Dragnslcrtahirh- if you don't trust the user not to break anything, you shouldn't give them privileges to break anything00:00
llutztahirh: user hardly need full root-access, so limit it  to your needs00:00
llutztahirh: "man sudoers" gives you good examples how00:01
llutzto do it00:01
tahirhbut they need root access just to install programs?00:01
tahirhvery difficult ...00:01
llutztahirh: users don't have to install programs outside $HOME00:02
Dragnslcrtahirh- sudo has pretty fine-grained control, so you can limit what commands any given user can run00:02
llutztahirh: "man sudoers" gives you good examples how00:02
tahirhhow do they install programs inside $HOME with say aptitude?00:03
llutztahirh: they cannot and they don't have to00:03
tahirhllutz: please elaborate - you said they could install programs inside $HOME?00:06
llutztahirh: not-systemwide-programs00:06
tahirhhow can they install say "Google Earth" inside $HOME00:07
llutzdownload that crap from google, run installer, ready00:07
llutztahirh: or: ask administrator to install it systemwide00:08
tahirhso they can install programs as a normal user but not system wide. I thought the prog always asked for a passwd to install.00:09
Dragnslcrapt does, because it installs the programs system-wide00:09
tahirhso as long as they download it to $HOME, they can install it in $HOME?00:10
DragnslcrThere may be a way to install packages to $HOME, but I'm not certain. Google probably knows, though00:10
tahirhwithout the need for a passwd. So they just need to find a website to download the prog from then run ./ and make ...00:10
llutztahirh: lots of stuff comes as tar.gz/.run/.sh and can be installed locally.00:11
DragnslcrAnd it would probably be a pain to keep updated00:11
DragnslcrI think asking an admin to install it for them would be best. That way it will stay updated with the rest of the system00:11
tahirhllutz: I will let them know. local as in their desktop where they have rwx permissions?00:11
tahirhi have admin rights but I am new to linux!00:12
DragnslcrAre you administering desktops for users?00:14
DragnslcrAre you getting paid for it?00:14
tahirhbut i am new00:14
DragnslcrThen I'd say it would be best to have users ask you to install programs for them, that way you can keep track of what they're installing00:15
tahirhDragnslcr: okay, a hassle though wish they could have sudo rights but too dangerous00:16
DragnslcrYeah, but look at this way. If they accidentally sudo rm the whole disk, you're the one that has to fix it00:16
luis_hello i need help, there is a error than is pissing me off at the moment of turning off the pc: just at the moment off shuting off, kubuntu goes to black screen and presents this: Unable to itirate IDE devices00:17
luis_i have to moe the mouse a little so it can shut down, but is annoying, because u cant let the laptop to auto turn off, can someone help me pls00:17
DragnslcrYou could limit what they can run with sudo, e.g. only allow KPackageKit, but I don't know if I would trust "average" users that much00:17
tahirhor sudo rm -r * the whole filesystem on the whole mounted network!00:17
yamishihi all00:24
yamishican someone help me with some video playing issues?00:25
pafnowyamishi: ask...00:28
XcelonHello, is this a help channel for kubuntu?00:30
pafnowXcelon: yes, whatelse ?00:31
Xcelonah, good there is life here00:31
Xceloni have a question concerning a recent install of kubuntu00:31
Xceloni ran the live cd on my laptop and everything seemed to work fine, but after doing the complete install my wireless fails to see any wireless networks00:32
Xcelonim not sure if it detected or installed my wireless card properly, or if there is some other problem00:33
Xcelonwhere can i see a list of installed hardware?00:34
pafnow# iwconfig00:34
Xcelonwhere is that?  more info please, im new to linux00:35
yamishipafnow: a week ago i was able to play avi videos but since my little sister uninstalled some things on my computer i cant play any video00:35
pafnowXcelon: you have to type this in a terminal00:36
Xcelonok thanks, ill try it00:36
pafnowyamishi: what software do u use ?00:36
yamishipafnow: u mean player?00:36
yamishipafnow: i've tried kplayer, dragon player and kaffeine00:37
pafnowyamishi: try vlc00:37
pafnowyamishi: u will need no codec00:38
yamishiPafnow: oh that one too and it just plays the sound00:38
Xcelonwow, where is terminal hidden at?00:38
pafnowin kubuntu its the program named konsole00:38
pafnowyamishi: strange behaviour...00:39
Xcelonok ty00:39
pafnowyamishi: have u tried smplayer ?00:39
yamishipafnow: no00:39
pafnowyamishi: maybe it could work00:40
yamishipafnow:i'll try00:40
pafnowyamishi: i use it, it's the same spirit as vlc00:40
pafnowbut with more functionnalities00:40
yamishipafnow: ok i'm installing it now00:41
Xcelonok, iwconfig says wlan0 access point not associated, 0 link quality and signal level00:42
pafnowso your card is detected00:42
Xceloncool, so it is something else?00:43
pafnowhow do u proceed for the list ?00:44
Xcelonyou want all the info?00:44
XcelonIEEE 802.11bg ESSID:""00:45
pafnowu use kde4 ?00:45
Xceloni downloaded the latest version of kubuntu from the website, so whatever ver of KDE that is00:46
pafnowthe fourth00:47
Xceloni just noticed that under the lspci t shows  my wireless card00:47
pafnowso u have in the task bar an applet to connect to the networks (wifi or eth)00:47
pafnowdo u see it ?00:47
Xcelonit shows my wireless card00:47
yamishipafnow: it said that the version i installed is obsolete and won't work well and didn't even played the audio00:48
Xceloni see the wlan interface tab but it says unavailable00:48
pafnowyamishi: my god!00:48
pafnowwhat a mess00:49
pafnowXcelon: maybe u have desactivated the wiif00:49
pafnowwith a switch on your computer00:49
yamishipafnow: i hate my lil sister =_=00:49
pafnowor via a small button in the previous panel00:50
Xcelonum i tried the key combo for activating the wireless but there is no diff00:50
pafnowi have to go00:51
pafnowthere is a way to configure an hidden network00:51
pafnowif u know the ssid of yours maybe it is a solution00:51
pafnowgood luck00:51
Xcelonlike i said it worked fine with the live cd00:51
Xcelonthanks for the help anyways00:52
Xcelonim gonna try to reboot and see what that does00:53
Xcelonhow many of you people are afk anyways?  lol00:54
yamishii think that there are just 3 people that are not AFK00:55
Xcelonhaha, thats crazy00:55
Xcelonthey are all bots or something00:56
aaron_how hard would it be to compile a new version of the intel driver?00:57
Xcelonseems crazy to me that the live cd handled my wlan just fine but the full install wont00:57
Xcelonno idea, sounds complicated to me :)00:58
aaron_impossible complicated or hit your head against the keyboard a few times complicated?00:59
aaron_'cause I'm already at the latter stage :-(00:59
aaron_actually, I'm thinking about upgrading to karmic in a few days when alpha3 comes out00:59
aaron_they have newer versions there00:59
Xceloni may have to go back to pclinuxos, it seemed to be more user friendly01:00
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VisCountAnyone available for some Kubuntu help?01:11
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hereAndTherehello all01:12
hereAndTherehow do i go to the support channel for ubuntu ?01:12
VisCountwell if i remmeber irc01:13
VisCountid say /join #ubuntu01:13
hereAndThereneat :)01:13
hereAndThereand how do i know what channels are there to join ? if i might be a n00b for a bit longer01:13
VisCounttyping /join #ubuntu will put u IN the ubuntu channel01:14
VisCountBut fo related channels id imagine theyd have some sort of noticr when u get there01:14
VisCountThis is just me guessing based on past experience, though.01:14
VisCountSo give it a try and have a looky01:14
BluesKajVisCount, in the server text box you do /list ubuntu to see what related chats with that name are on the server01:15
VisCountthere ya go HaT01:16
BluesKajerr hereAndThere :)01:17
hereAndThereneat :D thanks alot they seem busy over there :)01:21
Alumin_I just installed Kubuntu Jaunty on a machine with two monitors...it's using both but it's displaying the same thing on both screens.  I went to the Display control panel and it shows both screens, but they're stacked on top of each other.  How can I get the system to use the monitors independently (one large desktop spanning both screens)?01:29
Alumin_if it makes any difference, this is with an ATI card that only has one actual output plug, and some kind of splitter cable connected to it that the monitors actually connect to01:29
darthanubisAlumin_: good lucky with that. Get a real video card, and I'm not trying to insult you.01:30
darthanubis!info xandr01:31
ubottuPackage xandr does not exist in jaunty01:31
Alumin_darthanubis: I know, it's cool...trust me, if it'd been up to me, there'd be NVIDIA hardware in this box...it's a work machine01:31
Alumin_!info xrandr01:32
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in jaunty01:32
darthanubisAlumin_: if it had been Nvidia you probably would not have needed any help:)01:33
afeijowhat do you guys use to mount a iso file?01:33
darthanubisafeijo: a right-click01:34
Alumin_darthanubis: nope, my previous box with a GeForce worked OOTB01:35
afeijodarthanubis: hehe, well mine isnt working, some problem with my Archieve Mounter, what is that prog name to me try reinstall thru apt-get ?01:35
Alumin_afeijo: mount -o loop -t iso9660 file.iso /mnt/point01:35
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darthanubisafeijo: have you installed ubuntu/kubuntu restricted packages?01:35
Alumin_darthanubis: the strange part is, it sees and can address both screens01:35
Alumin_like, if I set the "desktop rotation" on one of the screens, I can rotate them independently01:36
darthanubisbecause you should be able to just click the iso and it will mount automagically01:36
Alumin_and I can configure the refresh rates independently, although that's a bit of a non-issue since they're identical hehe01:36
afeijoAlumin_: sweet, that command worked :)01:36
Alumin_also...the graphical representation of the screens, I can see the text "DVI-0" _below" the "DVI-1"01:37
Alumin_afeijo: yeah, that's the "by hand" way...it's a lot nicer to use the auto-mounting features, but in a pinch that'll work01:37
Alumin_don't forget to umount it once you're done, HAL won't because it won't find it in its list since it didn't mount it01:37
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darthanubisAlumin_: peruse the monitor applciation, in systemsettings01:38
Alumin_"monitor" is different from "display"?01:38
Alumin_thanks, I'll take another look01:38
Guest66124how to upgrade without formatting01:38
afeijoGuest66124: update-manager01:40
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amit_its not working01:40
