wgrantpoolie: Hm?00:07
pooliethe pale grey circle on the page00:08
wgrantAh, yes.00:09
wgrantAn lpnet appserver seems to be unhappy.00:17
wgrantJust got a 502.00:17
wgrantspm: ?00:17
spmI duuno why we bother having ngios monitoring... the sms alert arrived after your ping. ;-)00:18
spmbug 287304 strikes yet again. is restarted.00:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 287304 in launchpad-foundations "App Servers: Remove need for restart on logrotation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28730400:21
wgrantspm: Wouldn't that bug only trigger the real bug to happen more often?00:22
lifelesswgrant: not if we fix it:P00:23
spmwgrant: yes. but having to restart a daemon just to rotate logs is a pretty extreme place to be00:23
dsprenkelsHello, anybody here?00:25
wgrantspm: So it's considered normal that it just fails to restart sometimes!?00:25
spmwgrant: it doesn't fail to restart. it fails to stop. :-/00:25
* dsprenkels is confused00:26
spmdsprenkels: there's plenty of folks here, ask your Q00:26
dsprenkelsYEa I'm like00:26
dsprenkelsBazaar fails00:26
wgrantspm: Huh.00:27
dsprenkels~$ bzr push lp:stamp00:27
dsprenkelsbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/sprenkels/".00:27
wgrantdsprenkels: You have to push from inside a branch.00:27
wgrantYour home directory probably isn't a branch.00:27
dsprenkelsI'll recheck the documentation about making branches than00:27
spmwgrant: unf it fails to stop sufficiently well enough that it's still responding on port 80. our LB is sufficently dumb that it only does simple port 80 up/down checks. not is the app server actually alive. We have plans to fix this but ... time...00:27
dsprenkelsIt works!00:28
wgrantHow is the open sourcing going?00:48
jmljust swell00:50
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mwhudson426 bugs to go!04:12
wgrantBit under 24 hours, given today's rate.04:14
micahgrace to the finish :)04:44
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wgrantgina seems to have not run in about two months.06:33
wgrantThat seems wrong.06:33
kfogelwgrant: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/35777506:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 357775 in launchpad-registry "launchpad mailing list archive UI problems" [Low,Triaged]06:52
kfogelwgrant: note that I have fixed the worst of those problems in a branch, which should have landed today (but I haven't confirmed)06:53
maxbAre there any architectural problems that would impede giving Soyuz support for pdiffs, or is it simply a matter of allocation of developer time?06:55
lifelessjust developer time,  thik06:56
kfogelhey maxb.  I don't know soyuz well, but I suspect dev time06:56
maxbPresumably it would mean that publication would then need to take results of previous publications as input, whilst currently I can't think of anything which would need that?06:56
wgrantI've been told it's just dev time.06:56
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* wgrant looks at the format of pdiffs.06:57
maxbreeaaalllly simple ed scripts06:57
wgrantAh. That's harder than it could be.06:59
wgrantIt seems like that step could easily be thrown into the publishing script right at the end before the files are generated. It doesn't seem to require intelligence of any kind.07:01
wgrantEr, before the files are switched, not generated.07:01
maxbIt does sound like the sort of thing that's "merely a small matter of programming"07:03
maxbAnyway, working pdiffs sounds like a much better goal to pursue than this zsync thing currently being discussed on ubuntu-devel@07:06
wgrantmaxb: Note that normal users only have to download the -updates and -security indices regularly.07:07
wgrantThe Release pocket never changes, so is cached indefinitely.07:07
wgrantAnd only in LTS or broken releases to -updates and -security get particularly large.07:07
maxbHmm, true07:07
wgrant(I thought this too some time ago, until elmo came at me with some numbers to which I could not object)07:08
wgrantSomething like zsync needs to happen, and is orthogonal to pdiffs.07:08
maxbI guess ultimately it really only benefits those of us on the development release, downloading the entire universe package lists several times a day07:09
maxbThe point still stands that a dedicated diff mechanism is more elegant than zsync :-)07:10
wgrantzsync's only good as a temporary thing, and even then it doesn't seem to be very good...07:12
wgrantcprov: Can you unbreak gina?07:33
noodles775wgrant: he won't be around for a while yet (unless he's still up ;). I'll check if it's something a LOSA can do...07:39
wgrantnoodles775: He's back in an insane timezone, is he?07:42
noodles775wgrant: yep, back in his homeland :)07:42
pro-rsoftcan I link a project to a package in my own repository?07:51
pro-rsoftinstead of in the official repos07:51
wgrantpro-rsoft: Not at this point.07:52
wgrantThere's a bug about it.07:52
