manjoDinh, logging off and off the hospital ... see you tomorrow00:00
Dinhok..have a good one00:01
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ikepanhchi cjwatson09:18
cjwatsonikepanhc: can I help you?10:13
ikepanhcHi cjwatson10:13
ikepanhcPlease give me a minute10:14
ikepanhcI am working on bug 36096610:14
ubot3Malone bug 360966 in linux "bnx2x missing in initrd for install media" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36096610:14
ikepanhcAnd have some question about the installer10:14
ikepanhcI checked for the udeb, we dont have that module10:15
ikepanhcI think we could have the module after add to debian/d-i/modules/nic-module10:16
ikepanhcis that ok?10:16
cjwatsonikepanhc: yes, that's what Leann said and she's correct10:16
cjwatsond-i does not rely on update-initramfs10:16
cjwatsonso looking at that is a red herring10:17
ikepanhcYes, I have tested it10:17
ikepanhcbut since jaunty has been release, shall we modify as Jaunty SRU?10:17
ikepanhcI ask because we have the cdimage already10:18
cjwatsonwell, you're correct that we won't be issuing updated CD images10:18
cjwatsonhowever, this bug does not affect CD images, only netboot installation10:18
cjwatsonand we do update the initrds for those from time to time10:19
ikepanhcso, it is necessary for a Jaunty SRC, since the netboot image will rebuild10:19
ikepanhcand the final one, we still need to check the module dependence.10:21
ikepanhcI notice that bnx2x depends on libcrc3210:21
ikepanhcIs that correct?10:21
cjwatsonikepanhc: I have no idea, that's your department10:28
cjwatsonkernel-wedge will refuse to build if things aren't right there ...10:28
ikepanhccjwatson: thanks. I think the dependence shall be cared10:29
ikepanhccjwatson: another question, how do we test for it if we have made the udeb?10:29
ikepanhccjwatson_: another question, how do we test for it if we have made the udeb?10:36
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cjwatson10:29 <ikepanhc> cjwatson: another question, how do we test for it if we have made the udeb?10:39
cjwatson10:29 <cjwatson> if libcrc32 is already in some other udeb, it may be necessary to arrange for there to be some common udeb that contains it that both nic-modules and the other one depend on10:39
cjwatson10:30 <cjwatson> test for what?10:39
cjwatson10:30 <cjwatson> you mean libcrc32c, BTW10:39
cjwatson10:30 <cjwatson> which is apparently already in crypto-modules10:39
cjwatsonso this is actually slightly complicated10:41
ikepanhccjwatson: I download the netboot.tar.gz. there is only a initrd.gz inside10:41
cjwatsonikepanhc: testing: check whether bnx2x shows up in 'dpkg -c nic-modules...udeb' :-)10:41
cjwatsonwhat did you expect to be in netboot.tar.gz? :-)10:42
ikepanhcah? I have some misunderstanding?10:42
cjwatsonwell, I guess you must do, what did you expect it to contain?10:43
ikepanhcI saw kernel image and initrd in netboot.tar.gz10:43
cjwatsonnetboot.tar.gz actually contains initrd.gz, a kernel image, and a bunch of pxelinux setup stuff10:43
cjwatsonits purpose is that it's a convenient thing you can untar onto a pxe server and boot from10:44
cjwatsonbut that isn't really particularly relevant to this bug10:44
cjwatsonthe simplest approach to cope with libcrc32c being in multiple udebs would be to edit debian/d-i/package-list to make nic-modules depend on crypto-modules10:45
ikepanhcThis is what I am thinking, seems a wrong thought, we will download .deb after booting the kernel in netboot.tar.gz?10:46
cjwatsonit's not particularly elegant, but it would do the job10:46
cjwatsonikepanhc: um, no ...10:46
cjwatsonok, this is a brief sketch of how d-i works10:47
cjwatsonthe initrd is built up (when building the debian-installer source package) from a bunch of udebs10:47
cjwatsonincluding, relevantly, the udebs that are spat out as part of the kernel build process10:47
cjwatsonnow, not all the udebs go into the initrd - only those that are needed to boot the installer10:47
