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LimCore4 out of 6 computers (among 4 users, all are advanced users overall - developers etc),  Skype on Ubuntu doesn't work in terms of audio I/O (for what ever reason). Good material for a meta bug that Ubuntu is not able yet to provide fully working audio system as needed for example by Skype?00:36
LimCorevarious bugs: sound stops working sometimes ;  sound is delayed 5-10 seconds ; no sound input ; etc00:36
LimCoreperhaps it would be good to call a group that would overall fix whatever underlying bugs to be able to provide usable skype supporting platforfm for end users?00:38
BUGabundoLimCore: wrong channel00:38
BUGabundo LimCore #ubuntu-bugs is for bug triagging not reporting bugs00:38
BUGabundotry #ubuntu or #ubuntu-audio-help00:39
BUGabundoLimCore: also as a side note: try https://imo.im it works great for me, to use skype00:39
* BUGabundo Ta na hora da Caminha, bamos la deitar.... \n bed time. cu tomorrow01:43
bcurtiswxi tell ya, the two hour difference i have from VA, USA is really bad for the rest of you :P01:54
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tanathcan anyone help me narrow down my graphics issue?05:44
tanathi have graphical glitches that make it difficult to see anything05:45
tanathcame from a somewhat recent update. is a regression05:45
micahgtanath: try @ubuntu-x05:46
tanathmicahg, yet another channel?05:46
micahgtanath: this is the channel for triage of existing bugs05:47
tanathwhat's ubuntu-x?05:47
tanathok, thanks05:47
micahgX is the environment that controls display05:47
tanathah, right. i'm not sure it's an X bug though..05:47
tanathcould be drivers or something05:47
micahgright, but those people would be the experts on graphics05:48
tanathtrue. thanks05:48
micahggood luck05:48
tanathhm, i can't copy & paste with select & middle-click05:50
micahg#ubuntu is normal support :)05:51
micahgyou just need to highlight05:51
micahgand then click the middle button to paste05:51
tanathi know how it works. right now it doesn't :P05:52
tanathi just upgraded to karmic, and now it's borked05:52
micahg#ubuntu+1 is karmic support05:52
tanathalready there ;)05:52
micahgI see05:52
tanathi'm trying to see exactly what this channel is for, but it's difficult to read05:52
tanathit's apparently not a support channel...05:53
micahgThis channel is for already submitted bugs, or poeple about to submit but not sure what pacakge05:53
micahgit's for making sure they are either moved upstream, marked wishlist or otherwise ready to be worked on05:53
tanathmm. thanks. i'm off05:54
micahgshould needs-packaging bugs be marked triage?06:54
nellerymicahg: I don't think you need to touch them. there's an automated message which sets everything07:04
micahgnellery: what automated message?07:04
micahgI'm saying a bug I submitted07:04
nellerymicahg: for example the message in Bug #36735607:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 367356 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] please package python-mozrunner" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36735607:06
nellerynot sure if it changes status since that was already set to in progress.07:07
nellerybut either way there's no real need to touch them07:07
micahgah, I see07:09
micahgseemingly they should be set to triaged as well based on other policies, but I'll talk to bdmurray in the morning07:12
thekorngood morning07:16
dholbachgood morning07:23
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markbI have found a [needs-packing] that cant be included because of copyright issues, should i mark it as invalid or get somone to mark it as wont fix?10:07
dholbachmarkb: I'd leave it open and ask for somebody to get in touch with the upstream developers - maybe it can be resolved easily?10:19
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markbdholbach: The owner of the program has taken down his application due to copyright infringement, where would i need to send that too?10:53
dholbachoh, that probably sounds like the bug should be really set to invalid10:59
markbso if there is a copyright issue (eg. the program is not open source) then should i mark it as invalid?11:02
dholbachyes, that makes sense11:03
markbthanks, i wanted to make sure as i couldnt seem to find any docs on it11:04
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MagicFabhi all17:14
MagicFabI am trying to find how one can get permission to set bugs importance / status. It's been long since I got that, now I only find vague information about Bug Squad.17:14
MagicFabIs it enough to only join the Bug Squad team ? It used to be a requirement to write some bug reports, have them approved, etc.17:15
MagicFabdholbach, ^17:15
dholbachyou need to be in ubuntu-bugcontrol17:15
dholbachthere's a wiki page explaining what needs to be done17:16
dholbachbdmurray and probably pedro_ can help with that17:16
MagicFabtx - everything points to bugsquad when I following links about bug triaging etc. Bug squad is an open team so what's the difference ?17:17
MagicFabpedro_, ^17:17
MagicFabAh, I see now: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl17:18
bdmurrayMagicFab: yep, that's it17:18
pedro_MagicFab: as dholbach said you need to be part of the bug control team https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl17:19
pedro_exactly that17:19
pedro_MagicFab: btw which documentation did you followed? the Importances/Status docs that are pointed on the HowToTriage guide says that you need to become a member of that team in order to change those17:21
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Laibschif I have a bug in a terminal/bash related to the PS1 environment variable which is the most likely package that bug is hiding?21:16
Laibsch-> bug 37866821:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 378668 in xfce4-terminal "Cursor in terminal behaves badly with special characters present" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37866821:16
charlie-tcaWhy is the xfce4-terminal package wrong?21:20
charlie-tcaJust forward the bug upstream to http://bugzilla.xfce.org/query.cgi.21:21
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BUGabundoguud evenings21:26
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elena09Do you happen to know if the bug related to excessive heat versus excessive parking of the hard disk in laptops has been solved in Ubuntu 9.04 or newer?22:27
BUGabundohey elena0922:30
elena09Do you happen to know if the bug related to excessive heat versus excessive parking of the hard disk in laptops has been solved in Ubuntu 9.04 or newer?22:30
elena09nop was for my question BugaBundo?22:39

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