BUGabundo     732.08M 100%   36.32MB/s    0:00:19 (xfer#240004, to-check=1024/248621)00:12
BUGabundo     728.40M 100%   31.59MB/s    0:00:21 (xfer#240005, to-check=1023/248621)00:12
BUGabundosomething tells me I won't get a fresh install tonight00:12
arandHow do I send two notifications that will stack (both shows simultaneously) using notify-send from CLI?00:13
BUGabundoarand: you can't00:16
BUGabundoits not meant to be00:16
BUGabundo_unless_ they are diff priority00:16
BUGabundobut u can't do that with a notify-send00:16
* arand is grumphy00:17
* BUGabundo hands a arand a cup of green tea00:18
* arand already has some Twinnings earl grey brewin'00:19
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FoxBlitzz_They finally fixed the issue with the Plasma widgets list not being sorted alphabetically (something that every single other distro did properly)00:29
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billybigrigProcessing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...00:29
billybigrigErrors were encountered while processing:00:29
billybigrig /var/cache/apt/archives/bluez_4.45-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb00:29
billybigrigE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:29
billybigrigis this known?00:29
billybigrigi don't even have bluetooth00:30
billybigrigwhy is bluez even installed00:30
BUGabundobillybigrig: comes with the seed00:31
billybigrigeven if bluetooth isn't built into the kernel?00:31
billybigrigbut i guess it would be on a stock ubuntu kernel00:31
BUGabundoCRAP: disk got turned off or disconnected while rsyncing :((00:35
syn-ackBUGabundo: hahahaha00:35
syn-ackNo shit...00:36
syn-ackYeah, thats going to take a while to rsync. :P00:36
BUGabundo!language > syn-ack00:36
ubottusyn-ack, please see my private message00:36
syn-ackSorry about that.00:36
syn-ackbut still.00:36
syn-ackIt still applies. :P00:36
BUGabundoseems I can't power the disk up with the e-sata connected :(00:36
DanaGOOooooooh, my Mute LED is finally working!  Yay!00:39
DanaGYay for 2.6.31-rc3!00:39
Q-FUNKbillybigrig: it's among the packages installed by default00:39
Q-FUNKI wonder if they will rebase to 2.6.31 final any time soon?00:40
DanaGIs it now final?00:41
hggdhno, it is not00:41
DanaGIt was just RC3 just ... yesterday?00:41
hggdhthere can be no rebase due to the fact that .31 final is not yet final00:41
DanaGThat's what I thought.00:41
BUGabundohggdh: _s00:41
DanaGooh, bluetooth audio doesn't stop on vt-switch.  Spiffy.00:42
DanaG(WW) AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: unable to handle keycode 46500:43
DanaG(WW) HP WMI hotkeys: unable to handle keycode 35800:43
BUGabundohggdh: how is your business going? better I hope00:43
billybigrigBUGabundo: what ppa do i use for u1?00:51
BUGabundotheir own00:52
billybigrigoff u1 site?00:54
BUGabundolet me grab mine00:56
BUGabundodeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/nightlies/ubuntu karmic main00:56
BUGabundobtw don't use the nightlies eheh00:56
billybigrigwhy would you give me the ppa for nightlies and then tell me not to use nightlies :P01:03
BUGabundocause it's the one I have?01:04
billybigrigim confused haha01:04
billybigrigdoes it work or no?01:04
Sarvattubuntu-one sure does keep my cpu awake more even not in use, getting ~50 wakeups/second from it disconnected.. power usage has been crap lately, went up from 6.5 watts back in the 2.6.29 days to 9.8 now idling01:04
BUGabundobillybigrig: it does01:05
BUGabundobut you better use the _more_ stable branch01:05
rippshmm... it seems the nautilus memory leak was fixed. My video folder doesn't cause my computer to freeze for 2 minutes01:35
* BUGabundo Ta na hora da Caminha, bamos la deitar.... \n bed time. cu tomorrow01:43
arandBUGabundo: nighty.01:44
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DanaGThe battery is below the critical battery level and this computer is about to suspend.<br>NOTE: A small amount of power is required to keep your computer in a suspended state.02:00
DanaGYeah, there's a <br> in there.02:00
DanaGi.e. I literally see that text.02:00
DanaGOh, and before that: "You have approximately 5 minutes of remaining battery life (2.6%).  This computer will suspend in Unknown time if the AC is not connected.02:01
DanaGugh, damned printer... is claiming to have succeeded... yet nothing comes out of the printer.02:03
billybigrigstupid bluez02:05
billybigrighow can i skip a package from updating in apt-get?02:05
billybigrigProcessing triggers for man-db ...02:05
billybigrigErrors were encountered while processing:02:05
billybigrig /var/cache/apt/archives/bluez_4.45-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb02:05
billybigrigE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:05
billybigrigor fix this problem02:05