panos4everhi everybody :P02:02
afeijowhy apt-get install vbox 2.1.4 and not the last 3.0.2 ?02:02
panos4eversudo apt-get ypdate02:02
panos4everthen try again02:03
afeijomine is updated, but I will try :)02:03
panos4everu never know02:03
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.02:03
panos4evertry it02:03
Pici3.0.x is not in the repos.02:03
afeijowhen ff3.5 will be available?02:03
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY02:04
afeijooh :D02:04
afeijoI have to remove the version 3 ?02:04
panos4everguys tell me a good computer movie02:04
afeijopanos4ever: matrix :p02:04
afeijopanos4ever: that one with Angelina Jolie, not a good movie but she made it worthy02:05
panos4everit was good02:05
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:05
afeijosorry Pici02:05
sheldonHi everyone. I just installed Kubuntu 9.04 64 bit. I was just wondering, are there any 64 bit web browsers for Kubuntu besides Konqueror? Is there a 32 bit compatability mode, like in (sorry) Windoze?02:07
panos4everyes u can try opera02:07
panos4everor firefox02:07
sheldonI tried firefox, but it wouldn't work. I'll check Opera02:07
panos4everbacktrack 4 is based on debian right?02:09
panos4everthe upcoming02:10
sheldonAlso, when I try to use Kpackagekit to search for available software packages, nothing comes up for any of my searches.02:10
sheldonIs there a reason for this?02:10
sheldonI checked all my repositories already02:10
panos4evercheck the sources02:11
afeijoshiretoko ??02:11
panos4everwe are so many here and only a few answer lol02:11
afeijopanos4ever: do you need a hug?? LOL02:13
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!02:13
panos4everafeijo how long have u been using linux?a week?02:14
afeijopanos4ever: years02:14
panos4everu dont seem02:14
afeijoreally? why?02:14
afeijopanos4ever: or it is because my bad engly? :)02:15
SerpardumUmm.. I'm working with some files I downloaded to make a big plain text dictionary.  I got a bunch of them like american-words.10, .20, etc..02:17
SerpardumI tried this:02:17
Serpardumim@Jim-Kubuntu:/media/EDrive/Dict/final$ cp amer* dict02:18
Serpardumand kubuntu comes back with:02:18
Serpardumcp: target `dict' is not a directory02:18
Serpardum??? How does kubuntu know it's a dictionry I'm working with, and why does it care?02:18
hereAndTherehow do you know the model of the gfx card ?02:19
Serpardumin windows it's easy, debug, dump c000:002:19
hereAndTherebut i'm on ubuntu02:19
Serpardumyeah, not sure how to look at raw bios in kubuntu02:20
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RhetorikWondering if someone can help me. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, and I just installed the newest kubuntu. My problem is that I have no sound at all03:00
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:00
RhetorikI see nothing called "sound system" under system settings03:02
RhetorikI see nothing called "sound system" under system settings03:02
Rhetorikerr :/03:02
DaskreeCHtry Multimedia03:03
DaskreeCHSerpardum: try a hexeditor03:04
DaskreeCHRhetorik: open Kmix and make sure that things are not muted03:05
RhetorikAlready did, mute is off on everything03:05
Rhetorikand everything is maxed03:06
DaskreeCHOK What sound card do you have ?03:07
RhetorikIt says Intel Corporation 82801H HD Audio Controller03:09
RhetorikICH8 family03:10
SerpardumDaskreeCH: I wasn't the one who needed that information, but thanks for the suggestion03:14
DaskreeCHSerpardum: Ah ok re reading convo03:15
DaskreeCHhereAndThere: try sudo lshw -C Video03:15
RhetorikApparently kubuntu has a problem with this specific audio device?03:16
DaskreeCHRhetorik: Perhaps03:16
DaskreeCHindeed but lets attack the problem can you run speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav03:19
RhetorikI did03:22
Rhetorikgot a bunch of stuff03:22
Rhetorikall gibberish to me pretty much03:24
Alumin_is it possible to configure KPackageKit to use a local mirror instead of one of the predefined ones?03:28
RhetorikThe sound doesn't work properly with current Linux distributions. You will need to manually install the latest development ALSA modules (at least version 1.0.16rc2) for full sound support.03:38
Rhetorikfrom linlap.com03:38
RhetorikOk, how would I go about doing that03:39
RhetorikSorry if I sound like an idiot but this is kinda annoying03:39
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happycan someone help me? I am using the latest version of kubuntu and can not figure out how to use my mp3 player.04:03
happyit has in the past always looked like a usb flash drive, but my computer does not see it04:03
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:13
Arv3nI'm thinking about installing Windows again, can anyone describe to me the basic process of doing this?04:27
aaron_Arv3n: put a Windows disc in and restart your computer. There will be on screen prompts for you to follow04:28
aaron_if you're trying to dual-boot, though, the only way I know to do it is to install windows, then linux, since the windows install tends to get rid of any other operating systems04:28
Arv3nI am trying to dual boot.04:29
Arv3nim trying to stay as "legal" as possible in this Kubuntu install.04:29
SerpardumArv3n: do you hav emore than one partion/disk?04:29
Arv3nonly one partition.04:29
Arv3nwell, two.. i went with the default "Erase everything"04:30
Serpardumwell, then you can only install 1 os unless you go with a virtual machine04:30
Serpardumhow big is your disk?04:30
Arv3nwell i only need it for a game04:30
Serpardumtry wine04:30
Arv3nand this game works in virtualbox04:30
Serpardumwine runs some games well04:30
Arv3nwine doesn't work, im trying to run maplestory04:30
Arv3nit has hackshield now04:30
Serpardumwon't hackshield work with virtualbox?04:31
Arv3nbut.. it works in virtualbox until 5-6 minutes after running it gives me a hacking execution tool detected04:31
Arv3nmaplestory runs very fast in virtualbox04:31
Arv3nbetter than vmware, but the problem with vmware is i have to get workstation which is $100+ i think04:31
Serpardumhave you tried the latest version of virtualbox04:31
Serpardum3.0.2beta I believe04:31
Arv3nno i thought it was stable04:31
Serpardumis it now?04:31
Arv3nbut that doesn't matter, yes that's what I'm running.04:31
Arv3ni just installed it today, whatever the latest is. :>04:32
SerpardumI don't know if I'd isntall windows for just 1 game.  I run a few windows games .04:32
Arv3ni dont want to04:32
SerpardumI run kubuntu in virutalbox04:32
Arv3nbut im addicted to ms.. since beta04:32
DaskreeCHRhetorik: Hi  Got help?04:33
Serpardumwell, 50gb should be enough to install windows and maplestory, no?04:33
DaskreeCHArv3n: As Legal as possible ?04:34
Serpardumyes, which is your total04:34
Arv3nyou said 50gb >: |04:34
SerpardumI'm thinking you coudl make a smaller partition just to isntall windows to, 50gb04:34
Arv3nDaskreeCH, yeah.. i bought my codecs this time :)04:34
SerpardumI'm not sure how much windows and maplestory take up04:34
Arv3nno illegal software, music, videos, etc on this computer04:34
Arv3nSerpardum, I was running everything on a 20gb virtualbox partition04:34
Arv3nplenty of space left04:34
Serpardumokay, so make a 20gb partition for windows04:34
DaskreeCHArv3n: congrats04:35
Arv3nbut if im gonna install xp i might as well install ALL my games on it, rite.04:35
Arv3nuc wut i did thar04:35
DaskreeCHRhetorik: Sorry for the delay. Ask for help in #alsa they have a pretty good knowldege of soudcard issues04:35
HowardTheDuckhey.   how would i make kubuntu able to go in fullscreen running it as a guest os in Virtualbox?04:35
Arv3nUnless somebody knows of a good rpg/mmorpg that runs in wine, crossover, or natively04:35
Arv3njust something to keep me busy.04:36
Arv3nreally the only reason i play maplestory.04:36
DaskreeCHArv3n: #gametome And happypenguin.org04:36
DaskreeCHThere are quite a few04:36
HowardTheDuckHost OS is Ubuntu 9.0404:36
DaskreeCHStendethal and The mana world are two04:36
DaskreeCHHowardTheDuck: ComandKey+F04:37
HowardTheDuckyeah it's still a small box with a low rez04:39
HowardTheDucklooking for the option in KDE that will let me change resolution atm04:40
HowardTheDuckdamn 800x600 max?  no wonder.  had this same problem in KDE running my slackware virtualbox04:41
DaskreeCHWhen I instaleld Windows that was the max res as well04:42
DaskreeCHask in #vbox04:42
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harolddongis there a gui yet for linking activities with workspaces in kde 4.3?04:57
harolddongnevermind.found it04:59
apparlehello guys05:00
apparleI am trying to install GNU Blow It http://sourceforge.net/projects/gbi/05:01
apparlewhen I run ./configure05:02
apparleI get this error:05:02
apparlechecking for intltool >= 0.35.0... awk: cannot open ./intltool-update.in (No such file or directory) awk: cannot open ./intltool-update.in (No such file or directory)  found ./configure: line 7926: test: : integer expression expected configure: error: Your intltool is too old.  You need intltool 0.35.0 or later.05:02
MushroomKingdomMebbe check the repositories for the app you want, or check for your intltool and update it05:03
avihay!info intltool05:03
ubottuintltool (source: intltool): Utility scripts for internationalizing XML. In component main, is optional. Version 0.40.6-1 (jaunty), package size 60 kB, installed size 236 kB05:03
avihayubottu knows best05:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about knows best05:03
apparleand when I run sudo apt-get install intltool05:04
apparleap@console:~/gbigui-0.1$ sudo apt-get install intltool Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done intltool is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 115 not upgraded. ap@console:~/gbigui-0.1$05:04
avihayso modest ubottu is05:04
joey__shut up avihay05:04
DaskreeCHhi MushroomKingdom05:04
MushroomKingdomUh, usually theres a readme file that comes with source code, I'd check that. Never had to compile any code05:04
MushroomKingdomHey!! Dask05:04
MushroomKingdomI got it fixed05:05
DaskreeCHjoey__: Be nice05:05
MushroomKingdomit was an error with allowances. I moved my entire folder over to another folder, logged in and moved my main stuff back and reconfigured my desktop05:05
joey__ok that 's ok05:06
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aaron_apparle: have you run apt-get update lately?05:06
apparle2min ago05:06
Guest64363Umm how do i get a .bin file running on this?05:06
aaron_sorry, then :-)05:06
Guest64363Download a x64 java for my kubuntu05:07
Guest64363And im not sure how to apply it =P05:07
MushroomKingdomDaskreeCH : Something in my .kde folder screwed up05:07
DaskreeCHapparle: I  assume there is a file called intltool-update.in in the directory ?05:07
DaskreeCHMushroomKingdom: Yeah so it seems05:07
