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m3gaproblem : local machine running gnome, i can  start stuff from the menus, but if i start something from a terminal window i get 'No protocol specified, unable to open display ":0.0"'. wtf?01:21
BUGabundom3ga: 1st person to mention it :)01:22
m3gamention what?01:23
m3gais this a known bug?01:23
BUGabundoyou are the 1st to mention it01:24
m3gahmm, newish gdm thing. "cp /var/run/gdm/auth-for-erikd-XXXXX/database .Xauthority" fixed it.01:34
yofelgn folks [mv yofel /dev/bed]01:43
* BUGabundo stolen from @yofel: gn folks [mv /dev/awake /dev/bed]01:56
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pushraxWaht to say that there is bug in correct install.  If you move a symbolic link folder to the wastebin it will delete thefolder contents of the original folder, not remove the symbolic link only.04:14
pushraxwanted to say....04:14
pushraxcan someone report this bug to appropriate area!04:15
pushraxWanted to say that there is bug in current install.  If you move a symbolic link folder say on the desktop and send it to the wastebin, it will delete the folder contents of the original folder, not remove the symbolic link only.04:16
kholerabbipushrax: I cannot reproduce this. What Ubuntu version are you using? 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope or maybe 9.10 Karmic Koala?04:45
kholerabbipushrax: If this is a bug in the file manager you can report it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+filebug04:49
DanaGdamned dosfsck.05:02
DanaG  File size is 1499 bytes, cluster chain length is 0 bytes.05:02
DanaG  Truncating file to 0 bytes.05:02
DanaGfile was /EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg05:02
DanaGLovely, thanks for going and deleting that for me!05:02
DanaGOh yeah, and when UEFI-booting, for some reason, the kernel fails to comprehend UUIDs.05:04
DanaGOh, and how do I check what keycodes udev has applied?05:13
DanaGIt's no longer taken care of by HAL, so hal-device doesn't help anymore.05:13
DanaGHmm, if it's supposed to show up for around, oh, 1 second... then why are my manual notifications taking TEN seconds to go away?05:32
DanaGOh, and nm-applet icon seems not to scale.... and same with padevchooser.05:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 56807 in usplash "usplash outputs "chdir: No such file or directory" in each invocation (dup-of: 45435)" [Medium,New]05:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 45435 in usplash "usplash does not check result of chdir(): /usplash_fifo can be created" [Low,Fix released]05:47
DanaGodd... I'm getting that bug NOW,.05:47
syn-ackGood evening05:50
syn-ackHow's it going Dana05:51
DanaGDoing well enough, though EFI-booting isn't working as well as it used to.05:51
syn-ackwhats going on?05:51
DanaGWhen I EFI-boot the kernel, it fails to comprehend UUIDs, and fails to comprehend that ext4 is not ext2 or ext3.05:51
syn-ackhrm, wow05:51
pushraxWanted to say that there is bug in current install of kubuntu 9.10.  If you remove a symbolic link folder say on the desktop and send it to the wastebin, it will delete the folder contents of the original folder, not simply remove the symbolic link.05:51
syn-ackI dont have EFI on this machine, so I wish I could assist you on that, DanaG05:52
pushraxdo I report KDE bugs at KDE or launchpad?05:52
pushraxsyn-ack: ok thanks05:52
DanaGOh, and most of what I find about EFI is about Apple... but I don't have Apple.  =þ05:52
syn-ackit'll work the same way, AFAIK. DanaG05:53
syn-ackEFI is EFI all thats different in theory is the interface.. again AFAIK05:53
DanaGThough mine is UEFI 2.0.  HP EliteBook laptop.05:55
DanaGOh yeah, and I also have no /dev/.initramfs05:55
DanaG... do you have a /dev/.initramfs?05:55
DanaGah, maybe my udev is broken.05:57
syn-ackmeskes@meskes-laptop:~$ ls /dev/.initramfs05:58
syn-ackusplash_fifo  usplash_outfifo  varrun05:58
DanaGodd.. I don't have a /dev/.initramfs.05:58
DanaGLemme try seeing if update-initrd worked.05:58
DanaGGotta' reboot.05:58
DanaG[    0.432585] Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...06:09
DanaG[    0.432991] rootfs image is not initramfs (junk in compressed archive); looks like an initrd06:09
DanaG[    3.201549] RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.06:10
DanaGwhat's up with that?  It refuses to load my initrd.06:11
syn-ackDanaG, to me, it looks like it may have been built with a bad toolchain or that that your menu.lst maybe misconfigured06:14
syn-ackDanaG, have you tired rebuilding that kernel against your toolchain to see if it keeps it up?06:14
DanaGHmm, the oddity is, it works perfectly fine when booted via CSM.06:15
DanaGThat is, the legacy BIOS-mode.06:15
syn-ackwhat are you using to boot with? elilo or GRUB*?06:15
DanaGSucks that the grub-efi and grub-pc packages conflict.06:17
DanaGAnd the grub-efi packages don't even put grub.efi in the right place.06:17
syn-ackHrm, it could just be GRUB2 because it is still really unstable06:17
syn-ackDanaG, Even I wont touch GRUB2 and I have really flaky system?06:20
syn-ackrather .06:20
DanaGI still have legacy grub in my MBR, and in each of two partitions.06:20
DanaGThere's no savedefault in grub2.  That's a showstopper for me.06:20
Shambler4uI'm still having some problems with the current sound implementation on my Asus EEE PC 1000HE and Karmic06:39
DanaGActually, I think my EFI thingy is a kernel issue... booting Jaunty via the exact same grub.efi works fine.06:43
rippsafter some libc updates, my computer seems to be running much better. Not quite so many kernel oops today07:10
Shambler4uI've yet to have any kernel oops, but I've had lots of problems with sound control07:11
rippsShambler4u: it looks like there doing some major changes to the sound system... be patient and file bugs as necessary07:12
Shambler4uripps: Yeah, I've been doing that. Sometimes I wonder if I just don't have something configured correctly07:15
tanathanyone know why my scroll wheel might suddenly stop working? (even after reboot)07:18
tanathi now have two volume icons: one on panel & one in tray. they're different.07:26
tanathmy thumb buttons still work, though my scroll wheel doesn't...07:31
Shambler4utanath: I've just filed a bug report on that07:36
Shambler4utanath: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/401294 maybe you could contribute here?07:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 401294 in ubuntu "Karmic - 2 Sound Applets, No Keyboard Shortcuts, Sound Resetting" [Undecided,New]07:37
tanathhm, my kb shortcuts do work07:37
tanaththough the one in the tray doesn't seem to realize it at the moment :P07:38
Shambler4umine do too, but it's controlling a different device than it should, and I can't make it change it's mind about that07:38
DanaGI hate the current mixer_applet2.07:39
DanaGHorizontal == stupid.07:39
Shambler4uDanaG: mixer_applet2 shows up on my system in the tray and is vertical07:40
tanathhrm, audacious is messed up now07:40
DanaGThat's the OTHER one.07:40
Shambler4uVolume Applet 2.27.3?07:40
DanaGyeah, mine's horizontal.07:40
Shambler4uoh - that one's been horizontal for a long time for me07:41
Shambler4uthat's been there since Jaunty I thought?07:41
syn-ackOne is Pulse and the other ALSA07:41
syn-ackThe Vertical one is ALSA, the other Pulse07:42
Shambler4usyn-ack: they seem to be controlling each other on my system07:42
tanathok, i can't confirm the audacious thing. works for me07:42
tanathalso, i'm not using an eee pc07:42
syn-ackAFAIK, they SHOULD07:42
tanathanyone find the .31 kernels don't work?07:42
syn-ackOh wiat07:42
Shambler4umy understanding was that they were separate?07:42
tanathfortunately i still have the .28 kernels07:43
syn-ackShambler4u, you know what..,.. this is the PULSE mixer07:43
tanathwhich one?07:43
tanaththe tray one?07:43
tanatho.O i'm using alsa07:43
syn-ackOf course you are07:43
syn-ackWe all are.07:43
DanaGoh yeah, and one applet seems to have a DIFFERENT volume range than my keyboard keys.07:43
syn-acktanath, Pulse isnt kernel layer like ALSA07:44
SeveredCrossThat's probably Ear Candy.07:44
DanaGI tried Ear Candy once.07:44
SeveredCrossDanaG: Probably a combination of the ear-candy applet and Pulse's flat volumes.07:44
DanaGGave up on it when it blasted me.07:44
SeveredCrossI turned flat volumes off, it was pissing me off.07:44
DanaGAnd when it kept moving streams AWAY from my bluetooth headset.07:44
tanathif i use my kb to change volume, it works, and the applet behaves accordingly, but the tray one doesn't notice the change in vol. still says 100%07:45
DanaGFlat volumes is goddamn awfully confusing.07:45
syn-ackI wonder why it doesnt kill the other mixer like it should be doing. Thats an annoying bug07:45
DanaGAnd when you add earcandy... it just cranks everything up to 100%.07:45
