aleksiocan anyone help me with ffmpeg?00:01
AlexZionI need to install a package called "build-deb" to compile and install a Kwin decoration but this package isn't on the repo ...., it could be ?, can I use something different ?00:27
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ctphi folks. a dumb question but where can i redefine the sortcuts for switching between desktops in 4.2 & 4.3?00:31
ctpAlexZion: build-essentials?00:32
AlexZionI already have but it doesn' work actually ...00:32
ctpAlexZion: which app/lib is missing exactely?00:33
AlexZionI don't know mate , I just try to change the Kwin decoration whic is horrible, and I can't install it, when I try with "cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr" an error occurred saying that miss the file "CMakeLists.txt", but actually I can see the file, it's right there on the folder ...00:36
AlexZionand I thought something was missing , because the instruction to install the decoration says "00:37
AlexZionsudo apt-get build-deb kdeplasma-addons"00:37
AlexZionbut I can't get it so ....00:37
AlexZionanyway it's unbeliavable....., to change a decoration it's something for engeneer00:38
AlexZioni was using dekorator but now with kde 4.3 doesn't look so good without the trasparency on the rounded corner ....00:39
AlexZionI will just keep going with this horrible decoration ... :(00:39
bobbob1016I can't seem to disable the drum sounding noises when I press buttons, I've gone into system settings, but I can't find the setting.  Any ideas?00:58
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pucko-ctp, in settings->keyboard & mouse-> global keys... but you have to pick the "kwin" component before you see the option.01:33
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CleanLaundrywhen trying to install a windows program, I get this error : " Unable to find a volume for file extraction. Please verify that you have proper permissions."02:02
geniiCleanLaundry: Try asking in #winehq02:02
CleanLaundrygenii, tx02:03
macho_hey guys02:07
macho_is there a faster way to download torrent files on linux02:07
geniimacho_: If you have 2 boxes, start up ktorrent on both and set ktorrent on both boxes to also share with each other on their lan addresses02:08
geniiKids these days. No waiting around for answers for them.02:09
* genii sips02:09
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dennisterhey guys, how can I remove ekiga from automatically starting up?02:52
micahgis kivio in koffice-kde4?02:52
aru_sdennister: look in the autostart option in System Settings02:54
dennisteraru_s: where is it? I don't see it anywhere02:55
dennisterand i'm in system settings02:55
BluesKajhi dennister , system settings /advanced/autostart02:56
dennisterBluesKaj: hi :-) i don't see an autostart option in system settings-->advanced02:58
BluesKajdennister, which kubuntu are running ?02:58
aru_slook in ~/.kde/Autostart02:59
BluesKajkde 3.5 = intrepid ?02:59
dennisteraru_s: i did that before coming into the channel, the only thing in .kde/autostart was an empty .directory file03:00
dennisterkde 3.5 = hardy03:00
dennisteraru_s: BluesKaj will tell ya, I usually google these tiny, rare, annoying probs before I come into the channel...only when googling doesn't work...:P03:04
aru_scase matters03:04
aru_smake sure you don't have both an autostart and Autostart dir03:04
sharifI want to know how to start ftp server with my linux ?03:05
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:07
sharifI want to know where i can start ftp as service and control user accounts ?03:08
dennisteraru_s: i'm looking for both03:11
dennisterwell, there was a lot of stuff under /usr/share/autostart03:15
rcintrahi! anyone knows how can I organize my desktop widgets in KDE (resize and move) manually? The problem is that KDE keeps applying this annoying auto resize / positioning feature.03:19
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shadeslayerrcintra: when you hover over the widgets do you see a bar pop out on the sides03:20
EDinNYwhat do I apt-get to auto mount my thumb drives and cdroms?03:20
dennisteraru_s: but none of the stuff under /usr/share/autostart was related to ekiga as far as I could see...went into gnome for a bit, as it is easier to autostart apps from gnome, but I didn't see it there, either...03:21
rmrfslashAnyone notice Konsole flickers ridiculously in Kubuntu w/ KDE 4.303:21
rcintrabut even if I move them, the KDE automatically moves it to a "ideal" position03:21
rmrfslashwhen scrolling03:21
shadeslayerrcintra: when you left click it and drag it it repositions the widget and the first square button on the handle resizes it03:21
dennisterbrb folks, restarted x and will have a cancer stick while it loads03:22
rcintrashadeslayer: yeah, the problem is that after it the KDE automatically moves my widget to another location03:22
shadeslayerrcintra: works here...03:23
shadeslayerrcintra: is this after you repostion them and reboot??03:23
rcintrashadeslayer: no. just after i reposition it03:23
shadeslayerEDinNY: just apt-cache search package too see what you need ;)03:23
KittyBootsHello, I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and I just installed KDE.  I have a problem with KDE, there is not any program to manage the network connectivity installed what am I missing?03:24
rcintrashadeslayer: it auto reposition the widget03:24
shadeslayerrcintra: hmm...lemme see03:24
shadeslayerKittyBoots: is it fully updated?03:24
KittyBootsI have updated03:24
shadeslayerKittyBoots: then there should be a network manager widget in the add widget box03:25
KittyBootsI am using GNOME to connect03:25
KittyBootsOK I will try to find it.03:25
shadeslayerKittyBoots: so youre using wifi?? if you use wpa it wont work03:25
KittyBootsI am going to try to find the widgit, thanks!03:26
rcintrashadeslayer: "With widgets unlocked, you can rearrange your widgets and move the Plasma icon to where you want it. The Plasma desktop will help you arrange widgets. It is easy to resize them. " ....... according to http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.2/desktop.php03:26
shadeslayerrcintra: i see no bug...youre on your own on this one :(03:26
shadeslayerrcintra: yes...so the widgets are unllocked arent they?03:27
rcintrashadeslayer: this auto position feature that is killing me03:27
shadeslayerrcintra: there is no such feature ;)03:27
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shadeslayerrcintra: what widget is this?03:27
rcintrashadeslayer: yes, but i can move them to the corners od the screen. it keeps postioning the widgets in the up left corner03:27
rcintrashadeslayer: sorry, i meant "i can't move them to the corners of the screen"03:28
shadeslayerrcintra: oh....you mean out of the screen...you cant do that i think03:28
shadeslayerrcintra: btw that link you gave me has a video of kde 4.3! haha03:29
rcintrashadeslayer: no, i mean in the corner of the screen. not out of the screen03:29
rcintrashadeslayer: ops :)03:29
shadeslayerrcintra: yeah i get what you mean...like trying to drag them to one corner and theres always some space left out03:30
rcintrashadeslayer: exactly03:30
shadeslayerrcintra: its not possible ;)03:30
dennisteraru_s: ok, i've looked under usr/share/autostart, and /home/user/.kde/Autostart, but can't find any mention of ekiga or konversation, both of which start automatically when kde starts, and since this user only got his internet hooked up recently, there's no way he would have set these two apps to start at kde launch03:30
aru_smaybe a session is being restored03:31
rcintrashadeslayer: but it doesn't make sense. i was supposed to arrange de widgets the way i want. don't you think?03:31
dennisterand I would never have done that myself before giving him this pc back in December03:31
aru_stry setting it to load a fresh session on login and see03:31
dennisteraru_s: that's possible, while he was exploring his computer...how do I do that?03:31
shadeslayerrcintra: yes...but this prevents the widgets from getting accidentaly obsucred ot getting dragged out of the screen03:31
aru_sI think its under the login part of the system settings03:32
rcintrashadeslayer: what if i want to keep the widgets at the bottom of the screen? is it no possible?03:32
aru_shaven't touched it for ages03:32
shadeslayerrcintra: never tried that...03:32
shadeslayerrcintra: then the taskbar might have to go up :P03:33
dennisteri'll look03:34
rcintrashadeslayer: actually mine is at the top :) well, that's ok, i thought it was a bug. anyways, i really appreciate your help03:34
shadeslayerrcintra: no problem...03:34
KittyBootsI am having trouble finding the widget that Kubuntu uses to manage the network, I think that it is not installed.  What should I do to install it?03:35
KittyBootsI am using Gnome03:35
aru_snetwork management03:35
KittyBootsI am in a Gnome session because I can not connect to internet with KDE03:35
shadeslayerKittyBoots: install knetworkmanager03:35
aru_skitty: if you can start knetworkmanager or networkmanager (the gnome version) you should be able to connect03:36
shadeslayerKittyBoots: also run " sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop " to ensure you have all KDE packages03:36
KittyBootsI'll do that03:36
aru_s^ indeed03:37
dennisteraru_s: k, i set session manager to start with clean session, and am rebooting into new kernels from updates03:37
dennistercorrection, after all those updates there's not a new kernel yet, but session manager had been set to restore previous session03:39
KittyBootsthis is fun03:41
shadeslayerKittyBoots: so was the package installed?03:41
KittyBootsit is installing03:41
KittyBootsI will try now!03:42
sharifWhat do you use to constantly monitor your bandwidth & Net speed/traffic?03:42
aru_sThere's a network monitor plasmoid03:42
dennisteraru_s: problem 3 or 4 solved :)03:42
shadeslayerbtw is anyone experincing slow startup times with KDM?? my KDM starts up in like 3 secs03:42
dennisterno bad autostart probs03:43
* shadeslayer goes to investigate with bum03:44
BluesKajwidget-network-manager is flaky... ive said this many times in the last few weeks , install wicd03:44
BluesKaj!info wicd03:44
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB03:44
shadeslayerBluesKaj: of course it is...its in work in the svn under playground03:44
aru_swicd is not without its own issues03:45
aru_sfor the best solution, go with knetworkmanager03:45
BluesKajwell, aru_s , it sure works on my linux machines a hell of alot better than that widget thing does03:45
shadeslayerthis is whats great with linux...too many choices03:45
aru_sBluesKaj: most definitely. I'm lucky that the widget works for me03:46
aru_sI'm just glad people acknowledge this as being a distro issue and not a KDE issue03:46
BluesKajanyway folks , have a good day/evening/morning ..whatever time of aday it is in your area ..sacktime here03:47
aru_sgnight BluesKaj03:47
shadeslayerKittyBoots: did it work?03:50
dennisterbut get this: new problem since reboot, nic isn't working...icon in systray shows disconnect, no ip address from ifconfig, tried restarting with /etc/init.d/networking restart...getting permission denied errors :(03:51
KittyBootsknetworkmanager is already the newest version.03:51
shadeslayerKittyBoots: can you see the widget?03:52
KittyBootsIt wont start03:52
dennisterof course, the updates got stuck so had to do a dpkg --confiure -a, so that might be the problem...updates03:52
shadeslayerKittyBoots: what wont start?03:52
KittyBootsWhen I add it to the to the tool bar it dosent stay03:53
KittyBootshow can I start Knetwtorkmanager without using the widget?03:53
shadeslayerKittyBoots: hmm....ive gtg right now...hope someone else can clear this03:53
aru_sKitty: do you have knetworkmanager installed?03:54
aru_sopen a terminal03:54
KittyBootsHow do I start it?03:54
aru_sand type: knetworkmanager03:54
aru_sthen hit enter03:54
KittyBootsI will try it, I am in gnome so I have to log out and into a different session03:55
dennistershould udev be a system service that starts up at boot?03:58
dennisterthx...just waiting for all these past updates to actually be installed...a few packages are still failing the setup :(04:01