DaskreeCHGuest64363: It should have a readme that will tell you05:08
Guest64363Well its just a .bin file05:08
Guest64363its one thing only05:08
avihaytry: intltoolize --version05:08
apparleDaskreeCH: in which directory05:08
DaskreeCHGuest64363: On the site you got it from05:08
DaskreeCHapparle: which ever directory you are in when you get that error05:08
apparleavihay: intltoolize (GNU intltool) 0.40.605:09
sheldonDoes anyone know how I can change my screen resolution from the console. After I shut down ioquake3, my screen resolution changed, and I can't change it back using the gui tool.05:10
Guest64363Seems like its telling me to do something 32-bitters would do05:10
Guest64363for my 64-bit issue05:10
avihayso the config script is wrong?05:10
apparleDaskreeCH: no there is not such file05:10
Guest64363Anyone can answer this05:11
Guest64363x86_64 Kubuntu. Do i want to download the x64 Linux java or the x64 RPM?05:11
DaskreeCHsheldon: xrandr -r0 I thnk05:11
DaskreeCHapparle: That would be a problem eh? :)05:11
aaron_Guest64363: not the rpm. There are java packages you can install from kpackagekit that seem to work just fine05:12
Guest64363oh yeah repository..05:12
DaskreeCHaaron_: 64 bit?05:12
Guest64363I always forget05:12
avihaysheldon: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45451705:12
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper05:12
aaron_DaskreeCH: I'm using it right now on 64biy05:12
* DaskreeCH flashes Thumbs up05:12
Guest64363In that case05:12
Guest64363Which one would i search for in the rep?05:12
aaron_it compiled the sesame2 backend, anyway, which is java based05:12
apparleDaskreeCH: what should I do now05:12
DaskreeCHapparle: Read the documentation of whatever you are installing05:13
Guest64363the repository has zilch-o results on anything java05:13
Guest64363Does it matter if i download stuff for Ubuntu when im on Kubuntu?05:14
aaron_Guest64363: I forget the name of the package itself. openjdk, maybe?05:14
aaron_maybe it had sun in the name...05:14
DaskreeCHGuest64363: See Ubott's statement above05:14
Guest64363reading thru05:14
Guest64363Kinda tlaks a lot of crap lol.05:15
Guest64363ahh.. it hink i got something05:15
Guest64363gonna wing it  X) Hopefully it doesnt blow up on me like playonlinux did05:16
DaskreeCH!info sun-java6-jre05:17
ubottusun-java6-jre (source: sun-java6): Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture independent files). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-14-0ubuntu1.9.04 (jaunty), package size 6270 kB, installed size 14360 kB05:17
sheldonDaskreeCH and avihay: Thanks...that helped. It's back to normal now05:18
avihaythere is also a taskbar utility like windows's quikres05:18
apparleDaskreeCH: there is no documentation available............05:18
DaskreeCHapparle: There is no README or INSTALL file in the directory ?05:19
apparleyes there is05:19
Guest64363Wish i wasnt so Linux-retarded. maybe then this would appear English to me XD05:19
apparlebut didn't find anything that i understood05:19
apparleDaskreeCH: will you please check and tell me05:20
DaskreeCHpastebin them then05:20
Guest64363since im on kubuntu05:21
apparleDaskreeCH: this is readme http://paste.ubuntu.com/221630/05:21
Guest64363 sudo apt-get install sun-java5-bin  <--  thats the example on the guide im using05:21
Guest64363jre-6u14-linux-x64.bin  <-- this is my file for Java05:22
Guest64363do i just replace the sun-java5 bit with my file's name or..05:22
apparleDaskreeCH: this is install file http://paste.ubuntu.com/221631/05:22
DaskreeCHapparle: Bleah. thats the generic install instructions that comes with the make tool05:23
DaskreeCHok so you go to the directory and type ./config and it complains ?05:24
apparleDaskreeCH: actually I type ./configure and it complains05:24
DaskreeCHSorry yes configure :)05:24
avihaysay, how can I tell if my intel gfx card driver is useing exa or uxa?  xorg looks like this: Section "Device"         Identifier      "Configured Video Device"05:25
DaskreeCHadd in one or the other05:27
Guest64363what was i doing...05:30
DaskreeCHinstalling Java05:31
DaskreeCHapparle: can You pastebin all the output?05:31
apparleDaskreeCH: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221636/05:33
DaskreeCHapparle: pastebin lines 7000-8550 of the configure script05:36
apparleDaskreeCH: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221642/05:40
DaskreeCHapparle: Hmm can you tell me what locate intltool-update.in says?05:43
Guest64363I CANNAE DOOOOOO IT!!!05:44
apparleDaskreeCH: I don't understand05:44
Guest64363you're probably doing something crazy05:45
Guest64363I cant even pull off installing 64-bit java x_X05:45
DaskreeCHtype locate intltool-update.in05:46
DaskreeCHLet me know what that says05:46
apparleDaskreeCH: I didn't understand what you said about loctation of intltool-update.in05:49
Captain_Haddockapparle: type  locate intltool-update.in in a Konsole05:49
Captain_Haddockand paste results in a pastebin05:50
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:50
Guest64363how do i accept the java licence agreement?05:52
Guest64363ahh danke05:52
Guest64363sudo apt-get install sun-java5-bin05:52
Guest64363i just went with the example command05:52
Guest64363seems to be working05:52
Guest64363hopefully updating wont be such a hassle lol05:53
apparleI get this /home/ap/g2ipmsg-0.9.6/intltool-update.in05:53
Captain_HaddockGuest64363: it's java6 now05:53
Guest64363when this finishes05:54
Guest64363how doth i update :D05:54
FloodBotK1Guest64363: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:54
Captain_HaddockGuest64363: type in one line... we don't necessarily want to see how your thought process works :)05:54
Guest64363I try to but hey05:55
Guest64363Old habits die hard.05:55
apparleDaskreeCH: what should I do05:56
DaskreeCHapparle: What's in that file?05:56
digmorehave a question, IRC is working, but other browsers are not able to load webpages. Cannot ping either. Why?05:57
apparleDaskreeCH: Inside intltool-update.in?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/221648/05:57
DaskreeCHapparle: ok first thing open that and replace VERSION = with your version number06:01
apparleDaskreeCH: but that file is not present in the package which I want to install but another pacakge06:03
DaskreeCHwhich file?06:04
apparleDaskreeCH: intltool-update.in is not present in the source which I am compiling but is present in another software source which I already have installed06:07
DaskreeCHapparle: copy it to yours06:08
apparleDaskreeCH: ok06:08
DaskreeCHthen try :)06:09
apparleDaskreeCH: what abt changing version and anything else in the file06:11
DaskreeCHapparle: try it without near as I can guess it should set itself but I can't figure out exactly where it does that. If not we can just set it06:12
apparleDaskreeCH: Now its generating error related to other intltool files.06:18
apparleDaskreeCH: I downloaded http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/intltool-Download-20784.html06:18
apparleDaskreeCH: should I use all the missing files from this package06:19
DaskreeCHapparle: If you can06:20
apparleDaskreeCH: I'll try06:20
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=== jrbello_ is now known as jrbello
apparleDaskreeCH: this is error of make http://paste.ubuntu.com/221661/06:28
DaskreeCHapparle: That's pretty serious06:32
apparleDaskreeCH: what to do??06:33
DaskreeCHapparle: at this point if you aren't a programmer I'd copy the pastebin errors from  the ./configure and the make and mail them to the project. They are still pretty young so they likely haven't got somethings sorted out06:34
DaskreeCHYou can fix them yourself but it's a lot easier if you are a programmer. IF you aren't this is a good way to give back to the project it helps them get better06:35
DaskreeCHask for an update as soon as they have it fixed normally they will give you a new unreleased package with ixes06:35
tsimpsonapparle: what's wrong with the intltool package in ubuntu?06:39
apparletsimpson: I don't know06:40
tsimpsonthen there's no need to compile it, try the package06:41
neptunepinkI've got a problem with blender. Portions of the 3D view do not draw correctly, and most of the icons are missing. Does anyone have any clue as to the general direction of fixing this? amd64, intel onboard vga, jaunty, no kwin effects.06:41
xircxsup all06:43
apparletsimpson: I already have install the pacakge from repo06:45
apparletsimpson: I think there is a fault with the package06:46
DaskreeCHtsimpson: Not compiling initltool06:46
apparletsimpson: I mean there is a fault with gbigui packge which I am compiling06:47
DaskreeCHneptunepink: Intel drivers have been very bad for the Jaunty cycle. until about amonth and ahalf before release they were causing computers to not boot and other random madness06:47
nedahi, I want to have same keyboard shortcuts as gnome's in kde.  is there any solution?06:47
DaskreeCHneda: set your keyboard shortcuts in KDE to the same ones as Gnome06:48
apparleguys have there been any considerable development regarding ATI legacy cards06:48
nedaDaskreeCH: how?06:48
nedaDaskreeCH: you mean manually?06:48
DaskreeCHneda: Sure06:49
nedaisn't there a better solution? it is a waste of time DaskreeCH06:50
DaskreeCHI'm not sure what kind of solution you are looking for06:50
nedaI am looking for a checkbox to tick it.! :D06:51
DaskreeCHThat would be an enormous dialog sheet06:52
apparleneda: goto system settings> keyborad and mouse> global keyboard shortcuts> import scheme and then see if you can find any of the schemes form drop down list06:52
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nedathx apparle. very good advice... but there are all schemes ... windows, mac, etc. there is no gnome :(06:55
apparlesearch for gnome scheme on internet and download it and apply it06:55
apparleneda: but I don't think you will find it easily06:57
apparlebye guys06:57
DaskreeCHhi sebr07:30
DaskreeCHhas anyone used Webshell?07:57
yamishihi all08:03
yamishii have a little problem08:03
yamishia week ago i was able to watch videos08:04
yamishibut since my lil sister used my computer i can't watch any video08:04
yamishii have tried the kaffeine player08:04
yamishidragon player08:04
yamishiand mplayer08:05
yamishithe only one that lets me see videos is the mplayer08:05
yamishibut from konsole08:05
yamishii mean08:05
yamishii need to type mplayer -vo x11 /path08:06
yamishiit won't work from the menu08:06
DaskreeCHyamishi: how little ?08:10
DaskreeCHYour sister. How young is she?08:11
DaskreeCHinfant teenager ?08:11
yamishiabout 10 years old08:11
DaskreeCHdoes she have her own account?08:12
yamishieh no...08:12
DaskreeCHShe probably should at that age :)08:12
DaskreeCHWould she mess around in the konsole ?08:12
DaskreeCHok open dragon et al from the command line08:13