cjwatsonthe installer knows how to fetch more bits of itself at run-time, using a similar sort of approach to apt and dpkg, although it doesn't actually use apt or dpkg directly10:48
cjwatsonthis is what's happening when you see it "Downloading installer components"10:48
* ikepanhc reading10:49
cjwatsonlater on, after partitioning, the installer constructs the real installed system on disk, and at *that* point it downloads .debs10:49
cjwatsonbut that's well after stuff like network configuration, for which it needs the appropriate modules to be available in udeb form10:49
cjwatsonif you want a full paper on the subject, which talks about a lot of stuff beyond what you actually need here, see http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/talks/debconf6/paper/10:49
ikepanhccjwatson: thanks very much, reading it.10:51
ikepanhccjwatson: and bnx2x need to work with its firmware, so, we also need to copy the firmware image?10:52
cjwatsonsame way as it's done for bnx210:54
ikepanhcThanks, go to read the flow of installer :)10:55
cjwatsonis it OK to remove the old linux-backports-modules-2.6.30 source package from karmic now?12:02
cjwatsonwe have 2.6.31 ...12:02
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cjwatsonrtg_: oh, good morning. Is it OK to remove the old linux-backports-modules-2.6.30 source package from karmic now? We have 2.6.31 ...13:01
rtg_cjwatson, definitely13:02
apwsmb, does your aspire wireless work ok on boot on karmic kernels ?13:49
smbapw, yes13:50
smbapw, The guy you see on skype right now uses it13:51
smbapw, I assume you look at a bug. Which driver is being used?13:51
apwbug #39556513:52
ubot3Malone bug 395565 in linux "atheros wifi not working with kernel 2.6.31-1" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39556513:52
apwit atheros13:52
smbapw, I use ath5k and believe there have been ath_pci before.13:53
apwit seems like the key and the wireless enable itself are two rfkill things not one13:54
apwtail /sys/class/rfkill/*/state13:54
apwwhat does that say on yours13:54
apwsame here13:56
apwwhich means UNBLOCKED13:56
apwthose guys have two separate controls13:56
smbI am not sure the real rfkill is detectable for the OS there13:56
smbI usually get the effect of just timing out when I toggle the rfkill. It is all done in the hw itself13:57
apwhrm ... its all a big complex 13:57
apwnetwork manager has lost the ability to know if rfkill is enabled13:57
apwas the /sys files changes name with the new rfkill framework13:58
apwhit the botton and do that tail and see if it goes to 0 or 213:58
smbI just did and it stays at 1 as I expected13:58
apwthanks for testing13:59
smbapw, I believe nm cannot do much there. To it it must look just as a loss of connection. And indeed it starts trying to connect and fails, wants the passphrase again... bla. After toggling again all is ok14:00
apwsmb, yeah you are simply different from these guys ... 14:01
smbapw, Well if I look at it, those are all sorts of Acer. And we know there is acer-wmi doing soft-rfkill as well.14:02
smbOnly the Aspire One is excluded as it does not behave anyways14:03
apwyeah via pcix hotplug, gah14:03
loolHey folks14:05
loolis there a list of recommended/required kernel options for an Ubuntu userspace?14:05
loole.g. udev needs inotify to work14:05
apwnot that i know of no, when building kernels like mainline i use the ubuntu config as a seed14:06
rtg_lool, 2.6.31-3 has some inotify regression patches14:06
loolrtg_: What I'm asking is whether there's a place which documents which options MUST be turned on or SHOULD be turned on for an Ubuntu base install to boot and work decently?14:08
loolapw: Okay, thanks14:08
rtg_lool, oh, now that I couldn't tell you off the top of my head14:08
loolIt's ok; it would have been handy but I'll just fix stuff as I hear it's borkne14:08
rtg_lool, is borkne French for broken?14:09
loolrtg_: I usually typo brokne to make it clear that's it's borken14:13
rtg_lool, I can't help but admire your technique :)14:14
rtg_smb, you gonna create a Jaunty topic branch for the Freescale patch set?15:11
smbrtg_, Yes15:11