dennisterwhat about resolvconf?04:02
wizzhay alguien hay?04:03
dennisterresolveconf isn't even listed in system services on this, my favourite machine04:04
dennisterand udev was not configured to start at boot on this one, either04:04
KittyBootsI can get knetworkmanager to start but it will not connect to my router?04:05
KittyBootsHow do I resolve the problem?04:05
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aru_sare you using wireless, or are you wired?04:07
dennisterthis is really wierd...why the nic doesn't wanna work all of a sudden04:08
calamariwhat happened to kpdf in intrepid?04:13
KittyBootsaru_s wireless04:13
calamarishould I be using something else now?04:13
aru_scalamari: Okular04:13
aru_sKittyBoots: did it work under Gnome?04:13
KittyBootsI have not tried04:14
calamariaru_s: I'll check it out, thanks04:14
KittyBootsit works with Gnome04:15
aru_syou pulled kubuntu-desktop?04:15
KittyBootsWhat is the command to start the newtorkmanager that gnome uses, I can try that one in kde04:17
aru_stry just plain ol networkmanager04:18
jussi01KittyBoots: nm-applet04:18
KittyBootscool I'll try it04:19
Guest68103It is driving me crazy.04:19
Guest68103Does anyone know how to get sound to work with Kubuntu 9.04?04:19
aru_sit works for me04:19
jussi01Guest68103: elaborate please, which sound card, what steps have you followed?04:20
Guest68103I have been going through page after page of tips, hits, fixes etc and I get nothing.04:20
dennisterok, nic is working again, but i'm in dependency hell with problematic updates, dpkg --configure -a isn't working, neither is apt-get install -f...what's that long comand with fuser or something?04:21
deusranyone know tell me because kubuntu is with 4 packages, kernel, and not block updates?04:21
aru_sDeusr: could you rephrase that?04:22
deusraru_s, whats ?04:23
deusrlinux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic04:23
rudi_oh, you are talking about blocked updates...04:24
deusr4 updates blocked04:24
deusrrudi_, yes04:24
aru_son a command line you can do dist-upgrade04:24
aru_sas in: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:24
aru_sbut those may be blocked for a reason04:25
aru_sso I'd avoid doing that unless you really need the kernel updates04:25
deusraru_s, thanks04:25
rudi_yes,probably blocked for a reason, give it time04:25
KittyBootshow do i diaplay a list of running applications04:27
KittyBootsI need to killall firefox but it is not working04:27
aru_sif you're using firefox 3.5, you need to do killall firefox-3.504:27
rudi_just do pkill firefox04:27
aru_sor just xkill then point and click :-)04:27
rudi_or go into system monitor and end process =)04:28
aru_sOr take an electromagnet to your hard drive04:28
KittyBootswhat is the command to display all processes?04:29
rudi_ps aux | less04:31
rudi_or  ps -A04:32
aru_sps -ef04:33
rudi_kittyboots what exactly is your problem04:33
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dennisteraru_s: i've got a real problem now...bloody dependency hell now has caused the machine to finish loading neither gnome or kde04:38
aru_sdoes it dump you to a login shell?04:47
aru_stry removing kubuntu-desktop and then reinstalling it04:48
dennisteractually, it doesn't, i get login screen, and in the rare occasions when it actually goes past the password step, it's just a solid blue04:54
dennisteri'm going into recovery mode04:54
dennisterat one point it told me doc-base was the first big problem, and so corrupt I should reinstall it, so I did, but it's still trying to setup and install the old doc-base, too, and all the other (20?) packages that depend on doc-base04:56
aru_sit might be worth it to reinstall from the disc04:57
dennisteractually, i just thought i'd try the 'dpkg repair broken packages' option...Noooooooooo04:57
aru_swon't overwrite the home dir if you don't reformat04:57
dennisteruser brought it here this eve, along with another one I have to do a whole install on, and it had some minor problems...I just don't have time to do a new reinstall for the first box, too04:58
aru_syou dont need to watch the install...04:59
dennisteroh, yes i will :(05:00
dennisteri typically use a certain method...using mini.iso so less can go wrong, but do a lot of extras for my users that take time05:02
dennisterI don't want to give him back less than what he came here with05:02
DaskreeCHdennister: Hello05:12
dennistersorry, was out for a cig, and magically the dependency hell is fixed :)05:15
DaskreeCHi HATES that05:15
DaskreeCHIt's the most aggravating thing05:15
dennisteri forgot to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop, which was removed after I followed direction to purge the problematic doc-base05:16
dennisternow to restart so kde and gnome can be tested05:17
dennisterwho knows, with all the updates maybe the remaining annoyances will be fixed, too05:17
dennisterI really want to start the next box, with at least the base system and xubuntu started before I hit the sack...will finish up in the morning05:19
jdcnycI clone a Hardy Heron parttion to the second half of the same hard drive. Ibex isn't booting correctly. What's the best way to remove that Ibex partition and make Heron bootable?05:19
DaskreeCHdennister: You are using the alternate CD ?05:20
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: You don't need to remove Ibex just point Grub at the kernel on hardy05:21
jdcnycIsn't Grub fully associated with Ibex?05:21
dennisterDaskreeCH: I haven't started the new install yet, i'm just trying to fix a user's 'working' system...seemed minor things, but then updates...05:22
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: Grub isn't associated with *anything* outside of some *nix type kernel that can take parameters05:22
dennisternope...kde & gnome weren't fixed...was able to install vlc, but login screen hung after entering password05:22
DaskreeCHdennister: what does ~/.xsession-errors say?05:23
DaskreeCH also if you are using the alternate CD to install might as well get it running05:23
dennisterhaven't checked that yet, back in recovery mode05:25
jdcnycDaskreeCH: Sounds like a very good plan. I boot Hardy by typing EXIT<cr> during the Ibex bootup, so maybe there is kernel parameter for the Hardy parition. THANKS!05:25
dennisteralso want to do the remaining 124 upgrades05:26
dennisterapt-get install update?05:26
dennisterno, upgrade05:27
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: If the grub is obeying the parameters set in the Ibex partition just copy over the /boot/grub/menu.lst from hardy05:27
DaskreeCHdennister: try dist-upgrade05:28
dennisterwouldn't that start the intrepid or ibix process? don't want those, just to keep hardy05:28
dennisterupgrade worked05:29
DaskreeCHdennister: Maybe I'd need to know jdcnyc's partition layout but it's pretty simple to swap out the default05:29
jdcnycDaskreeCH: Thanks. I'll copy the older grub setup.05:30
jdcnycThe partitioning is simple: hda1 has bootable defective Ibex, hda2 has reliable older Heron and a small swap file.05:31
dennisterwell, this had better fix most of it...from what I remember before the dependency hell broke out, the main remaining thing is to fix the cd burner errors when I try to play an audio cd with it05:32
DaskreeCHhda2 cannot hold swap and heron05:32
dennisterjdcnyc: he's right, swap is always a partition by itself05:33
jdcnycI failed to explain hda2 holds Heron. There's a swap file in it's own partiton. And that's about it.05:33
dennisterwhat's confusing is that there's no such thing as 'swap *file*'05:34
jdcnycI stand corrected: Swap partition.05:35
dennistersorry to be a picky one :)05:35
DaskreeCHdennister: actually there is You can do it but it's really unlikely05:35
dennisterok, u know more than I DaskreeCH05:36
DaskreeCHdennister: No need to be sorry partitions are not something you want to be fuzzy on when you are making changes to how a system boots05:36
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: First thing of course is to make a backup of the Ibex files you are going to change05:36
dennisteryeah, that's true, this computing stuff requires precision when it comes to partitions05:37
jdcnycI'm planning on editing /etc/x11/xorg.conf as Ibex boots to a login screen where the keyboard and mouse don't work. But for now, I need to get things done with heron.05:39
jdcnycI'm aware others have the frozen Ibex login screen, but it was working fine for weeks. So, editing configuration files might work, or not.05:41
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: back up the config you have and run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:46
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jdcnycDaskreeCH: If the configuration isn't working and all data was copied to the Heron partition, why bother backing anything up? I'm this close to just wiping that partition away and write off this version of Kubuntu.05:50
DaskreeCHjdcnyc: Well what you want is to make sure that grub is booting from hardy05:51
DaskreeCH!grub | jdcnyc05:51
ubottujdcnyc: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:51
dennisterok, rebooted after all the updates were done, but it's taking too long after login screen was inputted with password05:51
DaskreeCHThat should walk you through and you should be fine05:51
DaskreeCHdennister: jump to a tty and see if something is hung05:52
dennisterand I started the other box in the other room05:52
dennisteralt-f#, right? that's not working05:52
DaskreeCHif nothing is taking an obscene amount of Mem/CPU then try sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop && startx05:52
DaskreeCHdennister: alt+ctrl+F#05:53
dennisteroops,...i don't use that much05:53
DaskreeCHF7 is back to X05:53
dennisteryep, lots of -bash: /dev/null: permission denied05:54
dennisterwhat to do?05:54
DaskreeCHdennister: sorry what was that?05:55
DaskreeCHyou logged in and got kicked back out?05:55
dennistergot to tty and were lots of "-bash: /dev/null: permission denied05:55
DaskreeCHcan you login there?05:56
dennisteryes, i had to login on tty05:56
dennisterand got the ^^ after login before i got user prompt back05:56
DaskreeCHAlright you say bash /dev/null on login or before you lagged in?05:56
DaskreeCHsomething is wrong there05:57
dennisterno kidding :)05:57
DaskreeCHrun top and see what's using up CPU05:57
dennisterlots of stuff by root05:58
dennisternot to familiar with top feedback05:59
dennisterhold on...need to check other machine05:59
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.06:01
DaskreeCHdennister: The top item is which process? How much CPU is it using?06:02
dennisterDaskreeCH: that's hard to say, the top item keeps changing06:08
DaskreeCHdennister: Ok that's good06:09
dennistersometimes it's root user, very high virt number, by xorg06:09
DaskreeCHcan you install pastebinit ?06:09
dennisterprobably, just hold a sec, is it the high virt number that's the important info?06:10
DaskreeCHI would like to see the errors in ~/.xsession-errors06:10
DaskreeCHdennister: partly but the number under CPU% is the one I'm interested in06:10
DaskreeCHHigh memory usage won't kill progress if you wait you;ll see a desktop High CPU usage will stop anything from moving foward06:11
DaskreeCHq to get out of top if you don't know06:11
dennisterok, installing pastebinit...06:12
DaskreeCHjust run pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors06:14
dennisterwell xorg, top and kjournald are all using 0,7 of cpu06:14
Shdwdrgnjust upgraded kubuntu from hardy to jaunty, reinstalled kde3.5... mostly up and running again, but scrolling in firefox is abysmally slow.  Any suggestions?06:21
Shdwdrgndesktop effects are turned off06:21
DaskreeCHdennister: Looks like your dbus is not there06:21
DaskreeCHdennister: does sudo apt-get dist-upgrade say anything ?06:21
DaskreeCHShdwdrgn: Justi n Firefox?06:22
Shdwdrgnso far06:22
ShdwdrgnI had  bad problem getting kde to come back up... have an older ati card, read there's a lot of problems in xorg1.606:23
Shdwdrgnthunderbird seems to scroll just fine06:23
Shdwdrgnoh, and smooth-scrolling is off in firefox06:23
dennisteryes, seems 4 packages were held back, but I can install them now linux-generic, restricted modules headers...06:23