yamishishe just knows how to use the windows live messenger08:13
=== jimmy_ is now known as bonko56
yamishiDaskreeCH: you there?08:18
DaskreeCHPlay a file and see what it says08:19
yamishithat on the link08:20
DaskreeCHThis is a file that used to work I guess?08:21
yamishiand it works with mplayer -vo x11 /path08:21
yamishibut not opening any player and then opening the file08:22
yamishiand also if i want to open the mplayer in the graphical menu it crashes08:23
DaskreeCHwith what error?08:23
yamishiwell it just closes the window08:24
yamishiit doesn't shows the "normal" crash windowd when an applications crashes08:25
yamishiand when opening a file08:25
yamishiit just plays the audio08:25
yamishiyamishi@atarashi-fantasy:~$ dragon "/home/yamishi/Música/Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown/Green Day - Know Your Enemy [2009][SkidVid]_XviD.avi"08:25
yamishi[mpeg4 @ 0x9474690]Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames detected08:25
yamishi[mpeg4 @ 0x9474690]frame skip 808:25
yamishiif you wanna see it by yourself just tell me and i'll let you connect to my computer with VNC08:27
yamishiDaskreeCH: any idea?08:29
DaskreeCHyamishi: reinstall your codecs I would guess08:30
yamishiwhat codecs?08:30
yamishii mean the name of the packages08:30
DaskreeCHsudo apt-get remove libxine1-ffmpeg --purge && sudo apt-get autoremove --purge && sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg08:30
=== davide_ is now known as dakoyuz
yamishiDaskreeCH: the same08:38
yamishiDaskreeCH: heeeeeelp08:40
DaskreeCHyamishi: Sorry backagain08:44
DaskreeCHhappens with all files?08:45
DaskreeCHCan you grab a ogg video file and see if it happens08:45
yamishiumm i don't havy any in that format08:45
yamishido you have the KRDC installed?08:46
yamishior any VNC client?08:47
mirashhow can I take internet in kubuntu?08:47
mirashi need pppoe08:47
yamishimirash: search in the repositories08:48
mirashi hav just installed kubuntu9.0408:48
yamishisystem is inside applications08:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ppoe08:50
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE08:50
yamishiDaskreeCH: do you have the KRDC installed?08:51
yamishiDaskreeCH: or any VMC client08:52
DaskreeCHyamishi: Hold on08:52
yamishiDaskreeCH: oh ok jeje sorry08:52
DaskreeCHtry that file08:53
yamishiwith dragon or mplayer?08:53
yamishiDaskreeCH: the same: black screen and the sound of the video08:57
yamishiDaskreeCH: the same08:58
DaskreeCHyamishi: Same error of BFrames?09:02
yamishiDaskreeCH: yes09:03
yamishiDaskreeCH: but it world with mplayer -vo x11 /path09:03
yamishiDaskreeCH: look http://pastebin.com/d3785425309:03
yamishiDaskreeCH: any idea?09:10
mirash1i started pppoe in shell and when i type plog, it shows local and remote i p addresses. but i cant browse. browser cant load anything09:17
mirash1browser shows: Unknown Host09:17
mirash1in taskbar, it shows eth0 not connected09:17
yamishiDaskreeCH: you there09:21
DaskreeCHyamishi: It seems to be a knee jerk reaction from ffmpeg09:21
yamishimirash1: i don't have any idea09:21
DaskreeCHmirash1: Maybe your hosts isn't correct?09:21
DaskreeCHwhat is your /etc/resolv.conf pointing to?09:22
yamishiDaskreeCH and what means that?09:22
DaskreeCHyamishi: means jin #ffmpeg and see if they have better knowledge than I :)09:24
yamishiDaskreeCH: thanks for all your help but i'll do it tomorrow it's already 3:25 and i nned to sleep a little since i need to wakeup at 5:30 to take a shower and go out09:26
yamishiDaskreeCH: thanks09:26
DaskreeCH03:26 here :)09:26
yamishiyeah XD09:27
yamishibut i haven't sleeped in about two or three days i need to sleep a little XD09:27
yamishioh and sorry if my english is not the best09:27
DaskreeCHIt's fine :)09:30
DaskreeCHat least  you have a workaround for the issue09:30
yamishiyou really helped09:31
yamishiDaskreeCH:see ya DaskreeCH09:33
sgroverany php coders out there? apt-get install phpunit installs version 3.2.16.  It has a bug where the bootstrap file is not loaded.  How do I get a more up to date version of phpunit?09:35
sgrover(on kubuntu Jaunty, of course)09:35
DaskreeCHsgrover: PPA ?09:36
sgroverppa?  dunno what you mean by that.  Pear?  Not installed.. (apparently)09:36
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.09:36
sgroverhmm... seems overly complex to achieve my target of creating unit tests...  But thanks for the link, I'll check it out.09:40
DaskreeCHsgrover: you don't need to do your own if someone else has a phpunit PPA you can just use their packages09:53
sgroverDaskreeCH: thanks.  Haven't seen one yet (but not sure if I'm searching Launchpad correctly).09:54
DaskreeCHsgrover: honestly I just search google the package I want and PPA09:55
skierpageRunning Kubuntu 9.04, I inserted a DVD and can't examine it, though Dolphin shows its volume name.09:55
sgroverBut, I did get 3.3.17 installed - by doing it the non-apt way... :)  (basically by following the instructions for installing PHPUnit, but that needed php-pear installed and updated.)09:55
DaskreeCHskierpage: What's on the DVD ?09:56
DaskreeCHsgrover: That works as well you just have to manage it yourself09:56
skierpageIt's a movie.  So I followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Ubuntu%209.04%20%28i386,%20amd64%29 and installed libdvdread4.  Still no player.09:56
EricInBNErunning multimon setup, when I start eclipe it starts on the wrong monitor. Even when I have it set correctly in Application setttings in the Window Manager09:56
sgrovertrue, but was hoping to avoid that... oh well, nothing new for me really.. :)  Thanks for the moral support!09:57
EricInBNEanything I can do?09:57
skierpageShould I install VLC or Kaffeine?  VLC is at 1.0 but KPackageKit only has 0.99. ??!09:57
skierpageProgress... you have to quit and restart Dolphin to see the contents of a DVD after installing libdvdread4.09:59
DaskreeCHskierpage: Try VLC10:00
DaskreeCHskierpage: :-) of course you do10:01
skierpageDaskreeCH Thanks.  I see http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html wants me to add another PPA to get 1.0... Is there some reason the default KPackageKit has an out-of-date version of VLC?10:02
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.10:05
sgroveryou'll never find the absolute latest in the default repositories - unless the absolute latest has been the ONLY version for more than a few months....10:05
bigbrovarhi guys am new to kubuntu (being an ubuntu users) i cant seem to find a way to make bluetooth work :-(10:06
bigbrovaris it just me or is this a known bug10:07
=== podstavsky_ is now known as podstavsky
skierpageDaskreeCH + sgrover, thanks for the explanation.  It's odd though; AmaroK or VLC proudly announce the *released* new version, but Kubuntu doesn't offer it.  Obviously I don't expect development versions from the normal repositories.10:09
DaskreeCHKubuntu normally has the latest Amarok10:09
sgrover*released* versions take time to be considered "stable"10:10
sgroverOr more to the point, it takes time for someone to notice/create a package for it.. :)10:10
skierpagesgrover, good point.  But the problem with running an old version is if you find a problem the devs immediately ask you to try to reproduce on something more recent 8-/10:10
sgroveryep.  Cuz the bugs are usually already fixed.10:11
bigbrovarhi guys am new to kubuntu (being an ubuntu users) i cant seem to find a way to make bluetooth work :-(10:11
sgroverI just ran into that myself.  The version of a package installed by Jaunty is more than a few generations older than the current stable version.  So the bug I ran into was already addressed.10:11
sgroverSOOOOOO, I had to find a way to upgrade the version.  But this usually breaks some things - like that package is no longer auto-updated by Apt...10:12
sgroverIf you need the cutting edge stuff, then you should be looking at a source based distribution, but that's not as "friendly" to the general public.10:13
bigbrovari guys i just want to know if bluetooth works on jaunty kubuntu .. so i know its not just my system .. am about to install blueman on my kubuntu with i really wouldnt want to do unless my bluetooth problem is a known issue10:17
skierpagebigbrovar , I don't have Bluetooth on my PC but I notice my pretty default Kubuntu 9.04 install has kdebluetooth and bluez packages installed according to KPackageKit.  Do you have those installed?10:17
bigbrovarskierpage: i have those installed ..10:18
bigbrovarskierpage: i guess i will have to install gnome blueman then10:18
DaskreeCHhi bigbrovar you posted on the Kubuntu forums didn't you?10:21
skierpagebigbrovar, running kbluetooth4-devicemanager and/or kbluetooth4-inputwizard doesn't  help you out?10:23
bigbrovarskierpage: hope .. reading about it now it seems bluez upgrade in jaunty completely broke the bluetooth stack for kubuntu10:24
bigbrovarskierpage: the only solution is install a gnome bluetooth app :-(10:24
bigbrovarskierpage: everytime i try to send a file to my device via bluetooth using the kubuntu bluetooth tool i get this org.openobex.Error.NotFound10:30
skierpageDascreeCH, vlc 1.0.0-1 wants to install 40 other packages, only two of which I already have installed!  Hmmm10:33
metelliusare there any debug packages available for the experimental rc2 packages?11:00
=== said is now known as dd0012
dd0012what dose it òean this word °bug°11:59
=== neverendingo_ is now known as neverendingo
dd0012what dose it òean this word °bug°12:00
dd0012what dose it òean this word °bug°12:01
podstavskywhat does it mean?12:01
Mamarokdd0012: it's an error in the program12:02
Mamarokmetellius: the debug packages are marked -dbg, those should all be available12:03
dd0012 i can fix ithow12:05
bernardlychandoes anyone know how to change the kde splash screen?12:05
bernardlychani have a theme but don't know how to apply12:06
Mamarokdd0012: if you are a coder you can look at the source code, else you will have to wait till a developer fixes it12:06
Mamarokbernardlychan: in the system settings, advanced tab12:06
bernardlychanthanks mamarok12:06
Mamarokbernardlychan: yaw :)12:07
bernardlychanthen what do i do? (soz, am n00b)12:07
bernardlychandesktop theme details?12:07
Mamarokno, you have to go to the advanced tab of the system settings first12:07
Mamarokthen choose the option 'Login Manager'12:08
bernardlychani don't see it...12:08
Mamarokbernardlychan: which Kubuntu are you using?12:08
bernardlychanthe latest12:08
Mamarok9.04 then?12:08
bernardlychano actually... i have ubuntu with kde12:09
Mamarokbernardlychan: you must have admin rights to change the kde splash12:09
bernardlychanhow do i do this (thanks for this btw)12:09
Mamarokbernardlychan: be aware that this can break things, so be careful12:09
Mamarokwhere did you get that theme from?12:09
bernardlychanso how do i change permissions mamarok?12:10