Sarvattyay bugs in my alpha (/◔ ◡ ◔)/02:06
billybigrigdid that package update good for everyone else?02:07
oldude67hey anyone having video issues with the new kernel update?02:07
Sarvattnope but it doesnt stop other things from updating fine02:08
billybigrigi removed the package, but up update && upgrade it fails, so its the package from repo giving me problems02:08
Sarvattprobably works right if you actually have bluetooth plugged in judging by the changelog02:08
billybigrigSarvatt: my dkms problem wasn't to do with my kernel naming02:09
DanaGoh yeah, blueman ⋙ gnome-bluetooth02:09
DanaG"much greater than"02:09
billybigrigit was caused by /lib/modules/kernelname/build pointing to ~/linux-2.602:09
oldude67is that the problem, cause i dont have blue tooth either.02:09
billybigrigand not /usr/src/kernelname02:09
DanaGyay, my mute key thingy now works.02:10
DanaGJust need to make it apply to my laptop, so I don't have to force my laptop to use the "wrong" model.02:10
Sarvattwhoa really? maybe brightness keys might work on my HP now02:10
DanaGThey only applied the fix to model=mobile02:10
DanaG... not to model=laptop.02:10
DanaGso, if I add "options snd-hda-intel model=mobile", it works -- apparently even loading as "laptop" once breaks it.02:11
DanaGhmm, and software mixer can still get "inverted" relative to hardware mute.02:12
DanaGAbout the last thing to get working is the danged high keycodes.02:14
DanaG(WW) AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: unable to handle keycode 46502:14
DanaG(WW) HP WMI hotkeys: unable to handle keycode 35802:14
oldude67well i booted back into the -2 kernel cause my video was scrambling so bad that it was unreadable...02:19
billybigrigwhat kind of video?02:19
oldude67i believe its a 91502:19
billybigrigis kms enabled by default for intel?02:20
Sarvattthe intel fifo watermarking code in rc3 has problems on alot of machines :(02:20
oldude67how do i check? im use to using xorg.config02:21
billybigrigi was asking the channel02:22
billybigrigi use nvidia so i have no idea about kms02:22
billybigrigbut radeon and intel seem to give problems02:22
Sarvattwere  you getting a flickering screen oldude67?02:23
oldude67ya go figure all my machines are intel..02:23
oldude67Sarvatt, yes like it was trying to roll sideways.02:23
Sarvattyeah it'll be fixed soon, already a patch to fix it out there02:23
oldude67ok i can wait, ill just use this kernel for now.02:24
Sarvattshould be a week or so until rc4 comes out with the fix02:24
oldude67no problem02:24
Sarvatt(hopefully it gets in there)02:24
oldude67now will i have to be in that kernel to do the update?02:25
ghindobillybigrig, KMS is enabled by default on Intel hardware02:25
Sarvattnah it'll come along with upgrades, will be called linux-image-2.6.31-402:26
billybigrigthey might re-release 31-3 though02:26
billybigrigwith the fix in it02:26
Sarvattdoubt it02:26
billybigrigreally? they'll wait for rc4?02:26
Sarvattits only a week, hopefully the fix gets tested enough in that time...02:27
oldude67heck i have had to deal with worse for longer so no big deal here this kernel works fine..so patience is going to have to prevail this time..lol02:28
neko_sup yall02:28
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Sarvatthere's the upstream bug https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1930402:29
ubottuFreedesktop bug 19304 in Driver/intel "FIFO underruns" [Major,Reopened]02:29
oldude67atleast i didnt get a kernel panic and or worse..lol02:29
neko_so if your not trying to burn a dvd; mostly multimedia; how's +1 so far?02:29
oldude67ya burning a cd or dvd is not working with this kernel, will it get fixed soon?02:30
arandI've been having the classic k3b works, brasero fails...02:32
oldude67neither k3b or brasero will see my burners. and i have two different ones.02:32
neko_that always seems to break during new releases for me02:32
neko_but my burner is old and it may be trashed02:33
neko_i really should try from windows but i'm lazy02:33
oldude67sysinfo sees both02:33
neko_anyway i was thinking about trying the +1 tho its been a while02:33
neko_and in regular i've got vid dialed in with the 190.09 nvidia drivers; was wondering if +1 had those; where thats at in general [nvidia+multimedia+tearing]02:34
neko_i figure as long as i can watch my movies i can deal with the rest hehe02:35
oldude67No CD/DVD writer found.02:35
oldude67K3b did not find an optical writing device in your system.02:35
oldude67lol got to love it02:35
oldude67and thank god for jump drives..lol02:35
neko_you should triple check model and find which module it needs02:36
neko_should be as simple as a sudo modprobe ... or compile and that or so02:36
oldude67it pulls up all the info on sysinfo02:36
oldude67just k3b and brasero dont see them02:38
neko_may be the software is borked i spose02:38