DaskreeCHShdwdrgn: Oh yeah >_<06:24
DaskreeCHhow old?06:24
dennisterDaskreeCH: installing them now06:24
DaskreeCHdennister: ok06:24
Shdwdrgnradeon 240006:24
DaskreeCHcheck to see if it's one of the problem abandoned cards. Though I think the radeon driver should cover that06:25
Shdwdrgnrunning a dual display.  Used to have a pair of nvidia's, but one died recently, and every time I did an upgrade, I had to re-run the nvidia setup util.06:26
Shdwdrgnvideo playback looks fine as well... so far only firefox seems affected06:28
Shdwdrgnok here's another issue... dragging windows around is choppy as well.06:33
dennisterDaskreeCH: rebooted into new kernel, same issue, am in tty06:37
dennistertried installing dbus, but was told it was already the newest version06:37
dennisterprobably just not running, so I need to get it running from tty i guesss06:38
dennisterDaskreeCH: can u tell me how?06:40
DaskreeCHdennister: hold on try sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop && startx06:42
DaskreeCHShdwdrgn: KDE3 ?06:42
DaskreeCHIs resizing windows choppy?06:45
dennisterDaskreeCH: k, tried you line, only using 'gdm' instead of 'kdm' and that killed the running xorg, but I got: can't create /dev/null permission deniedpermission denied06:46
Shdwdrgnnope, resizing kwrite works pretty smooth, but dragging the whole window around is choppy.06:46
dennistergoing out for a smoke, bbk in 506:48
joseph_any freelance web programmers out there?06:52
joseph_i want to buy your services06:52
dennisterDaskreeCH: k, back, would switching from gdm to kdm do the trick?06:52
joseph_i need a website06:52
DaskreeCHjoseph_: Wrong room06:52
ShdwdrgnDaskreeCH, doing a page-down in firefox responds immediately as well, it's only scrolling with mouse or arrow keys that is slow06:53
joseph_what room should i go toi?06:53
DaskreeCHdennister: Not if dbus isn't starting. Try running startx to see what it does06:53
DaskreeCHShdwdrgn: Using kwin or compiz?06:53
DaskreeCHjoseph_: ##linux ?06:53
Shdwdrgnjust the basic desktop06:54
DaskreeCHumm ok which wm ?06:54
Shdwdrgnsorry, is kwin the defult wm?06:54
ShdwdrgnI'm NOT using compiz06:55
dennisterDaskreeCH: i did try, but it just flashed, and gave me error: (long list) ending with line: /usr/bin/startx line 176 /dev/null: Permission Denied06:55
DaskreeCHok kwin then06:56
DaskreeCHdennister: ok what's the history of this machine?06:56
Shdwdrgnok one more piece... in thunderbird, scrolling through the list of emails works great, but when I open a long email and try to scroll through it, same results as in FF06:57
dennistergave it to user in dec; he had difficulties at first with his hub, getting an ip address, solved that a little while ago, then had problem with sound, brought it back with his daughter's (other machine i'm working on); preliminary problems were solved, haldaemon with media, sound (parts of his mixer had been turned all the way down), then real problems started when I tried doing almost 300 updates06:59
dennisterdoc-base had probs,  that caused the dependency hell, got it fixed, then more updates, then can't get back into x07:01
dennisteruser's actually a really great guy, not a dummy by any means, his whole family now wants to go linux-only07:02
Shdwdrgngonna test removing the fglrx driver, brb07:06
dennisterDaskreeCH: any advice to get this dbus runnig?07:10
DaskreeCHdennister: how much stuff do they install themselves?07:11
DaskreeCHdennister: oh also which version of Kubuntu is this?07:12
dennisterthey don't install much themselves, michael is of the belief: if it's not broke, don't fix it and he's only had ip address/ internet a couple of weeks07:14
dennisterkubuntu hardy07:14
dennisterbut xubuntu and gnome are also installed, using gdm07:15
DaskreeCHcan you loginto Gnome?07:15
dennisterso no wonder he didn't do almost 300 updates07:15
DaskreeCHwhere is the system now? still in startx mode ?07:15
dennisterstill in refusing-to-do-startx modei doubt i can get into gnome, but will reboot and try07:16
DaskreeCHdennister: No need to reboot07:16
DaskreeCHctrl+C on startx and run sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start07:17
DaskreeCHon the login screen press alt+T and choose gnome07:17
DaskreeCHor gdm start07:17
DaskreeCHctrl+C can be written as ^C by the way07:20
DaskreeCHso if you see me say ^D or something that's what it means07:20
dennisterremember, I normally use gdm on this machine over kdm, so when I tried  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start it gave me same old problem: enter username, passwrod, and it freezes07:20
dennisterI can't get into any of xubuntu, kubuntu, or ubuntu07:21
DaskreeCHok yeah your dbus needs to get sorted out07:23
DaskreeCHyou can try remove --purge it07:23
DaskreeCHbut that's going to dump a LOT of packages07:23
dennisterwell, i can always put them back with ubuntu-desktop and the like07:24
DaskreeCHwell sure then07:25
DaskreeCHsudo apt-get remove dbus --purge07:25
dennister136 packages07:26
DaskreeCHthen sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop07:26
DaskreeCHthat's all?07:26
dennisterthe other system's almost done, lol07:26
DaskreeCHTold you to start it07:26
dennisteractually, i think i forgot the --purge07:27
DaskreeCHI've 189 packages to remove here07:27
dennisteri'm tired :(07:27
DaskreeCHdennister: --purge is probably better for this problem07:27
dennisteryeah, like i said, i forgot07:27
DaskreeCHYeah I have to get up in a few hours to drive into the country07:28
dennisterand i'm trying to start a nonprofit here....tons of work07:28
dennisteras far as the other machine is concerned i've got so much friggin hardware here i didn't think i could use the semi-setup in the other room for the other machine07:30
DaskreeCHI'm normally surprised by how unfussy Linux is to get things done07:32
DaskreeCHnormally I just need A CPU Ram Keyboard and net07:33
dennisteryeah, normally, but every once in a while you get huge messes like this07:33
DaskreeCHMore or less when I hit like 60-80 updates I always use dist-upgrade instead of upgrade07:34
dennistera server I'm very excited about was delivered at the same time as these 3 machines of my client's and I haven't even had a chance to turn it on yet07:34
DaskreeCHmuch smarter about not just cocking things up07:34
DaskreeCHsounds lke you and the server have a nice weekend lined up :-D07:35
dennisterthey picked it up for me across town...the builder really knows her stuff, and this was her home server...huge scsi drives...07:35
Nameless_auhi. i'm trying to install kdm4 themes, but no matter what i try to do it says it's an invalid kdm theme. what do i do to install it?07:35
dennisternever mind the weekend, after I get these two sytems outa here tomorrow aft, and orient/tutor the new user in that family, another guy's coming over to put a debian lamp and pxe install server on this hardware server07:36
seraphimI'm the only one or sombody else uses ldap authentication with kubuntu ?07:36
DaskreeCHNameless_au: where are you getting them from07:37
Nameless_auDaskreeCH: kde-look.org07:37
DaskreeCHNameless_au: Ok which one?07:37
Nameless_aui know i'm just doing something wrong07:38
Nameless_aui just dunno what lol07:38
DaskreeCHseraphim: Doubtful you are the only one but I'm guessing you have a question?07:38
seraphimno, I'm just talking07:39
Nameless_auDaskreeCH: any of them, but circuit blue in particular07:39
seraphimDaskreeCH: aus der schweit ?07:39
dennisterwell, it is purging config files, so maybe i didn't forget the --purge switch after all...the other machine now has xubuntu, ubuntu, and now kubuntu is being installed07:39
dennisteralong with all the restricted-extras07:40
DaskreeCHdennister: Hardy or jaunty?07:40
Nameless_audennister: you could of done it all in one distro07:40
veckhow do i install yhe auth key for 4.3 rc 2?07:40
veckcannot seem to import it to software sources any way to add it from command?07:40
dennisterfor newbies i think lts and kde3.5 is better choice07:40
dennisteri tried jaunty a bit, but decided I'd wait for the maintenance release07:41
vecknot what i ASKED!07:41
DaskreeCHveck: He wasn't speaking to you. please wait for someone to respond07:42
DaskreeCHdennister: maintenance releae?07:42
dennisteryeah, like hardy was lousy at first until 8.04.1 came out07:43
veckDaskreeCH: oops caps07:43
DaskreeCHdennister: only lts versions get those releases.07:43
dennisterwell, as i said, for newbies...they feel more comfortable with a k/start button07:44
dennisterjaunty was quite gorgeous tho, i have to admit07:44
DaskreeCHKde 4 has a k start button :)07:44
DaskreeCHbut youare servicing it if you feel more comfortable with giving them KDE 3 please go ahead07:45
dennisteryeah, yeah...i have 3.5 and 4 here, but the way the menus work in 4 will be confusing to toehrs07:45
DaskreeCH!kde3 | Oh Should mention this dennister07:45
ubottuOh Should mention this dennister: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page07:45
DaskreeCHdennister: tried right clicking and selecting Classic menu?07:45
dennisteroh, ok...i thought kde wanted to stop supporting3.5, and had been dropped from k/ubuntu since intrepid07:46
dennisteroh, so 3.5 is possible with intrepid and jaunty?07:46
DaskreeCHveck: https://edge.launchpad.net/+help/soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html07:47
dennisterit's still a risk tho, to use a non LTS version...i was really ticked off when they stopped supporting gutsy so soon07:47
DaskreeCHveck: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports you can click on what's this to get the above page07:48
DaskreeCHNone semi official for Ibex AFAIK07:48
veckDaskreeCH: thank you07:49
DaskreeCHThere are 3rd party ones but the packages conflict with the offical ones. The Jaunty one noted above works flawlessly with the official ones07:49
DaskreeCHNot so much wanting to remove KDE 3 as not having anything in the manner of resources to handle two desktops07:49
DaskreeCHveck: you are welcome07:50
DaskreeCHdennister: I'll try to hang around for 10 more minutes07:50
dennisterok, finally reinstalling, but dbus, dbus-x11, ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop only added up to 129 packages instead of 13607:50
dennisterDaskreeCH: ok, i think that's all i can stay awake for too...othe machines almost done07:51
DaskreeCHyeah most likely they added some little apps that they will have to notice are missing and reinstall07:51
dennisterit's kinda wild that installing happens faster than the purging did07:51
DaskreeCHyeah well you have to be careful when scrubbing to make sure you don't do anything rash07:52
DaskreeCHinstalling is just following a scriptto drop files in certain places07:52
dennisteryeah, well, i think i've been futsing around with this long enough :P07:52
dennisterwell i just saw dbus being started :)07:54
DaskreeCHI think that it was started before07:55
DaskreeCHit just wasn't allowing anything to bind to it07:56
dennisterah, ok, well we shall see before too long I hope07:56
dennistersetting up gnome-user-gruide seems to be taking awhile07:57
DaskreeCHit's lots of little files07:58
seraphimarte there some real kubuntu developers online ?07:58
DaskreeCHseraphim: Why ldap?07:58
seraphimhmm ?07:58
seraphimldap is for authentication in our companie07:59
seraphimI use it for heterogen  networking, linux and windows wit one single point of useraccount administration07:59
DaskreeCHGood anwser07:59
dennisterDaskreeCH: yeah, but i do get worried when one file takes forever to setup08:00
seraphimwhat ?08:00
COm_BOYI guys. .. i cant hear audio in my Kubuntu  8.04 ...08:00
DaskreeCHdennister: I tend to make sandwiches when things install so I don't do that08:00
seraphimthe problem is the (k) ubuntu network manager08:00
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:00
COm_BOYyesterday it was working fine.. some other guy used my PC ...... and i think the problem occured from there !!!!08:00
DaskreeCHseraphim: which version of Kubuntu ?08:00
DaskreeCHCOm_BOY: and they didn't just mute kmix ?08:01
DaskreeCHseraphim: What's the machine used for?08:01
dennisterother machine is done...i think i need to eat something or i'll never be able to sleep08:01
