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jander99so many old bugs.00:48
jander99Well yes, so many bugs00:48
yofelso many new bugs without a package...00:49
yofel~2400 ...00:49
jander99I'm trying to work bugs back from 2007.00:49
jander99New / Undecided ~23600 yofel :(00:51
yofeli know :(00:52
yofelanybody an idea what to do with bugs filed against ubuntu that are about including packages on the live-cd ?00:53
jander99are the packages *only* used for the livecd?00:53
yofelwell depends, right now I mean something like bug 400573 which is more a usability issue00:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 400573 in wvdial "[include in live-cd] wvdial (1.60.1+nmu2)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40057300:55
BUGabundoyofel: not sure! you should ask CC00:56
BUGabundoor some Main dev00:56
yofelyou think that's something worth asking in #ubuntu-devel ?00:57
jander99At first glance, I wanna say maybe NetworkManager should be worked on to be better, rather than using yet another program to accomplish the same thing. But that's my opinion.00:57
BUGabundofor a better answer, yeah00:57
BUGabundojander99: in this case, sure00:57
BUGabundoim replying to a more broader case00:58
BUGabundofor this case I guess asac opinion would be enough00:58
jander99bug 122619 is about a package no longer in the latest release of Ubuntu, but also again a version that's reached EOL.  So how do I tackle this?  The package is still valid in supported versions, but the bug is against an older version.01:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 122619 in qtorrent "[apport] qtorrent crashed with AttributeError in __stop()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12261901:01
andresmujicawon't fix explaining the reasons01:02
jander99Good enough for me. Thanks01:03
jander99hmm. i can't choose Wont Fix.01:03
yofeljander99: Won't Fix is for Bug Control only01:03
jander99So should I mark incomplete, with the stated reasons?01:04
andresmujicawrite the reason i'll mark it as won't fix01:04
BUGabundojander99: no01:04
jander99Okay. Thanks.01:04
Ampelbeinjander99: i think the report is still valid, looking at the package the code affected has not changed much. and Intrepid is still supported, so why won't fix?01:05
BUGabundoandresmujica: like the new ajax status thingies on LP ?01:05
andresmujicahmm not really01:05
Ampelbein(despite the fact that upstream appears dead and there's no further development going on)01:05
andresmujicafirst time i've used i made a mess01:05
BUGabundoAmpelbein: great thing about bugs: they can always be re-opened01:06
jander99Ampelbein: That's where I'm struggling to figure out where this little bug belongs.  The report is filed against a still-active version of qtorrent, but from an older Distro.  I don't have a copy of Intrepid to test this on.01:06
BUGabundoalso there are sooo many more alternatives, with active development01:06
AmpelbeinBUGabundo: yeah right. so you close all bugs older than 2 months because they can be reopened? (you can use launchpadlib for that).... just kidding ;-)01:07
Ampelbeinjander99: i'd set to incomplete, asking for confirmation and close after ~4 weeks of no answer.01:08
BUGabundoAmpelbein: /me is ashamed to admit he doesn't even close his own bugs after stuff getting fixed01:10
jander99Ampelbein: Done.  I also explained 7.04 is EOL but the package is available in Hardy and Intrepid. If it gets a hit confirming the existence in Hardy or Intrepid we can go from there.01:10
BUGabundobut then again, not many ppl open as many bugs as me :)01:10
Ampelbeinjander99: thanks.01:10
jander99Ampelbein, no problem.  I'm tired of seeing so many bugs that may or may not seem meaningless against the raw number of open bugs.  So I'm trying to start with the oldest untouched bugs and get them someplace.01:12
BUGabundojander99: feel free to close any of my opened bugs pre-jaunty01:13
BUGabundoand even those.....01:13
BUGabundoI'm on karmic so I can't test heh01:14
BUGabundojander99: if you have any questions, ping me, I'm usually around01:14
jander99Well at this point I'm going through "New Undecided" sorted by least recently updated.  So I'm dealing with bugs from 2007.01:14
BUGabundoYoBoY did a great job a few months ago closing over 200 of my bugs01:14
BUGabundojander99: I've been filing bugs since 200601:15
BUGabundoso you will find bugs from me for sure01:15
jander99I'm still just finding it hard to determine whether a bug is truly valid or not.  I'd rather not invalidate a bug if its of some importance and still exists in the latest stable release or an LTS release.  I'd at least like to bring them back to the attention of someone who could make a more definitive choice than I can.01:16
andresmujicabugabundo: did you get the multiple volume controls ???01:17
BUGabundoandresmujica: yep01:18
BUGabundojander99: just keep in mind most of those are now too old.... users gone, users that can't retest, fixed, etc01:18
BUGabundoa few months ago a triagger touch a bug I filed on 6.10...... yeah right! so now what? kill it01:19
* BUGabundo stolen from @yofel: gn folks [mv /dev/awake /dev/bed]01:55
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MT-Did I handle this bug right? bug 12970203:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 129702 in human-cursors-theme ""Loading" mouse pointer's hotspot is off" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12970203:53
* micahg is checking...04:01
micahgMT-: no, unofrtunately04:02
MT-what should I have done better?04:03
micahgI believe he was stating that it still exists on the current ubuntu release04:03
micahgYour intent was correct04:03
micahgif the bug was limited to the EOL release it would have been the correct action04:03
MT-oh - i thought that's how he meant it04:04
