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ubottuThe Ubuntu partnership program is designed to encourage, recognise and endorse Ubuntu expertise and commercial initiatives. It is structured to foster a healthy ecosystem surrounding Ubuntu, to highlight those companies with certified expertise in Ubuntu and a deeper relationship to Canonical. See http://www.ubuntu.com/partners for more information.02:35
twbI have a Dapper system in front of me which may have been compromised.03:17
twbHow can I compare the checksums of all files of all installed packages against what is expected (i.e. listed in /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums)?03:18
twb#debian told me: debsums.03:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #399571 in dhcp3 (main) "package dhcp3-client 3.1.1-5ubuntu8.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39957104:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #399588 in dhcp3 (main) "package dhcp3-client 3.1.1-5ubuntu8.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39958805:45
quizmehi, i tried to set up a subdomain06:50
quizmebut it ain't workin'06:50
quizmeand no errors in my apache log either06:50
twbThat sounds more like a question for #apache07:48
twbOr #httpd or whatever those jackasses use07:48
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BilgeHow can I write a script that has to pass a password to a program such as a script that connects to a MySQL database09:16
alexmBilge: expect09:26
BilgeI don't like using non-standard commands in my scripts :P09:27
alexmyou can try to make your own expect, but i doubt it's worthwhile09:29
alexmexpect it's been well known and quite useful for a long time, and it's available for Perl and Python too09:30
alexmOTOH, in the case of MySQL database there are quite a few options to pass the password09:33
sandstrom /etc/init.d/ufw start says "problem running /etc/ufw/before.rules". How can I get something more verbose, like what rules fail?09:47
BilgeHow exactly is expect going to allow me to pass my password without storing it in a text file09:48
_ruben  -p, --password[=name]09:49
_ruben                      Password to use when connecting to server. If password is09:49
_ruben                      not given it's asked from the tty. WARNING: This is09:49
_ruben                      insecure as the password is visible for anyone through09:49
_ruben                      /proc for a short time.09:49
dayohow to i let my 32-bit server see all 10GB of RAM? it's an Alternate CD installation.10:03
Jeeves_dayo: 32-bit and 10GB ram is not really compatible, afaik10:05
_rubenwouldnt the -server kernel do the job, or does have pae have its limits as well?10:08
_rubendamn .. i really type like shit lately10:09
henkjan_alternate installation maybe doesnt install the -server kernel10:12
henkjan_-server kernel is pae and should work with 32bit and lots of ram10:12
dayoJeeves_: henkjan_: so all i need to do is install a 32-bit server kernel?10:22
Jeeves_dayo: That might do the trick than, yes10:23
dayoJeeves_: ok, i'll try that. thanks10:23
to_I'm configuring my dns server reading this documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/dns-configuration.html but how can I find my own ip address like ? how can I know it?10:27
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alexmBilge: when you said you want to pass the password to a command, where does the password come from?10:46
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acalvoI've a PDC with PAM authentification, and I've deleted a user to recreate it. However, the UID seems to be in used already, is there any way to see/manage all UIDs used?11:16
sandstrom /etc/init.d/ufw start says "problem running /etc/ufw/before.rules". Anyone know if I get something more verbose, like what rules fail? Any help is appreciated!11:33
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MT-I'm getting a WHOLE lot of these lines in /var/log/syslog - Jul 14 07:51:14 insto -- MARK --11:54
