aleksiocan anyone help me with ffmpeg?00:00
syslq78fwaokda, nohup programname00:00
k5ehxhello, KB1JWQ00:00
KB1JWQmcphail: Some systems will kill any backgrounded task opened within a specific terminal when that terminal dies.00:00
khazilOkay: there's certainly no reason not to use proprietary drivers, but charging for something that's included in Windows drivers is a little... questionable00:00
KB1JWQk5ehx: Helo.00:00
syslq78fwaokda,  nohup tells app to ignore sighup signal00:00
rpx__anyone that is good with alsa?00:00
fwaokdamcphail, didn't work :(00:00
Apollo2366mcphail, is there a guide to using ardour?00:00
k5ehxanybody have pointers on troubleshooting Xorg startups? I seem to have the right module loaded in the kernel, but I don't really know how to deal with modules / drivers in xorg00:01
Okaykhazil, yeah, I read about some alternatives, but they seem to all have downsides to them00:01
KB1JWQfwaokda: As I said, run it inside of a screen session.  You can reattach later with screen -x00:01
skellingtonmcphail: im on an asus eeepc 1000ha with an hdd, not an ssd. i was really just wondering what applications i could remove to speed up my boot even more. (it's faster than winxp as it is)00:01
mcphailApollo2366: yes - tutorial on the web page. It is a complex and powerful piece of kit00:01
KB1JWQk5ehx: The X log is your friend.00:01
mazda01anyone else use phpmyadmin in jaunty and got it working?00:01
fwaokdasyslq78, doing 'nohup command' seemed to work thanks00:01
khazilOkay: it's probably impossible to work around kernel software00:01
mcphailskellington: for a start, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to remove the countdown from the grub menu00:02
syslq78fwaokda, you can also suspend it with ctrl+z, than put it to background with bg and use disown -h job_id to detach it from parent process, if it's already running00:02
k5ehxKB1JWQ: yeah, it's not being very friendly though. Just says "saw signal 11" and has "intel_drv" in the traceback.00:02
syslq78fwaokda, np00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssl00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openssl00:02
Ramonster!open ssl00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about open ssl00:02
skellingtonmcphail: did that already.00:02
* laclasse has fruit pastilles00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lib00:02
Socahlaclasse, should esd-common be related to almost whole gnome?00:02
ekaswapon problem??00:02
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:02
laclasseSocah, esd = Enlightment Sound Daemon00:03
mcphailskellington: the eeebuntu forums have a few tips on speeding up boot. Will probably apply to ubuntu as well00:03
taviHey all: I'm having an issue with dual displays in ubuntu. When I try to drag a window to my 2nd screen, it stops at the edge and doesn't let me fully utilize it. Any suggestions?00:03
jdudeskiI'm trying to fix the intel video bug and I've got the instructions, but I just can't get to anywhere to fix it... GDM freezes, none of the grub boot options which are useful are getting me to any shell I can carry out the commands... Anyone know of any way to get around the freeze on boot? The guide I'm trying to follow is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113058200:03
k5ehxjdudeski: I think that's what is happening to me, maybe00:03
skellingtonmcphail: ill have a gander, may have a fix for my wpa problem as well. one more question, is xfce faster than gnome?00:03
jdudeskik5ehx: likely, you have intel onboard?00:03
RamonsterI get this error when I try ./configure... checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries, what ssl libs do I need... got OpenSSL..? :)00:03
k5ehxjdudeski: it's a notebook, 945GM or some such00:04
jdudeskiXFCE is faster than gnome, yes skellington00:04
aleksiomore than 1000 users online and nobody knows nothing about ffmpeg?00:04
laclasseSocah, esd is dated ...it uses OSS ... so esd works with also only across the oss compat module: asoundconf set-oss PARAMETER00:04
Okaykhazil, guess I should have installed a windows partition huh?00:04
jdudeskiyeah k5ehx, you're bitten by the bug00:04
mcphailskellington: not really. You can strip gnome down and it will run almost as fast00:04
k5ehxaleksio: use avidemux00:04
EvelinaThank you all! I got my cron job and rtcwake working as it should. At least it seem to work! Thanks for all help.00:04
cuddlefishTavi: you have tried all the screen edges?00:04
KB1JWQRamonster: Source build isn't really the ubuntu way.00:04
nsadminwhere's k5land?00:04
k5ehxnsadmin: oklahoma here, tulsa00:04
arandHow do I send two notifications that will stack (both shows simultaneously) using notify-sedn from CLI?00:04
aleksiok5ehx: tnx, i'll try it00:04
laclasseSocah, but not sure if e17 doe not use it00:04
skellingtonalright guys, thanks00:04
khazilOkay: Or just pay for software that works00:04
KB1JWQRamonster: What're you trying to install?00:04
jdudeskik5ehx: freeze up on boot? can't get to anywhere to fix it?00:04
khazilOkay: alternatively, you can buy hardware that works00:04
tavicuddlefish: Yeah, it's the correct edge becuaes it's dragging onto the second screen partially. But it's acting like it's not really dual display--it also isnt letting me right click on the Desktop of the 2nd display00:05
RamonsterKBIJWQ: Arcemu core; a WoW Private Server :P00:05
nsadminso also say texas, arizona and NM?00:05
khazilOkay: is this a parallel port printer, or USB?00:05
RamonsterKBIJWQ: Their IRC Isnt realy helpfull tho00:05
Okayit's usb00:05
KB1JWQRamonster: That's a 1, not an I in my nick.00:05
cuddlefishAnd there's only one mouse pointer? (Just trying to rule out all the noob questions)00:05
KB1JWQRamonster: And yeah, good luck with that. :)00:06
khazilOkay: then you can use Sun's proprietary (but free) xVM, run windows and pass through the printer driver00:06
hilltophelp please: what is Super in the hot keys?  Thanks00:06
RamonsterKB1JWQ: im sorry :P00:06
Picihilltop: Generally the 'windows' key00:06
Okaykhazil, okay. I'll go give that a try00:06
KB1JWQRamonster: Mistype someone's nick and they don't get flagged; they'll miss your post in a busy channel like this. Type the first couple letters than hit tab, it'll autocomplete.00:06
Okaykhazil, is it guaranteed to work though?00:06
FloridaGuydoes ubuntu have a gui to configure the display....like in mandriva...and in fedora there is yum install config-display00:07
hilltopOh, great. My old thinkpad has no window key.  Thanks pici00:07
RamonsterKB1JWQ, ah.. thanks.. Knew it was something with tab but just couldnt figure it out :P00:07
Apollo2366mcphail, Ok, I've been looking for it, but I don't see it anywhere00:07
khazilOkay: It's non-trivial though, not guaranteed, and not convenient00:07
stroyanRamonster: You may want "sudo apt-get install libssl-dev".00:07
aleksiok5ehx: avidemux can work with mkv files?00:07
khazilOkay: I take it this printer is too new to send to the junk heap, but too old to return00:07
Ramonsterstroyan, libssl-dev is already the newest version.00:08
k5ehxaleksio: I believe it uses ffmpeg00:08
Okaykhazil, you got that right00:08
mcphailApollo2366: http://ardour.org/files/manual/index.html00:08
k5ehxaleksio: but it's a lot easier to use if it does00:08
Apollo2366mcphail, thanks00:08
aleksiok5ehx: thank you00:08
Ramonsterstroyan, this is a new error.. the -lcompat works now :P But then this showed up :(00:08
rpx__help to debug alsa -- no sound gives good karma (http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e8be8c6ba3f70045bb1bd35954b3aa70f8d71725)00:09
erikk71how do change the time so thats its not in military time00:09
khazilOkay: can you try using the mp160 drivers first, to see if that's acceptable?00:09
nsadminno sound gives good karma?00:09
laclasseFloridaGuy, no need to install here. Just go to System -> Preferences -> Display00:09
Ramonsterstroyan, this is the output i get: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries00:09
rpx__nsadmin: no sound gives peace but no karma... do you know how to read that url (http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e8be8c6ba3f70045bb1bd35954b3aa70f8d71725)00:10
FloridaGuylaclasse, that dont work for me...i need to get more res then what that shows00:10
khazilOkay: do you happen to have an ancient machine you could use as a Windows printer server?00:11
nsadminthe http is the protocol... the www.alsa-project.org is the machine...00:11
bastidrazorRamonster, libssl0.9.8 if you're on an updated jaunty00:11
Okaykhazil, no. that's not a possibility00:11
laclasseFloridaGuy, what gfx card/monitor dos you have, what can it do and what does default ubuntu does?00:11
Ramonsterbastidrazor: libssl0.9.8 is already the newest version.00:12
rpx__nsadmin: hehe, true.. so they recommended on the help pages for sound debuging to run a script to produce this page... unfort. I am not able to find the problem00:12
hilltopThere seem to be two virtual desktops show at foot of screen How do I set up more, like 4?  Thanks00:12
erikk71how i fix the time it keeps showing it in military time00:12
Okaykhazil, maybe i'll just use turboprint's trial for 30 days and then uninstall then reinstall00:12
nsadminrpx__: oh, it's the output of the script... show that url on #alsa00:12
Mike_lifeguardWhenever I unplug my laptop, it suspends. How can I change that behaviour?00:12
RamonsterIsnt there a way to find out what libs you need?00:12
laclasseRamonster, if you are trying to build something install the dev packages00:13
Shazburghilltop: Right click on it and go to Preferences.00:13
rpx__nsadmin: I tried but no one there :(00:13
nsadminRamonster that's what package dependencies are for00:13
laclasseRamonster, you need "libssl-dev" it seems00:13
FloridaGuylaclasse,  i have nvidia g6....im useing my polaroid tv with monitor on it...ubuntu only wants to give 1040 on res..when in mandriva i can get 1280/104000:13
LurkersAHey all. Just put a new install of Jaunty on a Laptop to replace the intrepid instance. Put it into standby before, and now it no longer realizes it has a built in keyboard or trackpad. Logging in with an external keyboard resulted in a comment by X.org saying it had reset to default instance. Google has a few examples of this on ubuntu forums but no solutions. ideas?00:14
laclasseFloridaGuy, prop nvidia drivers installed?00:14
Lenaud01anyone here use synce?00:14
khazilOkay: yeah, you might as well just do that, but it definitely won't be that easy to clean up00:14
Ramonsterlaclasse, libssl-dev is already the newest version.00:14
cuddlefishhilltop: right click on them, Preferences.00:14
stroyanRamonster: This page lists dependencies- http://www.arcemu.info/wiki/index.php?title=Compiling:_Linux   But libssl-dev should be resolving the current configure error.00:14
khazilOkay: OSS4 used to let you do that (before it was open sourced)00:14
Lenaud01FloridaGuy, you get evolution working00:15
laclasseRamonster, tell WoW their configure script sucks ;-)00:15
cuddlefish<censored> Don't you hate it when you forget to SCROLL DOWN?00:15
Ramonsterstroyan: I already got libssl-dev, updated and all00:15
Shazburgcuddlefish: Happens to the best of us, mate.00:15
Apollo2366mcphail, I'm having the exact same problem as I was with audacity. I'm attempting to simply combine two .wav files with a little bit of silence in between them. I do this and it plays wonderfully in the editor, but when I export, the file will not play in any application.00:15
erikk71how do i fix the time in ubuntu00:15
FloridaGuyLenaud01, never used evolution00:15
cuddlefishErikk, what desktop enviroment are you using?00:16
nsadminwhat time is it in ubuntu?00:16
Lenaud01what you use synce for00:16
Ramonsterlaclasse, will do :P00:16
stroyanRamonster: You will need to delve into exactly what the configure script is looking for.  It isn't explaining its needs very well.00:16
erikk71its in military time format00:16
laclasseFloridaGuy, please report a bug if you can. You can i guess force the coonfig in Xorg (/etc/X11/xorg.conf), google for xorg.conf and you will find examples. But its interesting that it is not detected00:16
Ramonsterstroyan, got all those files00:16
cuddlefisherikk71: go to #xubuntu00:16
bastidrazorerikk71, try #xubuntu00:16
laclasseFloridaGuy, is the Tv recent? maybe the EID db is not up to date00:17
FloridaGuylaclasse, thats why i was woundering if ubuntu had a gui for configure it00:17
Ramonsterstroyan: this is the ./configure: ./configure prefix=/home/arcemu/server --enable-lua-scripting --enable-collision --enable-debug00:18
khazilOkay: next time check out openprinting's database, "paperweights" are clearly labeled00:18
FloridaGuylaclasse, every other distro it works great in00:18
bastidrazorFloridaGuy, you said a nVidia card right? gksudo nvidia-settings will give you a gui00:18
FloridaGuyits about 2 yrs old00:18
laclasseFloridaGuy, not to manually assign resolution no, and the more we go, the more things will get auto detected, as devices become a bit more clever.00:18
syslq78Anyone having weird VLC behaviour while resizing version 1.0.0?00:18
laclasseFloridaGuy, hence why i insist on filing a bug00:19
Okaykhazil, okay. thanks a lot00:19
FloridaGuygota go shampo some carpet00:19
laclasseFloridaGuy, or maybe try karmic, just for curiosity00:19
r3l1cpidgin question here. Transparent chat window? Any ideas?00:19
stroyanRamonster: Try "bash -x ./configure prefix=/home/arcemu/server --enable-lua-scripting --enable-collision --enable-debug" and see what it is really doing.00:19
EvelinaWill a root cron job be run even if I haven't logged in as an user on Ubuntu Server?00:19
Reidanyone have any experience with madwifi drivers and atheros?00:19
laclasseEvelina, yes00:20
EvelinaI mean when I start up Ubuntu Server I get to the login prompt. Will a scheduled corn job be run as root even if I am not logged into any account?00:20
nsadminEvelina And so will a non-root cron job00:20
laclasseThats what Cron does, and there is even anacron to run missed cron jobs while your computer is off.00:20
mcphailEvelina: yes00:20
Ramonsterstroyan, you want me to copy the full output?00:20
EvelinaOk, so it ok to stay at the login prompt?00:20
mcphailEvelina: yes00:21
Socahlaclasse, my solution: I went to package manager... showed all installed packages, and made "reinstall" for all. In fact, it hanged on bash and stopped, but after reboot, and editing again modprobe.d/alsa-sound.conf with proper options for my card, everything is back to normal00:21
EvelinaOk, I have got an answer.00:21
nsadmindepends on what you mean by "ok"00:21
Socahlaclasse, pretty stupid and simple, but worked00:21
laclasseSocah, err00:21
stroyanYou could pastebin the last few lines.  Or read it yourself.00:21
StrangeCharm__how can i see what services are running on what sockets on my machine?00:21
laclasseSocah, glad you have sound00:21
Socahlaclasse, thank you for your help and time00:21
hilltopcuddlefish, OK got it.  Thanks00:21
khazilStrangeCharm__: "netstat"00:22
EvelinaThank you answering my question. Nice to hear I don't have to login.00:22
StrangeCharm__cheers khazil00:22
syslq78Evelina, yeah, you dont have to be loged in in order for coronjobs to be executed00:22
nsadminEvelina: is it critical this cron job runs?00:22
khazilStrangeCharm__: actually, netstat -l for listeners (servers)00:22
Evelinasyslq78: Yeah, hehe, I got it. ;)00:22
StrangeCharm__khazil-  i was going to say, that's giving me streams, thanks again00:23
laclasseSocah, np00:23
Evelinansadmin: Nah, I won't say it's critical but I want it to be run so it will be bad if it won't. Not critical but well at least not good, why?00:23
nsadminoh, so that's what you mean by "OK"00:24
syslq78Evelina, that's true for all systems really including ms windows00:25
r3l1cI can run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" in one command. Is there a way to skip the sudo apt-get the second time and use "&& upgrade"? I can write a scripr but is there anything built in?00:25
justfilI can't play sound simultaneously in firefox and Decibel audio player.00:26
Ramonsterstroyan, did you get my PM?00:26
StrangeCharm__khazil-  any way of saying which processes are listening to those sockets?00:26
Evelinasyslq78: Ok, well I just wanted to be sure.00:26
khazilr3l1c: that's not how && works00:26
stroyanRamonster: yes00:26
nsadminwell let's put it this way... I think you can run a periodic script in windows... the mechanism is not called cron and doesn't work like it00:26
r3l1cso what are the possibilites. When I run the first command khazil it does work00:27
khazilStrangeCharm__: usually you can tell, but let me check00:27
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:28
nsadminwhether it's good or bad it works different is a subjective value judgement00:28
khazilStrangeCharm__: netstat -lp00:28
syslq78 ActionParsnip yo yo yo t00:28
ActionParsnipsyslq78: your typing as drunk as i feel00:28
StrangeCharm__thansk khazil00:28
EvelinaI won't hurt removing the graphics card and the display from the server? I am going to use ssh to remote control the server.00:29
syslq78ActionParsnip, nah, but I'm doing something else while typing00:29
ActionParsnipsyslq78: gotcha00:29
EvelinaThe fan at the graphics card is not working so I'm planning to remove the card to avoid getting some overheating.00:29
khazilEvelina: there is no onboard graphics?00:29
nsadminEvelina: give it a shot... I would imagine the system would get confused (but I don't think permanent damage would happen)00:30
nsadminreplace it with a cheap console-only card00:30
khazilare there systems which refuse to post without graphics card?00:30
Evelinakhazil: I donät know actually. I don't want to use a display anyway, it's good enough using reote control. But will it give me any problem booting Ubntu without any display and graphics card, any error message etc?00:31
owen1how to find my harddrive rpm from terminal?00:31
syslq78Evelina, just replace the fan :)00:31
laclasseEvelina, it won't at all. All my boxes are headless. no need gfx card at all.00:31
syslq78owen1, hdparm00:31
Ramonsterstroyan, got anything yet?00:31
owen1syslq78: thanks00:31
nsadminEvelina: probably you want to arrange a serial console before you try that00:31
Evelinasyslq78: Yeah, but I'm goint to remote control the server using ssh so I didn't bother. But if the system may be confused then I may reconsider my decision.00:31
stroyanRamonster: The configure script may be caching bad results from earlier.  You could restart from autoreconf, or start over in a new directory.00:32
Evelinansadmin: Serial console? What's that?00:32
syslq78Evelina, well I dont think it will be confused00:32
Ramonsterstroyan, restarted about 5 times now :P00:32
mazda01anyone else use phpmyadmin in jaunty and got it working?00:32
syslq78Evelina, hmm, non ethernet network (non tcp/ip one too) just a peer-peer with data flow00:32
syslq78Evelina, it's used to configure switches sometimes etc00:32
StarmanHi guys. I've done some google searching, but I can't find any info on embedding a terminal into my top panel. Like a little persistant box I can type commands into00:33
stroyanRamonster: It is time for me to go eat.00:33
khazilSerial console will allow you to access it if something happens which prevents you from ssh'ing in00:33
nsadminEvelina: there used to be no video cards... computers had large banks of serial ports and that's how they talked00:33
Ramonsterstroyan, bon a petit ;)00:33
syslq78Evelina, nothing should happen if you remove you grapichs card and boot system00:33
Ramonsterstroyan, thanks for your time00:33
syslq78Well except you wont be eable to plug in monitor00:33
nsadminwell you can plug it in... but it won't do anything :)00:34
syslq78nsadmin, we still use serial connections at work, not very often but ... :)00:34
syslq78nsadmin, yeah :)00:34
StarmanDoes anyone know how I can embed one like that?00:34
=== name is now known as Guest61010
nsadminJamesHoldsworth: any relation to Allan?00:34
indubitableHello, I just tried to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 via network. When I restarted my system after the upgrade tool finished its work, the login screen froze after about a minute. Subsequent reboots and attempts to work through the console resulted in a complete system freeze after about 1 minute. I am using a Radeon 9800 video card -- is there some kind of issue with the driver or with X that is causing these system freezes? What should I 00:35
woodworkerhow much extra space should you leave when you are using usb creator to make your instal persistant?00:36
gogetawoodworker: the more the better00:36
Evelinasyslq78: Ok, well, I'm going to start the server two times a day, running some scripts using a cron job, then suspend until nex time the server shall boot. I'm going to let it run by itself every day whitout my interaction. Maybe I'm going to log in by ssh to do some modifications.00:36
gogetawoodworker: extra space = storage00:36
woodworkergogeta: 2.0 gb or more?00:37
Evelinasyslq78: Therefore I donät need a graphics card or a display.00:37
gogetawoodworker: as i said more the better00:37
gogetawoodworker: thats going t be your extra storage00:38
owen1syslq78:is it somewhere here? hdparm -I /dev/sda00:39
Freelancerhey, is there a solution to use the Iphone on Ubuntu ?00:39
gogetaFreelancer: wine + itunes?00:39
StarmanDoes anyone know what I'm talking about?00:39
syslq78owen1, dunno, read man hdparm, I dont use it really, I did few times but I forgot00:40
owen1syslq78: sure00:40
Freelancergogeta, wine doesn't support usb devices for itunes, does it..00:40
Freelancergogeta > it's said on ubuntu forums :S00:40
mezquitaleanyone that's ever edited videos can tell me which one you prefer and why, kino or cinelerra??00:40
RamonsterI get this error when I try ./configure... checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries, what ssl libs do I need... got OpenSSL..? :)00:40
indubitableDoes anyone know of problems with the Radeon 9800 series under 9.04?00:40
jribRamonster: what are you compiling?00:41
OkayI installed turboprint using ./setup,but how do i uninstall it? it's not in synaptic manager or add/remove00:41
gogetaFreelancer: it says it does00:41
Ramonsterjrib, arcemu; wow private server00:41
lolcashMy mouse jumps all over the screen. Just started today after upgrading to 9.04. Some how It did this while on firefox and now firefox is almost 100% transparent. Anybody know how to fix this?00:41
jribOkay: you need to contact turboprint about that or check its documentation00:41
gogetaFreelancer: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2008/03/04/itunes-syncing-now-works-in-linux-with-wine/00:41
jrib!compile > Ramonster00:41
ubottuRamonster, please see my private message00:42
mazda01anyone else use phpmyadmin in jaunty and got it working?00:42
jribRamonster: headers for compiling are in packages that end in -dev00:42
mazda01i installed phpmyadmin in jaunty and created the symlink to /var/www/ but when I use firefox and type in localhost/phpmyadmin it asks about either opening or saving a phtml file. here's the screenshot. http://img12.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot2nrk.png00:42
gogetaFreelancer: thata was 2 hyears ago00:42
indubitableIs there some kind of safe default video driver that I can configure Xorg to use in lieu of whatever it automatically loads for Radeon video cards?00:43
gogetaFreelancer: your right its does not sync with 8.200:43
Freelancergogeta > I tried with playonlinux and it really doesnt work ?!00:43
gpprineANyone out there with IBM server and SAS tape drive exp. 10/400:43
jmigelindubitable: VESA driver00:43
woodworkerWhen I do a live install usb creator  - when I boot from the usb drive will all my setting be lost in the next rebot....... I added 4.5 gb of extra space.  Is there anything u must to do make it persistant00:43
Freelancergogeta hmmm so I should search a previous version of Itunes00:44
indubitablejmigel: How can I configure Xorg so it uses that?00:44
syslq78Evelina, are you studying informatics or something? We dont see a lot of girls / women setting up *nix servers ? <-- if that's no secret00:44
rww!es | perruchito00:44
ubottuperruchito: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:44
perruchitook sorry00:44
Flannelsyslq78: Er, excuse me?00:44
BlizzerandHow do I import the Open office key via termial in ubuntu00:44
gogetaFreelancer: http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3375400:45
jmigelindubitable what version of ubuntu are you using?00:45
indubitablejmigel: I just upgraded to 9.0400:45
syslq78Flannel, you're excused00:45
jmigelindubitable sorry pal the screwed it all around now, i dont know how to change those settings in 9.0400:46
Evelinasyslq78: Yeah, I'm studying computers at university in Sweden. It's my 1st year.00:46
Flannelsyslq78: How is your previous question relevant whatsoever?00:46
indubitablejmigel: I agree, it's pretty screwed up.00:46
gogetaFreelancer: jailbroken can by synced wireless all i found00:46
syslq78Flannel, related to what?00:46
syslq78Evelina, cool00:47
jmigelindubitable used to be you just edit the xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 but for me anyway now its blank and its all done somewhere else00:47
justfilDid someone noticed in firefox awesomebar there is bright blue links? O_O i liked the darkgreen better ;/00:47
Radtoosyslq78: Theres' quite many women but this is #ubuntu-offtopic stuff...?00:47
jmigelindubitable im pretty sure you can google your way to a howto00:47
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indubitablejmigel: That was my first thought, but when I loaded it up in vi, it was like 10 lines of vague information.00:48
BlizzerandHow do I import the Open office key via termial in ubuntu00:48
BlizzerandPlease help???00:48
Freelancergogeta > arf...00:48
syslq78Radtoo, tech skills I have, I need social skills00:48
RadtooBlizzerand: open office... key?00:48
BlizzerandRadtoo : Yeah PPA key00:48
jmigelindubitable ya if i wanted to have no idea what was going on and couldnt change anything id just run windows...00:49
syslq78Blizzerand, sudo apt-key add ?00:49
syslq78Blizzerand, you can just use gui too00:49
syslq78Since you're installing open office I guess you have x00:50
RadtooBlizzerand: ahuh, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA <- theres multiple ways00:50
DVA5912How can i go about manualy turning on status lights on my laptop? such as the wife, bluetooth etc00:50
woodworkerIs there anything you need to do after using usb creator to make 9.04 persistant???  I left 4.5 gb of extra space.00:50
Blizzerandsyslq78 : Sorry already tried gui . I cannot find any files in my home directory00:50
Lloyd_Pughhi there. i have recently put UNR on my net book (acer aspire one) it was great, but today when i turned it on. it asks me to put in my user and password(as normal) and then nothing else loads :( no taskbar, it will let me move my mouse around. can anyone help me please?00:51
Mike_lifeguardWhenever I unplug my laptop, it suspends. How can I change that behaviour?00:51
gogetaFreelancer: err virtualbox 3 and a xp vmware install lol00:51
moymoywoodworker: nope, there's nothing else you need to do.. but keep in mind that the usb boot up disk will no longer work when you change system settings like user accounts00:51
host47hi, someone using Mutt +  GPG? I'm having a little trouble00:51
moymoyMike_lifeguard: have you looked in the gnome-powermanager app?00:52
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: Yes, I didn't see a setting for this.00:52
DVA5912is there a file that controls the leds? like there are files frot the cpu and stuff?00:52
woodworkermoymoy:  can you put that one in idiot terms..... that is kinda what I am at this point00:52
moymoyMike_lifeguard: i don't know then.. i don't normally use a laptop00:52
owen1i replaced my old nvidia with geforce 6200 AGP. do i need to change my bios to AGP?00:52
Evelinasyslq78: Yeah, it's fun to play with Linux.00:52
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: Yeah, I double-checked, there is no such setting there.00:53
gogetaowen1: yes some bios do need to be switched00:53
Evelinasyslq78: To learn more about servers and networks.00:53
hipitihopanyone here using virtualbox regularly ? I'm running 2.2.4 and want to upgrade to latest 3.0.200:53
edbianDVA5912: Simply put.  "Probably".  I don't know what they would be called or how to find them out or anything else about it.  But udev's job is to make a file for every device and place them all in /dev00:53
moymoyMike_lifeguard: you're making a usb bootup disk right?00:53
edbianDVA5912: If an appropriate driver cannot be found however a file will not be made.00:53
gogetahipitihop: so upgarde lol00:53
hilltopin crunchbang, what keyboard is used. I can't make pipe character00:53
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: uh, no. When I unplug my laptop it suspends.00:54
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)00:54
woodworkerevelina:  fyi it worked00:54
Flannelhilltop: ^00:54
owen1gogeta: interesting. it's working now even though my bios is set to pci. is it possible?00:54
DVA5912edbian: thats more information than i had. The light did come on a couple of minutes ago but then i went into hibernation and it didnt come back on.00:54
syslq78Evelina, yeah, it rocks, it follows good *nix design philosophy and it does not cover up details so in any case you benefit with general computing knowledge far superior than fanboys usually have00:54
Oceanichipitihop, you can download the newest virtualbox from www.virtualbox.org00:54
moymoyMike_lifeguard: oops lol highlighted to the wrong person, sorry00:54
owen1gogeta: or i didn't read the bios correctly.00:54
gogetaowen1: yes soem bios auto switch00:54
edbianDVA5912: Good luck!00:54
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: np00:54
owen1gogeta: thanks00:54
syslq78Evelina, not to mention that there are quite some very highly payed it job's for it in sysadmin / engineering area00:55
hilltopFlannel, not working for me.00:55
moymoyMike_lifeguard: and i'm sorry i can't help you.. but does gnome always complain about your battery being low?00:55
gogetasyslq78: whers my high pay sysadmin job00:55
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: nope00:55
Flannelhilltop: Er, what?  Ask in #crunchbang /join #crunchbang00:56
DVA5912ok so its on now. for some reason. I pressed the fn key and wifi button two times and it came on. what does that mean? can i fix it now that it does come on?00:56
Mike_lifeguardmoymoy: I've found #ubuntu-laptop ... it's rather desolate, but maybe I'll find someone there who can help. Thanks anyways00:56
moymoyMike_lifeguard: alright, good luck!00:56
syslq78gogeta, dunno, you should know that00:56
Lloyd_Pughhiya i have recently put UNR on my net book (acer aspire one) it was great, but today when i turned it on nothing loads :( no taskbar, it will let me move my mouse around but thats it. can anyone help me please?00:56
hilltopFlannel, thanks00:56
hipitihopOceanic: thanks and it also appears in the repos, so appears in synaptic just not sure if I need to remove 2.2 first and if I should expect any problems00:56
syslq78gogeta, my pay is not gold mine but far from being bad00:56
khazilmoymoy: does the laptop not charge?00:57
edbianLloyd_Pugh: Can you open a terminal with alt + F2 ?00:57
khazilmoymoy: or is it simply incorrect measurement?00:57
Lloyd_Pughwill try now :)00:57
syslq78gogeta, it depends on how good you are, this area also got populated with server market share gain00:57
Oceanichipitihop, you'll need to remove your current one first, there should be no problems, i don't think you even need a restart, keep us posted :D00:57
Lloyd_Pughedbian no i cant, i can bring up a small menu when i right click00:58
edbianWhat does menu say?00:58
moymoykhazil: everything seems to be working fine.. the laptop just suspends it self when you unplug it...... actually this isn't even my problem.. it's Mike_lifeguard, and he's still in this channel.. but you can look for him in #ubuntu-laptop00:58
yowshi1why are there components of ubuntu eating up ram but not letting any of it go?00:58
hipitihopOceanic: will do thanks.00:58
Lloyd_Pughwith stuff like "creat document, launcer, folder" change desktop backround(nothing usefull in there though00:58
moymoyyowshi1: what components? memory leaks need to be reported..00:58
jmigelanyone know the channel for psubuntu?00:59
moymoyyowshi1: type `top` into terminal and press SHIFT+M00:59
yowshi1moymoy: at-spi-registryd xorg and nautilus all seem to be taking up more memory now then my last reboot00:59
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  are they doing more stuff?01:00
edbianLloyd_Pugh: Have you tried simply restarting?  It might be a fluke01:01
moymoyyowshi1: that's the gnome-accessibility service daemon, do you need it running?01:01
yowshi1StrangeCharm__: i dont know what at-spi-registryd does xorg aint doing much more now then when i rebooted, i think anyway and i only have one more folder open now then when i rebooted so i dont know about nautilus either01:01
Lloyd_PughI have restarted about 4 times now01:01
yowshi1moymoy: no i dont think i do01:01
CorpXmy vnc is broken01:01
CorpXi can move the mouse around, but it doesnt update01:01
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  how much more memory are they using?01:01
Evelinasyslq78: Well, I have a lot to learn before I get a job as an sys admin. :)01:02
dephiancewhere's the place to go after I install 9.10 and want to find bug info?01:02
stillinbetaCan I mount /home/user on its own partition?01:02
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yowshi1StrangeCharm__: alot more they were using very little on reboot now exorg is using almost 150megs and at-spi is using almost 300 megs01:02
Joe_If I leave evolution running for a while, it won't check email (gets stuck, just says Waiting...) unless I close it and reopen... anyway to fix that?01:02
Evelinasyslq78: Well, it's 02:00 in my country. I have to go to bed now. Good night and thanks for all help!01:03
Joe_normally have to force it closed too01:03
moymoyyowshi1: then you can go ahead and disable it if you want..and kill it.  It's really not needed, and how much RAM is Xorg using?01:03
KrOlinpeople i got a problem wit my repos... dont let me do nothin wit my pacs01:03
Evelinabye bye01:03
KB1JWQKrOlin: Errors to a pastebin?01:03
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yowshi1moymoy: 143 megs01:04
Ddordawhen i try to enter my ubuntu server VM not by the VM i'm requested to enter username and password. how do i know these?01:04
edbianWhat is the new method to quickly log out?  (used to be ctrl + alt + backspace)01:04
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  well, that is a fair bit01:05
yowshi1StrangeCharm__:  moymoy my system slowly eats up memory i usually wind up having to reboot nafter a couple days because i wont have the ram or swap left to do anything01:05
moymoyyowshi1: wow.. that isn't normal.. are you running any graphic intensive things? i remember gnome-do screwed around with Xorg a lot01:05
arandedbian: can use alt+sysrq+k01:05
arand!dontzap | edbian01:06
ubottuedbian: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.01:06
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eddyeoqin what format does a portable hard drive have to be to be able to use it in usb startup disc creator01:06
edbianThanks guys!01:06
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  option 1) keep rebooting, but report the problem. option 2) buy a medium-sided fast disk, and use that as swap01:06
yowshi1moymoy: no i am not running gnome-do01:06
KB1JWQKrOlin: Don't PM me with ubuntu questions, please.01:06
Ddordawhen i try to enter my ubuntu server VM not by the VM i'm requested to enter username and password. how do i know these?01:07
yowshi1StrangeCharm__: i would honestly prefer to not use a flash disk as a swap drive they have a max write limit you know01:07
KB1JWQDdorda: You should have set them at install time?01:07
woodworkerne one here know anything about hosting moodle through 9.04? - I am an amature in need of help for a school project.....01:07
KB1JWQDdorda: You're not running a LiveCD as the VM are you01:07
DdordaKB1JWQ: no01:07
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  i don't think you should use a flash disk, a fast magnetic disk was my suggestion01:08
KB1JWQDdorda: Then user add $usernake; passwd $username sets that up.01:08
DdordaKB1JWQ: i tried my username and password, and it didn;t work01:08
KB1JWQer, useradd rather.01:08
yowshi1StrangeCharm__: ah i dont have one of those handy heh01:08
DdordaKB1JWQ: thank. i will try it out01:08
moymoyKB1JWQ: isn't it adduser?01:08
KB1JWQmoymoy: Depends upon distro. :)01:09
dephianceis anyone running 9.10 and vmplayer?  Mouse and keyboard are not cooperating with my install01:09
StrangeCharm__yowshi1-  that's inconvenient01:09
DdordaKB1JWQ: can you give me ex. for the commands?01:09
moymoyKB1JWQ: gotcha ;)01:09
KB1JWQDdorda: I just did.01:09
StrangeCharm__what command will give me a list of all users01:09
KB1JWQStrangeCharm__: cat /etc/passwd01:09
revloStrangeCharm__: getent passewd01:09
moymoyyowshi1: for now, you can always setup a cronjob to automatically kill and reload the apps that eat up your RAM01:09
revloStrangeCharm__: getent passwd01:10
moymoyyowshi1: it may get annoying at times when things unexpectedly close, but it's faster than a reboot01:10
KB1JWQrevlo: You're right; that works better in LDAP environments too. :)01:10
yowshi1moymoy: how do i setup a cron job?01:10
KB1JWQmoymoy: That's... a horrible idea. :)01:10
fwaokdaIs there any way to add folders to my "Places" section of my menu in ubuntu?01:10
yowshi1moymoy: and ione of the programmes is xorg that wouldrequie a reboot01:10
Travisivarthi, I was wondering if pulseaudio will do USB audio out, to a reciever. I'm looking at a reciever in which this is the main selling point, but don't exactly know if it is fully possible. Looked around on Google, and found very little evidence pointing to either no, or yes. If anyone knows, it would be extremely helpful, Thanks.01:11
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moymoyyowshi1: if you do a sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart, it'll restart xorg i believe01:11
revloKB1JWQ: its unix - there is alway more then 1 possibility todo one thing :-)01:11
KB1JWQrevlo: Hey, now-- Linux isn't  Unix. :)01:12
moymoyKB1JWQ: you're right... xD but i use it on the evolution-data-server .. it eats up RAM like no other.. and it pops up everytime i click on the calener applet! waah!01:12
woodworkerHi,  setting up moodle and in moodle docs it says to "Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file. Remove the # mark on lines 22 and 38 to enable access to the universe package source and universe security updates. You will need to re-enter your account password when sudo asks for it. "01:12
woodworkeris this needed01:12
Doc-SaintlyHow do i list all drives attached to the computer in bash? LSHW is crashing at SCSI01:12
KB1JWQwoodworker: They'd know, wouldn't they?01:13
revloKB1JWQ: actually gnu is not unix but is linux gnu?01:13
KB1JWQwoodworker: Try it and see...01:13
linxehrevlo: obviously...01:13
KB1JWQrevlo: No, Linux and GNU are two distinct things.  Granted, without GNU you've got "a kernel and nothing else" but... :)01:13