micahgand you were also correct to quote the CoC even though he was aware of it, he was not atbiding by i04:04
micahg*abiding by it04:04
micahgso, +1 for effort04:04
micahgI'd mark it confirmed and check upstream for a related bug04:05
* micahg is not quite sure where upstream is for this04:05
MT-I tried to reproduce it myself on 9.0404:05
micahgand to save yourself anotehr screaming match04:05
micahgand it doesn't happen?04:05
MT-I'm wondering if him using the prereleased version may have screwed up a config though04:06
micahgthen set back to incomplete and see if the user is running 9.0404:06
* micahg doesn't know too much about themes04:06
micahgpossibly video driver related?04:06
micahgare you using the fglrx driver?04:06
MT-I am on my desktop04:07
MT-My laptop is just intel :(04:07
MT-micahg: would lspci be helpful perhaps?04:08
micahglshw -C video will tell you04:08
micahghis original report showed fglrx04:09
MT-neat command :)04:09
MT-micahg: what command shows what driver is being used?04:10
micahgwhat do you mean?04:10
MT-to see if they actually are using fglrx?04:11
micahgin the output of lshw -C video, it shows the driver usually04:11
micahgline 11 :)04:12
MT-oh - mine doesn't have that :P04:12
micahgit doesn't have a configuration line?04:12
MT-configuration: latency=004:13
MT-that's the line04:13
micahgah, then are you using hte free intel drivers?04:14
micahgyeah, I think it only displays restricted drivers04:15
micahgbut I"m not sure04:15
micahgIs it only a gnome issue?04:17
micahgor any flavor of ubuntu with the theme?04:17
* micahg can test with fglrx04:18
micahghow do I enable a theme?04:18
MT-you means there's more than just one flavor!? :P - I forget that there's anything other than a cli install sometimes.04:18
* micahg is running Xubuntu04:19
MT-gnome-apearance-properties i believe04:19
* micahg doesn't have that...04:19
* MT- has no idea04:19
* micahg might have a live CD around...04:19
* MT- uses obconfig :P04:20
* micahg will try with a LiveCD in Virtualbox04:20
MT-actually - all I use anymore is vim .conf/opebbox/rc.xml :P04:20
MT-that's what I did - except I installed04:20
micahga VM test might not be valid04:25
micahgit has its own video drivers04:26
MT-that's what I did first - I did try my desktop with the fglrx driver too04:27
MT-micahg: If a bug is confirmed, where do you assign a bug in the mouse?04:29
jander99Hi all.  I'm working on resolving an older bug, number 125609, and the issue is with the source package from the maintainer of that package. How do I deal with this case?04:30
jander99er, bug 12560904:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 125609 in irqbalance "X is required to build irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12560904:31
micahg MT- what do you mean?04:33
micahgjander99: have you seen the reply to that bug?04:34
MT-micahg: I was looking at another bug with the mouse pointer and I confirmed it.04:34
micahgah, ok04:35
micahgMT-: I would ask in #ubuntu-x04:35
jander99micahg: Yes, I've read it.  I can confirm the bug exists as the reporter has stated.  Should I file a bug upstream and just label it confirmed? The upstream is google code, and I'd rather not file the bug myself.  But its not actually a bug in Ubuntu, just the package itself.04:36
micahgjander99: are the build dependencies actually required?04:37
jander99micahg: Makefile for irqbalance calls gccmakedep (which I don't have on my system). I guess I could fire up my VM and see how to get gccmakedep04:38
micahgjander99: you can check on packages.ubuntu.com04:41
micahgMT-: was the theme bug that the arrow and the spinner show?04:42
micahgjander99: that's in xutils-dev04:44
micahgI don't understand why you need to buld xutils-dev to make a package with it04:45
jander99micahg: Thanks, packages.ubuntu.com is being terribly slow for me.  So I think its confirmed for Ubuntu, yet its an issue for the maintainer of the package, not for Ubuntu.04:45
micahgit seems to be broke04:45
micahgI had it installed04:45
micahgso I checked with dpkg -S executable04:45
micahgyou know what I mean04:46
MT-micahg: it was that the pointer moves when going from the waiting to normal pointer04:46
MT-"As this pointer has a throbber superimposed onto a normal arrow"04:47
jander99micahg: Yes, thank you.  I guess I'll mark as confirmed, at least in the way he worded it.  I'm trying to see how far back this particular version goes.  I could direct the reporter to file a bug with the package maintainer. hmm.04:47
micahgjander99: I don't know if it is confirmed04:47
micahgI'd say hop in #ubuntu-x and ask them04:47
micahgMT-: not quite sure what a throbber is04:48
micahgit has the spinner on the arrow04:48
micahgit doesn't move...04:48
micahgat least in the LiveCD04:48
micahgagain, maybe it's an fglrx issue04:48
* micahg would probably need gnome to test and that's not happening :)04:48
MT-I tested in gnome04:49
micahgindeed, but you don't have fglrx04:49
MT-I don't test much on this system - it's pretty trimmed down04:49
MT-I do on my desktop ;)04:49
micahgyou can hop in #ubuntu-x and see if anyone has fglrx and gnome04:49
micahgis that where you tested?04:49
micahg64 bit or 32 but?04:50
MT-it's an old old junker04:50
micahgwith what version of Ubuntu, Jaunty?04:50
micahgMT-: actually apport-collect would probably be better04:51
micahgwe need to confirm he is on Jaunty04:52
micahgMT-: have you seen the responses page?04:52
micahgjust saw your comment on the bug04:52
MT-I wonder if this would be the right package for that mouse bug - xserver-xorg-input-mouse04:53
micahgbug #?04:53
MT-bug 25906004:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 259060 in human-cursors-theme "left handed cursor does not switch pointer orientation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25906004:53
micahgwhat did ubuntu-x say?04:54
MT-nothing yet04:54