DanaGFrankly, that's a health risk!07:45
syn-ackDanaG, Relax. :p07:45
SeveredCrosstanath: The tray one is probably reflecting the Pulse mixer.07:45
DanaGthat's all the yelling I'll do now,07:46
tanathalso, i don't think i like the new Sound Prefs07:46
tanathwhich it links to07:46
syn-ackSeveredCross, Both of the Tray mixers this re this bug is PULSE07:46
DanaGYeah, how do you set which thingy the volume hotkeys control?07:46
tanathdoesn't let you choose output thingy, for one07:46
syn-ackOne is just the new sound profile07:46
syn-acktanath, Do you have more than one output source?07:47
tanathwoah, suddenly my scroll wheel is working again07:47
DanaGI see... now my hotkeys are the virtualized volume.07:47
tanathsyn-ack, in jaunty i had several things to choose from (and i seem to have a couple output devices, though they all seem to be the same device07:47
tanathpulse, alsa, esd, oss...07:47
DanaGAnd the virtualized one is inaudible below 50%.07:47
syn-ackNo no07:47
tanathand multiple ICH devices07:48
DanaGwell, not inaudible, but pretty close.07:48
syn-ackThats what I was getting at... hrm07:48
tanathbut all seemed to go to my speakers07:48
syn-ackYou know guys, Im going to sum this up to one damned annoying bug thtat I cant trace for the moment07:48
DanaGIt puts master at ZERO when at 50%!07:48
tanathwhy would my scroll wheel randomly stop working, even across a reboot, and then randomly start working again?07:49
syn-ackReason I cannot trace is because its midnight and I've been up since 7 am07:49
tanathsyn-ack, heh, get some sleep. sleep deprivation is bad for you07:50
syn-acktanath, in my prior line of work before coming back to IT I never slept07:50
tanathmy scroll wheel started working slowly too... like the events were getting eaten07:50
ubottuGnome bug 333438 in mixer "gnome volume applet mute/zero volume behavior is not intuitive" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]07:50
tanathand only some were getting through07:50
tanathso i started playing with it more, and it's now working07:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 332081 in gnome-settings-daemon "Panel volume icon state changes to "mute" when volume reaches zero" [Low,New]07:51
tanathsyn-ack, that's not good. they keep finding out that sleep deprivation is worse than they thought07:51
tanathDanaG, had that prob too a few times07:51
DanaGIt even makes my MUTE LED light up, rather annoyingly.07:52
DanaGOr rather, switch from blue to orange.07:52
syn-acktanath, hehehehe07:52
tanathoh, i had some serious graphical glitches for the past several days that i managed to fix. i had ancient left-overs from fglrx that were messing things up07:53
tanaththough swiftfox still seems to have graphical glitches of the same type :-/07:53
syn-acktanath, Thats ok, my Wifi button doesnt change from orange to white and never has07:53
syn-ackit does infact, switch the wifi on and off so I dont care if it doesnt match what "its supposed to Do" in that respect07:54
tanathpapercuts, man. papercuts. :P07:54
* tanath shakes fist :P07:55
syn-ackSee, When I first started working with Ubuntu WAAAAAAY back in the day we didnt have these papercuts.... WTF are they exactly?07:55
robin0800syn-ack, what wi fi card?07:55
syn-ackrobin0800, Ath 500107:55
syn-ackrobin0800, imo, its merely aesthetic so I'm not concerned07:56
tanathpapercuts: https://edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts07:57
robin0800syn-ack, tried googling for led light on your card worked for me ipw2200 just needed led=1 option07:58
tanathlittle annoyances that turn people off ubuntu/linux07:58
syn-acktanath, I've used linux for over a decade, this aint anything07:59
tanathanyone know what swiftfox might be using/doing that would cause graphical glitches?07:59
tanathsyn-ack, it's nothing to you :P07:59
DanaGoh yeah, iwlagn blinking is another godawful annoying thing.07:59
syn-ackrobin0800, wtf does it need that?07:59
syn-ackrobin0800, interfaces?07:59
SeveredCrossiwlagn blinking is just replicating the standard Windows behavior.08:00
DanaGNot for my cadr.08:00
DanaGMine in Windows does NOT blink.08:00
SeveredCrossWeird, it is for mine.08:00
DanaGIt's vendor-specific.08:00
DanaGLook in the Intel INF some time.08:00
DanaGHP has it not blink.08:00
SeveredCrossI've got Dell.08:00
syn-ackI dont. :P08:01
* syn-ack vomits when he thinks of Dell08:01
syn-ack<- HP Fanboi. :P08:01
* DanaG really likes his EliteBook. Badass.08:01
tanathwhat's the prob with dell?08:01
syn-acktanath, ...Its a Dell. :P08:02
robin0800syn-ack, needed to have led light work08:02
syn-ackThat and they bought Alienware. :D08:02
tanathwho bought alienware?08:02
tanathright... that's a prob?08:02
syn-ackYears ago08:02
SeveredCrossI got a Dell because it was...cheap.08:02
syn-acktanath, For alienware08:02
DanaGexample of INF.08:02
tanathalienware made good stuff08:02
syn-ackMADE is the operative08:03
syn-acklike I said, details. :P08:03
DanaGhere's what I have.08:04
DanaGThough I have P8600 instead of T9400, and Mobility FireGL V5700 instead of whatever the nvidia was -- by choice, in fact.08:04
syn-ackI have an HP Pavillion08:05
syn-ackos[Linux 2.6.31-3-generic i686] distro[Ubuntu "karmic" 9.10] cpu[2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T3200  @ 2.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.00GHz] mem[Physical: 1.9GB, 83.3% free] disk[Total: 146.6GB, 92.2% free] video[Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel]08:05
DanaGLinux EliteBook 2.6.31-3-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 14 16:07:02 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:06
syn-ackThough its straight Intel. :D08:06
syn-ackDanaG, though I can do 64 bit, I figured I would shake down the 32 bit release08:06
DanaGOh yeah, and my hostname is... EliteBook.08:07
DanaGI couldn't think of anything cooler.08:07
syn-ackMine is Neptune08:07
Shambler4uI had to replace the wireless card on this Asus EEE PC 1000HE because it wouldn't work with Ubuntu08:07
syn-ackJupiter is my stable desktop Saturn is my AD server, Solare is my Gateway etc08:08
syn-ackShambler4u, which card was it?08:08
DanaGOh yeah, I had an old Gateway 17" laptop.  Boy, did the construction quality on that thing suck.08:08
DanaGLid cracked right down the middle.08:08
DanaGLCD itself failed some time later.08:08
DanaGI eventually removed the LCD and lid, so I could at least use it with an external monitor.08:09
syn-ackIve got a buddy that had a Gateway and had to have have or did it himself replaced the LCD 3 times08:10
DanaGRemoval of LVDS attachment also revealed lots of bugs in things.08:10
syn-ackI know he knows your pain08:10
Shambler4usyn-ack: it was an AzureWave model # AR5B91-X08:10
syn-ackShambler4u, I have never heard of that in my whole entire life08:10
syn-ackapparently neither has anyone else08:10
Shambler4usyn-ack: this is the card: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&item=28035841860808:11
Shambler4uit was trying to run on the Atheros drivers, if I'm not mistaken08:11
syn-ackShambler4u, which one?08:11
Shambler4uit would just go several minutes where it would drop packets like crazy08:11
syn-ackas in madwifi, etc?08:11
syn-ackthats like that "works with everthing" driver though it doesnt08:12
Shambler4udropped packets to the point where it was un-usable08:12
syn-ackI know for a fact it doesnt work with mine08:12
syn-acksuck. :/08:12
Shambler4uit would work for awhile, but then I'd have periods where I'd have 100% packet loss.08:13
syn-ackOk, Ubuntuone is kinda irritating08:14
syn-ackThought I would just mention that out loud08:14
Shambler4usyn-ack: Ubuntuone doesn't even work at all on my machine08:15
syn-ackand #ubuntuone couldnt help you out at all?08:15
Shambler4uI was curious one day after noticing something new in the menu, and I clicked it, and it just crashed. Then I couldn't file a bug report because there were updates or something.08:16
Shambler4uI haven't pursued it yet (although I should). I honestly don't even know what it is08:16
syn-ackShambler4u, www.ubuntuone.com08:17
syn-ackI suggest you go there and check it out08:17
Shambler4uohhh! It's like Dropbox08:19
syn-ackyep. ;)08:21
Shambler4uyeah - when run UbuntuOne, nothing at all happens08:26
syn-ackShambler4u, you have to send in for an invite for an account08:27
syn-ackread the site. ;)08:27
Shambler4uyessir. Though the site won't let me log in. Man, things are trouble for me today08:29
Shambler4utherefore, I'm going to go off to bed. syn-ack, May I suggest the same for you, too? ;)08:30
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yofelgood morning folks09:42
x1250j #gnome-sheel09:42
robin0800x1250 did you mean /j #gnome-sheel09:43
x1250robin0800, sort of, gnome-shell, so two errors in one line :)09:44