anom01yis there any way to test my cups configuration than the "print test page". I have a remote printer that is installed to Windows XP, and I am trying to configure cups (localhost:631) to print to it.01:13
moymoyDoc-Saintly: try `sudo blkid`01:13
linxehLinux is a GNU product01:13
Spirits-Sightany one able help get my cell phone to work with activesync through vbox on my ubuntu system01:13
revloKB1JWQ: heh you have Hurd :-)01:13
anom01yit shows it is added in the printers sections, and that it is "idle, accepting jobs"01:13
woodworkerkb1jwq..... just an amature really with no clue what I am doing here..... just checking if this is going to cause me huge problems...... the tutorial is for 8.04lts server...... I am using 9.04 desktop01:13
jrib!repos > woodworker01:14
ubottuwoodworker, please see my private message01:14
anom01ybut the test page does not work, and there are no errors01:14
jribwoodworker: you can pastebin your current /etc/apt/sources.list and I will tell you if you need to do anything if you wish01:14
jrib!pastebin > woodworker01:14
jribfwaokda: you can add a bookmark in nautilus.  The location should then be added to your Places menu01:14
Doc-SaintlyWell it would appear that something is making my system not work. any of the things i try to list the hardware just crash01:15
fwaokdajrib, how do i add a bookmark in nautilus? (sry still getting the hang of ubuntu :[ )01:15
jribfwaokda: check the menus at the top.  If it isn't obvious, let me know and I'll open up nautilus01:15
arandfwaokda: right-click on folder? I think.01:16
fwaokdajrib, oh nautilus is the file browser thing gotcha thanks01:16
jribfwaokda: yep :)01:16
moymoyDoc-Saintly: even just `mount` doesn't work?01:17
arandfwaokda: disregard that, instead, drag a folder to the bookmarks section in nautilus01:17
jribDoc-Saintly: or « sudo fdisk -l » depending on what you mean01:17
woodworkerjrib:  fyi  I am not currently on a linux system I am flipping between two computers.....01:17
fwaokdaarand, oh thanks that works even better01:18
fwaokdaarand, well faster01:18
jribwoodworker: ok.  If you read the documentation ubottu gave you though, you'll understand what the point of that step was.  Then it should make more sense to you01:18
Doc-Saintlymoymoy: i haven't tried mount, i don't know which device it is, i'm trying to get a listing, the type lshw shows is nice but i'd like it a ilttle more cut down and only hd's01:18
arandfwaokda: jrib: just to clarify, when I said "disregard that" I was referring to my previous comment, not yours jrib :)01:19
moymoyDoc-Saintly: you want all the hardware or just the harddrives and such?01:19
Doc-Saintlymoymoy: just the harddrives01:20
dephiancemy windows key stopped working after upgrading to 9.1001:20
Doc-Saintlybasically, storage devices ;)01:20
Susanna777i need some help01:20
yigalI'm trying to build wget on SunOS as a non-privelaged user anyone know if I should be able to do this?01:20
* jrib eases trigger off ban button, I know arand :)01:20
moymoyDoc-Saintly: try `sudo fdisk -l` and if that doesn't work, try `sudo blkid` again.. if not, then try `mount` .. that's all i can think of right now01:21
Susanna777i have ubuntu 9.04 but i installed the netbook remix manager to try it out, decided i didn't like and uninstalled it01:21
Doc-Saintlywell it seems the bigger problem is that something chokes my system up every time it goes looking at hardware01:21
Susanna777i thought i uninstalled everything01:21
Susanna777but my windows are still appearing full screen01:21
Susanna777i don't know how to change it back01:22
Spirits-Sightanyone have idea of how I can get activesync to work and pick up my cell phone,  I am using linux (ubuntu) with windows xp in the vbox?01:22
Doc-Saintlyergh. brb01:22
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Okayhow do i go to /usr/bin?01:23
jribOkay: why?01:23
RadtooSpirits-Sight: synce is your best bet but I think bluetooth usually works better.01:23
Okaybecause i installed a program that wrote files to that directory01:23
prince_jammysOkay: you mean change your current directory to /usr/bin in a terminal?01:23
jribOkay: ok, that's bad practice.  You know how to prevent that in the future?01:24
Okayprince_jammys, no, navigating to it01:24
Okayjrib, how can i prevent it in the future?01:24
prince_jammysmost packages that install an executable will put it in /usr/bin01:24
jribOkay: well you try to install programs only from the repositories01:24
Spirits-SightRadtoo: I sadly need use activesync as I am making a changeo t hte cell phone HardSPL and don't want to have any issues as if I do it will / could mess the phone01:24
Okayjrib, well, that program wasn't in repositories01:25
jribOkay: If you *must* install something outside the repositories, install it to /usr/local/01:25
moymoySusanna777: is it your screen resolution?01:25
RadtooSpirits-Sight: well, try synce. I cannot guarantee in any way this works though as the vendor of the original activesync doesn't care about allowing you to use linux, so its a reverse engineered piece of software.01:25
Susanna777the window border is gone01:26
Okayjrib, Installation for LPR/LPRng spooler (TP_CUPS=0)01:26
OkayConfiguration files will go to.. /etc/turboprint01:26
OkayShared files will go to......... /usr/share/turboprint01:26
OkayExecutable files will go to..... /usr/bin01:26
OkayLogfiles files will go to....... /var/log01:26
FloodBot3Okay: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:26
OkayDocumentation will go to........ /usr/share/turboprint/doc01:26
Susanna777i can't get it back01:26
ILMAN5i want to install  Borland Turbo C/C++ Lite01:26
Spirits-Sightits called synce?  where could I find this please PM link thanks01:26
JamesHoldsworthHi everyone, I have a general computing question, and don't know if there's a better suited area for this, but here it goes. What on earth is the point of setting up a server?01:26
prince_jammysOkay: and now you're trying to delete those files? What are you trying to do?01:26
jribOkay: Did you check turboprint documentation for uninstallation instructions yet?01:27
moymoySusanna777: try pressing F11 (at least that's the fullscreen toggle on my desktop)01:27
ILMAN5i want to install  Borland Turbo C/C++ Lite01:27
funcky1!force i38601:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about force i38601:27
quesoI would like to format my usb thumb drive. What filesystem is most appropriate for this?  I'd like the drive to be accessible in OS X and Windows.01:27
Okayprince_jammys, yeah, I'm trying to delete all those now01:27
RadtooSpirits-Sight: http://www.synce.org/moin/01:27
jribILMAN5: why?01:27
JamesHoldsworthqueso, try FAT.01:27
ILMAN5i need this compiler01:27
RadtooILMAN5: can lazarus do the job?01:27
funcky1how do you force i386 architecture01:27
jribILMAN5: you cannot use gcc?01:27
Okayjrib, yes, they say to cd to folder and ./uninstall but that doesn't do anything for me01:27
quesoJamesHoldsworth: Just plain FAT? Not VFAT or FAT32? :)01:27
Susanna777moymoy,  that goes completely full screen, no panel01:27
ILMAN5I Need! this compiler!01:27
jribOkay: pastebin01:27
StrangeCharm__JamesHoldsworth-  if you don't know, then you don't need to. if you ever find the need, then you'll set up a server to do that specific thing, however, you may find http://lifehacker.com/tag/home-server/ interesting01:28
JamesHoldsworthI'd use just Fat. most USB's use fat01:28
ILMAN5i have just bought a whole book about it01:28
jribILMAN5: do you know what gcc is?01:28
ILMAN5its another compiler..01:28
RadtooILMAN5: http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/01:28
quesoJamesHoldsworth: Great, thanks for the help! ;)01:28
JamesHoldsworthLol, I know I don't need to, I was just wondering what was the point. And Queso, no problem.01:28
Okayjrib, yeah, I'll remember to use it next time01:28
ILMAN5Radtoo ?01:28
jribILMAN5: *the* compiler for free software.  Personally, I don't see a reason not to use it if you are learning C or C++ (which it sounds like what you are doing)01:28
quesoJamesHoldsworth: Reason I ask is because a co-worker recommended ufs and now I can't access the drive, lol01:29
moymoySusanna777: is the ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings uninstalled? you can also try a dpkg-reconfigure on it01:29
funcky1how do you force i386 architecture?01:29
jribOkay: no, I mean pastebin what you are doing and the output01:29
ILMAN5i have just bought a whole book about it!!01:29
StrangeCharm__JamesHoldsworth-  if you don't use my name when talking to me, i probably won't see your message01:29
KB1JWQILMAN5: Specfic to that compiler?  Doubhtful.01:29
funcky1i would google but i dont know what to google01:29
Susanna777moymoy,  yes the default settings are uninstallled01:29
KB1JWQILMAN5: C is C, C++ is C++. :)01:29
StrangeCharm__JamesHoldsworth-  you may also find http://lifehacker.com/303421/top-10-ways-to-put-your-remote-server-to-good-use particularly enleightening01:29
arandfuncky1: when, where? (dpkg --force architecture -i package.deb)01:29
ILMAN5i know01:29
ILMAN5i have an XP PC01:30
jribILMAN5: this is *ubuntu* support01:30
arandfuncky1: correction: dpkg --force-architecture -i package.deb01:30
ILMAN5but its my sister, i cant use it01:30
ILMAN5i can*01:30
Okayjrib, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218426/01:30
ILMAN5but i want to run it on ubuntu01:30
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jrib!enter | ILMAN501:30
ubottuILMAN5: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:30
moymoySusanna777: try installing the desktop-switcher and see what happens, from the description, it seems like it allows you to switch from netbook to desktop view01:30
RadtooKB1JWQ: Well the codegear compiler is a bit different than gcc... I worked for 'em after all. :)01:30
funcky1what do you mean "when where?"01:30
ILMAN5all right!01:30
dephiancehow do I map the windows keys to open the main menu if gnome keyboard shortcuts isn't recognizing the windows key?01:30
leverageCan someone help me install a game?01:30
jribOkay: what did you run to get that?01:30
KB1JWQRadtoo: Sure, but at a "learning to code" level? :)01:30
KB1JWQILMAN5: I'd run it inside of a virtualized XP instance and call it good.01:31
RadtooKB1JWQ: nope, not that. Its standard c indeed. all that would change is a handful of flags for linking or such.01:31
quesois FAT16 the same as FAT?01:31
Okayjrib, I've already uninstalled and that's the only way I can figure out how to delete those files01:31
Radtooqueso: its a specific variant of FAT01:31
ILMAN5can u help me with this on private?01:31
jribOkay: it claims it's already uninstalled but left files there?  Are you sure those files don't belong to something else?01:31
jrib!pm | ILMAN501:31
ubottuILMAN5: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:31
Okayjrib, I used sudo su first, cuz it needs root. then I navigated to the folder and used ./setup01:31
Radtooqueso: there's also fat32 and such.01:31
panfistmx__is there a command line alternative to gopchop ? gopchop crashes for me every time i load a file01:31
KB1JWQILMAN5: Not for free. I have a dayjob.01:31
quesoRadtoo: Hmm, okay.  Which should I use for a USB thumb drive?01:32
jribOkay: right.  How about the uninstall procedure?01:32
Okayjrib, i'm 100% sure01:32
Susanna777moymoy,  i've reinstalled the desktop switcher what do i do now?01:32
ILMAN5only 3 minuts01:32
arandqueso: there's FAT16 and FAT32, afaik01:32
Radtooqueso: if its not used with very old devices, just use fat32.01:32
Okayjrib, kay: it claims it's already uninstalled but left files there?  Are you sure those files don't belong to something else?01:32
Okayjrib, woops. Configuration file etc/turboprint/system.cfg not found!01:33
bastidrazorOkay,  probably sudo apt-get autoremove01:33
Radtooarand: there's even fat 12 bit but thats sorta something no one would ever use anymore :)01:33
Doc-SaintlyIs there another command to halt the current command? Ctrl+c doesn't seem to do it01:33
Okayjrib, that's what it says01:33
jribOkay: pastebin (commands and output)01:33
StrangeCharm__squid seems to be dying after a couple of seconds. any ideas why?01:33
KB1JWQRadtoo: Sounds like a fun weekend project. :-p01:33
jribDoc-Saintly: ctrl-\ sends sigquit (iirc)01:33
KB1JWQStrangeCharm__: Have you checked the logs?01:33
Okayjrib, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218428/01:34
jribOkay: cd /, then try again01:34
Okaybastidrazor, won't that remove some .debs that I need?01:34
StrangeCharm__KB1JWQ-  i'm looking now, but there's a lot of them01:34
leveragetrying to get this to work on the latest ubuntu. cant figure it out http://necrofamicon.com/Tendrils/01:34
jribOkay: for future reference, use « sudo -i » instead of « sudo su »01:34
KB1JWQStrangeCharm__: Try using tail; it'll show you the last ten lines by default.01:34
Okayjrib, why is that?01:35
Doc-Saintlyif a drive is not mounted is it safe to unplug it? Or is there an extra step?01:35
Okayjrib, yeah, gives me the same message as that last pastebin01:35
quesoRadtoo: Great, thanks :)01:35
jribOkay: safer environment for one01:35
moymoySusanna777: sorry, i was digging through gconf to see if there was a setting to help fix your problem.. check your application menus and such for the desktop-switcher..01:35
jribOkay: pastebin please... anytime you run something, pastebin01:36
Susanna777moymoy,  i found it but it still not working right01:36
Radtooqueso: np. by the way, if you only want to use it with linux the linux native filesystems are even better choices... but only if you only want to use it with linux :)01:36
=== segin|kvirc is now known as segin
Susanna777i can't access applications anymore01:36
Okayjrib, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218428/01:36
KB1JWQRadtoo: Not sure I'd agree; I'm not a fan of ext$ on USB drives.01:36
quesoRadtoo: Thanks for the tip -- but I'm using it to transfer files from my old OS X laptop01:36
Okayjrib, it just gives me the same thing01:36
jribOkay: you didn't cd /...01:37
KB1JWQWe need a better universal filesystem than FAT. :-/01:37
Okaycd / = cd home?01:37
StrangeCharm__KB1JWQ-  well, looks like i found the problem- FATAL: The url_rewriter helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!01:37
jribOkay: anyway, check whether /etc/turboprint/system.cfg exists first01:37
KB1JWQAnd no, UFS is NOT the solution.01:37
KB1JWQStrangeCharm__: That'd be the problem.01:37
StrangeCharm__Okay-  no, it does not01:37
Okayjrib, how do i check?01:37
arandOkay: nope / is the absolute root of filessytem01:37
=== crunchbang is now known as hilltop
RadtooKB1JWQ: its not like fat is better than these two either though >P01:37
=== musicgeek is now known as Guest94154
jribOkay: ls /etc/turboprint/system.cfg01:37
Susanna777moymoy, there's not menu anymore or anyway to log out or anything, i'm going to do a reset01:37
StrangeCharm__KB1JWQ-  now i just need to find a solution...01:38
mazda01anyone know why jaunty phpmyadmin doesn't work?01:38
KB1JWQRadtoo: The use case that worries me is "someone is running late and snatches the drive out without unmounting it first."  FAT tends to live through that fairly well, anything with an EXT journal on it kinda doesn't.01:38
mazda01i installed phpmyadmin in jaunty and created the symlink to /var/www/ but when I use firefox and type in localhost/phpmyadmin it asks about either opening or saving a phtml file. here's the screenshot. http://img12.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot2nrk.png01:38
arandOkay: /home/username or just ~ would be your home (also just cd will get you home as well)01:38
FloodBot3mazda01: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
jrib!lamp > mazda0101:38
ubottumazda01, please see my private message01:38
Okayjrib, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218432/01:38
jribmazda01: read and follow the troubleshooting steps for that issue with php on that wiki page01:38
KB1JWQmazda01: Yeah, you didn't set a php handler in your apache configuration from the sound of it.01:39
llI have seen many, many crashed fat32 usb sticks from people yanking them out01:39
RadtooKB1JWQ: it only does with the file system check, otherwise its about as endangered as ext or udf. and ye I tried it a lot. :P01:39
llso if by "fairly well" you mean "sometimes dies" then okay01:39
mazda01KB1JWQ, shouldn't that be done by default when I install apache?01:39
jribOkay: erm okay.  Well you do just have to delete stuff manually I guess.  Or why not contact turboprint for support...?  rm is the delete command in the terminal01:39
mazda01FloodBot1, please help me understand what I did wrong. I didn't think I was flooding anything. I merely posted a question.01:40
KB1JWQmazda01: Not necessarily.01:40
jribmazda01: one question = one line please01:40
KB1JWQmazda01: Note the "bot" part of FloodBot's nickname.01:40
Okayjrib, all turboprint tells you is to use ./uninstall once you get into that folder01:40
musicgeek1Hello, is there a easy way to speedup software downloads (ie adding new/ faster repositories)?01:40
Okayjrib, someone said that manually deleting the folder will delete that program01:40
jribmazda01: weird that he triggered on 2 lines though.  bug01:40
mazda01KB1JWQ, that seems sort of weird. how would the average user know that they have to do all this configuring of apache just to get it to work? I will check out the wiki. thank you01:40
jribOkay: what folder...?01:40
llmusicgeek1: I found that different times of the day you can replace the country codes for faster download01:41
KB1JWQmazda01: The second part of your line answered the first part.01:41
KB1JWQRTFM. :-)01:41
llmusicgeek1: for instance, middle of the day in us, ch (switzerland) is faster than us. Opposite at night.01:41
stillinbetaI'm working on mounting /home/user on a seperate partition. I have the fstab set up properly, but when I go to chown it, I get "Operation not Permitted", even though I'm root.01:41
mazda01jrib, if I have a long statement how could I possibly get it on one line?01:41
musicgeek1II: makes sense.  I'll try that.  THanks!01:41
jribmazda01: you summarize it and pastebin relevant details01:41
RadtooKB1JWQ: besides the more important thing than the fs would be to inform the user what likely hasnt been written or broken since he yankd out the drive :>01:41
mazda01KB1JWQ, yeah i know. i figured he was bot but I thought I'd try01:41
stillinbetaAny way to force chown to perform the change, or know why it's being denied?01:41
Okayjrib, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/218433/   i just need to know how to navigate there01:41
mazda01jrib, ok. sorry01:42
KB1JWQstillinbeta: Pastebin that; I'm curious to see it.01:42
jribmazda01: no need to apologize :)01:42
jribOkay: WHERE?01:42
Okaythe /etc folder01:42
stillinbetaKB1JWQ: pastebin what, the error, the fstab ?01:42
mafrenAnybody here used greenos ?01:42
jribOkay: cd /etc/01:42
jrib!who | Okay01:42
ubottuOkay: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gos01:42
KB1JWQstillinbeta: All of them. :)01:42
Guest61010is there a way to start updataing ubutu from the command prompt ?01:43
KB1JWQstillinbeta: and an ls -al $MOUNTPOINT01:43
Shadow__Xhello everyone i am 3 problems one is that the back button on my mouse isnt working another is that the caps lock light on my mac keyboard isnt working and finally when i have my usb hub connected ubuntu doesnt want to boot01:43
jrib!apt > Guest6101001:43
ubottuGuest61010, please see my private message01:43
Shadow__Xi have*01:43
Okayjrib, can you navigate to it without the terminal01:43
moymoyGuest61010: sudo aptitude update .. then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade01:43
KB1JWQShadow__X: Three problems, one answer: I blame the USB hub.01:43
jribOkay: only if you promise to be careful and close it after you delete what you want to delete: gksudo nautilus01:43
KB1JWQShadow__X: You may be oversaturating the USB bus; try a powered hub?01:44
mazda01i set brasero to always open the audio cd creator when  a blank cd is inserted and now I want to change it back so I get a prompt. anyone know where to fix this?01:44
Okayjrib, someone earlier mentioned that sudo apt-get autoremove works?01:44
Shadow__XKB1JWQ, fine except the keyboard and mouse issues persist without the hub and it used to work on ubuntu 8.10 perfectly fine01:44
woodworkerne one wanna help a newbie set up wireless network01:45
jribOkay: apt only knows about things you install using apt.  You didn't use apt for turboprint01:45
stillinbetaKB1JWQ: alright, this'll be tricky. I can't have both X and that setup right now :-/01:45
arandmazda01: nautilus preferences, media01:45
mazda01KB1JWQ, i just made sure that libapache2-mod-php5 is installed and it it. I still can't fuigure out why phpmyadmin isn't working.01:46
Okayjrib, I'll just forget it. thanks for all your help man01:46
KB1JWQstillinbeta: Urm... do this in a terminal window.01:46
jribmazda01: did you follow the other troubleshooting steps as well?01:46
mazda01KB1JWQ, I don't see how the second line answered the question in line 1 though? I still need help please01:46
KB1JWQCopy and paste, the end.01:46
KB1JWQmazda01: Read the documentation. :)01:46
jribOkay: did you delete the files successfully?  It's trivial using gksudo nautilus01:46
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:46
avinashserver irc.freenode.org01:47
arandwoodworker: ask a question which people may answer, normally there's no private assistance..01:47
Okayjrib, it said there was no external monitor01:47
joeborderI need some help with my sound, can anybody point me in the right direction01:47
Shadow__XKB1JWQ, any ideas?01:47
Okayjrib, lol01:47
jribOkay: get out of sudo su...01:47
Okayjrib, i'm already out.01:48
Socahjoeborder, more details?01:48
jribOkay: then run the command I gave you01:48
woodworkerarand:  I guess I dont really know what to ask.... I cant get it to work01:48
mazda01arand, within nautilus preferences, Media, everything is already set to "Ask what to do". So that's not it. any other suggestions01:48
arandmazda01: Then I don't know.01:48
Okayjrib, i see it now. i was in wrong directory01:48
arandmazda01: Is the "never prompt..." option unticked there as well?01:49
geent1Hello there join the #flossk01:49
StrangeCharm__my squid is creashing because "FATAL: The url_rewriter helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!01:49
StrangeCharm__" how can i resolve this?01:49
stillinbetaKB1JWQ: pastebin and lynx don't play well.01:50
DekkoHello ... just wondering what I can do to get back my icons in the Fast-user-switching applet? (the one with shutdown in it etc) - mucked about with some themes, and now the icons aren't there.... help please?01:50
Susanna777moymoy, i got it to work, thanks for the help01:50
joeborderSocah, i was trying to update my existing sound drivers to be able to change between jack states on my soundcard as it only plays from the rear, i found the drivers i use for windows and there was linux support so i followed the steps and installed it. At the end of it my speakers werent picked up at all and now my sound is completely gone. Im trying to find out if i can restore to my old drivers01:50
godmodeyou guys i got a problem :(01:51
moymoySusanna777: oooh nice, how did you get it to work?01:51
Socahjoeborder, ok, what's ur sound card?01:51
mazda01arand, it is but it's not checked.01:51
pedro3005does anyone know how to prevent GNOME from putting a icon in your desktop everytime you mount something?01:51
Okayjrib, I guess nothing about turboprint is there. then why is it listed in the preferences and administration tabs?01:52
Susanna777moymoy, the desktop switcher fixed it01:52
arandwoodworker: What have you done so far, what exactly are you trying to acheive, what instructuions have you followed (or do you want links to..?)?? etc. etc., without that info people won't be able to help you...01:52
jribOkay: try 'killall gnome-panel' and see if it goes away (will restart your panel)01:52
Shadow__Xhello everyone i am having 3 problems one is that the back button on my mouse isnt working another is that the caps lock light on my mac keyboard isnt working and finally when i have my usb hub connected ubuntu doesnt want to boot this exact setup worked in 8.10 and i noticed these issues after an update on 9.0401:52
Susanna777moymoy, i had to restart the computer though01:52
moymoySusanna777: ahh, good =p glad i could help01:52
StrangeCharm__my squid is creashing because- FATAL: The url_rewriter helpers are crashing too rapidly, need help!, what can i do to resolve this?01:53
joebordersocah, ive been trying to find that out, from what i can tell it looks like "nVidia corp mcp73 high def audio (rev1)"01:53
godmodei was upgrading all the software on ubuntu and when it was done.. it restarted but now, i can only log in and after the only thing that appears is a background screen and the mouse pointer...ubuntu wont load :(01:53
Okayjrib, it's not in the panels. its under system>preferences and system>administration01:53
woodworkerarand  I have put in my ssid, authetication method and network key..... then when I go back it shows wireless connection with a colun then to the right is says never in the network connection box01:53
jribOkay: it will reload your menu01:54
ZivBk1I hope this isn't a common problem, but why does the login screen have a different (wrong) refresh rate than the grub and boot progress screen and the after login desktop screen?  And how do I change it for just the login screen?01:54
jribOkay: it will reload your menu01:54
SensivaI am using Ubuntu Hardy 64, I wonder why Firefox is using 50% of my CPU?01:54
stillinbetaKB1JWQ: pastebin.com/m6d0932a601:54
Socahjoeborder, is it laptop?01:54
joebordersocah, no its a desktop01:54
stillinbetaKB1JWQ: that's fstab01:54
stillinbetaI'll be right back, need to reboot.01:54
arandwoodworker: that means it HAS never been connected, YET.01:54
Socahjoeborder, card is integrated?01:55
Okayjrib, "try 'killall gnome-panel' and see if it goes away" using that?01:55
joebordersocah, it looks that way yes01:55
jribOkay: yeah01:55
Socahjoeborder, ok, open terminal, type lspci, try to find a name of your audio device01:55
woodworkerarand........ why would it have changed my network key...... b/c after setting all that up.... I cant go anywhere on the internet01:55
thomsonwhat is the partition editor that is used in the ubuntu install?01:55
Socahjoeborder, and copy it there01:55
Guest61010any suggestions on how I can fix my sound /01:55
Socahthomson, fdisk?01:56
woodworkerarand..... I am using a live bood from usb device01:56
Socahthomson, but you should use gparted01:56
joebordersocah, 00:09.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP73 High Definition Audio (rev a1)01:56
=== keanu is now known as [keanu]
thomsonSocah: ok01:56
Okayjrib, no. its still there for some reason01:57
arandwoodworker: changed network key? Do you mean it has worked before?01:57
ZivBk1How do I change the refresh rate for the login screen?01:57
jribOkay: check /usr/share/applications/  (this is the problem with software installed without apt)01:57
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Socahjoeborder, first of all, open terminal type alsamixer and check if all channels are over 80% and don't have "M" letter in the begging of sound bar01:58
woodworkerarandno.. but when I opened it back up the network key was really long...... it asks me to create default keying - what is this01:58
thomsonSocah: so download and put gparted onto a usb thumb drive?01:58
bruenigPROTOP: update-desktop-database is useful01:58
Okayjrib, yeah, they're both there01:59
Socahthomson, as far as I know, there is even gparted livecd, or liveusb - check google01:59
Okayjrib, i can just safely delete them?01:59
jribOkay: yes01:59
joebordersocah, alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory.01:59
woodworkerarand no.. but when I opened it back up the network key was really long...... it asks me to create default keying - what is this02:00
CleanLaundryWhen trying to install a windows program, i get an error stating I do not own /home/justin/.wine ?02:00
Okayjrib, yeah, that got rid of it forever! I'm never installing stuff like that again02:00
jribOkay: cool02:01
Okaythanks a lot jrib. I waste like half of you day. Thank you very much for helping me02:01
woodworkerarand sorry it is create default keyring02:01
=== _drtroll is now known as drtroll
jribOkay: it's okay, I finished a script in the meantime :)02:01
CleanLaundryactually the error is " Unable to find a volume for file extraction. Please verify that you have proper permissions."02:01
behnamsyanptic says there is an error with the package alsa-driver-linuxant.  this might have happened after my roomie upgraded his kernel 2 weeks ago?  anyways, his sound doesnt work.  i can't get this package to  install or uninstal.  there has to be a way around it?02:01
arandwoodworker: the key, if you view it, normally changes to a different encoding (HEX, instead of plain-text ASCii, why I do not know...) , the keyring is a password to ensure that only certain users on the machine can access the wireless, if you do not need that safety precation, it can be left empty (sorry, delayed answer, had to type a lot...)02:01
Socahjoeborder, I had same problem few hours ago... I suggest you installing newest alsa first (1.0.20). Follow this guide: http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2009/05/09/upgrade-alsa-1020-on-ubuntu-jaunty-904/02:01
behnamE: alsa-driver-linuxant: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 202:02
Okayjrib, have fun with that script. I'll see you around. :)02:02
mazda01KB1JWQ, now it says I don't have permission to access this page. can you please help?02:02
Shadow__Xhello everyone i am having 3 problems one is that the back button on my mouse isnt working another is that the caps lock light on my mac keyboard isnt working and finally when i have my usb hub connected ubuntu doesnt want to boot this exact setup worked in 8.10 and i noticed these issues after an update on 9.0402:02
KB1JWQ!lamp > mazda0102:02
ubottumazda01, please see my private message02:02
joebordersocah, thanks ill have a try02:02
KB1JWQmazda01: Seriously.  Go read, follow the steps it outlines.02:02
woodworkerarand that is fine no worries........ ok I have my ssid which in windows is just my name... and I have my network key typed in with the wpa authentication type02:03
Socahjoeborder, after you are done, you could try to join #alsa channel, and ask for help - they know more about alsa, also they have a script that you will run, and it will tell them more details that can help you. It will be much faster, than asking 100 questions and guessing - good luck02:03
joebordersocah, thanks for all the help02:03
mazda01KB1JWQ, i believe I have. I just can't believe there's this much config to get something that seems so easy to work. it seems like i have to know how to build a website just to use phpmyadmin.02:03
bruenigbehnam: that is a bug in apt. One I pointed out 4 years ago but no one cares about. What you will have to do is remove the prerm script.02:04
Socahjoeborder, no problem :)02:04
bruenigbehnam: find /var | grep prerm should show you where it is02:04
KB1JWQmazda01: Heh, phpmyadmin is a relatively involved web application.02:04
KB1JWQmazda01: If setting it up is too daunting, I'm not sure what you expect it to be able to do for you; I just access mysql via the CLI.02:05
bruenigphpmyadmin is obnoxious, just run your own mysql queries02:05
bruenigit is so much easier02:05
bruenigKB1JWQ: that way is easier though really02:05
behnambruenig: thanks, what does that script do?02:05
bruenigbehnam: probably calls rmmod02:05
bruenignonetheless, delete that nonsense02:05
woodworkerarand now when I try to connect to hidden wireless connection it comes up and puts everything in but imidately pops up and says disconnected from wireless network02:05
jribbehnam: probably makes sense to read it instead of just deleting it02:06
behnambruenig: i found this... /var/lib/dpkg/info/alsa-driver-linuxant.prerm     ok, i'll read it, and rename it02:06
bruenigit really doesn't need to exist at all, you can delete files in linux when they are opened02:06
bruenigwhy the prerm02:06
bruenigstupid debian nonsense02:06
thomsonwould it be best to create all my partitions by booting from the gparted live cd first, or install windows and use the windows partition manager to create the windows partition then when i install ubuntu create the rest of the partitions?02:07
Shadow__XKB1JWQ, even without the hub the problem still remains02:07
thomsonthis is to dual boot btw02:07
jribbruenig: it's a packager's decision.  Presumably, it serves a purpose02:07
stillinb1taKB1JWQ:  drwxrwx--- 14 root plugdev 16384 1969-12-31 19:00 sib02:07
arandwoodworker: does it say anything more?02:07
bruenigjrib: the packaging guidelines tell you to do it though02:07
Shadow__XKB1JWQ, also this exact setup worked in 8.1002:07
bruenigthey tell you to stop daemons, etc.02:07
jribbruenig: only if you need to do something preremoval, sure02:07
stillinb1taKB1JWQ: chown: changing ownership of `/home/sib': Operation not permitted02:07
=== funcky1 is now known as hastig
bruenigjrib: no they say specifically that if it is a daemon, you must call it to be stopped. But this is silly, what if trying to stop it creates a nonzero exit?02:08
jribbruenig: that's a policy decision I bet, not a technical one02:08
woodworkerarand as soon as I hit connect button it pops up in the top right wireless network 1 - disconnected - you are now disconnected......... then the window disappears02:08
bruenignow I have to go jack around in /var, that is not user-friendly02:08
duvnellI just installed a sound card.. lspci shows it.. it's an older PCI Turtle Beach au8830.. the snd_au8830 module and its dependancies loaded by themselves at boot, but there are no alsa devices shown by aplay -L  ... what should I do next.. ubuntu 8.04 btw02:09
behnamjrib, bruenig, i renamed it, should i restart?02:09
bruenigjrib: it is a policy decision yeah. It is short-sighted though and they refuse to do anything about it. But whatever.02:09
mazda01KB1JWQ, I have tried that but I don't know all the mysql command to show privileges and create tables and whatnot. I'll keep reading I guess. I am sure I'll figure it out sooner or later. it'll just take me hours instead of minutes if you could tell me what to do. gotta go. thanks anyway.02:09
jribbruenig: it could handle failure more gracefully for sure02:09
KB1JWQstillinb1ta: Well duh.02:09
arandwoodworker: if you have the network preferences set-up and "connect automatically" enable you shouldn't need to use "connect to hidden"...02:09
bruenigeverytime I come in here, there is someone with that problem though02:09
KB1JWQstillinb1ta: It has to belong to its user if it's set as their homedir. :)02:09
bruenigbehnam: just remove the package now02:09
geent1join #flossk02:09
bruenigby the way, renaming it is the same thing as deleting it02:09
stillinb1taKB1JWQ: that's what the second error was.02:09
woodworkerarand...... yes they are, but I dont know why it isnt connecting02:09
bruenigas far as the apt-get remove is concerned02:09
behnamprobably completely remove it02:09
stillinb1taThe outpot of my attempted chown02:09
* KB1JWQ retreats to #postfix02:10
behnamcomplete removal?02:10
bruenigbehnam: probably doesn't matter02:10
bruenigbut sure02:10
arandwoodworker: I'm not really sure what to do, we could try doing some stuff in terminal, you got a terminal up?02:10
=== ThomasHC is now known as tcx
hastighow the f#$@ do you get the newest version of flash to work on 64 bit jaunty?02:10
woodworkerarand:  a what....... sorry I am a very green newbie02:11
Shadow__Xanyone know how to fix the problems i am having02:11
jribhastig: copy the libflashplayer.so to ~/.mozilla/plugins/ and restart your browser?  I assume you are using the 64bit version of flash02:11
KB1JWQmazda01: I'm sure I could set it up faster than you.  But doing it yourself 1. will teach you what you're doing better than having me do it for you, and 2. I don't recall you paying me to do your job for you. :-D02:11
arandwoodworker: menu  applications > accessories > terminal02:11
jribShadow__X: yes02:11
arandsudo iwlist wlan0 scanning essid ***02:11
hastigwhoops i meant JAVA02:12
Shadow__Xjrib, really that would be great could you tell me how02:12
hastig64 bit JAVA02:12
jrib!helpme | Shadow__X02:12
ubottuShadow__X: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience02:12
behnambruenig, jrib, ok, it removed, now i want to reinstall it.  because i need alsa to work.02:12
woodworkerarand:  thanks........ how do I know whether the mode on my wireless connection is infastructure or ad-hoc02:12
jribShadow__X: I have no idea what your issue is after reading what you said02:12
bruenigbehnam: removing and reinstalling a package is pretty silly02:12
bruenigjust so you know02:12
PaCcO`XS`help me pls02:12
behnambruenig: i figure it might have gotten screwed in the installation somehow?02:13
jribhastig: what is wrong with the version in the repostories that is painless to install?02:13
bruenigbehnam: probably not02:13
arandwoodworker: One thing that's I've found useful, just for poking the wireless to get it going is the command  "sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning essid ***" Where *** is your ssid02:13
woodworkerarand: I now have terminal open02:13
jrib!ask | PaCcO`XS`02:13
ubottuPaCcO`XS`: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:13
behnamyou think it probably just didnt work?02:13
hastigjrib there is a version in the repositories?02:13
jrib!java > hastig02:13
ubottuhastig, please see my private message02:13
PaCcO`XS`jrib my tar block zero02:14
jribPaCcO`XS`: your tar block zero? what?02:14
arandwoodworker: normally infrastructure, if you have an access point/router of some kind, not just a net setup between computers02:14
hastigjrib i meant sun java not iced tea02:14
PaCcO`XS`jrib can u expalin me please when i try tu tar zip file i have this message zero ...02:14
jribhastig: that's fine, read ubottu's link02:15
=== _drtroll is now known as drtroll
jrib!pastebin | PaCcO`XS`02:15
ubottuPaCcO`XS`: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:15
woodworkerok....... it told me invalid scanning option02:15
woodworkerarand: ok....... it told me invalid scanning option02:15
soreauPaCcO`XS`: Pastebin the error message you're receiving02:15
sonyiki opo02:16
PaCcO`XS`nik ma vie m3akom02:17
thomsonis 8.10 capable of reading and writing from ntfs?02:17
jribthomson: yes02:18
arandwoodworker: hmm, does your network show up if you do just "sudo iwlist scan"02:18
jrib!english | PaCcO`XS`02:18
ubottuPaCcO`XS`: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:18
soreauwoodworker: What is your wifi listed as in the output of 'iwconfig'?02:18
genii!id | sony02:18
ubottusony: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia02:18
behnamjrib, bruenig, his audio was screwed, and i saw that bad package, what can i do?  i figure he needs that package for alsa to work.  i think alsa got screwed when he upgraded his kernel.  or mabye he went in and edited some files without knowing what he was doing02:18
bruenigit was probably the kernel update02:19
bruenigI don't know though, I don't use alsa02:19
woodworkerarand yea it says wlan0  network is down...... I was just using it in windowns02:19
jribbehnam: check if it works with the old kernel?02:19
woodworkersoreau I dont know what you mean....... I am very green to this ubuntu and linux thing sorry02:19