Mamarokbernardlychan: which theme is it? You should only install it from the system settings normally12:10
Mamarokbernardlychan: go to a konsole, then type 'kdesudo systemsettings', without the '12:11
bernardlychanthe circuit Bluz theme. only for desktop12:11
podstavskyMamarok: I'm watching your helping tips and must say congratulatios for the knowledge :)12:11
bernardlychani mean, only for login12:11
bernardlychank, thanks mamrok12:11
Mamarokpodstavsky: thx :)12:11
Mamarokpodstavsky: I was a beginner once, too, though :)12:13
bernardlychanhey mamarok12:13
bernardlychani'm getting this12:13
bernardlychanError message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." "12:13
FloodBotK2bernardlychan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:13
bernardlychano it's ok now... dw12:13
bernardlychanthanks mamarok12:13
Mamarokbernardlychan: well, you might have to update your kde version, there is a newer one with bugfixes, see the topic, 4.2.412:14
bernardlychanmamarok: where do i go now?12:15
Mamarokbernardlychan: where are you?12:15
bernardlychanin login manager12:15
Mamarokwell, see the buttons at the bottom?12:15
Mamarokinstall new theme12:16
bernardlychani tried to install a .rc file12:16
bernardlychandoesn't work?12:16
podstavskyMamarok: everyone was a beginner :) but not everyone can transfer the knowledge :) I'm admiring also people helping other people in sometimes very very simple problems12:16
Mamarokbernardlychan: it's easier to install from the login manager settings, with the button "Get new themes"12:17
bernardlychanthen i've browsed and selected my theme12:17
Mamarokpodstavsky: I was a teacher at some point in my life :)12:17
bernardlychanand it says that it is not valid12:17
Mamarokbernardlychan: well, not all themes work, let me see...12:18
podstavskyMamarok: "my nose" is not bad as I thought :D12:18
Mamarokbernardlychan: that is not a splash screen, but a KDM theme12:21
Mamarokyou were talking about a splash theme12:21
bernardlychanyea, how do i install a splash screen?12:21
Mamarokthat is not a splash theme, read what I said, it is a KDM theme12:21
bernardlychani know. but i would like to install a splash theme, not a KDM theme.12:22
Mamarokok, moment12:22
=== ubuntu is now known as inSane
Mamarokbernardlychan: the same way I just told you, but not all proposed splash screens do work12:26
bernardlychanwhat do u mean?12:26
Mamarokbernardlychan: well, applications, screens, etc on kde-apps.org and kde-look.org are third party, so sometimes things don't work and you will have to talk to the developer there12:28
bernardlychanthanks so much12:28
bernardlychanone last question....12:28
Mamarokbernardlychan: the splash screen is in the first tab of the system settings, you do not need sudo rights for that12:28
bernardlychanhow do i install a .desktop theme?12:28
Mamarokin 'Apperance'12:28
Mamarokbernardlychan: go to the desktop, right click and choose desktop settings12:29
Mamarokbernardlychan: appearance was for the splash screen12:29
bernardlychano ok12:29
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=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
dd0012is bug workink like virus12:49
dd0012is bug working like virus12:49
wasAlguien de España ?12:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma12:50
dd0012whats the defferent between bug and virus12:52
podstavskybug is an error12:55
dd0012fine but how I can fixe that error12:55
podstavskyin the source code - if there is a bug you must fix it12:56
dd0012i have many massage show that word12:56
podstavskyyes - because when there is a bug in small program - the other parts will malfunction12:57
dd0012can you tell me how i can fix it frome the source code12:58
podstavskydd0012 - may I have a look at this source code?12:58
podstavskyand what's the language12:59
dd0012its goon now, but whne i need to install a new package that message show up13:00
podstavskycan you paste this message?13:00
podstavskyhere @ IRC13:00
podstavskybe right back13:03
jussi01!paste | podstavsky13:04
ubottupodstavsky: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic13:04
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podstavskyI understood13:05
=== said is now known as dd0012
dd0012A Fatal Error Occurred13:05
dd0012The application KWin (kwin) crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV).13:05
dd0012Please help us improve the software you use by filing a report at http://bugs.kde.org. Useful details include how to reproduce the error, documents that were loaded, etc.13:05
FloodBotK2dd0012: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:05
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podstavskydd0012 - you won't fix this bug on your own13:06
podstavskyit's in KWin - segmentation fault13:07
dd0012whats the solutions13:07
dd0012whats the solutions13:09
dd0012whats the solutions13:09
podstavskyyou need to send a report to kde developers they can solve this problem13:10
podstavskyfor now you just can wait for final release13:10
podstavskyI've got sometimes the same message :D13:10
dd0012I have a new probleme, the toolpar of main windows explorer its goon (close,size....13:14
dd0012there any tools to restorie the system13:15
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ridzaqKDE POS13:31
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BluesKajHello folks13:52
Mamarokhi BluesKaj :)13:57
BluesKajhi Mamarok , what's up ?  :)13:59
metelliusother than /etc/resolv.conf and ifconfig, what other basic building blocks are there in (k)ubuntu lowlevel networking? I'm getting "host not found" errors for all net queries, but restarting works for some magic reason, even though when both resolv.conf and ifconfig have the exact same output! what am I missing?14:04
aaron_metellius: netstat14:05
aaron_at the bottom of the ipconfig man page there's a list of other commands to check out that are related14:05
metelliusok, Ill look at them14:07
metelliusbut netstat? isnt that only for current connections?14:07
aaron_metellius: I don't actually know too much about low level networking, just that the related commands are usually a good starting point14:08
metelliusok, thank you14:08
metelliusit was a big help either way14:08
rferradasorry i am new in this chat...im having problme i just install a server with a new ip  but the dns server still is checkin g for the old IP. someboy now about this problem?14:09
rferradasomebody there :(14:11
kaddiheya :)14:11
kaddiI am looking for a tool that will eliminate duplicate files. I have a folder with pictures in subfolders and many are double and would like to delete pictures which are present in more then one folder14:12
rferradasomebody know about DNS?14:13
kaddinot much14:14
rferradahehe apparently we are just you and me14:14
kaddilooks like it :p14:14
Mamarokno, you are not alone, but the only two with that subject :)14:16
Mamarokthe others are just watching :)14:16
desurferrada: you want help setting up a DNS?14:16
BluesKajrferrada, it's a bit unusual to have dns / server questions here14:16
rferradathanks..! no i just reinstall a server with ubuntu with a new Ip but the dns server still ask me about the old IP address14:17
rferradaand i doont know if i need to do someconfiguration in my server or in the dns server14:17
Mamarokrferrada: looks much more like a question for #ubuntu-server14:18
rferradasorry so, i cant do this kind of question here..i am new (sorry)14:18
rferradayes, is ubuntu server14:18
rferradaths area is for kubuntu clients only?14:18
Mamarokrferrada: well, you can, but the question might no be answered14:18
Mamarokthere are more server specialists in #ubuntu-server14:19
rferrada:S how i can go there...i will try14:19
Mamarokrferrada: well, this is the support channel fro Kubuntu14:19
Mamarokrferrada: just type /join #ubuntu-server14:19
rferradai have kubuntu but server...thanks a lot again14:20
BluesKajclick on it14:21
BluesKajrferrada, click on this #ubuntu-server14:22
BluesKajfinally ;014:23
rferradathanks!! great!!!14:23
acidburnkann mir wer helfen unter Kubuntu ? bin noob und wollt was installieren der mekkert bloss haette keine rechte ... wo kann ich mir rechte setzen ?14:23
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:24
panos4everacidburn u use the name of angelina jolie in the movie "hackers" :P14:25
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jeromesalut all14:39
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hippoFriendly bunch here! :-(14:52
_abbenormalyes they are14:52
hippoI can tell. One says hello, and everybody is just head over heals to reply.14:53
_abbenormalsome are not even up and around yet14:54
hippoBut they are logged in and have joined the channel.14:54
_abbenormalyes but like me im working on a issue and if someone has an answer they will just say something and i will get it14:55
_abbenormalme sometimes im loged in and just not at the keyboard14:55
hippoI'm trying to find a solution to a seemingly simple issue, too. FoIP... seems to be no software out there.14:56
hippoAt least not for Linux.14:56
hippoI don't join a channel and then leave the keyboard unattended, unless I have to go to the restroom, or grab a bite or drink.14:57
hippoThanks. I'll check it out.14:58
_abbenormalim in a lot of channels so im here a lot but its better to be loged in and look back to find answers14:58
hippoSounds reasonable. I ususally try to stick to one channel, since I'm working on other things as well. :-)14:59
_abbenormalyup it can be hard at times but any that im in i use those or help in them as i can15:00
Mamarokhippo: don't expect tons of answers on a Sunday anyway15:01
hippoI'm actually looking for a softphone, that can handle VoIP and FoIP via SIP, but address a regular fax (T.38)15:01
Mamarokhippo: well, doesn't that link help?15:02
hippoThanks for the heads-up.15:02
_abbenormalhey Mamarok15:02
Mamarokhi _abbenormal15:02
hippoA little. I'm working through the links.15:02
hippoHello Mamarok!15:02
Mamarokhippo: also, saying hi to everyone who comes in a channel with hundreds of users and some onther hundreds coming in ang going on a daily basis is not a good idea, especially not in a support channel, it creates unnecessary noise15:04
Mamarokhi hippo15:04
Mamarokit's different in a social channel, but this is for support only15:04
hippoThat would explain it. I rarely hit support channels. Only when I can't find what I need, after more than an hour of searching.15:07
_abbenormallol an hour15:07
hippoAnd usually I find what I'm looking for.15:07
_abbenormali have hours and days of searching for some of my issues15:07
hippoI found articles, but still can't find the softphone for VoIP and Foip through sip-providers.15:08
MamarokI don't look for hours, but my search ability has improved over the years, usually I find stuff within minutes15:08