neko_shows up on um02:38
oldude67na its probably just me02:38
DanaGoh eyah, last time I checked, telepathy sucked badly at IRC.  =þ03:01
DanaGGranted, out-of-the-box (i.e. without plugins), Pidgin sucks at IRC, also -- but at least that's fixable.03:01
DanaGyargh, so byored.03:42
eagles0513875hey DanaG04:20
DanaGsay whaaa?04:21
billybigriggeranyone here having problems getting an hp printer being recognized?04:53
nhasianhello everyone05:22
syn-ackWas there some sort of major bug having to do with suspend or hibernate that just came down from upstream?05:24
SwedeMikethere has been a lot of discussing about that in 2.6.31-rcX on lkml, so that's quite likely.05:25
syn-ackGot home, and my notebook, which is my "beta box" lid was closed... I forgot to change the settings in the power profile to not suspend when the lid was closed and well, Im having to reinstall right now05:25
syn-ackcomepletely hosed my system05:25
syn-ackcomeplete disk corruption.05:26
syn-ackand it wasnt due to bad hardware.05:26
tanathi just upgraded to karmic, and the new kernel doesn't boot >.<05:29
SwedeMike2.6.31 is what is seriously keeping me off karmic at this point, definitely want kernel to mature more before I go05:29
SwedeMikeand 2.6.30 seems to have problems as well05:30
DanaGhmm, once I found a fix-ish thing for fglrx, I went to 2.6.31 for the new ALSA, mostly.05:30
syn-ackand THAT is the reason, DanaG that I dont like how the kernel is now developed05:30
syn-ackrefering back to lastnight's? converstation05:30
nhasiani'm running 2.6.31-2 just fine.  i havent rebooted since i installed the beta 3 kernel tho...05:30
DanaGHey, let's randomly remove a symbol, just for the hell of it!05:30
tanathi upgraded largely in the vain hope that it would fix my graphics issue. unfortunately not, it seems. i have graphical glitches that make it difficult to see anything05:31
tanathsyn-ack, how has development changed?05:31
DanaGLiterally the ONLY thing that changed (in terms of fglrx compatibility) compared to 2.6.30 was that they removed EXPORT_SYMBOL(find_task_by_vpid)05:31
kklimondaDanaG: kernel's developers were always saying that they don't care about 3rd party, closed modules..05:31
DanaGStill, they could've warned AMD/ATI at least a month in advanced.05:31
DanaGMarked it deprecated, for example.05:32
syn-acktanath: instead of having two branches, they develop off one branch.05:32
DanaGAnd not just unexpectedly removed it.05:32
tanathsyn-ack, hrm05:32
kklimondaDanaG: I think they do it on purpose.. ;)05:32
syn-acktanath: it used to be odds were the dev branch and evens productions05:32
DanaGLast time it was the "unused" pci_num_busses05:32
tanathsyn-ack, what's the main advantage of doing it the previous way? i presume there's a reason for the change...05:32
tanathsyn-ack, i remember that much05:33
syn-acktanath: the reason for the change was that linus got lazy, imo05:33
RAOFAlso, revision control tools became much better.05:33
syn-ackI hardly think git is better than bitkeeper05:33
tanathwell, i got these graphical problems before the karmic upgrade... it was a recent set of updates05:33
RAOFtanath: Intel?05:34
syn-ackanyway, bbiab05:34
tanathbut now i can barely see anything. it's really bad >.<05:34
kklimondatanath: you should report a regression and not update to unstable version ;)05:34
RAOFtanath: Because there's a nice Intel bug fixed in 2.6.31-3-generic05:34
tanathRAOF, hm? ati radeon 9800se :-/05:34
DanaGOh yeah, and now I have a working mute LED!05:34
tanathRanakah, and intel cpu, yes.05:34
RAOFtanath: Well, then your problem isn't going to be the one that -3-generic fixed for me, then :)05:35
tanathkklimonda, i did file a bug (or subscribe to an existing one). i forget05:35
tanathbut hasn't been fixed yet05:35
tanathbut it's a big prob. i'm surprised the updates made it out05:36
kklimondayou could try nudging developers on irc - regressions in stable release are critical..05:36
tanathi don't go on enough to remember who the devs are. and they're often busy anyway :P05:36
kklimondatanath: I'd start with a guy who made an upload that broke your card05:37
tanathi have to repeatedly select text here to make it repaint to make it more readable >_<05:37
tanathkklimonda, i haven't narrowed it down05:37
tanathkklimonda, i didn't get the issue until i rebooted, and i went through a couple updates in that time05:38
DanaGargh, gnome-power-manager UNDERestimates the accuracy of my ACPI battery meter.05:38
tanathkklimonda, and i waited for more updates in the hopes of it being fixed...05:39
tanathand by then, i didn't want to deal with it anymore, so tried karmic. alas, that failed too05:39
tanathso i'm not the happiest camper05:39
tanaththis is a knife would compared to the 'paper cuts' :P05:40
tanathoh, and compiz now segfaults :-/05:41