behnamjrib, bruenig, yeah maybe i should roll the kernel back?  sound did work on the previous version in grub02:20
soreauwoodworker: Ok, what are you trying to ultimately accomplish?02:20
=== Twilo|away is now known as Twilo
woodworkerultimately host a moodle site with my laptop booted from a usb bootable disk....... right now trying to get wireless network connection so I can access the internet02:21
behnamis it bad to roll the kernel back?  can i even do that?02:21
woodworkersoreau: ultimately host a moodle site with my laptop booted from a usb bootable disk....... right now trying to get wireless network connection so I can access the internet02:21
hastigjrib ubottu's message was unhelpful02:22
hastigthere is only 32bit sun java jre02:22
jribhastig: pastebin02:22
soreauwoodworker: Assuming you have no ethernet connection option and you're using wifi, what is your wifi hardware listed as in the output of 'lspci'?02:22
woodworkerarnd it also said interface does not support scanning then it said network is down02:22
hastigpaste bin what????02:22
jribhastig: more specifically, pastebin: sudo apt-get install the-package-ubottu-told-you-about02:22
hastigi just went to synaptic and found that it only came in the 32 bit variety jrib02:23
woodworkersoreau.... I do have ethernet available...... and I am not sure what the second part means.....02:23
jribhastig: that's not true.02:23
neko_hastig: what package02:23
hastigneko_: sun java jre02:24
jribhastig: see for yourself: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/sun-java6-bin02:24
soreauwoodworker: So why don't you just plug the ethernet cable into your laptop?02:24
neko_so your saying you need 64 bit sun java jre?02:24
arandwoodworker: try "iwconfig" to make sure we are using the right name for the wireless interface wlan0 or othewise02:24
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:24
neko_ok lets get oldskool02:24
woodworkerarand ok........ it says essid: " "02:25
thomsonshould i go with 8.10 or 9.04 ?02:25
neko_sun java jre 64bit jaunty02:25
jribthomson: 9.0402:25
neko_thats all you need to know there02:25
neko_you can even feel lucky if you like02:25
neko_first try btw02:25
jribneko_: ubottu already provided the answer02:25
woodworkersoreau because when I want to get on the net I dont want to be stranded to the cable, but it may come to that02:25
neko_jrib: which i spit out02:26
neko_ /made it spit/02:26
liculi'm looking for a job. can anyone help me?02:26
jrib!ot | licul02:26
ubottulicul: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:26
soreauwoodworker: Alright, so your drivers are probably working if 'iwlist scan' shows your AP02:26
jribhastig: were you able to install it?02:27
woodworkersoreau AP?02:27
Shadow__Xi just tried xev and imwheel -c and it doesnt detect my mouse's side buttons02:27
soreauwoodworker: Yes, AP = Access Point02:27
jribShadow__X: ubuntu version?02:27
neko_anyway anyone got nvidia and 1080p and flash working with zero tearing?02:27
arandwoodworker: so that would be a hidden w-l net.... and if you instead do "sudo iwlist ### scanning essid ***" where again ### is the name of your interface we got from iwconfig (standard wlan0 or ath0) and *** is the essid for your hiden network.02:28
jexdnon-ubuntu related question - if i want to get to somewhere like #zune, what server do i need to be on? just looking for guidance sorry this is the wrong channel02:28
Shadow__Xjrib, 9.04 except i wasnt having these issues untill i updated afew days ago02:28
woodworkersoreau :  all it shows is interface doesn not support scanning : network is down next to wlan002:28
hastigjrib still on it02:28
jribShadow__X: make sure evdev is getting used by reading /var/log/Xorg.0.log (don't know a better way)02:28
neko_jexd: all channels are on all servers; try #freenode for network support02:28
jribhastig: let me know if you have questions02:28
jexdneko: thanks. that answers it02:28
[rainman]can anyone help me02:28
=== TDJACR is now known as TheDJACR
jrib!ask | [rainman]02:29
ubottu[rainman]: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:29
arandwoodworker: ah, if that is what iwconfig says the drivers might, be troubling, would be my guess...02:29
soreauwoodworker: Ok, try bringing it up with 'sudo ifup wlan0'02:29
neko_jexd: np02:29
[rainman]im having a hard time connecting my ubuntu to a windows shared printer02:29
woodworkerarand when I type that in it give me > right below the line02:30
BePhantomsoreau, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up02:30
soreauwoodworker: Do Ctrl+C. You typed it in with an odd character, probably a stray ''02:30
soreauBePhantom: Doesn't ifup do the same thing?02:30
moymoy[rainman]: in your browser, try going to localhost:631/admin02:30
BePhantomsoreau, don't know :P02:30
arandwoodworker: hum, you should not use any quotation marks or parenthesis or otherwise in these commands02:31
soreauBePhantom: Well then why are you telling me... nm02:31
racecar56i'm using virtualbox ose and i have a problem, should i ask here or #vbox?02:31
racecar56and i didn't compile it myself, it was repos02:31
woodworkersoreau it says ignoring unknow interface wlan0=wlan002:31
woodworkerarand: I am out of that now02:31
hipitihopOceanic: yup removal of 2.2.4 and install of 3.0.2 of virtualbox went without hitch. thanks.02:31
woodworkerarand soreau : yes I did my ssid is Dan's02:32
soreauwoodworker: What is your interface listed as in the output of 'iwconfig'?02:32
Interphaseis anyone else here unable to load hulu vidoes in firefox with jaunty?02:33
soreauInterphase: Yea, why?02:33
Shadow__Xjrib, for some reason xorg.0.log seems to point that  it detects my mouse as being a 5 button when its a 7 button it has back and forward buttons02:34
woodworkersoreau: sorry again?  what are you looking for I have the sudo iwconfig up....... wlan0 is the only thing that has anything up02:34
Interphasesoreau, I was hoping to fix it02:34
soreauInterphase: Des youtube and other flash work for you?02:34
StrangeCharm__Interphase-  have you got flash?02:34
Interphasesoreau, yes, youtube and other flash works02:34
jribShadow__X: did you determine if evdev is being used?02:34
soreauwoodworker: Type 'iwconfig' without quotes in your terminal, press enter and pastebin the output02:35
woodworkerarand could my problem be my ssid having an "   '    " in it02:35
StrangeCharm__Interphase-  are you in the USA? What does the 'not working' look like?02:35
switch10_does anybody here use devede's gui to convert avi to dvd?02:35
soreauInterphase: Huh, that's weird. In what way does it fail?02:35
switch10_im trying it out now02:35
woodworkersoreau....... I can type them...... I am not on the same computer02:35
InterphaseStrangeCharm__, I am in California.02:35
Guest61010hi, I'm having issues with my sound, anyone able to help me?02:35
arandwoodworker: possible.02:35
InterphaseIt loads the whole page but the part where the video should be remains blank02:35
Shadow__Xjrib, yes i see things like this in the log (**) Option "xkb_rules" "evdev"02:35
Shadow__X(**) Mitsumi Electric Apple Extended USB Keyboard: xkb_rules: "evdev"02:35
soreauwoodworker: Ok, well just make sure it's in fact showing 'wlan0' or 'ath0'..02:36
dreamywhere is the ftp server home directory ?02:36
StrangeCharm__Interphase-  blank or black? what sort of menu do you get on a right-click?02:36
dreamyin linux..02:36
soreauwoodworker: Just tell us the interface names02:36
StrangeCharm__dreamy-  what ftp server are you using?02:36
dreamyi cant remeber .. tftphpa ?02:37
InterphaseStiletto, it is black like the black on either side of the video. I get a small menu when I right click02:37
jribShadow__X: it may say that but sometimes later say something went wrong02:37
dreamytftpd h** somth02:37
Interphase'copy, select all, view selection source, properties'02:37
arandwoodworker: then I think you'll have to use \' everytime you type the essid, to avoid the special meaning " ' " has in the terminal (bash)02:37
Interphaseproperties just yields 'Language: english"02:37
StrangeCharm__dreamy, check that. also, when you say 'home directory' are you referring to the directory that a user is given when they log into the server?02:38
woodworkersoreau:  lo    -   eth0  -   wmaster0   -       wlan0      -     pan 0       - is that what you want02:38
dreamyStrangeCharm__: i think used that when i had to set  a server to boot from lan im not shure if its the same02:38
arandwoodworker: hopefully it would not affect the configs in network-manager, accepting ' alright, but you never know...02:38
Shadow__Xjrib, so then what do you suggest me do02:38
dreamyStrangeCharm__: anywhere .. where the remote guest gets into02:38
soreauwoodworker: Yea, so wlan0 is in fact your wifi interface. Does 'iwlist scan wlan0' not work?02:38
woodworkerarand:  do i need to force the   '   in my network ssid when I set it up?02:39
StrangeCharm__dreamy, that's set on a per-user basis, often with a deafult. check your conf file, or edit the settings?02:39
Interphaseoi, anyone know anything about hulu?02:39
soreauwoodworker: Sorry, got that mixed up. It's actually 'iwlist wlan0 scan'02:39
InterphaseStrangeCharm__, it is black like the black on either side of the where the video should be02:39
Interphasethe menu is small, not like the normal one02:39
dreamyStrangeCharm__: i can only access trougth the browser usign ftp:// and the dir is empty02:39
dreamyno pass asked02:39
moymoyGuest61010: tell us what your problem is02:40
StrangeCharm__Interphase-  does the right-click menu indicate that you're clicking a flash object, or what?02:40
woodworkersoreau:  no it says unknow command 'wlan0' check iwlist -- help02:40
arandwoodworker: possibly, I really have no idea on that...02:40
soreauwoodworker: Yea, because I got it backward. It's supposed to be 'iwlist wlan0 scan'02:40
dreamyStrangeCharm__: where is a dir called pub ? you know ?02:41
StrangeCharm__dreamy, you'll have to log into the server, physically, or with ssh or similar to make those changes02:41
zcat[1]my gwibber has been broken for months now. 'unknown protocol' error on both twitter and identica nobody else seems to have the same problem. removing it, removing all the config and reinstalling doesn't seem to fix the problem. Anyone?02:41
lpsmithI've been having trouble that sporadically I lose sound and have to reboot to get it back02:41
lpsmithis there a way I can reset the sound driver in the kernel?02:41
woodworkersoreau interface doesnt support scanning:  network is down02:41
jigphello guys what is the best laptop builtin with camera that is very compatible to ubuntu9.04?is it ok toshiba?02:42
soreauwoodworker: Alright, try bringing it up with 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up'02:42
InterphaseStrangeCharm__, no, but when I 'view object source' it is all full of stuff about javascript needing to be enabled and flash installed02:42
KB1JWQjigp: Macbook Pro.02:42
StrangeCharm__Interphase-  because that's the default text that appears if you can't render the appropriate objects02:43
dreamyStrangeCharm__:  ok.. but then a question about somth a bit different , when doing ssh (ip name) on my local newtork i get no user name asked .. i just have to type a passwrord i dont know wich02:43
moymoyInterphase: are you using firefox? i've heard hulu having problems with firefox because of another browser that was spoofing as firefox they were trying to block02:43
Interphasemoymoy, yes, I am using firefox02:44
woodworkersoreau:  SI0CIFFLAGS: No such file or directory02:44
Interphasewhat should I try instead?02:44
ILMAN5oh no02:44
soreauwoodworker: Well that's not good. What is your wifi card listed as in the output of 'lspci'?02:44
ILMAN5its in Hebrew02:44
moymoyInterphase: could try epiphany-browser02:44
jigphello guys.is toshiba core2duo with builtin camera good for ubuntu9.04?all works?including webcam builtin?02:45
Zzeissjigp: well, Macbook Pro mostly works.  Suspend to disk works, but RAM hibernate doesn't (the video never unfreezes).  Nor is the video chipset supported in anything better than VESA mode.  (I know, I have one and have tried both the closed-source nvidia driver (may those ****wads burn in hell forever) and the open-source nouveau driver... neither works.  At all.02:45
switch10_hulu still works on my ff02:45
soreauInterphase: hulu's working here in FF on jaunty02:45
Interphasesoreau, what have you done to make that reality02:45
=== tinhtan_ is now known as nhanquy
kad_hey need help what is the name of the file where i can config the IRQ coz i got conflict between my sound card and ethernet! thx02:45
switch10_im on intrepid and my firefox hulu is fine02:45
switch10_just checked02:45
woodworkersoreau FireWire (IEEE1394): Ricoh Co Ltd R5C552 IEEE 1394 Controller (rev 01)02:46
soreauInterphase: Nothing really. Just installed flashplugin-nonfree, that's it02:46
soreauwoodworker: Is it an eeepc?02:46
Interphasesoreau, so did I02:46
StrangeCharm__dreamy you need to specify the username at the command, like ssh username@host02:47
soreauInterphase: Maybe a silly question, but did you restart FF since then?02:47
Interphasesoreau, I thought I did02:47
Interphasemoymoy, epiphany has the same problem02:47
soreauInterphase: Well try restarting it again maybe02:47
woodworkersoreau:  sorry hang on........ that is wrong.........   02:09.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corparation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)02:47
Interphasesoreau, I did, same problem02:48
InterphaseI have super adblock plus, but it is disabled on www.hulu.com02:48
soreauwoodworker: Ah, that sounds more like it ;)02:48
Interphaseand epiphany has the same problem as ff02:48
woodworkersoreau...... sorry new to this stuff02:48
soreauInterphase: Try turning off the adblocker to see if that's still causing the problem02:48
Seven-7I think something I've set in my network settings may be slowing down my internet connection, anyway to reset changes I've made?02:48
moymoyInterphase:  only hulu doesn work? what about youtube?02:49
Interphasemoymoy, youtube works02:49
Interphasealbiet, the buttons look a little buggy02:49
soreauwoodworker: That's ok. So you have a Broadcom chipset which should be using the bcm drivers.. but I don't know much more about them. I'm used to atheros chipsets. You can see which module it's loaded with 'lsmod | grep bcm' though02:49
Erekoseeasy question: which Ubuntu version is the latest LTS02:49
PiciErekose: Hardy Heron 8.0402:50
Erekosety Pici02:50
dreamyStrangeCharm__: :ok thanks02:50
woodworkersoreau: ok sure02:51
arandwoodworker: just a huch here... If you do "sudo ifconfig eth0" what does it say? (just to test if the error might be elsewhere) If there is no output that's cool.02:51
[rainman]after going in my browser what's next?02:51
kad_hey need help what is the name of the file where i can config the IRQ coz i got conflict between my sound card and ethernet! thx02:51
woodworkerarand:  it says nothing02:52
woodworkerarand:  just another prompt02:52
arandwoodworker: okay, good, no problem on that side then.02:53
woodworkerarand ok good scared me02:53
woodworkerarand:  guess I should read the whole thing02:54
Interphasemoymoy, StrangeCharm__ you guys out of ideas about hulu?02:54
moymoyInterphase: hold on.. lemme get on hulu to see if it works for me02:54
kad_indoes = files ?02:54
arandwoodworker: did you try soreau 's command? are bcm module active?02:55
Interphasemoymoy, I am going to reboot02:55
woodworkerarand nope didnt see that02:55
jwfoxjrif I want to take my wired interface out of the control of NetworkManger I should define it /etc/network/interfaces correct?02:56
=== neoteny is now known as dodddummy
woodworkerarand soreau that just gave me another prompt02:56
iamslangoI accidentally deleted my /etc/apache.d/ENVVARS file02:57
arandwoodworker: ok, so it found nothing, presumably the bcm module is not loaded then...02:57
iamslangowhere can I get the default one again/02:57
soreauarand: I wonder which driver is providing wlan0 then02:57
woodworkerI assume the vertical line is above the back slash on a US keyboard02:57
soreauarand: He probably needs to unload whatever that would be and probe the bcm module (the broadcom driver module is 'bcmxxxx' or it at least has bcm in the name, right?)02:58
soreauwoodworker: Yes, that's it02:58
woodworkersoreau the device is a bcm430602:59
rootlinuxusr_Why would I get "unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)" when trying to git the kernel?02:59
Interphasemoymoy, does it work for you?02:59
woodworkersoreau thanks02:59
rootlinuxusr_also, dude.02:59
owen1is there something like stickiness for an app? i open pidgin and it appears in all my tags (awesome window manager)02:59
soreauwoodworker: lsmod alone would show you all of the loaded modules. The '| grep bcm' means it's piping the output through grep and only showing you modules with the letters 'bcm' in it02:59
woodworkersoreau can you narrow that down there are hundreds of things03:00
nztal-has anyone successfully defined a network device in /etc/network/interfaces, removed network-manager-gnome, and continued using dnsmasq for local dns cache ?  when i do that myself, i can connected to my router, but i do not retain any internet connectivity.  anyone have any ideas ?03:00
woodworkersoreau: ok hundreds is an exageration but there are alot03:01
arandsoreau: bcm203x would be my guess, as to what provides wlan0, no clue... kernel usually means I'm way to deep in, above my head...03:02
soreauwoodworker: Since there is no output, that is suspicious since you in fact have a wlan0 interface. Try loading one of the broadcom drivers with 'sudo modprobe bcm3510'03:02
soreauarand: Since he says it's a bcm4306 I'm gonna go with bcm3510 for now ;)03:02
soreauMaybe I should google what it's supposed to be :p03:03
Mouse<man_in_shack> Mouse, cdemu may help you....anybody hear of this?03:03
woodworkersoureau it just gave me another pompt03:03
soreauwoodworker: No output usually means success. Now try again with 'lsmod|Grep bcm' and check 'iwconfig' for any changes03:04
motohI'm having an annoyance with Ubuntu mounting my PSP as a read only filesystem.03:04
soreauwoodworker: The G in grep is supposed to be lower case03:04
woodworkersoreau ok it shows what we just loaded03:04
KB1JWQmotoh: So remount it rw.03:04
motohKB1JWQ: how do I do that and how do I make sure it does it automatically in the future?03:05
rootlinuxusr_modify /etc/fstab.03:05
nztal-jwfoxjr, yes /etc/network/interfaces is where you'd define a connection without network-manager-gnome or say, wicd03:06
soreauwoodworker: Basically, I think ubuntu loaded the wrong driver for your hardware03:06
motohDidn't work.03:06
woodworkersoreau:  ok let me try to connect03:06
woodworkersoreau:  it still shows the same thing when I try to connect to hidden network - and it is set to connect automatically03:07
wfiuewfewHi! My machine just crashed of overheating --- running Ubuntu. Its cpu was at 50C before the crash. Any ideas why and what is the max acceptable temp?03:07
moymoyInterphase: yup.. it's working for me.. are you on 64 bit?03:07
Interphasemoymoy, no03:08
InterphaseI am downloading boxee03:08
Interphasehopefully that will d it03:08
FloodBot3Interphase: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:08
woodworkersoureau:  should I have installed bcm 4306 instead of bcm 351003:08
soreauwoodworker: Well go ahead and unload the driver module with 'sudo rmmod bcm3510' so at least you know how to do this03:08
Interphaselol, I guess I type too quickly03:08
matt444what is the command to see what partitions I have?03:08
woodworkersoureau - ok gone03:09
soreauwoodworker: Well here on my jaunty machine there is only bcm203x, bcm3510 and bcm597403:09
soreauwoodworker: So you probably need to figure out which module it's incorrectly loaded, rmmod it and then probe the correct driver03:09
shane2peruRichardYu, hey are you the same fellow that helped me this AM with the gnome-power-manager-inhibt03:10
woodworkersoureau:  would that be the bcm4306 or would that be another one03:10
RichardYushane2peru, sorry I am not the person03:10
Out_Coldcan someone direct me to steps to install while booted in another host? I want to install a new ubuntu distro on live cd into lvms03:11
shane2peruRichardYu, ok, sorry to bug you then. :)03:11
soreauwoodworker: That I cannot tell you directly. I'd have to do some research on google to find out which is the correct driver for your hw03:11
wfiuewfewany ideas about cpu temp?03:11
woodworkersoureau:  bcm4306 is non existant03:11
Shadow__Xjrib, any ideas and sorry to keep bothering you it just seems like not alot of people know what i should do03:11
soreauwoodworker: Here on my jaunty machine there is only bcm203x, bcm3510 and bcm597403:11
Interphaseok, update on the flash thing for me03:12
woodworkersoureau:  yea that must be all there is on mine03:12
jwfoxjrnztal - thanks - so tired of having NM flip-flop when I change interfaces on my laptop03:12
moymoyInterphase: it works for me on epiphany .. gonna try on firefox03:12
Interphaseall flash object in my firefox always start as a big gray box with a gray play sign03:12
Interphaseand I have to click it to activate them03:12
philwhen I try to use www.picnik.com the flash player doesn't work, is there a know fix for this issue yet?03:12
Interphaseperhaps this is the problem?03:12
motohNo luck, still read only even for root.03:13
soreauwoodworker: But more importantly, you have to figure out which driver is providing the wlan0 interface you currently have because it is the wrong one (whatever it is)03:13
oldude67Interphase, do you have the gnash loaded as well?03:13
woodworkersoureau:  ok any ideas03:13
shane2peruif I can't ssh into my box, and it is froze up, although it is working, then I'm pretty much locked out?03:14
jigphello guys what is the best? DELL or Toshiba (with builtin camera) for ubuntu?thanks03:14
soreauwoodworker: And with that, I will also tell you that you can press the up button in your terminal to get to previously entered commands03:14
nztal-jwfoxjr, i recommend wicd for laptops.  if your accessing different AP's its easier on dns changes, at least at starbucks, it doesn't interfere with the different setups like network-manager-gnome does.  if you lose connectivity defining your /etc/network/interfaces file, you might want to make sure you have a wicd deb handy, just to get you back online03:14
Interphaseoldude67, no, what is gnash?03:14
soreauwoodworker: But unfortunately I am out of further ideas03:14
Mousecdemu....anybody know of this?03:14
switch10_jigp  both are equally good03:14
arandwoodworker: I'm gonna have to go, now, sorry. Found something which might help at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=816191 but not sure, otherwise googling BCM4306 and ubuntu (or linux) might give you some hints...03:14
soreaushane2peru: What makes you think it's working? Didn't you just say it's frozen?03:15
oldude67Interphase, dont worry about it if its not loaded dont loaded it has its own issues with the adobe flash03:15
switch10_jigp  look into hardware03:15
soreauInterphase: gnash is a free implementation of flash03:15
jigpKB1JWQ Zzeiss : sorry my client is not beeping me hehehehe. MACBOOK PRO?what is the model and how much is that?03:15
woodworkerarand:L  thanks03:15
shane2perusoreau, right, because I was running rsync and the ext usb hdd is still flashing, so, must be it is writing to it.03:15
Mousecdemu....anybody know about this I was told it might help me with copyright protections03:15
shane2perusoreau, however it doesn't respond to the keyboard, or mouse03:15
soreaushane2peru: Sounds like you should reboot it03:16
PeddyMouse, what are you trying to do?03:16
arandwoodworker: You might want to take your issue to the forums as well, people there might know more...03:16
Mousemake a game work in wine03:16
shane2perusoreau, also I can't ctrl alt F#03:16
Interphaseok, something really isn't working03:16
Zzeissjigp, KB1JWQ: The one I have is the Macbook 13".  It cost me around $1600 but that was months ago.  It works, but as I said, not *everything* works.03:16
soreaushane2peru: Yea, reboot it03:16
shane2perusoreau, I would really like to finish the backup process though03:16
Mousesadly I lost the disks so I had to redownload them03:16
woodworkersoreau:  I found thishttps:   //help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff  but doesnt make a lot of sense to me03:16
Jonathan__hi all03:16
Interphasebecause ff wont' load flash videos on bbc.co.uk or boxee.com03:16
nztal-jwfoxjr, i believe under ordinary circumstances and some good examples its not too difficult to lose connectivty, at least on all interfaces, but i've had some trouble using a local dns cache which wont allow me to access the internet, but will allow me to access the lan, but it helps to have something as backup, in case of the unforseeable03:16
PeddyMouse, what game is it? there's a WINE app database, and it lists compatiblity with certain games.03:16
Mouseit's down03:16
Mousethe game runs it just dosen't recognize the disk in the system03:17
Mousethey said to come here and ask about that thing03:17
Mousesaid it might help03:17
manbreadjmany many thanks to everyone (esp oldude67, prince_jammy, a couple of others i forgot) for helping me get my netbook running again! after years and years of crashing windows systems, I never even knew one could find this kind of help out there. thanks again!03:17
PeddyMouse, yeah I know it's down, but google's cache still has a copy :P03:17
motohI'm umable to get this thing to be read/write.03:17
jigpZzeiss : MACBOOK is a mac os?not good for ubuntu?im really confused03:17
Mousewell i was just in #winehq03:17
=== Jonathan__ is now known as Gwynned
Mousethey said come here and ask about cdemu03:17
Mousesaid it's a kernel mod that might help me03:17
andreEstou com problemas03:17
shane2peruMouse, you gotta love that kind of run around. :)03:18
wahyui'm indonesia03:18
Mouseshane2peru, I do03:18
PeddyMouse, run 'winecfg'. have a look in the 'Drives' tab.03:18
wahyui'm little to speak english03:18
Mousepedy been there done that03:18
PeddyMouse, what exactly isn't working? it sounds like a more complex issue03:18
jigpZzeiss : does ubuntu 9.04 works on MAC BOOK PRO? and that MAC BOOK PRO has builtin camera?03:18
ctmjr!in | wahyu03:18
ubottuwahyu: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India03:18
Zzeissjigp: Macbook is the hardware.  Specifically, the 13" macbook aluminium unibody.  It works OK; it's what I run, but not perfectly (my previous ancient 3 year old Dell actually did somewhat better )03:18
Mousepeddy it just dosen't realize the disk is mounted03:18
oldude67manbreadj, your quite welcom03:18
MouseI try to play it and it says "insert disk"03:18
PeddyMouse, what game is it?03:19
MouseI even tried to start it from the disk and it said "insert disk"03:19
Mousetemple of elemental evil03:19
shane2peruMouse is this a wine problem not reading the cd?03:19
wahyuits the game03:19
switch10_jigp  dont buy a mac and put linux on it.  you will be wasting your money03:19
jigpZzeiss : with builtin camera on your MAC BOOK PRO?03:19
Zzeissjigp: It MOSTLY works.  The camera works.  But suspend-to-RAM does not, and video works only in basic VESA mode (no 3D graphics)03:19
Mouseif I knew I could fix it shane2peru sadly i am not sure03:19
Mousewine should be readin git03:19
Mouseit see's the disk03:19
shane2peruMouse, I mean wine doesn't see the disk?03:19
MouseI think it might be the game03:20
Mousewine see's it03:20
Interphaseok, does anyone else get this big gray box with a play symbol in the middle instead of flash objects?03:20
Mousethey said it might be a copyrigth protection issue03:20
ZzeissWell, the macbook hardware is nice.  Very solid.  Real metal (not Dell insta-shatter plastic) and a tempered-glass screen.03:20
woodworkersoreau:  I am running 'sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter'  currently unpacking and installing....... it just returned an error code03:20
shane2peruMouse, ahh, if you can get your hands on a XP machine and give it a try, that would eliminate the doubt of the dist03:20
Gwynnedinterphase , try downloading adobe flash player 1003:20
Gwynnedor reinstal using synaptic03:20
woodworkersoreau:  this info is off  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81619103:20
Mouseyeah I can boot up a vm03:20
InterphaseGWild, I DEED03:20
moymoyInterphase: try uninstalling whatever flash plugin you're using and download from adobe's website, that's where i got mine from03:21
Mouseor just boot into my windows drive03:21
MouseI will mess with it later03:21
Gwynneddid any message appear?03:21
Mousegoing to hang out with my buddies03:21
shane2peruMouse that would be your best bet, to be sure the disk is good.03:21
Zzeissjigp: you should search google for it, there's a web page in the forums all about it.03:21
Mousewell it installed properly03:21
Mouseso I assume it would be good03:21
Mouseplus I have the iso mounted03:21
Mouseand it still wont work03:21
FireVaihi everyone03:21
FloodBot3Mouse: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:21
rellikanyone know anything about grub?  I've been using the default grub setup since install, but I put a new SATA HDD drive in yesterday (and didn't change any of the existing (IDE) drives)...  Now when I boot I get grub's 'Error 15' which apparently means it can't find the file on the disk..  I've been looking through some potential solutions online but haven't gotten one to work for me =/ ...  anybody have any ideas?03:21
motohI don't know how to get my PSP to be read-write on USB connection to Ubuntu, can someone guide me a bit?03:21
Gwynnedotherwise , try sudo apt get-install sun java03:21
pkhanHey guys.  Anyone know how to determine which repo owns a particular package?03:21
philmoymoy adobe's site download doesn't work well either, still have the "play" button or blank screen when trying to use anything with flash03:21
FireVaii'm trying to get firestarter firewall to start at boot.. is there an rc command for that03:21
PeddyMouse, can I PM you?03:21
MouseI have the iso mounted and the disk burned and neither work03:21
FireVaithink it has to be started as root03:22
shane2peruMouse, hmm, that is odd, seems as though it should work then, unless the disk is corrupted after the install thing03:22
jigpZzeiss where are you? can you give me your laptop?hehehehe03:22
oldude67Interphase, my only issue i had was with gnash loaded once i uninstalled it my flash worked with adobe03:22
moymoyphil: really? have you closed your browser yet?03:22
Mouseshane2peru, yeah maybe03:22
philmoymoy many times, restarted computer, no avail03:22
shane2peruMouse, wine does see it though?  I remember reading some time back about wine issues with accessing the cd03:22
FireVaitried to add it to startup apps.. but its not starting at boot03:22
shane2peruMouse, could be an old issue though03:23
soreauwoodworker: ndiswrapper is a utility to use wifi drivers designed for windows, in linux03:23
Mousebut if it was an acccess issue then it wouldn't of installed tho right?03:23
Interphaseok, I just ran ff in the command line and got a shitton of errors03:23
woodworkersoreau:  is this code going to require an internet connection03:23
shane2peruMouse, how did you install it?  via command line?03:23
oldude67Interphase, pastebin them03:23
soreauwoodworker: What code?03:23
FireVaihi soreau03:23
moymoyphil: restarting the computer is not nessecary .. but you need to restart your browser everytime you install a plugin.. i don't know why it doesn't work for you then.. are you using FF?03:23
woodworkersoreau:  sorry again - idiot terms03:23
Mousenah gui03:23
Mouseshane2peru, I use the gui03:23
woodworkersoreau:  sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter03:23
shane2peruMouse, you can install via the command, but after that, accessing the cd for actuall usage, is another thing, and sometimes causes problems03:23
andreOi nicoAMG03:24
Flannel!br | andre03:24
ubottuandre: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:24
soreauwoodworker: Even apt-get install <package> requires a working internet connection. I recommend always having linux connected to the net03:24
jigpswitch10_ Zzeiss : im not the one who will buy it.my friend want it.we are 4 users of ubuntu here in davao city.havent seen any people who use ubuntu.1 female and 3 boys.im the one who maintain their ubuntu for free coz they are my friends03:24
nicoAMGhi andre03:24
philmoymoy I did restart the browser, even found an older version of flash player, my updates today included an adobe update, however still nothing03:24
soreauhi FireVai03:24
woodworkersoreau:  it tries but says uable to resolve host address03:24
moymoyphil: not even youtube works?03:24
soreauwoodworker: Right, because you're not connected03:25
woodworkersoreau:  should I try plugging in hard wire to router03:25
philmoymoy, not sure of youtube, haven't tried, will try now, and let you know03:25
soreauwoodworker: Yes03:25
Interphaseoldude67, http://pastebin.ca/149536303:25
jigpswitch10_ Zzeiss they want DELL, Toshiba L300 or IBM.they want laptop for ubuntu9.04 that builtin camera would work.i also suggested your opinions about macbookpro hardware03:25
iamslangono, but seriously, how do I get my /etc/apache2/envvars file back?03:25
switch10_jigp  i would buy a pc.  they are cheaper and work just as good.  just my opinion.  i own a mac as well.03:25
WormikHi! I have done compiling FireFox 3.5 (for x86-64), but all sites think that it is not Firefox, it is Shiretoko/3.5. How Ubuntu maintainers fix this problem when build 64-bit firefix?03:25
philmoymoy ok youtube works fine, must be just the www.picnik.com site03:26
motohI need some help figuring out how to mount my PSP read and write, and make it do so automatically in the future.03:26
Wormikmotoh, Ubuntu see this like flash drive03:27
sys_ragewhat's another huge channel on freenode? testing an irc client03:27
moymoyphil: weird.. all flash works well for me03:27
oldude67Interphase, down at the bottom of the corner of ff does it have a lego looking block there?03:27
philmoymoy are you able to access and run www.picnik.com?03:27
woodworkersoreau: ok I think I have a hardwire connection now03:27
Wormiksys_rage, press "list of the channels"03:27
soreauwoodworker: Try 'ping google.com' to find out03:28
rellikanyone know anything about grub?  I've been using the default grub setup since install, but I put a new SATA HDD drive in yesterday (and didn't change any of the existing (IDE) drives)...  Now when I boot I get grub's 'Error 15' which apparently means it can't find the file on the disk..  I've been looking through some potential solutions online but haven't gotten one to work for me =/ ...  anybody have any ideas?03:28
jigpswitch10_ Zzeiss : their parents there in canada ask them what to buy.and my friends ask my opinion which laptop to buy with builtin camera/wireless and is good for ubuntu9.04 and the rest version of ubuntu.i couldnt give exact information which one to choose...any idea?03:28
motohWormik: Yes, but I don't know how to make it write capable.03:28
Interphaseoldude67, sure does03:28
moymoyphil: yes03:28
woodworkersoreau:looks like it it is sending me stuff03:28
oldude67Interphase, click on it03:28
pkhanHey guys.  Anyone know how to determine which repo owns a particular package?03:29
legend2440rellik: http://stringofthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/grub-error-15-debianubuntu/03:29
jigpswitch10_ : but they go from another places so they cant bring the pc because is heavy03:29
quesoIn Nautilus, how do I change the toolbar preferences? (I want to only have Icons, not Icons & Text)03:29
wirechiefi wonder why scanning the mirrors takes so long when you install ubuntu03:29
soreauwoodworker: That means it's working. Now you can 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' to get your system fully updated, and apt-get install anything else you might need03:29
woodworkersoreau:  yes firefox goes to internet now and connect to google03:29
Interphaseoldude67, I did, I get "Plugins in use: Adobe Flash movie (application/x-shockwave)03:29
oldude67Interphase, tell it to use the flash that you want and restart firefox03:29
switch10_jigp  pc is a laptop03:29
Wormikmotoh, try sudo mkdir /media/PSP && sudo chown your_username:users /media/PSP && sudo chmod 755 /media/PSP && sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 -o users /media/PSP03:29
woodworkersoreau how do I stop the ping03:30
WormikHi! I have done compiling FireFox 3.5 (for x86-64), but all sites think that it is not Firefox, it is Shiretoko/3.5. How Ubuntu maintainers fix this problem when build 64-bit firefox?03:30
=== arturo is now known as void_main
soreauwoodworker: Ctrl+C03:30
philmoymoy I just tried again, I can get the fist page working, but when I click on "get started now" this is what comes up.. a blue box, blank page and in the address box this: http://www.picnik.com/soint2?dest=/app&cdn=true&svc_parameters=&svc_user_parameters=03:30
wirechiefdoes it look for that fastest out of the many mirrors ?03:30
oldude67Interphase, its saying you dont have swf which is shock wave i believe.03:30
woodworkersoreau:  Thanks03:30
soreauwoodworker: Ctrl+C typically stops the running process in your terminal03:30
Interphaseoldude67, that doesn't make sense, about:plugins says I do have shockwave flash03:30
jigpswitch10_ like what kind brand of laptop that have wireless/builtin camera good for ubuntu9.04 and ubuntu versions03:30
nztal-jigp, i can't say what the best laptop for jaunty might be, i've got a HP g60-249wm though, and it works great in jaunty, wireless and web cam, everything else works too, sounds works as well.  only thing that doesn't work is the wifi light is red instead of blue.03:31
woodworkersoreau:  getting updates03:31
switch10_jigp  go to www.tigerdirect.com  and look03:31
nztal-jigp, but wifi is fully functional regardless.03:31
behnamhi, i came on here an hour ago, because there was  a package that i couldnt install or uninstall, so i removed its prerm, but i think i want it back?  i put the prerm back and i can't install that package again.03:31
oldude67Interphase, well looking at the pastebin you sent that is the flash it is looking for...did you click on it and restart ff and see?03:31
motohThat's a bit closer, now I get permission denied.03:31
nztal-jigp, i picked up a refurbished one and saved some money on it03:31
rootlinuxusr_Where could I find the list of supported Webcams for 9.04?03:31
woodworkersoreau:  What do I have to do to make sure everything I am doing saves - I am running on usb boot with 4.5 gb of extra space when created03:32
jigpswitch10_ nztal-Zzeiss - nice brand that works on ubuntu 9.04 and other version and not so expensive03:32
behnamjigp, i wouldnt buy from tigerdirect, they're super shady03:33
soreauwoodworker: You're joking, right?03:33
soreauwoodworker: You mean, you're in a live session?03:33
wirechiefmust be a fly in the bug pool03:33
Interphaseoldude67, it says that flashplayer-ins03:33
legend2440pkhan: open synaptic>settings >preferences>columns and fonts tab  select Component and repos will be listed03:33
switch10_behnam  ive been buying from them for about 10 years and ive had no problems what so ever03:33
Interphasetaller is installed03:33
Interphasedid I not activate it?03:33
woodworkersoreau........ yea...... I told arand that03:33