Gumbyhi all.  Ive just installed 9.10 and then installed XP.  I am now trying to reinstall grub as my bootloader.  Are there any grub2 howtos on there to reinstall grub from the livecd?09:51
Hobbseehm, i only know of a grub1 one, and i'm not sure how similar it is09:52
|ns|nR8i found one using google in couple minutes09:53
|ns|nR8other day09:53
Gumbyyeah, Ive done a regular grub rescue before. searching google for a grub2 one now09:53
|ns|nR8google ubuntu fix grub2 after install09:54
|ns|nR8first result09:54
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gnomefreaklook at wiki.ubuntu.com/grub2    as i recall that is address09:54
Gumbylol.  I was searching through results of grub2 rescue09:55
gnomefreakshould have installed XP first it makes life easier09:55
|ns|nR8its not that hard with grub2..just a command09:55
Gumbyits not too much of a worry right now.  'll figure it out eventually ;)09:56
|ns|nR8if it dont detect the windows partition tho its a little trickier..you have to make a couple sctips09:56
|ns|nR8to add windows to grub2 loads09:56
|ns|nR8i like the older grub better09:56
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Gumbylooks like its quite similar to the old process for fixing grub09:59
Gumbymounting root, then dev, then chroot09:59
|ns|nR8you have no menu.lst tho09:59
|ns|nR8and you cant edit the main file09:59
Gumbyno, but its the same process09:59
Gumbyand if its the mbr that is overwritten, you really shouldnt need to edit the menu.lst/grub.cfg10:00
|ns|nR8if it dont detect your windows partition you have to worry abut it10:00
|ns|nR8thats what happened to me10:00
Gumbyyou can worry about it after you get back into ubuntu10:01
Gumbywhich I'm about to do.  see ya in a few10:01
Gumbyand.... we're back :)10:07
|ns|nR8howd ya go10:07
|ns|nR8did it see windows ?10:07
dupondjedamn, purging sysklogd is brojen :(10:18
gnomefreakdupondje: it was replaced10:19
dupondjegnomefreak: I know, I want to purge the old now, but its broken :(10:19
gnomefreakdupondje: define broken10:20
dupondjeuserdel: gebruiker 'syslog' is momenteel niet aangemeld10:21
dupondje/usr/sbin/deluser: `/usr/sbin/userdel syslog' gaf foutcode 8. Stoppen.10:21
dupondjedpkg: fout bij afhandelen van sysklogd (--purge):10:21
gnomefreakok english by chance?10:21
dupondjewhat do I need to put in front again :) to have english output :P10:21
gnomefreaki didnt know you could other than transate it. can yuou give me an idea on what the 2 last lines say. also did you remove it yet?10:23
dupondjeuserdel: user syslog is currently logged in10:23
dupondje/usr/sbin/deluser: `/usr/sbin/userdel syslog' returned error code 8. Exiting.10:23
dupondjedpkg: error processing sysklogd (--purge):10:23
dupondje subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 110:23
gnomefreakdupondje: did you try killing it in ps aux? to see if it is still running try ps aux | grep syslog10:24
dupondjeI see the error now :P10:25
dupondjehuge translation error imo :s10:25
dupondjeits purged now :)10:26
dupondjejl@laptopjl:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/userdel syslog10:27
dupondjeuserdel: gebruiker 'syslog' is momenteel niet aangemeld10:27
dupondjejl@laptopjl:~$ LANG=en sudo /usr/sbin/userdel syslog10:27
dupondjeuserdel: user syslog is currently logged in10:27
dupondjethe dutch says: userdel: user 'syslog' is currently NOT logged in10:27
dupondjewhile the english version says it IS logged in !10:27
gnomefreakdupondje: if you installed the new pakcage (forgot name) than it should stop it from running at least mine did10:28
dupondjekilled syslog procs, and it got purged :)10:29
gnomefreakdupondje: restart would have done that too :)10:29
dupondjea translation bug in shadow :)10:32
dupondjewho should I address ;)10:32
gnomefreakdupondje: file a bug on it10:32
gnomefreakleave the package name blank someone will place it where it needs to be10:33
dupondjeits in the shadow package :p10:34
dupondje#, c-format10:34
dupondjemsgid "%s: user %s is currently logged in\n"10:34
dupondjemsgstr "%s: gebruiker %s is momenteel niet aangemeld\n"10:34
gnomefreakdupondje: shadow is not the name of the package10:35
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Development:~$ show shadow10:35
gnomefreakW: Unable to locate package shadow10:35
gnomefreakE: No packages found10:35
geserbug 40105610:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401056 in sysklogd "package sysklogd (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40105610:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 401330 in shadow "Translation error in dutch" [Undecided,New]10:36
dupondjetranslation error ;)10:36
dupondjegnomefreak: is passwd10:36
dupondjebut shadow on launchpad10:36
geserpasswd is the binary package and shadow the source package10:37
yofeldupondje: for english terminal output use 'export LANG=en_US.UTF-8' (for future reference ;))10:42
dupondjethx yofel  ;)10:43
yofelusing LANG=C would be easier, but then you have no UTF-810:43
drazter2hi, im currently on jaunty and i want to try out the new 9.10 koala release.. i have found something called a "daily build" can anyone tell me what is that?11:16
tgpraveen1drazter2: its the state of karmic which is updated daily11:17
tgpraveen1so its the latest version of karmic11:17
tgpraveen1right now if u can wait for alpha 3 which comes out in a few days11:17
drazter2so its different from Alpha2 ? and its updated every day?11:17
drazter2but i can update from alpha 2 to alpha 3 easily right?11:18
tgpraveen1well yes it is a more updated version than alpha 211:19
tgpraveen1theoretically u can go from alpha 2 to 311:19
tgpraveen1but in this particular case there have been many changes to gdm11:19
tgpraveen1and x etc11:19
tgpraveen1so it WILL11:19
tgpraveen1lead to many probs11:19
gnomefreakdrazter2: you dont want to use daily builds if you can adviod it since they are done by a bot and not tested11:20
tgpraveen1so best advice is wait for alpha 311:20
gnomefreaktgpraveen1: gdm bugs are mostly fixed11:20
tgpraveen1gnomefreak: is right11:20
tgpraveen1gnomefreak: yeah but if he installs alpha 211:20
tgpraveen1then he updates11:20
tgpraveen1then he will be plagued by that one bug which was casusing a lot of probs11:20
gnomefreaki cant remember if it was a2 or a3 that first got those fixes11:21
tgpraveen1daily build would avoid it but as u said it is untested11:21
tgpraveen1it was fixed after a2 was released11:21
tgpraveen1a3 is yet to come11:21
* gnomefreak still not sure how upstart is handled on upgrade atm11:21
dupondjegnomefreak: it works ;)11:21
dupondjehere at least ;)11:21
gnomefreakuse nightly installer to upgrade or to install11:21
tgpraveen1a3 is when people actually hope to have karmic stabilised especially in x,kernel etc areasx11:22
gnomefreakdupondje: it is being held back i thought depends issues since it wants to remove a bunch of upstart related apps11:22
drazter2im having some trouble with jaunty, and seems there are some performance issues.. since my laptop is pretty powerful..11:22
gnomefreakdrazter2: best to wait a bit longer11:22
dupondjenop gnomefreak, it just works :)11:23
dupondjethe only thing I really miss in karmic is fast-user-switch-apllet :P11:23
tgpraveen1drazter2: intel graphics issues?11:23
tgpraveen1if so then enabling backports or something is supposed to fix it11:23
drazter2dunno, seems like its eating a lot of CPU and RAM for nothing11:24
gnomefreakdupondje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/221832/11:24
tgpraveen1best to enable backports and google for the solution there were many blog posts on how to fix it11:24
gnomefreakdupondje: see if you have the remove packages11:24
drazter2having also some sound problems witch causes.. the whole computer to freeze11:25
tgpraveen1drazter2: enable backports and update system and see if it goes away. and remember right now karmic is very unstable and it will most probabal11:25
tgpraveen1give u more probs than jaunty11:25
gnomefreakupgrading to an unstable release is not something you do to fix a stable release bug11:26
drazter2no no.. i wont upgrade11:26
drazter2i will instal a fresh copy11:26
dupondjegnomefreak: don't have them11:26
dupondjebut u don't need them ?11:26
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
gnomefreakdupondje: ok thanks11:27
dupondjebtw, nautilus broken hard ? :x11:27
drazter2still.. il give it a try, will install it on anohter partition and i hope i can upgrate to alpha 3 if something goes wrong11:29
drazter2however jaunty will remain11:29
drazter2that way no harm can be done .. only little time for download / install11:29
dupondjehow can I debug nautlius ?11:29
dupondjeI can't open 'Computer' / 'Network'11:30
dupondjeit just crashes11:30
yofeldupondje: you using U1 ?11:30
dupondjeU1 ?11:30
