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RoAkSoAxvorian, ping01:00
stochasticanyone feel like helping me troubleshoot this package build error from pbuilder: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218445/  I have both libboost-dev and libboost_thread-dev installed but it looks like it can't find them02:15
bddebianstochastic: You need to make it use libboot_thread-mt if you are using the newest boost libs02:17
stochasticbddebian, okay I'll hunt that down.  thanks.02:17
bddebianNP, just wherever it is linking use -lboost_thread-mt02:18
binarymutantI've got a normal 'dh $@' package, but for some reason it can't copy to debian/<package> . Why is this happening?02:22
pochuwhat do you mean with "can't copy"?02:23
binarymutantpochu, erm not copy but it can't build into debian/<packagename>02:25
binarymutantpochu, dh_auto_install: command returned error code 51202:25
pochuwell, that alone is not very helpful02:27
pochuhow about a pastebin with more context?02:27
pochuhow many binary packages your package builds?02:28
binarymutantpochu, just 102:28
directhe`if it only builds one, wouldn't it not use debian/packagename? isn't that reserved for foo.install (rather than just install) situations?02:29
pochudirecthe`: if it only builds one, debhelper defaults to debian/<packagename> rather than debian/tmp, which is used when there are more than one02:30
RoAkSoAxcan anyone please review/advocate: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gnome-gmail-notifier http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/lekhonee  thank you :)02:30
binarymutantpochu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/218457/ if this helps02:30
bddebianMaybe it doesn't support DESTDIR?02:30
binarymutantbddebian, I think it does02:32
binarymutantthis is my Makefile http://paste.ubuntu.com/218463/02:33
pochubinarymutant: did you create usr/lib first?02:35
pochuit seems you didn't02:36
binarymutantawesome thanks everyone :)02:43
stochasticI'm trying to build a deb for this software that builds but doesn't install system wide (i.e. it just creates an executable in the local build file)  How do I make the deb install it system wide?02:49
TheMusostochastic: If there are no commands in a makefile etc to install the binary, you just ahve to copy the binary into place.02:56
stochasticTheMuso, in a deb that would be done by "cp name /usr/bin/name" in debian/rules?  or is it more/less complex than that?02:57
TheMusoThats what you would have to do, yes.02:57
TheMusoIf you are using cdbs however, you have to do it a different way.02:58
stochasticI just did dh_make to get the basic deb started02:59
a|wenstochastic: look at dh_install03:00
TheMusostochastic: ok then you just copy the file.03:07
TheMusoa|wen: Thats really only useful if there are many many files to copy. If there is only one file, then its probably pointless using it.03:08
TheMusostochastic: Mind you, using dh_install would be useful if there is ever likely to be more files that need to be put into place.03:08
a|wenTheMuso: dh_install and then just point to the single file in rules works well ... i'd say use dh_install always03:09
stochasticTheMuso, a|wen, but whichever method I use, the correct path should be /usr/bin/name03:11
TheMusoa|wen: Right, but I always think that if you use dh_install, its much better to use debian/$packagename.install files.03:11
TheMusostochastic: right03:11
vorianRoAkSoAx: yo03:11
a|wenTheMuso: with multiple files it is ... if we are talking one file, i would just use it in rules03:12
vorianrules shmules03:12
vorianwho needs em03:12
stochastica|wen, TheMuso, thanks.03:12
a|wenvorian: you almost get your wish ... getting close to doing without the file with dh7 ;)03:13
TheMusoa|wen: Yes but using install files from the get go allows for much less work when more files need to be copied.03:14
a|wenTheMuso: true ... but using cp in rules instead of dh_install doesn't help on that :)03:14
TheMusoYeah I know. So use whatever you wish stochastic.03:15
stochasticTheMuso, when I try to use "cp name /usr/bin/name" I get a "Cannot create /usr/bin/name: Permission Denied" error while building.  Here's the full build output if that helps: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29030820/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.xwax_0.5-0ubuntu1~ppa~jaunty3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz03:30