DaskreeCHdennister: Have tea08:01
COm_BOYtno KMIX is working fine08:01
DaskreeCHyou really don't want to eat and sleep righ after08:01
COm_BOYKMIX has audio fulll08:01
DaskreeCHand none of the mute checkboxes are ticked?08:02
dennistermy stomach is so empty i don't think tea will cut it :)08:02
COm_BOYthanks working fine now08:03
COm_BOYbut the Voice has some problem , i willl adjust it08:03
DaskreeCHCOm_BOY: Glad to help08:03
DaskreeCHdennister: Ok but I think you'd be quite surprised08:03
seraphima working linux ldap client needs to have08:03
seraphimfirst : network - sometimes there is no network after boot because the network manager wort no propperly08:03
seraphimsecond : the home shares are mountet via nfs. so no network -> no nfs-home -> no login08:03
seraphimthird : nscd is not working witout network -> no authent08:03
seraphimthis means, the network manager is grap for buisnes networks because it come to late08:03
FloodBotK1seraphim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
DaskreeCHYou'd have to have a good breakfast though08:03
seraphimcan you read my last writing ?08:04
DaskreeCHseraphim: all good points. what's the time where you are?08:04
seraphimthe machine is used for office working08:04
dennisterpeanut butter mmmmmm08:04
seraphimtime ? its 9.05 in the morning08:05
DaskreeCHseraphim: I'd say try upgrade to KDE 4.3 the network manager is a lot more capable but your setup does require some consideration08:05
dennisteranyway, i'm going to say good night here...and u should, too DaskreeCH :)08:06
dennisterthanks for all your help08:07
seraphimfor 2 years, in /etc/network/interfaces I was able to configure a network device. but now, the networkmanager starts after ifup and delete the alrady found devices and make some mistyery sthings08:07
DaskreeCHseraphim: ok then can you file a bug on the network manager and state the situation and that you are willing to work with the team to get it resolved. Then join #kubuntu-devel and state you are having issues with ldap nfs and the network manager and give the URL to the bug08:07
DaskreeCHMost people are sleeping now but they will get in contact with you08:07
DaskreeCHdennister: Damn you I want PBJ now :(08:07
DaskreeCHdennister: has it finished installing?08:07
DaskreeCHseraphim: don't use NM then is a quick solution08:08
dennisternope, it was getting hung at spots, so I'll have to babysit, ctrlc, and then do a fix08:08
DaskreeCHhow do you know it was hung?08:08
DaskreeCHyou can run a sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install08:09
dennisteri would, but it's still trying to setup other stuff08:10
DaskreeCHdennister: right then I'm off :)08:10
dennistersorry, misread you...good night08:10
Shdwdrgnneed help with xorg.conf dual-head setup?  ATI radeon card, the fglrx drivers gave me speed problems.  Trying to use the rdeon driver now, but I can't seem to get dual-head to work.08:24
Shdwdrgnbest I managed was the kde screen on one monitor, and a generic screen on the other08:25
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
seraphimanyone here to explame me some details08:33
Mamarok!ask | seraphim08:33
ubottuseraphim: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:33
seraphimabout bug reports. where is the right place to send it. is there a kubuntu bug report repository or is everything based on the ubuntu platform08:34
=== snow_ is now known as SnowDeamon
seraphimim asking again... about community : is everything for kubuntu based on the ubuntu bug repositories ?08:40
Blizzzseraphim: bugs.launchpad.net08:42
leaf-sheepI use Gnome for about a year.  I'm experimenting with KDE4.  Can you suggest the good packages for Internet, Video Player, AIM, IRC, etc.  I know you guys don't always use default-kde-packages.08:48
khaije|amaltinternet: aurora, video player: dragon/kaffeine, irc: konversation08:50
khaije|amaltmany of the apps in kde are in the process of migrating from kde3 to kde4, so what might be typical defaults are skewered a little to present an all-kde4 default install08:51
anaxaafter long search and digging i end up here for help with pulsaudio in kde4. i keep having problems to disable the annoying POKE sound of some applications.08:51
anaxai hope someone can help me out?08:53
ikoniaanaxa: with what ?09:01
anaxalike with compiz or nvidia control pannel, when i click OK buttons09:02
anaxathis while all KDE notification sounds are disabled09:03
anaxaand pulsaudio control itself09:03
anaxapidgin does it too, anoying drum sound on ever button09:11
* anaxa is frustrated09:14
KlavKalashj_hm, why is the default location "documents"? When opening tilda, it opens in /home/oscar/documents... and if some program calls the filemanager it also opens there09:41
KlavKalashj_can I change it anywhere?09:42
leaf-sheepI take it that cryptsetup (crypto_LUKS) does not work on KDE4?09:43
leaf-sheepI plugged in the external HDD. It shows up. I toggle the HDD and it prompts me for password. I type in. Nothing. Repeat. Repeat.09:44
leaf-sheepAhh. Solved.09:54
mobi-sheep!bug | mobi-sheep10:06
ubottumobi-sheep, please see my private message10:06
ForeverSmurfhow do I get a list of all install packages from the command line?10:09
ForeverSmurfin plain text10:09
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llutzForeverSmurf: dpkg -l|grep ^ii10:12
leaf-sheepErr if I want to file a bug for Kubuntu, will that be under Ubuntu?10:14
ForeverSmurfthank you llutz10:14
dwarder__how do you access ext3 from dual boot windows XP?10:33
dwarder__all of this http://www.howtoforge.com/access-linux-partitions-from-windows doesn't work for me10:33
sidusGreetings, i would know how i can remove totally Gnome with it's libraries, i have not so much space in my hd and i use kde for my activities PS. I'm sorry for my English10:35
kadwarder__: Strange  http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html always worked for me...10:35
kadwarder__: Doesn't work with ext4 though...10:37
kasidus: really you can't in my experience. You will almost always need some gnome libraries for firefox for instance...10:38
KlavKalashj_how do I make a screenshot in kde? :P10:48
dwarder__KlavKalashj_: use camera ;)10:49
KlavKalashj_dwarder__: rofl :P10:49
KlavKalashj_isn't there any app... like Skreenshot or something :P10:49
dwarder__ka: total commander plugin worked for me10:51
MamarokKlavKalashj_: ksnapshot10:57
KlavKalashj_Mamarok: is it installed by default?10:57
MamarokKlavKalashj_: well, try launching it from Alt+F2, you will see10:57
KlavKalashj_Mamarok: ah, thanks!10:58
KlavKalashj_I had it :)10:58
KlavKalashj_Strange it is not mapped to the print screen button10:58
MamarokKlavKalashj_: it's not part of the default installation, so of course not10:59
KlavKalashj_it is not?10:59
MamarokKlavKalashj_: you can add the shortcut yourself10:59
KlavKalashj_So why did I have it? :)10:59
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MamarokKlavKalashj_: well, aptitude show ksnapshot tells me it is not installed automaticallay, hence no, but easy to isntall10:59
KlavKalashj_Mamarok: Hm, I see. How do I map it then?11:00
MamarokKlavKalashj_: some other package has isntalled it then11:00
MamarokKlavKalashj_: right click on the Blue Menu button, choose Menu Editor11:00
Mamarokthen in "Graphics" go to ksnapshot and open the Advanced tab11:01
Mamarokthere you click on the shortcut, then press the PrtScreen button11:01
Mamarokthen restart KDE and you are done11:02
Mamarokoh, save the Menu settings, of course11:02
KlavKalashj_Mamarok: oh, thanks man :)11:03
MamarokKlavKalashj_: you are welcome :)11:03
mobi-sheepAny KSolitare games?11:11
Mamarokmobi-sheep: kKpatience11:15
Mamarokit's part of the kdegames meta-package11:15
Mamarokkpatience even11:15
mobi-sheepMamarok: Thanks. I'm learning how to use KDE.  Been using Gnome for a year. :)11:15
mobi-sheepAnd already filed a first KDE bug. >_>11:16
mobi-sheep/my first KDE bug/11:16
=== fatihgnc is now known as komuthan
Mamarokmobi-sheep: what bug?11:17
mobi-sheepMamarok: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39964911:17
Mamaroknot really a bug, cryptsetup is just not installed by default11:19
mobi-sheepWell, yes -- but lack of information.11:19
mobi-sheepI even typed passphrase in.  Why did I do that if it wasn't going to work?11:20
mobi-sheepI mean... lack of notification, not information.  Well both.11:20
Mamarokmobi-sheep: yeah, a notification should pop up indeed, hence a bug, but you should change the description to "Missing notification ..." or such11:21
mobi-sheepI like how Konsole is.  Bottom tabs.  Easier than top tabs, I suppose. :)11:23
Mamarokmobi-sheep: that's probably a mattor of personal taste, and you can change the tab position anyway11:27
mobi-sheepProps to KDE developers.  I now think all Ubuntu moms should use KDE instead of Gnome.  Much cleaner and easier on transition from Window-alike experience. :o11:27
mobi-sheepAnd Solitaires!11:27
Mamarokmobi-sheep: not only moms :)11:27
mobi-sheepMamarok: Yes. Matter of personal taste and I find this easier to work with. Lol. I think I'll enjoy playing with KDE and possibly move or both. :)11:28
mobi-sheepWell, my mom still use Windows XP.  It's really lagging.  256MB ram.  She even is afraid of Vista. (eg, afraid of new thing, unknown objects).11:29
Mamarokwell, then switch her over to KDE, but buy her some ram anyway11:30
mobi-sheepMamarok: Anything useful (eg, kde packages) I should know about?11:31
saidhello evry bqdy11:34
Mamarokmobi-sheep: nothing in particular, but 1 Gb of Ram is not a luxury for a modern Desktop IMHO11:34
Mamarokmobi-sheep: get hold of a Kubuntu 9.04 CD and install it11:34
valgaavmobi-sheep:  kgtk is a very nice thing  http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=36077 if  you like consistent desktop experience but must use some gtk apps anyway11:35
saidhow I can learn more about linux kubuntu11:35
mobi-sheepvalgaav: I'm using Shiro(Firefox) + XChat.11:36
mobi-sheepsaid: Be more specific, please. :)11:36
mobi-sheepsaid: I'm learning KDE right now. :P11:36
valgaavmobi-sheep: I would also install Smplayer ASAP as it's the best linux player11:37
mobi-sheepWill do.11:38
Mamarokvalgaav: I think you miss the point...11:38
mobi-sheepIt's front-end for mplayer.  Hmm.11:38
Mamarokmobi-sheep: use Konqueror as default browser, if you have Java installed it should work correctly11:38
valgaavMamarok:  why ?11:38
saidhow I can learn more about linux kubuntu11:39
Mamarokmobi-sheep: also, upgrade the default Amarok to 2.1.1 from the backports, 2.0.2 is quite old11:39
mobi-sheepMamarok: Well, I like Firefox plugins.11:39
Mamarokvalgaav: suggestion external packages is not a recommendation in this channel, the default apps run quite well11:39
mobi-sheepDragon ran H264 just fine for me.11:40
Mamaroksaid: you can check the documentation on the website: http://kubuntu.org11:40
saidthank you Mamarok11:40
Mamarokmobi-sheep: oh, and use the xine backend, avoid pulseaudio and gstreamer until further notice, there are too many bugs currently with those and phonon11:41
valgaavMamarok:  I really wouldn't agree about that ... for example konqueror just doesn't work with a lot of webpages... that's why next kubuntu will have arora right ?11:46
Mamarokvalgaav: I doubt that, Arora has too many bugs right now, doesn't work well for me, Konqueror works much better11:48
mobi-sheepErr, I can't run Firefox 3.0 + Firefox 3.5 in KDE.  Do I need.. KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in GTK Apps).11:52
valgaavyou do not need it11:52
valgaavit's just for people who hat gtk file dialogs11:53
valgaavhat = hate11:53
valgaavbtw what's the problem firefox works for me just fne11:53
* mobi-sheep opens Firefox and wait briefly... as it silently close itself in the taskbar.11:53
Mamarokmobi-sheep: then something could be missing in the installation, or another instance is running already11:54
valgaavalso when installing firefox you should use do it from command line with " apt-get --no-install-recommends11:55
valgaav install firefox11:55
valgaavups paste didn't work ... "apt-get --no-install-recommends install firefox'   with that firefox will not install ubufox and all the gnome dependencies11:57
