pleia2ok guys, meeting in 25, anyone have anything to add to the Agenda?01:34
pleia25 minutes until meeting, anyone here? :)01:55
pleia2cprofitt: you about?02:01
* bodhi_zazen listens to crickets chirping02:02
cprofittpleia2, I am here02:02
bodhi_zazenyou willing to chair ?02:02
cprofittI am... we have no topics though02:02
pleia2Vantrax: how about you?02:02
pleia2we'll make some up02:03
pleia215:52:36 < doctormo> pleia2, cproffit, Vantrax, greg-g, bodi-zazen: http://divajutta.com/doctormo/learning/command-line/ <- I now have pdfs of all the materials required to teach the command line basics class. Everything is draft obviously.02:03
pleia2like that02:03
pleia2also, did we decide to move forward with doctormo's contacts with lawyer people?02:03
pleia2thanks everyone :) great meeting02:59
Vantraxhe he he02:59
Vantraxsorry that im not around much atm, very busy at work till next week02:59
cprofittI am here03:00
cprofittany out of the meeting things to discuss03:01
bodhi_zazenthanks cprofitt03:03
cprofittno problem03:03
cprofittjust try to do what I can03:03
doctormoArg, sorry for the team meeting missing in action last night, I was fore warned and everything and had intended to attend from the SETC, but things got distracting, I appologise.16:49
doctormoSounds like you guys had a productive meeting though16:49
pleia2yep :)16:51
doctormopleia2: sorry about my attendance, at least I was teaching Ubuntu :-)16:52
doctormoAnd i get to teach Ubuntu again tonight, 2 nights a week! Well and I'll never get paid for anything at this rate and die as pennyless as Tom Paine.16:57
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