gnomefreakdupondje: alot of people have seen that and IIRC there is a bug on it already11:30
yofelthere is, let me get it out11:30
gnomefreakah yeah thats it. if you use the nightlies it goes away11:30
yofeldupondje: bug 39571011:31
dupondjeUbuntuOne got installed automaticly :) don't even know what it does :p11:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395710 in ubuntuone-client "Opening "Places/Computer" nautilus crash with Segmentation fault" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39571011:31
dupondjeFix released ?11:33
dupondjebut its not in repo's ?11:33
yofeldupondje: ubuntu one can't be installed automatically because it's a ppa11:34
yofelah, my fault, there is a version in the repos11:35
yofelthe not-fixed one...11:35
yofeldupondje: if you don't use ubuntu one you should be able to just remove it11:36
yofelthat should fix the crash as well11:36
dupondjeok :)11:37
dupondjeits working again :) great :Dµ$11:39
nikolamhi. packages.ubuntu.com still not working..11:45
BUGabundoneed a bug confirmation12:46
BUGabundoopen nautilus12:46
BUGabundochoose a dir12:46
BUGabundochange the view to list mode12:46
BUGabundopress F512:46
BUGabundodoes this work?12:47
robin0800BUGabundo, Yes but it should not its ctrl 1 2 or 312:54
BUGabundorobin0800: ctrl??12:55
BUGabundoI simply want to refresh the folder12:56
BUGabundoalso If I leave and return its reset12:56
BUGabundoits a bug afaics12:56
yofelBUGabundo: resets to symbol view here12:56
BUGabundoyofel: symbol? thumb you mean12:57
robin0800BUGabundo, Yes its a bug like alt F2 I guess12:57
BUGabundorobin0800: what altf2 bug?12:57
BUGabundoworks for me12:57
yofelhere alt+f2 doesn't do anything as well12:58
robin0800BUGabundo, not working here last couple of days having to use gksu in terminel12:59
dupondjesamba & gvfs still seems a bit broken :(13:00
popeyBUGabundo: Nautilus crashes for me when i switch to list view13:06
BUGabundoeheh popey13:06
popeybut not always13:06
BUGabundoluckly not here13:06
popeyrefresh switches back to icon view13:06
BUGabundoI'll file a bug on the view change on LP and upstream in a minute13:06
BUGabundopopey: yep13:06
BUGabundothat's my bug13:06
popeythen triggers a crash in ubuntuone13:06
BUGabundojust a sec will do it now13:07
BUGabundoahhh I haven't started my U113:07
BUGabundothen that could be the cause and not Nautilus bug13:07
BUGabundolet me start it, and see if I get a trace13:07
popeyits known to be causing some nautilus issues at the moment13:07
yofelhehe, forgot to start mine as well13:08
yofelbut it doesn't crash here, just resets the view13:08
BUGabundo"You should now automatically return  to https://ubuntuone.com."13:08
yofelpopey: what's your u1 version?13:09
BUGabundono crash her13:09
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.90.4+r88-0ubuntu1~ppa1~karmic13:09
popeyii  ubuntuone-client                     0.90.3-0ubuntu1                      Ubuntu One client13:09
BUGabundofrom #U1: Current Beta Client Revno is 88, Protocol Revno is 52 | Release 0.90.413:09
BUGabundopopey: you need to upgrade :)13:10
popeynah, i dont use u113:10
popeyand you're using the ppa13:10
BUGabundothen purge it :)13:10
popeyI dont use ppa's on karmic13:10
yofelpopey: then your crash is probably bug 39571013:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395710 in ubuntuone-client "Opening "Places/Computer" nautilus crash with Segmentation fault" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39571013:10
BUGabundoright now it is on the archive!13:10
BUGabundoforgot about that13:10
BUGabundo *** 0.90.4+r88-0ubuntu1~ppa1~karmic 0        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages13:11
yofelpopey: the remove it, should remove the crash as well ;)13:11
BUGabundo     0.90.3-0ubuntu1 0        500 http://darkstar.ist.utl.pt karmic/main Packages13:11
BUGabundohow can I change my MIC selection ??13:11
BUGabundoI used to be able to do that on my Volume Controls13:11
BUGabundobut now the new one doesn't allow me13:12
BUGabundonor I see where to do it on PAVU13:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 401367 in nautilus "View mode always changes to Icons" [Undecided,New]13:15
BUGabundoupstresming now13:15
ubottuGnome bug 589024 in Views: All "View mode always changes to Icons" [Normal,Unconfirmed]13:20
BUGabundoand upstream now13:20
BUGabundoyofel: popey robin0800 ^^^^^^^13:20
robin0800BUGabundo, is alt f2 classed as a bug?13:21
yofelBUGabundo: confirmed it13:22
BUGabundolunch bbl13:22
yofelme too13:25
pygihey folks13:51
pygido you have any idea why notifications wouldn't work?13:51
pygiI tried with "notify-send "New eMail arrived" -i notification-message-email" as well, and its a no go13:51
BluesKajHello folks13:52
BUGabundohey BluesKaj13:56
BUGabundobrb. taking my dog for a walj13:56
yofelpygi: is notify-osd really running? 'ps -e | grep notify-osd'14:19
=== nielsslot__ is now known as nielsslot
BluesKajyofel, no updates today on the servers ?14:49
penguin42anyone else had nautilus being very touchy - segs in glib ?14:51
yofelBluesKaj: doesn't seem like it14:51
yofelpenguin42: got ubuntuone installed ?14:52
penguin42yes, and the seg is coming from that14:52
yofelpenguin42: uninstall it if you don't use it, the crash is fixed, but not yet in the repos version14:52
BluesKajhmm yofel , interesting ...maybe the devs are catching up to the problems :)14:52
penguin42yofel: OK, thanks  - wtf is Ubuntu One?14:53
yofelBluesKaj: more like preparing for alpha3 :P14:53
yofelpenguin42: https://ubuntuone.com/14:53
BluesKajyofel, when is that scheduled ?14:54
yofelBluesKaj: July 23rd - in 4 days ;)14:54
penguin42yofel: Ah, like Me or whatever Apple calls it....14:54
BluesKajok thanks, yofel14:54
yofelBluesKaj: next time just look at the release schedule in the topic :P14:55
penguin42currently it's better than it was - still has a few flakinesses; I've had one boot where Network manager didn't start, and last night it wouldn't let me hibernate - and it still has the sound glitching that came in Jaunty (or was it Intrepid?)14:56
yofeland what idiot added 'ubuntuone-client-gnome' to ubuntu-desktop when the repos version is broken???14:56
Hobbseeyofel: one of the guys (or girls) that has root on your system.15:04
Hobbseeso, beware of calling them idiots15:04
BluesKajI prefer to shut everything off at night before hitting the sack , so im wondering if anyone else has encountered shutdown problems ?15:04
HobbseeBluesKaj: it doesn't.  sudo halt ftw.15:04
yofelHobbsee: sry15:05
HobbseeBluesKaj: i assume you mean the one where quit re-logs you into your session?15:05
* Hobbsee tosses ubuntuone off her box, while she remembers15:05
penguin42BluesKaj: Last night the only options selectable in the dialog were hibernate and suspend - I couldn't select shutdown; and hibernate didn't hibernate; I ended up doing a shutdown -h now from command line15:06
BluesKajHobbsee , no the normal shut down options dialog doesn't pop up.15:06
BluesKajHobbsee, I exited from the TTY15:07
penguin42The other minor oddity I have since the last update is that an old build of Rhythmbox I've got is mis-showing the icon on the panel - it has a black edge around it almost like it was ignoring the mask15:09
BluesKajpenguin42, but your shutdown options dialog did show up, I didn't get any :P15:11
penguin42BluesKaj: Yeh from the system->Shutdown menu option15:11
* Ng wonders if there's a smarter way to install karmic to a USB stick than downloading a CD, burning it and running a normal install15:11
BluesKajdifferent probs show up differently depending on your upgrades I guess15:12
penguin42BluesKaj: I guess so - I wish there was a way to even some of it out so an upgraded machine was closer to a fresh install - except of course the bits you don't want to be :-)15:12
HobbseeNg: yeah, there's a tool?15:14
BluesKajwell penguin42 , thank goodness for small mercies as the saying goes...at least now palsma seems to holding up , no crashes for 2 days here :)15:14
HobbseeNg: system, admin, usb creator?15:14
NgHobbsee: ohh, I wondered what that was. good point, ta :)15:14
penguin42BluesKaj: plasma is KDE?15:14
HobbseeNg: heh :)15:14
Ngexcept I am doing this to get a different arch :(15:14
HobbseeNg: then you're on your own, methinks.15:15
HobbseeNg: live cd, a vm with the correct arch, and use the same tool?15:15
* penguin42 should try KDE again, I haven't on the karmic world15:15
HobbseeNg: or even sans vm,if that works bette - i think it's on the livecd15:15
* yofel thought the arch had nothing to do with usb-creator o.O15:15
yofelcool, now gnome-do is using 190% cpu o.O15:17
BluesKajyeah penguin42 , I'm running kde 4.315:17
penguin42BluesKaj: Ah, I'm on Gnome - so it sounds like there is something screwed in whatever the common bit is15:18