tanathdon't suppose anyone can help me narrow down my graphics issue?05:43
kklimondatanath: go to #ubuntu-bugs05:43
kklimondabut at this hour it's pretty empty ;)05:43
tanathno response yet...05:46
kklimondawell, you were redirected ;)05:46
tanaththat's 2 redirections. lets go for a 3rd :P05:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 399565 in extace "extace crashed with SIGSEGV in fftw_execute()" [Undecided,New]05:53
DanaGtweaked my bug report.05:53
tanathdamn, ubuntu-tweak segfaults. everything's borked :-/05:58
tanathi understand there's a goal of reducing the boot time to like 10 seconds... a little stability is advised before optimization, no? :P05:59
syn-acktanath: come again?06:01
tanathsyn-ack, hm?06:02
syn-ackdefine stability before optimization...06:02
tanathshould have stable code before trying to optimize it06:02
syn-acktanath: how is the code not stable?06:02
tanathotherwise it's like the coffee poster: drink coffee & do stupid things faster with more energy! XD06:03
syn-ackI mean this is a development line...06:03
tanathsyn-ack, everything's crashing06:03
tanathcompiz segfaults, ubuntu-tweak segfaults, some applets crashed... prolly half the other things i wanna run will too :P06:03
tanathsyn-ack, i'm teasing, but i'm saying it's not very stable and if that goal is going to be met it seems there's a lot of work to do06:04
syn-ackThere is, thats for sure...06:04
miles_I am attempting to install today's snapshot using WUBI.EXE.  I would like to have EXT4 used as the default filesystem when I install.  Is that supported for a WUBI install?06:26
miles_I tried extracting WUBI.EXE from the cdimage, but when I run it, it tries to download a torrent file.  It seems to never locate the torrent file, but also gives no error.  It just sits there.06:27
miles_I have checked my network adapter throughput, and it doesn't seem to be downloading anything.06:28
miles_I also tried extracting the entire cdimage to a directory and running WUBI,EXE from there.  That gave me the same result.06:28
miles_It seems to me that WUBI should recognize when either the cdimage is in the current working directory, or that it is being run from a directory within the cdimage tree.06:30
miles_I would like to have it not try to download the iso if I already have done so.06:30
miles_Additionally, I am wondering whether there is some command line option that will enable me to have WUBI use EXT4 for the root disk format.06:31
miles_I am leary of having to convert the partition to EXT4 after the initial installation.06:32
miles_Is anyone home?06:32
miles_If you have any answers for me, you can send them to miles.lane@gmail.com.06:33
reto`does anyone have the problem that when the screen is put to sleep it will still have the backlight on? I have this problem sometimes here on the netbook with karmic, but it also happens on jaunty on my desktop. wonder why it sometimes does it right and the again wrong...06:34
miles_Is anyone home?06:41
miles_Anyone here?06:56
veckis k3b broken ?07:04
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=== Guest1869 is now known as syn-ack
veckhow do i install yhe auth key for 4.3 rc 2?07:37
veckcannot seem to import it to software sources any way to add it from command?07:38
rippsI see empathy has finally hit ubuntu-desktop, but It doesn't have any indicator functionality. Is that in the works?08:14
Q-FUNKhowdy!  could someone with upload rights please merge the two attached maintainer scripts at LP bug #399482 ?08:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399482 in bluez "bluez: upgrade from 4.45-0ubuntu1 to 4.45-0ubuntu2 fails" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39948208:59
ikoniaQ-FUNK: contact the maintainer09:01
Q-FUNKikonia: ubuntu team maintains everything.  it's up to whoever catches a bug to fix it. :)09:02
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ikoniaQ-FUNK: yes, so instead of asking "a person" in here - contact the package maintainer09:36
Q-FUNKikonia: there is no single maintainer at ubuntu.09:50
JMFTheVCIWhen running a "Connect to Server" using SSH I get a "SSH program unexpectedly exited" message and no connection. This was working on this machine in Jaunty but is broken for me in Karmic. Google is not being my friend today and cannot find a solution. thoughts?10:33
oldude67<head desk hard...10:44
JMFTheVCISelf: cured. Was a bad line in /etc/ssh/ssh_config10:45
JMFTheVCIoldude67: wassup?10:45
oldude67hang over10:47
JMFTheVCIsomewhat off(color) topic then?10:47
oldude67is there anyway to get the blue tooth package to quit trying to update?10:47
JMFTheVCIThe BlueTooth update has a bug. To get it to install you need to edit /etc/init.d/bluetooth.  On the line that has "pkill -TERM bluetoothd" change it to "pkill -TERM bluetoothd || true"10:49
