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LaserJockevening Edu people04:26
pleia2hey LaserJock04:26
HedgeMageHi. :)04:33
Michelle_Qimohi everyone04:33
HedgeMagehi, Michelle_Qimo04:34
LaserJockso what's been happenin' around here?05:54
LaserJockI haven't hung out for a while05:54
HedgeMageMe either.05:59
WaSeidelhi i have a question i want to install edubuntu where can i find a manual to installation and configuration?23:05
WaSeidelbut no all at the same time please i can't read :D23:07
bluekujaWaSeidel, http://www.edubuntu.org/Documentation23:10
bluekujaWaSeidel, anyway for installing it, you just have to follow instructions on your video23:10
WaSeidelthanks bluekuja23:10
bluekujaWaSeidel, np23:10
WaSeidelbut edubuntu it's an addon i have to install first ubuntu right?23:11
bluekujaWaSeidel, well no, you can directly get edubuntu without installing ubuntu first23:11
bluekujaWaSeidel, http://www.edubuntu.org/Download23:12
WaSeidelbluekuja: i already download but there says edubuntu addon23:12
WaSeidelbluekuja: "Ubuntu educational add-on CD"23:13
bluekujaWaSeidel, things changed yeah23:13
bluekujaWaSeidel, I went away for some time so didnt know now we have an addon cd23:13
WaSeidelthanks anyway the link can help me so much}23:14
bluekujaWaSeidel, read the installation tips on http://www.edubuntu.org/Download23:14
bluekujaand you will make it23:14
WaSeidelthanks bye bluekuja i think i will be back here soon :D23:15
bluekujahave fun!23:16

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