jander99quiet bunch in there.04:55
micahgwell, it is the weekend04:55
micahgand the people in europe are still sleeping04:55
MT-weekend is the busiest time for me04:55
micahgMT-: I would say it depends if there is already some way for the theme to know if it's right or left handed04:55
micahgif that exists and the theme is choosing to display the same thing, it's a wishlist in the theme04:56
MT-I tried other themes with the same result04:56
micahgotherwise, it would be in the theme and the mouse driver04:56
MT-idk if that changes anything04:56
micahgMT-: same as?04:56
micahgit changes or no?04:56
MT-no change04:56
MT-i suspect it's not just ubuntu though04:57
MT-I don't wanna test either :P04:57
micahgok, I'd say check with ubuntu-x tomorrow to see if that's supported04:57
micahgno point in making lots of noise in the bugs04:58
MT-thanks :)04:58
micahgnp, feel free to come back with more questions04:59
MT-I think bug stuff is done for me tonight - I need to go to work soon. I'm thinking of getting there about 0000 instead of my nromal 020004:59
micahgah, ok04:59
* micahg is just starting for the night :)04:59
jander99micahg, I downloaded the irqbalance package and the Makefile has gccmakedep in it as well.  I think the Ubuntu package is just a debianized version of the vanilla package.04:59
MT-that's why my ssytem was running hot!05:00
micahgthat's usually how it is jander9905:00
MT-I left the vm on05:00
micahgjander99: can you make it with just xutils-dev installed?05:00
jander99I'll try that, stepped outside for a moment.  Built a VM today and snapshotted it with a default Jaunty64 install.05:01
jander99Gonna come in handy heh.05:01
jander99micahg: Thanks for your help, getting late here so I'll work on this bug tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get some sort of resolution. :)05:17
MT-@config list plugins.bantracker.bansite05:37
ubot4MT-: Error: 'supybot.plugins.bantracker.bansite' is not a valid configuration variable.05:37
MT-lol = wrong chan05:37
MT-@bugtracker add malone malone https://launchpad.net/malone Malone05:42
ubot4MT-: Error: You don't have the admin capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.05:42
bananeweizenI want to close a bug for the first time in launchpad.09:23
bananeweizenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/86103 is a (meanwhile fixed) Java6 bug.09:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 86103 in sun-java6 "azureus-> java: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed." [High,Fix released]09:24
bananeweizenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/181582 is a duplicate, set to no project and with status "new"09:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 181582 in ubuntu "java application are not working anymore (dup-of: 86103)" [Undecided,New]09:24
bananeweizenI would set the duplicate to project java6 and afterwards close it fixed.09:24
bananeweizenIs taht right?09:24
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bananeweizenWell, I now found, that a duplicate cannot be closed, if the original bug is still open for another project.09:46
bananeweizenThanks for not helping. Quite a nice first bug triaging experience... :\09:47
ubot4It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.09:49
Hobbsee(particularly applicable on sundays)09:50
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luca__i fixed a bug in Usplash.. it's my first time doing something like this.. where should i post/tell/write the fix ?10:36
bossekrhi folks, I would like to track bugs reported over ubuntu and looking for a query to select all ubuntu bugs... any idear ?10:37
micahgbossekr: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu10:38
bossekrI'm looking for something like http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?maint=bossekr%40debian.org10:38
micahgluca__: first, a bug haas to be filed10:39
luca__where ?10:39
luca__My first time..10:39
micahgah usplash pacakge?10:40
micahgthen follow this procedure: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO#Patch%20Testing%20and%20Review10:40
luca__well there is a bug in the source of usplash..10:40
micahgyes, but a report needs to be filed to track the change10:40
micahgluca__: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usplash/+filebug10:41
micahghmm, not sure bossekr10:41
micahgbossekr: check in #ubuntu-motu to see if they have any tricks10:44
micahgdon't know if anyone's around though10:44
bossekrwill launchpad close bugs for ubuntu if there is a Close: statement in previous versions ?10:47
micahgprevious versions?10:53
micahgif the appropriate message is in teh changelog it will close it10:53
micahgthey can be made in debian too and when we import, it will close the bug10:53
luca__well i added my fix to this bug report https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usplash/+bug/25718110:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 257181 in usplash ".text_background does not palette color correctly" [Undecided,New]10:55
micahgluca, that won't work10:56
luca__hm ?10:56
micahgyou can't just add fixes as text10:56
luca__why not ?10:56
micahgYou need to provide a debdiff or at least a patch file: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO#Patch%20Testing%20and%20Review10:57
luca__whats a patchfile :P ?10:58
luca__gah this looks like work...10:58
micahgcreate a patch file between the original and the revised versions10:58
luca__the bug is not that important that i would do this Oo10:59
micahgbut I think the motus want a debdiff10:59
micahgThey're very busy...10:59
luca__-__- well I will try it10:59
micahgit depends how fast you want it to get in really...11:01
micahgeventually, someone will see what you posted11:01
micahgand do the work11:01
luca__well it's my first time doing this.. so it looks a little confusing to me..11:01