DavieyMT-: That is by design, you can disable it if you wish12:05
DavieyMT-: Currently getting it every 20 mins?12:07
MT-Daviey: y12:09
MT-Daviey: I'll let it keep ruinning, just read what it's for12:09
MT-I'll just white list it in logcheck12:09
MT-Daviey: you know regex?12:12
MT-Daviey: I was just wondering if this looks right -    ^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ CRON\[[0-9]+\]: pam_unix\(cron:session\): session (opened|closed) for user (logcheck|root|smmsp)(| by \(uid=0\))12:12
Davieyto match what string?12:13
MT-I want it to catch lines such as "Jul 14 00:02:10 insto CRON[28104]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user logcheck" but for opened or closed, for user logcheck, root, or smmp, and whether or not the last piece is there. The last part whould be optional.12:14
MT-Daviey: sorry, 22hr no sleep on a short nap prior - I already type so and this is making it worse :P12:14
Davieyhmm.. your test string does not match your sample string :(12:14
MT-which part doesn't?12:15
MT-Daviey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218820/12:17
MT-Daviey: was I at least close?12:23
DavieyMT-: yeah.. sorry you don't have my full attention :(12:27
MT-Daviey: will you help me anyway?12:30
DavieyMT-: "?" is a good way of making  a part optional12:30
Davieyie [by \(uid=0\)]?12:31
MT-did you see anything else wrong with it?12:32
MT-^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ CRON\[[0-9]+\]: pam_unix\(cron:session\): session (opened|closed) for user (logcheck|root|smmsp)[ by \(uid=0\)]?12:32
uvirtbotMT-: Error: ":0-9" is not a valid command.12:32
MT-uvirtbot: I think you're a little confused12:33
uvirtbotMT-: Error: "I" is not a valid command.12:33
MT-Daviey: I'll try that out. When it runs again it'll be palinly obvious how well it worked12:35
MT-thansk :)12:35
Davieyi think it's ok12:37
jdstrandsandstrom: ufw is just running iptables-restore. eg 'sudo iptables-restore -n < /etc/ufw/before.rules'13:10
sandstromjdstrand: thanks! Btw. your previous help on the missing state modul was helpful. After some discussion back and forth they admitted that it was wrong, and had some parallels guy go in and fix it. So thanks again!13:12
sandstromjdstrand: running the command gives me iptables-restore: line 71 failed. Line 71 is the sole command COMMIT13:14
ivokswhy o why is my /dev/random idle?13:14
jdstrandsandstrom: then I would recommend simply running each rules line in before.rules with 'iptables' prepended to it13:15
jdstrand-A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEPT13:15
sandstromthanks! I'll try that13:16
jdstrandsudo iptables -A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEPT13:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #399638 in nspluginwrapper (multiverse) "package dhcp3-common 3.1.1-5ubuntu8.1 failed to install/upgrade: package dhcp3-common is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39963813:16
jdstrandsandstrom: you may want to read 'man iptables' about flusing tables, etc13:16
jdstrandbug #39963813:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 399638 in nspluginwrapper "package dhcp3-common 3.1.1-5ubuntu8.1 failed to install/upgrade: package dhcp3-common is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39963813:17
sandstromjdstrand: thanks!13:17
sandstromjdstrand: the filter syntax in the beginning, filter* :ufw-before-input - [0:0] etc. doesn't map directly onto iptables so that iptables :ufw-before-input - [0:0] => error. Can I safely ignore them?13:19
jdstrandthat is a short-hand for creating/flushing the tables13:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #399468 in samba (main) "samba 3.4.0 depends on ufw" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39946813:34
BilgeIs there somewhere that documents what all the entries under /dev are?14:28
ForeverSmurfI am attempting to install ubuntu on a remote server for the first time14:41