nztal-jigp, ooh ok.  i'm not sure.  i got mine in special again it was also refurbished.  so i'm not sure about others.  i took a chance, and everything happened to just work.03:33
oldude67click on it03:33
oldude67Interphase, click on it and try again03:34
jigpswitch10_ nztal-Zzeiss behnam i installed ubuntu9.04 in my friend LENOVO gt3000 and all works wifi.but no builtin cam03:34
woodworkersoreau:  is that a problem?03:34
behnamswitch10 jigp i hear they're super bad with rebates03:35
iamslangono one is ever going to help me with my issue, are they?03:35
switch10_behnam  everybody is bad with rebates.  that is the individual company's anyways03:35
pkhanlegend2440, thanks!  Exactly what I needed!03:35
bobohey guys, how do i install unreal tournament 3, i have the CD for it03:35
soreauwoodworker: Just to be clear, you're using a usb stick or a usb external hard drive?03:36
woodworkersoreau stick because that is what I have right now03:36
jigpswitch10_ nztal-Zzeiss behnam thanks for the tips guys :) good morning03:36
lstarnesiamslango: it's probably in the apache2.2-common package (it might have a different name)03:36
soreauwoodworker: and did you install ubuntu to it?03:37
woodworkersoreau:  I used cd live session to use usb creator and left 4.5gb of extra space03:37
soreauwoodworker: I don't really know how that works. If you installed ubuntu on it, it should save settings but if it's just a live session you're in, settings will be erased when you reboot03:37
soreaubobo: Get the loki installer03:38
ctmjrbobo, does it have the linux instsller on the disk if not you need to download it03:38
bobohow and where? ive tried googling it03:39
woodworkersoreau:  Well supposedly this will work according to another user I talked to today - noone told me anything else I had to do to make this persistant03:39
bobonah, they didnt do that this time03:39
moymoysoreau: woodworker, Ubuntu comes with a tool specifically made to turn use LiveCDs to make the USB bootable, and it offers a "persistent" mode that saves any settings and installed apps... sadly though, if you change system settings like user password, it won't work03:39
woodworkersoreau:  I got all the upgrades03:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ut303:39
woodworkermoymoy:  I have changed any of that stuff03:39
ctmjrbobo, http://www.blog.highub.com/linux/install-and-play-unreal-tournament-on-ubuntu/03:39
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:40
Interphaseoldude67, it is like it is defaulting to swfdeg03:40
Interphaseeven thought adobe flash is installed03:40
boboctmjr: yeah i actually have that one, but when it says to mount the disc it is mounted and it doesnt work so this makes me think that thats for the FIRST unreal tournament03:40
woodworkersoreau:  does this mean anything to you?   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsBroadcom#miniPCI03:41
soreauwoodworker: yes..03:41
woodworkersoreau:  good..... looks like jiberish to me03:42
ctmjrbobo, yea sorry just noticed that too now i feel bad so will keep looking03:42
bobonah nah its fine03:43
alpha[]hello, i am wanting to install xubuntu on a machine that only has SCSI discs. How would I go about installing the OS (since I can't see the HDD's)?03:43
oldude67Interphase, i know i fought this for aout 3 days before i finally got it to work..i think i uninstalled all of it threw synaptic and reloaded it.03:43
soreauwoodworker: That's kinda old but according to that you need to use bcm43XX-fwcutter with the BCM43xx driver (you have a bcm4306 rev 03)03:44
behnamhi, my sound is broken, doesn't work.  what is the basic troubleshooting?03:44
InterphaseI uninstalled swfdec03:44
PhrogzUbuntu server with 2GB physical RAM, and (atm) 1.5GB swap. Right now it's only using 512MB real RAM (1.5GB free) and, of course, 0 swap. Is there any reason, really, that I should bump my swap up to 2GB?03:44
PhrogzNo, I will not be hibernating.03:45
woodworkersoreau:  I just ran 'sudo apt-get install bcm4306-fwcutter' - it came up and said reading package lists error03:45
motohOk, I can't change owner on the PSP now.03:45
Interphaseoldude67, that did it03:45
oldude67Phrogz,depends on how muchyou want to do at one time03:45
InterphaseI had to uninstall swfdec, which didn't work03:46
oldude67Interphase, great glad it worked03:46
soreauwoodworker: Is that exactly what it said?03:46
m0r0nUbuntu is saying that my Flash drive is a Read-Only how can I fix that03:46
alpha[]m0r0n, what filesystem03:46
iamslangolstarnes, thanks for the response. I tried reinstalling that package. it put everything back except the envvars file03:46
soreaum0r0n: mount it rw03:46
woodworkersoreau:   E: write error - write (28 no space left on device_ E: IO error saving source cache  - E: the package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened03:46
oldude67Interphase, so what did you do to get it?03:46
fusionxtci have a huge problem ivolving a corrupted file while trying to update can someone please help03:46
lordlimecatSo I have ubuntu 8.04 installed in a dual boot, and I want to A) remove it, B) install ubuntu on a secondary hard drive, and C) still have windows XP bootable off of the first drive.  What is the best way to accomplish this, assuming I do not have an XP install disk?03:46
Phrogzoldude67 - I'm just about there now. This server has all the processes running that it will have.03:46
soreauwoodworker: Looks like your out of disc space03:46
Interphaseoldude67, I don't remember installing it, I think it came standard03:47
m0r0nalpha[]:  What? Still new to this soreau: Mount it how? After I plug it in I do what?03:47
lordlimecatI assume that if i wipe out ubuntu + boot partition off of the XP drive, grub will stop working03:47
oldude67Phrogz, well then let it run03:47
alpha[]m0r0n, is it FAT32 or NTFS03:47
oldude67Interphase, probably03:47
soreaum0r0n: He asked what filesystem like ntfs, ext3, fat32 etc03:47
Phrogzoldude67: sound advice. Thanks :)03:47
m0r0nOh right. Um I believe I formatted it in NTFS03:47
woodworkersoreau is it possible to be out of 4.5 gb without intalling anything or did I make my other space to great?  I wonder if it didnt delete my .iso file when I created the usb boot drive03:48
alpha[]if ntfs sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /path/to/disk /localpath03:48
m0r0nalpha[]:  Scratch that, it says msdos03:48
Interphaseyay! hulu works03:48
boboctmjr: hey that is the correct one, but for whatever reason, the program doesnt want to see my disc03:48
Interphaseand this explains why epiphany didn't work either03:48
alpha[]uhm, that isn't a filesystem - i believe that's the mbr type03:48
fusionxtcdoes anyone know how to help me out? i would like not to reformate my hdd and lose everything03:48
m0r0nalpha[]:  I don't mind re-formatting it so if it must be done, by all means tell me how to do so03:48
alpha[]oh, sure03:49
woodworkersoreau:  when I go to places- 4.5gb media - it shows I have 1.7 gb free space03:49
alpha[]an easy way is03:49
oldude67Interphase, great glad to hear it03:49
alpha[]apt-get install gparted03:49
alpha[]and use the gui03:49
oldude67fusionxtc, whats wrong?03:49
salvadorflhello i have a question , i am using ubuntu 9.04 and i am unable to record my voice andy idea?03:49
soreauwoodworker: Do 'df -h' in your terminal. Here my install is 4.1GB03:49
boboctmjr: i found another site which mite work http://www.xantaz.net/ut-99/how-install-unreal-tournament-ubuntu (youmight not care, idc)03:49
fusionxtci tried updating and while i was updating the system i lost connection to the interent this cause a corrupted file and now ubuntu does not boot correctly03:50
wizzo_fusionxtc: What is your trouble?03:50
alpha[]hate to bug the people currently aiding others, but in case it wasn't read:03:50
m0r0nalpha[]:  I tried looking into Add/Remove for it but I didn't find it03:50
soreauwoodworker: I don't know why else you would be getting those errors, they are not very typical and have something to do with the filesystem somehow03:50
alpha[]hello, i am wanting to install xubuntu on a machine that only has SCSI discs. How would I go about installing the OS (since I can't see the HDD's)?03:50
wizzo_fusionxtc: Just reinstall ubuntu03:50
fusionxtcwhen ubuntu boots it goes to a DOS looking screen03:50
chachinim back bishes03:50
lordlimecatWhats the best way to go from a 1-drive dualboot to a 2-drive dualboot, during a fresh install?03:50
alpha[]m0r0n, use terminal sudo apt-get install gparted03:50
oldude67fusionxtc, try opening a terminal and typing in sudo dpkg --configure -a03:50
m0r0nYa it just finished03:50
oldude67fusionxtc, see if there are errors which there probably are03:51
soreaufusionxtc: Did you try to finish the update from the terminal?03:51
fusionxtchow do i open terminal i cannot access ubuntu correctly03:51
soreaufusionxtc: Booting into recovery mode03:51
fusionxtc(i am another computer using vista)03:51
woodworkersourea: says 4.3 gb size   2.6 gb used   1.7gb avail   61% used03:51
salvadorfldoes any body can help me with my sound card?03:51
soreauwoodworker: Well those errors mean something is definitely wrong with the disc or filesystem03:52
fusionxtcthe recovery mode didnt work, i tried using the fsck task but it didnt help03:52
soreau! audio | salvadorfl03:52
ubottusalvadorfl: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:52
soreau! work | fusionxtc03:52
m0r0nalpha[]: What should I format it to, I want both Windows and Ubuntu to read and write03:52
ubottufusionxtc: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:52
oldude67fusionxtc, run the the dpkg repair03:52
wizzo_salvadorfl: What is your trouble with your soundcard?03:52
alpha[]m0r0n, FAT03:52
woodworkersoreau:  great..... so that command is correct to get the bcm and should fix the problem?03:52
salvadorfli want to record my voice with the microphone03:52
soreaum0r0n: ntfs should be fine03:52
lordlimecatwouldnt ntfs be better for windows/ ubuntu partitions?03:53
salvadorfli cant record my voice03:53
alpha[]FAT is much easier03:53
m0r0nsoreau:  I don't have that option right now it's grey alpha[]:  FAT16 or 3203:53
alpha[]since it's a falsh drive..03:53
AzizLighthi everybody03:53
lordlimecatoh flash drive lol03:53
soreauwoodworker: Well that command is to install something that's supposed to assist you in getting the wifi working. I'm not familiar with it03:53
fusionxtchow do i run dpkg repair task if all i can get past is the grub loader03:53
alpha[]FAT32 if > 2GB03:53
alpha[]FAT16 if <03:53
soreaum0r0n: fat32 then03:53
Ali_nzif i am remotely logged into a ubunutu box, and for some reason I get disconnected, how do I reconnect to the same "session"03:54
oldude67fusionxtc, hit the esc key03:54
woodworkersoreau:  I dont have a problem booting to cd and formating drive and increasing space if that will fix the problem, but I dont want to continue to chase my tail03:54
oldude67and go to recovery03:54
fusionxtchold on one sec i have to reboot and go into recovery mode03:54
PhrogzAli_nz - google for persistent session03:54
oldude67fusionxtc, yes03:54
Ali_nzPhrogz: roger-ta03:55
soreauwoodworker: Well I'm not sure what else to tell you then but those errors look to be pretty serious. I/O errors typically something's wrong with the device where the filesystem resides03:55
philmoymoy I uninstalled the flashplayer 10, tried the "sudo apt-get install flashplugin..." and got message saying newest version is installed. that website will won't get past the ble box, when I right click on it, I get the flash menu, playing/autoplay etc.. but thats it.03:55
lordlimecatanyone have any advice to offer on getting a dual-drive, dual boot set up?  Transitioning from a single-drive setup...03:55
oldude67fusionxtc, when it boots up hit the escape key and go to recovery and hit dpkg repair03:55
oldude67before grub loads03:55
fusionxtcoldude67, ohhh yea ive done that before tho and also fsck03:55
woodworkersoreau:  how can I format usb drive when I rebot?03:56
soreauwoodworker: I have no idea03:56
oldude67fusionxtc, then go to where it says internet connect with root access and do a sudo aptitude safe-upgrade03:56
fusionxtcwell i re did it and is already done, its back to the recovery mode options03:56
woodworkersoreau:  Will you be on for a while? if I try this?03:56
soreauwoodworker: I don't know what you're doing and I'm about to go to sleep here in a few, but plenty of other folks will be and you also have google ;)03:57
fusionxtcdo you mean netroot?03:57
dp924I'm having a problem after a recent update on my laptop where the sound quits working at login, what log file should i look for?03:57
oldude67fusionxtc, yes03:57
soreaum0r0n: Please use a pastebin service, not pm03:57
woodworkersoreau:  alright thanks for the help03:57
AzizLightI'm trying to resize a video with ffmpeg using this command: ffmpeg -i input.avi -s 320x240 output.avi but I always get an error saying that the codec for the output stream is unsupported..something is missing in the command, can someone help me pleasE?03:57
m0r0nPasebin service?03:57
fusionxtcok its doin a task now03:57
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic03:58
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit03:59
woodworkeranyone know how to format a usb device in ubuntu?03:59
m0r0nI'm doing that right now woodworker03:59
fusionxtcok i did the sudo aptitude safe-upgrade and asked me a question04:00
switch10_woodworker  gparted04:00
fusionxtcill hit yes04:00
m0r0nI don't know how to do this pastebin thing sorry, but that's the error I'm getting04:00
woodworkerm0r0n:  care to help me out04:00
ScottGDoes anyone here know what script atpitool -S runs or what runs when it comes out of a suspend or hibernate? I want to be able to run some things when I hibernate/suspend and when I come out of hibernate/suspend.04:00
PHISHIEwoodworker: USE GPARTED04:00
woodworkerswitch10_:  what is the entire code - kinda of a newbie idiot right now....... I need spoon fed04:00
PHISHIEsorry about caps =p04:00
m0r0nwoodworker: I'm getting help from others right now but do this sudo apt-get install gparted04:01
switch10_woodworker  sudo apt-get install gparted     use the gui04:01
oldude67fusionxtc, thats a good guess yes for a safe upgrade04:01
switch10_the gui is really easy04:01
fusionxtcnow its doin tasks04:01
oldude67fusionxtc, sorry bathroom called04:01
m0r0nswitch10_: I'm getting an error, mind diagnosing it?04:01
ubuntuhay alguien que hable español04:01
switch10_whats the error04:02
oldude67!es | ubuntu04:02
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:02
woodworkerswitch10_  what do you mean use the gui you mean after getting the apt?04:02
=== PHISHIE is now known as phishie
m0r0nswitch10_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/218508/04:02
ubottuThe graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)04:02
Out_Coldcan someone direct me how to do an install from inside an already configured buntu?04:02
oldude67!hi | deusr04:02
ubottudeusr: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:02
woodworkerphishie:  did you go to onu?04:02
fusionxtcits done doin tasks now just reboot?04:02
phishiewoodworker: just type gparted on the command line04:03
oldude67fusionxtc, that would be a good start04:03
phishiewoodworker: onu?04:03
oldude67fusionxtc, good luck04:03
=== ubuntu is now known as leo
fusionxtceep i hope it turns out well ^__^04:03
woodworkerphishie:  nm I knew a kid that had that last name I went to college with04:03
=== leo is now known as leok0rn
deusrTell me about a version of Skype 2, which works with the modem speed stream? And where I download the older version?04:03
phishiewoodworker: oh lol not me04:04
jdoghacker /whois04:04
dp924how do i shut down the running xserver from command line?04:04
BankHeaddon't know04:04
jdoghacker / whois04:04
fusionxtcit booted up the same way :/ all i can do is input codes like as if i were in terminal04:04
deusroldude67, ubottu ?04:04
woodworkerphishie:  gparted on command line by its self will format usb device even when running from live session04:04
oldude67deusr, no im not a bot...lol04:05
m0r0nswitch10_: Figure it out?04:05
phishiedp924: crtl-alt+f2 then type sudo killall gdm04:05
dp924thanks a bunch04:05
=== piju is now known as piju\away
oldude67deusr, ubottu is a bot that has some usefull info..04:05
ChocoboA question, can usb startup disk creator be used for other distros?04:05
boboanyone able to play UnrealTournament 3 ?04:05
phishiewoodworker: oops didn't know you are on live soz04:05
switch10_m0r0n  sorry i dont know what that error means i havent seen it.  maybe try formatting it as ntfs, then to fat 3204:06
deusroldude67, ok!04:06
oldude67bobo isnt that a windows game?04:06
M4rotkuhey guys, is there a command that i can use to get the temperature of a dvd drive?  assuming it's /dev/dvd04:06
phishiedp924: ctrl-alt+f7 to get back to X though =o04:06
m0r0nswitch10_:  As if right now everything is grey, I can't do anything04:06
ChocoboCan usb startup disk creator be used for other distros?04:06
deusroldude67, Tell me about a version of Skype 2, which works with the modem speed stream? And where I download the older version?04:06
boboits linux too04:06
fusionxtcoldude67 what do you think i should do now??04:06
boboall the unreals are04:06
switch10_m0r0n  it froze up for some reason04:06
oldude67fusionxtc, did you reboot?04:06
phishieChocobo: I'm not sure about that, but a good alternative would be unetbootin04:06
deusroldude67, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=762992&highlight=skype+%2B+speedstream04:07
fusionxtcoldude67: yes it booted the same way as before04:07
linuxuser600bobo: I think you can in wine, I haven't tried it04:07
Chocobounetbootin always gives me troubles04:07
oldude67fusionxtc and that is what?04:07
oldude67duesr, have you tried google and or cnet?04:07
phishieChocobo: hmmm, I see... didn't give me problems though.04:08
woodworkerphishie no prob...... I am trying to install to a usb device in order to run a moodle site from my laptop, but it is my wifes and I can only run ubuntu when I want to host the site....... it is a college project....... so I am trying to get loaded to usb device, but we think there is a problem with the device so I am reloading it, but want to format first04:08
fusionxtcoldude67: it boots into a DOS looking screen, black backround with white text. i can input codes like if i were in terminal04:08
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY04:08
dp924what if root user is even denied access to user configurations04:08
Chocobothanks though, i believe i will attempt it again04:08
moymoyphil: sorry, i can't help you, since my flash has always worked perfectly for me04:08
fusionxtcoldude67: i can also log in with my user name and password, its like if gnome doesnt work04:09
bobo!unreal tournament 304:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:09
oldude67fusionxtc, how long have you waited for that screen to leave before? at one time i waited about 5 mins but i am on an older machine04:09
ctmjrbobo`that site did not work either?04:09
=== iamcalledrob is now known as iamcalledrob|awa
fusionxtcoldude67: i left it on over night before and it doesnt go away04:09
oldude67have you tried the comand startx?04:09
oldude67fusionxtc,  have you tried the command startx?04:10
fusionxtcoldude67: no i havnt i dont know much of the commands04:10
fusionxtcoldude67: in the grub loader there are at least 5 different ubuntu 9.04's to select from with recovery modes04:11
woodworkerswitch10_:  how do I run apt once gotten04:11
phishiewoodworker: I have not much experience on that, might need other's help on that04:11
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit04:11
UbuTheUbiHey, I lost control of some files.. They have a lock emblem by them.. How do i regain control im a linux noobie04:11
UbuTheUbiit says that nobody/nogroup owns them04:11
woodworkerphishie thanks......... just need to format usb device right now04:11
UbuTheUbiI really just want to delete the folder04:11
oldude67fusionxtc, start at the top see if it boots normal if you get a command prompt type in startx04:12
dp924Ubutheubi: sudo rm04:12
phishiewoodworker: but aren't you running on a cd? I think using gparted would allow you to format just the usb device04:12
UbuTheUbiplease be as specific as possible so i dont sudo rm my entire hd :)04:12
UbuTheUbiterminal scares me04:12
fusionxtcoldude67: i tried the startx command and it brought me back to my normal ubuntu!04:12
woodworkerphishie:  you can answer me this....... do I have to have the colon after the user name for it to pop up the message to a user?04:12
dp924ubutheubi: sudo rm -r (name of the folder)04:12
switch10_woodworker  do you mean how do you run gparted?  type in gparted into the terminal.  its also under system>admin04:12
oldude67fusionxtc, and it wont load?04:13
UbuTheUbiok that was pretty simple lol04:13
dp924that will completely remove the folder and everything in it04:13
phishiewoodworker: yeap lol04:13
woodworkerphishie:  yea I am runing a cd, my concern is that gparted will format my harddrive as well - not wanted04:13
fusionxtcoldude67: the startx made it load04:13
oldude67fusionxtc, now do updates04:13
fusionxtcoldude67: just now alot of things are screwed up04:13
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.04:13
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:13
phishiewoodworker: you gotta make sure you choose the correct partition04:13
oldude67fusionxtc, what do you mean screwed up?04:14
fusionxtcoldude67: what would u recomend me using for updates so i do not get another corrupt file04:14
phishiewoodworker: most likely the size would tell you that, just be very careful04:14
Out_Coldcan someone direct me how to do an install from inside an already configured buntu?04:14
woodworkerphishie:  how do I find that out?04:14
switch10_woodworker  if you're on a live cd, you already have gparted04:14
holliwhat repo is adobe flash located in 9.04?04:14
woodworkerswitch10_:  yea I found that out.......04:14
oldude67fusionxtc, you didnt get a corrupt file you got interrupted. there is a diff...04:14
fusionxtcoldude67: screwed up meaning my apps didnt start up like avant04:14
Ali_nzhas anyone here encountered Ubunutu locking up? as in not even mouse works?04:14
woodworkerswitch10_:  I am currently opening the gui04:14
fusionxtcoldude67: ohhh i didnt know that04:15
m0r0nAnyone want to help me figure out Pastebin04:15
oldude67fusionxtc, open terminal and type in sudo aptitude update04:15
m0r0nAfter I upload it gives me no link (Screenshot one)04:15
UbuTheUbii think the deletes working its just blinking04:15
hollim0r0n: you copy and paste the link in the address bar04:15
shane2peruok, dose anyone here have extremely slow sata issues, and does anyone know of a fix?04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
jussi01!info flashplugin-installer | holli04:15
ubottuholli: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 18 kB, installed size 176 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)04:15
UbuTheUbiit was  alot of files04:15
woodworkerphishie:  so typing gparted in terminal window would open the gparted gui?04:15
m0r0nholli: I recieve no link04:15
oldude67fusionxtc, then type in sudo aptitude safe-upgrade again04:15
phishiewoodworker: in gparted, on the top right corner is a dropdown list, you should be able to find your usb device, look at the size04:15
UbuTheUbihow long should it take to delete 40 + gb of small files04:16
Ali_nzhas anyone here encountered Ubunutu locking up? as in not even mouse works? is there a log I can look at to try and see why?04:16
oldude67fusionxtc, when you lose internet it can mess alot up when making updates04:16
hollim0r0n: it doesn't give you a link you copy and paste it out of the address bar of your browser04:16
phishiewoodworker: yes you gotta be root though, type sudo gparted instead04:16
woodworkerphishie: Yea is is sda204:16
lasehopesinyouuim trying to get my keyboard to work with the volume, it was working until i restarted. How should i go about syncing the two so it controls the volume04:16
shane2peruI have been running rsync all day long to sync 156Gb of data to my external hdd, is that excessive, I mean literally all day long 8+ hours04:16
fusionxtcoldude67: yes so it seems04:16
m0r0nholli: It doesn't redirect me anywhere04:16
m0r0nIt goes back to http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add04:16
linuxuser600Ali_nz: I have when full desktop effects and wine and virtual box is running at the same time04:17
woodworkerphishie:  ok I am there...... it only shows usb as 4.23 gb when it is an 8gb though04:17
fusionxtcoldude67: right now it looks like it is now install updates04:17
lasehopesinyouuanybody have an idea?04:17
hollim0r0n: use dpaste.com04:17
oldude67fusionxtc, good let it go04:17
ctmjrm0r0n, did ypu type in your name in the from box?04:17
dp924ubutheubi: it will take a few minutes to delete 40 gb04:17
oldude67fusionxtc, no harm no fowl04:17
Ali_nzlinuxuser600: sounds like you ran outta resources?04:17
UbuTheUbisee i run this command 'sudo rm -r Ivory\ Items ' .. the folder in the desktop actually shows up as 'Ivory Items' but in terminal the closest i could find was '04:17
fusionxtcoldude67: hahah good ^__^04:17
UbuTheUbiwas' ivory items'04:18
lasehopesinyouuubuntu = massive easy04:18
UbuTheUbii mean 'Ivory\ items'04:18
hollijussi01: thanks, too bad the official documentation does not provide that04:18
phishiewoodworker: hmm another thing you can check is the amount of space used on it just to make sure04:18
shane2peruok, does anyone here have extremely slow sata issues, and does anyone know of a fix?04:18
UbuTheUbiwhy does it show up with the backslash04:18
linuxuser600Ali_nz: haha yeah, i was just saying thats the only time it happens04:18
Ali_nzthere must be a system log of what it was doing when it froze?04:18
UbuTheUbicool its gone04:18
UbuTheUbidp924: Thanks04:18
dp924ubutheubi: '\ ' is a space in the terminal04:18
UbuTheUbigot ya.. appreciate it04:18
dp924no problem04:19
m0r0ndp924: Ya holli:I need to show a screen shot04:19
navatwoguys I need help, I currently have no panel or any other desktop objects04:19
woodworkerphishie:  I am going to fomat on my windows based machine first then put back in and see what happens04:19
navatwohow do I reload them?04:19
hollim0r0n: shouldn't need to, ask someone to tell you the command-line equivelent of what you are doing04:19
shane2perunavatwo, press alt F2 and type, killall gnome-panel04:19
hollim0r0n: people will be able to assist you better with terminal output than a screen shot04:19
oldude67navatwo, what were you doing when that happened?04:20
fusionxtcoldude67: still doing updates, whats the est time for this just wondering?04:20
shane2perunavatwo, it should reload itself04:20
phishiewoodworker: long as you know what you are doing =)04:20
hollim0r0n: whats the problem?04:20
m0r0nThere is no output I'm not doing anything code related04:20
navatwoshane2peru: k04:20
=== brian_ is now known as brian__
bobosstupid ut3 and no loki installer04:20
oldude67fusionxtc, depends on how long it was down before it got all of them it should show you.04:20
m0r0nGParted, I can't format anything, it's all grey04:20
woodworkerphishie:  window= my friend compared to this ubuntu, but I am trying04:20
hollim0r0n: you must not understand, you can do absolutly everything for a command line04:20
shane2peruI have been running rsync all day long to sync 156Gb of data to my external hdd, is that excessive, I mean literally all day long 8+ hours04:20
navatwoits comming :) thanks shane2peru04:20
shane2perunavatwo, no prob04:21
PleceboWhat messages should I look for in dmesg when a hard drive is failing?04:21
navatwodang.. still missing my name + login stuff..04:21
fusionxtcoldude67: haha 23min as of right now04:21
ctmjrAli_nz, look in /var/log  ker.log sys.log04:21
phishiewoodworker: to me, ubuntu is much better woot!04:21
m0r0nholli: Partitoin - Unallocated  File System - Unallocated Size - 15.78GB Used -- Unused -- Flags04:21
woodworkerphishie:  The unfamiliar is scary04:21
hollim0r0n: im guessing your trying to install ubuntu?04:21
oldude67fusionxtc, idk if you are on a dialup or a cable or what..so everything will very04:21
Drekiis anyone havving trouble connecting to keyserver.ubuntu.com?04:21
Ali_nzctmjr: ta04:21
m0r0nholli: No, just re-format that flash drive04:22
fusionxtcoldude67: would you suggest me restarting after update is complete?  and would i have o restart using the startx command everytime?04:22
hollim0r0n: what file format?04:22
fusionxtcoldude67: haha it might as well be dial up its wireless dsl04:22
=== brian_ is now known as Brians
oldude67fusionxtc, no it should boot normal and it will tell you if it should reboot but my guess is yes.04:22
woodworkerphishie:  That is interesting gparted is recognizing a second partition on my hard drive, but didnt recognice the usb device04:23
hollim0r0n: type sudo fdisk -l to find out the device name of the usb drive, it will look like: /dev/sdb104:23
lasehopesinyouuanybody know how to get screens on top and bottom in compiz04:23
m0r0nholli: I may have got something to work, one sec04:23
Briansanyone have a good way to have kde and gnome both installed without the apps merging04:23
phishiewoodworker: hmmm it could be that stick is goners...04:23
oldude67fusionxtc, when doing updates try to do them on a day or time that it wont get booted...or you will have lots of problems.04:23
hollim0r0n: then: sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1    <----where /dev/sdb1 is your device name04:23
hollim0r0n: and your done04:23
fusionxtcoldude67: gotcha  thats for the info ^__^ im just hoping now everything will runn smooth, whats the difference with 9.04 anyway?04:23
fusionxtcoldude67: totaly noteded04:24
woodworkerphishie:  I just bought it...... and had an istall of ubuntu on it alrealy04:24
oldude67fusionxtc, lots of new hardware and stability with it...and i m hoping next upgrade is even better.04:24
fusionxtcoldude67: very good, is firefox still kina unreliable and same with flash?04:25
moymoyBrians: the apps will always merge.. what you can do is open up alacarte to edit your menus .. but otherwise, you can try installing on another partition or on a virtual machine04:25
phishiewoodworker: hmmm if gparted can't recognize it, then I cannot be of more help. And I am very unfamiliar with fdisk command.04:25
m0r0nholli: Contains a mounted file system04:25
phishiewoodworker: try plugging it out and back in and run gparted?04:25
hollim0r0n: sudo umount /dev/sdb104:26
hollim0r0n: again, replace /dev/sdb1 with whatever your usb drive is04:26
woodworkerphishie:  I am trying that - it is recognized in my places04:26
oldude67fusionxtc, ff is doing good...flash is set...just load it like it says and should be good...but im an opera fan so...04:26
m0r0nholli: Command not found04:26
hollim0r0n: you spelled it wrong, tab completion is your friend04:26
fusionxtcoldude67: i liked opera too, but its hard from me to convert when i was used to ff for soo long04:27
hollim0r0n: is umount NOT unmount04:27
m0r0nWoops, I put unmount04:27
m0r0nholli: mkfs.vfat: Device partition expected, not making filesystem on entire device '/d04:28
oldude67ok one and all im out have fun and good luck...happy hunting...and m$ sucks...have a nice day...:D04:28
Drekifusionxtc: oldude: i could never get used to another browser... firefox has it all..04:28
m0r0nev/sdg' (use -I to override)04:28
holliholli: you have to specify a number e.g.: /dev/sdb <-- the usb drive, /dev/sdb1 <--- a partition on the usb drive04:29
holliholli: you have to specify a partition04:29
DapsI have Samba installed, any ideas why I can't open the shared folders on my windows machine over the network??04:29
phishiewoodworker: i can't figure out how else to help....04:30
woodworkerphishie:  well it just locked up on me as it was scanning the device, so I am rebooting and trying again04:30
phishiewoodworker: let's hope that helps04:31
m0r0nholli: Thank you very much04:31
woodworkerphishie:  no kidding I am heading into hour 11 here with this system...... getting fustrated04:31
hollim0r0n: no problem04:31
fusionxtcoldude67: thank you for your help04:32
m0r0nI know this is illegal, but breaking DRM on videos, can anyone nudge me towards how to do so?04:32
Ali_nzctmjr: I got a syslog but not sys.log???04:33
phishiewoodworker: wait a minute, you have windows running, you could try formatting that stick with it04:33
=== forrestv is now known as forrest
woodworkerphishie: already did that04:33
hollim0r0n: if you are having trouble playing some media, you likely just lack codecs04:33
hollim0r0n: i recommend vlc because it comes with all the codecs you could ever need04:33
woodworkerphishie:  just now, do I not need to run gparted after doing that?04:33
holli!vlc | m0r0n04:33
ubottum0r0n: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs04:33
Ali_nzctmjr: and I have a kern.log and a kern.log.0 ??04:33
m0r0nholli: VLC say's it's DRM encoded04:34
=== forrest is now known as forrestv
phishiewoodworker: wind0ze prolly broke it =S try it again? because i did that before and it worked04:34
woodworkerphishie:  well it just showed up on my desktop in ubuntu04:34
m0r0nholli: Actually, nevermind, it's a wmv and it's like bright coloured pixles all over the screen04:35
ctmjrAli_nz, well look in them and see if they have the info you need04:35
Ali_nzctmjr: will try - they are big files!!04:35
phishiewoodworker: nice04:35
woodworkerphishie:  I know right baby steps04:36
ctmjrAli_nz, should be close to the bottom04:36
Ali_nzyer they are04:36
phishiewoodworker: sorry but i gotta ask, but what was it that you wanted to do again?04:36
PleceboWhat messages should I look for in dmesg when a hard drive is failing?04:36
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: DRM?04:37
m0r0nCoJaBo-Aztec: Just the fact that it's a wmv04:37
m0r0nI think that's screwing me over, what's a good converter?04:37
Pleceboor could someone take a look at this dmesg output and tell me if they can see why my had drive keeps dropping out of my raid array: http://pastebin.com/m4273cedd04:37
woodworkerphishie:  Install a usb boot.....persistent...... so I can host a moodle site, but I am using my wifes laptop therefore she doesnt want me to instal on harddrive, the goal is to host a moodle site with this when I boot from usb drive - it is a college project..... only need available when I want04:38
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: Colored mess tends to mean its DRM.04:38
m0r0nCoJaBo-Aztec:  Oh, in that case, what should I do?04:38
woodworkerphishie:  Ok...... I got it in gparted...... It is showing 7.11gb fat32...... do I need to do anything 2 other partitions of 376mb04:39
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: Demand a DRM-free version.04:39
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: Where did you get the video?04:39
=== iamcalledrob|awa is now known as iamcalledrob
phishiewoodworker: i gotta say i have no knowledge of a persistent usb boot, was never successful anyway. You may need 2 partitions in that usb drive though. read up how to do the persistent boot first before you start formatting...04:41
woodworkerphishie:  seems to me the 9.04 has the usb creator built in and shold work as long as you create enough extra space04:42
phishiewoodworker: yeap but that would be non persistent if you runt that as itself, if that hasn't changed.04:42
phishiewoodworker: runt/run*04:43
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:43
woodworkerphishie:  it shows in the creator..... I just crated 6.3gb of extra space for storing of documents and settings:=/ that is what it said..... whether it works I dont know04:44
phishieoh thanks jussi01!04:44
phishiewoodworker: try following the link ubottu gave above. that should work04:44
ctmjrm0r0n, alot of vids downloaded from torrent sites are junk files never meant to play just waste your bandwidth and time04:44
m0r0nFun fun fun.04:44
phishiewoodworker: of course follow the persistent version though04:45
yijuncould anyone tell me sabayon user default password04:45
woodworkerphishie:  yea it says it should be persistent04:46
phishiewoodworker: sounds great04:46
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: Yeah, its a virus.04:48
m0r0nCoJaBo-Aztec: A virus from isohunt? Hmph. Are you sure? Nothing on Windows nor Ubuntu has been affected04:49
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: 99% sure. It relies on the fact that MS-DRM service allows them to open a page in IE.04:49
mistergibsonI lost my desktop sound effects, anyone else run into this?04:49
nsadminis there a better way than "sudo bash"?04:50
TTxTdoes anybody know what architecture should I use for a AMD Sempron 2500+ with apt-build?04:50
inruinHi everyone!04:51
inruinim new to ubuntu and the linux os04:51
inruinI have read a bit on th gnu lic04:51
linuxuser600inruin: welcome to linux04:51
nsadminI'm telling someone they need to get logged in as postgres04:51
inruinand the freeware movement04:51
phishieuh huh04:52
Voidhola mongolitos04:52
fusionxtcso if anyone was reading before04:52
inruinthanx is that a bit?04:52
inruiner a bot?04:52
m0r0nMy printer keep getting a print command, but I never sent one04:52
CoJaBo-Aztecm0r0n: Most of them are just the same clip with a wide variety of names uploaded to tons of torrent sites, and most of them install at least Seekmo.04:52
fusionxtci did the update to fix how it was booting up04:52
fusionxtci now just re-entered ubuntu using the startx command04:52
TTxTdoes anybody know what architecture should I use for a AMD Sempron 2500+ with apt-build?04:52
nsadminnow THERE is a name for a bot!04:52
fusionxtchow do i get the computer so that i do not need to use the startx comman04:53
linuxuser600inruin: im a persom04:53
inruinso i booted ubuntu from my usb and the partition sizing went wrong04:53
inruinoh sorry04:53
inruin there04:53
m0r0nCoJaBo-Aztec: I never got a virus from isohunt this is a first. I guess they are slacking on security now04:53
linuxuser600 inruin: hi04:53
bobtthi i installed winxp and ubuntu and i tried downloading a file and it says my disc is full04:53
inruinHI! hehe04:53
nsadminfusionxtc: you don't have to use X... you could stay at the command line04:53
bobtthow can i check my partitions?04:54
phishiefusionxtc: a quick guess would be set the runlevel to 3?04:54
inruinI have the SAME QUESTION AS BOBTT04:54
inruinsorry for the caps04:54
fusionxtc phishie: what do u mean runlevel to 3?04:54
nsadminare the ubuntu runlevels different?04:55
[R]bobtt inruin: df04:55
fusionxtcphishie: what do u mean runlevels (newbie here)04:55
inruinim newb whatis df?04:55
[R]inruin: if you dont know waht a program is, you should read it's man page04:55
fusionxtcphishie: using the start command it tries to boot up now but it just stays at a blank screen04:55
fusionxtcphishie: it worked before.. :/04:56
inruinok I just had a question about partitioning04:56
phishiefusionxtc: for runlevels info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runlevel.04:56
rudi_use gparted04:56
phishiefusionxtc: you just ran the startx command?04:56
bobtthave i incorrectly installed ubuntu?04:57
NerosHey... Anyone here able to help me get my tethering to work?04:57
fusionxtcyes and now it tries to boot up but just shows a blank screen04:57
Joe_to enable CUDA on the GTX 260 I have to use the 185 drivers?04:57
inruinok thanx rudi04:57
phishiefusionxtc: you may have changed the xorg config by any chance?04:58