stochasticis that because it's using cdbs?03:30
stochastica|wen ^ (looks like TheMuso just left)03:31
a|wenstochastic: it is not located in /usr/bin/name when building, but in (build-dir)/debian/name-of-package/usr/bin/name03:34
a|wenstochastic: dh_install takes care of all that automatic ... another reason for using that over cp03:34
stochastica|wen, if I use dh_install how do I format the specification of which file to move?03:35
stochasticis it just like "dh_install name /usr/bin/name"03:36
a|wenthat should work03:36
a|wenor "dh_install name usr/bin/"03:36
RoAkSoAxvorian, heya hwo's it going?03:43
a|wenstochastic: have to go now ... if you haven't got it working, just speak up in here; there is probably some other people who can help out03:58
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AnAntHello, is CC-BY-ND a non-free license ?04:50
AnAntAttribution-No Derivative04:50
evanrmurphypochu: I was asking about the virtual machine so I could try and fix my first bug, I'm a prospective MOTU. Is this really the wrong channel?04:51
RAOFSounds non-free to me.04:51
RAOFAlso, CC licenses are crap.04:51
evanrmurphyThanks for the help though, I'll try #ubuntu-server.04:51
RAOFThey point towards this totally vague and incomplete motherhood license.04:51
ScottKRAOF: One of the reasons a package has to include a full copy of the license in the tarball.04:52
RAOFAnAnt: ND is definitely going to make it non-free; we're unable to alter it.04:54
ScottKAnAnt: Absolutely what RAOF said.04:54
RoAkSoAxevanrmurphy, what do you wanna do?04:55
evanrmurphyRoAkSoAx: I was trying to decide whether to set up KVM or VirtualBox to run a VM of a different Ubuntu release. I noticed that KVM seemed to be preferred for various reasons, but that it always comes with the warning of needing a processor with VT extensions.04:58
RoAkSoAxevanrmurphy, I'm running KVM in a non VT processor and works fine but kinda slow04:59
jmarsdenevanrmurphy: I use VirtualBox for the same reason... no VT here... so it seems different folks take different approaches to this :)05:00
evanrmurphyRoAkSoAx: Ah, that's good to know. Do you remember choosing between running paravirtualization and full virtualization (or something like that)?05:01
evanrmurphyjmarsden: I appreciate the response, glad I'm not the only one. :)05:02
RoAkSoAxevanrmurphy, I actually don't remember :) sorry :(05:02
evanrmurphyRoAkSoAx: Don't worry about it. Thanks all for the help! (Off to bed.)05:02
AnAnthow about CC-BY ?05:03
RAOFAnAnt: http://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses05:04
AnAntRAOF: thank !05:05
AnAntRAOF: thanks !05:05
RoAkSoAxevanrmurphy, night :)05:05
RAOFAnAnt: Note the bit under the "CC-BY-SA 2.5 is DFSG incompatible" has a statement that the ftpmasters are OK with CC-BY-SA 3.005:07
AnAntRAOF: and CC-BY 3.0 too05:07
AnAntFtpmasters have already accepted CC-by and CC-by-sa 3.005:08
AnAntthanks for that wiki link05:09
porthose nhandler: would you please have a look at bug 389654 when you have time and leave a comment05:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389654 in lyricue "Please upgrade lyricue" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38965405:13
nhandlerporthose: Yeah, although it might need to wait until tomorrow, I'm heading to bed soon05:13
porthosenhandler: works for me gnight05:14
fabrice_spgood morning! While merging a package (pilot-link), I've found a .udev file in debian directory, but it doesn't seems to be installed in any package. What is it for?06:04
fabrice_spother question: what should I do if the changelog's entries for Ubuntu has been lost in previous merge? Should I restore them or respect the previous merger choice (pitti)?06:20
btmIs there a way to tell why ganglia-monitor wasn't auto-synced into karmic before DIF? (Bug #302640)06:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302640 in ganglia-monitor-core "Please sync 3.1.1-1 from experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30264006:27
wgrantbtm: We don't sync from experimental by default.06:28
btmwgrant: it's in testing now actually.06:28
btmwgrant: although the date of that change may have something to do with that.06:28
btmwgrant: it was just in experimental six months ago when I opened that bug.06:29
