better mockup from bugzilla>  http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=47137&action=view14:10
mac_vSiDi: ;p14:10
mptmac_v, yes, exactly14:11
mac_vmpt: the one on the right is better, and a patch for it exists!14:12
mptHere's a scrolling menu on the Mac: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/userexperience/Conceptual/AppleHIGuidelines/XHIGMenus/XHIGMenus.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP30000356-BABBBABH14:12
mptand on Windows: http://www.prof-uis.com/prof-uis/feature-tour/tour_menu_bar.aspx#Figure714:12
mptthough I don't think that Windows one is particularly native14:13
mptIt looks very Office-XP-ish14:13
mac_vmpt: the apple one is better, but i dont understand what you mean? the bugzilla mockup still doesnt do the trick? when a better solution exist for now ,why are we searching for an elusive best solution?14:16
mptmac_v, the Bugzilla mockup is what I had in mind in my first comment in that bug report.14:17
mpt(Though I didn't know there was a mockup of it.)14:17
mac_vthey also have a patch14:18
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SiDimpt mac_v as far as i know windows doesnt have native comboboxentries at all14:21
mptSiDi, true, Windows has "drop-down listboxes" instead, but I was looking more at how the OSes show menu scrolling in general14:21
mpt(The name "ComboBoxEntry" is a monumental confusion on the part of whichever GTK developer gave it that name. A combo box is already a combination of a menu and a text entry. That's where the "combo" comes from.)14:23
mac_vSiDi: see proper naming is needed ;p14:23
mptAh, here's a more native-looking scrollable menu in Windows: http://vbnet.mvps.org/images/gfx/menu/menuscroll.gif14:24
mac_vmpt: do you want to re-think that gtk bug? or is it still invalid14:24
SiDiLets rename it to ScrollableListThatMakesAGoodConversationSubjectForAyatana then14:24
SiDithe main problem is filling this white space, right ?14:27
mptmac_v, I have no new facts with which to rethink it. :-P I can see how it could be argued either way, and the GTK developers have chosen one way, and you prefer the other.14:27
SiDiCause actually removing it would make it a loss of vertical space when you do need to scroll :/14:27
mac_vmpt: ok.14:28
SiDiWhat about appending the last items on the top empty space with a big vertical separator between beginning and end ?14:28
SiDiand make it possible to scroll to top to reach the bottom faster ? (i wonder how _confusing_ this could be for users, but at least the space would be exploited :/)14:28
mptThat would be ... strange14:33
SiDiok, lets put it in the "stupid ideas" box. :D14:35
SiDimpt: mind having a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ayatana/UpdateIssues and commenting it please ?14:36
SiDimac_v: you didnt add the updates on login/logout to it btw, i was expecting you to do so :D14:36
mptSiDi, thanks, I'm planning to write a design spec for handling updates and this will be good source material14:38
SiDii need to detail it a little more though but i'm being lazy :)14:39
mac_vSiDi:  i think the better way is to do in-session updates and not disturb the user > https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/39732414:41
SiDimac_v: can you please add this as issue #5 on the UpdateIssues page above and add your solution for it ?14:42
mac_vSiDi: sure... BTW what is issue #5?14:42
SiDithe issue you describe in your bug report :)14:42
mac_voh... ok14:42
SiDiie. "it MUST be restarted" statement when it should be "changes will be applied after a restart"14:43
SiDiWe also need to add another issue for apps that do need to be restarted after an update and find a decent compromise for these14:45
SiDi(or remove firefox from the repo and close eyes on the problem :X)14:45
SiDii get instant answers from ubottu in our xubuntu chans14:51
SiDiwrong channel ~14:51
ScottKSiDi: For Firefox it must be restarted or it won't work.  Must is right.14:53
SiDiScottK: indeed14:53
SiDithe idea is to tell the user BEFORE it screws his FF14:53
SiDiand provide an option to automatically delay the installation of those packages and those that depend on them, on session close14:54
mac_vSiDi: why do you insist on NO TOC?15:01
mac_vits better to navigate the page15:01
SiDimac_v: it looks ugly. :D15:02
SiDiput one if you want its ok ;)15:02
SiDidont put one with an ubuntu-art icon though15:02
SiDiand remove the float=right too imo15:02
mac_v;p , i forgot to remove it the last time!15:02
djsiegel_danrabbit: can you please s/elebuntu/humanity ?15:10
djsiegel_and move the wiki page?15:10
jblount_MacSlow: When you get a free second, I'd love to chat with you about notify-osd via ssh -Y15:26
MacSlowjblount_, not this week I'm afraid... best in such a case is email me15:27
jblount_MacSlow: Will do. Thanks!15:27
mac_vmpt: oops! i didnt realize i missed a word in #5! it is actually! "Further evidence of" i'll correct it15:49
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