Mike_lifeguardWhen I unplug my laptop, it immediately suspends. I didn't see a setting for this in gnome-powermanager... suggestions?00:55
DVA5912cant be too desolate... ohh it is00:56
Mike_lifeguardDVA5912: not even a chanserv, so lonely :D00:57
DVA5912I know. Thats sad00:57
DVA5912ok well i guess this is the appropreate chan. Anyway of forcing my wifi light to come on when wireless connects?00:58
DVA5912right now im having to do it by hand by pressing the hardware key buttons00:58
Mike_lifeguardkhazil: the battery is charged just fine, and it is detected as such00:59
khazilMike_lifeguard: what is the suspend threshold set to?00:59
Mike_lifeguardI don't know... default?00:59
Mike_lifeguardand... it's 100% charged, so it /shouldn't/ matter00:59
Mike_lifeguard(unless it got set to 100% somehow... I've never changed it, I think)01:00
khazilyou may have to remove faulty ACPI modules01:00
khazildoes that happen with any other distro?01:00
Mike_lifeguardI only use ubuntu01:00
DVA5912hey do they make powered by ubuntu stickers to put on my notebook? you know, like the ones that windows got01:01
DVA5912id love to just yank off that designed for windows xp sticker01:01
Mike_lifeguardDVA5912: there probably is some hacky way to do that... no idea how, but just so you know, it is probably possible (though it may be ugly a/dor difficult)01:01
Mike_lifeguardand yes, I have some01:01
Mike_lifeguardzareason sells them... zareason.com I think01:02
khazilMike_lifeguard: do you have some kind of kernel log from previous boot?01:02
Mike_lifeguarderm, probably, but I dunno where it'd be :)01:02
khazilMike_lifeguard: I wouldn't trust the readout, even if it says it's fully charged01:02
Mike_lifeguardno, it *is* fully charged, it's been plugged in for a very long time (and the meter seems accurate as the batter discharges)01:03
khazilMike_lifeguard: zcat /var/log/dmesg.1.gz01:03
khazilMike_lifeguard: pastebin that01:03
khazilMike_lifeguard: wait, I thought you said the system suspended as soon as it was unplugged. Now, you say it discharges for a while?01:04
Mike_lifeguardwell, I can wake it back up of course01:04
khaziland it stays on?01:04
Mike_lifeguardyes, it works just fine01:05
Mike_lifeguardkhazil: http://p.defau.lt/?BfoPzo9J_6GANRvZiI23gw01:05
khazilyou might also want to paste just /var/log/dmesg, since I'm not sure how system logs are handled after suspend01:06
Mike_lifeguardthat one is http://p.defau.lt/?tBUTmR9Y8GbhTpJ247_07Q01:08
khazilMike_lifeguard: I can't find any reference to "suspend" in the entire log01:12
Mike_lifeguardI was looking for 'battery' or something :)01:13
khazilis this with Ubuntu 9.04?01:13
Mike_lifeguardthough using 2.6.30 kernel01:15
khazilwhat about before the kernel change?01:16
khazilI take it you never tried it.. are you committed to it by having an ext4 filesystem?01:19
Mike_lifeguardno, I also have a .13 kernel.01:20
khaziland there is the same bug?01:20
Mike_lifeguardhowever, this hasn't been an issue until the last ~3 days and I've been using this kernel for over a month01:20
khazilany recent upgrades?]01:21
Mike_lifeguardhmm, yes... is there a log of that anywhere? otherwise, we may be stretching my memory :D01:21
khazilchances are it's a hardware bug (my bet), or a threshold somewhere01:21
khazilI had an issue a while back, hardware related, where pressing caps lock a few times would completely crash the kernel01:24
Mike_lifeguardhah, exciting!01:24
khazilchanging a few variables made it work, but running proprietary Unix (yeah, on a netbook) worked fine too01:25
khazilkernel programming is no joke, and just because it's been in there since 1991 without any changes doesn't mean it's stable...01:26
Mike_lifeguard$ cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "status installed" > ~/thing.txt   ->  http://p.defau.lt/?tSCBU343nqYRrz0R_zc0kg01:27
Mike_lifeguardhm, dbus?01:29
khazilnothing in there looks power management related or gnome related01:29
khazilrun without dbus, but I would suspect HAL01:30
khazilfirst I'd try with the older kernel, to rule out some kind of quirk01:30
Mike_lifeguardyeah... doing stuff in other windows, but I'll boot into it later01:31
khazilif that fails, I'd try with a Live CD to see if it's some kind of misconfiguration (which also may be caused by a bad package, not uncommon)01:33
Cronzocan anybody help a ubuntu noob? trying to get hotkeys to work on a vaio vgn-fs03:53
linuxNoobCan somebody help me? I have a sony vgn-cr220e with ubuntu jaunty and I cant find a way to make the internal mic work06:59
linuxNoobplease some help07:00
linuxNoobI've tried to google some of this but no luck at all07:00

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