wgrantbtm: You mean the 'ganglia' source, not 'ganglia-monitor-core'?06:29
wgrantIt entered unstable a day under two weeks ago.06:30
wgrantAfter DIF.06:30
btmword, yeah, that makes sense.06:30
micahgIS the perl artistic license compatible with Ubuntu?06:31
lifelessI believe we have lots of perl code under said licence in Ubuntu already06:31
btmwgrant: so I should track someone down who'll issue an FFE?06:32
wgrantmicahg: The Perl license isn't really a license of its own, IIRC.06:33
wgrantBut Artistic License 1.0 and 2.0 are DFSG-free.06:33
wgrantbtm: No - you just have to request a sync.06:34
wgrantbtm: DIF is just when automatic imports stop. No exception is needed until FF.06:34
btmwgrant: got it. i'll edit that bug06:36
stochasticHey everyone, I've found a tutorial that walked me through writing my first man page for this package I'm working on, but now I'm wondering if there's any adjustment to debian/rules that's needed to make sure the binaryName.1 files are installed to the right place?06:38
porthose     stochastic: dh_installman, if using dh 7 should be automatic06:41
stochasticporthose, and as long as the binaryName.1 files are inside the debian/ subdirectory everything will be golden?06:42
porthosestochastic: yes06:42
porthosestochastic: you may need to add binaryName.manpages file to the debian dir06:47
stochasticporthose, do you know of any howto or help page in the wiki that can walk me through this?06:48
porthose1have a look at man dh_installman06:48
stochasticDoes anyone want to do a revu of http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/a2jmidid ?  The latest update fixes all the issues fabrice_sp had touched on last time.06:54
fabrice_spstochastic, did you test build the package and run lintian on the deb?06:59
stochasticfabrice_sp, pbuilder is working away right now06:59
stochasticfabrice_sp, would you like me to upload the latest to my PPA for a more public build/test ground?07:00
fabrice_spjust run lintian on the resulting deb: that would throw all 'basic' errors. Any reviewer should build the package, anyway, so no need to upload to a ppa07:02
stochasticfabrice_sp, now lintian is telling me that binary-idep is a required target, but you had told me to delete those targets...07:04
fabrice_spstochastic, hmm, I think I told you you to empty them07:05
fabrice_sp\sh, moins07:05
stochasticmy misunderstanding07:05
fabrice_spstatik, before writing my comments, I thought about it, but remember that they should exist :-)07:06
fabrice_spYou just confirmed me that :-)07:06
fabrice_spsorry statik, , not for you07:06
fabrice_spstochastic, ^07:06
stochasticfabrice_sp, lintian is also telling me that there's no manpages for items I have manpages for, and that it doesn't have a copyright file when clearly it does.  Any hints on how to fix these warnings?07:10
fabrice_spcheck that you have dh_installman called, the file <package>.manpages in debian. For copyright, perhaps you miss a dh_installdocs call?07:14
fabrice_spstochastic, ^07:14
stochasticfabrice_sp, you told me to get rid of dh_installdocs because there were no docs to install07:18
fabrice_spstochastic, my bad: it installs automatically the copyright file. sorry07:19
fabrice_sp(checked with man dh_installdocs07:19
stochasticfabrice_sp, in the <package>.manpages, is it just a listing of the manpages to install or is there further formatting that is needed?07:20
fabrice_spthis is the proff that I still have a lot ot learn!07:20
fabrice_spstochastic, just the list07:20
fabrice_spbut the full path07:20
fabrice_spfor example: debian/man/pilot-undelete.107:20
fabrice_spwell, the relative path07:21
stochasticone path per line?07:21
fabrice_sppath + file per line07:22
dholbachgood morning07:23
fabrice_spstochastic, actually, of you want to check what this command is doing during the build, you can export DH_VERBOSE=1 at the beginning of your rules file07:24
fabrice_spHey dholbach !07:24
fabrice_spstochastic, have to go now, but you can still ask questions here. bye07:24
dholbachhey fabrice_sp07:25
stochasticcan someone help me get dh_installman to work for me?  it's man page is not helping me and thats all anyone has been able to point me to so far.  I just need to get four simple man pages installed but it's not working.07:59