micahgbut if they have a debdiff, it might make it into karmic, or you can ask them if it's worth it11:02
micahg#ubuntu-motu can help you11:02
micahg+1 for effort though :)11:02
luca__usplash source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.7.3 (current is 3.8.0)11:18
luca__huch ?11:19
luca__does this mean i have old sources ?11:19
micahgwhat version did you pull down11:19
luca__hm i got my source from ubuntu server..11:19
micahgit usually means the package needs to be update11:19
micahgupdated by the maintainer11:19
micahgdon't worry about it11:19
luca__hm okay11:19
luca__i think i have my debdif now11:22
micahgok, someone can probably help you with that in #ubuntu-motu11:25
* micahg is signing off11:25
bcurtiswxbananeweizen: triaging isn't necessarily about closing bugs.  its about getting them into a state that the developers can work on it.  There are a lot of intermediate things that can stop a bug in this process.  Things like incomplete information, or finding duplicates.  You best first triage experience should be working with another triager to understand the process.  Hands on is the best way in this case.15:53
* bcurtiswx glues micahg down15:53
BUGabundobcurtiswx: nice definition15:54
BUGabundobcurtiswx: what did micahg do this time?15:54
bcurtiswxBUGabundo: thanks.. and micahg said they were signing off, so i stopped this from happening15:54
bcurtiswxi know its like 4 hours later15:55
bcurtiswxbut better late then never they say15:55
BUGabundobut micahg is not here15:57
BUGabundobut give me context15:57
BUGabundoI have no idea what you are refering to15:57
bcurtiswx(04:25:20 AM) ***micahg is signing off15:57
bcurtiswxits like 9am on a sunday... im still not all "there"15:58
BUGabundo$ dateSun Jul 19 15:58:36 WEST 200915:58
bcurtiswxalmost 4PM15:58
bcurtiswxim just starting my Sunday15:59
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LimCorehello world17:46
LimCoreso, I have this Ubuntu that doesn't log into X from GDM,  but if you VT1 -> startx works. nothing in dmesg, messages nor Xorg.log nor ~/.xsession-errors.   Someone want to point me what to debug before I reinstall this?17:46
jjesseare you running karmic or jaunty?  if karmic i thought i saw some discussion about problems that way17:47
BUGabundohey LimCore. you are on the wrong #17:51
BUGabundo#ubuntu-bugs is to help bug triage17:51
BUGabundofor support please visit #ubuntu17:51
BUGabundoor #ubuntu+1 for karmic.17:51
BUGabundothank you17:51
LimCoreIm not here for support, BUGabundo, you seem to miss the point, please read again17:55
BUGabundoLimCore: just did. that doesn't seem appropriated for this channel17:55
BUGabundonot that if someone knows, can't help you ! :p17:56
LimCoreTriaging bugs consists of several things:     * Ensuring that new bugs have all the necessary information.17:56
BUGabundoyes true17:57
bcurtiswxLimCore: do you have a specific bug # you are working with?17:57
jander99Is packages.ubuntu.com still down?18:02
bcurtiswxbdmurray: if you are available, may I PM you?18:02
BUGabundoevanrmurphy: that's so naughty of you :)18:03
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BUGabundojander99: seems so http://isthisdownforyou.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpackages.ubuntu.com%2F18:04
bcurtiswxnice site18:05
BUGabundofound it like 2 weeks ago18:05
BUGabundovery good to remote test a site18:05
jander99BUGabundo: Thanks.  Is there another way to check what package a particular file resides in?18:05
LimCorejander99: there is apt-file search xxx18:06
jander99Will that search for files not installed on my system?18:07
BUGabundojander99: dpkg -S PACAKGE18:07
BUGabundojander99: it will search on your apt DB18:07
LimCorejander99: yes it will18:08
jander99I'm working on bug 125609 and think I have a solution.  it requires changing the source, how should I proceed?18:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 125609 in irqbalance "X is required to build irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12560918:21
micahgjander99: have you talked to ubuntu-x?18:22
BUGabundohey micahg18:22
micahghi BUGabundo18:22
jander99micahg: Hi, no need to.  gccmakedep is the same as gcc -M.  I just changed the Makefile so it used gcc instead of gccmakedep and thus ends the dependency of xutils-dev18:23
LimCorebcurtiswx: not yet, because while gathering info to report the bug, I seem to resolve it18:23
micahgjander99: process for patches is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU#MOTU Processes18:23
micahgthat's not right...18:23
micahgthat's better18:24
BUGabundoLimCore: evev if fixed for you, maybe having that info where some other user with the same prob, can find it, would be kewl, right?18:24
micahgjander99: does the programs need xutils though?18:24
micahgwell, doesn't look like it by the dependencies18:25
jander99micahg, no, as far as I can tell it only depends on xutils because the Makefile calls a binary in it.18:25
micahgI'd say go for it if you can, that wiki page denotes the process18:26
LimCoreBUGabundo: yeap I will probably report the bug,  ONCE I am done fixing and testing it18:28
BUGabundook ok18:29
jander99What kind of diff does Ubuntu prefer, in terms of a patch?18:35
BUGabundoa branch on launchpad jander9918:35
micahgor a debdiff, per the wiki18:36
BUGabundomicahg: old wiki entrie?18:38
micahgnot necessarily18:38
micahgyou can ping ubuntu-motu as it's their entry18:38
jander99This is my first time writing a patch. So I feel a little lost.  heh18:40
micahgok, I'd say hop in #ubuntu-motu for help, we just get the bug to Triaged, they take it from there18:41
jander99micahg: Ok, thanks.  You guys have been great help since I'm still a newb at this heh18:42
micahgno problem, we love people coming in and helping18:42