mobi-sheepvalgaav: Solved.11:58
mobi-sheepvalgaav: I didn't try your command btw. :P11:58
mobi-sheepIt didn't get along with my .mozilla so I tried a clean one.11:59
barbapaI have a little bug, I got this kind of pop-up : "Starting KTTSD Failed". What can I do, please?12:05
xocolatehelp! I need change my resolution to 1024x768 at X12:08
mobi-sheepbarbapa: Seems like it's for KDE Text-To-Speech System.  You need that?  If not, you could toggle it off.  It's my guess.12:08
xocolatehelp! I need change my resolution to 1024x768 at X, but when I do this, the monitor turns off12:11
Mamarokxocolate: we need some more information: what is the current resolution?12:16
Mamarokand how do you change the settings?12:16
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etfbI've used Amarok, and I have to say: all those people who rave about it are on crack.  It's hideous.  It's slow, it's clunky, and a feature like the ability to browse my music collection seems to be totally beyond it.  Horrible.  So: what's the alternative?  is there a music player that works in Kubuntu and doesn't crash on startup just because I have a few dozen gigabytes of music files?12:30
KlavKalashjetfb: why don't use mpd with some nice frontend?12:31
bazhangetfb, then try something else; there are a number to choose from12:32
KlavKalashjetfb: mpd really is a great thing12:32
etfbbazhang: I have no doubt.  However, any time anyone asks on any forum indexed by Google, the answer is always "but Amarok is lovely I don't understand the question OW MY BRAIN HURTZ" which is not terribly helpful.12:33
etfbKlavKalashj: Thank you: I'll look it up.12:33
bazhangetfb, well complaining about is not going to make it more to your liking, choose something else--let me get a partial list for you12:33
bazhang!players | etfb check this12:33
ubottuetfb check this: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:33
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KlavKalashjwow, cool bot :)12:34
=== somethingelse is now known as steveire_
etfbGives me a place to start, anyhow.  Thank you.12:35
xocolatemamarok: K > system settings > display12:37
[-Haza-]How can i set my KDE to have one taskbar per desktop?#12:42
[-Haza-]Instead of sharing the one taskbar for all desktops?12:42
[-Haza-]KDE 4.2.212:42
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: You're serious? o.O12:47
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: I found it!12:47
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: Right-click on the panel. Under Filters, click "Only show tasks from the current desktop" -- I have been using KDE for few hours now. :P12:47
HiratoI've a fresh install of kubuntu 8.10 here; I'm curious as to why the upgrade to 9.04 installs lilo, despite the presence of grub12:48
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: Yeah ive done it before on my desktop. But im pretty sure version of Kubuntu on my desktop has more options...12:51
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: Right click only seems to brong up the options: Add Widgets, Add panel, Lock Widgets, Panel Settings and Remove this Panel12:53
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: Task Manager Setting.12:53
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: If i remember correctly i have to run some KDE update that isn't enables in the repository by default12:53
etfbRight: add Audacious to the list of music players that don't work, along with Amarok.  Trying then next one...12:54
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: Task manager?12:54
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: That's what I see it when I right-click on the panel (not Windows List or any other widgets).12:55
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: Makes me think we are not using exactly the same version :) Even though i installed this about a month ago from the latest CD12:56
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: Few hours ago. :)12:56
mobi-sheepI'll look what version I have.12:56
[-Haza-]mobi-sheep: just click Help on any application then About KDE12:56
[-Haza-]Think you will find it there12:56
mobi-sheepI got it but I don't see the version.12:57
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: kubuntu-kde4-desktop for sure.13:00
mobi-sheep[-Haza-]: Oh wait...13:01
mobi-sheepYup it is.13:02
Mamarokxocolate: did you read all my questions?13:08
annmais the file /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/config/kickoffrc from KDE or added by KUbuntu?13:13
=== olivier is now known as Narpi
annmagrep in my vanilla kde install dir shows no kickofrc file13:14
annmaso I'd like to know if https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=200297 is KDE or KUbuntu13:15
annmathanks in advance13:15
KlavKalashjIs there no one except me who has troubles with facebook in newest konqueror?13:18
HiratoI'm more annoying about the upgrade to 9.04 installed lilo, and the 9.04 KDE being dependant on libpulse0 which is causing all sorts of problems for me :P13:19
HiratoI still don't have answers regarding the why of either13:20
mobi-sheepannma: The link you posted... shows where kickoffrc can be found.13:20
annmamobi-sheep: I want to know if this is specific KUbuntu13:21
annmaas I said I don't have such installed file on my vanilla KDE13:21
annmaso I want to know if this kickoffrc file is made up by KUbuntu people13:21
annmaand give them the bugreport13:21
mobi-sheepannma: I don't know.  I'm not the developer here. It seems that the comment left by the earlier link pointed out that it's kubuntu-specific problem.13:23
mobi-sheepannma: I'm sure it's Kubuntu.13:23
annmasomeone else triaged it and sent it back to you13:23
tolonugahi. if openoffice tells me (kubuntu 9.04 amd64) that it doesn't have the filter to load a png file (e.g. for a presentation) - which package is missing / what do I need to install to change that?13:30
Hiratolibpng sounds like a good place to start tolonuga13:31
tolonugalibpng12 is already installed :(13:31
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inchгосподи какой отстой четверка!14:18
inch3.5 вещ14:19
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felipe__alguem aew14:55
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:55
bazhangfelipe__, /join #ubuntu-br14:56
[-Haza-]How do i increase the size of the wastebin?14:56
bazhangfelipe_, both kubuntu and ubuntu in #ubuntu-br14:57
FloodBotK1felipe__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:58
bazhangfelipe__, both Ubuntu and Kubuntu in #ubuntu-br14:58
bazhangfelipe__, /join #ubuntu-br14:58
bazhangkubuntu ----> #ubuntu-br14:59
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felipe__estou perdidoaim nu kubuntu15:01
bazhangfelipe__, English here15:02
bazhangfelipe__, I told you.  /join #ubuntu-br for Kubuntu BR15:03
bazhangfelipe__, /join #ubuntu-br15:06
bazhangmckim25, English please15:06
mckim25I'm korean15:06
bazhangmckim25, if you wish a Korean channel..15:07
bazhang!ko | mckim2515:07
ubottumckim25: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko15:07
felipe__alguem do brazil aew porra15:07
p_quarlesfelipe__: not in this channel15:09
namelessjonIf I want to be able to restore my system to its state pre-upgrade, which folders should I backup beforehand?15:18
p_quarlesnamelessjon: depends on what parts of the system you're upgrading15:31
namelessjonp_quarles: kubuntu version. (from Hardy -> Jaunty)15:32
p_quarlesnamelessjon: pretty much everything, then15:33
p_quarlesnamelessjon: that's why it says "this cannot be undone" when you tell it to do the upgrade15:33
mobi-sheepI'm not quite sure what "Show A Plamsa Dashboard" is for.15:44
rattsomg someone help me.....i get this really annoying beep and it makes my ears go deaf since i have headphones on....basically like a bios beep or something....i usually get it when holding the delete key in my chat program when theres no more text to delete. please help me turn this thing off15:49
BluesKajhi folks15:53
RefraxxHello All15:58
shadeslayerRefraxx: hi15:59
RefraxxI have a question about the software updates.15:59
shadeslayerRefraxx: shoot15:59
RefraxxHow do they know what my computer needs? And when it needs it?15:59
shadeslayerRefraxx: thats easy..it reads them off a list ;)16:00
Refraxxcool. I didn't know that.16:00
RefraxxWhat about the "blocked" updates?16:01
shadeslayerRefraxx: run sudo apt-get update...it updates the list and reads about new packages16:01
RefraxxI have 4 that I cannot get download and/or delete16:01
martin____\join #amarok16:01
shadeslayerRefraxx: those are version upgrades..run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:01
Refraxxok, I will. Thank you.16:02
shadeslayerno problem16:02
Refraxx.....I forgot, how do I "loggoff" of this chat?16:02
shadeslayerRefraxx: /quit16:03
shadeslayerRefraxx: or /part will leave this channel16:03
namelessjonp_quarles: What is 'almost everything' though? I'm guessing I need /etc /boot /usr /home /lib /lib32 /root /bin /sbin and don't need /proc, /dev.  But there are a bunch of other folders in / that I'm not sure about.16:03
BluesKajnamelessjon, you /proc  and /dev16:15
namelessjonBluesKaj: Well, I need the folders there, but to restore my system, do I need the contents?16:16
shadeslayerisnt /proc cleared out when the system is shut down?16:17
BluesKajnamelessjon, I'm quiite sure /dev looks all your devices /drives16:17
shadeslayerbest to use something to image your entire HD onto a external drive and then upgrade...16:18
BluesKajshadeslayer, dunno16:18
BluesKajnamelessjon, exactly what is your situation/problem , maybe there are other ways to fix it ?16:19
namelessjonBluesKaj: I'm currently running Hardy.  I want to upgrade to Jaunty.  But I'd also like to be able to go back to Hardy, should things go wrong.16:20
shadeslayerwhoops....putty is weird sometimes....16:20
shadeslayernamelessjon: i would advise you to image your HD,download a ISO and reinstall completely.....but thats just me16:21
BluesKajok namelessjon , if I'm not mistaken , you should just do a clean jaunty install on a different partition16:21
namelessjonshadeslayer: I plan to go for doing a clean install, not just an upgrade via updater, but I was just trying to work out what should be copied, vs stuff linux makes for itself.16:23
BluesKajupgrading from Hardy to Jaunty has too many steps in between16:24
namelessjonHence my plan to back things up first :)16:24
shadeslayernamelessjon: imho you should rsync the / partition and do a clean install16:24
shadeslayernamelessjon: the HD to which you rsync should be ext..16:24
BluesKajnamelessjon, don't copy anything except data and media16:24
shadeslayerBluesKaj: also the permissions...16:26
BluesKaji thought the permissions set in the new OS would be sufficient16:27
BluesKajbut I've never done such an upgrade so....16:27
shadeslayerBluesKaj: it would be best advised i think to use rsync... any other ideas guys??16:28
namelessjonWell, the external harddisk is formatted as ext3, so any and all perms should be copied.16:28
bigjoolsBluesKaj: FYI, I fixed my wifi connection issue by deleting the connection and re-defining it in NM16:28
BluesKajbigjools, the widget nm ?16:36
BluesKajBBL ...got errands to do16:37
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kris_Hi. Perusing my logs, and I get an alarmist, "TCP: Treason uncloaked!" message. My research has revealed that it may be just a bug, or it may be an attack. Thoughts, please? TIA.18:03
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griseliohi leuten18:07
SeanTaterI have a file transfer that somehow hung and now stays permanently in the notification applet. How can I remove it?18:13
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=== susan_ is now known as Outcast
=== liberfiasco is now known as libervisco
geronimo89_does anyone know how I can restore the kde4 default network manager and wlan-applet?18:35
Captain_Haddockgeronimo89_: what are you using now?18:36
geronimo89_Captain_Haddock: tried wicd, but it crashes :>18:36
Captain_Haddockwicd works great for me :) If you want the old one back, try installing the network manager plasma widget back18:38
Captain_Haddockplasma-widget-network-manager from the looks of things18:38