TheMusostochastic: Whats happening exactly?08:07
stochasticTheMuso, this is the latest error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218642/08:10
TheMusostochastic: what does a2jmidi.manpages contain08:11
stochasticTheMuso, the contents of debian/a2jmidid.manpages  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218644/08:12
TheMusoHrm ok my guess is the manpges themselves are not written properly/malformed.08:12
TheMusoone or more of them08:13
stochasticTheMuso, here are the contents of the four manpages: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218645/08:14
stochasticahh, I think I see the last one is missing the .TH header08:15
stochasticwait, nope, it's there08:15
stochasticcould it be that I'm calling dh_installman improperly?08:16
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warp10If an app works both from terminal and from GUI, what's the best option for the needs: field in debian/menu?11:34
slytherinwarp10: is debian/menu still used?11:46
warp10slytherin: maybe on some kind of very old machine. In any case, I'm packaging a software for Debian, and a menu file doesn't hurt11:48
slytherinwarp10: what does 'old machine' have to do with it?11:48
warp10slytherin: I just mean that a tipical machine uses a .desktop files based menu system, and I expect that menu files based ones are more common on machines that are not that recent11:50
slytherinwarp10: Your choice. I wouldn't create menu file if I was packaging from scratch.11:53
thermcould someone have a look at my packages? Would like to have them in karmic:12:07
hhbhow do i deal with patches that need to modify autotools files (configure.in, Makefile.am etc)?12:37
hhbdo i need to include the resulting changes to "configure" in the patch, or is there a way to trigger regenerating this one via boostrap / autogen.sh ?12:38
LaneyAre the MC going to send a coordinated response to the new application process?12:45
Laneyhhb: There are two common ways - include a patch with the results of rerunning the autotools stuff, or running it at build-time (make sure your clean target works properly if you do this)12:45
hhbhm, i think i'll try the first option first. thanks.12:47
geserLaney: I guess will we discuss it today on our weekly MC call12:47
Laneygeser: cool. Might be nice to invite wider comment?12:50
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geserLaney: will mention it, but feel free to comment on your own12:53
Laneymight just do that12:54
didrocksjust a stupid question on revu: the Warnings telling "The GPL is mentionned in debian/copyright, but ... not in source ..." is not a showstopper? (some packages are uploaded without it. I reckon this is because we have the copy in our debian FS). And this is an added check to lintian (lintian file size is 0 and we still see this warning)?12:59
LaneyI thought that upstream were supposed to include a copy of the GPL13:00
didrocksyes, I think that, but some package are accepted without having it. That's why I wanted to be sure about the policy we have (and I'm surprised that this is not a lintian check)13:01
Laneyask an archive admin ;)13:02
didrocksyes, that's a possibility :)13:03
geserevery source package is required to have a verbatim copy of the license text13:03
didrocksconquently, some packages are wrongly advocated13:04
slytherindidrocks: No, some packages simply name the license file differently. Or they are located in a sub folder.13:09
slytherindidrocks: revu checks for presence of LICENSE or COPYING file AFAIK.13:10
didrocksslytherin: ok, thanks for the update. Are there somewhere listed the additionnal control made by revu compared to lintian?13:11
slytherindidrocks: You can ask revu hackers, or if you are brave enough check revu code on launchpad.13:17
didrocksslytherin: I will have a look, thanks :)13:18
_andrewould anyone like to review/recommend the following packages? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/watchcatd http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libwcat http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libapache2-mod-watchcat13:26
_andrethey're lintian/revu clean13:27
_andrei finally managed to convince my boss to move our servers to ubuntu, and these packages are fundamental for our web servers13:28