ForeverSmurfI have followed the following guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/OverSSH14:42
ForeverSmurfit is an athlon 3800 server with 1GB of ram14:42
ForeverSmurfI choose to use the debootstrap_1.0.13~jaunty1_all.deb bootstrap package14:42
ForeverSmurfimo everything is installed correctly14:42
ForeverSmurf I have installed grub too which was error free14:43
ForeverSmurfhowever, the server refuses to boot14:43
ForeverSmurfI am attempting to get serial consol output from grub but again... no luck14:43
ForeverSmurfI'm at a loss as to what to do next14:43
ForeverSmurfI do have a question: what is the difference between debootstrap-udeb_1.0.13~jaunty1_all.udeb and debootstrap_1.0.13~jaunty1_all.deb14:44
ForeverSmurfserial console output is enabled on the kernel command line too14:44
Sam-I-Amyou sure grub is pointing to the right place?14:47
Sam-I-Amdoes grub even come up?14:47
ForeverSmurfno.... I can't see it from the serial console14:47
ForeverSmurfI added those 2 lines    'serial --unit=0.....' and 'terminal --timeout=....' from the http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-Serial-Console-HOWTO/configure-kernel-grub.html guide to the top of grub.conf14:48
ForeverSmurfI installed grub using14:48
ForeverSmurfroot (hd0,0)14:48
ForeverSmurfsetup (hd0)14:48
ForeverSmurfthe /dev/sda hard drive IS bootable14:49
ForeverSmurfI also installed grub on the other (unused hard drive)14:49
ForeverSmurfroot (hd1,0)14:49
ForeverSmurfsetup (hd1)14:49
ForeverSmurfthe fact that I get nothing on the remote serial console for both grub and the kernel makes it more likely to be a grub/boot issue14:50
ForeverSmurfthis is my second attempt btw14:50
ForeverSmurfthe first one went smoothly too14:50
ForeverSmurfjust didn't fucking boot ;-)14:50
Sam-I-Amwell, if grub is configured for serial... and you're not seeing any output... i wonder if its even loading grub at all14:50
Sam-I-Ammight be confused with more than one disk14:50
ForeverSmurfyes, that's my opinion14:50
ForeverSmurfis it worth trying lilo?14:51
ForeverSmurfis it supported?14:51
Sam-I-Amlilo might work... although its extremely difficult to debug anything when you can't see it14:51
ForeverSmurfor is there some kind of futher testing I could do with grub14:51
ForeverSmurfmy partition layout is simple14:52
Sam-I-Amwell, if you had serial output that'd be good14:52
Sam-I-Amso grub is on the mbr, right?14:52
ForeverSmurf  /dev/sda1 is '/'14:52
ForeverSmurf   /dev/sda2 is swap14:53
ForeverSmurfsetup (hd0) installs grub on the mbr right?14:53
Sam-I-Amas long as hd0 is mapped to sda :)14:53
ForeverSmurfyes  I also type device (hd0) /dev/sda14:53
ForeverSmurfand device (hd1) /dev/sdb14:54
ForeverSmurfis there some way of displaying the mbr14:54
ForeverSmurfto check it14:54
Sam-I-Amare you in the system?14:54
Sam-I-Amyou can dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 ... that'll get your MBR14:55
Sam-I-Amit wont particularly be interesting, but it might say 'grub' somewhere14:55
ForeverSmurfit's rebooting into the recovery system14:56
Sam-I-Amso this thing has serial but no vga?14:57
ForeverSmurfit's a remove rack server I assume14:57
ForeverSmurfwith www.1and1.com14:57
Sam-I-Amso how are you getting serial output?14:57
Sam-I-Amterminal server?14:57
ForeverSmurfok... I am in14:57
Sam-I-Ami mean, how are they getting serial output to you?14:58
Sam-I-Amit worked enough to install, right?14:58
ForeverSmurfconsole=tty0 console=ttyS0,57600 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=235280 initrd=linux/rescue32-2.6-sarge.gz pw=$1$6HXoFCFz$njvZtuCPeayMCyNClcorl/ tz=Europe/London root=/dev/ram0 rw BOOT_IMAGE=linux/kernel32-2.614:58
ForeverSmurfthat is the /proc/cmdline of rescue system14:58
ForeverSmurfso the important lines here are console=tty0 console=ttyS0,5760014:59
ForeverSmurfwhich is what I added to my grub.conf file14:59
ForeverSmurfI also enabled the serial output directly from grub itself14:59