pro-rsoftAh. I see07:52
noodles775wgrant: what's gina for (I assumed it was the ftp server - poppy - by mistake)08:02
wgrantnoodles775: It imports Debian.08:03
wgrantnoodles775: Nothing seems to have been updated since late March.08:04
wgrantEr, May.08:04
noodles775wgrant: ok, seems it won't be a problem then to wait until later today when cprov is here :)08:05
wgrantnoodles775: Correct.08:05
wgrantAlthough I was aiming to catch him earlier, as I was unaware he had returned to Brazil.08:06
phurlhi all08:11
phurlhi guys08:43
phurli have a bunch of local branches now08:43
phurlhow can i share them08:43
phurllets say someone else wants to help08:43
phurldo they need to make thier own branch08:43
phurlor can i create a group branch?08:43
phurlok i found that08:44
phurlso i should merge my private branches into group branches or can i change owner?08:45
LarstiQyou can change the owner08:46
phurlyes? great thatnks08:47
phurlLarstiQ, I FOUND IT thanks08:48
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bigjoolsmaxb: are you going to be around in 4-5 hours time?10:10
maxbI'll be at work, but yes10:11
* maxb is intrigued10:11
bigjoolsmaxb: nothing sinister :)  I just want to try re-assigning your gpg key as per that question on staging first, and get you to check it's ok10:16
maxbohh, excellent10:16
bigjoolsit means visiting package pages etc for packages you signed with that key10:16
maxbah right, I about to say "You can dput to staging?!" :-)10:17
bigjoolshmm actually I could do it on dogfood right now10:18
maxbIs dogfood just a staging that you care less about breaking?10:19
bigjoolsit's soyuz's staging, effectively, and I wield powers over it, unlike staging10:22
maxbAlso, unlike staging, it's not currently broken :-)10:23
bigjoolsheh :)10:23
bigjoolslet me reassign that key, I'll ping you in a bit10:23
bigjoolsmaxb: ok it's done on dogfood, can you browse your packages on there and see if it looks ok?  Bear in mind that dogfood doesn't have much in the way of resources so some page loads might time out initially.10:27
maxbSeems fairly responsive, actually :-)10:28
maxbppa page looks fine (.../+archive/archivename)10:30
maxbAnd so do the binary +build pages, though there's not much key-related there10:34
maxbany other kind of page to look at?10:34
wgrantI can't remember anything that uses it apart from the uploader column on IArchive:+index.10:35
bigjoolsany +source that you uploaded?10:37
maxbUm, I don't think I've ever seen a +source link for a PPA upload?10:38
bigjoolsoh you're not a MOTU?10:38
maxbone day, maybe10:38
bigjoolsthis makes things much easier :)10:38
maxbActually, this is *why* I'm asking for the reassign - so that if I eventually become a MOTU, the autobuild key won't be able to upload to the primary archive :-)10:39
maxbafk for +5min10:43
maxberm, ~5min10:43
wgrant350 bugs to go!10:48
mptOh, awesome, distributions and distribution series have a clickable Code tab now :-D10:49
wgrantIt's a bit unusable without search, though.10:49
stainwould you know if the SVN import for Bazaar supports svn:externals ?10:55
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mwhudsonstain: it doesn't11:33
mwhudson(it ignores externals)11:33
stainmwhudson: oh :-(11:35
stainI guess I would have to make 15 or so imports then11:36
stain(big project..)11:36
stainbtw - I'm impressed with the download speed, I got 10 MB/s11:36
stainbeats Google Code at 10 kB/s (!) and Sourceforge at 1 MB/s11:37
mwhudsoni don't :)11:37
mwhudsonbut then i am rather a long way away ...11:37
stainNew Zealand?11:38
stainyou've only got a single cable I've heard11:38
wgrantString, not cable.11:38
wgrantnoodles775: What determines whether binaries are shown on the build page as awaiting acceptance? I've just found a very old build where the binaries have two publishings (one Obsolete, one Deleted), but they're listed as awaiting acceptance.11:47
wgrantActually, that would be a gina'd build, so it might be special.11:47
staintoo bad file upload through a browser is not fun from ADSL.. is there an alternative upload mechanism?11:48
wgrantstain: You can add one through the API, although that's still HTTP.11:50
stainwell, I can do that through SSH to a box with more bandwith.. sounds good, URL..? :)11:51
wgranthttps://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib is the easiest way.11:51
stainI'll haefv a look at https://help.launchpad.net/API11:51
stainah, some lovely Python :)11:51
wgrantstain: The method you want is project_release.add_file11:55
stainyeah.. well, I have to compile various stuff it seems11:56
stainImportError: No module named restfulclient11:57
stainit's probably easier to write something myself.. I am afterall trying to deploy a web service workflow tool :)11:57
wgrantstain: You need lazr.restfulclient too. that page is a couple of months out of date.11:58
wgrantIf you're on Ubuntu, just apt-get install python-launchpadlib.11:58