alkisgHi, I'm using reprepro to manage a repository, and I'm getting "gpgme gave GPGME error: Bad passphrase". I don't have GUI access to use seahorse, and it seems that I'm unable to get gpg-agent to cooperate with reprepro... Any help?13:33
alkisgOK, got it :)13:46
RainCTjames_w: I've just uploaded Zeitgeist again, I'd appreciate if you could take a look at it :)13:50
james_wRainCT: I'll take a look after lunch13:51
RainCTjames_w: Great, thanks.13:51
LarstiQwhat is this Zeitgeist I keep hearing of?13:54
RainCTLarstiQ: http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2009/zeitgeist-is-out/ :)13:59
LarstiQRainCT: thanks!14:00
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slytherinttx: ping15:01
ttxslytherin: pong15:02
slytherinttx: pm?15:02
ttxslytherin: sure15:02
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gnomefreaknn/win 2016:02
DktrKranzhas anyone familiar with intltoor ever happened to see something similar to http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29048481/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.kupfer_0%2Bc3-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz?16:17
Laneydholbach: Need to move my UDW talk to friday, going to be at a conference the rest of that week16:51
Laneyanyone want monday 1800?16:51
dholbachLaney: are you happy with any of the slots still available?16:52
LaneyFriday's ones are fine16:52
dholbachLaney: then just move it16:52
dholbachthat's fine16:52
dholbachI'll update it in the booklet thingie16:52
* Laney goes cross-eyed at wiki table syntax16:53
cpscottiHey.. what means the "Done" queue on lunchpad? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+queue?queue_state=3&queue_text= . Done means accepted by the archive admins? rejected??17:24
Ampelbeincpscotti: "done" means that processing of the file is finished, i.e. accepted, built and published.17:30
cpscottiAmpelbein: thanks!17:31
Laibsch1How do I teach pdebuild about karmic until a proper fix is released? -> bug 39983018:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 399830 in pbuilder "karmic pdebuild is unaware of the Karmic distribution/release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39983018:14
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evanrmurphyI'm browsing the harvest list because I want to fix my first bug. Would any bug I work on be for the development release, or does it depend? Thank you.19:01
Laibschevanrmurphy: Bugs are usually fixed first in the development release (i.e. Karmic right now)19:07
LaibschThey may later be backported to stable releases19:07
evanrmurphyLaibsch: Thank you!19:07
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thermHello @all20:40
thermis there someone who likes reviewing http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/h2database ?20:41
thermSorry that I ask this, but is it really the right way here to get packages in Ubuntu?20:52
directhextherm, yes. but auditing packages is lengthy and boring work, so you need to rely on someone with the appropriate knowledge to take their free time and spend it reading copyright20:55
directhexbroadly speaking it looks okay, given i have no java skill - but i'd strongly recommend relicensing your debian/ to something else, i.e. the same license as the app itself, to eliminate the big revu warning20:58
thermdirecthex: I know that this is much work, but I have feeling that no one really cares about the packages uploaded on revu. I would like to help later when my experience is greater, but for now I am waiting every day that some on gives a comment for my packages so that this might be in karmic20:59
ScottKtherm: The other option is to get it into Debian and then we sync from there.21:00
directhextherm, there's your comment. due to the licensing of debian/ you now have to worry whether the contents of debian/patches/ which are GPL can be linked against the rest21:01
directhexwhich just causes issues21:01
directhexoh, and the current standards version is 3.8.221:01
thermdirecthex: thank you very much21:01
Laneytherm: the best option IMHO is to find a team in Debian/Ubuntu that cares for the area your package is in21:02
thermScottK: I heard of that but never found a website wich is telling the process, like revu for ubuntu21:02
Laneyyou are likely to get faster and better reviews then21:02
ScottKtherm: Look at mentors.debian.net21:02