bcurtiswxi code as part of my graduate studies, but ive really never seen a basic code for gnome.  Is there a place I can find one, maybe to get a better understanding of it?18:46
micahgbasic code?18:47
bcurtiswxmore like a "hello world" type gnome code18:47
bcurtiswxgive beginners a taste18:47
micahgbcurtiswx: #ubuntu-motu would be the place to ask I think...18:48
BUGabundo"micahg1 seems to be unliked too.  He/She got  beaten 1 times. "18:57
BUGabundo"pedro_ is a very loving person.  He hugged others 14  times. "18:57
* BUGabundo yeah BUGabundo is reading #s stats again :)18:58
BUGabundomaco wrote the longest lines, averaging 57.0 letters per line.18:58
BUGabundo#ubuntu-bugs average was 51.0 letters per line.18:58
BUGabundoBUGabundo wrote the shortest lines, averaging 31.4 characters per  line.18:58
BUGabundo BUGabundo spoke a total of 39508 words!18:58
BUGabundoBUGabundo's faithful follower, hggd,  didn't speak so much: 38571 words.18:58
BUGabundoChannel average was 8.04 words per line.18:58
bcurtiswxwtf :P18:59
BUGabundo"BUGabundo always lets us know what he's doing: 162 actions!"19:00
BUGabundobcurtiswx: better register that and merge with your nick :)19:00
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bcurtiswxwhy are some people blue19:04
* BUGabundo points finger to Gender separation!!! bad andresmujica19:08
* micahg thinks it's fairly random19:09
andresmujicano Gender separation!!  until a few months ago i was pretty sure that lean was a male name.. until i saw a video from her !!!19:15
BUGabundoandresmujica: sent you the avatar link. did you get ir ?19:16
jander99micahg: I think I've gotten this bug triaged correctly.  Can you take a look and let me know if there's anything else I can do?  bug 12560919:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 125609 in irqbalance "X is required to build irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12560919:16
andresmujicayeap.. just regenerated the page.. let's take a look19:16
micahgjander99: what do you think the importance should be?19:17
ubot4You can learn about setting bug importance at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance19:17
jander99Considering there is a binary available, and this is a very corner case, I'd say low.19:18
micahgI agree19:18
micahgandresmujica: any way to link google code bugs up top, or does there need to be a project for the package?19:19
andresmujicahmm, i believe a project for the package is needed.. not sure...19:20
micahgjander99: you should probably subscribe to receive updates and update the bug if upstream gets back to you19:20
micahgI'm going to mark triaged -> Low as jander99 upstreamed it19:20
jander99micahg: Thanks. :)19:20
micahgnp, thank YOU for doing the work19:20
micahgwere you at this all night?19:21
jander99Little bit last night, little bit today.  Maybe 3 hours total? Alot of that just learning proper methods and such.19:22
micahgah, ok19:22
jander99Procedures on the wiki are a bit...generic. No one's fault as there is a learning curve to all this.19:23
micahgwell, you can propose changes to the wiki19:23
alex-weejMT-: you are unbelievable.19:24
jander99Well unfortunately there aren't really changes to the wiki that need to happen, at least not yet.  Once I get more experience at triage I might see a better way to do things, then make a proposal.19:24
micahgping MT-19:26
MT-micahg: You were looking at bug 129702 with me. Could you please talk to alex-weej. He's obviously not listening to anything I'm trying to tell him.19:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 129702 in dmz-cursor-theme ""Loading" mouse pointer's hotspot is off" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12970219:27
micahgalex-weej: I'm assuming you're on jaunty19:27
* MT- will just listen19:28
alex-weejmicahg: and karmic19:28
* micahg thought so...19:29
micahgMT-: you cannot assume because the bug is reported against an older release that the user is using the older release19:29
alex-weejMT-: you could do yourself a favour when "triaging" bugs like this and check the upload date of the latest version of the software19:29
hggdher. *should* not assume19:29
micahgalex-weej: is the theme now correctly labeled in the bug?19:29
MT-micahg: I did ask though19:29
micahghggdh: right :)19:30
micahgalex-weej: MT- is new at this, new triagers sometimes get overzealous in their quests, there's no need for hostility in the responses19:31
hggdhalex-weej, I understand you are upset on not really much being done on this bug, but *please* be nice.19:31
hggdhplease keep in mind that most here are volunteers. Being agressive is a most assured way of being left aside19:32
micahgalex-weej: both MT- and I tried to reproduce without success, but that might have been because we were trying with the human theme instead of the dmz theme19:32
alex-weeji am sick of having to "defend" bugs that have no reason to have expired, that's all19:32
MT-micahg: I did try with dmz theme as well, just fyi19:32
hggdhmicahg, I have to get on the road to Austin, will log in later. Can you please keep on with this>19:33
alex-weejit definitely happens with dmz. dmz has a lot of faults, really.19:33
micahgyou shouldn't have to defend, but you can't expect everyone to have the same results you do when testing19:33
andresmujicaalex-weej: if possible for you add an screencast showing the symptom with latest release.19:33
micahgif we can't reproduce, we generally ping to see if it's still relavent19:33
alex-weejmicahg: i can when i have installed ubuntu on about 20 machines since and seen it on all of them ;)19:33
BUGabundoandresmujica: I still don't see my avatar there  :(19:34
alex-weejmicahg: the problem here is that even if the hotspot was closer, the drawing is half a pixel too high up in the source svg19:34
andresmujicabugabundo: still processing ubuntu channel is a bit big.. also i've added ubuntu+1 ..19:34