JMFTheVCIThen run the update again. It will prompt you to replace the init.d file so say yes.10:50
oldude67cant just tell it not to install i dont use blue tooth anyways.10:50
oldude67oh well ill give it a shot10:51
JMFTheVCIThere are somethings you can do to hold back updates but I am not the expert. At the moment I am applying every fix that is there.10:51
oldude67i have had those days..lmao10:52
JMFTheVCII'm still plagued by that annoying gnome simple login helper pop-up which has yet to be fixed.10:52
oldude67same here..dont fill bad.10:53
oldude67ok now how do i get out of that?10:55
JMFTheVCI? out of what?10:56
oldude67pico its been a while..lol10:56
JMFTheVCICtrl-O to save. Then Ctrl-X to exit10:57
JMFTheVCIPress enter to select the file name after Ctrl-O10:57
oldude67well lets see if it errors now...10:59
oldude67now why couldnt gdm be that easy lol10:59
oldude67JMFTheVCI, thanks that seemed to work...11:02
oldude67one fix done 2 to go...yeah...lol11:03
JMFTheVCICool. There was a bug listed. Your crash tool should have taken you to the list of possible matching bugs.11:03
oldude67since installing the new kernel some of my stuff isnt working right.11:03
JMFTheVCILet me guess Gnome is a bit hit & miss?11:04
oldude67a yeah and video is so botched.11:04
oldude67i guess intel is not a good video card right now..lol11:05
JMFTheVCI2.6.31-3 has been ok so far. 2.6.31-2 was rubbish. I still have 2.6.30-10 installed which appears very solid. I also have an Intel card. No problems. Compiz fine.11:05
oldude672.6.31-3 video jumps from side to side had to fall back to -211:06
oldude67someone said something about kdm on the intel card and that the rc4 should correct it next week so i havent messed with it.11:07
oldude67yeah and now its going to storm so ill probably lose power and everything will be fubarred again..just freakin lovely.11:10
oldude67ok if i cant use gdm how do i change the log in screen to something better???11:15
Twigathyinstall xdm >_>11:17
TwigathyAlthough I'm not sure I'd call that better. Just different :)11:17
oldude67anything has to be better then the standard kdm login11:18
oldude67ok and is it just me or is anyone else having problems with k3b and brasero not seeing there cd/dvd burners?11:22
yofel_oldude67: I didn't test mine on my notebook but there were other folks having that problem11:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
oldude67ok so then it is a known problem then?11:27
yofelnot sure, didn't really follow the topic11:28
oldude67well my burners show up in sysinfo with all the model #'s and stuff just are not seen to burn cd's or dvd's11:29
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oldude67ok reboot and see what happens yeah12:08
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oldude67gotta love irc..lol13:14
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BluesKajhi folks15:54
gnomefreakif your gnome-menu re-populated with things you removed its known and being worked on atm15:58
billybigriggerSarvatt_, ping16:54
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cemunali want to use latest kernel and latest apps. with ubuntu. is karmic daily images unstable?17:16
cemunalcan i use on my desktop17:16
cemunali want to make command line install.17:17
cemunalafter that apt-get install xorg openbox tint217:17
gnomefreakalterante installer works atleast did a day or 2 ago17:21
BluesKajcemunal, no gnome or kde default desktop ?17:22
gnomefreaki cant recall if F4 has server option or if that is on another installer17:23
cemunalno i will use only openbox17:23
cemunalisn't there like boot_only.iso or netinst.iso ?17:25
BluesKajis openbox a good desktop for older slow pc's that don't have lot of memory ?17:25
gnomefreakBluesKaj: yes17:25
* gnomefreak gone for now17:25
BluesKajcemunal, I'm thing of an 10yrold 366mhz pc with 256mb ram , which I swapped in a 40G HDD . The pc still chugs away very well and id like to install an OS and desktop that is faster and less demanding tham XP.17:29
BluesKajthan xp17:29
cemunalwhat is this?17:30
jpdscemunal: Netboot installer?17:30
cemunalok BluesKaj17:30
cemunaljpds: can i install karmic with it?17:31
jpdscemunal: Yes.17:31
Davieycemunal: you know karmic isn't stable, right?17:32
cemunalDaviey: yes but i want to try.17:33
cemunaljpds: can i install a command line system with netboot image?17:34
Davieycemunal: yes17:34
cemunalthanks again17:34
cemunalthanks all17:34
cemunalis karmic unstable than debian sid?17:47
cemunaldo you have an idea?17:48
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DanaGdamnit, PulseAudio keeps aborting.19:08
miik_hey dudes19:14
miik_i just installed the update19:14
miik_The following packages will be upgraded:19:14
miik_  apport apport-gtk bluez gnome-menus libgnome-menu2 python-apport python-gmenu python-problem-report19:14
