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evanrmurphyandrew_sayers: I'm considering that "FlowQ" might be marginally better than "Flowq" (somehow easier for me to process, more reminiscent of "FAQ"). Thoughts?22:00
andrew_sayersThere's already a program called FlowQ though.22:01
andrew_sayersIt's in a pretty tangential area, which is why I figured it was okay so long as it's not completely identical.22:02
evanrmurphyAh. :)22:03
andrew_sayersAnyway, I'm done for the day.  Until tomorrow.22:09
evanrmurphyandrew_sayers: I like the upper limit of 7 (and its justification) on branch node answers, but when it comes to the longest route to action nodes, 7 strikes me as high. I think most users would be find it irritating to click through 7 questions before finding a semi-definitive answer to their real question.22:23
evanrmurphyI'm not sure I have a better upper limit to define, but my point is that it may be more important to keep a Flowq route a good deal shorter than 7, whereas a multiple-choice list of 7 isn't too bad.22:25
evanrmurphyThe other problem with long routes is that each node a user passes through, the more likely s/he is to not perceive the answer to his/her question as one of the listed ones and instead choose "None of the above" to ask directly in the forum.22:28
evanrmurphyThis detail aside, I'm impressed so far with what you have at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Flowq, and I just subscribed.22:28
evanrmurphyandrew_sayers: Can you send me a link to the other project "FlowQ"?22:40

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