thermScottK: thanks I will read it21:03
LaneyI've found that to be an even worse black hole, fwiw21:03
directhex"talk to the java team" is what Laney is saying21:04
Laneyyes sir21:04
thermLaney: would like to do that but dont now how^^, the only one I had contact to was https://launchpad.net/~onkarshinde21:05
Laneytherm: google "debian java team" and find an IRC channel or mailing list21:06
Laneyor ubuntu java team21:06
thermok thanks21:07
Zhenechnellery, ping21:22
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RoAkSoAxHey guys. I'm updating a package. The new version contains hidden folders: ".svn". Should I remove those hidden folders from the source directory and tarball?22:07
sebnerRoAkSoAx: yes and tell upstream22:07
Laneysebner: you'd remove them from the orig?22:09
RoAkSoAxsebner, Ok. will do thanks :). What about the debian directory provided by upstream? (It's adding entries to the changelog for Hardy, because they have seen to be doing their tests in a Hardy box)22:09
sebnerLaney: sure, you donÄt?22:09
Laneyno I wouldn't repack for that22:09
sebnerLaney: gnah see. Upstream debian folder too22:09
sebnerlovely upstream22:09
RoAkSoAxsebner, So i should remove upstream debian directory too in this case to not have those changelog entries?22:10
sebnerRoAkSoAx: Upstream *should not* provide a debian directory. That's packagers job22:11
RoAkSoAxsebner, right. They also provided the debian dir on the previous version. I just don't know how to handle that in this case, because it seems that in the previous version, Debian has removed the debian/ dir to create their own. I'm updating ipvsadm btw22:13
sebnerRoAkSoAx: that's the prefered way. You can do that by implementing a get-orig-source rule in debian/rules but collaborating with debian is the most prefered way :)22:14
RoAkSoAxsebner, Ok. Will talk to debian maintainer then :). Thanks a lot22:15
sebnernp. let's have fun =)22:17
fabrice_spHi. gpiv is building fine in a clean chroot (using sbuild). Is it possible to relaunch the building of this package?22:18
fabrice_spAccording to http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/, it's failing to build22:18
geseryes, a "give-back" to the buildds22:20
sebnergeser: \o/22:21
fabrice_spand who can do that? Motus or it has to be an archive admin?22:21
geseranyone who can upload to that component22:22
geserso MOTUs for universe/multiverse and core-devs for everything22:22
geserfabrice_sp: done22:23
fabrice_spas gpiv is in universe, shall I assume you will do it? :-D22:23
fabrice_spgreat! tahnks :-)22:23
fabrice_sp6 hours to go for amd64 build, but only 8 minutes for i386 ?!22:25
geserPPA or main archive?22:26
fabrice_spmain archive: gpiv22:28
fabrice_spby the way: this error is suppose to be fixed ,right? : dpkg: error processing ca-certificates-java (--configure):22:28
fabrice_spso could you please force the rebuild of jabsorb package? :-D22:29
geserhmm, the queue doesn't look that long for both i386 and amd64:22:29
geserfabrice_sp: have you checked that it builds not and not fails due to an other reason?22:30
fabrice_spgood point geser: I'll sbuild it locally before22:31
RainCTCan someone point me to any docs about package configuration (ie. how to have something show up when dpkg-reconfigure is run)?22:32
fabrice_spgeser, you were right: it FTBFS because of a missing dependency (it seems to miss package javax.servlet). Will have a look tomorrow. bye22:41
* RainCT tries debconf-doc22:49
kwadronauti'm not aware of the right procedures, who to poke etc. basically silc-* in hardy has a security vulnerability, debian old-stable has a version which fixes this issue, there's a bug on launchpad and no action.23:34
kwadronautso, what's next?23:34
ScottKkwadronaut: Make a patch (debdiff preferred) and attach it to the bug.23:37
ScottKMake sure the ubuntu-security team is subscribed to it and mark it in progress after it has the patch.23:37
kwadronautScottK: pulling from 'upstream' debian is not an option?23:39
Laneywe need a minimal patch to fix the issue23:40
ScottKkwadronaut: If you look at the diff between the old-stable version that's fixed and the one before that's not fixed you should be well on your way to having a minimal patch.23:41
kwadronautok, thanks for the info23:48

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