Joe_tus10nxtc what's the problem?04:58
rudi_no problem04:58
Joe_ fusionxt: using two GPUs by chance?04:58
binarymutantwhat's the channel for Ubuntu One?04:59
karatekickz I installed swiftfox but it fails to start shows up in the tray and hangs can anyone help my firefox and shiretoko both work fine can anyone help?04:59
fusionxtcphishie: not that i know of, all i tried doing was updating the systems when my internet connection got interrupted and the install failed04:59
fusionxtcphishie: ever since then i havnt been able to boot correctly or at all04:59
bobtti cant install gparted theres not enough space lol05:00
bobtthow can i fix the problem?05:00
phishiefusionxtc: try booting ubuntu into recovery mode and 'try fixing' the xorg config from there. not sure if it will work, but that's the easiest i could think of no05:00
mook_ello people05:01
Nerosbobtt whats going on?05:01
phishieello mook05:01
fusionxtcphishie: thats what the guy before kinda wanted me to do05:01
NerosI think I may know whats up05:01
mook_um kinda needin help or a miracle one you choose05:01
Joe_ fusionxt: I had a problem like that (boots to a blank screen), I use two GPUs and found in Xorg.0.log it couldn't determine which was the primary card, just putting the busid in xorg.conf fixed it for me05:01
owen1 I have 'exec wbar & awesome' in .xinitrc.  i only see the wbar app in one of the monitors. how to make it show on the other as well. (i have X in each).05:01
bobttneros i installed winxp then ubuntu, let it manage the partitions and i think it might have messed up05:01
bobttit's apparently already run out of space05:02
fusionxtcphishie: then using the start command i was able to access ubuntu then i ran sudo aptitude safe-upgrade and then restarted the computer05:02
TarantulafudgeHey guys I'm having an issue. My executable file is in the same directory, but when I do ./server_linux it says No such file or directory...05:02
mook_bob thats the way i did it but im runing the nvidia 7300 gt05:02
fusionxtcphishie: the guy left that was helping me and when rebooting it didnt fix the problem05:02
[R]Tarantulafudge: what does 'ldd' say about the binary?05:02
Joe_Taran... chmod +x server_linux05:02
fusionxtcphishie: i just tried the fsck task in recovery mode05:03
bobttis there anything i can do to fix it?05:03
phishiefusionxtc: i'm afraid i can't think of anything to help but Joe_ might be able to help you on this if you have 2 GPUs05:03
Tarantulafudge[R]: it just says "not a dynamic executable"05:03
[R]Tarantulafudge: what does 'file' say about it?05:03
scribe05printing problem here. I can't print and my printers are not showing up in printer lists in such things as open office.  I try to print there and I only have generic printer listed.  Just this morning it was different05:03
Nerosanyone here a pppd god? Thing is I'm tethering my BlackBerry storm over bluetooth... I got the chat files and stuff off the ubuntu wiki and now when I do sudo pon verizon the phone connects but no network access but on the device it says Modem Mode Enabled. sudo poff causes it to go off...05:03
Tarantulafudge[R]: server_linux: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped05:03
fusionxtcphishie: im using vista on this computer right now05:04
Tarantulafudge[R]: I can read the file fine, I just can't run it05:04
[R]Tarantulafudge: read it?05:04
[R]Tarantulafudge: its a binary...05:04
Tarantulafudgelike with vim and cat05:04
nw-bhello, is it possible to connect a NAS HDD trough ethernet port at the same time I am accessing internet wirelessly?05:04
TarantulafudgeI can see that its there, and the data05:04
[R]Tarantulafudge: and uname -a?05:04
mook_how do i save my xconfig in a terinal ?05:05
TarantulafudgeLinux u15354299 #1 SMP Mon Jun 15 08:04:18 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:05
Tarantulafudgecould the 64bit be the problem?05:05
phishiefusionxtc: hmmm... I'm out of ideas.... *shrugs* im so sorry....05:05
[R]Tarantulafudge: do you have 386 glibc installed?05:05
fusionxtcphishie:sorry got disconnect05:06
Tarantulafudge[R]: I don't know, this is a fresh install of 8.0405:06
fusionxtcphishie: how would i switch a runlevel if that is the problem at hand?05:06
[R]Tarantulafudge: sounds like you probably don't05:07
Nerosso anyone here got dialup working in ubuntu :P mine connects but all my applications dont think theres a net connection05:07
Tarantulafudge[R]: so what should I do05:07
phishiefusionxtc: no that shouldn't be the problem, and i do realize that i can't do much to help you... i'm so sorry05:07
Tarantulafudgeinstall glibc386?05:07
fusionxtcphishie: thanks for try ^__^05:08
[R]Tarantulafudge: that might be a start05:08
Ali_nzi can swap a ubunutu hdd into a new pc and boot without reloading right?05:08
Dr_WillisAli_nz:  ive had mixxed succes with doing that.05:09
Dr_WillisAli_nz:  issues may be the video card and perhaps sound card.05:09
phishiefusionxtc: i try to help, but i'm no pro lol. i'm sure someone in here has the solution05:09
nw-banyone knows how to make the ethernet port work on an offline LAN network, while accessing internet wirelessly?05:09
nsadminbe careful... the ubunutu tribe does not like ubuntu... if you see a spear coming at you, duck!05:10
mazda01ok, im back. i have been up and down the darn wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP) and i can not get phpmyadmin to work for the life of me. please help05:10
NerosI'm tethering my BlackBerry storm over bluetooth... I got the chat files and stuff off the ubuntu wiki and now when I do sudo pon verizon the phone connects but no network access but on the device it says Modem Mode Enabled. sudo poff causes it to go off...05:10
woodworkersoreau:  I got this stuff working....05:10
Ali_nzDr_Willis: yer well it aint workng so i think your right05:10
fusionxtci just dont know who would help me out, i feel like im being anoying but i cant find anything outthere05:10
soreauwoodworker: Cool05:11
Tarantulafudge[R]: I found a package for teamspeak instead05:11
SnakDocmazda01 you saying http://localhost/phpmyadmin doesn't work ?05:11
moymoyi mounted an sftp server on Gnome and it displays an icon on my Desktop .. but where does the sftp server actually mount to?05:12
woodworkersoreau:  reformat .... reinstall... download b43 package and add network!!  we are in business thanks for the help05:12
nw-busser, hello, I received help from you a couple of days ago on how to make a lan network between two computers using an ethernet port and a router, I dont know if you remeber me05:12
woodworkerphishie:  thanks for the help too05:12
[R]moymoy: ~/.gvfs05:12
ussernw-b, yea i remember something like that05:12
mazda01SnakDoc, correct. I am getting a weird popup about me saving or opening a phtml file. and yes, I have installed the libapache2-mod-php5 package and ran sudo a2enmod php5 and restarted apache2. any other thoughts?05:12
SnakDocmoymoy mount should either be /media or /mnt05:12
hellis22 /msg nickserv identify Gr3/-\tZ05:13
phishiewoodworker: np at all, i just hope i didn't waste your time05:13
moymoy[R]: i thought that was only for smb mounted shares.. ls'd ~/.gvfs but it was empty =\05:13
Neroshelliss22 lol05:13
LordLandonhellis22: you should change that now, probably05:13
fusionxtcJOE_ : could you help me out with this boot problem?05:13
[R]moymoy: its for evfertyhting virtual gnome mounts... and its not mounted if its empty05:13
woodworkerphishie:  nope it is all a learning experience, and this certainly has been one of those05:13
SnakDocmazda01 give me a min see what i can find for you took most my ideas away05:13
NerosAnyone here good with pppd?05:14
NerosI cant get it working right in 9.0405:14
mazda01SnakDoc, i know. I have been trying to solve this for the last 6 hours. reinstalling packages etc etc.05:14
phishiewoodworker: ^^05:14
Joe_fusionxt: Do you use multiple graphics cards?05:14
nw-busser, the thing is that now, I need to reconfigure it just to work with a NAS HDD via a offline router. Do you think you can help me? if you have time, I will give more details on pastebin05:14
fusionxtcthe computer is a laptop so im affraid not05:14
ussernw-b, whats an offline router?05:15
moymoy[R]: it's mounted.. i can access the files and perform tasks.. but the directories are empty?05:15
moymoy[R]: the .gvfs directory i mean05:15
nsadmina router that's on standby? not active? not passing traffic?05:15
nw-busser, I have a wireless router, but I do not have an ethernet port with internet connection. I only receive internet via wireless05:15
mazda01SnakDoc, nevermind. i just needed to clear firefox's cache. it's working. sorry05:15
nw-busser, that is what I mean with an offline router05:16
fusionxtc Joe_ : the computer is a laptop so im affraid not05:16
ussernw-b, right and your pc is sharing the wireless connection to the rest of the devices right?05:16
Joe_fusionxt: hmm, can you get to a command prompt?05:16
SnakDocmazda01 lol i just had something i was going to get you to try :P05:16
nw-busser, yea05:16
[R]moymoy: and you're sure you are doing the ls as the correct user?05:16
SnakDocmazda01 glade to see its working05:16
ussernw-b, whats up with the NAS then, is it on the same wired network the rest of the devices are?05:16
fusionxtcJoe_ : when i boot the computer it goes to a DOS looking screen, i can input commands like if it were terminal05:17
nw-busser, yeah05:17
mazda01SnakDoc, yeah me too. i was racking my brain. now I am trying to clean up a music library that spans 2 drives but there's duplicates. i am using fslint. have you ever used it?05:17
ussernw-b, but you cant access it?05:17
Joe_fusionxt: ok, look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and see if any errors show in there (EE)05:17
nw-busser, do not know how to configure it05:17
ussernw-b, the way i remember it you had to give everything a static ip, we set it up with right05:17
soreauwoodworker: no problem, glad you got it working05:17
SnakDocmazda01 no sure haven't was looking for something to do that :P lol just never got around to it05:18
nw-busser, well, it was
ussernw-b, those kinds of devices usually have a setup page, that you can access through you browser05:18
fusionxtchow do i look at it tho, just using the command prompt itself?05:18
nw-band for windows05:18
nw-busser, and for windows05:18
ussernw-b, im assuming NAS wants to receive the ip automatically but it cant or gets from your router, the router gives out ips from subnet05:19
fusionxtcJoe_ : how do i look at it tho, just using the command prompt itself?05:19
Joe_fusionxt: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE05:19
ussernw-b, you can either give the NAS the static ip or change your router settings to give out ip from range05:19
Joe_fusionxt: that should spit out any lines that have an error in them05:19
fusionxtcJoe_ : when i put it into the line for the code it said permission denied05:20
Joe_fusionxt: put sudo in front of it (will ask for password)05:20
nw-busser, I setup my NAS drive to work on on port 2405:20
ussernw-b, what i'd is temporarily disable the static ip on your windows box, see what ip router gives it, then if its 192.168.1.something go to your routers web page, usually and change the ip range that it gives out05:20
fusionxtcJoe_ : ohhhhh05:20
ussernw-b, NAS should be on the same subnet ie,
ussernw-b, if you can somehow change on the router to 192.168.0.something you should be set05:21
nw-busser, ok, I think I can make it happen05:21
nw-bthen I can access the drive via web browser?05:21
nw-busser, then I can access the drive via web browser?05:21
moymoy[R]: i'm doing ls as root on for the .gvfs directory on all the home folders05:22
nw-busser, I used to access the drive via Network connections, Windows Network, etc etc etc05:23
ussernw-b, no, if you give it ip from range it should work as before, what im saying NAS's routers etc all have some sort of config page that you can access from a browser05:23
fusionxtcdoesnt seem to be working05:23
[R]moymoy: only the user that owns the directory can ls it05:23
fusionxtcsudo /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:24
fusionxtcJoe_: /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:24
fusionxtcJoe_: sudo /var/log/Xorg.0.olg     correct?05:25
fusionxtcJoe_: log^^05:25
mazda01anyone know how to use fslint to remove all duplicate across 2 folder locations but keep a copy from one of the folders?05:25
Joe_fusionxt: cat /vat...05:25
nw-busser, ok, I see05:25
SETKEHusser: Not all NAS drive have a config page acessable through a router I have a buffalo linkstation and u have to install there software to manage it not use a browser05:25
fusionxtcJoe_:  cat/vat what is that?05:25
nw-busser, I am going to try, if I get problems, can I bother you again?05:25
Joe_fusionxt: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:26
Joe_fusionxt: cat is a command to display what is in the file05:26
fusionxtcJoe_:  ohhhhhhhhhh :P sorry05:26
richardcavellcat concatenates - joins together other files05:26
shaullxanyone have a script that displayes my sys info for xchat?05:26
sagredoyo yo yo what up greets all. I used the command umount /media/mydrivename and now when I plug the usb in/out the icon of the extenal HD does not show up. How can I get that to show up again?05:26
richardcavellsagredo: Plug it in and type mount /media/mydrivename05:27
richardcavellactually, sudo05:27
richardcavellsudo mount /media/mydrivename05:27
sagredomount: can't find /media/culp in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab05:27
sagredosudo mount /deb/sdb105:28
sagredomount: can't find /deb/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab05:28
richardcavellsagredo: is it plugged in05:28
fusionxtcJoe_:  sudo cat/var/log/Xorg.0.log    no such directory ?05:28
sagredorichardcavell: it is plugged in and on05:28
Joe_space between cat and /05:28
richardcavellsagredo: might need to mount it properly again05:28
fusionxtcJoe_:  yea i did05:28
sagredorichardcavell: how05:28
Joe_fusionxt: it will probably be long, but at the bottom there should be an error (if not use cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | more)05:28
fusionxtcJoe_:  ohhh wait05:29
shaullxanyone have a script that displayes my sys info for xchat?05:29
richardcavellie mount /dev/sdb /media/mydrivename05:29
mazda01fusionxtc, it should be; sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log. you're missing a space between cat and /var/05:29
richardcavellreplace sdb by whatever your drive device name is05:29
mazda01shaullx, which system info do you want to know?05:29
fusionxtcJoe_:  lol mazda01 got it05:29
mazda01anyone know how to use fslint to remove all duplicate across 2 folder locations but keep a copy from one of the folders?05:29
fusionxtcJoe_:  yes it ran thrrough the log05:29
shaullxcpu gpu hdd uptime stuff like that05:30
fusionxtcmazda01: lol thanks i just figured it out im an idiot05:30
PhrogzRunning postfix on ubuntu I get "501 5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax" for "RCPT TO: !@phrogz.net". Anyone know what config option I need to change to allow ! as an alias?05:30
Joe_fusionxt: was there any errors in there?  normally they start with (EE)05:30
=== Tek is now known as Guest96014
fusionxtci see (II) (--) (**) i do not see any (EE)05:31
=== Guest96014 is now known as Tekumel
shaullxmazda01 u have any?05:31
=== eus is now known as eusu_kefuin
fusionxtcunless i can scroll up05:31
fusionxtcJoe_:  unless i can scroll upwards to see all the log05:31
sagredocan someone tell me the command05:31
mazda01shaullx, not really. i am asking what kind of info are you curious about?05:31
mazda01anyone know how to use fslint to remove all duplicate across 2 folder locations but keep a copy from one of the folders?05:31
Mikey^fusionxtc,  cat /var/log/Xorg.0/log | grep (EE)05:32
moymoysagredo: i'm gonna pm you05:32
sagredoin order to see what linux is doing when I cycle the connection an external usb hard drive05:32
shaullxmazda01 i told u cpu gpu hdd uptime stuff like that05:32
sagredomoymoy: sounds good05:32
Joe_fusionxt: put | more after the command05:32
Mikey^fusionxtc,  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep (EE)05:32
fusionxtcwas that key?05:32
fusionxtcwhats that key?05:33
Mikey^just run that05:33
shaullxso anyone have a sys info script for xchat?05:33
NerosI'm tethering my BlackBerry storm over bluetooth... I got the chat files and stuff off the ubuntu wiki and now when I do sudo pon verizon the phone connects but no network access but on the device it says Modem Mode Enabled. sudo poff causes it to go off...05:33
mazda01shaullx, no sorry. I know how to retrieve it all seperatly I think.05:33
NerosI'm tethering my BlackBerry storm over bluetooth... I got the chat files and stuff off the ubuntu wiki and now when I do sudo pon verizon the phone connects but no network access but on the device it says Modem Mode Enabled. sudo poff causes it to go off...05:34
fusionxtcJoe_:  syntax error near unexpected token ('05:34
Joe_fusionxt: try this, "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then do "pastebinit -i /var/log/Xorg.0.log" if it works should give you a URL, type that here (will put that log file on the internet so we can see it)05:34
gabe I'm trying to get help with vnc server. I've got it installed and ready to receive incoming connections, I've disabled the firewall in my PC and router and I still can't connect to the desktop computer. However, I can connect from the desktop to my lapton and both are in the same network. What's going on?05:34
Mikey^fusionxtc, why wont you try what I said05:35
shaullxit would've been alot easier with mirc >>05:35
Mikey^that will get you only the errors in the xorg log file05:35
FloodBot3cah_batang: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
fusionxtcMikey^: i did try but it said here was a syntax error05:36
=== cah_batang is now known as cah
fusionxtcand the pastebinit command didnt work05:36
Mikey^fusionxtc, cat Xorg.0.log | grep EE05:36
gabe I'm trying to get help with vnc server. I've got it installed and ready to receive incoming connections, I've disabled the firewall in my PC and router and I still can't connect to the desktop computer. However, I can connect from the desktop to my lapton and both are in the same network. What's going on?05:36
mazda01gabe, have you forwarded the correct port in your router to the internal ip of the comuter you have the vncserver running on?05:36
Mikey^that should work05:36
gabeI haven't modified IP addresses... I only disabled the firewall on my desktop and the router. I can connect from desktop to laptop but not from laptop to desktop05:38
anesthesiaAww man...the harry potter movie (came out tonight) was already leaked at http://unitedworldcharity.org/Harry ...why must people ruin it?05:38
fusionxtck give me a sec05:38
fusionxtcMikey^: it tells me there is no such file or directory05:38
Mikey^get into /var/log05:39
fusionxtcit just says that its a directory05:39
Mikey^fusionxtc, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE05:40
fusionxtcwhat the hell is that thing in front of grep and after .log05:40
gabeI haven't modified IP addresses... I only disabled the firewall on my desktop and the router. I can connect from desktop to laptop but not from laptop to desktop05:40
Mikey^fusionxtc, just copy and paste it in your termina05:40
bullgard4[Irssi] '/connect irc.gimp.org' obtains: "Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.gimp.org port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:]" although ~/.irssi/config does not include the address What is the reason?05:41
Mikey^fusionxtc, its the pipe,05:41
noMasterhello. how I can switch off GDM autorun. What file I should edit?05:41
fusionxtci cant i can not access ubuntu, when my computer boots up it goes to a DOS looking screen05:41
fusionxtcim on another computer05:41
Mikey^noMaster, that is only possible if you are running ubuntu server edition05:41
fusionxtcas you type on this chat im typing into a terminal looking screen on my computer that does not work05:42
Mikey^I have tried it do it on ubuntu desktop edition but gdm just starts always.05:42
Mikey^fusionxtc, you can find that symbol along with \05:42
fusionxtcnothing starts on the computer05:42
Mikey^based on my keyboard layout05:42
Mikey^shift + \ = |05:43
noMasterI have installed Sugar Desktop Enviroment, and I need boot it from "Init 3". Is it possable?05:43
Mikey^but again thats based on your keyboard layout, just look for it on your keyboard05:43
noMasterI mean command line only05:43
Mikey^noMaster, no, gdm starts for all runlevels05:43
fusionxtcMikey^: now it says failed to initialize GLX extension (compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)05:44
Mikey^fusionxtc, there you go, thats your problem05:44
noMaster:( but thanks anyway05:44
Mikey^noMaster, try the server edition if you really need it05:44
Mikey^or goole05:44
dash_im getting errors about compiling drivers with a different version of gcc tyhan i comiled the kernel with05:44
Mikey^google :)05:44
fusionxtcMikey^: cools, ^_^ but how do i fix it when i cant access the computer05:44
dash_Linux version 2.6.28-13-generic (buildd@yellow) (gcc version 4.3.3 (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) ) #45-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 22:12:12 UTC 200905:44
dash_gcc version 4.3.3 (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4)05:44
Mikey^fusionxtc, what version of ubuntu are you using /05:45
dash_Driver "Realtek rtl8187" specified for installation.05:45
dash_Your current GCC version doesn't match the version your kernel was compiled with.05:45
dash_The build modules will probably not load into the running kernel.05:45
fwaokdaI've edited my ID3 tag info in rythmbox for my albums but when I've loaded them up in my Zune player on my windowsxp in vbox they're not changed... anyone know why? is there a plugin for rythmbox that can fix this for me?05:45
fusionxtcMikey^: i was using 8.10 and when trying to do the update to 9.04 all of this started to happen05:46
lstarnesdash_: what is the output of "gcc -v 2>&1 | grep version"?05:46
Mikey^fusionxtc, Oh05:46
mazda01anyone aware of how to get brasero from being the default action when I insert a blank cd-r? i have already checked nautilus preferences within media. everything still says, Ask what to do05:46
Mikey^fusionxtc, X was working fine on 8.10 ?05:46
fusionxtcMikey^: this is because an interruption in my internet causing the computer not to install the update correctly05:46
dash_gcc version 4.3.3 (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4)05:46
dash_lstarnes ^^05:46
=== theonesym is now known as dominoman
Mikey^fusionxtc, you can continue the update, just type sudo apt-get upgrade05:47
fusionxtcMikey^: i had no problems what so ever intill trying to do this update05:47
lstarnesdash_: that looks like the right version of gcc05:47
fusionxtcMikey^: yea the last guy trying to help me told me to do sudo aptitude safe-install05:48
Mikey^fusionxtc, did you do that?05:48
fusionxtcMikey^: ok now its done05:48
fusionxtcMikey^: but its still saying the X driver EE05:48
fusionxtcsays 1 was not upgraded05:49
raygntrying to write a script that will pass a value to the passwd command05:49
fusionxtcMikey^:says that 1 was not upgraded05:49
Mikey^fusionxtc, do you have an Xorg.conf file ?05:49
Mikey^check in /etc/X11/05:49
safruhanihi, i use 8.10, oftenly see a process called "phy0", what does it do?why it is processing oftenly?05:49
mazda01anyone aware of how to get brasero from being the default action when I insert a blank cd-r? i have already checked nautilus preferences within media. everything still says, Ask what to do05:49
fusionxtcMikey^: i do not know what that is05:49
Mikey^fusionxtc, do ls /etc/X11/Xorg.cong05:50
fusionxtcMikey^: it says it is a directory05:50
fusionxtcMikey^: ok05:50
Mikey^fusionxtc, do ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:50
dash__lstarnes i just got booted for some reason did you respond?05:50
fusionxtcMikey^: says no such file05:50
bazi am trying to allow myself and userB on my desktop to be able to read and write files and folders to my ~/Pictures folder. I set the ownership of ~/Pictures as baz:userB (user:group) but when userB copies files into it those perms aren't respected and locked from me. How do you go about setting this up properly in linux?05:50
lstarnesdash__: nothing after sayinf that you appear to have the right version of gcc05:51
Mikey^fusionxtc, do this aptitude search nvidia05:51
dash_what should i do05:51
dash_i tried just compiling the driver itself05:51
dash_i got the same errors as i did in that compilation05:51
dash_am i still in here?05:51
FloodBot3dash_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
dash_i disconnected just now05:51
quizmeui/pygtk/python-gtk.sh: line 6: 12598 Segmentation fault      python "$IES4LINUX"/ui/pygtk/ies4linux-gtk.py  <--- what does this mean ?05:51
^EinsteinI'm having a discussion in #bash with some folks about screen and its arguments. What's changed about the behavior of the -R option in the Debian upstream repositories? It seems screen -R 1 2 3 tries to execute 2 without even checking for another instance of screen.05:51
quizmeshould i update my python ?05:51
Mikey^what is shown near nvidia-glx, do you see i or p ?05:51
quizmetrying to get IEs4Linux installed05:51
bullgard4[Irssi] '/connect irc.gimp.org' obtains: "Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.gimp.org port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:]" although ~/.irssi/config does not include the address What is the reason?05:51
inruindid rudi_ split?05:52
safruhaniand also this process "phy0" spends more system resources than lots of others...05:52
woodworker alright guys......... 9.04 used usb creator added 6.4 gb of space, changed some settings, and it isnt persistent......... all settings gone.... please help05:52
fusionxtcMikey^: it doesnt show either just EE then the description05:52
Mikey^fusionxtc, let me pm you05:53
bazhow do u give 2 users r/w access to a folder so that new files and folders created in it respect that access?05:53
ajax_I just got a new video card. Where can I find out if it is supported in the newest version of Ubuntu?05:53
raygnanyone now how to pass in a value to the passwd command05:53
raygnin other systems you can use --stdin but ubuntu does not have this option05:54
talltomWAis there a irc channel that would have information about how to get involved in development of ubuntu05:54
QrawlHello.  My Java stopped working .  How can I fix it05:55
cattellaris there a way to move up/down the menu's on gnome menu?05:55
safruhanicattellar: you can add these menus to the panel (which can move up/down)05:56
SnakDoci had idea jw if anyone has tried something like this was wanting to have 2 flash drives pluged in and running software raid 1 but be able to umount it and take one with me and use it on other pcs05:57
lwellstalltomWA: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat#Channels05:57
woodworkerne one able to help.... have usb install of 9.04 and rebot lost all of my wireless settings?  obriously not persistent........ used usb creator05:57
safruhanicattellar: alt+f2 alacarte05:57
cattellarsafruhani, but thats not what Im looking for ... i want for example move the Wine menu to the bottom05:57
cattellarsafruhani, alacarte is not letting me move the menus05:57
SnakDocwas thinking maybe just sync ever hour in a cron job would be best05:57
=== _brEz is now known as brEz
safruhanicattellar: yes u are right, i don't how ...05:58
safruhanicattellar: there is an alphabetical order05:59
cattellarnot really05:59
cattellarwine is on top05:59
cattellaras well as a new menu i created06:00
zarakolik_TÜRKÇE BİLEN BİRİ YOKMU!!06:00
dash_im missing sha.h htmac.h rc4.h aes.h...what should i get?06:00
fwaokdaCan anyone tell me of a plugin to work with rhythmbox that will allow me to edit my id3tags of my music?06:01
Dr_Willis!find sha.h06:01
raygnok just did "apt-get upgrade passwd" and now the whole system is being upgraded06:01
ubottuFile sha.h found in libcameleon-ocaml-dev, libcrypto++-dev, libgloox-dev, libgnet-dev, libnettle-dev (and 11 others)06:01
Dr_Willis!find aes.h06:01
ubottuFound: synaesthesia06:01
dash_im missing sha.h htmac.h rc4.h aes.h...what should i get?06:02
Dr_Willisdash_:  note the package listing the bot just gave to the 'find' commands...06:02
inruinthats a brain condition right ubottu?06:02
Dr_WillisFile sha.h found in libcameleon-ocaml-dev, libcrypto++-dev, libgloox-dev, libgnet-dev, libnettle-dev (and 11 others06:02
woodworkerhow do I make a usb install of 9.04 persistent06:03
QrawlHello.  My Java stopped working .  How can I fix it06:03
inruinwill gparted work while on windows vista?06:03
Dr_Williswoodworker:  i normally follow the guides at pendrivelinux.org - it works 'better' for me then the usb-creator tool does.06:04
dash_libcrypto! hurrah! my problems are solved! praise #ubuntu!06:04
Dr_Willisdash_:  i think the 'aptfile' command can also make that task easier06:04
cattellarQrawl, go to #java06:04
Dr_Willisor was it apt-file?06:04
raygnQrawl did stop in the system with GUI, browsers or both06:04
Dr_Willissudo apt-get install apt-file06:05
Dr_Willis!info apt-file06:05
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0 (jaunty), package size 25 kB, installed size 172 kB06:05
Qrawlraygn, it just stopped working . gui app06:05
Qrawlone day it was working , the next day no06:05
Qrawlraygn, I'll do more research on the web06:06
raygnhave you tried a website that uses java to see if those work06:06
Qrawllike what06:06
woodworkerDr_Willis:  I have already done usb creator........ ne ideas how to get this to be persistent ... lost all my wireless setting in reboot06:06
Dr_Williswoodworker:  did it save OTHER settings?06:07
Rob235hmm i thought i installed firefox 3.5 final but it still comes up as shiretoko, is that still a beta/06:07
Qrawlraygn, ty06:07
Dr_Williswoodworker:  and as i said. i have had much better luck with the directions on teh pendrivelinux page. ive notived the persistant stuff does not always work properly (for example with the nvidia drivers, it fails to make a proper xorg.conf for me)06:07
micahcan anyone please tell me how to update my video and graphics card?06:08
Qrawlraygn, yes that works06:08
woodworkerDr_Willis:  I dont believe I changed anything else......... it idint save my update to the drivers for the wireless card06:08
inruinI need some help partitioning my vista so I have mor space for my ubuntu06:08
lstarnesRob235: it's still firefox 3.5, but without the official branding06:08
woodworkerDr_Willis:  do you think it could just be a problem with the presistent in general or is there something I need to do?06:08
Qrawlraygn, I found a website that lists what to do.  I'll try that out06:09
Dr_Williswoodworker:  thats an issue i had. was that updated driver/configs did not get properly saved..  Try making some changes and see if it does save them.. ie: wallpaper, make some docs. so forth.06:09
raygnok cool06:09
inruinI am not sure  installed ubuntu correctly it seems all the installs i try to load on it get directed to my usb flash drive06:09
micah can anyone please tell me how to update my video and graphics card?06:09
woodworkerDr_Willis:  Damn that could be a pain in the butt06:10
Dr_Willisvideo AND graphics? :)06:10
nsadminmicah: turn the power off, pull the old card out, plug the new card in06:10
Dr_Williswoodworker:  no idea on the exact issues.. I DO know when i installed the nvidia drivers.. i had to tweak /etc/rc.local to   force the system to use the  proper xorg.conf06:10
micahno i dont have a card im look for an update i can download06:10
micahi dont have a nvidia driver06:11
nsadminif you've never done this, be CAREFUL you don't damage the slot06:11
inruinhelp please06:11
Dr_Willismicah:  everyone is stareing at you  wondering what you are really asking.. please clarify what you are wanting todo exactly.06:11
nsadminhe wants nvidia driever06:11
inruinget direct x06:11
mazda01inside System, Prefs, Removable Drives and Media, the media tab is missing in jaunty. anyone please help06:11
CHC apt-get: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS3206:12
micahlol sorry im new to all this, my games run slow and are glitchy and apps randomly close and someone said i need to pdate my graphics card06:12
CHCwhat do you think i should do about this?06:12
CHCi installed tshark and this happend :/06:12
micahi have a..... VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]06:13
fwaokdaanyone have slingplayer(slingbox) working under VirtualBox ???06:13
=== cpd is now known as bleah
woodworkerDr_Willis:  do you think those tweeks are the same for a bcm driver?06:15
micahany? help?06:15
raygnany scripters here that could help06:15
raygntrying to pass a value to the passwd command from a script06:16
Ali_nzif i am reinstalling ubuntu to a disk that has a existing installation, is there anything special I need to do?06:16
khelvanHello, I have a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, and the logitech software for Windows allows me to do things like easily edit the white balance, color balance, add interesting effects such as sepia and black & white, and other fun features. Are there any webcam programs for Ubuntu (I'm on Jaunty) that do similar things, preferably with a GUI interface?06:16
micahAli_nz you have to install it on a fresh disk06:16
Dr_Williswoodworker:  no idea  - i dont recall trying the presistant save usb on my laptops.   i just had one made yp for my desktop as a 'rescue' system06:16
Ali_nzmicah: sure, but dont need to format the disk clean first?06:17
Dr_Willisraygn:  you could use the 'expect' scripting tool for that..06:17
Ali_nzmy install seems to be hanging just after where you pick english, then new install06:17
raygnis it command or gui06:17
micahAli_nz i dont really know i asked the same question once and thats what someone told me06:17
Dr_Willisraygn:  other then that.. not sure. 'scripting  password command' on google  may have better suggestions06:17
Dr_Willisraygn:  expect is an OLD SKOOL scripting tool06:18
Dr_Willis!info expect06:18
ubottuexpect (source: expect): A program that can automate interactive applications. In component main, is optional. Version 5.43.0-17 (jaunty), package size 308 kB, installed size 628 kB06:18
sparrHow does Update Manager know when an update requires a reboot, and how can I see that information when doing "apt-get upgrade"?06:18
raygnthis is the first passwd command I have seen that does not have a --stdin option06:18
micahany one here specialize on graphics cards?06:18
bazhow do i share my pics folder with another user on the same ubuntu box?06:18
raygnfor scripting it in a shell script06:18
Dr_Willisbaz:  you could set the permissions/modes on the directory to  somthing less locked down. (i forget the exact #'s to use)06:19
Dr_Willisbaz:  or make a public dir that all people can read/write to.06:19
bazDr_Willis, i tried setting it to me as owner and my gf as group owner but when new files are added they dont respect those perms06:19
Dr_Willisbaz:  shomthign ive rarely had to mess with.   mode 664 i think let other users access them.. Id have to double check06:20
bazDr_Willis, so it works greats for existing files but if i copy a new file in there it gets the perms baz:baz rather than inherit from its parent baz:adriana06:20
bullgard4[Irssi] '/connect irc.gimp.org' obtains: "Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.gimp.org port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:]" although ~/.irssi/config does not include the address What is the reason?06:21
Dr_Willisbaz:  644 let me copy stuff from my wifes home dir to my own.06:21
Dr_Willisbaz:  to create a file you set the modes on the directory  to like 77? i think06:21
miles_Does anyone here know a lot about using WUBI?06:22
miles_I want to use EXT4 as the default filesystem.06:22
LacobFWhy is Synaptic so jammed up whenever I reload?  It's just "Converting" for ages...06:23
mazda01inside System, Prefs, Removable Drives and Media, the media tab is missing in jaunty. anyone please help06:23
LacobFExample: Convert: cdparanoia 3.10.2+debian-506:23
miles_I have downloaded the daily cdimage for Karmic, and have tried to run WUBI.EXE from there.06:23
Dr_Willismiles_:  i honestly reccomend using virtualbox instead of wubi.  I see dozens of people in here with wubi issues every week.. and basically.. not a lot of peopel  who use ubuntu and know stuff.. use it.. so its hard to get support on.06:23
Flannelmiles_: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic support, thanks.06:24
mazda01LacobF, have you tried to pick a server that's close to you instead of the default ubuntu server?06:24
Dr_Willismiles_:  karmic support in #ubuntu+1 also.. and i would DEFINATLY test it in virtualbox.. not a real system06:24
Dr_WillisAm i the only one that *shudders* when a someone starts a question  with "Im using Wubi and......"06:25
LacobFmazda01: no, let me try that06:25
Rob235ugh, why doesnt firefox 3.5 remember anything? it doesnt ask to remember passwords and i guess isnt saving any cookies06:28
jerbearI have my root filesystem encrypted (done by the installer). Does anyone know of a location where I can put a keyfile to unlock it automatically? I realize the security risk. This is temporary.06:28
The_Warlockanybody installed e17 on jaunty?06:28
fwaokdaI just installed amarok but now I want to get rid of it... I installed through the package manager but it also installed packages it needed... how can I uninstall those packages too?06:29
erosswhat's with all the security updates? I thought linux was secure06:30
bullgard4[Irssi] '/connect irc.gimp.org' obtains: "Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.gimp.org port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:]" although ~/.irssi/config does not include the address What is the reason?06:31
jerbearI have my root filesystem encrypted (done by the installer). Does anyone know of a location where I can put a keyfile to unlock it automatically? I realize the security risk. This is temporary.06:31
bullgard4eross: Linux is secure because of all the security updates.06:32
Ratapoilsome piece f software makes my caps lock and numlock blink. it interferes with my wrting06:32
Dr_WillisRatapoil:  thats weird.. ive never heard of softare toggling the numlock./capslock06:32
Ratapoilhow can I find what makes numlock blink and kill it06:32
MononaThe wired network connection on my desktop doesn't work.  The network manager says "Requesting a network address from the wired network...", and then it tells me "Connection Established," but Firefox can't load any webpages and apt-get can't get upgrades.  What do I need to look at to figure this out?06:32
SnakDoceross what os doesn't have updates ?06:33
nztalRatapoil, tleds06:33
RatapoilDr_Willis: very weird indeed. I thought it was hardware but it nly starts during the booting of gnome and it stops shorty after initiating shutdown06:33
CaneToad1anyone ever seen anything like this before with CD reading?  I get quite different content on a commercially produced DVD-ROM on linux.    http://www.aaa.net.au/campbell/cd/06:34
Ratapoilnot having a functionnal keyboard nterferes wth my wrk06:35
Ratapoili WISH I could reinstal the system but the retards at DELL put /home in the same partiton as / so I can't reinstall without loosng my 300GB data06:36