micahgalex-weej: I reset the bug to new, please post which Ubuntu version and a screenshot so that we know what to look for19:34
alex-weejmicahg: please,19:35
* BUGabundo points to apport-collect BUGID19:35
alex-weejjust go to firefox, click a link, watch the cursor jump left-right19:35
* micahg is running xubuntu, can someone with gnome try19:35
BUGabundomine doesn't jump... but the text beneeth it does !:(19:35
alex-weejBUGabundo: !?19:35
BUGabundoalex-weej: bug please19:35
micahgbug 12970219:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 129702 in dmz-cursor-theme ""Loading" mouse pointer's hotspot is off" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12970219:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 129702 in dmz-cursor-theme ""Loading" mouse pointer's hotspot is off" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:35
BUGabundocalm down guys! one is enough ! :p19:36
alex-weej3 different URLs19:36
andresmujicabugabundo: found the error... you were listed twice...19:37
alex-weejluckily there aren't many apps that make use of "left_ptr_watch"19:37
alex-weejbut as a web page is loading in firefox19:37
alex-weejyou get it19:38
alex-weejthen when it stops loading, it goes back to left_ptr19:38
BUGabundoalex-weej: is this gutsy only?19:38
BUGabundoI'm on karmic19:38
alex-weejand jaunty19:38
alex-weejand intrepid and hardy and gutsy19:38
BUGabundoshould add that to the OP desc19:38
alex-weejthe package version is the same19:39
alex-weejin all versions19:39
BUGabundoalso don't confirm your own bugs!19:40
micahgindeed, stuck at 0.4.119:40
alex-weejBUGabundo: i am well within my rights to confirm it if i have tested it on a range of machines19:40
micahgalex-weej: a more descriptive description would be better, rather than don't touch, I'm updating with pacakge version19:41
BUGabundotricky , but I conced on that19:41
micahgI don't agree19:41
BUGabundoI cant test this19:41
micahgit could be human error19:41
micahgin general19:41
alex-weeji could be moving the mouse right and left19:41
alex-weeji suppose19:41
bcurtiswxalex-weej: it doesn't matter how many machines you have tested on.  you don't want to comfirm your own bugs19:42
alex-weeji'll stop confirming my own bugs when people stop resetting them to Incomplete on a whim19:42
MT-Incomoplete is not a closed status. It's used when more information is needed.19:43
alex-weejMT-: this is one of the better bug reports that hasn't been closed and re-opened every 6 months19:43
alex-weejit's just an in-built reaction now to put it "back" to confirmed19:43
bcurtiswxalex-weej: incomplete means the triager feels theres more information needed...19:43
alex-weejbasically i just don't see how ubuntu is going to get that level of polish if minor bugs like these which are starved of development time just "vanish" and wait to be re-reported19:44
alex-weejthe whole ethos of people assuming old bug reports are invalid is wrong19:44
alex-weejgranted, on this one, it seems people are having difficulty reproducing19:45
alex-weeji will update the description when micahg is finished19:45
micahgalex-weej: I don't think thats' the assumption necessarily19:45
micahgbut usually, time fixes these things19:45
micahgI updated it already19:45
andresmujicaalex-weej: try uploading a screencast to watch the bug in action19:45
alex-weejit's over the top, i can describe how to do it19:46
alex-weejandresmujica: will you try it? i will explain exactly now19:46
andresmujicago on19:46
alex-weejand if i can articulate it properly, i will post the same instructions19:46
alex-weejandresmujica: launch firefox, load any web page19:46
* BUGabundo listens in19:47
* yofel too19:47
alex-weejclick a link on said web page, move the mouse pointer away from the link so that the pointer changes from the "hand" to the "pointer with a rotating circle thing"19:47
* simon-o too19:47
* bcurtiswx three19:47
alex-weejthen wait till the next page stops loading19:47
alex-weejand watch the actual arrow part of the cursor move19:47
alex-weejmore than 1 pixel19:47
alex-weejactually, exactly 1 pixel i think :)19:48
alex-weejand about half a pixel down19:48
BUGabundolet me test19:48
* MT- tries again19:48
BUGabundocan't reproduce19:49
* MT- fails19:49
BUGabundoor I'm doing it wrong19:49
* bcurtiswx can't reproduce19:49
* andresmujica kills firefox again to test it...19:49
* alex-weej is in awe19:49
alex-weejok, video time19:49
BUGabundosorry alex-weej19:49
simon-oI don't see this on firefox 3.519:49
yofelneither do I19:49
BUGabundoI'm - and im sure everyone else-  is not trying to say you are wrong19:49
BUGabundowe just can't see it19:50
BUGabundoMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) Gecko/20090718 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Minefield/3.6a1pre ID:2009071818592719:50
alex-weejt's not the browser...19:50
MT-I believe he said it happens in firefox and epiphany19:50
BUGabundoI never saw the "rotating thing"19:50
alex-weejwhat mouse pointer did you have as the next page was loading?19:51
simon-othe arrow one19:51
alex-weejjust a plain arrow?19:51
simon-owithout rotating19:51
alex-weejgo here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/19:51
alex-weejclick the launchpad icon in the top left19:51
alex-weejand move the mouse immediately underneath it19:51
andresmujicathe rotating thing is shown when the other page is downloading ...19:51
simon-omaybe my connection is too fast19:51
* MT- still does not see reproduction19:51
MT-I have just enough lag time19:52
micahgandresmujica: can you confirm then?19:52
andresmujicanop, no confirmation.19:52
micahgalex-weej: if you'd like to upstream to debian or whoever is the original source, I'd be happy to mark triaged and we can forget about it19:52
alex-weejalready done19:53
alex-weejit was fine19:53
alex-weeji brought it up directly with Jimmac19:53
