mycosysgot any mythbuntu dev types - am a lazy ass and wanna report a small issue without having to make a login - mythbackend is starting via rc.d before mysql is up, so backend does not start - if started manually (using same init.d script) is gorgeous. Might be good to test for the sql server starting successfully or otherwise?00:52
Zinnmycosys: Please watch your language.00:52
mycosyswhat an odd bot00:53
ZinnPlease follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and watch your language.  You can find more information here: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct00:53
mycosyssomebody reckon they could give me a sanity check on this - http://mythtv.pastebin.ca/1495328 - modifies /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend to ping the mysql server and wait until it is up (max 15 reties, 30sec) before starting the backend? thank you in advance02:13
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MythbuntuGuest47Hi, I am totaly new to Mythbuntu and i have a CD with an avi files on and i want to play it direct from the CD how would i do that?03:29
MythbuntuGuest47!help avi03:30
Zinn!help avi For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].03:30
mycosyswould suggest using vlc - handles them well03:33
mycosys!vlc @MythbuntuGuest4703:35
ZinnSorry I don't know about vlc @MythbuntuGuest4703:35
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d3v1lhi all10:45
d3v1li have got a question, i need to use a sat usb card ( Nova-s Usb2) anyone use it on his mythbuntu?10:46
d3v1lbefore buy it, i need to say if it work without problem..10:47
d3v1l!help nova-s usb210:49
Zinn!help nova-s usb2 For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].10:49
mycosys-afkhttp://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-NOVA-S_USB says it is ok, no had, low bandwidth10:49
mycosys-afk*no HD10:49
d3v1l:-( no hd...maybe i'have not enough space in pci slot ( i'm using D945gclf2 mini-itx board) and there are no riser card for this mini-itx10:50
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SuperLuiHi, I'm trying to install Mythbuntu in a new MacPro.  I have 4 HDs in a SAS Raid.  I get to the "Live option" fine.  However, I don't see the HDs or the Ethernet connection.  I'm new at anything linux, so I have no idea what to do.  Could someone please help me?  Thanks,17:54
eljefehi guys, I have a few questions hopefully somebody can answer :)  1. only 1 tuner is showing up with my hauppauge pvr-500. and 2. how can I set video resolution to 720x480, i can't seem to find the option19:00
rhpot1991eljefe: in the recording profiles19:09
Seeker`do you mean video resolution or do you mean screen resolution?19:09
rhpot1991I'm guessing here, setup>tv>then poke around in here19:09
Seeker`and do you mean only 1 tuner is showing up when you watch TV or when you are in mythtv-setup?19:09
eljefethe video resolution coming in19:10
Seeker`that is set by whoever broadcasts it19:10
eljefeSeeker: when in mythtv-setup it only shows tuner#1 and i think it should have tuner#0 and tuner#119:10
Seeker`have you tried adding a second tuner?19:10
eljefeI can't even find the second tuner19:11
eljefeI updated my ivtv drivers and still can only see one19:11
Seeker`have you clicked on "add new tuner"?19:11
eljefenew capture card?  yes19:12
Seeker`and then what?19:12
eljefebut it only shows tuner119:12
Seeker`is "tuner1" the ONLY thing on that screen19:12
eljefeuh no19:13
Seeker`what else is there?19:13
eljefetuner1, composite1 svideo1 composite219:16
Seeker`thats all there is on that screen?19:16
eljefei can change the video device, but it still says it is tuner 119:17
eljefevideo0 and video119:17
eljefebut it changes the unit number next to the probed info, so maybe that will work19:17
Seeker`ok, so you type "mythtv-setup"19:17
Seeker`you go to "capture cards"19:18
Seeker`and there *isn't* a (New capture card) option?19:18
eljefei went past that screen19:18
eljefei am in that menu19:18
Seeker`Card Type DVB DTV Capture card (v3.x)19:19
eljefeDVB DTV?  this card is IVTV19:19
Seeker`hauppauge pvr 500?19:20
eljefei thought so19:21
Seeker`was thinking of the wrong card19:21
eljefenot the hvrs19:21
eljefeits the old analog19:21
eljefethats what the first tuner is set as and i get a signal19:22
eljefeis there a key to pip the two tuners to check they are both working at the same time?19:22
Seeker`ok, if you go back to the "capture card" menu, what do you have there?19:22
eljefenow i have (new), (delete all), [MPEG /dev/video0]19:23
Seeker`ok, that means you already have 1 tuner added19:23
eljefebut when I go to configure the second, it says it can only see tuner119:24
eljefewhich, in essence means i only have 1 tuner, but it is a dual tuner card...19:25
eljefeok - i made a new capture card so now I have [MPEG /dev/video0] and [MPEG /dev/video1]19:25
Seeker`what it means is that you have already added one of them, so you cant add it again19:27
eljefemyth won't let me add a tuner again?19:28
Seeker`why would it?19:28
Seeker`you would just end up with two "tuners" pointing at the same input19:28
Seeker`which is pointless at best19:28
eljefewell then by that fact and the fact that i have two capture card inputs means both tuners should be setup19:29
Seeker`yes, thats what it means19:30
eljefeits a bit misleading this time around.  last time i set it up it specifically said tuner0 and tuner1. this time they are both tuner1 just on a different video19:31
eljefeso, how can i test that both will work at the same time?19:31
Seeker`by finishing the set up, then recording one thing while watching another19:35
eljefecool, i got it to pip both tuners19:38
eljefeawesome.  Thanks for your help.19:38
eljefethe last thing, is setting the resolution to 720x480 for the recordings19:39

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