snitsMonona: does ifconfig show that the interface has an address? Perhaps it is not getting dns info06:36
jigphello guys i can set /away invisible in yahoo bitlbee.but how to set visible to selected ym id? thanks06:37
LacobFmazda01 I just selected the best one but it's still "Converting" whatever that means, and it's taking like 10 seconds between each thing06:38
C-S-BRatapoil: backup the home directory then format?06:38
Mononasnits: There's two parts to ifconfig, yes? Under lo, it lists inet addr:  Also, I set up OpenDNS, and it shows it under Network Settings.06:38
woodworkerDr_Willis:  none of that info saved upon rebot06:38
Ratapoil 06:39
fernoanybody know what it means when a "failsafe xterm session" is started when booting up? turned off my computer and now when i boot, gnome/ubuntu is broken06:39
snitsMonona: There should be an probably be an eth0 if it is a wired interface in the output of ifconfig. What are the contents of /etc/resolv.conf ?06:40
Ratapoil C-S-B THAT's what I'll do as soon as I get back home in a month, until then I'm stuck with an unusable keyboard06:40
mazda01LacobF, can you post a screenshot to imageshack.com so I can see what it's saying.06:40
mazda01inside System, Prefs, Removable Drives and Media, the media tab is missing in jaunty. anyone please help06:40
C-S-BRatapoil: maybe shrink the / partition, install your new os in the free space and mount your old partition as /home and delete the os files?06:41
LacobFHere's the output in terminal, Synaptic is just frozen: http://pastebin.com/d14ee90ef06:42
RatapoilC-S-B:  is that 100% safe?06:42
franciscoCan somebody help me? I have a sony vgn-cr220e with ubuntu jaunty and I cant find a way to make the internal mic work06:43
Mononasnits: Yes, there is also an eth0 in the output of ifconfig. No address there, though. /etc/resolv.conf has nameserver nameserver
C-S-BRatapoil: the resizing or the installing of an os on another partition?06:43
fusionxtcif i have  NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 what driver do i download??06:43
fwaokdaI'm using dual monitors... but it seems everytime I open anything it goes to the second monitor first... how can I fix this?06:44
C-S-BRatapoil: Ive resized a lot of partitions with gparted including ntfs ones, and never had a problem so far. it's down to you at the end but I've never had a problem myself. ymmv06:44
LacobFAnd now it's got a few more listed, it seems to be going through all my apps...06:44
Ratapoilmaybe I'll have to do that, cause blinking numlcok is retarded06:45
C-S-BRatapoil: is an option at least...06:45
Ratapoiloption involving time and risk06:45
C-S-BRatapoil: which is fun! :)06:45
franciscoCan somebody help me? I have a sony vgn-cr220e with ubuntu jaunty and I cant find a way to make the internal mic work06:46
C-S-BRatapoil: the amount of sketchy hacks I've done to get a job done there and then without the proper tools that have suceeded make this look like a cakewalk06:46
Ratapoilwhat look lke a cakewalk?06:47
LacobFfrancisco: don't know, try a google search, found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96838106:47
C-S-BRatapoil: resizing the partition and installing an os.06:47
=== cwek_imoetzzz is now known as ce_manja
Ratapoilis there a way to do a step-by-step bootup of x-server or gnome?06:47
fusionxtcif i have  NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 what driver do i download??06:48
xTheGoat121xI'm looking to save space on a hard drive.. I have an SD card that is in the netbook at all times. What I'd like to do is move system folders from the SSD to the SD card, safely, without a reinstall... is there a way to do this?06:48
fusionxtcif i have  NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 what driver do i download?? example nvidia-glx-18006:49
RatapoilC-S-B: well, I don't have spare time right now, I don't have empty DVD's, I dn't have a stable internet connection, I don't even have a home, so it makes extensive operations like that extremely unconvenient06:49
richardcavellxTheGoat121x: Yes there is06:50
C-S-BRatapoil: dont have a home? I'm imagining you hunched over an overturned bin with your laptop and a 3g card...06:50
LacobFfusionxtc just try that one, and if it don't work try a different one lol06:50
RatapoilC-S-B: I'm squatting here and there.06:51
xTheGoat121xrichardcavell, I wouldn't quite know what to search for on google... most of the things I've managed to come up with have left me feeling... uncomfortable. Can you recommend a walkthrough?06:51
richardcavellxTheGoat121x: mount the SD card, copy the selected folder to it, unmount the SD card, delete the folder from your hard disk, then mount the SD card in the filesystem06:51
fusionxtcLacobF: it seems that one is up to date and already installed06:52
richardcavellxTheGoat121x: I don't know of any simple walkthrough06:52
fusionxtcLacobF: but when trying to install it it says 1 was not upgraded i dont know what do do06:52
fusionxtcto do06:52
Ratapoilwell, gotta go to sleep. g'night guys06:52
fusionxtcLacobF: i cant access my computer it looks like terminal06:52
fusionxtcLacobF:  im on another computer06:53
LacobFmazda01 is there a reason synaptic is converting my apps?  I've searched google but can't find anything on it...I guess I'll let it run through, it's down to the letter K...hmm...06:53
LacobFfusionxtc: type "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"06:54
=== francisco is now known as linuxNoob
fernoanybody know what it means when a "failsafe xterm session" is started when booting up? turned off my computer and now when i boot, gnome/ubuntu is broken06:55
[R]ferno: means you broke something06:55
fusionxtcthats like the same error im getting06:56
fernowell yea, how do i go about figuring out what i broke06:56
fusionxtccause when installing my connection was interrupted06:56
Dr_Willisferno:  try running 'gnome-session' from the terminal.. also yoy may want to try a 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' from the terminal06:56
Dr_Williscrashing during upgrades.. can be a pain. :(06:57
fusionxtcLacobF: i did the code and it said not starting gnome display manager (gdm);it is not the default display manager06:57
mazda01LacobF, i'd need to see a screenshot.06:58
mazda01inside System, Prefs, Removable Drives and Media, the media tab is missing in jaunty. anyone please help06:58
LacobFmazda01: Here's the output in terminal, Synaptic is just frozen: http://pastebin.com/d14ee90ef06:58
Dr_Willisgdm is the display manager normally ran as a service by default. If you install kdm, or some alternatives you will see that sort of message. because the gdm service command runs.. sees its not flagged as being the one to run by default.. so exits06:58
fwaokdamy monitor isn't picking up it's highest resolution in the display settings menu... how can i fix this?06:58
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  tell the channel your video card for starters and how its connected to the monitor.06:59
fwaokdaI used the janitor tool and I think if messed everything up :(06:59
fwaokdaDr_Willis, ATI Radeon 4850 HD06:59
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  i find that janotor tool to be the kind of thing that should of not been included06:59
fusionxtcLacobF: what should i do?07:00
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  it most likely removed your fglrx drivers - you could rerun the 'hardware drivers' tool and it may want to reinstall them07:00
``y7i just installed ubuntu on a machine that i already had ubuntu on. i switched out the hdds. ubuntu installs to the new hdd just fine, but when it goes to boot up, i get an error: "Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7"... "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition"... windows XP installs and boots up to this drive just fine. any ideas where i'm going wrong with ubuntu?07:00
fwaokdaDr_Willis, ya I know I thought it was gonna get rid of unused packages but boy was I wrong07:00
nanotubeheh, only < 1300 users... this place is getting quiet ;)07:00
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  it removes unofficial packages I think. :)  ive never really messed withit once i saw what it was wanting to remove07:00
* gimpy the newbie has rejoined07:00
mazda01LacobF, you don't run synaptic with sudo! you run it with gksudo. why are you starting it from the terminal anyway? Start it from the menu. when starting it from the menu, the command is: gksu --description /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop /usr/sbin/synaptic07:01
gimpyhi everyone, i'm a newbie but i have a very critical security related question : that startup image for jaunty is just so excellent, would anyone know where i can find it ( as jpg preferably ) , i feel so insecure that i can't have it as wallpaper ;)07:01
fwaokdaDr_Willis, well I didn't use hardware drivers tool instead I installed them manually from drivers @ ati.com07:01
fwaokdaDr_Willis, the ones in hardware drivers didn't work for me07:01
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  it wants to remove opera and a few other  not in the normal repos packages here..07:01
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  i would reinstall them from ati.com - if there was a kernel upgrade THAT would rewuire you to reinstall them from ati.com each time the kernel updates07:01
fusionxtcLacobF:  help?07:02
fwaokdaDr_Willis, ok I'll do a reinstall of them thanks07:02
Dr_Willisfwaokda:  that will be needed EACH time theres a kernel update.. most likely.. somthing to rember07:02
Interphasehey everyone, I discovered why VLC plays music so loud07:02
Interphaseit is because ubuntu is so quiet07:02
Interphasethey cancel out07:02
Dr_WillisInterphase:  becuse its so Leet! :)07:02
LacobFmazda01: I ran it in terminal so I could see what's going on, otherwise I just have a jammed synaptic for an hour, also that's the same output as apt-get update07:03
fwaokdaDr_Willis, ok thanks07:03
* gimpy is saddened that nobody bought into his pitiful joke... :(07:03
Dr_Willisgimpy:  run it in virtualbox and take a screen shot. ;P07:03
fusionxtcLacobF:  what should i do next?07:03
``y7i just installed ubuntu on a machine that i already had ubuntu on. i switched out the hdds. ubuntu installs to the new hdd just fine, but when it goes to boot up, i get an error: "Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7"... "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition"... windows XP installs and boots up to this drive just fine. any ideas where i'm going wrong with ubuntu?07:03
nanotubegimpy: "run sudo apt-get source usplash-theme-ubuntu"07:03
LacobFfusionxtc: don't know, never dealt with that, what's your display manager? see http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/70526-how-change-default-display-manager.html07:04
nanotubegimpy: that will download the source for the theme, as a tar.gz file - inside you'll find the png images.07:04
gimpynanotube: yey! great... thanks!07:04
mazda01LacobF, I am not sure what the convert thing is all about. i wish I could help07:04
CelrocHi all07:04
nanotubegimpy: np :)07:04
nanotube``y7: hmm... that's a weird one. tried reinstalling ubuntu? made sure the cd integrity check passes before installing?07:05
* gimpy is excited that he will soon find inner peace, cheers everyone!07:05
fusionxtcLacobF: i dont know, it shouldnt have changed all i did was upgrade to 9.0407:05
nanotubegimpy: :)07:05
``y7nanotube, yes. i've also tried debian and that fails as well. i'd guess it's an hdd issue, but it works fine with windows xp07:05
bullgard4[Irssi] '/connect irc.gimp.org' obtains: "Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.gimp.org port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:]" although ~/.irssi/config does not include the address What is the reason?07:06
CelrocI have a few GRUB questions for you guys07:07
bullgard4!ask | Celroc07:07
ubottuCelroc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:07
LacobFfusionxtc: I don't know what to do...07:07
lstarnesbullgard4: what is the output of /set hostname?07:07
CelrocOh. Ok. Thank you for letting me know07:08
LacobFmazda01: that's okay, I'll just let it finish and see what it says when it's done07:08
fusionxtcLacobF: using the link you gave me, i switched to GDM and it worked thank you!07:08
CelrocI installed Windows, and it overwritten the GRUB bootloader... how do I get it back? (My linux partition is /dev/sda2)07:09
bullgard4lstarnes: The output is: "[server];  hostname = "07:09
lstarnesbullgard4: do you get the same error message with any other servers?07:10
CelrocUh, also, I'm running as a LiveCD right now :-)07:10
fusionxtcLacobF: what should i do now that i have my display back, things are kinda funky07:10
nanotube``y7: hm, in that case, no idea...07:10
LacobFfusionxtc: oh goodie :P07:10
RxDxwhat program is better to virtualization? VMWare or VirtualBox?07:10
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:10
nanotube!mbr | Celroc07:10
ubottuCelroc: please see above07:10
LacobFfusionxtc: go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers07:11
mazda01inside System, Prefs, Removable Drives and Media, the media tab is missing in jaunty. anyone please help07:11
nanotubeCelroc: np :)07:11
stealth-I want to apply a patch to wine, but I need the source code. Can I just download the sourcecode, apply the patch, and make install or is there a easier way?07:11
fusionxtcLacobF: ok i did that07:11
nanotubeRxDx: well... i like virtualbox, fwiw... :)07:11
fusionxtcLacobF: then im guessing to activite what ever is recomended07:12
stealth-RxDx: its really a matter of opinion, I for one perfer virtualbox07:12
LacobFfusionxtc: yep07:12
klownis there a way to redirect my sound output when I plug in a usb headset?07:12
fusionxtcLacobF: then do i restart??07:12
nanotubeRxDx: so... two votes for vbox so far. :)07:12
LacobFfusionxtc: yeah it should say to07:12
RxDxhehe.. thanks :)07:12
nanotubeRxDx: if you don't need usb passthrough, can install vbox straight out of the repos, package "virtualbox-ose"07:13
RxDxthanks.. i need to reboot :)07:13
stealth-RxDx: its really a matter of opinion, I for one perfer virtualbox07:14
LacobFmazda01: what are you trying to do?07:14
SuspectZeroanyone know of an app that can auto tag mp3 files for me witht he correct song name and artist?07:14
stealth-I want to apply a patch to wine, but I need the source code. Can I just download the sourcecode, apply the patch, and make install or is there a easier way?07:14
josephdylandAny one know how to fix resolution at 1920x1080 with newest nvidia driver, the top tool bar doesnt fit screen properly. Ive tried 9.04 and 8.1007:15
lstarnesstealth-: applying the patch to the sources manually then compiling the sources is pretty much the only way07:15
[R]stealth-: you can make someone else do it07:15
nanotubestealth-: gotta grab the source and apply the patch.07:15
=== cfelectro is now known as cfelectro|away
bullgard4lstarnes: '/connect irc.gnome.org' obtains: "[gnome] -!- Irssi: Looking up irc.gnome.org; [gnome] -!- Irssi: Connecting to irc.gnome.org [] port 6667; [gnome] -!- Irssi: Connection to irc.gnome.org established; [gnome] !irc.gnome.org *** Looking up your hostname...; [gnome] !irc.gnome.org *** Checking Ident; [gnome] !irc.gnome.org *** Found your hostname;  [gnome] !irc.gnome.org *** No Ident response;  [gnome] -!- Welcome to 07:15
stealth-ugh, k. thanks07:15
nanotubestealth-: grabbing source is easy: sudo apt-get source wine07:15
lstarnesbullgard4: it looks like that connection worked07:15
stealth-nanotube: oh, cool. I didn't know it worked like that. Can I use "make install" to properly install it over my current wine?07:16
nanotubestealth-: and instead of make install, try "checkinstall". that will make a .deb package for you which you can install, so everything is still integrated with the package manager.07:16
bullgard4lstarnes: Yes. --  But this does not answer the question which I put at the outset.07:16
mazda01LacobF, i set brasero to open a audio project everytime I insert a blank cd-r and now I don't want that to happen anymore because brasero doesn't even work! I want rythmbox to open when I insert a blank cd but I can't find where to change the settings anymore in jaunty.07:16
=== azhang is now known as bugfly
klownjosephdyland: with my nvidia drivers, and my "monitor"(my tv), i had to set the resolution for it to work correctly.07:16
lstarnesbullgard4: I was trying to determine whether that server was the only one with the error07:16
stealth-nanotube: okay, ill do that07:16
stealth-nanotube: thanks, that really cleared things up :)07:16
nanotubestealth-: look at "checkinstall". make install will just overwrite a bunch of files, and apt-get/dpkg won't know about it.07:16
bullgard4lstarnes: Yes.07:17
nanotubestealth-: :)07:17
lstarnesbullgard4: it's likely being caused by a host binding setting with that server07:17
ArzosothHello, I have a graphics related question. I just put in a fresh install of jaunty- This machine has Intel 82845G (i845G/GL) integrated graphics but apparently is not using the driver (xorg.conf is completely blank). How do I get the intel drivers to work?07:17
josephdylandklown: Resolution is already set to 1920x1080, Is there any way to calibrate or something07:17
nanotubestealth-: gotta install it first with "sudo apt-get install checkinstall", btw.07:17
anilgI've multiple repositories in my sources.list.. how do I print the packages in one particular repository (say a launchpad ppa repo)?07:17
LacobFmazda01: go System > Preferences > Preferred Applications and look in the second tab07:17
klownjosephdyland: excuse me..wrong wording, i had to change the dpi to get it to fit on the screen.07:17
lstarnesbullgard4: check the section in the config file for irc.gimp.org and make sure there's nothing in the host setting07:17
LacobFwell wait07:18
stealth-nanotube: k07:18
mazda01LacobF, nope. that's already set to open rythmbox. I need to find the setting that tells brasero to open a audio project when I insert a blank cd07:18
klownis there a way to redirect my sound output when I plug in a usb headset?07:19
jorgenptI've got a machine that's booted to the live cd, where sshd has been installed and I have a sudo-able account. Can I somehow install the ubuntu system via the CLI?07:20
BysteI'm having trouble trying to install drivers from my Asus mobo, M4A78 Plus. Can someone help?07:20
SuspectZeroanyone know of an app that can auto tag mp3 files for me witht he correct song name and artist?07:20
Chapatiwow there are a lot of people in this chan07:20
klownSuspectZero: if you find out, please let me know as well.  I've been looking for the same thing.07:20
[R]Byste: "trouble" you say?07:21
jorgenptSuspectZero: Perhaps MusicBrainz Picard?07:21
SuspectZeroklown, well i was suggested 2 proggies for windows07:21
[R]SuspectZero: i use musicbrainz picard07:21
Bysteyeah :\07:21
SuspectZerojorgenpt, yea thts wht i was suggested but isnt that for windows?07:21
bullgard4lstarnes: I will check the irc.gimp.org section.07:21
jorgenptSuspectZero: No, it's multiplatform.07:21
BysteI'm getting errors trying to install the LAN driver07:21
SuspectZeroi'll try that now then07:21
jorgenptOtherwise I wouldn't suggest it in here. ;-)07:21
[R]Byste: what kind of crappy ethernet card do you have that the kernel doesnt support it07:22
Bystethere's a folder on the Asus CD for linux drivers, supposedly compatible with 2.6.x kernals07:22
nanotubeSuspectZero: easytag, maybe?07:22
SuspectZeroi'll check it out nanotube07:22
Bysteit's integrated on the MoBo, I'll recheck what it is exactly07:23
BysteBut could you hear me out first? I think the trouble is elsewhere07:24
Bysteso I used the GUI to copy the folder from the CD to my Desktop07:24
Bysteso I could get out of read-only mode and all07:25
BysteI opened up Terminal to follow instructions in the readme07:25
Bystethe driver was packed as tar, bz207:25
LacobFmazda01: in nautilus, go Edit > Preferences > Media07:25
BysteI extracted that just fine07:25
SuspectZeroone more thing, is there a way to share folders in ubuntu. i have a folder on pc B which is on the same network as this pc and i would like to access one of its folders.07:26
Bysteand then it instructed me to do a make command07:26
Bystemake clean modules07:26
ActionParsnip!samba | SuspectZero07:26
ubottuSuspectZero: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:26
Bystewhen I did that line, even with sudo, I got errors07:26
Bystedoes it matter where I have the files?07:27
Bystecan I run it from Desktop directory, or do I need to move the files to usr or something?07:27
SuspectZerowht if its not for windows ActionParsnip07:28
ActionParsnipByste: as long as you hve full access to the location, no07:28
SuspectZeroboth pcs are running ubuntu07:28
ActionParsnipSuspectZero: you can use nfs or sshfs if you want07:28
nanotubeSuspectZero: in that case, try openssh-server07:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about share07:28
nanotubecan use sftp to transfer files.07:28
Bysteso where do you reckon I'm getting these errors? Are the AM3 socket mobos not compatible?07:28
nomad77Byste:  you need to do a "make",then if no errors,"sudo make install"07:29
SuspectZeroActionParsnip, yea i already have ssh set up so i can control the box remotely07:29
phpgunneranyone know much about overclocking or a irc room for the subject?07:29
nomad77Byste: then sudo modprobe foo.ko most likely07:29
SuspectZeroi just want to access it like i do with my windows shares07:29
ActionParsnipSuspectZero: then you can use the same service to file share07:29
SuspectZerophpgunner, if u dont get any help here u can try #hardware or #freenode07:30
LacobFmazda01: does that work?07:30
mazda01LacobF, nope. already checked there. they all still say, "Ask what to do"07:30
mazda01LacobF, thanks for trying though. I have been in the gconf editor and everywhere. i can't seem to find the darn solution.07:30
SuspectZeroActionParsnip, got it07:31
LacobFmazda01: oh did you set it from inside brasero?07:32
ActionParsnipnp bro07:33
bullgard4lstarnes: There are 4 relevant sections in http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/395789/ . Which one do you mean?07:33
lstarnesbullgard4: the first one.  Try erasing the host line07:34
lstarnesbullgard4: after doing that, /reload07:34
pawanhow to install nvidia drivers07:34
pawani have geforce fx 520007:34
staticRailsI have problem with gconf07:35
staticRailscan anybody help?07:35
[R]staticRails: "problem" you say?07:35
Dr_Willisthe system-->admin-->hardware drivers tool - is normally used to inztall the nvidia drivers07:36
staticRailswhen i login07:36
mazda01LacobF, well, brasero used to come up and ask me what I wanted to do with the blank audio cd. I checked a box that said to open a audio project in brasero and I checked a box that said to never ask me again.  Now I want to change that. I can't find it!07:36
jbuhi all, when I do ctrl+alt+{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} it takes me to different CLIs, what is that?07:36
staticRailsthe login screen shows up again.07:36
staticRailsand it occurs over and over.07:36
Nick_Meisterhey guys how do i disable the annoying beep?07:37
staticRailswhen I login in to safe mode terminal07:37
[R]jbu: what do you mena 'what'07:37
jbu[R], I mean what is the significance07:37
Lartza_My FTP is extremely slow07:37
[R]jbu: significance?07:37
Nick_Meisterlike every time i want to shut down my computer it beeps, or if i backspace a bit too far it also beeps07:37
Dr_Willismazda01:  in teh nautilus file manager -> Edit -> perferances -> media tab.07:37
jbu[R], how is it different from opening up a terminal07:37
Lartza_I get something like 800kb-1,5Mb of transfer speed between my ubuntu and windows on LAN07:37
[R]jbu: its not really07:37
Lartza_Nick_Meister: Google it07:37
Dr_WillisNick_Meister:  several beeps can be turned off in different ways. - one way is the command 'xset b 0 0 0' (sets beeps volume to zero)07:38
=== cfelectro|away is now known as cfelectro
[R]jbu: excpet you can login as a differnet user07:38
LacobFmazda01: Perhaps check if there's anything to do with brasero in Services lol07:38
Dr_WillisNick_Meister:  also you could blacklist the pcspkr module - that shoul kill most beeps  (but not system sounds)07:38
Lartza_Nick_Meister: YOu need to blacklist some stuff07:38
LacobFNick_Meister disconnect the wire to the system beep if it's a desktop07:38
Lartza_Nick_Meister: Dr_Willis's stuff :)07:38
Nick_Meisterunfortunately its a laptop07:38
mazda01Dr_Willis, that's not it. how many time do I have to tell people this. the setting does not control what is occuring I have already checked that. thanks for trying though.07:38
mazda01LacobF, that's a thought. brb07:39
Nick_Meisterim gonna try to beep thing07:39
Nick_Meisteri mean the xset07:39
Nick_Meisterok it appears like it worked thanks07:39
Lartza_rmmod pcspkr07:39
Nick_Meisterdo i need to do that every time i log on then?07:39
Nick_Meisterthe xset thing07:39
Lartza_blacklist it07:39
mazda01LacobF, nope.07:39
Lartza_Yes you need to do that on every boot07:40
Lartza_BUt dr_willises is a roundaway solution07:40
Lartza_Remove the pcspkr module07:40
Nick_Meisterill just setup to run that command on startup07:40
Lartza_rmmod pcspkr07:40
Lartza_do that and then blacklist it07:40
staticRailsI have Jaunty installed. After logging in, the login screen shows up again. When I login in failsafe terminal the followin I encounter some error which is related to gConf.07:40
Dr_Willispcspkr module controlls the old fashioned 'beeps' that used to be made by the speakers on the motherboard. (rember those days?) :)07:41
staticRailsI have Jaunty installed. After logging in, the login screen shows up again. When I login in failsafe terminal I encounter some error which is related to gConf.  any idea...07:41
Nick_MeisterLartza_, how exactly do i blacklist? cause i ran that command07:41
Lartza_Dr_Willis: Thos beeps he is turning off07:41
Dr_WillisstaticRails:  try making a new user see if it works for them also?07:41
Dr_Willisblacklist is controlled by some file in /etc/ i forget what one07:41
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:41
Lartza_Nick_Meister: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklis07:41
Nick_Meisterok thanks07:42
Dr_WillisHmm.. to load in specific order.. someone was asking about that yesterday07:42
Lartza_Dr_Willis: What does the xset do?07:42
staticRailsDr_Willis: how I can make a new user without logging in?07:42
Lartza_staticRails: Yoy can't :)07:43
Dr_WillisstaticRails:  the console is our friend. :)07:43
Dr_WillisstaticRails:  alt-ctrl-f1, login,  sudo adduser billgates07:43
NeroonGood Morning07:43
NeroonAnyone here got a clue about fglrx driver?07:44
=== ^Phantom^ is now known as P|Snoozing
staticRailsDr_Willis: thanks. I am trying it now..07:44
logankoesterWhat program cam i use to tweak the contrast/hue/etc on my webcam (for skype)?07:45
rhin0@ Neroon what distro are you running?07:45
Dr_WillisstaticRails:  if it works with the new user.. but not the old. its some config issue with the non-working user..07:45
fwaokdaCan someone help me try and repair my display settings? I have a Radeon 4850 card and have dual monitors setup.  I recently used "Computer Janitor" and it screwed everything up, i think. So I uninstalled (purged) all the ati packages I could think of and then reinstalled from scratch.  I've now managed to get the displays back up with one extended display BUT I can't get the full resolution of the main monitor only the resolution sett07:46
fwaokdaing prior to it.07:46
Lartza_So why is my ftp only around 1,5Mb(slower usually)07:46
bullgard4lstarnes: I deleted 'host = "MD97600" in ~/.irssi/config. I did /reload. I errorneously issued the command '/connect irc.gnome.org'. Irrsi connected me to irc.gnome.org and gave me the nickname bullgard5. I do not know how to undo this command. --  I issued the command '/connect irc.gimp.net'. It connected me to irc.gimp.net. Voila!  But it gave me the nickname bullgard6.07:46
rhin0did you try installing or running the ati settings under root?07:46
Lartza_Now it's 1,3Mb07:46
Lartza_Computers on a meter or so LAN cable, proftpd Ubuntu to Filezilla Windows07:47
lstarnesbullgard4: you can disconnect from a server using /disconnect irc.gnome.org and change your nick using /nick bullgard407:47
fwaokdarhin0, yes I still get an error for some reason when I try and open the superuser aticonfig from the menu (but before I never changed my settings from there only from sys>prefs>display)07:47
Neroon@rhin0 me?07:47
hilarywhy would X fail on one account on my machine07:47
hilaryI get mode not found when trying to login07:48
staticRailsDr_Willis: The problem doesn't solved... same issue for the new user.07:48
hilarybut other accounts work fine07:48
Lartza_hilary: You messed things up on your homefolder config files?07:48
hilarywhich config file07:48
Lartza_What is the last thing you did with the now non-working account07:48
hilaryand I don't recall editing any of them recently07:48
Lartza_Ok, what DID you do?07:48
el_rey_linkHola gente, que tal os va?07:49
staticRailsI have Jaunty installed. After logging in, the login screen shows up again. When I login in failsafe terminal I encounter some error which is related to gConf.  any idea...07:49
rhin0fwaokda, I have an nvidia card, but if it is the same, ati-settings manager as root, and overwrite the xconfg file after you change, and then log off and log on again for x to reset (or reset x on your own)07:49
staticRailsDr_Willis: The problem doesn't solved... same issue for the new user.07:49
wizzo_How late does this server run? 7 Days a week?07:49
hilaryI used the resolution gui to look at what resolutions were available, as I was only getting 800x600 on a thin client attached to the server07:49
rhin0@wizzo it actually closes in 10 minutes07:49
hilaryI didn't change anything though07:49
staticRailsI have Jaunty installed. After logging in, the login screen shows up again. When I login in failsafe terminal I encounter some error which is related to gConf.  any idea...07:50
Lartza_hilary: Hmm... I don't have much of idea07:50
nomad77!es | el_rey_li07:50
ubottuel_rey_li: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:50
Lartza_nomad77: He already left.........07:50
wizzo_rhin0: Is their other servers that run 24 hrs, 7 days a week?07:50
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection?07:50
Lartza_staticRails: Download the package with some other computer and usb it07:51
rhin0@wizzo: I was kidding, I would assume this runs as long as the interwebs are connected together07:51
staticRailsLartza_: I have live cd07:51
staticRailshow can I use it?07:51
wizzo_rhin0: I couldn't get online with it last night and I am just new within the last 2 weeks on here07:52
Lartza_staticRails: TO get the package from there? That is possible07:52
staticRailsLartza_: how?07:52
bullgard4lstarnes: '/nick bullgard4; [GIMPnet] -!- Nick bullgard4 is already in use'07:52
Lartza_staticRails: I am not sure how to setup it as package source, but you can browse the cd for the package07:52
Lartza_I could do it on gui07:52
Lartza_BUt just find the package from the cd07:52
nikolamHi, My Hardy is updating kernel and it asks me what to do about menu.lst.07:52
Boliceplease...how do I install flash cs3 in wine????07:52
rhin0wizzo: no ideas then, I just got on, maybe they were doing maintainence07:53
Lartza_Bolice: Normally07:53
wizzo_rhin0: Probably07:53
Interphasenikolam, have you edited menu.lst yourself ever?07:53
nikolamWhat option should I choose to preserve another ubuntu instalaltion that also boots from menu.lst?07:53
Lartza_Bolice: Like any windows program, you run the setup with wine07:53
Myx0x3is there an way in ubuntu to remove hangover?07:53
rhin0@Bolice: have you thought about installing Virtual Box and installing windows to run that, hell of a lot better than wine07:53
phoenixzIm using cp to copy a file from A to B but every time the file gets to B, its like 20KB shorter, nomatter what I try.. there is NO error, no disk full, nothing.. Isnt CP supposed to copy the file completely?? whats up here?07:53
nikolamInterphase, every time I update kernel, since 6.10 Interphase ...07:53
Lartza_rhin0: Or not, you need more powerful computer for that07:54
nikolamBecause kernel update messe menu.lst every time.07:54
Myx0x3nwm found! suso apt-get remove hangover07:54
Interphaseniko, what I did with that was save my old menu.lst, then copy/paste what I had edited into the new one07:54
Bolice<Lartza_>,i got an err.err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action L"ProcessPropertyFile.E35C3ECB_5FDA_49E1_AB1F_D472B7CB9017" returned 160307:54
Lartza_The setup gives that?07:54
Slartphoenixz: check the md5sums of the two files.. perhaps it's just a file system thing07:54
nikolamInterphase, I didi it 2, for 2 years And I am finally sick of it.07:54
Lartza_Are you sure your setup is not corrupted, if it's not it might need some settings changes or might not work at all.07:55
shaullxis there any good ftp gui client?07:55
Interphaselol, nikolam, it takes like 3 minutes07:55
nikolamI want kernel update that does not mess up other linux/ubuntu installations on machine.07:55
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd07:55
Bolice<rhin0>,thanks, but i didn't like vbox, I don't think it's quickly enough07:55
nikolamInterphase, Try it on 7 servers07:55
rhin0@Bolice, Lartza: depends on the specs of the computer, I run 2 gigs of ram and an old dual core and can run cs3 photoshop in virtual box on virtual xp07:55
shaullxnautilus is ftp client? :O07:55
Interphasenikolam, that does sound like it sucks07:55
Interphasethen I don't know07:55
nikolamQuestion is just what option to choose07:56
Lartza_But I have a semi-new singlecore with 2 gigs07:56
nikolamI have backup, Interphase  :)07:56
lstarnesbullgard4: that's most likely being caused by having another connection open on that network07:56
Lartza_Bolice: Flash CS3 Should work, badly07:56
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection?07:57
Lartza_Bolice: Installer was not tested, but properties and parameters panels are empty and other problems07:57
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?07:57
Lartza_Bolice: But F4 fixes the hidden panels07:57
Lartza_DOn't know why your installer fails, others say it is fine07:58
Lartza_Are you using what version of wine?07:58
Lartza_1.0.1 ir 1.1.25?07:58
bullgard4lstarnes:  '/disconnect irc.gnome.org; !- Irssi: Not connected to server'07:59
fwaokdais it possible to force a resolution to a monitor in the xorg.conf? The monitor supports a resolution but after every restart it reverts to a smaller resolution... ???07:59
logankoestercan anyone tell me how to re-enable ctrl+alt+backspace?07:59
Bolicebut <Lartza_>, Installer doesn't run07:59
lstarnes!dontzap | logankoester07:59
ubottulogankoester: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.07:59
Slartfwaokda: check in /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see why it's not using the higher resolutions07:59
Lartza_Bolice: What wine version do you have?08:00
logankoesteris that decision likely to be reversed in the future?08:00
logankoesterit's ridiculous08:00
fwaokdaSlart, I don't know what to look for in this file :(08:00
nomad77logankoester: iirc /etc/sysctl.conf08:00
Lartza_Bolice: I can't really help much it sohuld work somehow08:00
Slartfwaokda: have you opened it? look for lines starting with (EE) or (WW).. those mean Error and Warning respectively08:01
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?08:01
Slartfwaokda: you can pastebin it and we can all have a look08:01
nomad77logankoester: kernel.sysrq = 108:01
fwaokdaSlart, http://pastebin.com/m33160f4f   --  thanks08:02
logankoesternomad77: i mean as a default08:02
Bolice<Lartza_>,thnks whatever08:02
logankoesterno distro using X should disable ctrl+alt+backspace08:02
lstarneslogankoester: I think you should blame the developers of Xorg for that08:03
logankoesterthat decision should be left to the X implementation08:03
nomad77oh sorry 3am here that was ctrl+alt+delete=reboot duh on me08:03
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?08:03
fwaokdaSlart, I can post the xorg.conf file if needed also...08:03
Slartfwaokda: sure08:03
fwaokdaSlart, http://pastebin.com/m472bdfe908:04
Slartfwaokda: what resolution do you want to use? what does it use when you reboot?08:05
wizzo_Hi, on my Ubuntu, I want to start all over: Uninstall it and reinstall it again. How do I go about doing this when It is on a partition of its own. My problem is, I don't have enough space to add some things on here08:05
nomad77logankoester: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-enable-ctrl-alt-backspace-in-ubuntu-jaunty.html#more-142108:06
bullgard4lstarnes: '/help' lists 122 keywords. '/help <keyword>' prints the syntax of the <keyword> command but not the semantics (and in some cases a rudimentary semantics). Where can I find the semantics of the Irssi <keyword> commands?08:06
fwaokdaSlart, it keeps reverting to 1680x1050 (which is what the second monitor uses) but It is able and has used before the resolution 1920x108008:06
Slartfwaokda: that was the entire log file?08:06
lstarnesbullgard4: in many cases you can guess by the name08:07
gabkdllywizzo_: you might try booting into a live CD and resizing the partitions, after you have done a backup of course08:07
fwaokdaSlart, http://pastebin.com/m708c0e5708:07
wizzo_gabkdlly: How you do that?08:08
fwaokdaSlart, it said it has changed so there is the updated one after i reloaded it08:08
gabkdllywizzo_: look for "Partition Editor" under System08:08
fwaokdaSlart, I guess I could also change the settings and let it mess up and then repost the log after it messes up, if you want?08:08
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork08:08
wizzo_gabkdlly: I don't see that under System08:10
Slartfwaokda: this might be an ATI problem... you can see in the log file that it does detect that one monitor can do 1920x1080 and the other one 1400x1050 .. but then the log file ends before you can see anything about why it selects the video mode it does08:10
inktrimy ubuntu is sexy08:11
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:11
gabkdllywizzo_: I think it will be there once you boot into the live CD, it might be called gparted08:11
bullgard4lstarnes: My intelligence is insufficient to guess the semantics of commands like NETWORK, CHANNEL, SERVER although I am the holder of 6 patents for my company (an international concern) issued to major countries of the world. So I need it written down somewhere in order to read it and understand it. Where is it to be found?08:11
fwaokdaSlart, I just did something else let me see if it gave us more info08:11
lstarnesbullgard4: in some cases it isn't written down08:11
bullgard4lstarnes: I see.08:11
wizzo_Oh, close this and put the Original Ubuntu disk in and reboot and find it in there then?08:11
staticRailshow one can reinstall the gconf from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?08:12
fwaokdaSlart, nope no new info08:12
staticRailshow one can reinstall the a package from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?08:12
fwaokdaSlart, just had a thought though... I'm gonna try something and relog to see if it works08:12
staticRailshow one can reinstall a package from the command line without newtork connection, but using the live cd?08:12
