tanathcan anyone help me narrow down my graphics issue? i have graphical glitches that make it difficult to see anything05:49
tanathcame from a somewhat recent update. is a regression05:49
tanathanyone? it's rather frustrating >_<05:54
RAOFThere we go.  Now with 2.6.31-compatible nouveau07:53
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tseliottjaalton, jcristau: any ideas as to why X.org stops logging in Karmic? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218888/ 13:31
tseliotand is there a way to restart logging?13:31
tseliotif I create an xorg.conf with a Device section I can't reproduce the problem13:57
jcristautseliot: nothing in the gdm log?14:12
tseliotI'll check that14:14
tormodtseliot: it doesn't stop logging, it dies. check the gdm log also.14:25
tseliotyes, I noticed that ;)14:25
tormodyeah I though that would be hard to miss but since you asked :)14:26
Sarvattwow, good thing i didnt make your kernel last night tormod lol15:11
tormodit's flooding15:16
Sarvattmaking it now, going to pull drm-next drm-fixes drm-radeon-kms and drm-intel-next into it so far at least :D15:17
tormodsounds like a perfect edgy kernel :)15:17
Sarvattsome time to go on vacation :)15:17
Sarvatti really should just make it off of the ubuntu kernel build system so we can upload it to a PPA...15:18
Sarvatthmm, pull everything into a branch off linus' tree, then cherry pick ubuntu sauce on top of it? i'm not sure how to manage it in git15:22
Sarvattimagine pulling in new stuff on top of ubuntu-karmic.git will screw up some of the sauce15:23
Sarvatttoo much to read up on now, i'll just use kernel-package again15:27
Sarvatt_man, nouveau stinks :)15:45
Sarvatt_Power usage (5 minute ACPI estimate) :  53.6 W (1.3 hours left)15:45
Sarvatt_Power usage (5 minute ACPI estimate) :  69.5 W (1.0 hours left)15:46
Sarvatt_its like 15 with nvidia on this hp lappy.. wheres devicekit-backlight at? i miss brightness keys :D15:47
jcristauit turns out using the power saving stuff from a card without any information about it is hard.  who would have thought.15:47
Sarvatt_well it sure isn't just powermizer missing at least, running it at full clock speed on the blob only shoots up around 21 watts 15:49
Sarvatt_tormod: does your intel system you're testing the kernel on have ICH6 chipset?16:00
Sarvatt_i want to start putting a patch back in to force it to SATA mode but dont want to screw your system up16:01
tormodSarvatt_: ICH6M Chipset, right on :)16:02
Sarvatt_darn, would probably screw you up then16:03
Sarvatt_eww, segfault starting gedit..16:05
tormodSarvatt_: I can check if it has any of the PCI IDs listed in that patch, but not now16:08
Sarvatt_looking to see if theres a way to disable the quirks16:09
Sarvatt_do you use an ide drive in it?16:11
Sarvatt_eh i'll leave it out, other people were using it too no biggie.16:12
tormodyes it has an ide drive16:15
Sarvatt_ah yeah that patch will screw you up then16:16
tormoddo you know if the IDs in the patch are for the IDE controller or more probably the SATA AHCI controller? I am pretty sure this old machine does not have any sata controller16:20
Sarvatt_they're odd, the pci id changes in ide or sata mode and that quirks it over into sata mode instead of ide16:21
Sarvatt_hmm http://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/35295/16:28
Sarvatt_he put my changes in there, not sure yet if this is going to fix it loading on non aspire ones though16:28
tormodthe "AO" check is still left out16:29
Sarvatt_yeah looks like its still screwed up16:30
Sarvatt_whats your acer's product tormod?16:41
aggieuuuh I'm using ubuntu 9.04 it's beautifull as ever. But there's omething going on with my windows16:44
aggieWhen I move them arround the have a delay16:44
aggielike when you finish solitair in windows16:44
aggieI have a Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset16:45
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drvoodoohi, has anyone a solution for a very bad x-performance with kde4.2 and 4.3 and an ati mobility radeon 9000? have installed the radeon-driver from the x-updates ppas22:48
Nginteresting situation in karmic atm23:42
NgKMS is so fast to bring the display back after suspend that X doesn't seem to have had time to bring the keyboard back23:43
NgI hear RH might have patches to help with this (so says Pete Graner)23:43
ScottKMy experience with KMS is my system won't boot at all, so you're at a level of refinement well beyond where I am.23:44
ScottKYes.  I hear it'll be better after the next upload.23:44
Ngah right23:44
NgI've only used it so far on 965 and G45 and it's been kinda excellent on both23:44
ScottKMine is 945.23:44
RAOFMy G45 now actually drives the display correctly with the new kernel.23:46
ScottKMaybe I'll give it another shot.23:47

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