alex-weejhe admitted it was there, and did nothing about it19:53
alex-weejprobably fixed it in SuSE19:53
micahgok, but we need a link to an upstream bug to change the status in LP19:53
BUGabundoalex-weej: can't see it either on LP page19:53
alex-weejwhat screencast software should i use?19:54
alex-weejistanbul doesn't seem to capture properly19:54
BUGabundovlc ?19:54
MT-adobe! :P19:54
* BUGabundo slaps MT-19:54
MT-sorry, had to todd out humor19:55
alex-weejandresmujica: package?19:55
BUGabundoalex-weej: vlc !19:55
BUGabundoits shorter to type :)19:55
andresmujicaalex-weej:  sudo apt-get install gtkrecordmydesktop19:55
micahg!info gtk-recordmydesktop19:55
andresmujicajust paste it :p19:55
ubot4micahg: gtk-recordmydesktop (source: gtk-recordmydesktop): Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 79 kB, installed size 564 kB19:55
alex-weejhyphen :P19:55
andresmujicamissing -19:55
BUGabundosee andresmujica ... smaller is better19:56
* BUGabundo at least in this case....19:56
lajjrsudo apt-get install gtk-recordMyDesktop19:56
alex-weejgot it!19:56
alex-weejcan't wait for you guys to see this19:57
alex-weejand then go "ah yes, mine does that too!" :P19:57
MT-us either19:57
MT-I do see what he's referring to in that image - that's not dmz, that's human - isn't it?19:58
simon-oisn't that just the circle thing when it vanishes? I don't see a movement19:59
* micahg also can't see anything19:59
alex-weejproper lol19:59
alex-weeji am gonna have to break this down further19:59
alex-weejlet's see if i can take 2 screenshots in rapid succession19:59
MT-look at the left side of the cursor19:59
micahgah, are you saying after the page stops loading the cursor jumps?19:59
MT-micahg: ya20:00
* micahg sees that in the vid20:00
* MT- still does not see it with that icon on his system though20:01
MT-Obviously not bumping mouse either20:01
BUGabundoI see the vid. but I don't have the circle on my cursor20:01
micahgBUGabundo: that was changed in FF3.520:01
micahgyeah, I can see it20:02
lajjrI get the animated circle counting like a clock. with little lines..animated working one..20:02
micahgin epiphany, it jumps a pixel or 220:03
MT-micahg: so we do finally have enough for you to confirm it?20:03
micahgI don't think it's gnome specific though20:03
micahganyone know how I can tell what theme I'm using in  Xubuntu?20:03
micahgI'm using the Crystal SVG icon set20:04
micahgI think it might be an X bug...20:04
lajjrMine doesn't move the overlay of the animation disappears is all...20:04
alex-weejcursor is independent of icon set afaik20:04
micahgso then it probably is an X bug20:04
micahglet's go talk to ubuntu-x20:05
alex-weejlajjr: what icon theme?20:05
alex-weejhuman is fine20:05
alex-weejdmz is not20:05
alex-weejwe ship dmz as default since gutsy btw20:05
lajjrmine human..20:05
micahghuman was default on my liveCD20:05
alex-weejthat's why then20:05
MT-fyi - on my laptop - I use the standard X icons - nothing special like dmz or human... no jump20:06
alex-weejmicahg: what liveCD?20:11
alex-weeji can't even GET a human cursor theme on Jaunty here20:11
micahgJaunty and6420:11
alex-weejsame here20:11
alex-weejwhen you change to DMZ theme20:13
alex-weejdoes it look any different?20:13
* micahg would have to reload the liveCD20:13
alex-weejyou are running Ubuntu?20:14
alex-weeji don't even have a /usr/share/icons/Human/cursor.theme20:15
BUGabundo$ ls /usr/share/icons/Human/20:16
BUGabundototal 40K20:16
alex-weejlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 2009-07-06 15:24 /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme -> /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursor.theme20:17
alex-weejHuman is the icon set there20:17
alex-weejnot a cursor theme20:17
micahgmy mistake20:21
micahgubuntu-x seems to be away for the weekend20:22
micahgI'll ping them tomorrow20:22
micahgi'll confirm it, because I see the cursor move, but I think the bug is not in the theme20:24
micahgcursor theme is just a set of icons, right?20:25
andresmujicamaybe it's a missing icon between the themes...20:26
micahgI confirmed the bug20:28
MT-ok... I'm getting irritated... :P20:28
micahgand I'll follow up with ubuntu-x later this week20:28
micahgwhy MT-?20:28
MT-can we figure out what package this is in?20:28
MT-now that it's confirmed, I wanna fix it20:28
micahgMT-: fixing isn't the task of this channel...20:29
MT-first I wanna figure out what package it's in so I can try to reproduce it on another system - then I want to fix it20:29
MT-micahg: I'll take it elsewhere :)20:29
micahgtriagers get it into the hands of the developers to fix20:29
micahgyour time might be better spent elsewhere until ubuntu-x tells us where the bug belongs20:29
micahgI sugeest subscribing to the bug20:30
MT-I'm in the artwork team20:30
micahgand you'll see the update when/if I change the package20:30
micahgthat's great20:30
micahgwe need more artwork people20:30
micahgbut it might not be an artwork problem20:31
micahgas I'm trying to state :)20:31
MT-That's where I got it from - and since I commented, I'll keep the updates going20:31
MT-offtopic - but this is why I'm in that team - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-countdown20:32
micahgbut I'm sure that there are other bugs in those pacakges that need a hgu20:32
MT-speaking of which20:32
* MT- hugs alex-weej20:33
* alex-weej hogs MT-20:34
MT-I am too much of a hog for just a hug20:34
alex-weejyou can grab the DMZ theme from svn: https://forgesvn1.novell.com/svn/opensuse-art/trunk/cursors20:34
MT-and that made me laugh for the second time today20:34
alex-weejnot 100% sure that is actually the latest, i doubt novell still use svn20:34
MT-alex-weej: it happens in white and black?20:37
alex-weejfor some reason i can't activate DMZ-Black20:38
alex-weejsome bug in gnome metathemes i guess20:38