stainI thought that was the whole point of this setup.py magic11:58
stainbut as Pythin is lagging 5 years behind languages like Java in dependency managements..11:58
wgrantThat's what buildout is for.11:58
wgrantbuildout does everything for you. That page just doesn't document it yet.11:59
wgrantLet's see if I can remember.11:59
stainhow do I do buildout then..11:59
wgrantTry 'python bootstrap.py'11:59
wgrantThere's docs somewhere, I'm sure..11:59
stainit's the install of restfulclient that fails with not finding restfulclient12:00
wgrantIt's lazr.restfulclient, not just restfulclient.12:00
stainI guess it's setup file is broken then.. I'll try directly with the web service12:01
maxb<stain> but as Pythin is lagging 5 years behind languages like Java in dependency managements..12:01
maxbWha? I'd say PyPI + easy_install is approximately equal to Maven/Ivy12:01
wgrant(I'm also of the opinion that a programming language shouldn't have its own dependency management system, and thus buildout/easy_install need to die)12:02
stainyes, in theory it works brilliantly.. but today it didn't :) 4 years after not doing much Python anymore that's the impression I get.. not much happening12:02
wgrantOh, hm, I guess easy_install should work. I keep forgetting it does, as I normally want to develop them.12:03
wgrantstain: What does 'easy_install launchpadlib' give? That restfulclient error?12:04
stainRunning lazr.restfulclient-0.9.1/setup.py -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-lXsJtQ/lazr.restfulclient-0.9.1/egg-dist-tmp-7w-64x12:04
stainTraceback (most recent call last):12:05
stainImportError: No module named restfulclient12:05
* wgrant tries in virtualenv.12:05
stainwarn you, I have Python 2.4.4 here12:05
stainit's OK.. don't worry, I'm halfway through  with the browser uploads for now, I'll just go for lunch12:06
stainI should probably tried it from a proper ubuntu box, but I didn't have one available with that high upload speed12:06
cprovwgrant: hi, what's up with gina ?12:26
wgrantcprov: There are packages that have been in unstable for nearly two months that aren't on LP yet.12:28
* wgrant finds an example.12:29
wgrantcprov: dpkg 1.15.2, for example.12:29
wgrantAnd its successors.12:29
cprovwgrant: apparently or local mirror for sid and experimental is stuck on 23rd May ...12:35
wgrantcprov: That would explain things.12:36
cprovfirewalled, it seems.12:36
stainI get 503 Service unavailable when doing Launchpad.get_token_and_login('just testing', STAGING_SERVICE_ROOT, cachedir)13:04
stainI'll just go straight for https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/13:05
stainwhat kind of API is this.. it's firing up lynx or something13:06
stain I guess because I'm on the limitted SSH line :)13:07
wgrantstain: It fires up a browser the first time to get you to authorize the application to use your Launchpad account.13:08
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stainwgrant: yeah, I got that in the end :)13:13
stainwgrant: how do I provide file_content - just do open(whatever).read() ?13:17
wgrantstain: Not sure. Maybe a string, maybe a file.13:19
wgrantstain: Use whatever doesn't fail.13:19
stainboth fail :(13:19
stainUnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0x90 in position 2: unexpected code byte13:19
stainbeta2.add_file(filename="taverna-workbench-2.1.b2.exe", file_type="Installer file", signature_filename="taverna-workbench-2.1.b2.exe.asc", description="Taverna workbench 2.1 beta 2 (Windows archive)", file_content=open("taverna-workbench-2.1.b2.exe").read(), signature_content=open("taverna-workbench-2.1.b2.exe.asc").read())13:20
wgrantI would try myself, but staging is down :(13:22
wgrantMaybe somebody else knows.13:22
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sumanahleonardr: ping :-)14:04
leonardrsumanah: !!14:05
sumanahmpt: ping :)14:08
gnomefreakPPA doesnt support armel builds?14:20
wgrantgnomefreak: Correct.14:20
wgrantOnly architectures on which Xen is well supported - x86.14:20
pro-rsoftgnomefreak, opensuse build service does14:20
pro-rsoftwhich also supports a whole lot more distros14:20
gnomefreakwgrant: pro-rsoft thanks14:20
pro-rsoftnp =)14:21
pro-rsoftOpensuse build service really rocks IMHO14:21
cody-somervilleThe last I heard, armel support is on the way14:24
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gnomefreakcody-somerville: thanks14:51
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elric27Hello, I'm trying to join the spanish translation team, yet  there is no info in it's overview webpage. I am already registered. What am I missing?15:49
kikoelric27, have you spoken to the admins of the team?15:50
kikouse the contact this user feature15:50
elric27but there I can't even find the list with all translators of the team15:50
elric27I want to translate exaile 3.x, talked to the developers, all fine15:51
elric27but I don't know if I have to join just launchpad spanish or ubuntu launchpad spanish15:52