Sam-I-Amgrub does serial at 57600?14:59
ForeverSmurfI think it can do15:00
ForeverSmurfnot sure15:00
ForeverSmurfthere is an option called serial to grub15:00
Sam-I-Amwell, if whatever contraption your provider is using to forward is using 57600, then grub needs to use 57600, otherwise you wont see anything... or it'll be junk15:00
ForeverSmurfI am not seeing anything at all15:01
Sam-I-Amdo you have a --speed after the serial directive in grub?15:01
ForeverSmurfyes.... I specified serial --unit=0 --speed=57600 --word=o --parity=no --stop=115:01
ForeverSmurfdoes that look good?15:02
Sam-I-Amwhats --word=o ?15:02
Sam-I-Amshould be 815:02
ForeverSmurfah, I'll change it15:03
Sam-I-Amor just leave it out15:03
Sam-I-Amjust having --speed=57600 should work15:03
Sam-I-Amshould default to 8N115:04
ForeverSmurfis it safe to omit --unit=015:05
ForeverSmurfis that also default?15:05
Sam-I-Amyou need that, if you're using whatever the system thinks is com115:06
ForeverSmurf--parity=no --stop=115:07
ForeverSmurfshould I remove them too?15:07
Sam-I-Amyou can leave those out15:07
ForeverSmurfI'll try another boot15:07
ForeverSmurfsee if I get anything15:07
Sam-I-Ammake sure you write grub's config out :)15:08
ForeverSmurfthe line 'terminal serial'   is correct too right?15:08
Sam-I-Amterminal serial?15:08
ForeverSmurfthat is my entire grub config15:08
ForeverSmurfoh wait15:09
ForeverSmurfcut some off15:09
Sam-I-Amthe serial stuff looks ok15:09
ForeverSmurfoh, I forgot I tried with raid this second time around15:10
ForeverSmurfthat's why I have two entries15:10
Sam-I-Amwell, the serial stuff should be fixed... hopefully you'll at least get output now15:10
Sam-I-Amthen you can troubleshoot the next problem15:10
ForeverSmurfwhen you say make sure I write grubs config out15:11
ForeverSmurfyour mean running grub15:11
ForeverSmurfdevice (hd0) /dev/sda15:11
ForeverSmurfroot (hd0,0)15:11
ForeverSmurfsetup (hd0)15:11
ForeverSmurfdevice (hd1) /dev/sdb15:11
ForeverSmurfroot (hd0,0)15:11
ForeverSmurfsetup (hd1)15:11
ForeverSmurfreplace the second root (hd0,0) with root (hd1,0)15:11
acalvoHello again!15:12
acalvoI'd like to know if there is any alternative to make a software portal, like the CITRIX software does15:12
acalvoto let user deploy themselfs some applications15:13
Sam-I-AmForeverSmurf: you might be confusing grub with all the extra crap for the second disk... just have it look at the first one for now.15:13
ForeverSmurfthe disks are identical15:14
ForeverSmurfsorry, I forgot I was running raid15:14
ForeverSmurffirst attempt at installing ubuntu on the server I left out the raid15:14
ForeverSmurfso I tried again with raid15:14
Sam-I-Amwell, right now the only thing that matters is getting grub to see the serial port15:14
ForeverSmurfnothing yet15:14
Sam-I-Ambecause if that doesnt work you can't do anything else15:14
ForeverSmurfyes, I agree15:14
ForeverSmurfno joy ;-(15:15
Sam-I-Amyou could try changing the --unit to 1 or 215:15
ForeverSmurfI just found this http://www.wehave.net/linux/custom1and1.html15:16
ForeverSmurfthere is an entry in there for serial consol15:17
ForeverSmurflooks same as mine15:17
ForeverSmurfbut I only have serial --unit=0 --speed=5760015:17
ForeverSmurfwithout the --word=8 --parity=no --stop=115:17
ForeverSmurfis it safe to remove everything from grub appart from the serial consol15:18
ForeverSmurfand terinal15:18
ForeverSmurffor testing15:18
Sam-I-Amtry that config you posted...15:19
ForeverSmurfif there is nothing in there will it output anything at all?15:19
Sam-I-Amshould see a prompt15:19
Sam-I-Amor it just telling you its confused15:20
ForeverSmurffingers crossed15:30
ForeverSmurfI found this too http://forum.r1soft.com/archive/index.php/t-771.html15:30
ForeverSmurfthere entires in grub seem to work15:31
ForeverSmurfnot looking good at all15:32
ForeverSmurfsuggests there is something very wrong with my grub15:32
ForeverSmurfall the output looks perfect though15:32
