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Deadpan110Hello all... I am looking for howtos on using LDM on a non net booting machine to connect users to the terminal server... any links pasted will be muchly appreciated... not played around all that much yet... but initially assumed it relied on lts.conf being available in the non net clients /etc directory11:22
Deadpan110*poor google seems to send me around in circles and man ldm does not say too much11:24
alkisgDeadpan110: it doesn't work this way, LTSP isn't just LDM11:25
alkisgSo you can't easily make LTSP clients out of non-net-booting machines11:26
Deadpan110oh... ok and ty for your quick response... i was hoping that ldm would handle the niceness of connecting the session over X11:27
alkisgWhat's your purpose? Maybe there's something else you could use...11:28
Deadpan110*buntu gdm has the connect over secure session n stuff... works nice till we log out... then it locks up :( ...kinda hoped that usin ldm rather than gdm would help...11:28
alkisg(I mean, why avoid net booting?)11:28
Deadpan110wireless media puter... the girlfriend loves the setup... but also wants to connect to our LTSP setup11:29
alkisgYou won't get audio through plain ssh11:30
Deadpan110she could just sit in the other room... but she loves to chat etc while sat in front of the wide screen11:30
Deadpan110yep... audio is no problem... if i need that, i would use pulse11:30
alkisgHmmm first, you could try asking in about 8-10 hours in #ltsp, where the devs usually hang out,11:31
Deadpan110...its justa curiosity on what i could prod about with... was liking the idea of *buntu booting on the wireless pute and a simple press of F9 to get to ldm11:32
Deadpan110and... yups... i will hang out for a while... thankya :)11:32
alkisg...but I've also tried running a remote session in an Xnest succesfully....11:32
Deadpan110yeah... i am very open to suggestions... i just got a lil miffed searchin about for stuffs... specially as i dunno if any of my ideas would work... and ima not shy of tweakin anythin11:34
Deadpan110i have been usin ltsp at home now for a few years... saves a lot of time even tho there are only 2.5 users...11:36
Deadpan110...new house... our last place, i ran cat5e everywhere... heh... i dunt mind that... and if i had my way, i would channel out the walls... but 2 media PC's are now wireless... so the ltsp server also hosts our media11:38
Deadpan110*blames the gf*11:38
sbalneav_Morning all14:38
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Ahmuck-Jrmorning sbalneav16:49
LnsHey guys, wanted to share a page promoting LTSP / Thin clients in education with you all - feel free to copy the info. I've been working on it the past 3-4 days and have come to the point to where I'm just adding links and touching things up here and there. Hopefully the info can be of use to others. http://logicalnetworking.net/services/ubuntu_ltsp.html20:57
Lns(sorry for the xpost)20:57
highvoltagecool, thanks for sharing!21:01
highvoltageand know I finally know what Lns stands for :)21:02
Lnshighvoltage: ;)21:03

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