kikodanilos, henninge: can either of you help elric27 out?15:52
daniloskiko: sure15:53
daniloselric27: hi15:53
elric27i get no info there15:54
elric27there is nothing recorded15:54
elric27I guess I can translate upstream exaile15:54
elric27not ubuntu exaile package15:54
daniloselric27: you need to go to https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-es15:54
daniloselric27: i.e. click on the "Overview" tab near the top of the page where you already are15:55
daniloselric27: that's where you'll see a lot of info about the team15:55
elric27thanks a lot, I was using launchpad search tool but couldn't find this page15:55
daniloselric27: it's mostly our UI that's at fault, we are trying to get that fixed15:56
elric27well, I've been doing some translating stuff for gnome and debian for the last weeks. Your UI is grand. :)15:57
elric27yet damned lies is awesome, though only hosts translations.15:57
elric27danilos: thanks, already joined and sent the request16:09
daniloselric27: heh, cool, thanks :)16:10
gnomefreakany chance we can get status changes to let us comment when changing them again?16:23
intellectronicagnomefreak: i'm not sure i understand what you mean16:24
gnomefreakinatm with edge if you click on say "confirmed" in a bug and change it to something else it doesnt let you comment anymore you have to go to bottom of bug to comment16:26
gnomefreakintellectronica: ^^^ ok not sure why its highlighted16:26
intellectronicagnomefreak: yes i know. we're thinking how to remedy that. it's indeed quite convenient to be able comment when making a change. any suggestions?16:27
intellectronicaone thing we thought of doing is expand a comment box after you make the change, which you can dismiss if you don't want to add a comment16:28
gnomefreakintellectronica: that sounds good to me :) im not too picky :)16:28
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ftawould be *very* useful if code/bzr.lp could display the svn revision when a branch is an svn import, like https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+junk/chromium-browser.upstream16:55
ftabzr commit ids are useless in that case16:55
ftain cli, bzr shows both16:56
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jpdscyberixae: Maybe you should file a bug against Launchpad instead.17:07
cyberixaejpds: Lets see if someone comes up with something better17:16
cyberixaejpds: And also, how important this is to people17:16
cyberixaemaybe only 25 people cares17:17
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james_wI'm trying to build lazr.restfulclient18:15
james_win setup.py it does sys.path.insert(0, lazr)18:15
james_w(0, "src") I mean18:15
james_wthat works great by itself18:15
james_wif I install lazr.uri so that I have a lazr package elsewhere in my path then it fails18:15
james_wthis would then make it impossible to build the package18:16
james_whave I done something wrong?18:16
james_w"    from lazr.restfulclient import __version__18:18
james_wImportError: No module named restfulclient18:18
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james_wany python gurus know whether the modules of a package all be under the same filesystem path?18:25
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mtaylorI've got merge proposals seemingly missing...18:42
mtaylorif you look here:18:42
mtaylorit shows that I have proposed the branch for merge into lp:libmemcached18:43
mtaylorbut if you go to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~libmemcached-developers/libmemcached/trunk18:43
mtaylorit does not show any branches proposed for merge18:43
mtaylorNEVAR MIND18:45
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geserjames_w: where did you install it?19:26
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james_wlazr.uri is in dist-packages/lazr/uri/19:27
james_wfrom the package19:27
james_wI'm just calling setup.py from the tarball of lazr.restfulclient19:28
james_wsomeone in #python tells me that you can't split a package like this19:28
james_wso this makes it damn hard to install more than one lazr module19:29
james_whttp://paste.ubuntu.com/219182/ <- too horrible for words?19:30
geserthat's interesting19:34
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SamBhmm ... is there someone I could ask for the "~/.bzr.log" for a consistantly failing mirrored branch?20:37
elric27I'm translating stuff in launchpad, yet sometimes "Save & continue" doesn't save21:05
elric27does it happen a lot?21:09
elric27it's kinda tiresome to retype the same translation 5 times and see it doesn't get saved21:15
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elric27Please, is it normal that a newly translated string doesn't show up under suggesitions for a while?22:24
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micahg7 bugs away23:50

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