smbrtg_, Though not only limited to the freescale set15:12
rtg_smb, an ARM specific topic branch then15:12
smbrtg_, Right.15:12
smbrtg_, Is there a specific reason you ask?15:13
rtg_smb, just griding through the k-t list emails.15:13
rtg_grinding, evenm15:13
smbAh, ok. I got a preview of it up at my jaunty git tree (branch arm)15:14
rtg_smb, is it creating a new package name?15:15
smbrtg_, No, not so far as I was told it would not get published by uploading it to the usual buildds15:15
rtg_smb, its for OEM builds only?15:16
smbrtg_, Something likely. The agreement was something like we currently do for the mainline builds would be sufficient. Not that I still feel completely confident this is the final decision15:18
smbrtg_, Should we get different requirements the branch can be changed to name the package differently15:19
rtg_smb, I think it should have a different package name from the beginning, just to ensure there is never any confusion15:21
smbrtg_, Well, there is the same confusion potential with the netbook branch15:23
rtg_smb, wherein we have a somewhat formal agreement with the OEM team that the LPIA branch will always be compiled on their buildds and stored on their archive. We have no such arrangement with the mobile team.15:24
smbrtg_, Shouldn't we then rather come to an arrangement with the mobile team before going into changing the package name?15:25
smbrtg_, It actually would make me feel better when we knew that they know how the usecase will be, to be honest15:26
rtg_smb, given that they don't have their own archive or buildd infrastructure, I'd just as soon distinguish packages by adding 'ARM' or something to the package name. 15:27
smbrtg_, The release adds an arm similar to what the netbook branch does15:28
rtg_smb, thats hard for me to know since their is no topic branch in the main repo for me to look at.15:28
smbWhen I spoke with ogra yesterday, his take was that they just need a known place where they will put resulting debs to integrate into images15:28
smbrtg_, That can be solved: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=smb/ubuntu-jaunty.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/arm :)15:29
apwrtg_, also we use a different series name, so if it was uploaded to the main archive it would break (netbook tree)15:37
apwKeybuk, when we were talking about module probes in initramfs, did we conclude they were effectivly sequential and blocking15:38
Keybukapw: not sure what you mean?15:39
smbapw, Hm, the series name is not changed, yet. But it sounds like a good safety switch15:40
apwwhen we were talkig about loading firmware in initramfs, the issue there was that the hung the modprobe15:40
apwin the initramfs script which was loading the driver in question and it was hung cause no udev15:40
Keybukoh, right15:40
Keybukyeah udev waits to settle in the initramfs15:41
apwright so if we load something in initramfs and its slow we block boot by the slowest oneb15:41
apwso i think that may be what is making all these floppy missing boots slow15:41
apwsince you added the mod alias, fd is loading in the initramfs  and handing for 1 min15:42
apwand holding boot thereby15:42
apwi am suspecting if we just stop it getting onto the initramfs life might be ok15:42
Keybukthat makes sense15:43
apwthanks ... will have a look at that15:45
apwKeybuk, we don't support root on floppy do we?15:48
Keybukcan't see how that work work <g>15:49
Keybukiz a wafer thin root filesystem15:49
apwjust one sir?15:51
Keybuk"Please insert Ubuntu disk 519,214"15:51
apwKeybuk, any idea what decides that floppy would be in the initramfs15:52
Keybukit's probably hardcoded15:52
rtg_apw, isn't there a module list somewhere15:52
Keybukthough it's not in the initramfs15:53
apwyeah but i don't see floppy on it yet it is in  my initramfs15:53
KeybukI think we add everything from block15:54
apwKeybuk, yep thats the one ... thanks15:54
manjoamitk, apw we found that the clock sourece bits are not set right for mx5116:02
manjoamitk, making some progress now 16:02
