* kwwii be online with my new netbook...karmic works!00:24
kwwiibut probably only on this hardware :p00:24
kwwiinight all00:25
SiDinite kwwii00:42
FLOZzbye _o/01:30
FLOZzhi _o/09:30
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mac_vSiDi: hi...10:55
mac_vSiDi: the wireless notifications only display the wireless full noticiaftions... is anyone working on it or is there a bug for it?10:56
SiDimeh ? //11:00
mac_vbug 38762611:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387626 in hundredpapercuts "wireless notification icon is wrong signal strength" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38762611:00
SiDiI dont know what you mean but i didnt read about such a bug11:01
mac_vSiDi: that bug^11:01
SiDiffs, people are crazy with papercuts11:01
SiDicouldnt he report it to notify-osd ? :P11:01
SiDimac_v: can you link it to notify-osdp lease ?11:01
mac_vSiDi: i wanted to , but just checking if it already existed11:02
mac__vSiDi: does the d-bus send the wrong signal or is it notify-osd?11:04
SiDii dont know11:04
SiDii suppose n-o is meant to communicate with n-m to get this info, maybe its not been doen yet11:04
SiDii dont remember such a bug in n-o anyway11:04
* SiDi slaps mac__v 11:19
* mac__v busy trying to kick himself to even notice ;p11:19
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lianimatoranyone know how this wallpaper is done? http://www.flickr.com/photos/32110081@N06/3381040501/13:22
lianimatorlooks pretty cool13:22
FLOZzoh ! nice wallpaper =)13:22
lianimatorit's quite detailed :)13:24
mac_vckontros: for Bug #364873 we could use the 50%opaque greyscale version of rhythmbox icon14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 364873 in breathe-icon-set "Rhythmbox gnome-panel icon not consistent when paused" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36487314:04
ckontrosmac_v: Things will stay as they are until Sebastien decides to make a icon. For now, my last comment in the bug stands. Using to the "pause" icon now is a better representation of the players state.14:18
ckontrosSebastien wants to make /something/ just has other things going on.14:19
mac_vanyone here familiar with the new wave theme?16:05
kwwiihey guys and girls, my email is down for the moment, so I am missing everything22:02
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* SiDi sends a critical email to kwwii in order to let him know about some wonderful and mysterious information23:22

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