Sam-I-Amno serial output tho?15:32
ForeverSmurfno serial ouput15:33
ForeverSmurfcan't login15:33
ForeverSmurfimo grub is not even being loaded15:33
DormantOdenhey ubuntu-server people, every few days my server dies with a "Kernel panic - not syncing error", or just a massive trace =S Anyone know what might cause this?15:34
ForeverSmurfmaybe I'll try again without raid15:34
ForeverSmurfDormantOden, looks like a disk IO error15:34
DormantOdenI uploaded a picture of it in case it helps: http://dormantmind.com/personal/uploaded/DormantOden/error.JPG15:34
ForeverSmurfnot syncing is todo with HD right?15:35
DormantOdenhmmm, isee15:35
ForeverSmurfwow, nice screen15:35
DormantOdenits usually headless :P15:35
ForeverSmurfdo you wear glasses?15:35
ForeverSmurfyou will need some if you look at that screen much longer15:36
DormantOdenit says "low radition" on it xD15:36
ForeverSmurflow radiation for 198015:36
ForeverSmurfhigh radiation for 200915:36
ForeverSmurfthose old screen are dangerous15:36
DormantOdencould it be due to the kde?15:36
DormantOdenIve just seen the line at the top that says ? crash_kexec+....15:37
ForeverSmurfwell, it mentions smp and irq in there15:37
DormantOdenwhats that15:37
ForeverSmurfcould be some kind of smp interupt race condition15:37
ForeverSmurfI have no idea what that is15:37
ForeverSmurfbut I think I heard someone say it before15:37
DormantOdenheh, ok, Ill google15:37
_rubenif it runs kde, it aint a server ;)15:38
ForeverSmurfit looks more like a kernel linux problem15:38
ForeverSmurfrather than something ubuntu specific15:38
DormantOden_ruben, some people needed a GUI... You can teach them bash if you want xD15:38
_rubenyes, but support-wise that tends to turn a "server" into a "desktop"15:39
DormantOdenpfff, splitting hairs15:40
ForeverSmurfat least your server runs15:40
ForeverSmurfI can't get my working15:40
DormantOdenthis is true15:40
DormantOdenalthough the memtest wont load into memory for some reason... stupid grub15:40
DormantOdenwhats up with yours ForeverSmurf?15:41
ForeverSmurfcan even get grub to load15:41
ForeverSmurfwhat is the difference between debootstrap-udeb_1.0.13~jaunty1_all.udeb and debootstrap_1.0.13~jaunty1_all.deb15:41
ForeverSmurfI used the later15:41
ForeverSmurfis that an issue?15:41
Sam-I-Ami'd use the .deb15:42
_rubenthe first is only used by the installer, the latter is to be used within an already installed system15:42
ForeverSmurfok. I selected the correct one then15:44
ForeverSmurf  /usr/sbin/debootstrap --arch i386 jaunty /mnt/ubuntu http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu15:45
ForeverSmurfwat that command correct?15:46
acalvodoes anyone know a good way to deplay images (like with a partimage server) but changing the machine name of a windows xp?15:52
Steve[mbp]Morning everyone!15:56
acalvoSteve[mbp]: morning? wow, it's 5 pm here!15:58
_rubenacalvo: how is windows xp related to ubuntu-server?15:59
acalvo_ruben: using partimage?15:59
acalvoit's not so related to ubuntu-server, but I guess most of the people that join this channel are working with domains and stuff, so maybe someone had the same problem/question as I had and I can take an advise from him16:00
neXusacalvo: no only the domains, also can be something else :)16:02
acalvoneXus: well, I guess you get my point16:02
neXusacalvo: sure :)16:02
alexmacalvo: i guess that dhcp does not the trick, does it?16:03
acalvoalexm: well, no, since I need to, at least, run some script into the machine (AFAIK)16:04
acalvoI don't know if using, say DHCP/BOOTP, can get the machine name and domain name16:06
DormantOdenoh globbits.... now my server only lasts 2 minutes xD Hows your server life going ForeverSmurf?16:08
alexmyou can set dns hostname and domain name through dhcp, but i'm not so sure about windows computer name16:08
acalvoalexm: yes, that what I guess16:10
BilgeIs there somewhere that documents what all the entries under /dev are?16:37
