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davmor2_davmor2: hello11:22
davmor2hello back davmor2_11:23
davmor2_adium themes :)11:31
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davmor2guys acn someone else test if salut in empathy karmic can talk to bonjour in pidgin jaunty please?12:03
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davmor2_meh works after a reboot so don't worry :)14:53
arahey eeejay_ :)17:27
eeejay_Hey ara! Is the meeting in 30 minutes?17:28
araeeejay_, QA meeting is in 30 minutes, but auto testing meeting is in 2 minutes17:28
* ara wonders who is going to show up...17:28
eeejay_Good question17:29
eeejay_I think I will17:29
araeeejay_, hehe17:30
eeejay_ara: started working on ubiquity testing. Very exciting17:31
araeeejay_, cool :)17:32
araeeejay_, do you have any news about daily testing? cr3 is not online, apparently17:33
eeejay_ara: Nope!17:34
eeejay_ara: Maybe everyone went to a conference on some island.17:35
araeeejay_, have you seen the merge request I sent today? suite args were not working in mago...17:35
eeejay_ara: No, didn't see that. Will look now17:36
eeejay_Lp is slow..17:38
araeeejay_, classic17:40
aracr3, hey! I wanted to ask you how is the mago daily testing going?18:02
cr3ara: it won't be going for a week or two still, I need to work on other priorities which I've confirmed with heno18:03
aracr3, and results? will there be going to the certification site?18:04
cr3ara: yep, and we'll be opening up the certification site gradually to show the community the latest results every day18:05
cr3ara: if we define the output of mago as an attachment to the test results, you'll be able to download a bunch of test results at once within a single zip file18:05
sbeattiefader_: FYI, I never was able to get your checkbox bzr branch to run the glibc test... but checkbox generally seems to hate me.20:44
fader_sbeattie: Heh, cr3 put some hidden code in there... if ($USERNAME == 'sbeattie') be_evil();20:46
fader_sbeattie: To be more serious, I haven't looked at it in a bit but I will put it back on my list.  I believe schwuk is going to be working on checkbox tests as of next week as well, so maybe we can get some help from him if I can't get it working for you.20:47
cr3sbeattie: what seems to be the problem?20:48
fader_cr3: Almost certainly stuff I did :/20:49
cr3sbeattie: seriously, if I could be of assistance, let me know20:52
sbeattiecr3: mostly my issue is with figuring out how to get it to run correctly in place out of bzr branchs without installing into the system locations.21:06
cr3sbeattie: "in place out of bzr branchs"? and, without installing what into the system locations?21:37
cr3(sorry for the lag, been hopping in and out of the lab)21:38
sbeattiecheckbox; e.g. I want to bzr co testbranches to hack on, without having to install things into /usr and /etc21:39
sbeattiewhich I'm sure is possible, I just haven't figured out the right magic to do it.21:40
cr3sbeattie: just to be clear, do you want to: 1. checkout testbranches of checkbox itself and run it from the source tree? or, 2. write a plugin in checkbox which checkouts testbranches of some test suite?21:40
cr3sbeattie: bzr branch lp:checkbox; cd checkbox; sudo ./bin/checkbox-gtk21:41
cr3sbeattie: let me know if that doesn't work21:41
sbeattiewhen I've done that in the past, it never seems to honor suites I've added.21:42
sbeattie(to the local bzr tree)21:42
cr3sbeattie: ok, so I misunderstood the problem then, I thought you couldn't run checkbox from the source directory21:42
cr3sbeattie: if the problem is that checkbox doesn't recognize new suites, might you happen to have a sample suite which didn't work?21:43
cr3there should be no magic, you should just be able to drop your suite into the suites directory and be done21:44
cr3if there is magic necessary, then that's a bug21:44
sbeattiein the suites directory in the bzr tree, or the one in /usr/share/checkbox/suites21:44
sbeattieI never got the former to work, even with simple /bin/true testcases.21:45
cr3sbeattie: if you're running checkbox from the bzr tree, in the bzr tree. if you're running checkbox from the system, in the system /usr/share/... directory. it should be logical21:45
sbeattieright, running from the bzr tree + adding suites to the bzr tree never worked for me.21:46
cr3sbeattie: your expectations were correct then, if you were working from the bzr tree, you should indeed expect that dropping new suites in that directory should work21:46
cr3sbeattie: "might you happen to have a sample suite which didn't work?"21:46
cr3sbeattie: I've made plenty of demonstrations to people from the source tree and dropping new suites, so perhaps there was a problem in the formatting of the suites file21:47
sbeattielemme dig one up, it's been a while. But I'm also unclear as to how to use the additional checkbox bzr trees (checkbox-certification, etc.) in conjunction with either the system checkbox or a bzr checkout.21:55
cr3sbeattie: using checkbox-* in conjunction with checkbox becomes a bit complicated because, if you also want to use the bzr tree of checkbox and you're working on checkbox-compatibility for example, then you have to set environment variables such as CHECKBOX_DATA and CHECKBOX_SHARE21:57
sbeattiecr3: okay, yay, must have been operator error, the dropin thing is working.22:01
sbeattiecr3: but documenting which env variables to set in the checkbox-* case would be helpful.22:02
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