apwthat 'wait' should be made more like16:02
apwfor (x=0; foo != jiffies; x++)16:03
apw if (x == 100000)16:03
apw    printk "STILL WAITING!!!!"16:03
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amitkmanjo: in clock.c?16:05
amitkI wonder how that changed from the original code16:05
amitkunless some parent clock changed16:05
manjoso you need to set certain bits in the MX51 cpu if you need to get the clock working right16:06
manjothe code is setting for mx3 and not for mx5116:06
manjonow were are figuring out the bits that need to be set 16:06
manjoso there is some missing code for mx5116:06
amitkmanjo: are you looking for cpu_clk? or one of the pll clocks?16:06
manjothe bits that need to be set ... for the cpu_clk (GPT)16:07
manjopll is turned on for sure16:07
amitkmanjo, line 1426 in arch/arch/mach-mx51/clock.c ?16:10
manjoarch/arm/plat-mxc/time.c ?16:11
manjoignore that ? 16:11
manjoyou will see code for 1 2 3 16:12
manjoand not for 5116:12
amitkmanjo: arch/arm/plat-mxc/time.c is definitely incorrect. I am not sure why bjf added the #ifdef CANONICAL in timer_init there.16:15
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amitkbjf: morning. Can you comment on 785269a99fae2e6ffab65efaaaab2b6475867d6e16:16
bjfamitk, just a sec ...16:16
amitkmanjo: bjf: Got to step out for a bit. Be back in 30-40 mins.16:19
pgranerapw: I seem to have found a regression between Intrepid and Jaunty16:19
pgranersmb: ^^^^^^^^^16:19
apwonly one?16:19
amitkbjf: I don't see mxc_timer_init() #ifdef'ed CANONICAL in jaunty FWIW.16:19
pgranerapw: I can't get past this one to get to anything else :-)16:20
apwwhat you find16:20
* smb slaps apw16:20
bjfamitk, the function signatures changed16:20
pgranerapw: Dell Inspiron 2650 hangs on boot16:20
smbBut yeah, there seem to be a few16:20
pgranerapw: if I drop back to the Intrepid kernel it boots fine16:20
smbpgraner, How far do you get?16:20
pgranerapw: booting in rescue mode http://people.ubuntu.com/~pgraner/IMG00160-20090715-1115.jpg16:21
pgranerapw: it will sit there forever16:21
apwgot a dmesg from a working boot?16:21
pgranerapw: I can get one16:21
smbProbably best lets have a bug report to accumulat info16:21
pgranerapw: didn't know if you wanted a bug or if you had seen this before16:21
pgranersmb: bug inbound16:22
smbpgraner, Ok, I can't recall something like that16:22
rtg_pgraner, try booting with pci=noacpi?16:23
tseliotsmb: I've just filed an SRU about the patch for touchpads: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/39978716:23
ubot3Malone bug 399787 in linux "The kernel shoud set BTN_TOOL_DOUBLETAP and BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP only if the touchpad supports them" [Undecided,New] 16:23
smbpgraner, Could you also take a photo of the hang with normal boot but "quiet splash" replaced by debug?16:24
smbtseliot, Can you post that request to the kernel-team mailing list?16:24
smbtseliot, preferably with the patch attached16:25
pgranerrtg_: worked with pci=noacpi16:25
tseliotsmb: sure16:25
bjfmanjo, yo!16:25
rtg_pgraner, also try 2.6.31-316:25
rtg_without the noacpi option16:25
pgranerrtg_: ok give me a few mins16:25
smbtseliot, thanks. 16:26
pgranerrtg_: I got caught by the you need to fsck since its been 28 boots with out one.... hell16:26
smbrtg_, Unfortunately noacpi even helps in acpi unrelated cases *sigh*16:26
rtg_and without splash you can't stop it16:27
rtg_smb, indeed, but it is a clue. 16:27
smbrtg_, sure16:27
tseliotsmb: ok, done. Thanks16:35
amitkmanjo: bjf: back16:47
bjfamitk, the signature on mxc_timer_init changes between jaunty and karmic16:48
bjfamitk, I chose to make that change rather than modify the FSL patches16:48
amitkbjf: ack16:51
bjfmanjo, ping!16:59
bjfmanjo, fedex claims they delivered the HW17:00
manjoI am at dinhs house right now ... my wife might have signed for it 17:00
bjfmanjo, "left at front door"17:00
manjoI will walk over and take a look this afternon17:00
manjoI will walk over there in 1hr17:01
manjothanks bjf 17:01
bjfmanjo, np17:01
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manjowho merged this cod ? 17:15