hippoSame here. That's why I'm so frustrated, that I can't find it. :-(15:09
_abbenormalim not that lucky15:09
Mamarokhippo: have a look at www.voip.info.org15:09
hippoUSusally I find answers within 10 - 15 Minutes. In some extreme cases it may take a little longer, but never more than an hour.15:09
Mamarokthird search result for "Fax over IP Linux"15:10
hippovoip.info.org seems to redirekt to http://www.searchreinvented.com/?dn=info.org&pid=5POCKN6CN15:13
Mamarokoops, voip-info.org, my bad15:13
ioantake a look at that15:13
hippohttp://www.voip-info.org/ - got it :-)  Thanks15:14
hippoTwinkle is capable of VoIP, but no option to fax. :-(15:14
ioanaah -i see -i'll do another search hippo15:15
Mamarokhippo: especially CallWeaver, it's an Asterisk fork15:16
Mamarokuses T38 fax15:16
noschangi from brazil15:17
noschangand you ?15:17
=== ubuntu is now known as lordmeka
Mamaroknoschang: do you have a support question?15:17
noschangTheme Desktop Gnome15:18
hippoHi ioan - thanks. I'll give it a try.15:18
hippoHi noschang.15:18
alex_i want to ask someone over here for some help!15:19
hippoHi alex15:19
alex_i want to transform one partition of my pc15:19
noschangI do not speak English very well15:19
Mamaroknoschang: if you are using Gnome, you should ask in #ubuntu, this is a KDE support channel15:19
Mamarok!br | noschang15:19
ubottunoschang: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:19
alex_it is in ext3 extension15:20
Mamarokalex_: what do you want to do exactly?15:20
alex_and i want to be ntfs or fat3215:20
noschangI ask sorry in ubuntu, thanks15:20
Mamaroknoschang: no problem15:20
alex_i have an kiwi with upgrade to ubuntu 9.0415:20
Mamarokalex_: why do you want to put a Linux partition to ntfs?15:21
alex_i want to make a partition in ntfs or fat32 format15:21
alex_not for linux15:21
alex_for other operating sistem15:21
alex_i need another os on my pc15:21
alex_and my optic unity has crash down15:22
Mamarokalex_: you can use parted to change the formating of a partition, but it should not be mounted15:22
noschangbrasileiro ?15:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about parted15:22
alex_ups it is mounted15:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qparted15:22
Mamarokhm, where's that factoid15:23
alex_and the disk management didn't let me to do this15:23
alex_i'm not the root15:23
Dragnslcr!info partitionmanager15:23
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): partition manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0~beta1a-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 527 kB, installed size 1968 kB15:23
alex_and on my pc didn't exist the root15:23
JuhazOneyo. i'm using kde3... for some reason, kde seems to use the random screen saver if i set it to use the blank one15:23
Mamarokalex_: you will have to unmount that partition first, then you can reformat it15:23
JuhazOnei think i've had this problem before, but i can't remember how i fixed it back then15:24
Mamaroksudo umount /partitionname will do the trick15:24
JuhazOneany ideas?15:24
alex_tell me the codes for terminal pls15:24
hippoAlex, try GParted. It's available through the packetadministration15:24
Mamarokalex_: make sure you don't use it though, else this will not work15:24
alex_man, it is monted15:24
alex_with /home15:24
Mamarokhippo: partitionmanager is the KDE forntend15:24
Mamarokfrontend even15:24
hippoAh! Learned something new. Thanks!15:25
Mamarokalex_: well, then you can't do that, if you remove your /home your computer will not work anymore15:25
Mamarokalex_: and you need it for Linux15:25
alex_so lets do else15:25
Mamarokunless you want to remove Linux completly, then you can just install Windows, it will remove it15:25
alex_the home is big15:25
alex_110 Gb15:25
alex_but how i do  this15:26
hippoI'm going to do some more research. Thanks for the help! Have a nice day/evening.15:26
alex_cause i dond tahe optical unit:P15:26
ioanefax-gtk hippo -for faxing15:26
alex_no dvd or cd working unit15:26
alex_the linux have some fdisk on it15:27
alex_to "self destruct " the linux15:27
Mamarokalex_: well, there is still the possibility to install a VM for Windows15:27
alex_yes man i understand15:27
alex_but u know to share the folders between the windows on Vm and the linux, it's very hard15:28
ioani try virtual box15:28
ioanand i have windows inside linux15:29
Mamarokalex_: sharing folders between Windows and Linux computers is done with Samba, in a VM you do this differently15:29
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications15:29
Mamaroktry Virtualbox15:29
doorsmanHi ! I'd like to know how to install updates that are blocked (mostly kernel updates)15:29
alex_i have already virtual box15:29
Mamarokdoorsman: if they are blocked you can either wait to get the dependency resolved, or do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a konsole15:30
alex_so another think15:30
doorsmanwhat is dist-update do ?15:30
alex_how i do a bootable ubuntu usb15:31
alex_cauze i reinstall ubuntu and repartiton the harddisk15:31
alex_can u help me with thi?15:31
Mamarokalex_: if <ou have a regular Kubuntu CD it should be bootable15:32
alex_yep man15:32
alex_but i have an working optical unit15:33
Mamarokalex_: without a CD drive though you can use an USB stick, if your BOIS allows <you to boot from15:33
alex_no f....king cdor dvd wr15:33
alex_yes it alow15:33
doorsmanMamarok, alex_ question was how to do one on Kubuntu15:33
alex_this is the question15:33
alex_how to do one15:34
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:34
Mamarokalex_: see above ^^15:34
alex_ok, thnx man15:34
Mamarokyaw, alex_ :)15:35
Mamarokdoorsman: I understood that, just give me time to type :)15:35
ioani found also this link15:36
Dragnslcrdoorsman- from Konsole, "sudo apt-get dist-ugrade"15:36
alex_now i've seen that my linux has the option to create a usb linux15:39
alex_another think .... a bootable image15:39
alex_a link please15:39
alex_a good one15:39
alex_i know.... i'm like a pi in the ass15:39
Mamarokalex_: see the link I gave you above, there is everything you need15:40
johnnymachello, does anyone know how I can see the 'nice' level of all processes running15:51
Mamarokjohnnymac: use htop15:52
DragnslcrSystem Monitor's process list can show it15:52
tuanphamhi guy15:52
tuanphami am new comeer15:52
tuanphamsome one here ?15:52
Mamarokor ksysguard15:52
DragnslcrThe column is hidden by default15:53
tuanphamcan you show me, how to update to kde 4.3 RC2 ?15:53
tuanphami tried to run sudo apt-get install update15:53
tuanphambut have nothing to updte15:53
tuanphamcan some one help ?15:54
Mamaroktuanpham: this is in a special archive, are you comfortable with experimental installation?15:54
Mamaroktuanpham: patience, give us time to type an answer :)15:54
johnnymaccan 'top' or ps show nice levels?15:54
tuanphamthank Mamarok15:54
Mamarokjohnnymac: well, it can, but ksysguard is easier to use, it's gui application15:54
Mamarokjohnnymac: also, htop is much better than top15:55
johnnymacI want to use the terminal though15:55
Mamarokthen install htop15:55
johnnymacand a default terminal app15:55
Mamaroktuanpham: if you are a beginner, you shouldn't sue the PPA installation15:56
tuanphami tried find on internet15:56
tuanphamdo you mean change to soure to PPA Mamarok15:56
Mamaroktuanpham: if you are an experienced user, you can follow the link given in the channel topic15:56
darthanubisanyone here use kmldonkey?15:56
tuanphamthank Mamarok15:57
Mamaroktuanpham: you are welcome15:57
darthanubisAnyone with an Asus mobo and use the default temp sensors plasmoids?15:57
darthanubisDoes the temps read correct at Celcius but show a "F" next to the number instead of the "C"15:58
tuanphamit done i change to soure and get the keys then, so i will run auto update for the new version ?16:07
Mamaroktuanpham: well, if you don't know that you should not do it maybe16:09
BluesKajdarthanubis, what's the number ?16:09
BluesKajif it's above 70 then it's prolly F16:10
darthanubisBluesKaj: definiately celcius, 21.5-3716:10
tuanphamuanpham@ubuntu:~/Documents$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A16:10
tuanphamExecuting: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /etc/apt/secring.gpg --trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A16:10
tuanphamgpg: requesting key 8AC93F7A from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com16:10
tuanphamgpg: key 8AC93F7A: public key "Launchpad Kubuntu Updates" imported16:10
tuanphamgpg: no ultimately trusted keys found16:10
FloodBotK2tuanpham: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:10
BluesKajok, then why worry , darthanubis16:10
darthanubisgot to love this channel16:11
darthanubisbecause I like thinks to work PROPERLY16:11
darthanubisand there has to be an easy way to edit plasmoids, no?16:11
BluesKajthere should be an options dialog for the plasmoid16:12
BluesKajor configure16:12
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Mamaroktuanpham: please do not past things in the channel, use http://paste.ubuntu.com16:13
tuanphamsorry konqueror can not copy :(16:13
soonHi folks - anyone here from the British Isles? Who recorded episode 5 of Psychoville???16:14
Mamaroksoon: this is a support channel, please, chat is in #kubuntu-offtopic16:15
soonright you are...16:15
darthanubisBluesKaj: yeah, and the options are toy options, can't change anything under the skin16:16
darthanubisI need to edit the code, or file a bug or something16:16
darthanubisI just wanted to know if I was the only one experiencing this anomoly?16:16
darthanubissoon: just check bittorent16:17
soongood idea16:17
daeronhi everyon16:20
daeroni've got a problem16:20
daeroni had to reinstall kubuntu yesterday16:20
daeronbut now16:20
daeronwhen i'm trying to enable the hardware drivers' support for nvidia gpu16:20
daeronby the tool 'drivers hardware'16:21
daeroni can't enable the video compositing16:21
daeroni don't why16:21
daeroncoz it recognize the right right16:21
daeronlike before16:21
daeronbut when i try to install it, it doen't happen anything16:21
daeronis there someone who can help me?16:22
ioandid you installed nvidia x server settings -i suppose you ca do it from there16:24
BluesKajdaeron, video composting ? What exactly are you trying to do ?16:24
daeronnothing special, i'm trying to enable kwin or compiz, for now16:24
ioanthere's a gui for nvidia video settings16:25
daeronthe problem is that the tool driver hardware recognize the right driver of my nvidia card but when i press the button to active it, doesn't happen anything16:25
daeronor bettere16:25
daeronthe name of the driver in the list of supported driver became gray16:26
BluesKajdaeron, what nvidia card and which driver ?16:27
daeronnvidia gtkx280 and nvidia driver release 18016:27
daerona friend of mine told me to try envy instead of the close drivers16:28