alex-weejso not sure20:38
bcurtiswxhey all, i have a bug that upstream went to fixed.. should i let bug watch updater to change LP status, or should I change it myself?21:20
bcurtiswxactually nvm21:21
bcurtiswxbug that is fixed upstream.. fix committed? or fix released?21:21
andresmujicasupposedly LP should update, but sometimes it doesn't work at all.21:23
andresmujicaalso for desktop bugs -if i'm not wrong- commited is when upstream commits the fix... it seems to vary according to the area...21:23
bcurtiswxok, thanks andres :D21:24
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BUGabundobcurtiswx: always commited until a package has been built21:29
BUGabundoon a tottally unrelated storie21:34
BUGabundoI just noticed the circle thingy on my mouse21:34
BUGabundowhile reading emails on kmail21:34
BUGabundoI don't notice any side way movement on it21:35
BUGabundoalex-weej: ^^^^^^^^^^21:35
BUGabundobut then again this is not the same test case :)21:35
BUGabundoI'm not clickin on anything21:35
BUGabundobut now I notice the darn circle21:35
BUGabundoso thanks you alex-weej :\\21:35
andresmujicai've seen that "side way" movement.. but didn't pay attention to it up today.. lol21:35
BUGabundoso alex-weej *was* right?21:36
BUGabundo(07:57:01 PM) alex-weej: can't wait for you guys to see this21:37
BUGabundo(07:57:06 PM) alex-weej: and then go "ah yes, mine does that too!" :P21:37
BUGabundoneed to move to the actic21:37
MT-it just took an army to find it :P21:37
BUGabundoI  did _not_ find it yet21:37
MT-see it*21:37
MT-after all the crap I'm doing to test stuff on my own system - I think it's time to reinstall :P21:38
MT-in a week or so :)21:39
andresmujicabug 40094621:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 400946 in linux "[karmic] loadavg is 0.00 0.00 0.00 all time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40094621:48
andresmujicaanyone of you are affected by this one?21:48
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TrijntjeHi all. I have a problem with cryptestup. On ubuntu 8.04 i can mount it using 'sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdf crypti'. On ubuntu 9.04 this gives: Command failed: cannot acces device. Is this a known issue?22:03
=== micahg1 is now known as icahg
=== icahg is now known as micahg
jander99Need guidance again. :)  bug 154443, at what point is a bug considered so out of date, and how should it be handled in a case like this?22:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 154443 in restricted-manager "Boot splash screen is garbled at shutdown in Gutsy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15444322:40
micahgjander99: ping the user and see if it's an issue with Jaunty CD22:41
micahgjander99: the goal I think is to fix bugs, but also not make hte reporter feel unimportant22:42
jander99micahg: Easy enough.  Keep the status the same or will a change be needed there as well?22:42
micahguntil you get a response22:42
micahg!status > jander9922:43
ubot4jander99, please see my private message22:43
TrijntjeHi all. I have a problem with cryptestup. On ubuntu 8.04 i can mount it using 'sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdf crypti'. On ubuntu 9.04 this gives: Command failed: cannot acces device. I could file a bugreport on this, but it would simply be: it does not work. Not very helpful. Is there a way to get cryptsetup to give a more verbose output?22:43
jander99(05:43:03 PM) ubot4: Factoid 'status' not found22:43
micahgjander99: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status <--  keep it bookmarked....22:46
jander99micahg: I'll keep it next to the Responses bookmark.  Thanks.22:47
micahgnp, keep asking questions :)22:48
micahgTrijntje: I don't know too much about that program22:48
jander99I'm sure I'll have plenty until I get my feet properly wet in the way things go.22:48
micahgTrijntje: you can try to find out in support22:49
micahgor open the bug and ask how to provide more info22:49
micahgIt's Sunday and most people are here, but not here22:49
Trijntjemicahg: I tried support, but they didn't know. So i thought i'd ask in #bug to see if it is a known issue22:50
micahgah, idk22:50
micahglet's see if someone else can jump in here22:50
Trijntjeyes, or maybe ill try again later this week.22:50
andresmujicatrijntje: does that program need a special lvm crypto module ?  i'm aware of a bug related to it...22:52
Trijntjeanderesmujica: i'm not sure, but lsmod shows dm-crypt is loaded22:53
Trijntjeandresmujica:I'm rather new to all this, so i don't understand all suggestions22:55
* jander99 thinks someone should go push the power button on packages.ubuntu.com 23:03
* BUGabundo kicks jander99 arse to make him jump to england23:06
jander99haha. Quite a jump across the Atlantic.23:06
* BUGabundo kicks jander99 *harder*23:09
jander99another question.  What do I do if a bug is reported against an LTS that still has support, but the package in question is not available in newer releases?23:11
andresmujicajander99:  similar case to yesterday's one... desktop support for LTS has ended (unless is 8.04) and it's mainly security support... it must be a big problem to get solved.. generally you should test against the latest version available... maybe ping the latest uploader if the package has a newer version solving the issue that can go via backports...23:23
andresmujicahad to tell to be honest.    forwarding the bug upstream could help also.  but probably is false to expect getting a fix on something that is not even in newer versions.23:24
jander99andresmujica: Thanks. In this particular case, the package does not even exist in Jaunty.  Can't tell when the package was dropped, since packages.ubuntu.com is still down.23:32
micahgjander99: rmadison or use launchpad.net/ubuntu23:34
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