manjocode ? 17:15
manjobjf, amitk take a look at arch/arm/plat-mxc/gpio.c17:15
manjoyou have 2 files on top of each other 17:16
manjoduplicating every funtion in it 17:16
bjfmanjo, that's because the FSL one is so different from upstream, which one should be used?17:17
bjfmanjo, it would be our preference, to rip out the FSL version and just use the upstream version17:18
bjfmanjo, the problem I had with this was knowing if the imx51 depended on any side effects that were only in the FSL code17:21
bjfmanjo, what's your thinking w.r.t. that file?17:28
tseliotsmb, rtg_: thanks a lot :-)17:30
smbtseliot, thanks for the preparational work :)17:31
pgranerrtg_: 2.6.31-3 has the issue as well17:33
rtg_pgraner, you said it was a Dell 2650?17:36
pgranerrtg_: yep and older model17:36
rtg_I don't think I've ever seen one. Intel CPU, right?17:36
pgranerrtg_: yep a celeron17:37
pgranerrtg_: its just funny that it was working just fine with Intrepid and stopped with Jaunty17:41
rtg_pgraner, I'm trying acpi.debug_level=ACPI_DEBUG, but its not recognized.17:43
pgranerrtg_: I can give you access to this one if you want to poke around17:44
rtg_pgraner, oh hell no. do I _look_ like I wanna debug ACPI stuff? Thats cking's specialty17:45
rtg_pgraner, ah, needs CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG in order to get any output.17:46
rtg_mjg59, any suggestion on how to approach a presumed ACPI problem for 2.6.28 and higher ? CONFIG_ACPI_DEBU is not defined, the machine boots with pci=noacpi. Its an Inspiron w/Celeron that wedges on boot.17:49
* cking is only really clued up on hardy kernels 17:51
rtg_pgraner, 32 bit kernel? 17:51
rtg_IIRC Celeron cannot do 6417:51
mjg59rtg_: Where does it wedge?17:52
rtg_mjg59, pgraner had a picture of it awhile ago. Pete?17:53
pgranerrtg_: 32 bit17:53
pgranerrtg_: http://people.ubuntu.com/~pgraner/IMG00160-20090715-1115.jpg17:53
pgranermjg59: ^^^^17:53
mjg59Heh, ok17:53
mjg59So everything later than .28 wedges there, and earlier stuff boots?17:54
rtg_.28 and later (inclusive)17:54
rtg_well, he's only tried .28 and .31-rc317:54
mjg59Nothing obvious springs to mind17:56
rtg_mjg59, ok, I'm gonna build a kernel with ACPI_DEBUG and see if it sheds any light17:56
pgranerrtg_, mjg59: I filed a bug on that issue LP 39984418:06
rtg_pgraner, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/linux-image-2.6.31-3-generic_2.6.31-3.19_i386.deb, use 'acpi.debug_layer=0x2 acpi.debug_level=0xffffffff' and see how far it gets.18:16
pgranerrtg_: ok, so I used your kernel with the kernel params.... Hung, the only difference is there is one additional line on the console:  Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -121312902 ns)19:07
rtg_pgraner, ok, boot with 'hpet=disable'19:08
pgranerrtg_: keeping the debug?19:09
rtg_pgraner, I doubt if it makes a diff. try with and without.19:10
pgranerrtg_: hung at the same spot with hpet=disable19:10
pgranerrtg_: booting with hpet=disable acpi.debug_layer=0x2 acpi.debug_level=0xffffffff  removes the Clocksource tsc unstable line. Other than that it hangs at the same spot19:13
rtg_pgraner, hmm, try different clock sources. perhaps clocksource=hpet or clocksource=pit19:13
pgranerrtg_: ack19:13
pgranerrtg_: no difference all hung in the same spot19:15
rtg_pgraner, lemme research ACPI debug a bit more.19:18
rtg_pgraner, try turning on all ACPI debug by using 'acpi.debug_layer=0xffffffff acpi.debug_level=0xffffffff'20:01
pgranerrtg_: it looks like its stuck in a loop, does all that get written to dmesg?20:08
rtg_pgraner, depends on if the root fs is mounted. otherwise it just goes to the console20:09
pgranerrtg_: looks like its to the console20:10
pgranerrtg_: you want a picture? It scrolls with the exact same message the only thing changing is the time stamp20:11
rtg_spewing the same stuff constantly?20:11
pgranerrtg_: yep20:12
rtg_I guess see if you can get a phot20:13
rtg_photo, even20:13
rtg_Keybuk, you still around?20:29

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