BluesKajpenguin42, I ran gnome a couple of yrs back , is it still brown and orange ? :)15:20
penguin42BluesKaj: Hey I've got a tasteful background15:20
yofelBluesKaj: by default yes, but you don't use the kde default theme either, or do you?15:20
BluesKaj<--- old windows guy ...used to the blue stuff15:21
yofelheh, my gnome theme is blue as well :P15:21
yofelbut looks much better than windows XD15:21
* penguin42 just has the default theme but selected one of the other wallpapers - nothing exciting there15:22
BluesKajyofel no, i'm using a glassified oxygen sand&green theme15:23
yofelpenguin42: nodoka with darkroom border in blue and oxygen icons ;) http://imagebin.ca/view/Juvf69I.html15:25
BluesKajmine http://imagebin.ca/view/mvZmMsM.html15:28
penguin42mine is boring, I won't bother15:29
BluesKajgotta luv imagebin15:29
BluesKajaww c'mon penguin42 , share with us , mine is pretty mundane15:30
penguin42ok, ok15:30
* penguin42 uploads15:31
penguin42it may look a little odd - since it's dual head, vertically stacked (or at least as far as X is concerned)15:32
BUGabundoHobbsee: ehhehhe15:36
BUGabundoyofel: yeah I got that crazy DO too15:37
BUGabundoPPA version fixed it fro me15:37
penguin42DO seems OK for me15:37
sochi, i'm experiencing problems with dpkg update ...15:37
soci didn't find any buf for it on launchpad15:37
yofeldo is ok here too after I killed and restarted it15:38
socthis is the problem i'm having ...15:38
penguin42soc: You got plenty of free disc space?15:38
socpenguin42: not plenty ...15:41
soca bit more than 1gb i guess ...15:42
socfor /, for /home i got dozens of free spac e15:42
penguin42should be enough - hmm15:42
penguin42soc: You could try deleting the dpkg file in /var/cache/apt/archives and try redownloading15:43
BUGabundohow come I haven't got a single update today?!?!15:47
BUGabundowe aren't on free, yet, are we?15:47
BUGabundo!3 only comes out the next thurdays15:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:48
penguin42I did an apt-get update and there were a handful more there15:48
penguin42libc and something else15:48
socpenguin42: i tried that already :-(15:48
penguin42hmm, tried dpkg -i on the file in there to try and install it by hand?15:49
BluesKajBUGabundo, I was wondering the same thing earlier , not even one , I had 20 "gets" but no updates15:49
BUGabundopenguin42: what's up15:49
penguin42not much - mostly OK15:50
ubottuGnome bug 589024 in Views: All "View mode always changes to Icons" [Normal,Needinfo]15:51
BUGabundoyofel: can you coment on that ?15:51
HobbseeBUGabundo: people probably had a weekend off?15:51
HobbseeBUGabundo: and thee have been a few updates - just obviously not to what you've installed15:51
BUGabundoHobbsee: and since this is a fresh install15:52
BUGabundoI only have 14k package in the DB15:52
Hobbseethat would do it15:53
yofelBUGabundo: done15:56
=== le_bilou1e is now known as le_biloute
socdoes anyone have an idea?15:57
Hobbseesoc: pastebin's expired.15:59
jpdsI have ideas.... but they probably won't help you.15:59
jpdsAnd what Hobbsee said.15:59
socpenguin42: http://pastebin.com/m45727443 here is it again ...16:01
kerncoI'm trying to remove ubuntu-desktop, after installing kubuntu-desktop16:52
kerncosudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop only remove that one package, and sudo apt-get autoremove after that doesn't do anything16:52
kerncoAnd if I do apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop and remove all those packages, some are ones kubuntu-desktop depends on too, so it cascades and basically wants to remove my entire system16:53
BluesKajkernco, do you still have the gnome option at login ?16:56
BluesKajkernco, check this : http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde16:57
kerncoBluesKaj, I haven't logged out yet, but I'm almost positive I do.  It hasn't remove anything from my system other than the ubuntu-desktop metapackage16:57
kerncoBluesKaj, that's for 9.04, so there's probably going to be some packages added in 9.10 that will still be around.  I guess it's a start, though16:59
BUGabundokenyon: try aptitude17:03
BluesKajkernco, if the pkges are missing , the tutorial states that the settings are retained. It's just a matter of reinstalling the apps17:04
BUGabundoI've seen it trying to remove all non necessary depencies17:04
BUGabundoor try compuer janitor17:04
arandBUGabundo: btw does c-janitor klear out old kernels?17:05
kerncoI tried aptitude already17:05
BUGabundoor it did at same point17:05
BUGabundokernco: same thing?17:05
BUGabundowell apt is meant to install.. not clean the system17:05
BUGabundoor you can try orphan something17:06
kerncoYeah, ithe problem is apt just removes packages that were automatically installed to meet dependencies.17:06
kerncoSo if you do install kubuntu-desktop on top of a system that started as ubuntu, then you can just remove kubuntu-desktop and it will remove everything.17:07
BUGabundobut you don't want GTK eheh17:07
kerncoBut since all the ubuntu packages were already installed from the start, it doesn't work.17:07
kerncoI think what I'm going to do is get the output of 'apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop' and 'apt-cache depends kubuntu-desktop' and then remove only the packages that appear in ubuntu-desktop17:08
BUGabundokernco: try gtkorphan 1st17:09
kerncoBUGabundo: That only found about 10 orphaned packages17:12
BUGabundorun it again !?17:12
BUGabundoits like CJ17:12
BUGabundoneeds several runs!17:13
kerncoI did17:13
BUGabundoalso start removing packages and that will increase17:13
penguin42CJ is a bit over enthusiastic sometimes - e.g. packages you've installed by dpkg -i it often tries to remove17:13
BUGabundopenguin42: true17:14
BUGabundobut YOU have to be sure what you want to remove17:14
penguin42still, it is convenient as you say - especially for removing old kernels17:16
BUGabundoI usually remove them by hand on synaptic17:17
BUGabundowhile installing new ones17:17
BUGabundobut anyone running devel versions knows that17:17
BUGabundowe gather a bunch of them17:18
kerncoI think I got most of them17:23
drazterhi, the koala seems to have major graphic driver problem, after i installed recommended drivers and restarted it it freezed as a black and green screen with shattered pixels and 4-5 ubuntu logos17:53
drazteri have a ATI graphics card17:53
drazterany ideas?17:53
rskiati :)17:53
BUGabundodrazter: try the drivers in the PPA17:54
drazterATI Radeon HD 3200 :) on x64 koala release on hp 6735s laptop17:55
drazteralso .. drag and drop items doesnt work on taskbar17:57
BUGabundodid It ever?17:57
drazterdunno it worked on jaunty, and i just got the koala17:58
drazteralso..  Places / Computer doesnt work.. (it worked ) but it broke down17:58
yofeldrazter: places / computer: remove any package that has ubuntuone in it18:01
BUGabundoyofel: stop asking user to remove U118:01
BUGabundoits meant to be part of Koala and Canonical strategy18:02
BUGabundoif it is broken it will be fixed18:02
yofelok, will do18:02
drazterwell im pretty impressed so far..18:02
BUGabundoat least mention the bug, and explain what's happening and that users should consider to add it back when fixed18:02
draztereven though its alpha.. its a lot faster..18:03
drazterloading ~20 sec .. :)18:03
drazterand flawless sound..18:03
penguin42yeh I think it's doing parallel initialisation of some devices and I think Gnome is a bit faster18:03
penguin42drazter: I wish I had the flawless sound18:03
drazterwhats wrong with your sound?18:04
penguin42clicks and pops18:04
drazteri fixed that18:04
drazterwhat player ?18:04
drazterare you using?18:04
draztertry vlc18:05
draztersudo apt-get install vlc18:05
* penguin42 is reasonably sure it's a generic pulse problem18:05
penguin42or pulse+kernel18:05
drazterno.. its the player18:05
drazteri got clicks and pops also18:05
drazterbut i changed my players output18:05
drazterFrom ALSA to UNIX OSS audio output.. and after that it was awsome18:06
penguin42drazter: Ah well that's because by changing it to OSS you probably made it bypass pulse18:07
penguin42pulse intercepts alsa18:07
BluesKajdrazter, penguin42 , yeah I gave up on amarok and rhythmbox and xmms2 ...they all had problems , but so far so good with VLC18:08
BUGabundo19 sec boot here WOOT18:08
drazter~20 sec here18:08
penguin42BluesKaj: I'd bet it's a case of them going through pulse though18:09
BUGabundopenguin42: you need to try diff PA modes18:09
drazterdunno, but im listening some HQ  electronics @1000+ bitrate  ( Kraftwerk ) on my HQ AKG headphones .. and its flawless..18:09
penguin42BUGabundo: I've tried lots of them18:09
penguin42BUGabundo: I think pulse is just trying to be too ambitious with it's real time requirements to be honest18:09
BUGabundopenguin42: have you filed a bug and pinged dtchen on it?18:09
