bgamariDoes upstart log job file parse errors anywhere?05:45
bgamariFor some reason upstart isn't listing my job yet I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with the job05:46
mbieblbgamari: it logs them to the system log05:59
mbieblOn Debian/Ubuntu /var/log/syslog06:00
mbiebllooks like this: Jul 15 06:59:57 pluto init: /etc/init/dbus-reconnect.conf:7: Unknown stanza06:00
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ionupdate-base-branch – Update the contents of a Git branch with a script | http://github.com/ion1/update-base-branch#readme | http://github.com/ion1/update-base-branch/tree/master/examples#browser17:23
sadmacion: its not particularly clear to me what that does18:45
ionSay, you have the branch ‘base’ or ‘upstream’ or whatever that contains the default configuration for $foosoftware, and the branch ‘master’ which forks from ‘base’, containing your changes to the defaults. The script handles the updating of ‘base’. You’ll have a script such as ‘#!/bin/sh, set -e, cmd="$(update-base-branch --wrapper)", eval "$cmd", cp latest-upstream-configs-from-somewhere .’ and then all you need to do to merge your ...18:56
ion... changes with upstream’s changes is ./the-script && git merge base.18:56
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