gabkdllywizzo_: yes08:12
wizzo_gabkdlly: ok08:12
zydasHi all08:12
zydaswhere is turkish help room?08:13
nomad77bullgard4: irssi.org?08:13
nomad77!tr |zydas08:13
ubottuzydas: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.08:13
zydasthanks, but please turkish ubuntu channel link?08:14
lstarneszydas: #ubuntu-tr08:14
zydaslstarnes, Thank you verry much08:15
lstarneszydas: or, if you need an actual URL, irc://irc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-tr08:15
bullgard4nomad77: Your message is too short to be comprehensible.08:16
fwaokdaSlart, well now I have the proper resolution on one monitor but the second monitor isn't receiving a signal anymore... know of a way to fix that?08:17
nomad77bullgard4: documentation at http://irssi.org/08:17
Neroon@staticrails is your cdrom in your repository list?08:18
bullgard4nomad77: I had done much snooping in http://irssi.org/ and could not find the semantics of the 122 commands. Tell me, for example, where is the semantics of the /SERVER command to be found precisely.08:19
fwaokdaSlart, ok I have the proper 1920x1080 on the primary monitor, but the highest I can get to work on the secondary monitor is 1400x1050 it seems... no the highest which is 1680x105008:19
fwaokdaSlart, this gets stranger and stranger... now I tried to revert back to the 1680x1050 and now it works...08:20
der_Onhello. I've just dragged a folder in nautilus to the space where all mounted devices are listed and now it disappeard! Is there any chance that this folder still exists somewhere?08:20
fwaokdaSlart, I'm gonna try logging off and back on and seeing if it sticks08:20
nomad77i'd use /help server if you need more,then i don't know08:20
Joe_umm... I made a mistake when I edited visudo, now I can't sudo anything (to include getting back in there to fix the mistake)... what can I do?08:20
lstarnesbullgard4: I would suggest asking the developers to make more concise documentation, including full definitons of all semantics08:21
ActionParsnip1Joe_: boot to recovery root console and change it08:21
lstarnesbullgard4: however, for the average user, the current documentation is usually sufficient08:21
Joe_actionparsnip1 arg, was hoping something other than that... oh well, thanks08:21
bullgard4lstarnes: Is a Launchpad bug report the proper way to ask developers for a more concise Irssi documentation?08:22
lstarnesbullgard4: irssi's official website, http://irssi.org/, has the appropriate contact details somewhere08:23
lstarnesbullgard4: alternatively, you yourself could make more concise documentation08:23
bullgard4lstarnes: I noted times and again heated debates in the IRC channel #irssi about this issue.08:23
bullgard4lstarnes: I could do only guesswork as I do not know what the developer intended when he wrote the code.08:24
Brett1would someone help me enabling korean input on my computer, i have taken the steps i think should enable it, but i'm having problems08:25
ActionParsnip1!keyboard | Brett108:25
ubottuBrett1: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts08:25
lstarnesbullgard4: what was their response about the issue?08:26
denizwill the ati hd4850 video card work in ubuntu 8.04?08:26
bullgard4lstarnes: They usually referred to some HOWTOs.08:26
ActionParsnip1!hcl | deniz08:26
ubottudeniz: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:26
=== deniz is now known as Guest75519
EdgEyis it possible to change a partition's number without erasing it?08:27
EdgEyi want to change my /dev/sda2 to /dev/sda1 it's the only partition on the drive08:27
ActionParsnip1Guest75519: i'd say yes using the proprietary driver at www.ati.com08:27
staticRailsNeroon:  r u there???08:27
SlartEdgEy: I think those are in the order they appear on the drive08:27
Neroon@staticrails *nod*08:27
SlartEdgEy: afaik that's one of the reasons they are using uuids now08:28
EdgEyslart hm okay08:28
Brett1anyone willing to help me set up korean input?08:28
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko08:28
staticRailsNeroon: how one can reinstall a package from the command line without newtork connection, but using the bootable flash memory08:28
EdgEyi rearranged some partitions on one of my drives, and windows is now refusing to boot, i think it's looking at the wrong partition to boot from08:28
ActionParsnip1Brett1: may help08:28
der_Onhello. I've just dragged a folder in nautilus to the space where all mounted devices are listed and now it disappeard! Is there any chance that this folder still exists somewhere?08:28
neilHi, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue using virtual box to run ubuntu08:28
EdgEyjust going to mess about with the boot.ini and try different numbers i guess08:28
SlartEdgEy: or.. wait.. you said it was the only partition on the drive? and still it's /dev/sda2 ?08:28
staticRailsNeroon: I wnat to reinstall gconf08:28
Neroon@staticrails i though you wanted to use the live cd?08:28
EdgEySlart well i probably have to reboot then, there was a /dev/sda1 i've deleted08:29
SlartEdgEy: ah... yes.. it might change when you reboot08:29
ActionParsnip1staticRails: so is the usb device the media you installed with?08:29
staticRailsNeroon: I can't login ActionParsnip1  ya08:29
staticRailsActionParsnip1: sorry.... yes08:29
Shazburgder_On: The file is on whatever device you dropped it onto.08:30
ActionParsnip1staticRails: then if you enable it as a repo in /etc/apt/sources.lst then it will be used. the top line references the installation media08:30
der_OnShazburg: and if i dropped it between two devices?08:30
staticRailsActionParsnip1: tkx08:30
Neroonactionparsnip1 saves me typing ;-)08:30
Shazburgder_On: It'll be on one of them. That behaviour is always a copy/move depending on the device.08:31
neilI still cannot get the display to work correctly, I only get a maximum resolution of 800x600 with a ratio of 4:3. I have tried running the guest additions for linux like someone in here suggested yesterday but it still won't work08:31
neilAnyone have any ideas?08:31
CorpXanyone know how to tell putty to start a new logfile to log stuff?08:32
Neroon@neil so the guest additions are installed?08:32
jeffwheelerI seem to remember some way of manipulating Xorg settings without editing xorg.conf itself; are there some XML files that can set values without having to create a specific xorg.conf?08:32
der_OnShazburg: what if i accidently dropped it onto trash and now if i want to open trash, it says: The folder contents could not be displayed.08:32
Neroon@neil hm08:32
Shazburgder_On: That would be a bad thing.08:32
staticRailsActionParsnip1: What should I write in this file?08:32
der_Onmaybe recovery?08:33
Shazburgder_On: What filesystem are you using?08:33
Bundestrojanerhow can i install an older version of nvidia-glx? the newest version in apt doesn't support geforce 408:33
Neroon@staticrails you shouldnt need to add anything. but the first line should be your install media08:33
ActionParsnip1CorpX: putty -log ~/newLogFileName08:33
der_OnShazburg: the folder was on an ntfs file-system08:33
Neroon@staticrails it might have an # in front of it08:33
Shazburgder_On: This might suck then. Hold on a sec.08:34
DaveTarmacHi folks - having a bit of a dumb morning, how do I create a tar.gz file that includes all files in a dir, including hidden files?08:34
neilI tried it yesterday and it allowed a a higher resolution but the aspect ratio wasn't correct to fit correctly on 15.5 inch wide screen correctly and when I reloaded unbuntu today it was back to normal with the maximum at 800x60008:34
SlartBundestrojaner: use the hardware drivers dialog thingy.. it has older versions as well08:34
der_OnShazburg: ive already opened the terminal and found out there is a ntfsundelete command. I think i need to unmount the drive first, cause it says that the drive is in use.08:34
ActionParsnip1staticRails: the top line shold mention the install media, uncomment it and save the new fike. then have the device attatched and run: sudo apt-get update08:34
DaveTarmacI tried "tar -czvf nameoffile.tar.gz ."08:34
CorpXActionParsnip1, i want to start a new log file in the middle of a session08:34
ActionParsnip1CorpX: man putty      is goooood :)08:34
billywow i like record my desktop :D08:34
spikemcchi ?08:35
ActionParsnip1CorpX: not sure then dude08:35
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic08:35
der_OnShazburg: i found it! it was on the same drive under .Trash-0/files08:35
billyi recorded 4 mins with music and it was only 15mb08:35
Shazburgder_On: Congratulations.08:35
DaveTarmacbut when I did that, it seemed to copy EVERY file and folder within the folder and prefix them with ._08:35
der_OnShazburg: it was my damn project folder!!! My heart nearly stopped08:36
der_OnShazburg: thank you anyway.08:36
ActionParsnip1der_On: couldve restored from backup if anything went wrong08:36
Shazburgder_On: I'll take a problem like this over a real one any day. For the future, take a look at TimeVault: http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/15060008:36
spikemcchttp://paste.ubuntu.com/218658/ can you check theses errors I need numby package I think08:37
haanujmy 3D effects are not permanent plzz tell me what to do08:37
Revoanyone know how to remove all proxy settings that where set in gnome prefs from ubuntu from SSH command line only?08:38
Flannelspikemcc: try sudo apt-get install python-numpy08:38
ActionParsnip1Revo: if you run:   echo $http_proxy08:39
neilI'm sorry to go on about this but has anyone got any ideas on why the resolution isn't working. It's just that I am looking to move to a linux OS permanently but I want to try using it on my windows system first and I really can't use it properly if I only have a small window sized display08:39
ShazburgDaveTarmac: tar cfv test.tar test/08:39
ActionParsnip1Revo: does it show08:39
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Will grab everything in the directory, including hidden files.08:39
dsotrhey guys, once I found a website about command line - programs, does anybody know it, I can't remember the website address...08:39
ActionParsnip1neil: what is the output of:   lspci | grep -i vga08:39
fwaokdahow can i find all the ATi packages I have installed so I can remove them all?08:39
DaveTarmacShazburg: will it include JUST the contents on the directory, or the directory itself?08:40
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: dpkg -l | grep -i ati | less08:40
jigphello bitlbee users..how to visible in a particular person using yahoo...08:40
haanujhey HELP me plzzz08:40
Flanneldsotr: There's lots of websites about command line programs.  Anything in particular you can remember about it? what was it for? etc?08:40
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: will help08:40
ShazburgDaveTarmac: The directory itself, and it's contents.08:40
Neroon@neil sorry, but i don't know about ubuntu in a virtual machine08:40
ActionParsnip1!ask | haanuj08:41
ubottuhaanuj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:41
dsotrFlannel: I think there was "cli" in the name :)08:41
neil@ActionParsnip1sorry totally new to learning PCs in depth and don't exactly understand the latter part of your question08:41
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, is there a way i can write that to a file so i can see all of it at once?08:41
neil@Neroon Thank you anyway08:41
DaveTarmacShazburg: is there a way to get it to do jsut the contents, only I'm moving the files to a web server and I'd rather not extract them and then copy them all to the root dir08:41
haanuji have a problem with 3D effects. that's not permanent08:41
Flannelfwaokda: instead of | less, do > file08:41
dsotrFlannel: can you point me to one of them anyways? they may have a link to the one I'm looking for08:42
Flannelfwaokda: so, dpkg -l | grep -i ati > file.txt08:42
Flanneldsotr: What are you looking to learn on this website?08:42
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: sure, instead of ' | less' change it to ' > ~/output.txt'08:42
dsotrFlannel: a nice command-line music player, like xmms08:42
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: dpkg -l | grep ati > ~/stuff.txt08:42
ActionParsnip1neil: its a command line command, run i in terminal08:43
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, Flannel, thanks08:43
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: 'ati' is fairly common in the english language08:43
ActionParsnip1fwaokda: if you want, you can grep it again to reduce results08:43
haanujplzzz HELP me08:44
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, well i purged quite a few packages(?) already that were ati packages but I still see menu shortcuts and stuff so im wondering if i got everything08:45
Slart!details | haanuj08:45
ubottuhaanuj: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:45
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, this is the only thing I see possibly related to ATi, ii  fglrx-modaliases                           2:8.620-0ubuntu1                               Identifiers supported by the ATI graphics dr08:45
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, think it is safe to remove that?08:45
ActionParsnip1not sure, i dont buy ati cards so i'm not the guy to ask08:46
neil@ActionParsnip1 It says: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter08:46
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, ok thanks08:46
fwaokdaActionParsnip1, think im gonna leave it and do my reinstall of the drivers now08:46
haanujevery time i do compiz then 3D effects come but after restarting it's gone       plzzz tell me what to do08:46
ActionParsnip1neil: ok, so its a virtualbox08:46
ActionParsnip1neil: have youinstalled the guest additions?08:46
neilyep, its sun virtual box and yes i have run the additions08:47
haanuj every time i do compiz then 3D effects come but after restarting it's gone       plzzz tell me what to do08:47
Slart!repeat | haanuj08:47
ubottuhaanuj: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.08:47
haanuj every time i do compiz then 3D effects come but after restarting it's gone       plzzz tell me what to do08:48
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Still here?08:48
ActionParsnip1neil: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77775908:48
DaveTarmacShazburg: yeah mate08:48
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Okay, I think I got you covered.08:48
ActionParsnip1neil: edit your xorg.conf and make the display sections similar08:48
ShazburgDaveTarmac: tar cvf test.tar `ls -A1`08:48
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Those are backticks.08:48
ActionParsnip1neil: actually i'd just use the whole thing08:49
ActionParsnip1neil: your keyboard may be different (that example uses US layout, you can omit that line)08:49
ShazburgDaveTarmac: So that 'ls' will create a file list and tar will add them to the archive, recursively, with hidden files.08:49
DaveTarmacShazburg: ok, I'll give that a go, cheers08:49
ActionParsnip1neil: you will need    gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    to edit ti08:49
Neroon@haanuj can you deliver some more info, what and when works with your compiz?08:49
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Cheers.08:50
DaveTarmacShazburg: if I wanted to .gz that, I would add the 'z' flag, yeah?08:50
haanujNeroon : it's 3D effect problem.. whenever  i restart then 3D effects are gone....08:51
Neroon@haanuh so, you want to have compiz enabled every time you start X?08:52
Neroon@haanuj so, you want to have compiz enabled every time you start X?08:52
haanujNeroon: after doing "compiz" it's back.. everytime i do the same process08:52
rd1089hi, is it possible to set environment variables at startup/system boot?08:52
ShazburgDaveTarmac: tar zcvf test.tar.gz `ls -A1`08:53
DaveTarmacShazburg: did that, it started to zip the folder, then folders around it08:53
neil@Action Parsnip1 Still no luck, but to be honest I'm really not sure if I have did it correctly08:53
ActionParsnip1rd1089: you can add them to ~/.bashrc08:53
neilI am totally new to anything linux and these are the kind of things I hope to be learning08:54
ActionParsnip1neil: if you tab complete my name its easier, and it will highlight your text08:54
ActionParsnip1neil: you will learn08:54
ActionParsnip1neil: you need to get that text file as it is in the link i gave, then reboot. As long as you have the guest additions installed correctly then it will be fine08:55
ActionParsnip1neil: you needed to execute the .run file on the guest additions CD for your architecture08:55
zaphod_homehi, i've a problem with my whole system... it's a quad-core. when i'm doing heavy hdd load (copy GBs from sda1 to sdb1) systemload is going to 3.8 and i cant use the system any more. is there possibilty to speed this up?08:55
fwaokdaI just activateded the Restricted Drivers Ubuntu listed and my machine is running "sluggish" like its skipping. I tried to go to display settings and check the settings but all that comes up is the display settings window with a horizontal gereen bar inside it. Anyone know anything I can try???08:55
staticRailswhen I login the system takes me back to the login screen again and I receive the following error when i login in failafe terminal: : "An error occured while loading or saving config info for evolution-alarm-notify..."08:56
staticRailsis there any idea?08:56
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Not sure why. Here's how I tested it: http://pastie.org/54652708:57
ActionParsnip1staticRails: does it do it for all users?08:57
Slartzaphod_home: there's ionice08:57
neilActionParsnip1: I did the run for the additions and I have got the text file and I'm just gonna reboot see if that sorts it. Thank you and I will be back to et you know if I am up and running or not08:57
Slartzaphod_home: but I think it has to be run for each copy command08:57
staticRailsActionParsnip1: yes. I created a new user using command line. the result is same.08:58
ActionParsnip1staticRails: nice one08:58
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
ActionParsnip1staticRails: if you log into command line then run: startx   is it ok?08:58
rd1089ActionParsnip1, i was looking for something that does not require the user to login08:58
anaxaAfter long search and digging i end up here for help with pulsaudio (in kde4). i keep having problems to disable the annoying POKE sound of some applications.08:59
ActionParsnip1rd1089: you can enable autologin. not very secure but its available08:59
zaphod_homehm, ionice doesn't change performance :-(09:00
zaphod_homebut thanks. didn no it09:00
rd1089ActionParsnip1, no i don;t want to enable autologin09:00
Slartzaphod_home: but it should make the computer usable while it is copying, if I understand that command correctly09:01
rd1089ActionParsnip1, i just want to be able to set env variables at startup.. to enable a program written in c work properly09:01
corey_Hi, I'm currently on a live cd and I have 9.04 installed on my disk. The issue is a new version of libglib2.0-0 was compiled which broke a symbol causing 90% of the applications to stop working (xserver being the important one). So I'm left at the terminal and I'm trying to revert to the old version of libglib2.0-0. Any helpful pointers?09:01
dsotrrd1089: you can put the line in /etc/rc.local so09:02
staticRailsActionParsnip1: "Fatal server error" server is already active for display 0"09:02
zaphod_homeyes... should ^^09:02
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Did that help?09:02
ActionParsnip1rd1089: you could add them to /etc/rc.local09:02
DaveTarmacShazburg: still did the same thing - probably OS X's quirkyness09:02
DaveTarmacthanks for the help anyway09:02
zaphod_homeionice -c3 -p10998 w/ 10998 is the PID of cp09:02
ActionParsnip1staticRails: try: sudo killall gdm    first09:03
corey_How can I remove a package without uninstalling it's dependencies?09:03
DaveTarmacI'm being lame now and trying to use CyberDuck's extract feature :(09:03
ActionParsnip1corey_: sudo apt-get --purge remove <package>09:03
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Oh! Yeah, OSX != Ubuntu. They have a different version of tar, so you'll get different behaviour.09:03
ActionParsnip1corey_: the deps will stay09:03
neilActionParsnip1: Nope, still no joy. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit crap because I feel like I'm bugging people, I feel like I should know the basics before I start asking for help but I can't start learning the basic until I can actually use my full screen.09:03
ActionParsnip1corey_: to remove the deps run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove09:03
Slartcorey_: apt-get remove/purge won't uninstall the dependencies09:04
DaveTarmacShazburg: yeah, I figured that much - thought I'd take a gamble though, how different can a tar command be?09:04
mjklHi.  I have a dual XP setup (Home 32bit & Pro 64bit).  I also want to install 9.04.  However, it only seems to recognise one XP install and want to put 9.04 after this, not at the end of the disk as required.  Any ideas?!09:04
DaveTarmacthat little exercise showed me!09:04
ActionParsnip1neil: its all learning dude, dont sweat it09:04
Veratyr9is there a program similar to netstumbler for linux?  i'm in an apartment that gets free wifi from the landlord, signal sucks and need to play around with the antenna watching the signal change in real time (rather than the overall average that the standard icon displays)09:04
ActionParsnip1neil: maybe someone in #vbox can help09:04
neilActionParnsip1: thanks for understaning09:04
Neroon@neil that's why people are here, to help and getting help09:04
corey_Great. Could I chroot to a different disk and run the package manager on that?09:04
ActionParsnip1neil: as you use the OS you will get better at it09:04
ActionParsnip1neil: just like i'm sure you are with microsoft products09:05
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Quite a bit. BSD vs GNU and all that. But looking at the man files for OSX ls and tar, I don't see a reason why you'd be having that problem.09:05
neilI'll give that a try. Thanks for at least for trying to solve my issue.09:05
DaveTarmacShazburg: probably one of those days09:05
neilthats part of the reason i thought id give linux a try i was getting bored of windows09:06
corey_Is it possible to modify packages on disk when I'm running from livecd?09:06
jamiewanneil: stay with it im new too and will never go back09:06
neilAnyway, thanks for the help. See ya.09:06
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Well, you can fight it and find a way to bend the shell to your will, or you can accept the default and live with the parent directory being in the tarball.09:06
ActionParsnip1corey_: you can install and uninstall packages like an installed system09:06
ActionParsnip1corey_: your "disk" space is limited to how much ram you have09:06
staticRailsActionParsnip1: a lengthy error...  the last line is : "xauth: error in locking authority file /home/username/.Xauthority09:06
ShazburgDaveTarmac: You could always extract it in /tmp, then move the files where you need them.09:07
DaveTarmacShazburg: I'll just live with it09:07
corey_ActionParsnip1: I am talking about a physical disk installed with ubuntu09:07
DaveTarmacmore than one way to skin a cat09:07
SlartActionParsnip1: I think he means "can I install stuff to the installed system on disk while using a live cd"09:07
corey_ActionParsnip1: this ubuntu has a broken symbol, I want to replace the package while on the livecd09:07
ActionParsnip1staticRails: ok, whats the output of:  ls -l ~/.Xauthority     ?09:07
Slartcorey_: how many packages are you looking at reinstalling? just one?09:08
ActionParsnip1corey_: you can chroot to the installed system09:08
staticRailsActionParsnip1: anothe line which i think may be useful: "failed to initialize GEM. Falling back to classic."09:08
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Quite so. Best of luck to you.09:08
corey_Slart: yes, one.09:08
DaveTarmacShazburg: thanks again09:08
staticRailsthe owner is root root09:08
ActionParsnip1staticRails: thats why09:08
staticRailsActionParsnip1: the owner is root root09:08
corey_ActionParsnip1: and once chroot'd any dpkg command will effect that system?09:08
Slartcorey_: either use chroot.. or just download the package and install it in recovery mode09:08
ActionParsnip1staticRails: have you been running   sudo gedit  and/or   sudo nautilus   ?09:09
staticRailsActionParsnip1: when?09:09
ActionParsnip1staticRails: when you had a desktop boot09:09
corey_Slart: actually, the package I want to overwrite with is from the livecd, where could I find the .deb?09:10
Slartcorey_: packages.ubuntu.com09:10
corey_Slart: so the packages on the livecd is obfuscated?09:10
Slartcorey_: I'm not sure of the structure of a live cd.. it should be on it somewhere.. but I have no idea where09:10
staticRailsActionParsnip1: I think it has crashed during the last night (when I was asleep in front of display.... lol)09:11
fwaokdamy xorg is running at 100% after installing the restricted drivers... is there a way i can end the process in ubuntu until I can download a fix I've found?09:11
shaullxis there a way to read my BIOS settings in linux?09:11
shaullxoutput them to a txt file i dont know something09:11
ActionParsnip1staticRails: if you run:   whoami    does it say root or your user name?09:12
staticRailsActionParsnip1: username09:12
shaullxanyone? please09:12
shaullxthat important :(09:12
ravinduIs that true Ubuntu jaunty does not support compiz fusion09:13
ActionParsnip1staticRails: ok then you have borked your ownerships. most likely by launching gui apps with sudo instead of gksudo09:13
Shazburgfwaokda: CTRL+ALT+F1 will drop you to another terminal and you can login, then drop to runlevel 3 from there.09:13
Shazburgshaullx: Nope.09:13
DaveTarmacShazburg: don't know if you're interested, but it turns out that in an archive, OS X creates an __MACOSX directory with a mirror of the archive inside it, funnily enough with ._ prefixed to the filenames09:13
ActionParsnip1staticRails: if you run:  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /home/$USER09:13
Slartshaullx: I have no idea.. possibly you could get to the cmos somehow and download it.. but then you'd have to interpret it.. sounds hard and, honestly, kind of meaningless.. what are you trying to do?09:13
Shazburgshaullx: That sort of thing is up to your motherboard manufacturer.09:13
staticRailsActionParsnip1: definitely you are right... I hadn't used gksudo in my life... :o09:13
fwaokdaShazburg, I was with you until the runlevel3 part... is that a command I just type in?09:14
spikemcchi someone can help me make a shortcut to lauch a python script (fof game)09:14
ShazburgDaveTarmac: Fancy old Apple and their directory litter.09:14
ActionParsnip1staticRails: sudo is for command line commands ONLY, like apt-get, cp, mv, ln etc09:14
ActionParsnip1staticRails: gksudo is for GUI apps, like gedit, nautilus etc09:14
Shazburgfwaokda: You can. "sudo runlevel 3" should work.09:15
staticRailsActionParsnip1: ... thx. how can it be fixed?09:15
ActionParsnip1staticRails: if you use sudo for gui apps it doesnt set up the environment correctly and you get garbaged ownerships just like you are seeing09:15
fwaokdaShazburg, says "unkown"09:15
OpenBluntSurgryis there anyway to install ubuntu from live CD and keep my music I have now?09:15
fwaokdaShazburg, unknown rather09:15
ActionParsnip1staticRails: the command I gave, to chown your files back to your user09:15
Shazburgfwaokda: runlevel 3 means most of your daemons will run (if they're configured to do so), you'll have networking, and X won't start.09:16
Shazburgfwaokda: One sec.09:16
fwaokdaShazburg, seemed to do the trick though after alt f7'n back in thanks09:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel09:16
mjklHi.  I have a dual XP setup (Home 32bit & Pro 64bit).  I want to install 9.04 after XP64 (40GB free) but partitioner want to resize XP and install in the middle somewhere :-/ is that normal?09:16
SlartShazburg: I think ubuntu only uses runlevel 2 and 509:16
SlartShazburg: it's different from.. say Debian09:16
ActionParsnip1mjkl: if thats where the unallocated space is then its fine09:17
ravinduIs that true Ubuntu jaunty does not support compiz fusion??09:17
chartoinHi, I have an issue and the day has been really bad, can someone help me with ubuntu+windows MBR issue?09:17
Slart!runlevels | Shazburg09:17
ubottuShazburg: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.09:17
staticRailsActionParsnip1: new problem09:18
ravinducompiz -fusion no glx found09:18
OpenBluntSurgrychartoin whats the problem09:18
=== MadMax is now known as Guest42411
ActionParsnip1ravindu: if you install compizconfig-settings-manager then you will get compiz09:18
chartointhanks for replying OpenBluntSurgry.09:18
chartoinHere is the problem09:18
ActionParsnip1ravindu: then you need to install video drivers09:18
chartoinI had windows/ubuntu 7.10 dual boot09:18
staticRailsActionParsnip1:  The last line of the lengthy error is: "xinint: connection to X server lost"09:18
ShazburgWell how about that.09:18
ravindui installed compiz setting manager and compiz icon09:18
mjklActionParsnip1: XP home & XP64 should be contiguous though?  With 40GB free after XP64.09:19
ActionParsnip1ravindu: if you dont have 3d accelleration, you can't run compiz09:19
chartoinsomething happened to windows ntfs filesystem and it wouldnt boot, I put in the win xp installation disk but it wouldnt boot09:19
spikemccneed help to complete frets on fire install by source with a mod09:19
ravindui install all nvvida drivers09:19
chartoinafter the press any key to continue...the screen went blank09:19
ravinducompiz worked in intrepid not for jaunty now09:20
Shazburgfwaokda: Did you see that about the runlevels in Ubuntu?09:20
OpenBluntSurgrywhat bootloader09:20
ActionParsnip1mjkl: if they are seperate boots it doesnt matter, the partitions for each individual boot should be contiguous09:20
joejcis there a channel for people that want to put linux on there routers?09:20
spikemccravindu try the drivers directly from nvidia09:20
chartoinI searched for this (googled) and found out that its an MBR problem09:20
induswho knows about tv tuner cards09:20
fwaokdaShazburg, thanks! :)09:20
chartointhe bootloader is GRUB09:20
Shazburgfwaokda: So just ignore what I said about runlevels. Glad you're working better.09:20
ravinduyes I tried drivers from nvidia also09:20
OpenBluntSurgryjoejc checkout dd-wrt.com09:20
spikemccdd-wrt joejc maybe09:20
induswho knows about tv tuner cards09:20
ActionParsnip1ravindu: if you run:   gksudo nvidia-settings   does it show the driver version and not show any error messages?09:20
watinoPlease someone: what's the package to install to get Hardware Driver Manager?09:20
chartoinOpenBluntSurgry, the bootloader is GRUB09:20
fwaokdaShazburg, yes thanks09:20
mjklActionParsnip1: ok, thanks!09:20
spikemccbut not all routers works ...09:20
induswatino: its already installed, its called jockey-gtk09:21
ravinduit shows no glx found with compiz -fusion command09:21
spikemccindus If you find help for that I need also09:21
jfj1hola alguien escribe en espanol09:21
chartoinOpenBluntSurgry, also I accedentally wiped my MBR using dd command and then got it back using the gpart command using knoppix live CD09:21
ActionParsnip1ravindu: does nvida-settings look ok?09:21
indusspikemcc: what help you need09:21
ravinduyes I'm sure09:21
ActionParsnip1!es | jfj109:21
ubottujfj1: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:21
chartoinOpenBluntSurgry, this is what happened today09:21
ActionParsnip1ravindu: can you use a pastebin and give us the output of:   compiz --replace09:22
watinoThank you Indus09:22
induswatino: welcome09:22
spikemccfor tv card I have to know how to make it work, mine as a driver included in the kernel09:22
chartoinOpenBluntSurgry, I found that when I wiped the MBR, the windows setup worked...but it didn't before or after09:22
ravindunot now I'm in office now any sugestions?09:22
CliffSMorning. Odd problem, wonder if anyone's seen it. 9.04 with metacity & FGLRX works fine BUT, on login if I drag a window on the screen, the entire machine crashes. After a few minutes, I can drag as much as I like, this only happens just after logging in.09:23
indusspikemcc: my tv card works with tvtime ,but myth tv wont tune as it doesnt have country specific frequency,tvtime is smart just tuned everything09:23
L33tHaxor666Hey peoples what is good09:23
staticRailsActionParsnip1:  the problem is not solved... when I changed the owner to my user. but when I try to login it takes me back to the login screen again...09:23
ActionParsnip1staticRails: ok, but you should be the owner of all files in your home folder09:23
L33tHaxor666I was wondering if anyone knows anything about widesrceen formatting09:23
L33tHaxor666i have spent the last 3 hours trying to figure this stuff out..09:24
chartoinActionParsnip1, can you help me?09:24
spikemccindus ok I will try when I got it back I lended it for a while to help a friend on vista 64 (outch the troll)09:24
indusActionParsnip1: now is that true?if you install something as root, its not the case09:24
chartoinActionParsnip1: can you help me?09:24
ActionParsnip1indus: all installs are as root09:24
ActionParsnip1!ask | chartoin09:24
ubottuchartoin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:24
L33tHaxor666damn u ubuntu09:24
indusActionParsnip1: third party installs do it sometims09:24
RevoActionParsnip1: sorry for the slow reply, echo $http_proxy does indeed return the proxy09:25
ravinduI will try what is your suggestion to do further?09:25
chartoinActionParsnip1: windows setup goes blank ofter "press any key to continue" because of MBR issue09:25
ActionParsnip1indus: then the file will not be in any other place other than home as users only have write access to their home folder in a standard install09:25
ActionParsnip1chartoin: ask in ##windows then09:25
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Hell of a nick you have there. What isn't working?09:26
indusActionParsnip1: i remember when i installed quake4,it gave root permissions to quake4 folder in home, i changed it back though09:26
L33tHaxor666 well i dont have any widescreen resolution09:26
chartoinActionParsnip1: thank you.09:26
L33tHaxor666and i cant seem to find the right cmds09:26
ActionParsnip1indus: the home folder is made for user data, you probably ran the installer as root and then told it to install to your user area09:26
neilActionParnsip1: Just to let you know I now have a full screen ubuntu. Also, to give you a bit of a laugh. The reason for it not working cos some numpty didn't realise that the update manager hadn't been ran.09:26
L33tHaxor666i have an i96509:26
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: What resolution are you going for?09:26
L33tHaxor666vaio fz240e09:26
indusActionParsnip1: yep09:27
L33tHaxor666that wide one09:27
L33tHaxor666that one is wide right09:27
RamonsterI get this error when trying to ./configure on ubuntu: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries09:27
ActionParsnip1indus: then the crated files will be owned by root as the app running was running as root. if you'd ran it as yourself the files would be owned b you09:27
L33tHaxor666im newbie from windows09:27
indusActionParsnip1: ya i know,but i couldrun the game just fine09:28
L33tHaxor666i ran all the updates09:28
ActionParsnip1indus: maybe it was chmodded a+x ;)09:28
L33tHaxor666have new spiffy splash screens and everything09:28
indusActionParsnip1:no it already had those permissions09:28
staticRailsActionParsnip1:  I changed the owner of the home directory using -R option... the problem persists.09:29
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Please preface my name when you write back. Get's crowded in here. Okay, well you need to know what your monitor's max resolution is first.09:29
indusActionParsnip1: i had to change ownership of hidden quake folder to me as nvidia wont load drivers09:29
ActionParsnip1indus: exactly, so although owned by root, every man and his dog has access09:29
L33tHaxor666shazburg: let me look it up09:29
staticRailsActionParsnip1: Yesterday I tried to install my vga driver. it is onboard and my mainboard is intel09:30
indusstaticRails: well,i believe your driver is automatically installed ,why would you need to install it again?09:30
neilNow that I'm up and running I was wondering if someone could recommend a good place to start learning about linux/ubuntu from scratch.09:30
longsleepanyone knows how device mapper table entries are added on boot up (i ignore a certain device in udev but its still added to the table)09:31
indusneil: use the forums ,its great09:31
Shazburgneil: http://gentoo.org09:31
staticRailsindus: Just to upgrade it or... I don't know...09:31
L33tHaxor666shazburg: 15.4" WXGA LCD XBRITE ECO (Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels09:31
indusneil: also,google is great09:31
staticRailsindus: any idea about my problem?09:32
ActionParsnip1neil: as is ask.com  msn.com  yahoo.com09:32
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Are you running non-free video drivers? ie NVidia or ATI?09:32
indusstaticRails: could you tell me the problem again please09:32
L33tHaxor666Shazburg: how would i tell09:33
Neroonneil: or try ubuntuforums.org09:33
L33tHaxor666shazburg: i have an i965, so i dont think so09:33
neilIndus: Spot on. Thanks. Same to you Shazburg.  And ActionParsnip1  and Neroon. I'm now gonna try and learn the basics so i don't feel as much as a numpty. :)09:33
ravinduIs there any people who work in ubuntu server edition to get xen and backup like solution on it?09:33
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neilLaters all09:33
L33tHaxor666the screen looks good, so got black bars on the sides09:33
staticRailsindus: when I login ... the I am taken back to the login screen again ....09:33
L33tHaxor666. just*09:33
indusstaticRails: hmm difficult to diagnose,can u paste the output of dmesg09:34
linuxboyhi, I have a strange problem with the gnome panel. I set up everything in the position that I want, but after a few reboots it changes order. how do I fix this?09:34
staticRailsindus: I have both gnome and kde... it happens in both of them09:34
spikemccsomeone can help me to convert a folder that come from a source to put installed on usr like normal apps with a shortcut on the gnome menu ?09:34
staticRailsindus: what is dmesg?09:35
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Go to "System > Preferences > Display" What do you see?09:35
fwaokda_I finally got my restricted drivers for my display to cooperate... only thing left is my main display in display properties doesn't show it's max resolution of 1920(?)x1080... anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this? I am using dual monitors btw and the second monitor has a resolution of 1680x1050 (which is what they are both currently set at) ???09:35
ActionParsnip1staticRails: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; dmesg | pastebinit09:35
indusstaticRails: its aa bunch of messages the kernel spits out on loading the OS,what loaded what didnot errors etc09:35
spikemccthe app work as a python script ...09:35
NeroonstaticRails: anything in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?09:36
L33tHaxor6661024x768 (4:3)09:36
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: you can use xorg.conf to specify weird resolutions09:36