miik_and now all my menus from "Applications" disappear :(19:15
miik_dude you broke my menus, now fix them19:18
veckHow do I find this missing key? http://pastebin.com/m3247400419:32
MrSteinubottu suggestion for changing hostname does not apply , there is no menu System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab ...19:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:35
MrSteinhey, who talked to you ? ;-)19:36
Picimiik_: Have you logged a bug?19:37
yofelveck: you can get the key from the same place you got the sources.list lines from19:37
=== boshhead_ is now known as boshhead
veckthat was helpfull19:42
veckdontknow which software soure its refering to19:43
yofelveck: easiest way to find out would be to disable your ppa sources one by one and check when the error stops19:45
veckyofel: ah good idea thnx19:45
yoasifhows it going19:55
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=== Eq|laptop is now known as EqUaTe
BUGabundoguud evenings21:26
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo21:26
charlie-tcaHow's life today?21:26
BUGabundotired very tired21:28
BUGabundoand you my good friend charlie-tca?21:29
* BUGabundo who's first name I don't recall at the moment :(21:29
charlie-tcasorry to hear that. Doing fine, myself, today21:30
* charlie-tca who's first name is Charlie21:30
BUGabundono need to be sorry21:31
BUGabundoI _like_ my work21:31
charlie-tcaThat counts a lot, these days21:31
BUGabundoI just wish it would be in another evenryment21:31
BUGabundobut that's another story21:31
BUGabundogood for a blog, not irc :)21:31
charlie-tcaI understand that.21:32
robin0800alt + F2 not working is there a bug report or a work around?21:32
charlie-tcaWhat isn't working today21:32
robin0800 charlie-tca can't get a run command21:33
BUGabundocharlie-tca: more like what *is* working today21:33
* BUGabundo running updates for the 1st time in 3 days21:33
BUGabundosince my rsync won't finish, I better at least test karmic21:34
charlie-tca3 days! Are you in for it, now.21:34
charlie-tcarobin0800: what broke in Alt+F2?21:34
robin0800charlie-tca, Can't get a run command21:35
BUGabundoNeed to get 218MB of archives. After unpacking 203MB will be used.21:36
charlie-tcaI am still on the .30-10 kernel, with no problems. I'll load up the newest one and verify it.21:36
robin0800BUGabundo, and when you've done that check alt f2 please21:37
yofelrobin0800: it's broken for me too21:37
* BUGabundo is glad he uses Gnome DO21:38
* yofel too21:38
Bmw1000csee BUGabundo my awn bug was confirmed21:40
BUGabundoBmw1000c: only you would still use awn21:41
BUGabundowhen DO is sooooo much better21:42
Bmw1000ci dont use it atm21:42
pace_t_zuluis the bluez install fail a known issue if karmic right now21:52
yofelBUGabundo: does the ubuntuone-client nightly work for you after the update to +r80 ? Here it crashes21:53
BUGabundostill upgrading21:54
BUGabundoping me in a bit and ill test it21:54
BUGabundo29% [37 linux-image-2.6.31-3-generic 15320011/28.5MB 53%] [2 chromium-browser 16700070/18.3MB 91%]       9143B/s 4h 38min 49s21:54
pace_t_zulueh... anyone having problems with gdm login to gnome?21:55
syn-ackdefine problems21:55
BUGabundoeheh no idea where aptitude is making that magic 4h number21:55
BUGabundodefine works21:55
syn-ackBUGabundo, Good point21:55
pace_t_zulusyn-ack: can't login to gnome21:57
pace_t_zulusyn-ack: login starts and the just gets knocked back to gdm21:58
syn-ackI've heard of those issues, though I've not had them myself21:58
yofelpace_t_zulu: anything useful in dmesg /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log[.old] ?21:59
BUGabundosooo now you don't even have a gnome fail safe?21:59
syn-ackI'm trying to find the bug report which mentioned that weirdness22:00
pace_t_zuluBUGabundo: gdm doesn't have a way for me to select a different session22:01
BUGabundopace_t_zulu: that sucks22:01
BUGabundoso now ppl can change between WM?22:02
pace_t_zuluperhaps i need to rebuild my vm tools... i see we've got  a new kernel image22:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 391797 in xorg "[Karmic] Crashes after login - kernel 2.6.30-10.12 (dup-of: 391808)" [Undecided,New]22:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 391808 in mesa "[i945] Xorg crash in intel_renderbuffer_set_region() on Dell XPS 1330" [High,Fix released]22:02
pace_t_zulusyn-ack: i've got 2.6.31-322:04
charlie-tcapace_t_zulu: Have to click on the user name, then you should get a session box at the bottom of the screen22:04
charlie-tcaThen enter the password without rolling the mouse over login or cancel22:04
BUGabundoI dislike the new workflow22:04
BUGabundoits such a mess compared to old gdm22:04
pace_t_zulucharlie-tca: i will look at that when i rebuild the vm tools22:04
charlie-tcaI really dislike having to choose xfce-session every login22:05