jpdsBilge: http://www.atnf.csiro.au/people/rgooch/linux/docs/devfs.html16:39
Ngwhere would libvirt/kvm be putting their logs? I'm trying out kirkland's kvm backport with virt-install and it's kinda not really doing anything and I can't see any evidence as to why17:18
Ngthere's nothing particularly helpful in /var/log/libvirt/qemu/$guestname.log17:18
DavieyNg: if it's dieing, there should be logs there that show the segfault17:22
DavieyNg: on another note, logrotate seems over-keen on them :/17:23
Davieyroot@katana:/var/log/libvirt/qemu# ls -al | wc -l17:24
Davieyroot@katana:/var/log/libvirt/qemu# du -h17:24
Davieythanks for gz'ing empty logs :)17:24
DavieyNg: The top line of the log shows the kvm line libvirt is spawning.. have you tried running that manually17:26
ballIf I add a user with useradd, will that user be able to sudo?17:29
ball(does it depend on group membership?)17:29
RoAkSoAxball, after you add the user you need to add it sudo rights like: adduser <user> admin17:31
RoAkSoAxand it will be able to sudo17:31
ballRoAkSoAx: I don't want him to have sudo rights, so it sounds as though what I want is the default.17:32
infinityball: And you want adduser, not useradd.17:32
RoAkSoAxball, yes. :)17:32
ballOh, I used useradd17:33
ballIs that wrong?17:33
infinityadduser is a frontend to useradd that enforced extra system policy, makes sure homedirs are set up how you want, blah blah.17:33
infinityEither one will add a user though, if all you really cared about was an entry in /etc/passwd.17:34
ballI used -m and -b /home17:34
infinityYeah, adduser avoids the needs for -m and -b...17:35
infinityAmong other things.17:35
infinity(default usergroups, for instance too)17:35
NgDaviey: I'll give that a go17:36
ballhello dinger198617:37
* infinity wonders if dinger's clients will keep connecting until we get to dinger2009...17:42
Ngwrt bug 269881, comment #4 suggests that --accelerate doesn't do what the manpage says it does. Is that right? Which option does make virt-install tell kvm to use hardware virtualisation?17:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 269881 in virtinst "Receive "Unsupported virtualization type" unless the -v option is used" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26988117:46
ivoksdoesn't kvm do that by default?17:48
ivoksit uses /dev/kvm if it exists17:48
ivoksoh, hi Ng :)17:50
NgI have /dev/kvm, it's supported hardware and the only option I can pass to virt-install that makes it not say "Unsupported virtualization type" is --hvm which seems to make it call the underlying tool (qemu-system-x86_64 weirdly, not kvm) with -no-kqemu and it then consumes a *bunch* of CPU17:51
Nghi :)17:51
ivokslet me boot my virt server17:52
DavieyNg: does that produce "<domain type='kvm'>17:53
Daviey  <os>17:54
Daviey    <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc'>hvm</type>17:54
Daviey... If so, that is correct17:54
Ng<domain type='qemu'>17:54
Ng    <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc'>hvm</type>17:54
ivoksthat's wrong17:54
ivoksdomain type should be kvm17:55
DavieyNg: You *could* just change it, and re-define it..17:56
ivokshvm means - virtualized17:56
Davieybut would be nice to find out the underlying bug17:56
Davieyivoks: but to be "helpful" os type should be hvm :)17:57
ivoks'virt-install --accelerate' should be enough17:57
Ng--accelerate gives me the "Unsupported virtualization type"17:57
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ivoksrunning as a user or root? :)17:58
Ngroot all the way down17:58
ivoks      msg = _("Unsupported virtualization type '%s' " % (os_type and os_type17:59
ivoks                                                           or _("default")))17:59
Nghttp://paste2.org/p/327165 - that's the command I used17:59
alexmivoks: i have <domain type='kvm' id='1'> but also <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc'>hvm</type>18:00
Davieyalexm: /me has already mentioned this18:00