Captain_Haddock(remove wicd first)18:38
geronimo89_Captain_Haddock: that's what I needed, thanks!18:39
BluesKajCaptain_Haddock,  interesting , that's the first time I've heard of wicd crashing.  Usually it's the widget that either freezes or forgets it's settings18:42
Captain_HaddockBluesKaj: me neither18:44
cristian_hi everybody18:44
Captain_HaddockI'm very happy with it and was a little miffed when I couldn't install it in Fedora as well (no official packages)18:44
Captain_Haddockhi cristian_18:44
cristian_I've a cuestion... has anybody install amsn?18:45
cristian_sorry for my english, is bad...18:45
ShuraHi dudes18:45
cristian_amsn 0.9818:45
ShuraSomeone has a fix for this : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=199729  ? ^^18:46
bazhangcristian_, any reason for the newer version? 0.97.2 is in the repos18:46
cristian_bazhang: 0.98 have the option to videoconferencies18:47
cristian_audio and video18:47
bazhangcristian_, that version is not in the repos yet18:47
cristian_bazhang: no, but thereis repos to that18:48
bazhangcristian_, a PPA?18:48
bazhangcristian_, best to be very careful with PPA's, unless it is a trusted source18:49
cristian_ok, but it works18:49
bazhangcristian_, so what was your question, if you have already installed it?18:49
cristian_bazhang: yes, but i can't make run farsight2 necessary to make videoconferences with audio18:50
bazhangcristian_, so it does not work?18:51
cristian_bazhang: no, and i have it installed18:51
bazhangcristian_, do you have a link to the PPA?18:51
cristian_i have the repos18:51
bazhangno idea then18:51
cristian_fuck... i don't know what to do :P18:52
bazhangplease no cursing cristian_18:52
bazhangcristian_, contact the maintainer of the PPA is my suggestion18:53
cristian_bazhang: jaja ok, sorry for the coursing18:53
corI have a default session in Kate. I make changes. I save it.. I load it. All changes are gone. what's that about?18:56
bazhangcor, what file were you editing18:57
corjust regular files18:57
The-Jesusin which directory?18:57
corI make changes to the Kate settings via regular pref dialogs18:57
bazhangcor, in your home directory?18:57
corwhat difference does it make what documents I have loaded?18:58
corthey aren't the issue18:58
bazhangcor, quite a lot, unless I am misunderstanding your question18:58
corkate's appaling, unintuitive session handling is the issue. I'm just curious if anyone knows how to work around it.18:59
bazhangchoose a different editor?18:59
corI'd love to, and pretty much have. BUT, I'd love to be using Kate, because it's built in, and should be well-supported, plugins, and I could add code, etc.18:59
The-Jesusbecause you only "own" files in your home dir, try sudo kate from a terminal window and config away19:00
utimothygood day room19:00
mobi-sheepbazhang: You using Gnome + KDE?19:00
corthat I HAVE to chose a different editor saddens me, is all19:00
bazhangmobi-sheep, have both installed lxde as well19:00
corso I have to be root to configure my text editor, right?19:00
bazhangkdesu kate19:00
bazhangThe-Jesus, should use kdesu with graphical apps19:01
mobi-sheepbazhang: Nice. I'm experimenting KDE at the moment.  Is QTParted the KDE for Gparted?19:01
* cor checks the reality meter19:01
bazhangmobi-sheep, just parted iirc19:01
bazhang!info parted19:01
ubottuparted (source: parted): The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 1.8.8.git.2008.03.24-11.1ubuntu6 (jaunty), package size 65 kB, installed size 176 kB19:01
mobi-sheep!info iirc19:01
ubottuPackage iirc does not exist in jaunty19:01
mobi-sheepWhat is IIRC? Some phrase?19:01
bazhang!find parted19:02
ubottuFound: gparted, libparted1.8-10, libparted1.8-dbg, libparted1.8-dev, parted (and 2 others)19:02
corif I save settings in a sessioin, they should stay there, as a user. no effin way should I have to be root to make permanent changes - that's nuts19:02
Mamarokmobi-sheep: If I Remember Correctly19:02
mobi-sheepMamarok: Thanks.19:02
utimothymy flash drive and my usb head phone are not working my flash drive not mounting19:02
cor64 bit version of UEx comes out next week. something to look forward to19:03
cora real text editor for Linux. Blow me!19:03
bazhangcor, please mind the language19:03
=== rmaues is now known as Zeina
coroops, americans have different connotations,  guess19:04
Dragnslcrcor- do you have Kate set to save the session automatically when you exit?19:06
corand to load automatically on launch19:06
utimothyi am using ubuntuu on a HP pavillion my usb drive not mounting can i be help19:06
corbut even doing it manually, any changes just vanish the instant you reload the session19:06
DragnslcrThen it should open the same files you had open when you last exited19:06
corsame files, yes, that works fine19:06
corit's the settings, external tools, toolbars, etc19:06
corall gone#19:07
DragnslcrI don't think any of that is part of the session19:07
coreven shortcuts!!!#19:07
corthere is a preference specifically to make them part of the session19:07
corI could have sworn this worked a couple of versions ago. och well19:08
DragnslcrHm, guess they are. I'm looking at a session file now19:08
DragnslcrIt's certainly possible that it's a bug. What version of Kate are you using?19:09
corI just went to edit Kate's shortcuts and it crashed!19:09
corand when I re=-opened it.. my session was completely intact!19:09
corthat's a first! I mean, out of hundreds of launches in the last week19:09
cor3.2.2 in KDE 4.2.219:10
* cor is scared to quit Kate now.. ever19:10
DragnslcrMight be something that's fixed in 4.2.4 or 4.319:10
The-Jesusthanks bazhang, my bad19:10
DragnslcrI would suggest filing a bug report, but probably the first thing you'll get told is to try upgrading to at least 4.2.4, if not the 4.3 RC19:11
corI'm kidding, in fact I've seen it do this once or twice. then later, when you login, kate comes up blank again. all the docs are there, but everything else is vanilla. I need to do more testing.19:11
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
mobi-sheepWhich filesystem makes more sense for pure media storage? ext2 for less read-write. I see that ext3/ext4 is journaled but is that even necessary for data?19:12
corI'm new to (K)Ubuntu, and upgrading is still something I'm working out. I can';t seem to get latest kernels to appear in my updates. in fact, very little does. I suspect I need more juuicy sources19:12
corLife in Slackware was so much easier! but also, less fun.19:12
DragnslcrMight be worth asking in #kde if it's a problem that the devs know about or know that it was fixed recently19:12
* cor is loving his new EXT4 volumes, especially af fsck time!19:12
corI might do that, cheers.19:13
DragnslcrIn KPackageKit, the Settings section has a button to edit your sources list19:13
corimho KPackageKit is an abomination19:13
kaHi. My / is full. Butthe partition size is twice as big as recommended in Beginning Ubuntu. What should I do. My machne is very slow this way...19:13
corI discovered synaptic, which is quite nice19:13
DragnslcrIt's a lot better than the KDE4 version of Adept19:13
corka, gparted.iso19:14
kaAre you saying I need more space on my / partition?19:14
corka, you might want to wipe unnecessary files, /tmp stuff, etc. perhaps boot into recovery mode and ask to free space19:14
corka, how big is your partition?19:15
ka6,7 gb19:15
Dragnslcrka- run this command and pastebin the output: sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /19:15
DragnslcrIt might take a couple minutes to finish19:15
corof course, that's after he checks the man page to ensure you didn't just ask him to wipe his machine, of course19:16
kaI always check ;-)19:17
corheh good man.19:17
corI usually just do df -h19:17
corit's quick#19:17
kaBesides I just made a backup...19:17
Dragnslcrdf only shows mounted partitions19:17
coryeah, but that's usually my problem!19:18
DragnslcrThe command I gave you will show which directory in / is sucking up your disk space19:18
coryup, it's handy19:18
corthere's a visial version too, I think, but I've not used it19:18
Dragnslcrka- obviously, you'll want to ignore directories that are on other partitions, like /home19:19
kaResults from : sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /  = http://pastebin.ca/149605819:19
kaseems like var is sucking 2.8gb19:20
DragnslcrWell, /usr is a bit bigger than what I have, but it's normal19:20
DragnslcrYeah, /var is about 2 GB bigger than what I have19:20
DragnslcrYou can run the same command, but with /var instead of /19:20
DragnslcrYeah, log files would be my first guess19:20
cormaybe a mad samba error or something19:21
kaYikes; 2,5G    /var/cache19:21
DragnslcrYep, that's what I was about to say19:21
DragnslcrMost of the space in /var for me is /var/cache19:21
DragnslcrMostly apt19:21
DragnslcrRun it again on /var/cache19:22
kaCan I just delete the contene?19:22
utimothymy usb ports not working......using ubuntu on a Hp19:22
kaCan I just delete the content?19:22
corremember mc has a directory sizes command, too. very handy19:22
corespecially because you can just hit F8!19:22
kayes it is /var/cache/apt 2.5gb19:23
corin future, ka, when you read a recommended partitioni size; double it.19:23
kaI did :-)19:23
Dragnslcrka- sudo apt-get clean19:24
DragnslcrThat'll clear out the package cache19:24
peabodyok this is weird and the most annoying thing ever19:24
peabodyis there some "feature" that makes it so once I left click my mouse it stays clicked down?19:24
DragnslcrI have a 500 GB disk that I'll never fill anyway, so I just my root partition 25 GB19:24
peabodybecause everything is dragging and selecting, and I logged out and back in, and it wasn't selecting anything until I clicked something then it started all over again and it won't stop19:25
Dragnslcrpeabody- might be some accessibility feature19:25
peabodythis has never happened to me before and I have no idea how to turn it off19:25
The-Jesusi said that two external hdds ago19:25
kaDragnslcr: Thanks. Now I don't need to reinstall.19:25
corka, gparted.iso19:25
peabodyDragnslcr: that's what I'm thinking but how do I make it stop? It's like the worst thing ever19:25
Dragnslcrpeabody- I dunno. I don't see anything in the Accessibility settings19:26
corpeabody, is this a laptop?19:26
peabodyeverything I mouse over gets selected it's a pain in the ass just to stay in this channel because as I mouse over my buffers it swtiches to them19:26
peabodycor yes and my trackpad is disabled19:26
corsingle-click to select19:26
peabodyhow do I turn it off?19:26
The-Jesusyep sincle click option is on settings-mouse19:27
corthat's the default now (at last) - mouse settings19:27
coralthough the implementation still leaves some stuff to be desired, it's a welcome change19:27
cordoor - brb19:27
The-Jesusbtw thanks all, i finally got the problem with my dvd sorted - had to set the region and voila19:29
peabodycor I have single click to open enabled, but I don't see this single click to select, and quite honestly it's selected on mouse over, so that as I move over the menu on the left it changes the options available and when I click something on the taskbar it tries to drag it around19:29
=== io is now known as Guest28114
peabodythis is an insane navigation style if it is intentional because opening a menu from kicker takes like 12 clicks19:30
The-Jesuspeabody settings-mouse & keyboard - mouse - Automatically select icons - it's a the very bottom19:30
peabodyit's unchecked19:30
DragnslcrYeah, this definitely doesn't sound like intentional behavior19:31
DragnslcrMaybe it's the mouse itself or the USB port that's messed up?19:31
peabodyit wasn't even a system update I was just in the middle of webbrowsing and it started happening19:31
peabodybluetooth mouse19:31
DragnslcrI gave up on my Bluetooth mouse a while ago. I could never get it to work very well19:32
The-Jesusor dirt, is your mouse old?19:32
peabodymine has worked fine since I bought it two months ago19:32
peabodylet me plug in the usb cable and see if there's something with teh bluetooth19:32
peabodynope that's not it19:33
The-Jesusas an experiment switch to left-handed mouse and see if it stops19:33
peabodylet me reboot entirely, brb19:33