syn-ackBUGabundo, I'm kinda hoping the old GDM gets replaced by final22:05
BUGabundocharlie-tca: where do you choose?22:05
syn-ackI mean, its been skipped 3 cycles already but yeah, its a piece of... err yeah22:05
BUGabundoI don't see a place for kde or failsafe22:05
pace_t_zuluyeah i'm not a fan of the current gdm... much prefer jaunty's22:05
pace_t_zulucharlie-tca: don't see a session box at the bottom of the screen22:06
charlie-tcaYou don't get failsafe anymore with the new gdm, do you? I don't even get a "fix xorg" type thing on the recovery menu anymore.22:06
syn-ackpace_t_zulu, unfortunately its all the upstream on this one22:06
charlie-tcaYou have to click the user name first22:06
charlie-tcaShould be next to the wheelchair guy22:07
pace_t_zulucharlie-tca: i can select the language and keyboard layout22:07
charlie-tcahmmm, don't know then.22:07
* charlie-tca really don't like this new gdm thing at all...22:08
BUGabundolets open another #2 bug22:10
BUGabundolike the one for UM22:10
BUGabundothat came out right22:10
pace_t_zuluyeah... so rebuilding the vmware tools didn't fix it22:10
BUGabundowe even lost bruce89 'cause of that :(22:10
pace_t_zulugood news is that my native install doesn't have this problem22:11
Q-FUNKI really don't understand the point or redoing the UI on this gdm.  rewrite the underlying infrastrcture to use the gnome shell?  ok, why not. but why redo the UI?22:12
BUGabundoNeed to get 167MB/218MB of archives. After unpacking 203MB will be used.22:13
BUGabundoseems I need to try again....22:13
BUGabundois it just me or are PPAs slow?22:13
Q-FUNKthis variant on the old xdm paradigm really is horrible.22:13
BUGabundohaving a python app called sudi sucks!!!22:15
BUGabundoI keep using that instead sudo lol22:15
BUGabundo       3.21M 100%   17.81MB/s    0:00:00 (xfer#227988, to-check=1105/236110)22:16
BUGabundothis is going to take me a *while* :(22:16
charlie-tcarobin0800: that seems like a pretty mean bug with Alt+F2.22:20
yofelcharlie-tca: yup, it's really annoying, let's praise gnome-do :P22:22
charlie-tcaHas it been filed yet?22:22
BUGabundocharlie-tca: worse then GKSU feeding ***** instead the password ? LOL22:24
DreadKnighthello, latest updates broke my install22:25
charlie-tcayeah, when you use Alt+F2, type in 'gksu thunar' , and enter the password, it just closes22:25
yofelDreadKnight: in what way?22:25
charlie-tcaIt don't really do anything that I am seeing22:25
DreadKnighti wasn't getting X... i managed to get x using "nomodeset"22:25
yofelcharlie-tca: yeah noticed that as well with apport, typ pw and it just vanishes22:26
charlie-tcayup, no error, no nothing, right?22:26
yofelnope, no error22:27
pace_t_zului think it's vmware-tools22:27
charlie-tcapace_t_zulu: ???22:28
syn-ackthats why I run my dev system on bare iron22:28
charlie-tcaI don't use vmware22:28
pace_t_zului've got a native install too... it's just fine22:28
yofelhm, can't find any bug regarding the alt+f2 issue22:29
syn-ackI cant pull the Applications Menu on the Panel up22:29
* syn-ack investigates22:29
yofelsyn-ack: update, was fixed a while ago22:30
DreadKnightyofel, any idea regarding what i said? :D22:30
syn-ackI was going to. cant pull up the menu to access gnome term22:30
robin0800syn-ack, A reboot fixed mine22:30
syn-ackalt-F2 it is22:31
pace_t_zuluhmm... it seems pretty stuffed22:31
yofelDreadKnight: nope, I'm no X expert22:31
syn-ackrobin0800, Thanks, just updated and forgot to reboot. heh22:31
billybigriggeranyone else loose System>Preferences & Administration?22:31
DreadKnightyofel, buuhuu T_T22:31
yofelbillybigrigger: err no?22:33
billybigriggeri did22:33
pace_t_zulucan't get gdm anymore... so i purged gdm and installed it again22:33
BUGabundohumm syn-ack went way, I filled that bug about not being able to move applets22:34
syn-ackyep, reboot fixed it. gah, I'm slow22:35
yofelBUGabundo: bug number? I didn't get that yesterday, but today I can't move them as wel22:36
charlie-tcayofel, robin0800: is someone filing the alt + f2 bug? run gksu ??? in a terminal creates a lot of errors.22:43
yofelhuh? now gksu works fine... wth22:44
hggdhyes, so it seems22:45
hggdhno, it does not, not from a terminal22:45
hggdhgksu barfed with memory corruption. Is this the issue, charlie-tca?22:46
charlie-tcaDid not accept the password, either22:47
hggdhhum. Lemme check that22:47
charlie-tcaput the password in once, got a message that it failed with 3 incorrect attempts22:48
hggdhI ran with a bad password, and got what seems the same issue I got before -- malloc() memory consolidation error22:49
hggdhnow, with a correct password, it ran fine22:50
hggdhthis is weird22:50
charlie-tcaSo, this is gonna be one of those bugs, huh?22:50
charlie-tcaGuess I will until tomorrow to see what really happens, then.22:51