ivoksalexm: right, that's ok18:01
ivokswhat's wrong is domain type qemu, which Ng has18:01
alexmDaviey: just confirming that i got it that way too18:02
alexmokay, now i realize that Ng had domain type qemu, sorry for intruding18:02
ivoksNg: that command works for me :)18:03
ivoksNg: could you paste the output of it?18:03
Davieyivoks / Ng, Are you both using the same release?18:05
Davieyit has changed quite a lot since hardy18:05
ivoksi'm using jaunty18:06
NgI'm using hardy with the kvm-84 backport18:06
Ngivoks: http://paste2.org/p/32716918:06
ivokshow come there's no debug?18:07
_alkekshi_Could some one help me?18:07
Ngivoks: I'd love to know that :)18:07
DavieyHardy + Self backport of kvm-79 == "Unsupported virtualization type"18:07
ivoksdpkg -l | grep python-virtinst18:07
_alkekshi_i'm a newbie and i would like to now what is the easiest way to get samba working18:08
ivoksmaybe that's the problem18:08
ivoksi have 0.40018:08
Ngfwiw I'm using the kvm-84 backport by way of http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-virt/ppa/ubuntu18:08
ivoksmaybe python-virtinst should be backported18:08
* Daviey has the same package as Ng for python-virtinst18:08
ballhello Daviey18:09
Davieyhey ball18:09
ballIs there a command to watch someone's terminal to see what they type?18:09
ivoksNg: i'd try backporting python-virtinst18:10
ivoksit relies on python-libvirt18:11
ivokswhich is backported18:11
ivokstake care guys18:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #399850 in dovecot (main) "dovecot.conf references /dev/dovecot/dovecot-postfix.conf instead of /etc/dovecot/dovecot-postfix.conf. " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39985018:26
BilgeHow can I check what packages another package depends on?18:59
dayo!kernel > dayo19:11
ubottudayo, please see my private message19:11
dayoBilge: apt-cache showpkg <packageName>19:12
BilgeI guess apt-cache depends would be more appropriate? :)19:17
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Pirate_Hunterhow do i create my domain name on my server, I dont fully understand but is the domain the same as the hostname?20:11
ballNot quite20:13
ball(in fact, not at all).20:13
ballHave you bought a domain20:13
Enkzallmost, hostname is usually the name of your computer inside a network20:13
Pirate_Hunterball nope i havent based on the tuts ive been following it would use the hostname as a domain, is that even possible20:14
Enkzyou can register it20:14
ball...but you probably don't want to.20:14
Pirate_HunterEnkz, so @example could become @example.lan or com depending on the webserver?20:14
balltraditionally a domain name is hostname.domain20:15
ball...or rather an FQDN is (fully-qualified domain name)20:15
balle.g. potch.endoftheinternet.org20:15
ball"potch" is the hostname20:15
ballendoftheinternet.org is the domain20:15
ballyou buy a domain name and point it to the IP address of your server (or LAN)20:16
ballI have my router forward certain ports on its WAN interface to the server, which is on the LAN side20:16
ball...people using it don't notice.  That's transparent.20:16
Pirate_Hunteroh hmmm so for soemthing like @example how would i make it a valid domain, the thing is at the moment buying aint an option until i get into grips with this whole server stuff and i am trying for the third time ISPConfig (yeah i know madness) so wish to understand this whole hostname / domain thing20:17
EnkzISPconfig requires a nameserver, right?20:17
ballPirate_Hunter: mine was free20:17
* ball shrugs20:18
Pirate_HunterEnkz, not sure just following the tut from the homepage instead of howtoforge site20:18
* Pirate_Hunter envious of ball, kicks him20:18
ballPirate_Hunter: even when I bought a domain, it was inexpensive20:19
ballPirate_Hunter: is your Linux box at home?20:19
Pirate_Hunterball, yes20:19
ballWhat do you want to do with it?20:19
ball(why do you want it to have a domain?)20:19