BUGabundoright now: true18:09
penguin42BUGabundo: Yep, he's been following it for a while18:10
penguin42BUGabundo: Have you any idea why we don't run with preemption in the kernel?18:10
BUGabundothen its way above my role :)18:10
TwigathyIs that 19 seconds from BIOS or from grub?18:10
BluesKajwell penguin42 , I'm not sure about the pulse audio debate ,  thought it had to do with the alsa/pulse configuration , but I'm still confused about the culprit18:10
penguin42BUGabundo: Frustrating thing is it worked solid a few versions ago and then it broke18:10
BUGabundoTwigathy: from bootchart :)18:11
=== j_ack_ is now known as j_ack
BUGabundolet me get it18:11
TwigathyI don't know if I can use bootchart or not. Silly setup fail. c_c18:11
TwigathyWhat does it require? /boot with some space on it?18:11
drazterhmm folders settings aren't being remembered?18:13
BUGabundoTwigathy: http://fileland.bugabundo.net/fotos/Linux/bootchart/karmic/blubug-karmic-20090718-2.png.php18:14
BUGabundodrazter: just filed that bug18:14
BUGabundoTwigathy: sudo apt-get install bootchart-java OR pybootchart18:14
BUGabundoand some disk space on /var/log/bootchart18:14
TwigathyI'd be interested to see what mine does :)18:15
TwigathyIn fact, I'll reboot to linux, install bootchart and reboot again. brb. :D18:15
Twigathy(Am in windowz playing games c_c)18:15
drazterWindows works better on ubuntu virtualboxed than originally installed :D:D:D:D18:16
BUGabundoTwigathy: http://fileland.bugabundo.net/fotos/Linux/bootchart/karmic/blubug-karmic-20090718-1.png.php?z&p=full-image18:16
BUGabundoTwigathy: also AFTER try to profile your boot18:16
* penguin42 is also getting momentary screen blanks - very odd18:16
drazterThis is Linux land ! In silent nights you can hear Windows machines rebooting! :D:D18:17
BUGabundodrazter: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58902418:17
ubottuGnome bug 589024 in Views: All "View mode always changes to Icons" [Normal,Needinfo]18:17
BUGabundopenguin42: yeah I get that too18:18
penguin42BUGabundo: Have you got a bug for it?18:18
BUGabundolike screensaver kicks in after just a few secs18:18
BUGabundopenguin42: no18:18
penguin42is just finding I'm typing a way and it blanks - but not locking18:18
yofelBUGabundo: do you have something like gvfs-metadata? I don't18:19
penguin42are you on intel graphics or something else?18:19
BUGabundojust replied to it18:20
drazternope no gvfs-metadata here also..18:20
BUGabundopenguin42: nvidia18:20
penguin42BUGabundo: Hmph, not intel xserver then - any idea what to file it against?18:20
* BUGabundo should begin to learn to use REPLY on bugzilla.gnome.org :(18:21
BUGabundopenguin42: GPM ?18:21
penguin42why GPM?18:21
TwigathyBUGabundo: well, it's installing bootchart now.... =)18:21
Twigathyupdate-initramfs takes forever c_c18:21
BUGabundoTwigathy: choose either java or python18:21
Twigathyyup, installed the -java package18:21
BUGabundoTwigathy: old versions had a few bugs with python18:21
BUGabundoshould be fixed now18:21
BUGabundoand bring much less cruft18:22
penguin42BUGabundo: Want to join me on bug 401441 then?18:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401441 in ubuntu "Screenblanks while in use" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40144118:25
* penguin42 pats ubottu18:25
BUGabundopenguin42: ahaha18:25
* Twigathy should get rid of some of his old kernels... got a 2.6.27-something in there >_<18:26
BUGabundopenguin42: no package?18:26
BUGabundocome on! do you want it be left there to rote?18:26
penguin42BUGabundo: Which package do you reckon?18:26
* BUGabundo slaps Twigathy for wasting space! it's a rare commodity !18:26
penguin42That's why I asked if you had it on Intel graphics, I can't even assign to xserver-intel which normally takes most of my abuse18:26
BUGabundopenguin42: either GPM or screensaver manager18:27
Twigathyon a 256MB /boot, yes, it is... >_<18:27
Twigathyahha, finished... time to reboot to let it generate a logfile-thingy18:27
penguin42BUGabundo: OK, I've flipped it to gnome-screensaver; either they'll fess up to it or flame me crispy18:28
BUGabundoI was doingit too18:28
BUGabundothat's why LP blew18:28
BUGabundoTwigathy: how long?18:29
Twigathyer, some...18:29
Twigathyoh cool, it made the PNG itself...18:29
BUGabundoTwigathy: I meant time to boot!!18:29
BUGabundopost it NOW18:29
BUGabundowe want to see18:29
Twigathytwo sec18:29
BUGabundoits over18:30
* BUGabundo wonders if there is any stats bot for #ubuntu+118:30
andresmujicabugabundo:  http://ubuntustats.dnsalias.net/18:31
Twigathyenjoy my hacky 0 disk utilisation for most of boot ;)18:31
andresmujicahmm.. not for ubuntu+1 thou :/18:31
Twigathyipconfig takes 2.5 seconds? man. :/18:31
BUGabundothanks andre18:32
BUGabundothanks andresmujica18:32
TwigathyBUGabundo: my chart is there - time was 20secs :)18:32
BUGabundoTwigathy: try to profile it18:32
Twigathyhow do I do that?18:32
BUGabundoon grub at boot (one time only)18:32
BUGabundoedit it, and add "profile" to the end of the kernel stanza18:32
Twigathyokay... what'll that do? Spit out another logfile or...?18:33
BUGabundoTwigathy: order files on boot. making it faster18:33
Twigathyah, nifty...18:33
BUGabundoI've seen gains of 5 secs18:33
TwigathyI will reboot again. (and again after the profile, I guess). brb. :)18:33
andresmujicabugabundo: adding ubuntu+118:33
BUGabundooops andresmujica.18:34
BUGabundoI'm #1 there and don't even talk much there :\\\18:34
BUGabundo6740 lines , 39508 words18:35
BUGabundoandresmujica: how do I get my pic there?!18:35
andresmujicapoint me to the link and i'll add it18:35
andresmujicawell if i can manage to  access the server...18:36
TwigathyBUGabundo: I assume when I appended 'profile' bootchart didn't run at all? Or do I need to tell it to run per-boot? :S18:36
BUGabundoTwigathy: not sure. I've seen versions of bootchart that skip on profile18:37
BUGabundoand some that work18:37
BUGabundoif it doesn't run, just reboot again18:37
Twigathyalso: now that profile has been run, what did it change?18:37
BUGabundoorder of files on disk18:37
BluesKajtakes over a minute from grub to wallpaper on my setup18:37
BluesKajincluding login pw etc18:38
BUGabundoBluesKaj: pics or it didn't happen :)18:39
BluesKajBUGabundo, ??18:39
BUGabundoBluesKaj: get bootchart and then let me know, so we can hack it to mesure post login18:39
BUGabundolike I do18:39
BluesKajpost login ok18:39
penguin42is profile a kernelism or something else?18:40
BluesKajwhich bootchart ?18:40
BluesKajjava or gui?18:40
BluesKajpython it is, not ajava fan18:41
Twigathynope, still 20 seconds :)18:42
BUGabundook now lets hack it a bit18:43
BUGabundoTwigathy: open $ gksu gedit /etc/rc5.d/S99stop-bootchart18:44
BUGabundoon line 41 add a sleep18:44
BUGabundosleep 30;18:45
BUGabundoI have 30 but you can play with it18:45
BUGabundoI used to have 90 :))18:45
BUGabundoTwigathy: then reboot18:45
BUGabundohey arpu18:45
Twigathybrb then :)18:45
DanaGOh yeah, last time I did "profile", it actually made it take LONGER to boot!18:46
DanaG... because it precached files it really didn't need to precache.18:46
TwigathyBUGabundo: http://twigathy.com/corona-karmic-20090719-3.png18:48
BUGabundoDanaG: it takes longer on the 1st boot18:49
DanaGMy latest  boot: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/EliteBook-karmic-20090719-1.png18:49
BUGabundothen should be faster18:49
DanaGI mean, it actually made ALL boots take longer.18:49
BUGabundoDanaG: strange18:49
DanaGIncreased the readahead-list time without reducing the other time.18:49
BUGabundopurge the ..... package18:50
Le-Chuck_ITAI am in contact with the kile developers for the infamous spell-checker bug and I need to tell them the right way to compile a package in ubuntu18:50
Le-Chuck_ITAI usually do18:50
BUGabundoand reisntall18:50
penguin42readahead-list is depressing18:50
* penguin42 wonders how you tune what's in that18:50
Le-Chuck_ITA(sorry for multiline!)        apt-get source kile; apt-get build-dep kile; cd kile..... ; debian/rules binary18:50
Le-Chuck_ITAI am sure the latter is stupid18:50
DanaGHmm, so how can I speed up my boot?18:52
DanaGOh yeah, and I gave up on the UEFI booting -- the kernel refused to load the initramfs.18:52
DanaGAnd I got odd things like: /proc/cmdline: no such file or directory18:52
BUGabundoDanaG: love to see your boot hang for 3 secs18:52
* penguin42 finds /etc/readahead I wonder how/what is supposed to maintain that18:52
BUGabundoDanaG: I reduced from 1:40 to 28 reinstaling18:53
DanaGwhy the heck is there an ipconfig started by udev?18:53
BUGabundoTwigathy: 18 secs boots now!18:54
Le-Chuck_ITABUGabundo: is this with or without login?18:54
TwigathyI don't think I could get mine down without taking out some services18:54
Twigathy(mpd + mpdscribble, nfs mounts ...)18:55