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver16:29
daeronwhy at my own risk?16:29
daeronis it unstable?16:29
Mamarokdaeron: and not supported16:31
kaddiuh someone walked me through compiling from source. I did a .configure && make && sudo make install. Everything is working great, but I am wondering if I still need the folders in which I did the make or if "sudo make install" copied all necessary items to /usr/lib?16:31
BluesKajdaeron, sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-180  .let's make sure the driver is installed16:31
daeroni've tried that to16:31
BluesKajand ?16:31
daeronand after i make 'sudo nvidia-xconfig ' and all his option16:32
daeronand nothing happened16:32
=== phil_ is now known as philf
BluesKajno need to sudo nvidia-xconfig , just installand reboot16:33
daeroni'm going to try this way another time16:33
Dragnslcrkaddi- you can usually remove the source directory, but unless you need the disk space, I wouldn't bother16:33
daeronah ok16:33
darthanubisand stay away from envy16:33
daeronand now that i'm here16:33
daeronwhat about kde 4.3rc2?16:33
ioannvidia drivers should be installed after closing the x server using the sh command -16:33
darthanubisthe default hardware device installer works perfectly, you just have to wait and be patient16:33
daeronhow long do i have to wait?16:34
darthanubisdaeron: until it is finished16:34
darthanubisit will tell you you need to reboot when it has done it's thing16:34
kaddiDragnslcr: the source folder still lies in my temporary download folder which is regularly emptied.. just wanted to know if this would break everything and if I had to take extra precautions :)16:35
daeroni try the tool another time and now i'll wait as long as i can16:35
darthanubisdaeron: I'm using RC2 as well16:35
daeronlet's see16:35
darthanubisnvidia installation should NOT still be an issue?16:36
darthanubisI don't get it?16:36
darthanubisIf it does not work, it is 9/10 human error16:36
daeronthe fact is that i remember when i did it when i've installed for the first time kubuntu jaunty, and that time it worked well and fast16:37
Mamarokkaddi: depends what you are compiling, if it is a SVN version, you should update often, so keep the sources16:37
darthanubisbecause it works16:37
darthanubisI have 4 systems running debian based distros16:38
daeronyes i know, but that time i could see a windows with an increasing bar of the working process16:38
daeronand now (still now) i can't see anything of that16:38
kaddiMamarok it was mono 2.4, I'll go back to the "usual" repository version once I upgrade to karmic, but for now I'm using a built but normally released version16:38
darthanubisNvidia driver installation never failed16:38
darthanubis8series, 5series, even and old 440mx16:39
Mamarokkaddi: gah, mono....16:39
kaddiMamarok: what? :p16:40
daeronlisten, i saw now in synaptic i've installed nvidia-<number>-modaliases, with modaliases 71,96,173,18016:40
daeronall of all installed16:40
BluesKajioan, are you sure that tutorial dor nvidia drivers still applies ? It's over 2 yrs old16:40
daeronmaybe is it this?16:40
Mamarokkaddi: KDE doesn't use it16:41
ioanlas time when i did an sh install of nvidia driver was about a year ago but that is the standard procedure for manually installing nvidia drivers16:41
darthanubisand unneccesary16:42
kaddiMamarok:  Is there a KDE equivalent to mono then? I need to use it for some .net-tools I need to run under kubuntu. and the .net framework won't install with wine16:42
darthanubiskaddi: thank god no16:43
daeronwell know i'm trying to install the driver manually from synaptic16:43
Mamarokkaddi: no, KDE doesn't use C* neither, everything is Qt and C++16:43
daeronlet's see what happens16:43
kaddiso mono ist just bad and shouldn't be used, but there is no alternative if you want to run .net-stuff under kubuntu?16:44
darthanubisabsence of MONO is why i just switched to kubuntu16:44
ioanhere should be a tutorial about installing nvidia drivers in linux16:47
daeronstill her and nothing happened16:52
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vitocorleonealgun español?16:56
vitocorleoneo que hable castellano almenos xD16:56
daeronyo lo hablo16:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:56
daeronpero no sè si puedo ayudarte16:56
vitocorleonegracias ubottu16:57
johnnymaci can share printers with samba can i do the same with NFS?17:04
Tm_Tjohnnymac: well, you can just simply share cups server17:05
Tm_Twhich you already use locally17:06
johnnymacTm_T: Thanks how do you know I use that locally?17:07
ubuntupara o brasil17:09
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:09
Tm_Tjohnnymac: that's the printer system you use in linux, unix and mac17:09
Tm_T!cups | johnnymac17:09
ubottujohnnymac: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows17:09
d3ngwhich log should i check if i got login problems?17:10
johnnymacThanks you two.17:10
d3ngim on jaunty 9.04 and if i try to login the screen gets black and i fallback to the login screen again17:11
johnnymacAnother question: where is the /etc/inittab file showing run level information in ubuntu17:11
llutzd3ng: check free space on /, /home and permissions of /tmp17:11
Tm_Td3ng: /home/user/.xsession-errors perhaps17:11
d3ngi also get "welcome to localhost.localdomain" not my realmachine name17:12
d3ngsex llutz17:12
FloodBotK2d3ng: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:12
d3ngspace is way enough.17:13
d3ngxsession errors is empty.17:14
d3ngits a pretty clean/new install17:14
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macrobat_johnnymac: there is no inittab in ubuntu, there is upstart17:18
johnnymacwhere is the file that when opened shows ubuntu's runlevels?17:19
BluesKajjohnnymac, /etc/rc*d17:23
johnnymacBluesKaj: Thanks, I was hoping for one readable easy file like 'inittab'17:24
johnnymacoh well.17:24
BluesKajjohnnymac, just sub the runlevel numbe in *17:25
johnnymacBluesKaj: /etc/innittab was just the one file with runlevel info . I guess ubuntu does not have that.17:27
BluesKajjohnnymac,  /etc/innittab is not a familiar file to my eyes :P17:32
BluesKajjohnnymac, /etc/event.d/rc-default .. maybe ?17:36
johnnymacBluesKaj: if you look for /etc/inittab you will see it shows the different runlevels the OS has. Maybe ubuntu does not have that?17:38
yesitisjustmeIf laptop has no cdrom can i connect laptop harddrive to desktop install there and then put laptop harddrive back to laptop, will it detect the new hardware?17:39
BluesKajjohnnymac, that above file has reference to /etc/inittab17:39
johnnymacAs in it does not have a similar file as ubunutu handles runlevels in a different way.17:40
johnnymacBluesKaj: I know but it is not there, the file that it references :)17:40
BluesKajjohnnymac, debian eh ?  :)17:43
BluesKajjohnnymac, scroll down to the bottom of this page , this may help you set one up : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/since-we-have-no-etcinittab-506281/17:45
johnnymacBluesKaj: Thanks !17:49
BluesKajjohnnymac, np :)17:49
elitesharkhey all i have a question18:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:05
JuhazOnelet's see if there's anyone now who knows about my problem18:06
JuhazOnei'm using kde3... for some reason kde won't use the blank screensaver even though i told it to in the settings18:07
JuhazOneit seems to pick the screensaver at random18:07
JuhazOneanyone have an idea about this?18:08
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Captain_HaddockJuhazOne: no idea... but, you can also try asking in #kde (fyi)18:10
JuhazOnek, thanks18:10
fusion44does kubuntu install the kde packages into /usr ?18:13
fusion44ok thanks you :)18:15
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johnnymacof the shell based browsers (e.g links, elinks, lynx - maybe more?) which is the easiest to use??18:18
llutzjohnnymac: define "easy" :) /me prefers elinks18:20
johnnymaceasy=short learning curve18:22
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elitesharkwhat latest version of kubuntu?18:25
=== ben is now known as Guest4059
BluesKajeliteshark, stable or experimental ?18:27
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soonI've just installed KTorrent - I'm not familiar with torrent at all. I've downloaded a torrent file and opened it in KTorrent. I only get 'Hanging' - should I do anything in aprticular to start the download?18:29
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BluesKajsoon, did you configure ktorrent in "settings" , you have to indicate which folder you want the finished torrent to reside in etc18:31
soonI'll just have a look18:33
soonThat did it BluesKaj :-) Thx!18:34
soonIs your name Kaj (Danish?)18:34
jumpkickdoes kde4.3 fix the problem I have with kde4.2 that it freezes after 10 minutes?18:56
jumpkickoh nevermind, kde4.2.96 is kde4.318:58
jumpkickguess that would be no18:58
jumpkickmaybe it was kpackagekit running that toasted it18:59
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Mamarokubuntu: what are you doing?19:36
leaf-sheepHe got a fetish for compiling errors, me think.19:37
brad__Hello I am trying to a build a few plasmoids from source and they all keep giving me this error:  checking for KDE... configure: error: in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE libraries installed. This will fail. So, check this please and use another prefix!19:43
brad__nobody knows? :-(19:47
Zoraelbrad__: Well, have you supplied a prefix? Usually it defaults to /usr/local, and you'll likely want it to be /usr19:50
Zoraelbrad__: so './configure --prefix=/usr'19:50
brad__Zorael, It still didn't work19:52
brad__Idk if this will help but I'm using AMD6419:52
brad__I've been searching on google for the past two hours and I can't find anything that works.19:52
ZoraelPerhaps you are missing necessary KDE dev libs, then. Does none of them say which ones are necessary?19:53
brad__Zorael, no :-( that's why this is so difficult lol the people who made them I guess just assume it's going to work and don't write any instructions19:56
ZoraelSomething like 'sudo aptitude build-dep plasma-widgets-addons' should pull common plasma widget dev libs19:56
ZoraelTry that and ./configure with --prefix=/usr afterwards19:57
Zorael(after it's done installing, obviously.)19:58
Count123alright, I've been having quite a bit of a problem for a long time, and I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this20:05
Count123kubuntu hardy, 64 bit20:05
Count123many programs will just say 'not responding' and then be unuseable20:06
Count123open office is completely unuseable20:06
Count123I do not have those problems with kde4 programs though20:06
_abbenormalhey guys just had this happen on install nvidia drivers and now i get this on bootup reloading postfix configurations ... and just a flashing cursor20:07
