kwwiigood morning09:21
kwwiimac_v: the flickr avatar is myself at age 7 or so09:21
kwwiithe flickr group is really amazing...some very nice photos there09:59
MadsRHkwwii -> +1 I really love the softness and color in this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/40413350@N04/3717062240/sizes/l/in/pool-556923@N24/10:07
* SiDi loves http://www.flickr.com/photos/forteller/54518831/in/pool-ubuntu-artwork http://www.flickr.com/photos/28613801@N02/3716269755/in/pool-ubuntu-artwork and http://www.flickr.com/photos/hisgett/3266986973/in/pool-ubuntu-artwork10:26
kwwiihehehe, everyone has their favorites ;)10:31
kwwiijair0: !!!10:45
jair0kwwii, hey man !10:47
mat_thi everyone10:47
JonDoe297mat_t: hello :)10:48
mat_tshort announcement - we need more ideas for the boot splash! Please keep them coming! :)10:48
mat_tJonDoe297, hi10:48
JonDoe297Mr.doob's boot seems perfect for me :)10:49
mat_tyes it's good, but we want to try some different concepts, too10:50
SiDihiya mat_t10:50
mat_tand - most importantly - we don't necessarily need a progress bar anymore10:50
mat_they SiDi10:50
SiDiI liked the idea of a sunrise10:51
mac_vmat_t: have you seen MadsRH ubuntu promo? looks great10:51
mac_vsomething like that might be tough to implement for boot?10:51
mat_tSiDi: yes, I like the sunrise metaphor - as long as it's subtle and abstract10:52
mat_tmac_v: not sure10:53
mat_tmac_v: got a link?10:53
mac_vmat_t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdxE55K-Wvw&feature=related10:54
mat_tah yes, I saw that10:54
mat_tI think it's great!10:54
mac_vMadsRH: any chances of seen something like that for boot?10:55
mat_tMadsRH: hi10:56
mat_tmac_v: MadsRH: that would fit perfectly with our motto: "light Ubuntu inside your machine"10:58
mac_vmy thoughts too11:01
mat_twhen designing that it's worth remembering that it's something users will see many many times - hence abstracting is better than being too literal11:03
mat_tby the way, does anyone run Karmic already?11:04
mat_tI do on my other laptop and the boot is pretty fast already...11:05
mat_tsplash screen appears for literally few seconds11:05
mat_tthorwil: hi11:07
mat_tthorwil: fancy having a go as well?11:07
kwwiithorwil: btw, we're goign to discuss the countdown banner today, I'll be in touch11:09
* mat_t feels like he did enough preaching for today... He will shut up now, unless someone speaks first11:09
mac_vmat_t: since the splash screen appears for just a few sec, i think the fire would be a nice touch11:10
SiDiWhat about a running mouse so we can steal the animation without effort for Xubuntu ? ( knome <-) !!11:11
mac_vSiDi: you could just add a mouse in front of the fire ;p11:14
thorwilmat_t: hi. no, too busy otherwise11:15
mat_tthorwil: fair enough :)11:18
mat_tmac_v: yes I'd like to try fire, too! We also have to consider a corner case when the boot takes very long for some reason11:19
SiDimat_t: make the pc physically burn ?11:19
thorwilSiDi: that would be silly. but a rotating head, decaying to a skull could work!!11:20
mat_tSiDi: yeah, why not. That would be something else. :)11:20
mat_tSo I think the fire idea is interesting, but I think needs abstracting - let's not get too close to ubuntu satanic and likes :)11:22
SiDithorwil: for satanic edition ? :D11:22
mac_vmat_t: just seems MadsRH is not interested in doing it ;p11:24
mac_va bit less width of the fire would be nice11:25
mat_tmac_v: yes, I'm also thinking of somehow containing the fire. Like in a hole you can see it through11:29
knome...a hole?11:35
mac_vknome: ^ naughty11:39
knomeoh really? :)11:40
MadsRHmac_v -> Sorry, I was just away :-) No, I didn't plan to create a version for the boot experience, but perhaps I should look into it11:40
mac_vMadsRH: now i was just kidding.... but i had asked about it in the mailing list...i just thought you felt it was difficult11:41
MadsRHI'll post any progress to the wiki of course - but I'm not sure I will find the time.11:42
* mac_v looking forward to seeing awesome boot \o/11:42
MadsRHLike I wrote in the post this is based on a template, so basiclly this isn't my work ;-) No credit to me. I'm just learning After Effects and it's simply awesome11:45
michotemac_v: thoughts? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-uncertain.png http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-worried.png11:46
mac_vthe uncertain looks good, but reduce the shine on the "?"11:47
mac_vits almost white at the top11:48
mac_vmichote: ^11:48
mac_vmichote: maybe no shine would look good too11:49
michotemac_v: ok11:49
thorwilmichote: consider to deform the right eye to make it all look more organic11:50
michotemac_v: I wanted it to look like tired11:50
mac_vmichote: the tired is a bag,object which has shape, but "?" doesnt need to be , if you do the 3D "?"then it would need shine11:52
mac_vbut just without shine is better. , also try thorwil's suggestion11:53
mac_vmichote: worried could have some red, indicating > flushed11:53
michotethorwil: do you maen just reduce height, or a different eye-style?11:56
thorwilmichote: well, a resemblance to what happens with a real eye if one tried to make such a mimic11:57
michotemac_v: thorwil: better? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-uncertain2.png http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-worried2.png12:22
mac_vmichote: red, i meant a hint of red throughout the face... of red is no good , try darkening the face12:36
mac_vmichote: and for the uncertain eye , i dont think that is what thorwil meant, the "?" looks good12:37
chaoticnjpatel: hey, Ivanka wanted me to get in contact - said you were missing some stuff for UNR :)14:02
zniavrehello / bonjour19:02
ryanpriorbonjour zniavre19:02
zniavredo you know this project of thumbnailer it looks really nice > http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/6297/capture1g.png19:02
SiDiryanprior: you're frnech too ? :O19:08
ryanpriorSiDi: I'm living in Qu├ębec and learning French19:09
SiDiokies :)19:11
FLOZzHi _o/20:06
michotemac_v: Are you there? Is this red enough? more? less? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/rect6282.png20:19
mac_vmichote:a bit too much20:20
mac_vits now more like orange20:20
mac_vmichote: you could have used the same blush but extended the extent20:21
michote mac_v: ok. I also don't have any good Idea for the right eye of uncertain20:24
mac_vmichote: then leave the eyes same size20:24
michotemac_v: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/worried.png or extend more?20:33
mac_vmichote: looks good , i remember the 24px didnt have the correct  pixel alignment of the eyebrows, didnt you start this from the surprise? but the surprise seems to be aligned better or is it my eyes?20:35
michotemac_v: I copied them from surprise, maybe I displaced thme in 24px. I'll take a look ;)20:38
michotemac_v: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-uncertain.png http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-worried.png Do you think they're ok now?20:46
mac_vuncertain looks good20:49
mac_vmichote: worried, could you try extending the blush even more to the top? lets see how that looks?20:50
mac_vmichote: especially for the smaller sizes... we could see how that works20:51
michotemac_v: better? http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1429945/face-worried.png20:52
mac_vmichote: yup.a little better... submit it , we'll see what cory says20:55
michotemac_v: ok20:56
=== FLOZz` is now known as FLOZz
mrdoobhello hello o/23:04

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