Twigathymdadm seems to take a while too18:55
DanaGhmm, what can I do to speed up my boot?18:55
BUGabundoandresmujica: http://img.bugabundo.net/eyetumb64.png18:55
DanaG... and what's with that 3-second delay?18:55
=== j_ack__ is now known as j_ack
BUGabundoDanaG: no idea. but I've seen it on several boots18:55
BUGabundoLe-Chuck_ITA: depends on the hacked version you are looking at18:56
* penguin42 wonders why readahead-list is done on it's own rather than in parallel with other stuff 18:56
DanaG /var/lib/dpkg/info/rsyslog.postinst: line 70: local: can only be used in a function18:57
Le-Chuck_ITABUGabundo: I mean the 18 secs18:57
* Le-Chuck_ITA wonders why one should install postfix with devscripts...18:57
penguin42DanaG: I'd try disabling S01readahead and see what difference it actually made - now it might actually be slower or slower when it gets into teh desktop18:57
syn-ackLe-Chuck_ITA, You wonder quite a bit, dont ya? :P18:58
Le-Chuck_ITAsyn-ack: i do :)18:58
Le-Chuck_ITAsyn-ack: you can't imagine how many sub-wonderings about postfix I have in mind18:58
syn-ackHow goes it this fine day, everyone?18:58
* DanaG tries it...18:58
syn-ackLe-Chuck_ITA, Considering its Postfix, yes I can18:58
syn-ackI love Postfix but man it can be quite a b**CH to get running nicely18:59
penguin42most of the mta's are the same - with different bits being hard19:00
Le-Chuck_ITAsyn-ack: but fundamentally, I don't absolutely need postfix on my laptop and *am not going to* configure my mail server with authentication into it19:02
DanaGTook longer.19:03
DanaGHmm, any other ideas?19:03
BUGabundoDanaG: get a faster disk :)19:04
BUGabundoohh remove usplash19:05
penguin42cupsd seems to be taking a second or two to startup - do you remote print to it?19:05
BUGabundoDanaG: your modprob is killing the boot19:05
BUGabundolose that19:06
BUGabundoDanaG: using 3G?19:06
cPFhas someone seen putty sessions hanging open when exiting on Ubuntu karmic? the SSH process goes "defunct"19:06
BUGabundomodem manager  / nm is making the system wait a bit too19:06
DanaGNope, no 3G modem.19:06
BUGabundocPF: putty? on  a system with native SSh?19:06
DanaGWhy is putty even starting as a daemon?19:07
BUGabundoDanaG: any form of modem required?19:07
cPFBUGabundo: putty on remote side and ubuntu as server, i had the suspicion it is ecryptfs related19:07
DanaGNope, not really.19:07
BUGabundoDanaG: you may be able to loose MM and then gain 2 secs19:07
cPFsecondly processes don't terminate when i press ctrl+c, or even with plain killall (tail -100f messages for example)19:09
penguin42cPF: do they die on a kill -9 of that process?19:09
cPFi wonder if it is just me19:10
DanaGgotta' go for now.19:10
cPFi have plain /etc/inputrc so that's not the issue.. it used to work19:11
penguin42cPF: Well I can ctrl-c from an ssh to my own box19:12
penguin42(just tried with the tail -f /var/log/messages19:12
cPFok, now i see that the putty hanging is PAM related19:27
cPFworks after disabling PAM in sshd_config19:27
DreadKnighthow do i set up autologin in karmic?19:29
cPFmanually in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf19:29
DreadKnightargh >_< thanks cPF19:30
DreadKnightnot cool19:30
cPFgraphical config was removed due to upgrading gdm19:30
DreadKnighti've noticed19:30
DreadKnightlinux.... all about the regressions :D19:30
BUGabundoDreadKnight: AFAIK you can't, via GUI19:31
BUGabundoDreadKnight: s/linux/floss devel/19:31
DreadKnightBUGabundo, yup :319:31
cPFit seems they are introducing more bugs as the release date closes in19:33
DreadKnightcPF, it's always like that indeed19:33
cPFthis ctrl+c bug is so annoying19:33
cPFwhat does it say when you type "stty"?19:35
cPFi have -brkint -imaxbel19:35
cPFwhich seems wrong?19:36
cPFnever had this bad regression in the unstable gentoo land :P19:37
andresmujicabugabundo:   done http://ubuntustats.dnsalias.net/ubuntu+1.html19:57
BUGabundonow there are only TWO avatares andresmujica LOLOL19:58
BUGabundohooo a first pic of Hobbsee !!19:59
BUGabundoguys we need more avatar pics from YOU to fill in at http://ubuntustats.dnsalias.net/ubuntu+1.html20:04
BUGabundokklimonda: syn-ack penguin42 dupondje yofel Twigathy BluesKaj ^^^^^^^^^^20:05
syn-ackBUGabundo, Looking for a pic right now.20:05
syn-ackBUGabundo, I'm still trying to get opensync to play nicely with my winmo PDA20:06
BUGabundoI was going to say I don't remember syn-ack talking too much, bit then I remember it was from just today20:06
* BUGabundo headslap20:06
BUGabundosyn-ack: I like wammy better20:06
syn-ackDetails man, Details. :P20:07
BUGabundo!info wammu20:07
BUGabundo!info gammu20:07
ubottuwammu (source: wammu): GTK application to control your mobile phone. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.30.1-2 (karmic), package size 542 kB, installed size 2172 kB20:07
ubottugammu (source: gammu): mobile phone management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.24.0-1 (karmic), package size 273 kB, installed size 712 kB20:07
syn-ackAnd that will work with Windows Mobile?20:07
BUGabundotry it and let us know20:08
BUGabundoI don't have any win machine :)20:08
syn-ackall you had to do was say "I dont know but we do need a tester." :P20:08
TwigathyBUGabundo: well http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/v227/1381/37/n284000736_5609.jpg is my facebook profile image >_<20:08
TwigathyI don't think there are pictures of me where I don't look drunk, stoned or generally bad c_c20:09
TwigathyThen at the other extreme is SUPER HIGH RES graduation photo which isn't terribly flattering either: http://twigathy.com/Grad-blah.jpeg20:10
Twigathy</offtopic> :D20:10
* BUGabundo laughs at Twigathy mini eyebrows 20:11
BUGabundodid you burn them on a chemist class ?! hehhe20:12
TwigathyVaguely more on-topic... does anybody here use twitux? It seems to have totally stopped doing anything useful recently20:12
Twigathypass, I don't know :o they are just blonde-coloured, so very feint20:12
GilesI am trying to write a data DVD in brasero, with karmic20:49
GilesIt doesn't seem to detect my DVD writer, so I ran brasero with -g20:49
GilesThat wasn't really much help to me.20:50
GilesWhat would some good diagnostic steps to take be?20:50
BUGabundoGiles: known bug20:53
GilesBUGabundo: is there a workaround?20:53
BUGabundonot sure20:54
BUGabundolook at LP for the bug20:54
BUGabundoI don't have it with me20:54
GilesBUGabundo:  I don't know what bug# it would be, nor what you mean by LP.20:54
dupondjehi guys :D20:56
Gileshi dupondje20:57
dupondjedamn, sound is death again :P20:59
BUGabundo!launchpad | Gilles21:02
ubottuGilles: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/21:02
BUGabundodupondje: 50% of my boots end with sound muted21:02
BUGabundoI haven't found a reason for it21:02
GilesBUGabundo: Which bug were you referring to?21:04
BUGabundo!launchpad | Gilles21:04
dupondjeargh, I can't start pulseaudio manually anymore :(21:04
BUGabundodupondje: $ pulseaudio -k21:04
dupondjeupstart starting it ?21:04
dupondjeBUGabundo: I know, but its getting restarted by something ;)21:04
BUGabundodo that several times until it dies for good and then auto restart21:04
Giles!launchpad | Giles21:05
ubottuGiles, please see my private message21:05
BUGabundodupondje: its meant like that21:05
BUGabundoahahaahah bot21:05
BUGabundo!launchpad > Gilles21:05
BUGabundodoh s/gilles/giles21:05
GilesMy name is Giles not Gilles21:05
BUGabundo!launchpad > Giles21:05
ubottuGiles, please see my private message21:05
dupondjeBUGabundo: yea ofc, but I would like to get it started with debug21:06
BUGabundodupondje: there used to be a conf to make PA not auto spawn21:06
BUGabundodupondje: $ gksu gedit /etc/pulse/client.conf21:07
BUGabundoline 26 to false21:07
dupondjeE: alsa-sink.c: ALSA woke us up to write new data to the device, but there was actually nothing to write!21:07
dupondjeE: alsa-sink.c: Most likely this is a bug in the ALSA driver 'snd_hda_intel'. Please report this issue to the ALSA developers.21:07
dupondjeE: alsa-sink.c: We were woken up with POLLOUT set -- however a subsequent snd_pcm_avail() returned 0 or another value < min_avail.21:07
GilesBUGabundo:  ok so LP = Launchpad, now, there are hundreds of bugs there, I have already been using google to try to find someone with the same problem, but wasn't able to find anything specific.21:09
BUGabundoGiles: let me ask around21:10
Gilesmaybe this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/29355621:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 293556 in brasero "Brasero doesn't recognize usb ARCHOS CDRW" [Low,Incomplete]21:10
dupondjeGiles: whats the problem ?21:10
GilesBrasero doesn't recognise my CDRW21:11
GilesI mean DVDRW21:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 397776 in brasero "Unable to find any device" [Low,Incomplete]21:11