peabodystrange it was doing it for the first few minutes when I rebooted but now it seems to have stopped19:38
corsounds like transmission gremlins. maybe your cell phone is messing with it19:39
peabodywhatever it was it seems to have stopped19:39
peabodystrange, let's hope that doesn't happen again19:39
corif only hope were that powerful19:40
Dragnslcrpeabody- yeah, sounds kinda like the sort of problems I had with a Bluetooth mouse. It just wasn't very reliable19:40
corWiFi mouse have never let me down, so far19:40
peabodyDragnslcr: I've been using bluetooth for literally years never had an issue except for an occassional key "stuck" for a few seconds on the bt keyboard19:40
DragnslcrGuess your keyboard and mouse are better than mine were19:41
cordo bluetooth keyboards have the transmissions encrypted?19:41
DragnslcrI would assume so19:41
peabodydepends on which mode they are in19:41
DragnslcrPretty sure that's a basic part of the Bluetooth spec19:41
cortook me an age to find an encrypted WiFi keyb/mouse setup19:42
peabodythe mouse is always encrypted, the keyboard is unencrypted under basic pairing19:42
peabodybut once it is in hdi? transmission mode it should be encrypted19:42
corwireless keyboards just seem like such an easy way to snoop someone's keystrokes19:42
peabodythey are19:42
peabodythere's free tools online to snoop bt keyboards19:43
corthe average cell phone could probably be programmed to do it19:43
corjust stand close19:43
peabodyI was even reading an article a few months back about using a long wire antenna to snoop them from as far as 300m away19:43
corheh, nice19:43
corwhen I was shopping for a wireless keyboard, it was the first thing I looked for. almost every vendor I contacted treated me like I was from outer space for making such a wild request19:44
corencryption?? huh?19:44
peabodyI guess the new standard is going to be over wireless n or something19:45
corwhat is interesting is how many wireless keyboard users haven't even considered it19:46
* mobi-sheep snuggles his corded keyboard.19:46
corI ask every time I see someone using one, and only once has someone actually known19:46
corcords rock!19:46
* cor wouldn't have his network any other way19:46
peabodycor msot people don't keep privacy and security utmost in their minds, just look at how many facebook apps there are that take all your personal info just to say some stupid shit like your android name means...19:46
corit's a mad mad world!19:47
The-Jesusdunno, never used a cordless kb, but just for the record, cor what's the make of yours?19:47
corbut fortunately, at least for me, I've been released from a contract with, inportantly, required me to use a Windows desktop, Now it's Linux all the way, baby!19:47
corhappy days19:47
cormine's a Logi19:48
corS500 desktop I think19:48
cor#it's through the house, I'm on the lappy19:48
corS510, and an LX5 mouse19:49
corgotta love RDC!#19:49
* cor has a fortnight's holiday to "get to grips" with Kubuntu.19:50
The-Jesus42.50 on amazon... wonder how much for bulk19:51
peabodyI'm not sure how much I would trust the encryption on a wireless device that wasn't standards based like bluetooth19:53
peabodyat least with bt you know it's rc12819:53
peabodyit's like 99% of thumb drives with encryption can be easily defeated19:54
corI hear that19:54
peabodybecause they take stupid shortcuts or have horrible implementations19:54
corI guess, in the future, keyvoards and mice will have linux installed, and we can choose19:54
corand dynamos, for power19:55
corAT LAST!19:55
peabodycor have you seen the asus computer in a keyboard?19:55
cornah, sounds good though19:55
* cor googles19:55
peabodyyeah, complete pc in a keyboard and has like a 5" touchscreen on the side19:55
cordamn that's nice19:56
cordude! I been drooling for a good minute already!19:56
Dragnslcr"complete pc in a keyboard"  You mean like what Commodore did 25 years ago?19:57
darkhammwhy in kde 4.3.0 rc2 i can't open a terminal????19:57
corbetter pic: http://www.engadget.com/2009/03/03/hands-on-with-asus-eee-keyboard/19:57
cordarkham - konsole19:57
The-Jesusis it me or does it look a bit apple-ish?19:58
* cor was an Oric user - right, gotta dash for some minutes19:58
Dragnslcrdarkhamm- because you aren't doing it right. If you want a more detailed answer, we need more details about the problem19:58
peabodycould anything like a keyboard computer look anything BUT appleish?19:58
barrapontohey guys, i wanted to mount /dev/sda6 as /var/www is there a GUI way?19:59
Dragnslcrpeabody- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_6419:59
Dragnslcrbarraponto- I haven't found a good GUI for /etc/fstab19:59
peabodyhow does that not look like an apple ][e?20:00
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:01
DragnslcrYeah, I knew that was coming20:01
peabodychococlate chip cookie dough in a bag that you just scoop and bake has been one of the greatest culinary inventions of my time20:03
dwarder__how it was copied20:03
dwarder__is this a touch pad20:03
dwarder__how can i copy with touchpad?20:03
dwarder__i mean paste20:04
peabodythere's an option to use right and left simultaneously as a middle click20:04
peabodyI think it's a default even20:05
dwarder__left and right buttons?20:05
dwarder__i did't clicked any buttons20:05
peabodyu mean how do it paste the url?20:06
dwarder__peabody: yes20:06
peabodybecause it looks like your question is how do you paste with a touchpad20:06
peabodyyou pressed the up arrow20:06
dwarder__i think it was with the touchpad20:06
dwarder__i'm man because last time it was a root password20:06
peabodyI'm in ur box stealing ur internetz20:07
dwarder__peabody: you are welcome20:07
dwarder__up arrow doesn't paste anything20:08
peabodywell it repeats your last message20:08
dwarder__yeah this url wasn't my last message20:09
peabodyif you pasted the url twice in a row then I would think you should know how you are pasting it ;P20:09
dwarder__yeah, but i don't ..20:09
peabodythis is why I disable my trackpad and use a mouse with my laptop20:10
dwarder__peabody: how can i disable it?20:10
peabodybecause my palm always bumps the cursor away or something stupid20:10
peabodymine has a button at the top that turns it on and off20:10
dwarder__in kubuntu20:10
dwarder__i don't want to reboot20:11
peabodyit would be in your xorg.conf20:11
peabodyand would require a xorg restart20:11
peabodybut I would look at a hardware way to disable it20:11
peabodyie toggle button or bios20:11
dwarder__well, i have got a hammer20:11
SlavyaninНАШИ ЕСТЬ?20:12
dwarder__i think this is the only hardwere way to disable it on my sony vayo20:12
peabodynah, there's certainly an option to disable it in the bios20:12
peabodynah, there's certainly an option to disable it in the bios20:12
dwarder__i wish i could access my bios from kubuntu20:13
* dwarder__ don't like reboots20:13
corsynclient all the way20:13
corprobably only toshiba, though20:13
peabodydwarder__: that would be very very expensive technology... the closest I can think of is virtual domains in solaris that allow you to allocate cards, processors, & ram on the fly20:14
corhorizontal scroll settings, pressure sensitivity adjustment, width, accelleration, it's all there20:14
peabodywhich was technology they acquired when they bought Cray supercomputers20:14
corthey blought Cray???20:15
corI am so out of that loop20:15
peabodycor it's an osd setup or software drivers?20:15
corman: synaptic20:15
peabodywell then I should tell you they are owned by Oracle now20:15
corit's tosh only I think20:15
coraren't Oracle owned by?....20:15
peabodyOracle is public traded20:16
peabodyand acquired Sun a few months ago20:16
* cor begins to tentatively add code snippets into Kate, fingers crossed..20:17
peabodytime fow me to watch last night's daily show and colbert20:19
c_anthony07hey everybody20:25
c_anthony07I'm new to Linux, and I'm trying to install Kubuntu 9.04 on my desktop from a LiveCD. I keep getting Status 127 when I run either the Demo or the Install option though.20:26
c_anthony07Can anyone help me?20:27
c_anthony07Anyone alive?20:28
DragnslcrBit slow right now, so it might take some time for someone to respond20:29
c_anthony07Do you have any ideas?20:30
DragnslcrUnfortunately, no. I tried a quick search on Google, but I didn't see anything right off20:32
c_anthony07:S Do you think maybe if I downloaded an older version and installed it then upgraded that it would work?20:33
DragnslcrMight be worth checking the md5sum of your disc image and doing a media check of the disc20:35
DragnslcrCould be a bad download or burn20:35
corwhat sort of computer is it?20:35
=== dharman_ is now known as dharman
c_anthony07custom made from spare (old) parts. The memory and such checks fine though. Processor is 2.7 ghz with 1 gb ram.20:36
corahh ok. not a laptop then. cool20:36
cordo other deb-based CDs work? Like Knoppix?20:37
c_anthony07I dunno... Kubuntu is the first one I've tried.20:37
c_anthony07I'm kinda short on CDs at the moment.20:37
corand you are running the correct CD, right? like 64 bit for 64 bit Peecee?20:37
c_anthony07the error I'm getting is rc-default main process (2787) terminated with status 12720:37
corKubuntu is usually a good first choice.20:38
c_anthony07Yes. Using the 32 bit one.20:38
c_anthony07I think I read in the verbose install mode that is was something like a sasquatchfs error. Or something of that nature.20:38
coris the machine overclocked?20:38
c_anthony07No, don't believe so.20:38
c_anthony07If it is it was done befor e I got it.20:39
corsasquatchfs? never heard of that20:39
c_anthony07I could have the wrong word20:39
c_anthony07maybe squash?20:39
corcheck your bios, do one of those "reset to default" commands20:39
The-Jesussquashfs maybe20:39
c_anthony07yeah that's it20:39
corahh right, of course!20:39
corbut sasquatchfs sounds like it would be excellent!20:40
corfor MONSTER files20:40
The-Jesuscheck the integrity of the cd20:40
cormy install CD failed its integrity check20:40
corworked great, though20:40
c_anthony07Ok. How do I check the md5sum of the Iso file?20:41
corin windows or Linux?20:41
c_anthony07Windows Vista20:41
The-Jesusu have a windows install? hashtab20:41
coror hashtab, yeah20:42
c_anthony07downloading checksum now20:44
c_anthony07erm...installing rather (wow that was fast)20:44
corquiet time at the server, and it's a small setup20:44
mobi-sheepHow do you right-click /ie copy on Konsole?20:45
corit comes with a drag&drop hashing app, too, if that's your bag20:45
mobi-sheepOr there are no right-click feature on Konsole?20:46
corright-click works in my Konsole20:46
mobi-sheepcor: Yes, I see it in Edit -> Copy.  I'm asking if it's just me.20:46
mobi-sheepcor: Try it with... 3 tabs.20:46
corand thanks to synclient, the bottom-right corner of my touchpad does that, too20:47
corIO have 5 tabs open right now, works fine20:47
cornot inside mc, but in the shell, no problem20:47
mobi-sheepcor: So does I.  It's weird.  Does not work on this particular Konsole for some reason.  I have it opened for few hours now -- as oppose to a fresh terminal.20:47
cormaybe some escape character wriggeld in there20:48
corI sometimes find my caps lock is reversed, but that could be Krdc20:48
c_anthony07ok the simple checksum gave me a string...what do I do with it?20:49
The-Jesuscompare it to - 537a22de1342d5671b7e0070f66a6076 (live cd, i386) or your version...20:50
corcompare it to the one published at kubuntu site20:50
coror that20:50
corif your downloaded iso is 100%, perhaps your CD is wonky. you can make an image of the CD, and re-check its hash. it *should* be identical (use ImgBurn)20:51
coralways smart to check "verify burn" when making install CDs, I find20:52
c_anthony07hash matched.20:52
cormatched the .iso file you downloaded?20:52
c_anthony07I'll run the cd through my disc info tool. Maybe it was just a bad disc.20:53
c_anthony07yep. the hash from the iso I downloaded matched up with kubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso20:53
coraye, always start with the perfect negative20:54