Captain_HaddockCount123: sometimes, starting the program from a terminal will help identify the issue20:09
Captain_Haddock(the terminal will usually contain telltale error messages)20:09
Captain_Haddock_abbenormal: the boot manager (grub) will usually have something like a safe mode, you could try using that to get in and take things from there.20:10
Captain_Haddockbrad__: you can probably get more suitable assistance in #kde20:11
Count123yeah, running open office from terminal, even though it doesn't work, doesn't give me any error messages20:12
Count123no messages at all actually20:13
=== Count123 is now known as Count
Captain_Haddockand it's hung?20:13
CountI get the initial loading screen20:13
Countthat loads, then nothing20:14
Captain_Haddockhmm, perhaps it's a java thing20:14
Captain_Haddockdo you have a .openoffice or similar in your home directory?20:14
Countyeah, I have .openoffice.org220:15
snarksteri need some helping find the right kernel parameter for 720x48020:15
Countand it's not just open office either, it's pretty much all kde 3 programs20:15
Captain_HaddockCount: try *renaming* it to something else and restart openoffice20:16
Captain_Haddockoh I see20:16
Countand even in programs that are otherwise working, if you need to browse for a file, the file finder that comes up will not work20:16
Captain_Haddockis your installation up-to-date?20:17
Countnot quite :/20:18
ikoniasnarkster: vga=ask20:18
Captain_HaddockCount: up-to-date as in via adept?20:18
Countbecause adept_notify also doesn't work, I wasn't able to see the packages that needed to be upgraded, until yesterday, when I found I could actually run adept_manager from terminal and be able to use that20:19
CountI was downloading the majority of the files I need, when of course my router decided to be a pain, cutting me off from the internet, and crashing adept20:20
Captain_HaddockCount: run "sudo apt-get update" (and later "sudo apt-get upgrade") from a terminal.20:20
Captain_Haddockit will pick things up from when it was last interrupted.20:20
Counter, it's not20:21
CountI'm also on a 256k connection, so it takes a very long time to actually download things :/20:23
lumprichhi , I´m use kde 4.2.4 which ubuntu 9.04. akonadi will not work which me ( a second user have no problems) The error log can see here http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/812. Sorry for my bad english.20:23
lumprichmy homedirectory is decrypt20:24
Count17% for only some of the files :/20:34
Count123and it looks like my router failed again20:37
snarkstercan someone please direct me to where I can get information regarding vga option for kernel20:42
snarksterive done alot of googleing already20:42
llutzsnarkster: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA_BIOS_Extensions20:43
ioangraphics are handled by x server snarkster20:44
llutzioan: not vga kernel-option20:44
_abbenormalhey Captain_Haddock is there a good how2 for using the nvidia drivers from there site on 9.0.420:45
ioanyou should have the option to install proprietary nvidia drivers _abbenormal -if you want the newest package from nvidia you can find a how to there20:46
_abbenormalthanks ioan looking20:47
ioanbut you have to manually stop x server and log to console and run the package20:48
alessiohi guy20:49
ioanhere's the link _abbenormal if you didn't find it already20:53
alessiokubuntu 9.04 is great :-)20:54
_abbenormalive done that and get this now when i reboot back into kubuntu   reloading postfix configurations20:55
alessiohi guy i'have a problem20:55
alessiowhen connect my smartphone20:56
alessiothe serial port is closed20:56
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snarksterllutz: Thank you just what i needed21:11
Captain_Haddockalessio: your smartphone uses a serial cable? not USB?21:13
alessiouse a USB21:19
alessioi'm have a Nokia N9521:19
mikesolhello guys21:56
mikesoli have a really trouble installing kubutu21:56
_abbenormalwhats happening21:57
mikesolI just download kubuntu 9.0421:57
mikesoland i'm trying to install it on my brother's computer, but it prompts a console named initramfs21:58
mikesolwhat can i do???21:58
mikesolthe computer is a toshiba a30021:59
_abbenormalso it stops loading at that22:00
mikesoland doesn't do anything22:01
mikesoli'm booting from a usb stick, created by usb-creator22:02
rmrfslashDoes anyone else see "Shirtoko" as the name of Firefox 3.5?22:02
rmrfslashOr am I the only one22:02
Captain_Haddockmikesol: it's very likely some HDD detection issues.22:02
mikesolwhat can i do22:02
llutzrmrfslash: thats the name of ubuntus ff-3.522:02
rmrfslashSince it's modded?22:03
llutzi think so22:03
rmrfslashI see.... they removed all the firefox branding too?22:03
mikesolcould you explain me?22:03
p_quarlesrmrfslash: no, it was the development code name22:03
rmrfslashp_quarles: then why does my installing still say shiretoko?22:03
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rmrfslashp_quarels: I _just_ installed it.22:03
Captain_Haddockmikesol: I don't have any suggestion besides asking you to burn to a CD or DVD and try. I'm not familiar with USB installations, sorry.22:03
p_quarlesrmrfslash: because you installed the one in the jaunty repos, which is pre-release22:04
mikesolok i'm going to try with a cd22:04
rmrfslashI see22:04
mikesolsee you later22:04
Captain_Haddockmikesol: good luck :)22:04
rmrfslashp_quarles: so eventually this will become "Firefox" 3.5?22:04
devilsadvocate_rmrfslash, it wont for jaunty.22:05
rmrfslashp_quarles: I see. So 3.5 will be "official" under 9.10 I presume22:05
p_quarlesonly if you use the backports version; I don't see why it matters what the name is, though22:05
p_quarlesat all22:05
devilsadvocate_rmrfslash, you actually have 2 ffs running. if you execute firefox it'll run 3.0.whatever. if you run firefox-3.5 you get 3.522:05
p_quarlesrmrfslash: probably22:05
devilsadvocate_rmrfslash, yes22:05
rmrfslashdevilsadvocate: I uninstalled  firefox-3.022:06
rmrfslashp_quarles: it's not a huge show stopping problem. It's just odd that I'm left w/ this thing called "Shiretoko"22:07
Captain_Haddockrmrfslash: it's probably so both versions can coexist.22:07
p_quarleswell, take it up with whoever's responsible for Firefox production codenames22:07
devilsadvocate_rmrfslash, well, its not officially supported on jaunty22:08
rmrfslashI see.22:08
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rmrfslashand that makes a bit more sense22:08
rmrfslashwhich is of upmost importance, that it makes sense to me22:09
p_quarlesonce an Ubuntu version gets released, it's rare for any package to get a version upgrade except in backports; it's not how the development cycle is designed22:09
rmrfslashI see.22:09
p_quarlesUbuntu 6.06, which just got to eol recently, used Firefox 1.5 for the entire time (I believe; I wasn't using it myself, so I can't say for sure)22:10
rmrfslashso I can get a backports upgrade of firefox22:10
rmrfslashI guess I'm not sure what "backport" is then22:11
rmrfslashSo a backport is applying a new patch to an older version22:12
rmrfslashSo why would an upgrade to firefox-3.5 be a backport? Aren't software upgrades always a backport?22:13
p_quarlesthe backports repository is an extra, non-default repository for Ubuntu with packages provided by community members; not officially supported22:15
rmrfslashOK... makes sense.22:15
rmrfslashSo aptitude install firefox-3.5 is an official but development package for jaunty22:15
rmrfslashwhich is why it's called shiretoko... cuz it's slated for official release w/ (probably) 9.1022:16
rmrfslashAm I correct?22:16
p_quarlesrmrfslash: it's called Shiretoko because that's what Mozilla called it before it was released to the general public; and the copy of Firefox 3.5 in Jaunty was built before it was officially released22:17
rmrfslashI see.22:18
p_quarlesit's a development codename just like "Jaunty Jackalope", or "Windows Longhorn"22:18
KittyBootsI just installed KDE but when I login knetworkmanager does not start so I start it from a terminal and it will not connect to router.  I am logged into gnome at the moment.  How can I fix this KDE problem?22:18
p_quarlesit doesn't mean it's no longer Firefox22:18
rmrfslashp_quarles: I totally get codenames. I just don't know why it's still called Shiretoko. I mean, the official forefox 3.5 is released. I would have expected that Ubuntu would have applied their customizations to that version already.... thus it wouldn't be named Shiretoko. Not that this is even a problem for me. I already changed the icon and anyone who uses my computer will recognize firefox.22:20
rmrfslashp_quarles: it's just that I'm somewhat detail-oriented. I notice and dwell on details.... perhaps to the extent of "too much" :)22:21
Zxcvbhow do you get 4.2.4 if you have already updated to 4.3 RC?22:25
rmrfslashYep, it looks like Ubuntu keeps branding for the default firefox. Also, like devilsadvocate said earlier, "we want them to be able to be installed side-by-side"22:26
rmrfslashSaw this on a google result22:26
rmrfslashChromifox Extreme, Chromifox Companion and Hide Menubar Firefox extensions.22:32
rmrfslashVery cool.22:32
nonewmsgseven though i am using my "high definition" built-in soundcard, only one program can have access to the soundcard at one time.  is there a fix for this or do ihave to stick in a better card?22:33
Zxcvbok, I upgraded to kde 4.2.4 and now there is a bar of stuff at the top of the screen but the rest of the screen is empty23:13
AlexZionZxcvb: probably you have to remove all the plasmoid , included th epanel , and put back all you need ...23:14
Zxcvbhow do you do that?23:14
AlexZionunlocks the plasmoids and than right click and remove23:15
snarksterwhen i use vlc to play movie files across an nfs share it hardlocks the system.23:27
snarksterIm going to attempt dragonplayer and see if it does the same thing23:27
snarksterok dragonplayer also hard locks the system. can anyone explain to me whats happening?23:29
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jpetso83seems i cannot build qt-webkit because libphonon-dev ships without the include alias files (e.g. Phonon/AudioOutput instead of Phonon/audiooutput.h)23:40
jpetso83any suggestions on how to solve that? do i need to build phonon by myself?23:40
bulletxthi, I'm having serious problems with Kubuntu. My monitor is a crt pihlips 17°. It supports high resolutions like 1900*1600 , however I want to set kde to be 1280*1024. When I set kde4 to this resolution and then reboot computer, kde just forgets about my setting and sets resolution at 1900*1600.... why is it forgetting resolution ? thanks for help23:49
bulletxtI have this bug since I got this monitor and kde always gave me this problem.... gnome doesn't............... :(23:52

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