L33tHaxor666thats the highest09:36
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: And it won't let you select the resolution you want, correct?09:37
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, is there a howto somewhere that will explain to me how to edit it?09:37
L33tHaxor666shazburg: nope09:37
L33tHaxor666shazburg: thats the highest09:37
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: if you search round the web you can find example files09:37
L33tHaxor666i looked online and found out about xorg09:37
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: sec09:37
L33tHaxor666but i dont know what to type09:37
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, ok ty09:37
L33tHaxor666i know dos09:38
pawanvuze cant update09:38
staticRailsindus: the Xorg.0.log contains a very lengthy text09:38
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Open Terminal, and type "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf". Copy the output and pastie it (http://pastie.org)09:38
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: here's mine: http://pastebin.com/f16fa7b2f09:38
L33tHaxor666let me try that09:38
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: i need to specify a lot in mine as I use an old CRT monitor09:38
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, ahh ok09:38
RamonsterI get this error when trying to ./configure on ubuntu: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries09:38
indusstaticRails: yeah iam like a driver who always opens the bonnet and looks under the hood,even though i dont know what iam looking for09:39
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: so i have to specify refresh rates etc so I can get a full display09:39
ravinduwhy it shows glx not found when $compiz -fusion09:39
indusstaticRails: but do paste both dmesg and xorg.log09:39
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: as my monitor doesnt talk back to my video card when its asked09:39
pawanupdate directory /usr/share/vuze isint writable09:39
b1n42yhi all, cant run k3b in normal user but able to via su, throws cannot create directory errors via normal user,suggestions?09:39
ActionParsnip1pawan: does it exist?09:39
indusActionParsnip1: crt's are not old :D I use a 17 inch one09:39
BoohbahRamonster: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev09:40
ActionParsnip1indus: its not a fancy flat screen though like all the cool kids have09:40
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:40
RamonsterBoohbah, got that 109:40
ActionParsnip1indus: ;)09:40
indusActionParsnip1: i need a big lcd soon as they are as good as CRT's now09:40
fwaokda_What do i do to fix an error about a public key after adding two lines into my software sources?09:40
L33tHaxor666SHAZburg: thats not working09:41
pawani cant update vuze09:41
indusActionParsnip1: also,IPTV is on the horizon in india, and i got a tv tuner card installed,so thats great09:41
L33tHaxor666Shazburg: did u type-o09:41
staticRailsindus: it is on another computer... that doesn't working and i can just work in command line. it is not coonected to the net. so I can't paste the messages.09:41
indusstaticRails: thats bad09:41
L33tHaxor666cat /etc/X11/xorg.con09:41
indusstaticRails: which intel driver did you install09:41
ravinduActionParsnip1-why it shows glx not found when $compiz -fusion09:41
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf" with an "f"09:42
staticRailsindus:during the system load... I just receive one fail.. which I think that is normal09:42
ActionParsnip1ravindu: can you put the output of the command on a pastebin so we can see it09:42
NeroonL33tHaxor666: xorg.conf09:42
ActionParsnip1ravindu: compiz --replace09:42
staticRailsindus:  that is for kvm module.09:42
ActionParsnip1!paste | ravindu09:42
ubotturavindu: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:42
b1n42ypawan: i think vuze requires write permissions on a certain directory, find out which one and change permissions09:43
ravinduI'm not with my ubuntu machine now even I can not launch xbmc It asks for OpenGL support09:43
indusravindu: also in terminal  have you done .... glxinfo | grep render09:43
L33tHaxor666shazburg cat: /etc/x11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory09:43
FlannelL33tHaxor666: X11 not x1109:43
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf" with an "f"09:43
L33tHaxor666cps matter09:43
indusstaticRails: i dont know what is kvm,btw which intel driver did you install? what onboard card is it?09:43
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Always.09:44
staticRailsindus: the command i ran is "sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 4f191a5a8844c542"09:44
indusstaticRails: huh ,are you using a PPA?09:44
ravinduthanx indus , ActionParsnip1 I'll try and come back with more details.09:44
staticRailsindus: the mainboard is dg31pr09:44
L33tHaxor666wow pastie is cool09:44
ravinduThis Channel is great my second time.09:44
L33tHaxor666shazburg: http://pastie.org/54655209:45
b1n42yso how do i give k3b permissions for creating folders09:45
indusstaticRails: can i see dmesg output pelase09:45
ActionParsnip1b1n42y: depends where they are to be made09:45
b1n42yActionParsnip1: home folder09:45
indusstaticRails: seems like a good mobo for linux09:46
ActionParsnip1b1n42y: then if you run it as you then it can make folders, as you are the owner and the app is running as you09:46
leaf-sheepI take it that cryptsetup (crypto_LUKS) does not work on KDE4? I plugged in the external HDD. It shows up. I toggle the HDD and it prompts me for password. I type in. Nothing. Repeat. Nothing. Repeat.09:46
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L33tHaxor666(>")>  UBUNTU  <("<)09:46
staticRailsindus: I haven't pastebinit installed and also am not able to install it now. coz I don't have any connection on the ubuntu pc...09:47
b1n42yActionParsnip1: well im logged in as myself non root run k3b and it fails at above task, i run it as root and its happy09:47
DVA5912anyone know why google earth is so slow? It wasnt this slow in windows09:47
indus!paste | staticRails09:47
ubottustaticRails: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:47
DVA5912Its it the opengl thing?09:47
indusstaticRails: aah where is that pc now/?09:47
L33tHaxor666they need something better then xorg i think09:47
indusanyone knows anything about lirc with tvtime?09:48
ActionParsnip1b1n42y: launch k3b from terminal, see what is output09:48
DVA5912wow my cpu just went ape wall because of google earth09:48
indusActionParsnip1: b1n42y he probably installed from some where else09:48
staticRailsindus: i am using another pc now. the problematic pc is here to.. but not connected09:48
indusDVA5912: Well, google earth freezes for me09:49
b1n42yActionParsnip1: already done that, thats why Im saying it fails creating folders in home09:49
yurikoleshow to use amd64 flash in azureus09:49
L33tHaxor666the i965 is made nvidia i think09:49
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, here is my xorg.conf file... I don't see where to put my resolution though -- http://pastebin.com/m4c48e25f -- I thought perhaps I just need to change the virtual resolution thats there but what would be the virtual resolution for 1920x1080 & 1650x1050 ?09:49
yurikolesin amd64 azureus ofcoourse09:49
indusstaticRails: hmm press ctl-alt-f1 in that pc and go to console09:49
DVA5912indus: hmmm. This is just one more reason for me to have to go back to windows. i use google earth alot09:49
ActionParsnip1b1n42y: ok try this: ls -la ~/ | grep root | less09:49
indusDVA5912: yeah why u a spy? :P09:49
ActionParsnip1b1n42y: do any files show?09:49
staticRailsindus: I am there09:49
* DVA5912 whistles 09:49
indusstaticRails: what happens when you type startx09:50
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: line 34 in that pastebin, if you look at mine you can compare09:50
staticRailsindus: "server is already active for display 0"09:50
indusstaticRails: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop09:51
c_nickis there a community for finance n stock market oriented stuff09:51
b1n42yActionParsnip1: 2 - Adobe reader.desktop and .kde09:51
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, you don't have a part in yours labeled, "Viewport" that i see09:51
staticRailsindus: stopping ... [ok]09:52
moymoyhey all.. anyone awakee?09:52
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: its not that EXACT line, its just in that subsection09:52
chartoindoes ubuntu 9.04 have a command line version of choosing monitor resolution and frequency?09:52
indusstaticRails: ok now type startx09:52
ActionParsnip1chartoin: xrandr09:52
moymoyanyone here using the nfs-kernel-server?09:52
indusstaticRails: sorry, that same command but now say start09:52
indusstaticRails: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start09:52
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, your subsection only has "Depth 24" in it...09:52
staticRailsindus: I typed: startx....  halted..09:53
DVA5912so just to be clear directX is totaly un avalible in ubuntu?09:53
dsotrchartoin: try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:53
indusstaticRails: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start09:53
chartoinalso ubuntu 8.10 installation live CD doesnt work in my pc...I get the ubuntu loading screen and then it restarts09:53
L33tHaxor666you guys got my hopes up09:53
staticRailsindus: let me reset it.09:53
chartoindsotr, that command has only keyboard setting starting from 8.1009:54
ActionParsnip1fwaokda_: ok here's a better one: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/archive/index.php/t-847670.html09:55
progre55hi people! I have just downloaded some fonts, but how to install them? :) they a just a bunch of .ttf files..09:55
staticRailsindus: I have the login screen now09:55
ActionParsnip1!fonts | progre5509:55
ubottuprogre55: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer09:55
fwaokda_ActionParsnip1, edited it gonna go try it out brb09:55
Ademanis there a command or something to tell if my laptop is acpi or apm? (can it be both? basically i want to know if i can get rid of apmd from my init)09:56
L33tHaxor666OK i need xorg helps09:56
moymoyanyone here using the nfs-kernel-server?09:56
L33tHaxor666they is xorg not have a config vi?09:56
staticRailsindus: I stopped the gdm and the restarted it using the command you gave me... now I have the login screen09:56
b1n42yfirefox 50-66 % cpu usage with 60 tabs boooo09:57
L33tHaxor666I WANT CONFIG VI09:57
progre55ActionParsnip1, thanks )09:57
dsotrchartoin: mmm, then try  dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg :)09:58
staticRailsActionParsnip1: r tu there ?09:58
b1n42y(18:56:15) ActionParsnip1 left the room.09:58
PeteinI have a directory with many other directories with images(jpg). How can i create a dir in each directory with the name Images and put all the jpgs there?09:58
CybertinusI'm looking at the blueman page at launchpad.net. But I can't seam to find the URL and stuff to add Blueman to my repositories so I can install it. Where on that page do I find the URL for synaptic?09:58
pawanvuze cant update09:58
pawandirectory isint writable09:58
b1n42ypawan: make it writable09:59
staticRailsindus: r u there??09:59
moymoypawan: getting vuze to update isn't worth the work.. the version in the repos is out of date.. just get vuze from their website09:59
L33tHaxor666dsotr: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure must be run as root09:59
b1n42ypawan: well i go gksu nautilus in terminal then properties09:59
chartoindsotr, here is the wierd thing. My ubuntu 8.10 installatio cd worked only once a long while ago when i didn't know about the command you agve me and I gave up and installed 7.10 instead. Now the SAME 8.10 live cd doesnt work..09:59
b1n42ypawan: but im sure theres a chmod command for it10:00
dsotrL33tHaxor666: yep10:00
chartoindsotr, it restarts after it enters the ubuntu loading screen10:00
L33tHaxor666dsotr: how do i run it as root?10:00
moymoyL33tHaxor666: sudo10:01
b1n42ypawan:  moymoy has a point i'd even go getdeb10:01
chartoinL33tHaxor666,prefix your command by "sudo "10:01
dsotrchartoin: on the same machine you mean?10:01
dsotrL33tHaxor666: type sudo in front of it :)10:01
chartoindsotr, yes on the same machine10:01
b1n42ypawan: as in www.getbed10:01
b1n42ypawan: erm www.getbed.something10:02
moymoyb1n42y: rofl!10:02
L33tHaxor666chartoin: xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration10:02
L33tHaxor666   file; backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2009071505015410:02
dsotrchartoin: I'm puzzled, It shouldn0e behave like that10:02
moymoyi wish they would finish playdeb.net already!10:02
spikemcchow do you put dual-screens settings on hardy ?10:02
chartoindsotr, frankly i am puzzled too. I dont know what to do...10:03
staticRailsindus: .... I am waiting...10:03
dsotrchartoin: try to check the xorg.conf file while you are running the live cd10:03
L33tHaxor666i hope ur not talking about me10:03
indusstaticRails: sorry was away10:03
staticRailsindus: nop10:03
chartoindsotr, I can only do that if it actually loads the live cd10:03
moymoyanyone here have NFS exports on their desktops?10:03
dsotrL33tHaxor666: that's what the command is supposed to do, overwrites the previous xorg configuration10:04
staticRailsindus: thx for comming bakc... I was disappinted ...10:04
indusstaticRails: do a safe login ,check options at left corner10:04
spikemccouou ?10:04
=== mr is now known as Guest53634
L33tHaxor666whats sudo mean?10:04
indus!SUDO | L33tHaxor66610:04
ubottuL33tHaxor666: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)10:04
chartoinL33tHaxor666, super user do10:04
Neroonsubstitute user do afaik10:04
NeroonL33tHaxor666:  substitute user do afaik10:04
ikoniaL33tHaxor666: please control your language10:05
indus!language | L33tHaxor66610:05
ubottuL33tHaxor666: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:05
staticRailsindus: failsafe gnome or terminal?10:05
chartoinL33tHaxor666, dont get confused..it just means do the command as a super user10:05
indusstaticRails: failsafe10:05
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: If that reconfig doesn't work, here is an xorg conf for you: http://pastie.org/54656210:06
induschartoin: use gksu for graphical apps and sudo for command line10:06
crimzorHow do I add a certificate authority to the list of trusted certificate authorities in Ubuntu? I need to have my entire server (not just the web browser) to accept my self signed cert.10:06
spikemcchey how do I can put dual screens setting on hardy10:06
dsotrchartoin: I don't remember if you can start the live cd in non-graphics mode10:06
staticRailsindus: I have to failsafe options: failsafe GNOME and failsafe Terminal10:06
indusstaticRails: falsafe gnome :)10:06
spikemccAti software don't do it as I like ...10:06
chartoindsotr, what should I be looking for in the xorg.conf?10:06
staticRailsindus: halted10:07
Neroonspikemcc: welcome to the club ... had some troubles the last 4 days with ati10:07
spikemccand resolution app don't work at all for the 2nd screen10:07
indusdsotr: chartoin it can be started in safe graphics mode, the alternate cd installer gives you text mode installation10:07
chartoinspikemcc, ATI and Linux are not friends10:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dualscreens10:07
Neroonspikemcc: but it is possible10:07
gabkdllyspikemcc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo10:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dualmonitors10:07
spikemccAti work perfect on 8.04 LTS man10:07
L33tHaxor666now...how do i enter that10:08
spikemccdon't touch a non LTS ubuntu that's all10:08
indusstaticRails: hmm10:08
Neroonspikemcc: I do have 8.04 here and it was a pain you know where10:08
L33tHaxor666Shazburg: how would i put this into the xorg10:08
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: But from the looks of it, you are going to need a lot more help than we can provide. Linux isn't for the feint of heart. While Ubuntu does it's best to make the experience as safe and friendly as possible, you have the misfortune of using a somewhat unusual laptop for your first venture. Be ready to read alot and see if you can find a local LUG (Linux Users Group)10:09
indusstaticRails: have you done any messing aroundwiththat pc?10:09
AndorinMuting from the keyboard no longer works, even when I change the shortcut. Help?10:09
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richardcavellwhy is anyone using a non-current release? The only good reasons are if you're on non-Intel hardware, you have an old computer, or you are doing something that's mission-critical10:09
chartoindsotr, what should I be looking for in xorg.conf?10:09
staticRailsindus: the only thing I think may caused problem is installing vga drvieer...10:10
spikemccuse the ati catalyst 9.4 and it work for me10:10
Neroonspikemcc: so you want 2 separate X on each monitor?10:10
L33tHaxor666I just need to know how to enter this last config10:10
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: You can use whatever editor you choose. gedit will likely be easiest. Run "sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.orig". Then run "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and paste the new config in.10:10
L33tHaxor666COME ON...come on10:10
L33tHaxor666like regedit10:10
indusstaticRails: how did u install it if you dont have a net conection10:10
staticRailsindus: when I use failsafe terminal I am able to run firefox nautilus and so on...10:10
staticRailsI had...10:10
dsotrchartoin: check if the configuration differs from the one you've got working on 7.1010:10
indusstaticRails: firefox from a terminal? how10:10
spikemccjust do all the things of the doc even the stuff for troubleshooting10:10
chartoindsotr, okay I will10:11
staticRailsindus: everything was go ... till the morning.10:11
Neroonspikemcc: sure, use the 9.4 with a x1650. And good luck, since they dont work together10:11
staticRailsindus: failsafe terminal10:11
spikemccjust the max resolution of each screen will be enough10:11
indusstaticRails: why exactly did you install the intel vga?10:11
staticRailsindus: when I use failsafe terminal the xwindo is loaded..10:11
ShazburgL33tHaxor666: Your impatience and petulance is wearing. There is no regedit. Everything you know about Windows: chuck it.10:11
NeroonShazburg: he's kinda annoying ...10:12
spikemccx1650 but I got an ati readeon xpress 1150 256Mo laptop10:12
BoohbahShazburg: what about gconf?10:12
BoohbahL33tHaxor666: http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/10:12
L33tHaxor666Shazburg: dont worry, ill grow on you (like fugus)10:12
staticRailsindus: I had noting im my hardware list. taught it may be better to install it...10:12
AndorinMuting from the keyboard no longer works, even when I change the shortcut. Help?10:12
ShazburgBoohbah: his monitor is kinda funky and doesn't auto-detect.10:13
grawityShazburg: registry = gconf. shortcuts = launchers. taskbar = panels. and so on ;)10:13
indusstaticRails: intel drivers are open source, hardware drivers only lists proprietary devices10:13
staticRailsindus: I had no problem with it.10:13
joejccould i use a modem to connect to dsl?10:13
grawityjoejc: only if the modem supports DSL.10:13
dsotr!search audio*10:13
ShazburgMaybe I'm just in the wrong channel.10:13
indusstaticRails: just do this when you have internet, sudo apt-get reinstall xserver-xorg-intel10:13
joejchow much would one that does cost?10:13
staticRailsindus: a very expensive experience...10:13
indusstaticRails: just hook this internet to that pc and do it10:14
staticRailsindus: is it possible to have internet when i am in termianl...10:14
Paddy_NIstaticRails: no reason why not10:14
AndorinOkay, what the deuce. Repeatedly pressing the key for fun got it to work once out of maybe fifty presses.10:15
joejcwhere would i buy a pci modem that supports dsl?10:15
NeroonstaticRails: of course it is10:15
indusstaticRails: of course10:15
staticRailsindus: i have internet... how I can have internet on that pc?10:15
RamonsterI get this error when trying to ./configure on ubuntu: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries10:16
indusstaticRails: just connect network cable there and you got it10:16
indusstaticRails: just do this when you have internet, sudo apt-get reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel10:16
AndorinI don't know how, but "Mute" is just NOT working. The system detects that I press the key, but it's not doing anything.10:16
AndorinSomebody please advise.10:16
indusstaticRails: also first do sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg10:16
moymoystaticRails: if you have your internet configuration in your /etc/rc.local file, then you'll have internet on startup, in the terminal10:16
chartoindsotr, 7.10 is now an old release right?10:16
staticRailsindus: it is wireless.. adn the usb card is connected to the case..10:16
chartoindsotr, how do I change the repos?10:16
dsotrchartoin: y10:16
indusstaticRails: thats ok,if it was working before,it will work now10:16
moymoyAndorin: does the volume icon change when you press the button?10:16
Andorinmoymoy: Nope.10:17
indusmoymoy: hello10:17
dsotrchartoin: do you want to upgrade it to another version?10:17
moymoyindus: hey indus10:17
dsotr!search upgrade10:17
ubottuFound: upgrade, tb1.5*, brokenmsn, alternate-#kubuntu, koffice, feisty, dist-upgrade, alternate, upgrading, update10:17
indusiam here at odd hours :D10:17
staticRailsindus: ping www.yahoo.com => "unknown host ...10:17
moymoyindus: what file system are you using? i had data loss when i had to force shutdown my computer =[ .. you're just a lucky guy10:17
chartoindsotr, I will do that a little later10:18
indusstaticRails: its wireless, takes a min to start10:18
chartoindsotr,  maybe like tomorrow, right now I want to download a partition manager to ubuntu 7.10 and apt-get doesn't seem to work10:18
L33tHaxor666SHAZBURG: I Put in your info?10:18
moymoyAndorin: are you on a laptop? what kind?10:18
L33tHaxor666Do i need to restart opr something?10:18
staticRailsindus:  it is 5 minute it is on....10:18
ikoniachartoin: 7.10 has been end of lifed, and the repos are now in the "old-release" server10:18
L33tHaxor666i pressed save10:18
ikoniachartoin: you'll probably need to update your sources.list10:19
dsotrchartoin: the repos are located in /etc/apt/sources.list10:19
Andorinmoymoy: Nope, on my PC. Though Mute stopped working on my laptop quite some time ago. PC is an HP Pavilion a6512p running Jaunty.10:19
indusstaticRails: hmm ok use a wired cable10:19
chartoindsotr, how do I update the sources.list?10:19
indusstaticRails: best is.. use live cd ,boot up,install the packages and you will be fine10:19
dsotrchartoin: but to repartition you hdd I'd suggest using the live distro GParted10:19
ikoniachartoin: open it with a text editor, or use the software sources editor gui10:19
indusdsotr: gparted is also present on the live cd10:19
RamonsterI get this error when trying to ./configure on ubuntu: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries10:20
grawityRamonster: you need libssl-dev, I think.10:20
ikoniaRamonster: you need the ssl libraraies from the development package - what are you trying to build ?10:20
dsotrindus: ups :)10:20
chartoindsotr, I'll use the live cd10:20
moymoyAndorin: sorry .. i was just interested in your problem.. didn't actually know how to fix it.. althought it might be that the kernel doesn't support the hardware (extra buttons your computer has)10:20
dsotr!dist-upgrade | chartoin10:20
ubottuchartoin: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:20
Ramonstergrawity: got that one\10:20
NeroonL33tHaxor666: Shazburg has left the channel10:20
chartoinikonia, what do I change in the sources  list?10:20
Ramonsterikonia, trying to build arcemu10:20
indusdsotr: but you are right too, gparted has an iso for doing cool stuff10:20
staticRailsindus: is it possible to boot from live and install something on installed ubuntu??10:20
ikonia!info arcemu10:20
ubottuPackage arcemu does not exist in jaunty10:20
Andorinmoymoy: It was working earlier.10:20
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php10:20
L33tHaxor666i mean10:21
L33tHaxor666poo poo10:21
indusstaticRails: of course it is10:21
Andorinmoymoy: And it doesn't work even if I set the shortcut to something like Alt+M.10:21
ikoniachartoin: change the hostname of the releases to be old-releases.ubuntu.com10:21
ikoniachartoin: then do apt-get update10:21
moymoyAndorin: are you using the right sound mixer? accidentally switched by any chance?10:21
ikoniachartoin: so the hostname for each repo should be "old-releases.ubuntu.com"10:22
Andorinmoymoy: How do I check?10:22
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staticRailsindus:  can't we use the packages on the live to install it?10:22
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L33tHaxor666Do i need to restart to get this to work10:22
indusstaticRails: i dont understand10:22
L33tHaxor666anyone know10:22
indusL33tHaxor666: when i doubt,restart :)10:23
indusL33tHaxor666: when in doubt,restart :)10:23
staticRailsindus: I mean isn't x-server available on the live cd? and if it is can't we install that without having internet connection?10:23
moymoyAndorin: you can go to the sound preferences and there are various things you can test.. and also test the volume slider controls.. because that's what your keyboard is controlling right? is it controlling MASTER?10:23
staticRailsindus: I am on with the live version.10:24
indusstaticRails: yes ok10:24
indusstaticRails: you need to point the installer to the live cd package10:24
Andorinmoymoy: I can right-click the Volume icon in the panel and hit Preferences... it is indeed set to Master.10:24
indusstaticRails: go to synaptic and add the cd i guess10:25
Andorinmoymoy: I also can't think of anything I've done today that would change anything regarding my volume.10:25
moymoyAndorin: okay.. does the volume slider work to change your volume?10:25
Andorinmoymoy: Yup. And the Volume Up/Down keys on my keyboard work. Just not Mute.10:25
staticRailsindus: ok... the live cd is up and I also have internet connection. how I am able to tell him the location of the installed version of ubuntu.... (10:26
moymoyAndorin: that's so strange.. all the keyboard commands should be controlling the same thing.. i'm assuming you set with the "keyboard shortcuts" in preferences?10:26
moymoyAndorin: have you tried logging out and back in?10:26
L33tHaxor666YOU GUYS DID IT10:26
indusstaticRails: go to synaptic> repositories and add the cd10:27
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L33tHaxor666my whole screen is working...10:27
Andorinmoymoy: Yes, I did. The default is the Mute key and I even tried changing the shortcut. Doesn't work. No, I haven't tried logging out.10:27
L33tHaxor666ubuntu is my new OS10:27
moymoyL33tHaxor666: what was your problem anyway?10:27
L33tHaxor666I couldnt get high resolution support10:27
moymoyAndorin: give it a shot.. let's see what happens when GNOME reloads10:27
Andorinmoymoy: K, brb.10:28
dsotraps ncmpc10:28
moymoyL33tHaxor666: how high is your resolution?10:28
staticRailsindus: my question is not to use cd as a repository... I am asking you how to tell the live running os to install the x-server org package for my installed version of ubuntu10:28
RamonsterI get this error when trying to ./configure on ubuntu: checking for ssl... configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries - what could this be since im almost sure I got the right ssl libs :s10:28
L33tHaxor666now its at 1280 by 800, i couldnt get any wide screen10:28
indusstaticRails: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg?10:28
L33tHaxor666add lines with gedit10:29
L33tHaxor666was how10:29
indusstaticRails: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core , sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel10:29
moymoyL33tHaxor666: 1680x1050  xD10:29
staticRailsindus: it is trying to install on the live version.....10:30
L33tHaxor666show off10:30
owen1how to run an app on boot, in a specific monitor (I have 2)?10:30
Neroonanyone know why the network loses connection to the router (lan) after a while?10:30
owen1i have it in .xinit rc, before starting my wm, but it only shows in one of my monitores.10:30
indusstaticRails: ya wait i min10:30
moymoyL33tHaxor666: i'm just happy, this monitor came with DELL for a good price!10:30
hantuhey my mbr has moved to my usb stick and not my hd10:30
indusstaticRails: hmm what do you mean live version? its a cd10:30
indusstaticRails: but i get your point10:30
L33tHaxor666u got hdmi?10:31
hantuhow do i change it bace10:31
awakehi everyone, i wanted to use the script in this thread > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=451344&page=2 to spin down my external hard drive, but i have a different ext hard drive and it has 2 partitions10:31
staticRailsindus: you get?10:31
to_how can I know my private ip address?10:31
awakewill the script still work?10:31
phishieto_: ifcongif /all10:32
L33tHaxor666no hdmi huh :D10:32
phishieto_: ifconfig /all10:32
grawityto_: ifconfig -a10:32
grawityphishie: /all is on WIndows.10:32
NeroonNeed help, network loses connection to router after a while (LAN). Even network restart doesnt help10:32
Andorinmoymoy: Still doesn't work.10:32
kke_truecrypt says unable to create loop device when trying to mount, any ideas?10:33
phishieifconfig would do lol10:33
indusstaticRails: not sure how we can do this10:33
indusstaticRails: i suggest you boot normally and install from command line, network should work10:33
to_phishie: grawity: but can't see any address like 192.168.x.x in, why?10:33
indusstaticRails: ok wait hold on10:34
staticRailsindus: ok. I 'll try10:34
indusstaticRails: reinstall :)10:34
grawityto_: you probably don't have one.10:34
moymoyAndorin: sorry dude, i don't know what the problem is.. since everything else seems to work fine10:34
phishiemaybe you are connected directly?10:34
staticRailsindus: reinstall what?10:35
indusstaticRails: ubuntu10:35
Andorinmoymoy: Thanks anyway for trying; I'm going to register on the forums and post my question there.10:35
indusstaticRails: but nvm, try booting normally and network should work,its not depending on GUI10:35
indusstaticRails: why dont you try failsafe terminal then?10:36
staticRailsindus: reinstall a fresh ubuntu???10:36
staticRailsindus: i used it.. i don't have any connection in that.10:36
mzzso how do I get a list of the roots used by apt-get autoremove? deborphan -a is close, but seems to treat suggests and recommends identically.10:36
indusstaticRails: you said x works with failsafe,then shouldnt you be able to install packages10:36
mzz(either gui or cli is fine)10:36
moymoyindus: i thought on a standard ubuntu installation, the networking is handled by GNOME, so one has to at least log into a gnome session to get networking ready10:36
to_phishie: grawity: yes, should be that, but in this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/dns-configuration.html , they have as IP for their server, so what do I set for it if I havent a such address?10:37
indusmoymoy: nope10:37
staticRailsindus: there is no connection in failsafe.10:37
indusstaticRails: hmm10:37
mzzmoymoy: I haven't used them, but I'm pretty sure networkmanager has a cli interface too10:37
indusmoymoy: networking is a service started on boot time10:37
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indusmoymoy: gui makes it easy to configure of course, imagine entering ip addresses without a gui :)10:37
moymoyindus: when boot up, ping'ing google results in the host not resolving (before i log in to GNOME) .. but now i have my configuration in my rc.local file10:38
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gsneddersHey, I'm using BitlBee, yet the init script isn't starting it as the bitlbee user10:38
indusmoymoy: hmm you probably trying before networking has started,but yes probably that rc.local has some settings10:39
indusmoymoy: but i think that too is read before gdm loads up10:39
devilneed to install gcc java on ubuntu.10:39
indusdevil: sudo apt-get install gcc10:40
mzzooh, apt has python bindings. Perhaps those can tell me.10:40
indusdevil: which java. there are quite a few10:40
moymoyindus: yup, it is.. maybe it was just a kink left from my upgrade from 8.10.. but i did a fresh install with a 9.04 minimal CD and networking works after boot, even before i login through gdm .. but i edited my rc.local file because i wanted a static LAN ip10:40
devilindus: i have downloded gcc C++ compiler .10:41
indusmoymoy: ya think about ubuntu servers, they dont have gdm :)networking depending on gui wil kill the whole concept10:41
indusdevil: ok and?10:42
indusdevil: why download when you can install from synaptic10:42
indusdevil: main menu> system>administration>synaptic10:42
devilindus: its because i dnt have a hard disk and i am booting ubuntu via usb .10:42
viseHi.. why is my overal download speed in Transmission double that of the only torrent im downloading? The torrent shows 8 kB/s (only torrent) and the overall speed is 16 kB/s.. why so?10:42
indusdevil: ok and?10:43
Slartvise: overall=upload+download? just a guess10:43
devilindus: hence i am looking forward to get all the necessary packages on the usb and install them each time i log on10:43
vadiaudio not working help me plz10:44
indusdevil: hmm that way, check packages.ubuntu.com10:44
viseOops.. sorry.. So why is the torrent download speed less than the total download speed on Transmission? The only torrent i am downloading shows 8 kB/s and the overall is 16 kB/s.. Theres no upload taking place...10:44
indusdevil: you want to download the binaries then install on some other system?10:44
moymoyvise: the overall accounts for protocol traffic also.. because your client has to communicate with the tracker as well as all of the peers you're connected to10:44
indusi hate torrents, i get the worst speeds with them10:45
vadiaudio promblem in 9.04 is a bug ?10:45
moymoyvise: also.. what kind of internet do you have? is 16kb/s normal for you?10:45
devilindus: hmm yes .10:45
bullgard4Where can I find a definition of the term 'host bridge'? (lspci uses it.)10:45
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!10:45
visemoymoy, Okay, but in utorrent on windows, there is not much difference in the two rates...10:45
visemoymoy, Yes 17 is normal...10:45
gsneddersHow can I find out what user a daemon is running as?10:46
indusdevil: use the firefox ubuntu package search tool in location bar10:46
devilindus: tell me.. i have downloded  files .. a tar.bz2 and tar.gz  can i use apt-get to install the package10:46
moymoyvise: utorrent is probably much better at handling connections.. not that transmission isn't a great client also.. i personally use Deluge, and it maxes out my bandwidth10:46
grawitygsnedders: "ps u"10:46
visemoymoy, Il try Deluge...10:46
Nameless_aumoymoy: what is ur opinion on ktorrent?10:47
indusdevil: nope apt get is only for deb files but no problem, you can install tar files from the system by untarring them10:47
moymoyindus: always maxes out my bandwidth =] .. even if there're like 5 seeds, within those 5 seeds lurks some kind soul that has an upload rate of 70kb/s10:47
indusdevil: umm i mean10:47
visemoymoy, What speed do you get.. just curious..10:47
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
moymoyvise: 110-140kb/s10:47
indusmoymoy: actually, i have tried last 10 years and still dont know how to use a torrent10:47
visemoymoy, Ah good.. I must upgrade this ** connection.. :)10:48
CybertinusI'm running Ubuntu 9.04 on my Eee 901. I installed a PPA for Blueman. Then the package manager did a little wierd (Synaptic didn't want to start, the update manager didn't want to install updates) so I rebooted Ubuntu. And now X doesn't want to start :(. And there is nothing wierd in /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:48
moymoyNameless_au: ktorrent is a good client.. and has lots of features(that i don't use) so that's why i went with Deluge... (plus kde apps look bad on gnome)10:48
Cybertinushow could I see why X isn't starting?10:48
indusdevil: tar xzvf <filename> for gz extentions10:48
pinoyskullanybody> i have a file...   file A contains 1 2 3 4 5     then file B contains 1 2 3 4 5 6     i want to compare file A and B then the difference will be outputted to file C10:49
devilindus: ok ill try10:49
grawityindus: tar xvf is enough, tar autodetects everything now.10:49
grawitypinoyskull: "diff fileA fileB > fileC" ?10:49
indusgrawity: ok cool, when did that happen10:49
grawityindus: long ago10:49
pinoyskullgrawity:  hmmm, that simple?10:49
pinoyskullill try that10:49
moymoyCybertinus: have you tried reconfiguring X? .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg10:49
moymoyvise: what kind of connection do you have? dialup?10:50
Cybertinusmoymoy: running that now10:50
indusdevil: ok so you got that?10:51
pinoyskullgrawity:  is there a way to sanitize diff output? like removing the codes10:51
moymoyindus: so many great torrent guides out there..10:51
indusCybertinus: check /var/log/Xorg.log10:51
devilindus: i gave the comm tar xf <archive name>.tar  it isnt ble to find the file10:51
moymoyindus: he said nothing weird showed up in there10:52
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indusmoymoy: huh what? who said?10:52
moymoyindus: Cybertinus said.10:52
indusdevil: try tar xvf <filename>10:52
indusdevil: is the file on the desktop?10:52
indusdevil: then first cd Desktop, then command10:53
awakei have an external hd connected via firewire. after i unmount both partitions, the drive is still spinning, how can i spin down the hard drive?10:53
devilindis" tell me how to copy the file from usb to desktop.. i am unable to execute the cp command10:53
awakei've tried sdparm but i get permission denied error10:53
indusdevil: u using live usb right?10:53
hrgahow to check which OpenGL extensions are supported?10:53
Slartawake: tried using sdparm with sudo?10:53
indusdevil: i mean.... live cd or how exactlyt are you online now?10:54
devilindus: yes i\live session through usb  ubuntu 9.0410:54
awakeSlart, oh it worked, thanks a lot :)10:54
Slartawake: you're welcome10:54
indusdevil: ok then ,hmm i havent booted usb before,but iam sure you can copy files there10:54
indusdevil: just right click on that file? copy to usb or something?10:55
mzzhrga: try "glxinfo"10:55
Cybertinusmoymoy: thnx, sort of :). I reconfigured xserver-xorg, and now I see the normal login again :D10:55
Cybertinusmoymoy: only it chrashes as soon as I press a key :p10:55
indusstaticRails: hi hi hi i forgot that simple step10:55
devilindus: theres the problem..iam able to access it through terminal only.10:56
indusstaticRails: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorf10:56
moymoyCybertinus: hmm maybe reconfigure the keyboard input also .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-input-kbd10:56
indusstaticRails: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg10:56
staticRailsindus: ok10:56
indusdevil: cp <filename> <location>10:56
devilindus: lemme see10:57
staticRailsindus: you mean I run this instruction when I run live ubuntu?10:57
indusdevil: can u tell me the output of mount10:57
staticRailsindus: you mean I run this instruction when I run live ubuntu?