corit's a pity you're short of CDs, there are lots of handy bootable tools and mini distros that would be useful right now, if you could burn them. Perhaps your puter can boot from a Pen Drive, and that might give you at least another option for installing a Linux.20:55
corjust thinking out loud...20:56
The-Jesuskubuntu-offtopic is dead... they need a trivia bot or something there.20:56
corit's not like this is a high traffic channel20:56
c_anthony07I've got a USB Thumb drive. Not sure how much it can hold though20:57
The-Jesuscor> word. i always have a usb slab with Slax on my keyring - out of habit, was my first taste of linux - but it is very useful20:57
corhell yeah!20:57
c_anthony07Wonder if I can use my MP3 player to install... lol21:00
The-Jesusthought> can you just unpack the iso to a usb stick and boot it?21:01
c_anthony07CD has no errors. Has anyone else been able to install from a 9.04 live CD?21:02
c_anthony07I'll be back...I'm gonna see if I get the same error on my laptop.21:03
The-Jesuscheers, good luck21:04
cordown to my last jar of Tahini. darn!21:06
corcd ok. hmm. that's a weird install error.21:07
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utimothyhi to all i am using a hp pavilion laptop ubuntu i can't see the files on my flash drive can i be help??21:19
desuutimothy: open dolphin21:21
desuutimothy: do you see anything that might resemble a USB drive on the left?21:21
utimothyvery new to ubuntu dolphin??21:24
cordidn't it pop up a windoid when it was plugged-in? maybe you need to add that widget to your panel21:27
The-Jesusisn't it on by default? also, if its ubuntu use nautilus instead - the file manager21:30
c_anthony07back now21:32
c_anthony07so my cd will boot in my laptop...which means its the hardware of my desktop21:33
wirechieftry noapic ?21:33
coryup, mine was there when I installed, but plasma still isn't on my trusted list of apps21:33
c_anthony07tried all five options in that menu. Same error.21:33
wirechiefno usb stuff plugged in it ?21:34
c_anthony07maybe something to do with two monitors? I read something about that somewhere21:34
c_anthony07there's a cam plugged in.21:34
wirechiefunplug the cam21:34
=== basti2 is now known as basti
corI'd reset BIOS, remove all peripheral hardware, extra RAM, everything, and try again. If I was bored.21:34
coryou can add second monitors and USB devices later21:35
c_anthony07unplugged secondary monitor and the cam.21:36
c_anthony07trying again21:36
The-Jesusset the failsafe defaults on yor bios before booting21:36
corsee, it's stuff like that we take for granted. Perhaps OS installers should post this on their first screen.21:37
c_anthony07same error but different number. This time the process is 2761. :S21:40
wirechiefc_anthony07:  are you using a pci graphics card ?21:40
wirechiefor onboard graphics ?21:41
wirechiefor both ?  or you dont know ?21:41
c_anthony07my main is hooked to my pci card21:42
* wirechief groans21:42
=== tonii_ is now known as tonii
wirechiefok just a silly question: you have the card you want to use enabled in bios and the other disabled ?21:42
c_anthony07It's set to have my PCI card as the main graphics.21:43
wirechiefis the mb graphics disabled ?21:43
corif only that was a silly question21:43
c_anthony07I don't think so.21:43
wirechiefwell you are confusing the computer21:43
wirechiefit doesnt know which to use.21:44
wirechiefuse only one and see what happens21:44
wirechiefmake sure you have the right options set in the bios to support what you are doing.21:44
c_anthony07hmm... I'm seeing a bunch of stuff in the CMOS I didn't see before. Like the option to enable or disable APIC and S3...21:47
wirechiefstick with the monitor stuff, dont drift off changing other things.21:47
c_anthony07it only has the option to set the primary, not disable any.21:49
corBIOS drift.. it's a real problem.21:50
wirechiefwell it should say what its doing with the onboard graphics, usually, mine says enable pcigraphics but disables onboard when the pci is plugged in but thats with a pci16 card slot21:51
wirechiefwhatever the option  does follow it through to what you connect , either onboard or the pci but not both.21:52
c_anthony07I've got it set to PCI, which is what my monitor is plugged into21:53
=== kb is now known as Guest12194
c_anthony07it's crazy. I dunno why it wouldn't run on the desktop but runs on my laptop.21:53
c_anthony07If it doesn't work this time I'll try switching to the onboard21:53
The-Jesusis it a gaming mobo? on board SLI and stuff?21:54
wirechiefpower down and remove the graphics card if your using onboard21:54
corc_anthony07 have you googled for <your mobo> + Kubuntu ?21:54
cormobo=motherboard, sorry21:54
corlol, I didn't spot that!21:55
c_anthony07good lord, another number in the rc-default status 12721:55
corthose are PIDs, they will always be different21:55
corProcess IDs, that is.21:55
The-Jesusthat's the first one you mentioned (checked on my backlog)21:55
c_anthony07ugh... I've gotta open the case again to get the mobo model #21:56
c_anthony07the past couple days have made me sick of looking in this thing's case lol21:56
wirechiefpower it down. remove the graphics card. use the onboard selection in the bios.21:57
wirechiefuse the vga connector on the motherboard21:57
wirechiefthen see.21:58
corif you have windows installed query the mobo model from inside windows21:58
wirechiefif that doesnt work you have an issue with your graphics onboard and its causing a crash i would think, somethings dmesg will give some indications too.21:58
wirechiefor the /var/syslog21:59
coror use Hirens boot CD - the latest version has a "mini XP" you can run windoze apps from. handy in emergencies21:59
corthough that boot cd's legal status is suspect, I should add21:59
rudidoes anyone know how to get compiz working again in 9.04 if you have intel integrated graphics22:00
wirechiefrudi get a nvidia card ;)22:00
Captain_Haddockjaunty + intel = fail (usually)22:00
corin linux lshw is excellent.22:00
corI had compiz running on inetgrated intel graphics in Jaunty22:00
wirechiefrudi intel is badly broken in jaunty im afraid.22:01
corit still is, in fact, but I have it switched off - I prefer kwin22:01
* The-Jesus hugs his ATi =(22:01
* Captain_Haddock doesn't care for "fancy" :P22:01
corOh, wait a minute, it might be ATI lol22:01
rudilast time i tried to fix it my install got messed up22:01
wirechiefrudi they disabled  compiz for intel until the issue with graphics cards are resolved.22:01
rudiwirechief: yes, i read that22:01
wirechiefyep blacklisted the sucker22:02
c_anthony07...my pci card is an ATI Radeon...22:02
rudifigured there was a way around it22:02
Captain_Haddockand it ain't going to get fixed for this release :S22:02
wirechiefrudi there is.22:02
Captain_Haddockrudi: you can try force-enabling it22:02
Captain_Haddockbut, there are obviously drawbacks to it.22:02
rudiyea i tried it and i screwed up my system22:03
rudii enabled the "bleeding edge" configuration and everything failed lol22:03
rafaelaHow are you?22:03
The-Jesushey anthony is your motherboard a gaming one? i tried to dual boot my gaming rig (crossfire configuration) and no falvour of *buntu would even boot22:04
Captain_Haddockabsolutely smashing; you?22:04
c_anthony07I don't believe it is22:04
c_anthony07I think it's the original that came in the PC. I'll check the specs for the pc22:05
rafaela I'm great22:05
=== rafaela is now known as rafaela__
=== rafaela__ is now known as rafaela
=== cor is now known as cor_
Out_Coldso... i've been doing some reading.. is there a touch pad option for KDE322:06
wirechiefon a laptop Out_Cold ?22:07
rafaelaWhere do you live?22:07
wirechiefgoogle synclient for some solutions if your having issues with jumping cursor or stuff like that22:07
c_anthony07Install is working!22:07
Out_Coldwirechief, i want to disable tap to click feature22:08
c_anthony07apparently the liveCD doesn't like ATI22:08
wirechiefyep theres a fix for that, dont have it handy though , google does.22:08
wirechiefwhat ATI card is that c_anthony0722:09
wirechiefmake model22:09
c_anthony07Not sure, gimme a bit lol I'ma get it installed first.22:09
rafaela 22:10
rafaelaSomeone talking to me?22:10
* wirechief i threw my ATI card in a can after 2.6.27 kernel ;)22:10
The-Jesusnow you'll have to deal with fglrx... or the open driver if your card is unsupported.22:11
* wirechief uses onboard nvidia now.22:12
rafaelaWhere do you live? <Captain_Haddock>22:13
=== rafaela is now known as rafaela__
Out_Coldrafaela, what does someone's location have to do with channel support?22:15
The-Jesusrafaela> #kubuntu-br22:15
rafaela__Where do you live? Out_cold22:17
Out_Coldstop asking you troll22:18
The-Jesusmaybe she has issues with the localisation features?22:18
Out_Coldperhaps... but still..22:19
leaf-sheepWhat is screen-configuration.xml in $HOME for?  I'm guessing it's for panel?22:19
JuJuBeeWhat port number is fish:// using ?22:20
firecrotchfish:// is a wrapper for SSH, so it uses port 2222:24
drvoodoohi all, how can i check if the radeon driver (xserver-xorg-video-ati) is really used on by thinkpad?22:25
firecrotchdrvoodoo: Check the Xorg.0.log file, there will be a line somewhere along the lines of "Loading Module "ati""22:27
The-Jesusyou can try glxinfo |grep vendor - the output should say ATi22:27
c_anthony07Question... should I dual boot my desktop with XP/Kubuntu or just run straight kubuntu?22:28
drvoodooit says SGI and Tungsten Graphics, Inc.22:29
c_anthony07I'm a gamer, but not really of the hardcore variety22:29
firecrotchc_anthony07: If you absolutely need access to something that is Windows-only22:29
drvoodoobut the xorg-log says (II) LoadModule: "radeon"22:29
c_anthony07Eh... I've got my laptop for windows stuff...guess I'll go straight kubuntu.22:30
c_anthony07Is it possible to network a kubuntu desktop with a Vista laptop?22:30
c_anthony07(for those who didn't know, I'm a first-time linux user)22:30
firecrotchc_anthony07: Yes22:31
The-Jesus..... drvoodo what is the model of your ati card?22:31
drvoodooits a mobility radeon 900022:31
c_anthony07thanks firecrotch22:31
* c_anthony07 is proceeding to format his hd for a clean install.22:31
drvoodooi thing the chipset is a r25022:31
drvoodooyear RV350 -> RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000]22:32
The-Jesuslspci -nn | grep VGA22:32
artur_Hi all, I'm facing problems to burn Audio CDs using K3B from MP3 files. A message is showed saying to convert the files to wav.22:32
artur_what could i do22:32
The-Jesushuh... no longer supported by the ATi driver22:33
The-Jesusyou might want to try the open ATi driver22:33
drvoodooyes, i have the radeon driver installed, not fglrx ;)22:34
robin0800The-Jesus, How do you do that?22:34
The-Jesuswait it says SGI on the vendor output, so it is already on22:35
The-Jesusrobin0800> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver22:35
The-Jesusjust went through that yesterday on may laptop =)22:36
drvoodoohehe, ok =)22:37
The-Jesusstill have the post-its all over my desk22:37
drvoodooi try the version from the X Updates ppa22:37
The-Jesusdont bench it with 3d... glxgears does show a little improvement on my laptop, but compositing is way faster22:39
drvoodoothe bad performance is without desktop effects enabled :(22:42
The-Jesus...try checking the link, you may have to do some editing on your xorg.conf file.22:46
The-Jesusalso, this > http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Additional_options_for_the_radeon_driver the thinkpad wiki22:47
c_anthony07ah...feels good to have kubuntu finally installing22:48
firecrotchc_anthony07: welcome to the dark side ;)22:52
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artur_Hi all, I'm facing problems to burn Audio CDs using K3B from MP3 files. A message is showed saying to convert the files to wav. What could I do to solve it?23:10
edericohello, after one of the recent updates to my Kubuntu system I've encountered a strange problem, the applications I'm running don't appear any longer in the taskbar, even though I readd a process manager or whatever it is called23:12
ryan2hi there23:34
ryan2I got a serious problem - all my titles are gone I cannot maximize or minimize any windows23:35
ryan2I am not using compiz23:35
ryan2any help?23:36

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