hggdhguess so...22:52
DanaGAAAUGH, I hate that stupid taskbar-scroll mis-feature!22:54
pace_t_zuluthe gdm problem was a driver issue...22:59
BUGabundo     733.83M 100%   14.13MB/s    0:00:49 (xfer#244692, to-check=20/253347)23:06
BUGabundoalmost there23:06
yofelBUGabundo: applet movement bug number? I didn't get that yesterday, but today I can't move them as well23:08
BUGabundo(10:38:41 PM) freenode: yofel: its on my mail23:08
BUGabundo(10:38:53 PM) freenode: which I can't open due to being running rsync :(23:08
BUGabundo(10:38:59 PM) freenode: sooo no mail for 2 days23:08
yofeloh, ok ;)23:08
filosoficArrrgggghhhhh.... keep getting a "Firefox-3.5 is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox-3.5 process, or restart your system." error while running 9.10.  Fixed it before by using synaptic to reinstall, or deleting a file called parent.lock? or making sure the permission were all ok... but even after all that... error keeps coming.  Is this a 9.10 issue or a FF3.5 one?23:13
BUGabundofilosofic: open a terminal and kill the firefox still running23:14
BUGabundofilosofic: $# pkill firefox23:14
BUGabundosome ppl like to do the overkill way LOLOL to use synaptic for that23:15
Q-FUNKthat reminds me:  isn't the firefox metapackage supposed to start pulling firefox-3.5 in karmic?23:15
filosoficsudo pkill firefox23:17
filosoficdidn't work23:17
robin0800BUGabundo, When I tried it yesterday got 3.5 beta!23:17
BUGabundofilosofic: LOLOLOL why sudo ?23:17
BUGabundothis guy would be able to write a book23:17
BUGabundofilosofic: ps auxw | grep firefox23:18
BUGabundoand put it onto a pastebin23:18
filosoficahhh i sudo everything in ubuntu...23:18
BUGabundopaste > filosofic23:18
filosoficbut pkill firefox w/o sudo didn't work either23:18
BUGabundorobin0800: I use daily ppa and FF3.623:18
BUGabundofilosofic: that's so wrong in soooo many levers23:18
BUGabundoNEVER use sudo IF you don't need to change a system setting23:19
robin0800BUGabundo, I downloaded 3.5 from the web23:19
BUGabundorobin0800: WHY?23:20
BUGabundoI'll start ignoring ppl who get packages from other sources other then archive or PPAs/repos :)23:20
filosofichmm.... ps auxw | grep firefox yielded nothing23:21
hggdheven ppas, BUGabundo23:21
BUGabundothen its not running23:21
BUGabundofilosofic: try on a cli: $ firefox-3.523:22
BUGabundohggdh: sure. NOT all PPAs are supported !23:22
BUGabundonot "all", MOST23:22
filosoficbut i keep getting the error.... 3.1 runs... maybe i'll switch to opera10... no what am i thinking...23:22
BUGabundofilosofic: there is not FF3.123:22
filosoficcli for firefox-3.523:22
filosofic does the same23:22
BUGabundothere used to be.... many months ago23:23
BUGabundounless you haven't updated since23:23
BUGabundofilosofic:  pastebin the following: $ apt-cache policy firefox-3.523:23
BUGabundosent 121.26G bytes  received 4.66M bytes  17.64M bytes/sec23:25
BUGabundototal size is 121.23G  speedup is 1.0023:25
filosoficpastebin at: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1ca524e023:27
filosoficbut nothing unusual that i can see....23:28
GuidoVbHi, i'm testing karmic koala, i have an issue using 1440x900 screen resolution... can anybody help me?23:34
hggdhGuidoVb: ask/tell your question/problem, if someone here can help, they will ;-)23:36
BUGabundoGuidoVb: what GPU?23:37
GuidoVbthanks, i have an i945 chipset in my notebook, while using jaunty there was no problem, but when i upgraded to karmic it started flickering when i open new applications or scroll the scree23:37
GuidoVblspci -v: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)23:38
GuidoVbNow i'm using 1360x768 (it's horrible but no flickering :)23:39
GuidoVbi was trying to search in launchpad for a similar reported bug, but i couldn't find anyone23:40
BUGabundoGuidoVb: so file one23:41
BUGabundoand try the x-sqaters PPAs23:41
BUGabundofor the new intel driver and new mesa23:41
BUGabundoGuidoVb: $ ubuntu-bug video23:42
GuidoVbthanks, will try new drivers and file a new bug23:43
BUGabundo/dev/sdb1             1.4T  129G  1.2T  10% /media/disk23:43
BUGabundoGuidoVb: actually it should be the other way around :))23:44
GuidoVbsorry, can't find x-sqaters PPAs, are you sure about his username?23:45
GuidoVbone newbie question, how can i check which video driver is loaded?23:46
BUGabundoGuidoVb: I typed it bad23:51
GuidoVbdone Bugabundo, i submitted the new bug23:55
GuidoVbwhat's the correct id for "x-sqaters"?23:56
BUGabundoyofel: you know this by heart?23:58
BUGabundoI only recall x-edgers23:58
BUGabundobut GuidoVb doesn't want that23:58
BUGabundoSarvatt: do you remember the PPA team?23:58
GuidoVbyeah! thanks!23:59
Sarvatthavent read any of the chat log but guessing you mean xorg-edgers23:59
BUGabundoSarvatt: err not THAT one23:59

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