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wgrantsinzui: I don't think bug #397398 is a duplicate of the usual one - in that bug the user wanted it to be in Russia, but the timezone is wrong.02:58
ubot3Malone bug 397398 in launchpad-registry "Wrong user timezone (Saratov) (dup-of: 387738)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39739802:58
ubot3Malone bug 387738 in launchpad-registry "Launchpad refuses to believe that I don't live in Russia, near the Kazakhstan border." [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38773802:58
sinzuiwgrant: I think it is because smara is were others were ending up02:59
wgrantsinzui: Ah.02:59
sinzuiHowever we did just change the pytz lib, I should double check the date. There were two days of wierdness during the transition03:00
sinzuiI wonder if people will complain is I create the tag "ml-archive-sucks"03:08
lifelesssinzui: mars says to talk to you about +series03:10
lifelessthis is me, talking to you:)03:10
lifelessI've filed a bug03:10
lifelessI don't mean to be overly negative, but its nearly unusable at the moment.03:10
sinzuiWow for me it went from a wasted click to at least a report that something is happening03:11
lifelesswasted click?03:11
lifelesswe may have very different understandings of what I'm intending to ask about03:12
sinzuiAny time I was taken to a series page, I had to find a link to a page that would let me perform an action or learn about what was happening. The series page was not a good tool.03:12
sinzuiHow can I make the series page a good tool?03:12
wgrantsinzui: I would love a ml-archive-sucks tag, if it means the archives might eventually be less utterly sucky.03:12
lifelessso there are two things, both similar. Perhaps I should file two bugs03:13
lifelessfirstly, can I ask you to have a look at03:13
lifelessthere is a funny stick figure about half way down labelled 'bzr.dev'03:13
sinzuioh yes the timeline that never shows more than one line of development03:14
sinzuiIt gets bigger in the new page design03:15
wgrantlifeless: Bug #398705?03:15
ubot3Malone bug 398705 in launchpad-registry "Unobvious that timeline graph is scrollable" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39870503:15
lifelessI know that its scrollable. its just _painful_ to scroll on a thumbpad03:16
sinzuiI asked edwin to try putting borders on it that beuno would like03:16
lifelesson a 125x125 dpi screen03:16
lifelessclick, drag about an inch03:16
lifelessrelease go back, repeat03:16
lifelesspersonally, I'd much rather not have to scroll at all03:16
sinzuiThat sucks03:16
lifelessthat list of series seems truncated anyway, so why not truncate a little more and at the same time make the canvas taller03:17
lifelessvertical space is cheap03:17
sinzuiWell it will be taller. I think we need to convey that the widget is a viewport03:19
lifelessshould I file a bug about this aspect? I haven't so far03:20
sinzuiEdwin is work on a bug to improve the UI. As asked edwin to take wgrant's bug into consideration.03:21
lifelessbug filed03:22
lifelesshave a look at https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+series03:22
lifelessremember - trackpad user03:23
lifelessI do have cheap vertical scrolling (of the whole page)03:23
sinzuiha ha03:23
lifelessmy window is about 900 pixels wide03:23
sinzuiI will show that to Edwin and Martin03:23
sinzuimine is 80003:24
wgrantDoes that one show inactive milestones too?03:24
wgrantThe one on +index doesn't.03:24
sinzuiThis one show obsolete series at 50% opacity03:25
sinzuiI think I need to restart the discussion about sane zoom on load. I seeing this makes me think I was right03:26
lifelessI'd like to note that *I don't care about the graph*03:26
lifelessit can jump off a cliff and I'll never regret its passing03:27
* _thumper_ wonders if the william grant showing up on my Facebook suggestions is wgrant03:27
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sinzuilifeless: I can create a [X] Display timelines check box. That is how I got the maps off my pages03:27
wgrantthumper: Could be. I have a few Launchpadders.03:27
lifelesssinzui: I love timelines. That isn't a timeline :)03:27
lifelesssinzui: or should I say, I love vertically presented regular text and markup timelines03:28
thumperwgrant: University of Melbourne '1003:28
wgrantthumper: That would be me indeed.03:28
lifelessok, so two bugs filed. Let me know if you need more details on either.03:28
wgrantThe current one also isn't a timeline, since it doesn't show things relative to time.03:29
wgrantMilestones, releases and series are equally spaced.03:29
wgrantWith no regard to time.03:29
wgrantSo bzr.dev seems to have all the latest milestones.03:29
sinzuiwgrant: and you can image why we did that given bzr's series03:30
wgrantsinzui: If everything was positioned by time, it could be a very wide but fairly short graph that was able to be zoomed sanely.03:31
sinzuioh, kfogel filed one of the the ml-archive bugs. I'm definitely using the new tag03:33
wgrantI've been wondering for a while if you've been wanting to minimise adoption of LP mailing lists.03:34
wgrantThe archives are... suboptimal.03:34
wgrantNon-members cannot subscribe.03:34
sinzuiwgrant: \o/03:34
wgrantMessage acceptance policies are unconfigurable.03:35
wgrantSubjects are mangled.03:35
sinzuiThat is one of my points why it sucks, along with it does not integrate lp objects so I cannot link in and out of it03:35
wgrantThey could easily be very awesome, but they are not!03:35
sinzuiI cannot forward a message to my inbox so that I can reply (even if I am not a member of the list because I have good standing)03:36
wgrantThis standing thing also isn't documented anywhere except bugs, is it?03:36
sinzuiwgrant: We were going to create our own, or improve pipermail to rock. but we had two days, so we used MHonarc03:37
wgrantsinzui: But MHonarc can do better than that...03:38
sinzuikfogel: It can.03:38
sinzuiwgrant: kfogel looked into making some improvement. It can do better.03:39
wgrantsinzui: This is good.03:39
wgrantThe lp-users archives are pretty terrible to use.03:39
wgrantWhat is changing in the 3.0 UI?03:40
sinzuiWe are reintroducing side portlets to emphasise activity. There are not many concrete examples of this03:41
sinzuiWe want to show that things are happening on launchpad, commits, messages, subscribers, changes. And the side portlets can have actions that create these activities03:41
wgrantBut didn't you just try to kill all of the portlets?03:42
wgrantAh, good. That is one area in which Launchpad is really lacking.03:42
sinzuiWe did, beuno likes them. He thinks they failed because they did not have strong rules of what they could contain or set users expectation about what they could do03:42
sinzuilinks are still moving into the page03:43
sinzuiWe are putting all the developers on updating all the pages to ensure we don't have any more 0, 1, and 2 ui pages left03:43
sinzuiwgrant: We want to improve the breadcrumbs and tabs, but we do not have any design and sope set for that yet. I think many pages will look a lot like the 2.0 pages.03:45
wgrantEven completing the 2.0 UI would make things much better...03:46
wgrantIt's all pretty inconsistent now.03:46
sinzuiyep. I need to send an email asking for consistent heading/title rules.03:47
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wgrantSince you're moving launchpad-loggerhead into the launchpad tree, are you not removing codehosting at all?04:24
kfogelwgrant: there's a bug and a branch for the ml improvements04:35
kfogelwhen I get off the phone I'll find the bug number04:35
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joeyhey matsubara-lunch, maybe you might get wgrant to review https://dev.launchpad.net/BugTriage/Draft and provide input?19:45
joeyUrsinha probably should have a run through too if she hasn't already19:46
* Ursinha looks19:46
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matsubaragood idea joey20:26
joeymatsubara: only in that he's had some recent experience :-)20:26
joeymatsubara: you did good work on both the original and now this version so... might as well share!20:27
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