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riky123123anyone can suggest  a good free web builder?14:56
riky123123does it have an admin where i can modify it ?15:08
knome..it's a text editor.15:28
SiDiriky123123: if you are looking for something like dreamweaver, my ideals about the web will unfortunately prevent me from answering you :P15:30
SiDiotherwise gedit isnt that bad. If you do XML/XSLT, Oxygen is good but im not sure if they have a linux version15:30
knomegedit has nice color highlighting :P15:51
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jpdsAH! Where's newz?20:14
MT-jpds: I think he said he's been traveling a lot lately so no reliable connection21:48
jpdsMT-: So I read later on.21:48
MT-jpds: since you have nothing to do without him for the moment.... fix my site :)21:48
jpdsMT-: Howso? :)21:50
MT-This error - Fatal error: Cannot redeclare udcountdown_install() (previously declared in /home/michael/ubuntu-drupal-dev/countdown/udcountdown.install:9) in /home/michael/ubuntu-drupal-dev/iebanner/udiebanner.install on line 921:51
MT-no explanation why it's happening.. the thing shouldn't be looking at the install file and there's no reason for the file to be called twice21:51
knomewhere's the module source?21:53
knomei have no /home/michael? ;)21:54
MT-If I remember the first function, it complains about the next one being duplicated21:54
jpdsMT-: Sorry, I don't really do PHP.21:56
MT-jpds: you do now, now fix it21:56
knomei can try to help, if somebody points me to the source21:56
knomethe internet source, not the global :P21:56
MT-I think I just managed to get it. I removed the file, ran update.php, then moved the file back21:56
MT-knome: thanks though - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-countdown21:57
knomeokay, might look at it anyway.21:57
knomeis there a module for wordpress ors hould somebody write one?21:57
MT-it would have to be written21:58
knomeis there any interest toward one?21:59
MT-not for me, I use Drupal for my blogs21:59
MT-You could sure grab that are try to make one :)22:00
knome"try" ;)22:01
knomei think that is only matter of doing or not doing :)22:01
MT-knome: well, if you're going to redo that, then you need a cron - I didn't think wordpress had a built in cron22:02
knomesuppose it doesn't. but does drupal do then?23:01
MT-knome: yup23:02
MT-there's a _cron hook that you just toss in the module23:02
knomei have used drupal in a few client projects23:02
knomei don't remember seeing a cron or then it wasn't good enough so i had to install some cron module23:03
MT-when did you use it last?23:04
MT-idk about D4, but D5 and D6 both do23:04
knomeumm... i think it's about 3 months, but the last time i looked at the cron stuff it must've been like 6 months.23:04
knomei used 523:04
MT-The whole point of the cron is so that it can pull the latest source for banner options. I'm guessing you saw that already though23:05
knomedidn't look at the source code yeat23:06
knomei suppose there is wp cron plugins23:06
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MT-knome: the module itself is really simple. Check if a value changed, if it does it downalods and unpacks a tarball - the admin section lets you pick an option23:40
MT-you looked already?23:40
knomebut understood already:)23:40
MT-that's about all there is to it23:41
knomei might look at it soonish23:42

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