Pirate_Hunterball, i wish to host my own sites like i said money aint an option at the moment otherwise would be forking £30 a month for it20:20
ballWeb site?20:20
ballMore like UKP 30/year20:20
ball(for a domain)20:21
ballhello bin101020:21
Pirate_Hunterball, oh didnt know quite new to this so is there a way for me to do this been looking for noob tuts on setting up servers but havent got anything20:22
Enkz0rzPower went of when I turned on my server; well that's a good sign :S20:24
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ballPirate_Hunter: what kind of Internet connection do you have at home?20:26
ballwtf.  Ubuntu Server doesn't ship with "banner"?20:27
Pirate_Hunterball, supposedly 16mb, why do you ask?20:28
ballPirate_Hunter: I didn't ask how fast it was, just what /kind/ it was.  Cable?  DSL?  Fibre?20:28
ball16 Mbits/sec is fast btw.20:29
ballI'm surprised that's not massively expensive20:29
ballPirate_Hunter: do you have a static IP address, or dynamic?20:43
Pirate_Hunterball, sorry was away21:03
Pirate_Hunterball, I have a dynamic ip, hmmm my irx client didnt warn me weird21:03
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stgrabera/win 4421:47
owhFor many and varied reasons I am setting up a "virtual data centre" within my MacBook. There will be two main machines, a Ubuntu Desktop and a Ubuntu Server. I want to store the user data from the Desktop machine on the server. I also want to run an imap server and a mysql server on the (virtual) Ubuntu Server. From a performance and manageability perspective, how should I store the user data on the server? I can use NFS, CIFS or isc21:53
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owhHow do I prevent a kernel upgrade on a production server where I'm happy to upgrade the rest of the updates?22:13
alexmthis is usually achieved by apt preferences, see man apt_preferences22:17
owhAre you telling me that I need to hard-code that I don't want to upgrade the kernel on this server? There's no way I can do something like apt-get upgrade -kernel*22:20
alexmyou can apt-get install all the packages that you do want to upgrade, i'm not sure if there's an option in apt-get to skip one22:21
alexmapt-get dist-upgrade should tell you which ones is going to upgrade but will ask for permission first22:22
alexmjust say no and then apt-get install ... (fill the dots cutting and pasting from the previous output)22:22
owhIt's not that I don't know what it's going to do, it's that I don't want to fsk around with a kernel on a remote server where the detection of the network card is chancy at best. If I apt-get install all the shown packages, there's nothing stopping it to upgrade the kernel if a package I specify depends on the new kernel, so I would need to manually go through the list one-at-a-time.22:24
owhDon't you just hate double clicks :(22:25
alexmif any of the packages explicitly listed in apt-get install depends on the kernel, you'll be prompted for permission again22:25
alexmapt-get install will only proceed without asking if you listed all the packages involved22:26
alexmtry it with some other package, apache for instance22:26
alexmor choose any other harmless package22:27
owhThat is exactly what I did before I got here, but then it started whinging about pre-fork and suggested I remove php. So I thought there must be a better way :)22:27
owhIs the process to hold a package still echo "pkg_name hold" | dpkg --set-selection22:30
owhOr have we "advanced" since 2004?22:31
alexmit seems it's still the same way22:35
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ausimageAnyone understand why a python script used as a daemon would cause dpkg to not find its modules ?23:36
dayoin my /var/log/auth.log i have periodic appearances of this:  sudo:     root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=username ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/gconftool --get /system/http_proxy/port   what does it mean?23:36

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