BUGabundohey geser21:14
GilesBUGabundo: well I am using 2.27.4    Also comments in the bug suggest It works when run as root, but it doesn't for me.21:18
dupondjeIs it possible to force reload a module21:18
dupondjewithout needing to reboot ? :P21:19
Gilesand modprobe21:19
dupondjeERROR: Removing 'snd_hda_intel': Resource temporarily unavailable21:19
GilesI think you can force it.21:20
Gilesits dangerous though21:20
cPFhow do you replace config files by the fresh originals?21:21
dupondjedoesn't work ;)21:21
Gilesdupondje: oh well.21:21
Gilesdupondje:  its in use probably.21:21
Gilesuse lsmod21:21
dupondjeU can't mean it I will need to reboot ;)21:23
GilescPF: You can un-install the package using    apt-get --purge remove21:23
Gilesif thats what you want.21:23
cPFi tried, but it somehow found my old configs21:23
cPFthere seems to be a backup somewhere21:24
GilescPF: not sure then sorry.21:24
BUGabundocPF: they are on mem, until cleared and not in use21:28
BUGabundoso purge, reboot, reinstall21:28
cPFBUGabundo: pretty sure not.. i'm just trying to restore /etc/ssh/sshd_config and they seem to be in "debconf-db"21:31
BUGabundostupid PA.... needme to kill it 15 TIMES!!!! darn resistent guy!21:31
BUGabundocPF: purge is supposed to remove any evidence of it. if it doesn't it's a bug21:31
BUGabundoplease file it accordingly21:31
dupondjenow I have some 'cracking'21:38
dupondjebut still no audio :(21:38
dupondjefixed :D21:50
dupondjedamn shit ;)21:50
ikoniaplease control your language21:51
dupondjeexcuses ikonia  :)21:51
dupondjeit was the frustration of the moment :)21:51
ikoniaplease controls it in future21:51
DreadKnightplease express your anger.21:52
ikoniaDreadKnight: please don't try to provoke, all ubuntu channels have a family friendly/non-cursing policy21:53
DreadKnightmy family doesn't hands out on IRC, this place is only for frustrated geeks :D21:54
DreadKnightjust messing with you man21:54
ikoniaDreadKnight: I'm not joking so :D doesn't help21:54
ikoniaDreadKnight: I'm explaining the channel policy to a user, who has politley agreed to it, don't try to change/provoke it21:54
DreadKnightchill out dude xD21:55
ikoniaDreadKnight: no, please don't try to provoke things, and doing :D and xD doesn't help.21:56
DreadKnightyou're a funny guy :)21:57
ikoniaDreadKnight: please drop the topic now, and keep in mind for future reference, don't try to provoke things21:58
DreadKnight"please insert coin to continue...."21:58
=== geser_ is now known as geser
dupondjeOpenOffice startup image is wrong btw22:15
dupondjeOpenOffice 3.0 ...22:15
dupondjeits 3.1 ;)22:15
BUGabundoits usual bug22:16
BUGabundoI think that one hit *every* OOo version22:16
BUGabundowhat the cli command to list battery and temperature?22:44
BUGabundoI think it was acpi something22:44
BUGabundobtu not working22:44
dupondjesensors :P22:44
BUGabundobut I need to get that and put the applet22:47
BUGabundothis is why I hate to reinstall22:47
BUGabundoeverything is missing22:47
yofelBUGabundo: it *is* acpi22:47
schristiehow do I change my display brightness?22:49
syn-ackBUGabundo, Thats what kickstarts are for22:50
BUGabundo$ acpi22:51
BUGabundoThe program 'acpi' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: bash: acpi: command not found22:51
yofelthat's somewhat... wrong22:51
dtchenacpi was demoted to universe some time ago22:51
BUGabundohey dtchen. welcome22:52
BUGabundodtchen: I think I already asked you this, but why the two volume applets?22:54
BUGabundoand how can I regain the old full control volume levers?22:54
BUGabundoI formated and now I can't see it, so no way to choose MIC from both I have22:54
dtchenBUGabundo: i don't have two volume applets; gnome-volume-control-pulse is no longer in the repository. See the rdepends for it (implying that it has been replaced):22:56
dtchenVersion: 2.27.4-0ubuntu222:57
dtchenReplaces: gnome-volume-control-pulse22:57
dtchen(that's gnome-media)22:57
billybigriggeri have 2 volume controls22:57
dtchenfor a fresh user?22:57
billybigriggerreinstalled last week22:57
dtcheni don't have access to a gui, so i can't verify it22:57
billybigriggerone looks to be for sound preferences, and the other is volume applet22:58
dtchenBUGabundo: you can still use pavucontrol as a stop-gap measure22:58
BUGabundodtchen: this is fresh install! just did it on Friday! even live cd add them22:59
BUGabundodtchen: of course I installed pavu. but I see no way to choose between two mics :/22:59
dtchenBUGabundo: in the input devices tab?23:00
dtchenare they not listed?23:00
BUGabundoonly see monitor internal audio and internal audio dtchen23:00
dtchenBUGabundo: can you pastebin your alsa-info output?23:01
BUGabundoohh right now I only have one mic plug-in (the on board). the other is from head phones23:02
BUGabundodoes that matter dtchen?23:02
schristieso, is there a way in karmic to lower my screen's brightness?23:03
schristieand maybe even get my brightness buttons to work?23:03
BUGabundoschristie: laptop buttons work for me, but the bright applet doesn't.23:03
dupondjecan somebody check: open gnome-terminal, open a new tab while in homedir, and the new tab opens dir in / instead of homedir :(23:04
BUGabundobut it does work on the bright configuration23:04
BUGabundodupondje: I've open a bug for something like that early on karmic23:04
dtchenschristie: there are a couple ways at least if the necessary interfaces are exposed. you _may_ be able to do it via devicekit; you should be able to do it if you install acpi and meddle in /proc23:04
dtchendupondje: that's a dupe23:04
BUGabundoit changed when opening  a new tab from inside another running cli app23:05
dtchenBUGabundo: yes. what sort of headphones are they? usb?23:05
BUGabundodtchen: nope. jack23:05
dtchenBUGabundo: oh. in that case it shouldn't matter.23:05
schristiedtchen how?23:05
dtchenschristie: "how" to which?23:06
billybigriggerdupondje, when i open a new tab in my home, it opens in my home23:06
schristiedtchen whichever is more likely to work23:06
BUGabundobillybigrigger: but if you open MAN and try again, you won't! !!!!!23:07
billybigriggerman empathy, then open a new tab opens in my home dir23:07
BUGabundobillybigrigger: man nano ; ctrl+t; http://dossy.org/2007/10/character-counting-plugin-for-pidgin/23:08
dtchenschristie: i have no idea which is more likely to work; you haven't provided any additional hw info. Still, please see /proc/acpi/video/VGA/*/brightness23:08
BUGabundobillybigrigger: man nano ; ctrl+t; bugabundo@BluBUG:/usr/share/man$23:08
BUGabundodtchen: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/40151323:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 401513 in alsa-driver "two volume applets in karmic" [Undecided,New]23:09
billybigriggeronly when you have an app running23:09
billybigriggeric now :P23:09
schristiedtchen I don't see video under /proc/acpi23:11
billybigriggerBUGabundo, was it you saying you had gotten your webcam working the other day?23:11
dtchenschristie: then you don't have that option available to you. the wiki also has information about hotkey debugging.23:12
dupondjeBUGabundo: in alsa-driver ?23:12
dtchendupondje: that's the default package that the apport hook uses.23:13
dtchenBUGabundo: if you use pavucontrol, it's likely due to the card profile23:17
dtchenBUGabundo: i presume in the configuration tab that you have output analog + input analog selected?23:18
dtchenBUGabundo: the method that always works is definitely suboptimal from a UX perspective: alsamixer23:20
dtchenBUGabundo: namely, the 'Input Source',x elements23:20
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo / dtchen - bug 401513 is because we're currently shipping mixer-applet and gnome-volume-control-applet in karmic23:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401513 in alsa-driver "two volume applets in karmic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40151323:25
chrisccoulsonthe mixer-applet will be disabled next time gnome-applets is uploaded23:25
dtchenchrisccoulson: great23:28
andresmujicadtchen,bugabundo just made the dirty work (closing it :P )23:29
tanathok, i'm having serious graphical issues right now23:29
tanatheven on VTs23:29
BUGabundodtchen: output analog + input analog  yes23:29
dupondjethere are alot of issues :(23:29
tanathgah, i can't even read anything23:29
dupondjegvfs for samba broken / aptitude download display broken23:30
BUGabundoandresmujica: I just open that so dtchen would have an update alsa log23:30
dtchenandresmujica: i marked it a dupe23:31
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
tanathcan anyone help me get compiz working? http://pastebin.ca/150051823:54
tanathupdated with dmesg output: http://pastebin.ca/150051923:56

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